Taurus Woman and Capricorn Man Love Compatibility

In the love association of Taurus and Capricorn, the courtship is usually lengthy as neither of the two jumps into partnership thoughtlessly. Usually they make each other feel so extraordinarily comfortable and safe that they might surprise themselves and give in to the feelings they have for each other more readily than they would with others.

A Capricorn man is strongly ambitious, determined and good to talk person but definitely to deal with. He generally seems to be more practical and stiff with a reputation for being ruthless or selfish, but this is simply because he tries to achieve as much as possible goals. Deep inside, he is extremely protective of his lover, family, and friends, and goes to great lengths to take care of them in the best way he knows. In a love relationship he is intense lover who does not fall for a pass-by-affair. He is a traditional man and loves to see his lady love wrapped in feminine attitude with plenty of traditional aspects.

The Taurus woman is a graceful damsel who has her life in impeccable order due to her calm and collected nature. She is goal-driven and knows how to put her energy into the right places in order to get results. Down-to-earth and highly sensual at the same time, she is the ideal mate for the practical man who is searching for a lasting and satisfying relationship. Her artistic touch and fine tastes add a lot of intrigue to her personality, making her all the more lovable and desirable. She always takes love affair seriously and looks for a long term association with full devotion.

The Taurus woman is lovingly sweet and simple lady with a few dedicated goals in life and a devoted heart for her loved ones. A Capricorn man can actually find a great companion in her who is in many ways similar to him. Just like him, she too wants a lovely home which she can be proud of as a status symbol as well as she can be able to enjoy all the comforts that she can be provided with. She is quite a stable individual with a clear mind and always a comforting and supporting word for her Capricorn male. She provides him with a perfect hostess who can take care of his home and children and if needed can stand by him as a strong support. She gives at a nearly inexhaustible rate, but requires a certain amount of recognition as fuel and this is what he has to understand. For this reasons he needs to be more expressive and verbal at times to make her feel appreciated and loved.

Though in the beginning, the Capricorn man may seem to be cold and selfish but deep inside he is a person with patience and commitment which makes him a great partner for a Taurus woman. She wants emotional security and a level of predictability which she definitely receives in a relationship with him. He is a man who sincerely wants to take care of his lady love and keep her comfortable in all situations. He always respects his lady and provides her with a responsible mate. He is practical and determined just like her and that makes their compatibility work smoothly. But he is a person of few words, and can have a difficult time expressing his love and appreciation through words or through physical acts. This is a minor setback that probably blows over quickly and can upset a Taurus woman.

As the starry mission of angels in accomplished by drawing the Taurus woman and Capricorn man magnetically towards each other, they both experience the miracles of heaven in their unison. She tenderly touches the heart of Capricorn male making him more expressive and a bit more emotionally loving while he makes her comfortable and easy in all walks of life. As they look in their special one’s eyes and hold hands, they feel secure and loved like never before. The blossoms are fairer, the rainbows are more colorful and the stars are brighter for them. Their romance is one of a kind with the stability of earth and softness of soil. They both tune into each other so well that the experience musical harmony in every aspect of life, once they are together.

Being earthy and less verbal in nature, the sexual relationship of Taurus woman and Capricorn man focuses on the physical side of things, which is initially fine to both of them. Neither of them is overly comfortable with outlandish displays of emotion, preferring a much more subtle approach. They both enjoy their physical presence with extreme appreciation for the satisfaction each one gives to the other. However, as time goes by and things develop, Taurus woman begin to crave a little bit more emotional assurance than Capricorn man has to give. He believes that his consistency is enough to prove that he is committed to her, but she craves a little more of an open and outward display of affection as she gets more attached. She, when she follows her instincts, can help her Capricorn man free the emotions he shyly feels, and so very much longs to release. Since his physical desires are as strong as any man’s, together with some lovely emotional expression can become a beautiful blend of sex and romance, making their love making even more beautiful and enjoyable than ever before.

As the relationship of Taurus woman and Capricorn man moves on, problems may arise when their differences are realized and neither is able to quickly adapt. There may be long periods of frustration between the two, but they are likely to sort through these issues in the end. If he is able to learn that he must make time for his woman as well as his career, then she is likely to be satisfied by the effort. She, on the other hand, has to let go of a bit of her stubbornness if she wants a chance at communicating her emotional needs to him, as much as she hates to have to verbalize them. Once these issues are out of the way, nothing will be able to hold them back and enjoy a stable and strong relationship.

  1. Divinity July 25th, 2023

    Not gonna lie this I am a female taurus and this is EXACTLY me and my bf. We are at a stage of frustration bc i want a more emotional bond that he doesn’t know how to give me. We are definitely working on it. But it is hard. But we love each other very much and will pull thru it tbh. He’s my best friend idk what i would do without him.

  2. Lakota March 1st, 2023

    You definitely have to find the right Capricorns because the zodiac always says Capricorn and Taurus are a perfect match but for years I couldnt vibe with not a nare notta Cap man until this last one I met lol. We’re still in the early stages but I like it. He doesnt move too fast, not all about sex, he’s extremely driven, has money but is low key about it (I love that), and he brings me peace. We havent taken it to the next level but I’m fine with the pace we’re going because I’m focused on a couple of my own goals too and men tend to ruin anything I have going on because they’re selfish af (most of them). Even if we dont get to the full blown relationship phase I still would like to be friends with him and I DO NOT do that staying “friends” thing (because we all know they want that just to be able to still smash). I feel like if you had a relationship with a Cap man and you’re a Taurus woman and it was a disaster….you were probably trying to to force it instead of allowing him to be who he is until he was ready to settle down.

  3. Regina January 12th, 2022

    I am a Taurus woman and dating a Capricorn male and I have never felt so loved! He is so gentle, kind and always thinking of me. He isn’t all about sex but, just wants my time and to see me. He is amazing. For those that doubt the connection-prob just picked bad apples lol throw them back and find a real one. They are out there I swear.

  4. Matt December 7th, 2021

    You’ve obviously dated the wrong ones Lisa because I myself hate lies, defs not Bisexual and double life? Nope one headache is bad enough as they say… But that also depends on when they were born too. I find I cannot stand Cappie’s from mid to late January. Just a bunch of whiney lying bitches who thinks their shit don’t stink… I’m vulnerable when I have to be, Steadfast and headstrong when I want to be, i’ll say what I think and will always put my woman first. My Taurus woman keeps me well and truly grounded and very stable to the point of I trust her with my life and will see her for who she is… The one and only queen in my world and will always remain to be.

  5. Lisa November 12th, 2021

    Capricorn men are disgusting. Users, liars, double lives. I cannot stand these men. Whoever said this was a match is a bold face lie. I’ve dated/talked to at least 5 or 6 and they are all the same. They all are lowkey bisexual but would never admit. When I see them I’m RUNNING.

    • Andrew March 3rd, 2022

      LoL bi? I have never thought of being with another man my entire life. You obviously are just trying to hurt caps reputations because your hurt. Hurt people hurt people. That doesn’t matter what sign you are.

  6. Idk2356 August 15th, 2021

    Y’all gets deep

  7. Bull ♉ Babe June 28th, 2021

    As a Taurus woman….. that is strictly opinion but take what fits… ditch the rest….

  8. Capricorn February 11th, 2021

    As a Capricorn man I can say that those Taurus are in general out of touch and we don`t like this types. Capricorn women are on the other hand just perfect.

    • jayla April 15th, 2021

      die bicth

    • Session T April 30th, 2021

      Your uneducated and ignorant.

    • Monica August 30th, 2021

      Interesting. I am a Taurus woman. I wonder what made you say we are out of touch?

    • Your nightmare October 29th, 2021

      That’s your opinion, love a Taurus woman can give and the way she manages money you can not do where Capricorn tends to use money in unwanted luxury.

  9. Sofia December 4th, 2020

    I tried this because I think I might like someone but I have… awkwardness syndrome when it comes to boys. So, I did a little experiment and asked my friend to use this website for info and go for it with a boy from the discription and they have been dating for a couple of months and now I know that even though my guy is not allowed to date at the moment… I can wait bc this website has shown me that he is worth the wait. Thank you!

  10. Boishakhi das October 24th, 2020

    We are confused

  11. brian and rachel April 12th, 2020

    Brian Waldo and Rachel LeAnn till the wheels fall off! if even half of this is true we will be in great shape. and I can’t wait to come back here years from now to laugh that we actually made it………..:]

    • Rachel June 30th, 2020

      Stuuuuupid….. I guess somebody didnt tighten the lug nuts or something…

  12. Danielle April 5th, 2020

    I feel is tho my Capricorn man friend is playing games with me,I am a Taurus women,we slept together to soon in I got my feelings involved with him in he does not show me his feelings or that he feels the same way about me that I do about him, because I don’t think he see anything serious happening between us at all, at least not right now
    In I want us to work

  13. Mary medel January 4th, 2020

    Im a capicorn n so is he is that good

  14. Allyne June 5th, 2019

    i am a taurus female and a capricorn male likes me a lot but our communication over the phone is short

  15. Jeanie March 23rd, 2018

    I love this Cap guy he is so handsome and I m head over heels this guy… we share common grounds .. I love him truly … he is the right guy for me …

  16. Gary February 23rd, 2018

    My relationship with Taurus girl was very good , she is very loyal and I love her back more than anything , we rarely fight and arguements are short lived , I would recommend this relation to any Capricorn the only drawback is that Taurus will restrict you wherever possible ( even in bed ) which you might not like it but trust me in long term this is a great relation

    • Earthangel May 23rd, 2018

      I am a Taurus woman. I am interested in a Capricorn man he states that he needs some space. What should I do.

