Taurus Man and Gemini Woman Love Compatibility

When the Airy Gemini and Earthy Taurus come in close connection, it can be a strange association of calm Taurus with fast-moving Gemini. Where the Taurus wants things slow and steady, the Gemini always wants thing to be fast and ever changing. But this also helps them to complement each other and balance out differences.

A Taurus man is a very quiet and practical person who retains an admirable calm. But his stubbornness can create problems for his near ones and his outrage is something which no one actually wants to experience. He is a lover of all that the senses and physical world can provide; he is fond of fine food, good music, and the great outdoors. While his heart may be difficult to ensnare at the onset of a relationship, once he falls for a Gemini woman he is typically hooked for the long haul. Instead of burning hot and quickly, his passions grow steadily with a kind of strength and commitment that most lovers can only dream about.

The very portrait of the fluttering social butterfly, the Gemini woman often has a wide range of interests in hobbies. Having fun, flirting around and keeping herself mentally stimulated is of utmost importance to her, while keeping her commitments and promises are secondary to say the least. In a relationship with Taurus man, she respects him for his stability and calmness as she herself lacks it. Known for her dual nature, the Taurus man should not expect to get the same side of her to show up on all occasions, even if nothing else seems to have changed.

Initially, the Taurus man is smitten by the colorful, exuberant Gemini woman and also learns to accept her need to have her space to move around and explore. Even the Gemini woman respects her Taurus from the deepest of her feeling and learns to provide him with the reassurance that he craves for. There are some very obvious pitfalls and complications that come along with this pairing. Taurus prizes a clean, tidy environment and one definite way to his heart is through his stomach but for keeping up with her high-flying nature he may have to bargain with his needs. She often sees their relationship more as just another among multiple amusements that are orbiting her life at any given moment. But at the same time, she is one woman who helps her Taurus male to come out of his reserved nature and look around for new things and colors.

The Taurus man typically allows his relationship to take hold of his entire mind and body. His utter and complete commitment means that he’ll generally be able to cope with his Gemini woman’s flighty and unpredictable shifts in mood more than most lovers would. She needs a considerable amount of social stimulation while Taurus is perfectly content with having only a few close friends. However, he can let go a little and trust her to come back to him after her other engagements but still his commitment comes along with a level of possessiveness that she have a particularly difficult time in accepting. The two can work out a healthy understanding that suits to both of their needs by Taurus man providing her with a stabilizing influence and she being a bit more homely.

When the steady Taurus man and twinkle-toed Gemini woman understand the depth of love and compassion they create a lovely blend of Earth and Air. As their relationship strengthens, the Taurus man becomes less possessive, giving his Gemini damsel her own space and freedom. While she starts loving home and being around her gentle Taurus man who makes her feel stable and loved every moment. They create a world of their own where she sets her eye on beautiful dreams and he works hard to fulfill those dreams. She brings color and he arranges them in a beautiful order. There is always a twinkle in their eyes and a melody in their words when they are together. Each day is a celebration of their togetherness that is so devoted and subtle that it appears no less than a miracle.

As a highly physical creature, the Taurus man can be exceedingly sensual and forms deep attachment while dealing with the purely palpable aspects of lovemaking. Good sex for the Gemini woman, on the other hand, exists more within the realm of the mind, so keeping her physically stimulated may require keeping her mentally excited. To her, venturing into bed with a lover is a fascinating new endeavor and an adventure that must continue to shift at least slightly on each occasion to keep her coming back for more. While Taurus might get caught up in his ideal type of lovemaking with his Gemini woman, she may already be tiring of it and searching for something new from him. She likes it when continuing to flirt with her and by letting her enjoy the feel of his masculine fingers exploring around her body. Since, Taurus man is known for his stamina in lovemaking, and this might be enough to keep her interested long enough for him to learn to stay on his toes and try new things. This keeps their physical involvement ever exciting and increases their intimacy both physically and emotionally.

It is a challenge for this duo to survive for a long time. The Gemini woman is often too easily distracted by interests that lie outside of the home to put much energy into keeping it neat or cooking gourmet meals. The Taurus man loves making and saving money, but she knows how to spend it like it is going out of style. While he thrives on stability, even to the point of predictability, her moods, desires, and interests shift so rapidly that his head is left spinning. She probably won’t appreciate his sturdy, steady nature the way he might hope her to. Instead, she might find herself yearning for more surprises out of him. To make this a more compatible relationship, both of them are required to give up some of the part of their typical traits and admire their significant one with real acceptance.

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thalia (@thalia) : December 22nd, 2009

chuckie is a retart

Vanessa (@Vanessa) : February 8th, 2010

I reallyy feel as a Gemini woman that a lot of thesw traits that you protray are true, but to a limit. Because also as a Gemini woman I am also a chef. & I have cooked gourmet meals for a Taurus man….& he had seconds.! soo…some yes were true which for his part will be aware of.

SuperBullionMen (@SuperBullionMen) : March 10th, 2010

I am a taurus guy, in love with a gemini woman. When she is being nice, its such a lovely world. But when she piss you off, she seems like another different person and her words hurt so much to Taurus. When being with Gemini, she does comparison of you with other guys. Its seems she aftering perfection, as where i do accept its my weakness but it piss me off very much until cold war starts.

As a taurean, i am good at nurturing her which she likes it very much. I admit i am stubborn but as a lover i treated her the best i ever could.

Gemini often gives me the feeling of insecure which i hated that most. Why i have not left her yet? As taurean, being loyal and deeply inlove is big weakness. I promised myself to love her and i only love her, no other girl would replace her in my heart.

But for all those stuff that pisses me off, it build up rages within me which might explode one day. I really hope that she could understand and accept me for what I am.

Rhonda (@Rhonda) : April 14th, 2010

I am a gemini woman in love with my taurean male and i worship the ground he walks on. I take such pride in his loyalty and his passion. I have toned down my ways before meeting him. I love him being the man and making him happy keeps me feeling loved as if im complete. He is open and expresses his feels to me which gives me reason to be mindful of what i could lose. I do enjoy my space but he understands me. I took time to get to know him and we have an understanding of what we want and what we want to be. We have had our days but i refused to let him go. I couldnt be happier and i strive everyday to make him a little happier eash day.

xani (@xani) : June 18th, 2010

my ex is a taurus male.we had a horrible fight n have broken up since.i think he had finally had enough of my temper.i actually love him a lot but i do not think he will want us to get back together.i agree that taurus can help stabalize my personility a bit more and gemini can bring him out of his shell a bit more.it was like that with us and although we fought a lot,i needed a stable relationship and i got that with us.i do not agree with all the mentioned characteristics about gemini as i love staying home and not much of a social butterfly.so him and i had that in common which was great.i also like being domestic but prefer being equal rather than doing everything alone.anyway i miss him so much and wish you could give me tips of how to win him back as a taurus man can be very stubborn and so was he.

stuart (@stuart) : July 8th, 2010

Im a 21yr old taurean guy. I’ve ALWAYS fallen for a geminis! But its never worked, because gemini are too split – personality wise. Our 1st stages have always been brilliant & exciting, but then they instantly change, & act as if ‘who the hell are you?’ Taurus & gemini simply dont work.. no loyalty. & did i mention geminis constant flirting? :(

masakkali (@masakkali) : July 22nd, 2010

i dont knw wht to say……i really like this taurus guy but he has a girlfriend………the time we spend together is awesome but it hurts him as he’s not being loyal to his girlfriend…..on the other hand he’s quite crazy about me too…..i really cant understand him………god knows where it’l lead……

justme (@justme) : July 28th, 2010

i,m GEMINI woman was married to GEMINI man for 24 years i divorced him becouse for his gambling and other women , i,m now dateing Taurus man ,and oh my gowd he is wonderful in just one weekend we fly from lunch in belfast to dinner in london and next day breakfast in paris i,m just sooo in love with this guys , how could i get fed up with this man ,, he made and makes all my dreams come true , no one is taking me away from my TAURUS guy ,,,