      • arshad March 24th, 2019
      • Sofia December 4th, 2020

        I tried this because I think I might like someone but I have… awkwardness syndrome when it comes to boys. So, I did a little experiment and asked my friend to use this website for info and go for it with a boy from the discription and they have been dating for a couple of months and now I know that even though my guy is not allowed to date at the moment… I can wait bc this website has shown me that he is worth the wait. Thank you!

    • Michelle niez January 4th, 2020

      I’m a taurus all you say it’s true 😊

      • arshad January 7th, 2020

        taurus are flirts

  17. Fireworks December 25th, 2017

    I’m a Jamaican gangster, and I found this article after obtaining a copy of Linda Goodman’s “Chex cereal; a dietary guide” and “Sextrology Incarnate”. Both are fine books, but I didn’t finish either. Chyeaa, nuggha…..

  18. Mr. Bowden (BNP) December 25th, 2017

    Unchecked empathy leads to entropy, but tone-setters lead to that which is wetter…in the bull’s vagina, of course.

  19. Trusty Rusty December 25th, 2017

    Most of these comments couldn’t assemble a cohesive comment if their lives depended on it. Have you seen how poorly these damn fools type? Fucking hell…

    Best advice I can offer to anyone considering a Goat-Bull match is to focus on your foundation fiscally and maintain your monetary value. The goat shouldn’t depress or bring down the bull, and the bull shouldn’t enable weakness in her capricorn counterpart. Also, don’t forget to attend church on Sundays, or at least engage in something spiritual together. You dingus.

  20. Cheese-dick-1-800 December 25th, 2017

    If you’re a Capricorn, then don’t recycle your pity and resentment like a self-sabotaging fool! Pity and pain generate resentment, and I believe they are things to be avoided.


  21. Cheese-dick-1-800 December 25th, 2017

    Katherine Hepburn and Cary Grant.

  22. DinduNuffin(Good Boy) December 25th, 2017

    Great match. Takes me back to the farm when we used to procreate with a purpose. Oh, how the ground shakes when the cloven hooved animals satisfy their truest nature, and spill their love juices.

  23. faggot-fettuccine December 25th, 2017

    The majority of these comments are written by individuals who cannot even type legible English. But this astrology mumbo-jumbo sure terrifies me with it’s astounding accuracy (most of the time).

  24. Hail The Princess December 25th, 2017

    I’m a Capricorn eurocentric ethno-nationalist. She’s a Taurus converted-Jew. Here’s the funny part, our moon alignments are basically reversed versions of each other since I’m a Lunar Libra ruled by Venus, and she’s a Lunar Cap. We’re not committed to each other in a formal way. We do, however, helplessly and undeniably arouse and resonate one another. She’s strikingly similar to me, yet different in two areas; her emotional-compass is more sentimental than mine. I’m more analytically, and basically a cold ass bastard by comparison. If nothing romantic or tangible arises from this, then I’ll be content and grateful regardless. I don’t seek to possess or own her, and it may well be that we aren’t meant for each other. I’m continually surprised by her displays of affection toward me. This is a sick Karmic joke being played on us. I stand for Western Civilization and it’s doubtful (though possible) that she’d understand my political views and concerns for my race.

  25. Rabia October 2nd, 2017

    im torus woman having caprican man i have a question please answer it.
    can caprican man satisfied by torus woman in bed???????

    • l.u January 1st, 2018

      yes, girl i’m seeing is taurus and im a cap and we have passionate sex and she always wants that type of sex…. how about that

  26. Peter September 14th, 2017

    Capricorn male here sooo all these testimonials have me laughing because they all sound so far from what me and my sister (also a capricorn) are actually like. Neither of us are “mother” or “daddy” babies. We actually have very distant relationships to our parents. I feel like all these mommas boys and daddies girls are prob just that and completely irrelevant to being a capricorn since a major factor of our “personality” is extreme independents to the point we are deemed “disconnected and cold” which is the opposite of someone dependent on their parents or anyone for that matter. The emotional bombs are true but only apply to unhealthy capricorns. A healthy capricorns love is more methodical and calculated, its logic wrapped in wonder, its also deeply romantic and true. Also imma have to disagree from the libra man in the comments. idk how he would know what a capricorn man thinks or how he loves since he is not one, but i do agree that you shouldnt use a zodiac to find an ideal partner since there are so many other factors that play into a persons personality than their date of birth. But i can say this no capricorn would pick a partner because they have a good job or are good with money or a good mother. Love is love and capricorns are just as passionate about it if not more so, because like in our careers and life we are ambitious and will only settle down once we have found the perfect love for us. We require the whole package and what that consists of depends on the individual. So no i would not date someone because they have nice things like has been insinuated. I look for love in a relationship not a 401k like a lot of people like to think of my sign.

    • Ruben March 23rd, 2018

      Bruh you hella fucking right Capricorn from here and I’m exactly like you described but 🖕 those suckas brother we are took by cold money making predator but we more than that if we not the most real and full heath sings of the zodiac once we find what we desire and commit like 400% to it and let she/he knows that whateva , WHATEVA we down fo real, fo life, you talked good bruh we real Capricorn’s might be UNDERDOGS but we are real and serious bout we do , good life for ya brotha

    • Michelle niez January 4th, 2020

      I agree with you because my capricorn boyfriend same your attitude even his cold heart sometimes i understand him because i love him so much 😊

  27. Shontia Blue February 11th, 2017

    I am a taurus women and just started dating a capricorn man and i must say its like something electric between us. I dont no it kinda scares me a little. I mean we’re so comfortable around eachother. I feel so secure with him and i can easily talk to him about anything and vice versa. He’s so attentive and affectionate i’m like he cant be this perfect for me. I feel myself just looking for something wrong with him. I dont no i guess im just afraid to let my guard down i guess but he’s everything that i want in a man

    • Kim December 4th, 2017


    • EunHae November 14th, 2018

      ya I agree with you guys! I have capricorn friends and used to date capricorn. They are the best ever and they are so rare~~~

  28. LovetobeinLove58 November 22nd, 2016

    Hi, Libra man here, sorry to ‘intrude’

    Firstly, I don’t think love is quite like what people are saying here “I’m a Taurus and I am looking for a Capricorn” what happened to falling in love? Okay, so if you’ve been with a few boyfriends and it didn’t work out with the Gemini’s Scorpio’s Leo’s you’ve been dating and want something more solid, I guess it’s a nice idea. But I don’t think it’s a matter of finding someone of star sign recommended by an astrological site, but it’s worth considering…

    Secondly, Capricorn men and ‘love compatibility’ is almost a contradiction

    Admittedly, they do tend to marry Capricorn women more often, and Taurus comes up a lot, while their weak point is not so much Gemini… more like Gemini/Cancer cusp! Definitely a higher divorce rate for those two signs.

    However, Cap men are, for the most part, just as likely to have a lifelong love affair or disastrous marriage with any star sign than they are with the next.

    If these men really are as practical and methodical as it says, then you can infer that being in a relationship with “The perfect woman” or not is not that important for them. I know they are out there, but “overly sentimental” is not usually associated with them.

    They may chose a wife simply because he thinks she would make a good mother, or appears to be a loyal person, or because he decides it’s “that time in life” and “Jane isn’t the sort of girl to waste lots of money”

    Whether “Jane” makes him feel like no other girl ever has or not may be completely irrelevant.

    Also, I noticed it happens a lot with Capricorn men that they, “out of the blue” divorce a woman after many many years of marriage – the most notable case would be Rowan Atkinson. I don’t know why this is and don’t get me wrong, men from all star signs are equal part prince and equal part scoundrel, but I think it points to the calculated, pre-planned nature of the Capricorn.

  29. ame87 October 2nd, 2016

    I am taurus but with bit of aries in me. I met -few caps but never met them as a boyfriend…. Because I ran off when they show their intense emotions. They are so pure and passionate when they fall in love! but they are also dominant and have the LUST…. their lust is so deep when they gaze me from a distance I get scared and ran off…. Not sure why, but I was always like that with caps…
    Anyway, I have noticed cap men loves to be treated like a baby or a master (loll).if i show them respect, care and love then they express their emotions so easily… Which is amazing. I have noticed that I can understand them and read them without words…. I love their passion towards their goal and prefer them to be focused and working hard. I like distance and my own space, I enjoy their disconnections because I need that..  I do not want to be one of their goal because their love is like a bomb.. direct and strong as if I will be burnt and gone… I wish they are more smooth and slow So I can walk with them. However, when caps are sure about their feelings, they aren’t patient. They don’t listen, they have to DO IT. This is not rational enough for cautious taurus lollll
    As a taurus I take my time and stages to get to know my man, but caps were rushing before me which makes me think a lot. Cap men usually approaches to me first because I look easygoing and caring. 80%of the time I am like that, but 20% of the time I refuse to be shaken by others. Emotions are beautiful thing but not stable enough for me to dance together lolll Personally I prefer when they are cautious Because I am cautious lol I love caps, just wish you are more patient!