Siany (@Siany) : August 5th, 2010

I’m a Gemini. I met my husband (a Taurean) and within days we fell madly in love with each other. We married within 3 months and have been together ever since. We have the most beautiful relationship, non stop love texts, words to each other, touchy feeliness and extremely sensual. We are CRAZY about each other, It’s like the honeymoon period never ends! We hardly ever argue because we have a lot in common, we are very diplomatic in discussion and aside from that, we are too busy being madly in love with each other. Even in the supermarket the cashier pointed out how sweet we were together. His loyal, consistent and devoted personality stabilizes my airy one. I get the love and attention I have craved for many years and never got and, it makes me want to give the same back to him. He can be very witty and he is extremely intelligent (a big turn on for us air signs); as a result we get on like a house on fire! We can’t keep our minds, eyes or hands off each other! I am soo grateful for this man he is truly wonderful.

Yes we do have our differences in that I like to socialize and he prefers to nest indoors but we get on so well that we end up spending most of our time together and are happy to go out just as a couple.

Juelz (@Juelz) : August 11th, 2010

I’m a Gemini woman, been married to a Taurus man for just over 20 years now, we have 2 children together, only ever had 2 arguments in our married life.
We are very happy together, do almost everything together, give each other space when needed but that’s rare! Oh and he is so loving, and always telling me everyday how much he loves me….MY MAN :)

BK (@BK) : August 16th, 2010

I am a Gemini woman falling in love with a Taurean man and loving every minute of it.He is only the second Taurus I’ve ever dated and the 1st was a great relationship as well,we just grew up and became interested in other things but there were no issues between us.My current Taurean is the greatest person and we’ve known each other for a while but never got together because of the disasterous relationships we were in at the time.I refuse to let him go just like he refuses to let me go.As service members it is difficult to be around each other as much as we want to be but the time we do have is beautiful and full of love.We constantly hold each other,communicate with each other, and it seems we just can’t get enough of each other(which is extremely refreshing).We were both loyal to our previous companions,so being committed to each other is not a problem.There are ups and downs in any relationship but its how you work through it and move on to greater things together.

Anna (@Anna) : September 11th, 2010

The compatibility article above is spot on. I am gemini and I was married to taurus for 6yrs – we still like each other a lot but I can’t stand his way of thinking about life – everything should be done as planned or how you are expected by others. As gemini I don’t make plans, I just get on with my life, so I find this sort of stability in taurus a bit overpowering. He never understood why my interests/moods change all the time and he was hoping all the time that I’d grow up.

Foolish_Taurus (@Foolish_Taurus) : October 10th, 2010

I met this gemini woman recently and i must say that she is the pinnacle of everything i want in a woman for now. Sensitive, sweet affectionate, the works. We even can finish sentences for each other. I give her my total attention and devote my time to making her happy. When we’re together, she makes me feel like nothing else matters, but i am scared of what she can do to me because i do not hold anything back for her. She gets ALL. However, when she gets distant, i’ve learnt to ignore. I know also that i may not be able to get the support I need from her but i can see that she tries. This girl is melting my heart in many different ways, I just do not want for her to break it. It is hard for me to get rid of my fears… but i try.

Lulu (@Lulu) : October 12th, 2010

I have been in a relationship with a Taurus man for five years. He is so sweet. He never runs out of nice things to say. In the beginning, it was all roses and love notes and grand gestures of love and affection. Five years later, the romance has died and he no longer cares about whether I’m happy or not. He has the worst temper ever. He is depressed about his status in life and does nothing to change it. He takes out his bad moods on me, and as a moody Gemini, I do not react kindly. Also as a Gemini, I pick up on others’ emotions and moods quite easily and instantly I am in a bad mood, upset, grumpy, whatever.

I know that it’s possible for this match to work, but unless the Taurus man learns to keep things fresh, his Gemini woman is going to yearn for something new. She needs stimulation. She cannot be around a grumpy gus all the time. Wake up Taurus!!!

thecrazyone (@thecrazyone) : October 20th, 2010

Hi, I am a Gemini woman who has been dating a Taurus man for over 3 years.The only thing I can say is, OMG!Our relationship has been like a roller coaster eversince day 1!It’s steady and then the next thing you know, we are all over the place, sometimes to adventure and sometimes to…the unknown. I have read alot about the Gemini woman and the Taurus man, and can relate to ALL of it. I am an extrovert and he is totally the opposite. We don’t really have alot in common but what keeps us together is the feeling we get when we are around each other. He makes me feel youthful and special and vice versa. I do realize that I try changing him Alot (looking for the perfect man).But then I realize that he balances me out.He is more of what I need than what I want… :) Love ya baby

alicia (@alicia) : November 5th, 2010

I m a gemini girl and i am doin my highschool,I have a close friend who’s a tauras and I really like this guy and I think it goes both ways butthe problem is that i think it will take him ages to come out of his shell.Hes this ideal guy and hes single,I just dont know what is taking him soo long.He protects me,guides me,yhe reason why I am not admitting anything is cause I want to be completely sure from his side.But he just confuses me,I have to admit,I have started to loose interest cause I cant wait any longer.If only he had the balls to come and talk about this,but i dont hink that going to happen anytime sooner.So I have decided to back off a little and may be look for a guy who can in someway atleast express himself.Atleast I wont be confused.Freaking Taurean Shell

willie (@willie) : November 23rd, 2010

As a taurus men married to a gemini women I remember when I first meet her I hollad at ha we separated with no number then I seen ha again she walked past me one day just da way a nigga is I walked rit past ha ass she turned around n asked me my name from there we been together since, as a taruas we got a shell known as shy u have to say something like a metaphor or sit n talk or confront his associated he lke ya

bee harris (@bee harris) : January 2nd, 2011

I just lost my taurus man in october just gone, I thought I understood him and his character but obviously not. I’ve done a lot of reading and understand where I could have made an adjustment because that’s all it would have taken but not having the knowledge of how a taurean man operates I missed a few things like neglect, making him feel insecure and not paying him enough attention. However, he was an absolute dream of a man and it really saddens me to be writing this but reading the comments above has encouraged me and given me the strength to say to all gemini girls out there stay with this man because believe me he is just the real deal and I’m just sorry I let him down, we gemini’s maybe classed as two brains etc and intellect well all I can say is that my brains must have been else where because I missed things. Maybe if we all understood the characteristics of our partners from birth signs etc we would all be able to have a greater understanding of their personality traits so rather than getting hacked off, know the areas where you take a bend it like beckham given it a wide birth and avoid that moment when things could deteriorate. After all said and done nobody likes to see their partner upset least of all with you their loved one. I am trying to win him back, wish me luck!!

Nicole (@Nicole) : March 26th, 2011

Some things are true about Geminis and Taurus relationship.While some are not!
For instance.Not all Gems are flighty and social butterflies..Well, i know i am not..More home body than anything else..
I do love the quite of living and being home,in my own space.
I love to be alone alot but,I do have moments, when i am not completely alone,and i hang out with good friends, not acquaintances.
We live for truth!! and we want meaning in life and living.We cannot stand fakeness, or insincerity in people.
As for moods..we aren’t as moody as, this article makes us seem.
I find Taurus more moodier if i may say than myself.lol
And No Gems, don’t always want things fast..We do love to take our time..Not as long as, the Bull.But we do at times love, to linger in the solitude of moments..
We do not like slow thinkers..We make up our minds very fast!
As for Taurus and Gem relationship what i can say from experience is this.
Taurus male is very slow to making up his mind.He is very moody.And when he is in strange surroundings..He becomes quite suspicious of others intentions towards him and may even think that people are taking advantage of him.
He loves his food..and loves sex..Does not love to be beholding to others.Cannot stand to not have Money.
Can be very much of a liar.Or in some way, tell half truths..if he is not wanting to give any important information away to others.
He is secretive.Tells you what he only thinks you should know..But when trusted will be honest and upfront!
This match can work.But Taurus need to be more open and communicative,which i hard for the Bull since he is introverted.
Gems for love conversation.But can tolerate the passivity and lack of commnication.If She feels that she is getting, an honest connection with the Bull..For Gems are only in seek of their one true SOUL MATE!!