    • dixiesonya92 April 20th, 2017

      I can’t begin to agree with you on this.

      Currently on my second Capricorn. I can’t explain the connection but the first one was weirdly instant considering we had known each other 10years and never really attempted anything or thought of it. Got dramatic very quick. He was amazing but abit of a dreamer that I had to leave. He was a few years older then me but he was mummy’s boy.

      Current Capricorn, I found instant connection. He’s a few years younger then me and seems to be quite focused with his career and seems instantly affectionate. Now the thing is, he’s very good looking and we randomly met at a memorial. He found on fb and we started speaking casually. Never thought much due to age but had to admit he was pretty good looking. So decided to meet up just as a hang out randomly. Ended up spending the hole night cuddling and same again recently. He’s not made passes as such and I can tell he gets a lot of attention considering his phone is busy. But it appears as though he gives me a lot of his time….. no exaggeration. I can’t help but wonder if I should persue this? As I don’t want to be providing for another child.

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  31. RoryRoq October 29th, 2015

    Being a Taurus woman, I have always unfortunately dated incompatible signs and my relationships have always gone pretty much as the astrology sites said they would. Now, I’m looking to date a Capricorn and looking forward to it. 

  32. slimcap January 22nd, 2015

    As a cap.I am with a taurus woman.its had ups and downs.like a rollercoaster rides.I personally don’t like rides with ups and downs.I like smoother and steady.so I find ways to make things right.for the both of us.I’ll give in to her as long as it makes her happy.This has been my only love in life.is it true love?I can’t say.or maybe it is.we’ve been together 26 years.love is crazy.when you first find it.its like heaven.as years go by it starts to disappear. Makes you wonder if it really exists.

  33. _synthetaurus January 11th, 2015

    Just because the bitch you dated wasn’t shit and happened to be a Taurus, don’t throw salt on the rest of them!!!!

  34. fascination_ends_ January 2nd, 2015

    I am a taurus currently in a relationship with a capricorn man. And I have to say, I have never been happier. My past relationships were aries, and a gemini. (My worst matches, I know) and with my past 2 relationships, let’s start with the aries. I’ve been cheated on 3 times by my aries ex. Always arguing, never winning. My gemini, never cared for my feelings it seems. Now that I am with a capricorn, I feel happy. It’s only been around 2 months but, I think by this point in time in my relationships I would be able to decide whether i’m content or not. And I am more than happy. I feel secure and safe with him, money is never an issue, we both have the same mentality and thoughts. Our sex life? It’s very passionate. we both like to please eachother equally. I couldn’t be happier. 

  35. Smokeapollo December 3rd, 2014

    Well Ms. Nikita …I am a 51 yr old Capricorn Male and to me… When its over.. Its over! I never go Backwards! Just Saying  @Nikita

  36. taurean81 February 27th, 2014

    I am a true blue / taurus sun and leo moon woman. I met my capricorn man a little over 3 months ago. It is exactly as described as above he is a dream come true after many broken hearts. Although he is not emotionally cold. this is by far the most harmonious and easy relationship I have ever been in. Thank you universe I will appreciate him to his last breath. Or mine.

  37. Whatthatmouthdotho27 January 10th, 2014

    The whole compatibility between Earths signs seems to be changing to me, where some of the sign “supposedly” are my matches is my worst enemy’s lol! This isn’t really an ideal relationship to me based on what the Oracle said.  The worst relationships I’ve had by far have been with a Virgo woman, and a Taurus Women.  Right now I’m with Sagittarius women, and I’m currently enjoying every minute of it, compare to constant fighting I had with Virgo and Taurus women.

  38. bethariana December 19th, 2013

    The most beautiful relationship I have ever been privileged to experience was with a Capricorn man, me being a Taurus woman.

  39. parul_rose September 4th, 2013

    Hi this is rose oneI am a tauras woman  I saw my cap man in my office where i used to work. I do my job well after some month of work i saw him he good guy I like skiny guys He is the perfect for me he is as skiny as i love to mate with i like his looks on the day of our meet he blew me away by his looks [which i love most my choice] Then i found him a bit more shy guy he got some point of life.in the every days life i look for him.i love to see his walking, his dressup his colour of coat i totaly in love with him.then i find him also showing same interest in me i think every thing is fine one fine day i will propose him by the time i left for another part of the city for one year we didnt get in touch then suddenly for some reasone we met Then i decided to stay with him forever that he didnt forget me so..its ok for us me and my Bf Parul B. Then for surpirse i make a story with the help of my femail friend I make him surprise i failed he knows its me i felt like fighting with him we fight for three days then we stop talking this time he wants me back he call me after one month later i felt like heaven we start talking he promiss me to met .. I am enjoying my life. Every things goes smoth after one month or so problem starts he stop talking with me i am madly in love with him this time then i wen to the place where i saw him but he disnt do anything for me in front of others but he calls me every day iam happy with the progress after some month latter my mom dead i was upset some ups and down happend we met again everythings set but after sime days we fight this time he won’t call me i was sad and depresed i stop thinking about anything..just start pray for us our relationship then after dec he likes to talk to me i felt happy eventualy our love goes stornger and we stat seeing each other as a good company ..We can love each other throgh out the life Hi this is rose oneI am a tauras woman  I saw my cap man in my office where i used to work. I do my job well after some month of work i saw him he good guy I like skiny guys He is the perfect for me he is as skiny as i love to mate with i like his looks on the day of our meet he blew me away by his looks [which i love most my choice] Then i found him a bit more shy guy he got some point of life.in the every days life i look for him.i love to see his walking, his dressup his colour of coat i totaly in love with him.then i find him also showing same interest in me i think every thing is fine one fine day i will propose him by the time i left for another part of the city for one year we didnt get in touch then suddenly for some reasone we met Then i decided to stay with him forever that he didnt forget me so..its ok for us me and my Bf Parul B. Then for surpirse i make a story with the help of my femail friend I make him surprise i failed he knows its me i felt like fighting with him we fight for three days then we stop talking this time he wants me back he call me after one month later i felt like heaven we start talking he promiss me to met .. I am enjoying my life. Every things goes smoth after one month or so problem starts he stop talking with me i am madly in love with him this time then i wen to the place where i saw him but he disnt do anything for me in front of others but he calls me every day iam happy with the progress after some month latter my mom dead i was upset some ups and down happend we met again everythings set but after sime days we fight this time he won’t call me i was sad and depresed i stop thinking about anything..just start pray for us our relationship then after dec he likes to talk to me i felt happy eventualy our love goes stornger and we stat seeing each other as a good company ..We can love each other throgh out the life….

  40. julissa81 July 10th, 2013

    Im a taurus woman and have found my capricorn man.  He is a gentle, loving and stable partner.  He loves me deeply and so do I. This compatibility report is very true on many levels.  It hasnt been the easisest but in the end, we are able to resolve our issues and re-assure each other that we love one another. I have a hard time verbalizing my needs just like how the article says…but i think we are both learning about each other and ourselves (yes, us taurus women are stubborn, but we love deeply and give so much of ourselves).  All i know is that Im willing to change what i need to change to make this relationship work and last.  Because in the end our lovemaking really is beautiful and he gives me a stable relationship that i’ve desired with all my heart.
    Dont give up on finding true love…I didnt.

  41. oct2012 October 18th, 2012

    Reading your story really saddened me because I knew of friend that had a similar story BUT he didn’t help her marry the one she loved instead it’s as if he lost himself and began dating girl after girl and broke several hearts. Your character to help her marry the person she loved is beautiful and if you believe in Karma something good will come your way sooner than later.  I felt to comment on your story because I asked my friend years later why he did what he did for years after his “love” married someone else and he said that it was because the pain was so intense he didn’t know how to digest it and numbed himself with other womens bodies, but that it never helped him but make him feel more lost.  It took him meeting a strong girl that stook by him through his roller coaster ways that helped him find himself.  She didn’t do anything to help him other than stay with him through thick and thin.   As you said, a “special girl”. 
    I have loved twice in my life.  The strong intense love as a teenager (16) and recently to a Capricorn.  My outcome of my story is hanging by a very thin thread.  The ball is in his court to make the move and save our love, which I pray he does.  
    I hope you find your soul mate and can experience the beauty of having a soul mate love. 🙂

  42. zemety October 15th, 2012

    Am 21 Years Old Cap. its really so hard for me to comment in here.. i was amazed with the comments and all. such love stories that made me leave everything am doing.. and just keep on reading and reading.. My Story is a bit different i don’t know Why!.. First of all i agree that Caps are so secretive.. well its the first time in my Life to write such things.. ou basically first time to get it out even.. but anyway i just feel like doing it.. I loved a Girl she is Acquires. when i was 13 she was my Best friend Twin. and couldn’t stand much that i have waited for 4 years just to tell her that i love her .. confession was pretty impossible for me by that time as I didn’t want to lose her at the end if she refused.. anyway.. long story short.. years passed then after 4 years i have decided to go the sneaky way.. so i E-mailed her as new friend and etc.. and then she trusted me and told me about everything in her Life.. then she told me that she is in love with someone else from 4 YEARS also.. how funny. and that her parents doesn’t want him.. anyway i was shocked but then i decided to go ahead and help her with that. so done some stuff and at the end we got her parents convinced.. and i was the first one to get invited to her engagement party.. after that i have changed a lottt..  went through loadz of relations… seriously for no reason i don’t really know why.. Most of them were LEO.. (i Hate them).. at the start its too good to be True.. then you start see the selfish part of them.. EGO ..Sorry to say… FKING EGO… is a killer.. at the same time i can’t take my focus off my work. i have expanded my work and opened my own company and what i kept on doing is going into relations. which is basically i only meet them at weekeneds. and then after that i go back to work.. they go crazy about it. but seriously i don’t feel like taking from my work time for them as they are not special to me.. almost 8 or 9 relationships in less than a year was crappy.. and its all because of me i admit it.. but.. i don’t know really the reason behind that but i keep doing it over and over. can’t really find someone who gets the inner me. and if it happens and i see someone that i feel ok with.. i go away because i see them to good to be hurt as i don’t trust my inner me anymore… anyway.. what i do feel like doing right now is just keep doing what i suppose to do as for work side. and leave the love part aside.. hopefully i might change by time.
    And also to mention some other stuff about Caps. as per my experience .. i Love beauty, smartness, and Goal seeking women.. don’t have much time for bullshit but when i want fun i do real fun and i see them happy about it.. then after i go focused again on my work they feel bad because they don’t have this fun anymore. so i always keep looking for the beautiful, smart and easy going girl which doesn’t exists for me now.. and yea.. i do believe in Easy come easy go.. and some stuff are just too good to be true.. at the end. Sorry for my bad grammar an English… its not my mother tongue!

  43. bhavya19 September 15th, 2012

    btw i am tarus and he is capricon. sorry for typos

  44. bhavya19 September 15th, 2012

    i like this guy from childhood. i used to love spending to time with him. without him holidays used to be so boring. i have no idea of what he thinks of me. 2 years ago i met him in holidays when i went to his town and he doesn’t show any signs. i don’t think he even cares i’m there. but when we are alone together we have a good time, i get no hard or uncomfortable feelings with him. we have perfect communition. but i feel like he is trying his best to have a straight expression. but sometimes when i am worrying, i tell him, and give me the best advise and strenght to overcome it and i fall for him more. ughh.we live very far away now, we don’t get in touch much i didn’t know about horoscopes until week ago. this seems all new. i thought he is quite playful, and likes to take risks and has impractically dreams but is quite determined to work hard for it. i admire it the most in him. when we were children i always used to follow him everywhere, like he is a god or something lol. and i’m so excited  that capricon and taurus are perfect matches in most of websites. but i can’t link to the descriptions though. maybe i don’t know everything about him, or this side of me. just glad that heaven is on my side. I am 17 now and i am going to his town this holidays after 3 years i hope there is some change in this. i know that when i fine my lover i will be a better person.  but i agree with me being the boldest and no one can beat me lol and i take my anger on the people who i am close to and say the worst words…..but i love them to death  can’t imagine when they are gone, my strength will be gone (i’m talking about my mum lol). so i hope he is patient and understand me when i am being irritating and impatient (these parts i hate about me, but this is how i get rid of my problems 0_o). lol this is the worst ending of a story every. i am such bad writter,  i hate following a structure. (sorry i am going out of topic, when i start doing somethng i don’t know how to stop doing it haha?). thanks for taking to your time to read my story for ppl who actually read it. i hope it makes sense in the same as it did for me.

  45. knightmartin25 August 24th, 2012


  46. tauruswomenaintshit June 25th, 2012

    Taurus women ain’t shit.  Especially the fat ones who have had a gastric bypass, and then got skinny.  They are stubborn and think everything said to them, is an attack on their character.  I know this because I ended up marrying one, and we will soon be getting a divorce.  Heffa can kiss my ass.

    • dixiesonya92 April 20th, 2017


      I’m Taurus and I’ve never had problems in my long term relationships we usually ended because we just wanted different things. I’m not a chaser but I chase when necessary. Sometimes a man has to be a man and I have to let him go to fulfil it. Upbringing of a woman too is also important as well as her zodiac. She may be stubborn, but most intelligent Tauruses as we are second house and almost superior zodiac…. know how to control when to be stubborn and when not to. Sometimes we are complicated but we ask very little if you read between the lines. Now if you fail to understand when we are being passionately stubborn with our loved ones… then we will just get bored and hope to find something better. Doesn’t mean to say we never tried. Just gave you too many chances. I am Taurus and I am proud. But my partners have always kept good ties with me and still have my back now despite however rough things got. No ones perfect. But it takes time to truly know someone and then be able to work on them. You need to find the click to get the motivation. Not all Taurses are bad and we are most loyal and I know I’ve never known my self to have commitment issues. I’m just too passionate and honest about what I want.

  47. taurazaur February 25th, 2012

    You guys really need to consider other placements than sun sign. Your venus, mars, ascendant and mercury compatibilities play a much bigger role combined. If you’re like me and found a capricorn male who also matches up with the rest of your chart, this is probably your soulmate. The only clash we have is my gemini moon with his scorpio moon. Other than that we’re both fire signs.
    But let me tell you the story of me (taurus female) and the male cap i love. 
    Since our ascendants match up perfectly we took to each other immediately and went on a sex and fun binge for a few weeks. The sex was so incredibly great, the best ever. He was 20 at the time and I was 22.
    When he left to go back to school shortly after we met, we didn’t have the realistic option to stay together really. Then I got into a relationship with someone else, didn’t love him. I guess I felt he was “safe” and my parents liked him. I called the cap up, bitched him out and told him I was with someone else. Dated this other guy for about a year before the cap and I started talking again and I remembered how I felt when I first met him, which was awesome. So much happier than my boyfriend had ever made me feel.
    For the most part we talked through text message and when he came home for a weekend we had an awesome time the first night he got back. Then he disappeared the rest of the weekend, i bitched him out and we didn’t talk for months. I also blocked his number because I didn’t want him sending me any more shallow annoying text messages!! Then I broke up with my other boyfriend, finally admitting to myself I didn’t love him, and that it was unfair to stay with him.
    A few months later the cap graduated and came home. He wanted me to give him another “chance” but I really wasn’t into him at first, I was into some other moron I was dating by then. But it only took one or two times hanging out with him for me to realize how much I loved him, even if he has been sketchy in the past. I could tell he was really in love with me. at what level of depth he loved me then, I don’t know. the sex was great, we opened up to each other completely. we made each other laugh A LOT and he told me he wanted to develop the relationship and be together. 
    Whether or not it would have happened that way is something I’ll never know because a few weeks into it I decided to move to another state to pursue my career, but I told him I planned on moving back to our area within a year.
    He seemed kind of happy about it. Capricorns want someone who is just as ambitious as they are, at least his one does. So, it was another case of bad timing. But he insisted on continuing our relationship long-distance. It may have worked if it was easier to fly into/ out of the isolated place where I still live to this day.
    I didn’t want the long-distance thing from the beginning (knew it wouldn’t work) but he insisted on continuing to talk and saying it was what he wanted, so i put my heart into it. And since he was in new york city and I was in the middle of nowhere, our lives were very different. I knew he loved me, but I was basically living on a mountain living a kung-fu lifestyle while he was (and still is) living a male sex and the city deal. Also, he’s a very attractive, outgoing guy. He’s also a hard worker with a good job, and he was 22 at the time. So, I never really wanted him to be tied down to me. He deserves to have fun and play the field.
    With such different life situations, I didn’t feel he was fulfilling my needs. Sometimes I doubted whether he took me seriously at all. To this day, I still can’t be 100% sure he ever has or ever will take me seriously! So, we started arguing a lot about 3 months in. he started talking to me less, and i blocked his number. (cus I don’t take no bullshit!)
    Maybe six weeks later we started talking again through e-mail and on his other phone numbers (caps, always prepared). but I felt he was constantly dissappointing me and being stingy with affection and sincerity and I wound up blocking his OTHER number.
    Two months later, I went home for the first time in six months. I hadn’t seen him since then, and hadn’t talked to him since I blocked his number. But I suspected he was home for christmas at his parents house, which is 10 minutes away from my house. And not talking to him at all had been eating away at me. So I e-mailed him and said i was home and wanted to see him to which he was kind of like wtf. i thought about trying to bump into him while I was with another guy just to try and piss him off, but realized i didn’t have time to play games since I was only home one more day.
    So he contacted me on ANOTHER one of his numbers, and I went to his house at like 3 a-m after going out with some other guy earlier in the night. When he opened the door, he looked so incredibly happy to see me and I was so incredibly happy to see him nothing else mattered and we had the most epic sex of all time. he basically poured his heart out to me and of course i did the same, but we only had a few hours together before I left. He asked when he would see me again and I just said there was no way to know but I loved him and I hoped we could work it out someday if we were closer together and he agreed.
    I came back to bumblefuck and continued to work my ass off and live alone, basically in isolation. I called him on his captastic birthday of jan 1st and left him a drunk message which was probably funny, I can’t remember. Since his main number was blocked, he e-mailed me about a week and a half later asking me how things were. I didn’t answer. he e-mailed me again and eventually texted me on some obscure number asking if i was ok. I jsut didn’t feel like answering, so I didn’t.
    I didn’t respond for so many reasons – because i knew it wouldnt work out now and i didnt want to hurt myself, because i didnt want him to hurt me, because my friends and family had seen how upset id gotten over him in the past and strongly advised me to stop talking to him…
    then a little over a month later his number fell off my cell block list after a 90-day period. I struggled with the decision, but ultimately texted him because I had nothing better to do.
    He was very happy and said he understood why I did it, and I forgave him for similar things he’d done. This time there’s much less pressure, we’re not going to try a long-distance thing now. I know he probably goes out and hooks up with people, and I don’t care right now. Without getty into all the mushy details, we’ve really come to an understanding that we will never leave each other, we want to eventually get married and have kids but there’s no huge rush. It’s hard for us to be apart, because we feel a soulmate connection. But I know I will be with him for many, many years in the future. At this point I just know in my heart, as much as my friends and family who don’t know him say otherwise, that he loves me.
    and if he doesn’t, I’m happy with the choices I’ve made for myself and my life. I’m still trying to get a job doing what I do here back at home…so I can be around my family and friends, but also so I can finally see if he really loves me and will be with me or if he’s just a weak/cruel person after all.
    I’ll go home for ten days next month and that will be a good trial period. I know it will go well, and I know he’ll be with me when we’re back together. The reason I know is we’ve been through so much since we met three years ago. So many hurdles, so many disagreements, so many “have a nice life” convos – we’ve both said that to each other a bunch of times before hanging up the phone. BUt even when I think of some of the shitty things he’s done to me, (i.e. took one of my friends out to dinner when we weren’t talking and told her me and him were never anything serious) I don’t get angry at this point, I just laugh. The things he does are hysterical, I can predict him like clockwork. We always always come back to eachother. Nothing could break us up, because we don’t take life too seriously. We love to play games because we’re both fierce competitors with a lot of options, but we know they’re just games. We have high expectations for our lives, so we want to do things right. Both of us have gotten bored in past relationships and cheated. And he may never fully stop pursuing other women, just like I may never stop pursuing hot hottie guys for fun. but that’s all it could ever be, he has told me he’ll never love anyone else the way he loves me, and I believe him. I feel the same way about him too.
    To conclude, I’ve seen this guy maybe 15 times ever in my life. but I knew he was my soulmate the second I locked eyes with him. I’m pretty sure he knows I love him by now, he always seemed to doubt me – and I know he worships me, more so now that he feels secure. The last time I saw him, you could say my blood sang in my veins. When you really want something, you have to believe in it, at absolute least, or it will fail. If you love someone and you think they love you back, you have to make peace with doubt and accept that’s the reality of the situation. You need to set each other free, and see if it happens. If you hang on to bitterness or you’re miserable all the time, the relationship will enslave you and ruin your relationship and maybe your life. Real love is about happiness, progress, understanding one another and FREEDOM.