hargr (@hargr) : April 2nd, 2011

I just had broken with the taurean guy.He said he got irritated by me and left me.he is too patient ,possessive,slow and very sexy.he will give hand when people are in hard situations,his love and care is marvelous.But he is moody .I used to find ways to make him happy.
GEMS are not butterfly’s.I love to be in home, I dont like to go out often.i love to be honest and supportive to my friends.

If TAUREAN want to be alone.Leave him alone.He will be back for you ,After his temper lefts him.he loves food,home,money.

HE wILL HAVE SO MANY SECRETS,he is deep soul.he dont like the change.Whatever he thinks he will do.

but the possessiveness will kills the gemini.for gemini first love is very important. she can’t forget him/her for ever.

moreover there are chances to win this relation.if they both have open conversation always.

All the best GEM’s


monkey (@monkey123) : May 14th, 2011
Avatar Image

Hi am 30th may gemini , i am in love with aries/taurus cusp who borned on april 23 , we are together for 2 years . we are loving together from college, Later he left the place for job.i felt very bad when he left. we used to talk each other through phone twice in a week.

he loves and cares me alot,he is helpful,possessive and jealousy in his things,he is honest,and aside to me when iam in hard situations…we didnt fighted any day….but he is very moody guy, and will do what he thinks,stubborn bold, patient and didnt like someone’s force

iam very shy reserved , positive thinker & homely gemini, i didnt have any boy friends other than this guy,he is my first bf,\i loves him alot and lot…… sometimes its very hard to me to make him happy,
i has the capacity to understand the situation before i behaves, my positive thinking always helps me when iam in hard situations,
i need to tell , i came out for studies because of my parents(to make my seperated parents together even though they stays together in same home they wont talk each other since when iam in 5th…. from my 5th standard they are not talking ech other,,,, i tried to alot to make them together its very hard to make them together . i used to feel for them ,, because of them i went far to study ,,,,………. they are very lovely and caring parents…….cares alottttt, i used to visit every six months once to home

i loved this guy by hating guys,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i hate guys and marriage from my childhood

hate makes me to loveeeeee , i loved truly and deeply

after somedays this cusp stopped messaging and calling me,,,,,, i just tried so many times, when i forced him to talk , he aksed me to leave him alone sometime . i waited,for 2 months later i messaged him,he just replyd that he is not loving me, he wont like me ,,,,,,,, and said that he dont know how he loved me too…his words hurted me alotttttttt

I left to msg or call him,,,,,,,but i didnt forget him , iam suffering from past 9 months every day,,,, i cant able to avoid him from my thinking, i tried to avoid ,,,,its very very hard,,,, i dont know why …… after 9 months i just mailed him , he replyd:: that he really dont want me,,,,, he dont know how he loved me,,, he said its killing him when he thinks whatever happend in tha past ….he asked me leave him for his happiness and said me to be with my parents for my happiness…

i cant able to do anything now,,, iam getting fear to reach any guyyyy nowwwww……i loved truly and deeply, its killing me ,,,,,,, itz very painfulllll…… i cant disturb that guy again,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,:(((((((

Ask Oracle (@vc0h61qiyrtc2ptvkkgae) : May 15th, 2011
Avatar Image

@monkey123 This is not what you call Love, its a disease of mind. Love always brings peace and happiness.