    • K September 28th, 2018

      have you both decided to make things workout now between you two?

  48. autumn0sun February 3rd, 2012

    This somewhat breaks my heart, I’d give anything to be with this man, why does it have to be such a difficult, complicated, hard situation we are in?

  49. thecapguy January 27th, 2012

    I’ll been looking for a ladytaurus, which seems to be hard to find these days!

  50. Ms.Taurus January 24th, 2012

    Sherayne (@Rayne)

    I will love to exp that with a cap guy….

  51. Ms.Taurus January 24th, 2012

    To the Cap guy (@Cap guy)-Thanks !!! I wish I knew this last year

  52. Ms.Taurus January 24th, 2012

    thanks!!! I wish I knew this last year 🙁

  53. lollyboo January 8th, 2012

    I’m a Taurus woman in my mid/late 20’s. I was in a relationship with a Capricorn man for approx 5 years. It was an emotional rollercoaster from hell!!! Although many sites suggest a Capricorn man for a Taurus woman, I will definately be staying clear of Capricorn men for a good minute.
    I can’t talk for EVERY Capricorn man but he was a born liar, he would lie about ANYTHING, he couldn’t help it. Drag his kids into his lies, swear on his kids lives that he was telling me the truth when I had concrete evidence that he was lying, cheated with women who looked like cheap whores and when he got found out, I was ALWAYS to blame in some way, shape or form.
    I must have been crazy, I took good care of him, his kids, his home and other than some fine sex (DEFINATELY THEE best sex of my life!!!) I had NOTHING in return. Every single good memory I have from that relationship is darkened from a bad memory, for example. Early on in the relationship, we had a weekend away. I fell for him that weekend real bad, on the first night away he noticed a piece of jewellery he had packed was missing. We searched our cases, the car and the hotel room for hours until eventually he agreed to forget about it and said he must not have packed it. We had a brilliant time away and I came home all loved up. The night we got back from our weekend away, I stayed at his. He got up early in the morning and his phone was by my head. Something told me to look at the phone and when I did there was a message to another woman calling her BABY and asking if he had left his chain (the missing piece of jewllery) at her house, stating it may be next to the bed or in the bathroom. I just got up and left obviously hurt and upset (It turned out he had stayed with her the night before we went away, got out of her bed and drove straight to pick me up to set off for our weekend away!!!). He swore blind she was just a friend and he had been doing some work at her house (I was young then, in my very early 20’s and fell for his BS) I spoke to the woman she swore it was the truth and so we got back together. Only for the SAME woman to pop up continuously for the rest of the relationship and in the end it all came out that they were ‘at it’ behind my back. Whenever I think of that weekend away I feel happy for a split second, until I remember the drama and heart-ache that followed. One time his phone was on the side with a text from her on view saying ”ring me when she isn’t there” (she being ME!!!) when I asked him why she was in touch he lost his mind and started dragging me around!!!?
    He was ALWAYS telling me he was going to do things that NEVER happened!!! Things in general, not specifically things for me.
    I know he changed for the last year/18 month of the relationship and really wanted things to work but I woke up and came to my senses. I would always hold a grudge for the amount of pain and heartache that he caused me and will never forget it as long as I live. I walked away a long time ago now and it’s the best thing I ever did. I wish I’d never laid eyes on him and the very thought of him makes me feel like I have poison running through my veins!!!
    I am now in a new relationship with a Scorpio man, it’s very fresh and new but I’m very happy and I’ve had more from him (emotionally) in the past 3 months than I had in 5 years from the King of lies!!! Be careful ladies!!!!!

    • Fireworks December 25th, 2017

      I’m truly sorry for the way you were treated. That particular Capricorn didn’t deserve you.

  54. DancesWithTaurus November 30th, 2011

    I’m a Taurus woman… my Cap still hasn’t found me though. I keep bumping into the wrong signs.

  55. Cap November 20th, 2011

    I will do my best to give you some advice, as a male Capricorn we tend to look for a woman that is compatible to our goals, visions and desires, you ARE that to him, think about this for a second, think of how you feel about him, see how he feels about you…you have nothing to fear because (at least for me) we are a very faithful companion especially when we find that one woman that we so much desire. Look, as for me, I look for compatibility first and foremost, then the things we have in common, the things I look for in life such as a woman than can back me up and give me that boost that a man needs (a cap male, I can’t speak for the other males), then I also look for a little of resistance, do you see where I’m going with this? A Cap male like me need a little resistance for balance, I like to control the relationship (not in a bad way but in a way that in our huddle I’m the quarterback), but yes that resistance is needed. I don’t want a woman that will “yes” me to death or agree with EVERYTHING I say. Stand by his side, stand your ground when you feel the need, be submissive but in a gentle and subtle way not to make it so obvious. I am not saying that you must be in his shadow, no…we don’t want that, you are our opposite equal, but our job is to execute and protect our precious keeper of our heart…you. We don’t show our romantic side, but its there, we act on our romanticism by keeping you safe and being your shield. Yes I know, our romanticism is a little odd and unusual, but our hearts feel it deep. Be strong but sensual for him, trust me, our goals are not “mind games”, our goal is to make sure that you can handle the long life together and battle against the world that awaits on the long beautiful life ahead of us. Trust me just like you are afraid of losing him he fears the same but we don’t show it. Cherish what you have, I am sure he does cherish you if he is a “true” Cap such as myself that from what I’ve read and gathered from you he really is living up to our “Male Capricorn” status, I truly wish you the best, you sound like a taurus woman inlove with her male Capricorn and that is a strong match that once solidified its unbreakable. You’re not too far off from sealing the bond 🙂 I hope one day I too find my Taurus woman that will cherish and love me like you both feel, to me she’s still a dream. Live up to your female taurus status, be his faithful companion, trust him and don’t betray his trust, stay strong and maitain your ground when you’re right and give in when you know you’re wrong but remember “in a very subtle way not making it obvious” and your bond will be sealed and unpenetrable. Take care <3 🙂

    • Fireworks December 25th, 2017

      Great explanation of the dynamics and subterranean levels of authenticity under the surface of each respective sign. Great post.

  56. Radience November 11th, 2011

    I’m a 35 yr old Taurean who has fallen head over heels with a SeaGoat. The chemistry is beautiful and the sex it’s Wowwwwwwwwwwww!

  57. daft88PhunkTaurus November 7th, 2011

    correction,..I meant to say,…”I am all of those”
    (in the daddy-daughter relationship/complex)
    I am a Taurus, ON TOP OF BEING A TOTAL DADDYS GIRL,ONLY CHILD, AND DAUGHTER OF AN ABSENTEE FATHER (my mother raised me and i despise all existence of her and miss my father very much, and I was very much described as a daddy’s girl when I was younger”

    I wish my cap,..could read this I am so much better when I am ale to type my feels and thoughts out on paper, better, better than explaining stuff like this verbally, I have alot of issues doing that with him :/

  58. daft88PhunkTaurus November 7th, 2011

    i would never do anything to intentionally upset my cap,..he means everything to me, he taught me so many things as a person and how to be an individual…. in so many ways I have denied him but .. I realize hes everything I’ve always wanted and needed in a man , even if sometimes he is a little on the cold side, but what he brings to the relationship more than compensates for that. Sometimes he does appear mean to me but I see his true intentions, in a way…he’s kind of re building me as a person, what I’ve lost, he’s seen that, he’s seen where I’ve come from and how I’ve gotten messed up,..the more I think about the disipline he brings, the more i love my sweet cap… most people would think that his need for disipline and submissiveness is unacceptable,..but I see it as quitee re-freshing and amazing,… he doesn’t want just anyone, he’s just making sure Im up to parr, sometimes I fear tho, hes going to meet a female more capable and more fitting to suit him,…I really fear that, hes really the only male whos ever made me feel like this on so many different levels, I’ve always been the star, the worshiped one, the female who’s been in charge , .. the one who’s always been the dominating one in the relationship, and to be honest it got very tiring dominating, and it wasn’t my place, and it is so true to say about my personality that when I did feel like the dominating the relationship , that I did in fact lose the respect of the male, so more that it would drive me into unfaithfulness,…and I felt no remorse of it,…but I have even tested my self with my capricorn,… the one person I usually cheated on people with, I went back to visit him (in my mind I knew I was done, it was more for sexual innuendo) but when I seen him, I felt nothing, all I did was miss my cap, and no sexual desires, stimulation, or competition that I’ve ever shared with any male compares with my cap. I have never been so sexually ;aroused,attracted,dominated,….words can’t explain how good the sexual intensity is between us, I get bruised thinking about it, I don’t think of men as attractive or wish anything from a male every since I’ve been with my cap, and that is saying alot ,..for reasons Im not choosing to go into, because its very complex. I did read an article , there is a paragraph going about how only child’s,

    an absentee father, and a daddys “girl’s” are attracted to caps, I AM NOT ONLY ALL OF THOSE, but a taurus who is amazingly attracted and inspired in so many ways to my cap, I’ve never met a cap in my life, this relationship is comparable to a “daddy daughter relationship” in a way, i like to do things for him, flatter him, make him proud,…please do not even comment on the sexual part because that in no way is even connected , my father died when I was 2, I said I am a “daddy’s girl” simply because I favor males naturally and crave male attention (i grew out of blaming the sexual craving when I was younger) ‘m talking more on a male relationship period, most women come off to me as emotional,annoying,bitchy and winney so I naturally aam more okay with being with different males, but at the same time, males seem so easy to figure out but not my cap male NU UH NU UH NU UH 🙂 okay thats enough,… thank you for your comment , Den, so appreciated <3 the relationship is very complex, in so many ways, I just don't want this to become a relationship full of mind games,..and please explain how I can stand my ground better, if you can give any such advice, I find my cap constantly contradicting me, I find myself angry for that, but at the sae time, I see that he's right,… I just don't want him to see me as a "nail" in the floor, ready to step on,… in so many aspects I am very submissive but I want to be dominative on the right aspects, Im willing and have put so much time and effort into this, its really an amazing relationship…. but then again,.. it feels like it gets tiring as well too,when Im trying to find my own ground .. when I am still vastly growing as a person an individual

  59. Cap November 5th, 2011

    “I will say this much to you “AS” a Cap male” I forgot the “AS” haha!

  60. Cap November 5th, 2011

    I will say this much to you Cap male. We do not intend to degrade you (our female companion), we do want you to seal the trust you earn from us. We do want a woman that can have her strong opinion and stick to it, if you change it up we feel its because you are doing it for us, or even a sign of weakness (that Tauruses are not) but you have to proove it, SHOW IT. We might make you feel as if we are trying to be superior than you but guess what, have you ever heard “For every great man there stands a great woman by his side” that is true, you are what makes us complete, therefore we will become extremely protective of you taking the front and acting as a shield that will deter anything that will try to break what we have…you! We take most if not all of that, we absorb it and turn around and try to act as if it was nothing. We are prideful like that. So don’t feel belittled, feel protected, don’t feel as if your opinion means nothing to us, we listen and cherish what you feel, we just don’t show it much.
    We do try from time to time to let that soft side of us surface which is a great compromise on our part, letting our guard down (leaving us unproctected and vulnerable), but do know this, we will be always faithful, mindful and protective. We don’t go down without a fight, Love conquers, we love deep, hard and true. I wish my Taurus female would realize this but it is what it is, like they say “what is meant to happen WILL happen regardless”. Take care and don’t give up on that Cap of yours, I don’t mean to boast but you will never find a match like us, and I know he feels the same way about you (if he indeed is a mature fellow), don’t let him down, don’t betray him (if you do, consider yourself extinct to us no matter how much we suffer due to our loss).

  61. daft88PhunkTaurus October 29th, 2011

    omg sooo where do I even begin I have alot of comments, I guess, you can call it. First off, I am a Taurus , I am 23 and my Capricorn male is 22.

    Firstly , I want to say that Capricorn’s are very special to us Taurus women, though, does concern me about how mental the capricorn male is, not necessarily intellect wise but the traditional Capricorn males do not trust women, and have issues treating them as actual beings, in their own ways. Capricorn males, I do believe to have some superiority towards females, which in a general sense I do understand (me being the down to earth taurus that I am, i do share the same general view and perspectives) the only ONLY real problem with that is,if you share the same views and ideas , he will not respect you as much. I see it as I give and take, If I agree I have to stick to it, if I dont i have to have a reason for the reason why i disagree, he wants you to have your own personal opinions, he wants you to agree with everything in a sense, but in the same sense have your own mind set and frame, this is where it starts to get weird. The capricorn will test you, ask you questions you know you’ve answered before, he will make certain that they are your true sincere feelings about what he asks if you change your views, he will not take you as being sincere with your feelings, he will feel you only changed your opinions just because of him, which he likes the fact that your mind is in tune and being aware , but he will not want to hear it from his point of view, he will want you to have your own, which can be very hard. i have found it sooooo hard to NOT admire my Capricorn male that i get swept up into his personality and traits. I feel as though he does play mind games, perhaps not intentionally but he does test you and tries to regret thinking and you cannot fall into his traps for he will want your full on sincerity as a individuality or he will not trust you for he doesn’t trust people in the first place non-less females. This is part one i have a few more topics and instances I want to go over, I have learned so much from my Capricorn , he has inspired me alot, through my own creativeness and styles through experiences but at the same time, i do feel though as he degrades me in ways, in ways he may not actually be aware but you cant sit there and discuss with him that those are not important to take each thought ( even criticism_)into consideration , do not act just think on the, judge him by actions and not words fore he can be cold and ruthless ,(you cannot change this),
    he wants (and needs) a female who is as strong as he is, but in a different sense and terms (feminine) but you always have to let him “rule” or it wont work. I too , do feel as though that I do test him in different ways of my own, I actually didn’t realize the actuality of it , until he confined in me , that he does in fact test me. I think the issue for myself is that, I do get jealous, not that he has female friends I could care less, its that he has female friends which I think and see him being more happy with, and that is a real problem with me and him, the relationship and sex is super extraordinary , than I can put in words (duh im not a communicative sign, so hush loluh). But he tells me and confines in me about things I am certain he could never share with most people, (non less women) I feel like we have a strong connection, but there are aspects I feel like I need to work on, if I really want it to work, and I know ive mentioned alot of what I feel like Im doing wrong or that I can do better on, but in all actuality, they are the best thing a Taurus women can ask for, she may question the relationship and its ensurer(ity >) once in a while, but as long as you’re up for the challenge that he has, then he is along for the relationship

  62. Cap October 12th, 2011

    I will step up as a Capricorn that I am and say this much, all caps are not the same, I can only speak for myself when I say this. I have had a few serious relationships that have ended partially because of the lack of emotion and such. But now that I am 33 going on 34 all I can say is that I have learned from my flaws and corrected them accordingly. Which leads me to my next point, I recently met a Taurus female that we had so much in common and our past (which we didn’t know until we started talking) connected us as far back to maybe 8 years and there on going thru similar stages in our lives pretty much simultaneously. Where everything I think whent wrong (and it’s a shame) it when I became vocal and honest of my intentions and wants.
    I was looking for a stable relationship with someone that I could connect (which I thought we did do to our similarities). I wanted a woman that would back me up thru life and be a faithful companion while I took charge and protected whats mine (so Capricorn like of me) and as I showed dedication and improved showing of affection of my part. All she wanted was to experiment with me (something that I could not do, it’s not in my nature, and feel that intimacy is special and belongs in a serious relationship). Needless to say, I had to walk away, cut my loses because if I stood there any longer and kept on talking and got intimate I would end up hurt because I know me, I would’ve fallen in-love with her (do to the connection I felt), and she was also seen someone that supposedly the relationship was fizzing out but she was not ready to let go (at least for me she was either in love with him, felt something strong for him and was waiting for a turnaround on his part). So in conclusion, as much as I thought this was finally it for me after a few failed relationships, connection, me being me, true and honest, it didn’t mean much to her. I believed that there was such thing as a soulmate but I no longer feel that way. It’s time to be alone for a long time.