Your idea of love is so dependent on communication but a true love actually multiplies in Silence.

All your hate/love has become a disease of mind and it will be best for your happiness that you look out for its cure.

Gigi (@Gigi) : May 18th, 2011
Avatar Image

I am a gemini female. To be honest I have never believed in horoscopes at all until now. I have had to do some searching and found this site. I have recently met a Taurus man and he is really difficult and seems like a challenge for me to understand. He confuses me. When we first met, we clashed personalities so much so that I told him I didnt want to see him again as it would never work out. But I went out with him again just for the sake of it and OMG…he is absolutely charming, sexy, sturdy, steady, calm, relaxed, intelligent, and all man. I cant help falling hopelessly for him. When I am with him I never want to let go and for it to ever end. I seem to forget about the rest of the world yet I find that he is keeping me at a distance until he gets to know me a bit better, he is not rushing into anything but the slow pace is driving me nuts lol. We have only been seeing each other for close to two months. I am the ever alive, vibrant, talkative Gemini and he is so calm and those gorgeous eyes of his OMG. But when I look into them, I see that he is a deep person, with a lot of feelings and emotions, bit possessive too but he cares a lot as well. Very confusing for me as a gemini as I tend to want things my way a lot and I am very fast paced in all aspects of my life and personality too. I hope this works out between us as I know I am falling for him. The above describes the taurus very accurately. Wish me luck everyone:-)…

shauna (@shauna1) : August 17th, 2011
Avatar Image

I am a gemini female, just recently started a relationship with a taurus male. I am 41 years old and had not been in a relationship for over 10 years. this taurus man has captured my heart. We have only been talking for 1 month and I am already in love with him. If you would have asked me 2 months ago would I be in a relationship with anyone, I would have said that it was the last thing I wanted to do but today is a different story. I have persuaded this taurus male into a relationship with the why wait comment. If you know what you want go for it. From day one he has captured my every need mentally, physically, sexually, ect…… I can not stand being away from him. He excites me even when I am not with him. This Gemini is truly in love with her taurus mate and can not get enough of him.

(@) : September 7th, 2011
Avatar Image

@Foolish_Taurus hey, I m oso a gemini girl n I read tht part whr u say tht ur gf compares u 2 odr guys, don’t wry I usd 2 do tht 2, its only bcz she is oso giving it ol 2 u n she 2 is scared abt it so she js wants 2 show tht is isn’t completely n absolutely into u…..

Ally (@allyally) : October 12th, 2011
Avatar Image

I know what you are saying Vanessa. They keep saying Gemini women cannot spend the time to cook and keep the house clean.
I keep an immaculate house and am an excellent cook. I entertain all the time.
One Taurus boy was in love with me many years ago and that’s all he talked about — my cooking.
Even years later after he has since married, he still talk of the ‘good food’. He even asked me to cook for his daughter’s birthday party.
I never dated him since he wasn’t physically my type, but he was a classic dresser, and clearly knows good food. Haha.

(@) : November 13th, 2011
Avatar Image

I am a Taurus male and I’m deeply in love with a Gemini female, our relationship has being like a roller-coaster and I feel that is getting to an end. I can’t deny at the beginning we both were much in love but now I feel that I’m the only one who is in love. I am scare of losing her but I also feel that there is no hope anymore, no matter what I do it doesn’t seem to make her happy anymore. She has broken up our relationship several times but keeps coming back to me, I’m confuse and I hate not to be able to control the situation. Some times I feel like staying away from her because the words she speak and the way she acts is only hurting me, I’m honest and faithful, I love her and will never change her or cheat on her but I need to find a way to make her understand or just walk away from all this. I feel weak and I hate it, emotionally she is stronger. I honestly tell you guys I never felt so lost or so weak around a girl. Any advise would be appreciated. Thanks!!

shauna (@shauna1) : December 16th, 2011
Avatar Image

@ I am a Gemini female who also is in a relationship with a Taurus male. My advise to you is to be patient with your Gemini damsel. She is looking for you to rescue her but does not know it yet. The reason she returns to you because she knows that you are going to be a night and shining armor who will save her from the world and maybe from herself. Have patience if you truly love her believe me she will realize what she has. Goodluck!