  63. monagirl562 September 29th, 2011

    Wow do I have alot to say.. Ok so im 20 and I was with a sagg for 6 yrs.. Veryyyy disrespectful asshole. Then I met the cap.. Omg I felt a very strong connection but he started acting very weird like he cnt express his feelings or hes hiding sumthn.. Well he finally askd me to be his and I said yes but once again hes starting to be very to himself and im that kind of girl who needs attention.. So idk cap guys are very confusingg. .. But im willing to stick around cuz now ive fallen head over heals ovr him. And now im scared imma get my heart broken 🙁 any advice?

  64. ForeverKimi August 21st, 2011

    Aw, I completely understand and feel like I’m going through the same thing with my boyfriend. Being with a Capricorn is really the biggest emotional coaster ride! With him I’ve felt all the feelings in the book of feelings. And I’ve felt so much happiness but I’ve also cried and felt the deepest of sorrows. He will do something without really thinking how it would affect us and then when he realized that something went terribly wrong it’s hard for him to fix it. In a relationship with a Capricorn, it’s hard to “talk it out & fix things”. There were many times I felt I had to take the initiative. Although no matter what happens, I always wanted to push everything aside and tell him the three words. I know as long as he understands that I love him, it makes him easier to express himself. 🙂

  65. bubblegirl August 20th, 2011

    I was married to a sag for 18 yrs, boring and sparkless (something I now crave from time to time)and one night met a capricorn man, the sparks were there from the very first look and though I tried to avoid him and remain married he was relentless in his chase. I ended my marriage and gave in to my capricorn man and I have reached the highs of the heavens with his love, a capricorn man loves a taurus woman like no other. But I have also been pulled down to some very deep lows. It seems that just when things are running smoothly the capricorn man will do something thoughtless to cause a reaction. And a reaction is exactly what he will always get from a taurus woman, we’re not firey by nature, but treat us with less than the respect we deserve and it is like waving a red flag at a bull.I’m in it, I’m committed, but I’m also under no illusion that this relationship will run smoothly, it will always be a rollercoaster ride with this man.

  66. bubblegirl August 20th, 2011

    Everything you say rings true, they do love like no other, but with much passion comes equal amounts of drama. The heights they take you in love are equalled in the depths they take you in sorrow. When they show their love for you it makes you feel like you could fly but it is not something they show without a gentle nudge.Be prepared to ride an emotional rollercoaster.

  67. 0838843087 August 16th, 2011

    my aries boyfrnd lives in namaqaland and we lve each ather dearly and i live in cape town is it wort it

  68. 0838843087 August 16th, 2011

    im also inlove with an aries and iam a virgo will he be my solmate HELP!

  69. ForeverKimi August 15th, 2011

    @Cap guy Very true. 🙂 Best wishes to you with your relationships.

  70. ForeverKimi August 15th, 2011

    Very accurate description! I enjoyed reading it. I am Taurus women and I have dated my Capricorn boyfriend for over a year. Capricorn guys are truly what everyone says they are – quiet and reserved at first, but once they commit, they really commit. We always had a love that was almost fantasy like, sweet and pure. “As they look in their special one’s eyes and hold hands, they feel secure and loved like never before. The blossoms are fairer, the rainbows are more colorful and the stars are brighter for them. Their romance is one of a kind with the stability of earth and softness of soil.” I can truly testify to that.

    Yes we had lots of frustrations and complications, there were many tears shed. But being with a Capricorn I find that every time I’m with him, even if we were unhappy, I felt like myself. I truly felt secured and happy. If you are a Taurus, I assure you whenever you stop being stubborn and become patient and understanding instead, it can always work out. Capricorn boyfriends can hide so much inside that on the outside they seem cold, selfish and blunt, but in actuality, they love you like no one would. All they want is to be loved. They are fiercely loyal and only see you in their eyes. They can be just as emotionally sensitive as a girl, but protective over his women in every way. AND IF it never worked out, he will remain one of the bestest friends you will ever have. Capricorns are lovers that will forever change the way you love others. Sex is wonderful and full of love.

    Being in a relationship with a Capricorn is seriously like a love movie. He does look better and become more romantic with age. He needs someone patient and loving at all times. But he is indeed more than rewarding.

  71. Rayne May 5th, 2011

    After being in a exhausting,unfulfilling relationship with a Sag,I decided to give relationships,love,etc a break.Then 1 day out the blue I met A Cap guy.He approached me,gave me his number,and asked me to call.I didnt.Then a few months later,at a completly different location,I ran into him again,he approachjed again,asked why I didnt call,then asked for my number instead.So I gave it to him,he called,we talked all that night as if we have known each other all our lives.We devoloped a friendship,officially started dating a year later,then he proposed.Of course I accepted,and its 9 yrs later,and I’m so happy he came into my life.We are soul mates,and I loooveeeeeee my Cappie to death,and I know he feel the same for me.Oh,and im a Taurus,lol.

  72. taurus girl April 3rd, 2011

    @cap guy.
    no no no no no!!
    no matter what you do you can not make your taurus jelouse. That’s like the one and only rule to dating a taurus, that and making lot’s of time for cuddling!!
    srsly, you flirting with other girls is really going to weaken her feelings for you, maybe even scare her off completely, and hurt her beyond belief!

    can you guess why me and my ex aren’t together anymore? yup you got it!!

  73. Vale March 31st, 2011

    I am 22 yrs old taurus woman dating a 39 yrs old capricorn. We been together for 6 months and everything is working out great. However, i hate the fact that he is a flirt , loves to look and admire other woman. Omg when he does that i feel like im ready to explode of jelousy. But other than that the relationship is awesome. I love it that he is very calm, romantic,spoils me, and protects me. But i again i get very confused about our relationship because i get so jelous at time. I really hope everything works out.

  74. craven March 21st, 2011

    I am dating a cancer guy that is abit cold sometimes with his emotions as i never know wat he geniunely feels for me n on the other hand I have a capricon guy that fones me takes me but the only problem is like 4 years younger than me which 1 is better for me being a taurus lady

  75. Cap guy March 19th, 2011

    TO taurs girl,
    I’ve fallin for taurus gals, lots of them. thing i like bout is they’re sweet, caring, funny, cute, and their smiles. cap guys may seems to be flirtatious, but fact is we’re loyal. we’re shy towards taurus gal because IDK hard to explain… instead we give attention to other flirtatious gal, cos they made thing not so hard for us… understand us, as guys yes we’re wrong but 1 thing we need from taurus gals. DO BE OPTIMISTIC AND HOLD ON TIGHT, WE NEED TIME AND YOUR LOYALTY AND PATIENCE ON US, AND IN TIME WE’LL THEN OPEN UP.

  76. Lolly March 13th, 2011

    I’m a 26 yr old tauras female. I had a 3 yr relationship wit a cap (older) male. He only cared about 1 thng – his damn self – he was greedy and money driven. He needed a mother not a wife. His biggest downfall was other women!!! He was a DOG! Everytime I caught him he begged and begged forgiveness, said he’d change etc. I was under some kind of capricorn spell or something. I forgave him time and time again. Ended up with no confidence at all and totally depressed. Even when we split up I still cooked for him, helped him out with money etc. Then I finally came to my senses, kicked his old, cheating ass to the curb!! The only thing I miss is the amazing sex. But the greed, lies, other women and bullshit is right where it belongs, IN MY PAST!! I would definately thnk twice before hooking up with a new capricorn man!!! Sorry to dissapoint! 🙁

  77. songbird March 9th, 2011

    Move on honey. Don’t wait for him. Let the man wait for you. Don’t wait for any man around. Have a man treat you like a lady and pursue you. Dating websites, questionable. You can’t really tell about who you meet. It’s better if you meet a man by chance in a grocery store or a market or somewhere. An event you don’t expect. That is how beautiful romance usually begins. A meeting by accident. Enjoy life. Don’t wait around.

  78. songbird March 9th, 2011

    I’ve been seeing a 48 cap male for nearly a year now. He comes to visit my home, but he never takes me out on a date. He seems to have lots of baggage, his life full of soap opera drama with his family and his baby mama who’s supposedly close to his Mom. He could definitely win an Emmy with his baggage of a soap opera. He has expressed to me that he’s in love with me. I care about him but I’m not one to wait around for a man to his act together. He’s definitely a married in my final opinion. But he tells me he’s not. So he must a top rate garbage then. I made a decision tonight to leave him behind. I’m sure I will find another cap. He’s not the cap for me. He needs his own reality show based on his life soap opera. No thank you. I don’t care how many horns he has as a goat. He’s not the goat for me. In another pasture is a goat reserved for me since eternity. This taurus female will not be waiting. I gotta have fun with my ram. Much better than a cheap goat.