Incognito (@Najee97) : January 4th, 2012
Avatar Image

Omg…reading all said…wow I’m a Gemini female and I’m freshly dating a taurus male who said to me that he likes to in control…. Not feeling that but I really like him..I asked him to take a trip to Miami with me and he said maybe bcuz I’m to delicate.. Wth anyway I’m truley feeling this cat but truthfully I don’t think he’s going To be able to keep up…I’m so easily turned off and like to b in control as well so were gonna c… Damn he is a hot 1 but shit I can’t go all the way in until he loosen up a Lil….wish us luck

KHANDOE (@SONCHOE) : September 17th, 2012
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i know a taurus guy and i really like him very much from the first sight.i felt him so differently.we just dated few times and he thinks we are opposite but i am ready to make any change for him and i don’t understand him sometimes.the things between us are so complicated.we are still not in relationship just because he thinks we are not good together.but i thing we are so good together if we just make few compromise and if he gives me  just one chance.he says he likes me and we always have great sex and i just like being with him but he never gave me a chance to be his g.f.We are now in same town and we will depart again after this christmas.i don’t think distance matters to me .i just like being around him.

Brandi (@Lovebikers) : January 15th, 2014
Avatar Image

Im a Gemini. Been in off again/on again with Taurus man for 3 years. Friends with benefits. Sex is amazing and hes sweet too-cuddler. My characteristucs fit me. His fit him-big guy,loves sports,in bike club,loves outside. Practical. Serious

Moshi (@wisegem) : April 7th, 2014
Avatar Image

I resent some of these false allegations against Gemini women.  I don’t cook well, but I do keep a clean house and prefer being tidy over disorganized.  I’m a borderline neat freak.
I’d never get bored with my ‘love’ life and don’t need to be kept on my toes.  If I’m attracted to my Taurus man, he can do no wrong.  Part of the reason I’d love being with him is because he is so in charge and loves to take the lead.  That’s more than enough to hold my interest.
I’m also a homebody and don’t need to find adventure outside of the home.  As far as ‘possessiveness’ as long as it doesn’t turn into psychotic isolation and abuse, I’m fine with it.  It can be quite complimentary under the right circumastances.  I’m pretty possessive(in a normal non-toxic way) myself.
Gem lady and Taurus Man sound like we make a pretty awesome match.  As far as the money thing, we need for someone to keep us in balance. 😉

Tina Glorioso (@Oracle1) : May 5th, 2014
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I am a Gemini woman and have just somehow became connected with a Taurus man over the internet. He is overseas in the military.  It was an odd meeting somehow through Facebook…I accepted a friend request out of the blue and we started chatting. This man is capturing my heart with his beautiful letters! He is amazingly charming, concerned, and caring. I’ve had so much work to tackle and was feeling overwhelmed at times with everything going on, having to face it alone – I was beginning to feel so empty.  But he continues to reassure me and sends me constant notes about how he is thinking of me continually and it’s almost kind of miraculous that it’s happened this way and he feels the same.  I always wanted someone to speak to me way he is but it never has happened before.  His caring words and spirit seem to jump off the page at me! At first I was totally cynical and jaded but my defenses are melting fast and when I read about Gemini-Taurus relationships it sounded spot on what I’ve been experiencing.  I haven’t been with a Taurus before for as long as I can remember.  I’m about 9 years older than he is but he says he doesn’t even care.  I truly enjoy reading his letters, they’re kind of poetic and spiritual – I feel like putting them all in a book.  It’s very special and he really does seem to balance me out and keep me calm.  

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