  79. michelle February 7th, 2011

    im a 37year old taurus women i recently met a 42 year old cap online through speed date. we started talkin and connected straight away .hes not long finished a relationship and just said he wanted some fun so thats what i became his bit of fun we talked on internet i became his naughty women on there .and now hes back down gone cold on him we both fancy each other and i know he likes me hes just gone cold on me so i asked if iv done something wrong he says no he just needs time to him self and whats to have some fun i think hes got scared .so iv given him space i dont txt or talk to him online .what should i do wait for him to contact me or move on

  80. mimi December 29th, 2010

    i am a taurusian,all these while, i thought i was alone, so astonished to realize that taurus women that shared their thoughts here are in the same boat with me.. It really strengthens me..I met a capricorn man for almost a year now, but never really gave him the chance to get so intimate with me… Beacause, i was in a relationship with another guy…as i like to be faitful to my partner, i only took him as a good friend. We are so fond of ourselves, infact he is the best company i ve ever had..i cant believe whenever my boyfriend gets me upset, when i think of making myself happy…i mean to laugh and have some smiles on my face at that moment…i will call him on phone, and he will do just that for me..sometimes, he runs errands for me..
    He really tolerated my impudence for some months…as i will be having lunch date with him, my boyfriend calls me up on phone…i will abandon him right there just to go and be with my boyfriend..maybe it broke his heart, but he never shown it so much..several times i did that to him…but he still didnt give up on me, neither did he make his intentions known to me
    However, few months back, i disengaged with my boyfriend, cos i caught him cheating. The only person on my mind to speak with was the capricorn that always makes me happy…and he came for me as usual.. Now i ve given him all my heart soul and body, because i feel so confortable and relaxed with him.. I noticed he doesnt womanise unlike other guys i ve met, he’s so reliable..and that makes me feel at home and at peace.. To me the worse thing a man can do to me is to cheat on me…and he told me that i should be happy i ve him because he is one man i can count on when it comes to FAITHFULNESS..and he is right..he’s been a man of his words… The problem is as he doesnt talk much or expresses his feelings towards me as much as i do, it still breaks my heart…i love to be pampered…sometimes i ll clean up his house and do laundry n cook for him…even try to look after him while he was sick but he seem not to be appreciating it..maybe he does, but doesnt show it.. For two weeks now, he travelled on a business trip and to be with his family, blc he wasnt feeling well also… i make sure i call him twice a day, and send txt mesgs to him..to ensure him i am here for him… Just yesterday, i called him on phone, asking him why he hasnt called or cared to know how am doing..he responded by saying that WHAT MATTERS TO HIM MOST IS HIMSELF NOT ME…THAT I DONT EXPECT HIM TO BE THINKING OF A WOMAN WHEN HE HAS THINGS TO TAKE CARE OF.. I cried over that till this morning…but couldnt tell anyone as i live alone in my house..He can be so cold to me on phone when he’s upset unnecessrily.. and i will begin to wonder if he is the same man that i call my soulmate that is putting up this act. Pls, i ve read all about him here, but pls, is there anything you think i need to be doing to avoid having a bone of contextion with him, and that will make our relationship more stronger…because i love him so much..i see him as my ideal mate, i dont depend on him financially as i strive to help myself on that respect.But i still believe in him,cos he makes me feel so comfortable and have a calm mind..Do u think we can marry with the way things are going? i so do want to have a baby with him as much as he would love to..But he is not always available for me..cos of work…pls i need your help.

  81. bob December 23rd, 2010

    i am a capricorn guy and just realized majority of women only post their queries here about their astrological compatibility 😛

  82. :( December 1st, 2010

    i’m a 20 year old taurus, he’s a 21 yr old cap man.
    i’ve been ‘seeing’ him for a little less than a year now.
    by seeing i mean talking out and having the time of my life.
    we get along so well, talk about anything and everything, for a while i was in heaven!
    not too long ago i pick up on the fact that he has a lot of women.
    i’ve been randomly bumping into him lately while he’s flirting with a different woman/women. they’re laughing and touching and this and that, all the things we do.
    i cry non stop now, put on a brave face when with him, smile, and savour our company.
    don’t worry i’m not stupid. i know what i am , i know what he is . and i know what our relationship is. i know i know i know. i also know that i should stick up for my self and not let him get away with making a fool out of me. do i want to. Of course. but i just can”t. i’ve grown ridicously attached to him. he gives me so much strength and i’ve been oozing self content ever since i started talking to him. how do you let go of that. he’s everything i ever wanted.
    don’t bother giving advice i know our past, present, future. it’s just unbelievably hard to accept.
    god i feel like crying now, even though he doesn’t deserve my tears.
    i’ve never hurt this bad, or felt this low.
    why can’t he just understand that we’d make an fearsome couple.
    ps. he’s even flirted with girls in front of me. gave them the whole googly eye,smile thing, and totaly ignored me lol i hope i don’t give taurus girls a bad name. ahaha

  83. OverCanyons November 28th, 2010

    I am 48 and met a capricorn who is 65. I fell in love, well, his children moved and demanded he go to. so they moved him away. I am sick over it..Do you think he was too old for me.

  84. anonymous November 22nd, 2010

    i have yet to date one, but i have the best conversations with capricorn men AND women. i don’t tend to talk a lot or ever, but with them i can go on for hours, they know how to bring me out of my shell. i feel i can just be myself when i’m with them. With other signs, i feel like they don’t register what i’m saying, capricorns get it though; things seem to just click. The connection always feels a bit spiritual or destined or something, i don’t know how to explain it, i just know they’re the best..and we’re a close sec ahah jk 😛
    take care everyone :))

  85. samantha November 16th, 2010

    i had a chance to end up with an AMAZING CAP MAN. i messed up though. i had no idea you had to wait a long time. i wished i knew about astrology back then. i would have done things differently. i’m pretty sure he liked me, just needed to do things on his own time. god i feel so stupid. i don’t know if i’ll ever get another chance to meet someone like that again. I just found out he’s marrying a LEO. I’m certain he’ll cheat on her though. If he ended up with me he would have cheated. if he ended up with angelina jolie, he would have cheated. still. god i miss him. why did i have to be so forward and aggressive, it’s just that i wanted him so fucking bad! we use to have the best time together.
    Are there any caps here that had a taurus come on too strong? what was going through your mind? how did it end up?

  86. katlyn November 15th, 2010

    wth! wats all this talk i hear about caps generally having mistresses?!?

  87. taurs girl November 7th, 2010

    honestly you guys have to open up more, show a bit more attraction towards us, give us something to work with.
    we’ll give everything we have to make you feel happy, satisfied, proud, comfortable, safe, loved, ETC. I’d have no problem sacraficing everything i have to make you feel a little better, and i’m not asking for the same amount of effort from you, but there are some min. requirements or i’m walking (and i think most taurus feel the same way).
    i’ve had experience with 2 capricorn men (we almost started dating). Both were too scared/slow to open up and i had no choice but to walk (i do have a little diginity). One of them cried, but i refused to talk to him ever again (he was also flirting with other girls). In both situations everyone got hurt in the end. I would have liked to take them back, but once a taurus girl is done and made the decision to abandon the situation, it’s over, no matter how much it hurts; and btw even if you manage to convince her to come back to you, just know she won’t be ABLE to ever love, trust, or be truely open with you again-she’s probably preparing for the end as well.

    idk, I mean we’re WOMEN, not emotionless robots. We need sensuality, a bit of se*;, a bit of openness. we’re asking for so little; if you like us, SHOW IT; make a tiny bit of effort; give us SOME physical/emotional time/attention. That’s all we need to practicaly be your slaves. Really, i don’t think this is too much to ask for.

    i’d really like to end up with a capricorn man, it’s just my life is going to be very lonely, depressing if you can’t give me these little, but IMPORTANT things.

  88. Virginia October 15th, 2010

    Well I’m a 27yr old Taurus female and I have a 25yr old Capricorn male boyfriend, we have been together for a little over a year. At first he was stuck to me like glue. Wouldnt giv me space, but then I finally opened up to him. We moved in together, at first he would write me love notes, or do lots of sweet things for me, thats why he got my attention. Then after a while we both began to meet people that lived around us and they began to come over. He became very secretive, trying to cater to other females. We had a lot of problems during that time. Well I got pregnant, so we moved out. Now I’m 9months, and everything is going very good. At first he was the type of guy that would live off of working females, but now he is working and paying the rent. Doing things he never did. I really do love him so much, only downside is the physical attention.. Im not getting enough of. So I dont know if thats a phase he is going through, maybe its cause I look different now that I’m pregnant. I’m not sure, I try to give him all I can. Dont know if he is beginning to lose interest in me. Or maybe its just me and my pregnancy hormones..

  89. JoeSlick September 13th, 2010

    I’m a Capricorn Man. Many years ago, I fell in love with a Taurus Female. I loved the ground she walk upon, but she was not ready for the type relationship I needed. We broke up, I thought we would one day get back together one day. She later married another guy, had his child, and called me up. I zoom in on the opportunity, even while I was in a relationship. I felt it was wrong and stop seeing to her because she was married. I have been married for over 20 years, and I still love her.

  90. Nikita September 6th, 2010

    I’m a Taurus and I’m dating a guy for the past 7 months and he is a Capricorn. He is really the perfect guy but now I feel i cannot adjust. I deserve more love than he is giving me. I give him a lot more importance than he gives me in his life so I finally broke up with him yesterday. Its hurting me really badly and I regret it. I made him cry but now he is acting as if nothing really happened and he doesn’t care anymore about anything. A guy asked me out and he said why don’t you say YES.
    Should I get back?
    I really want too and I do love him a lot and I know he does too but doesn’t show it as much as I do. Even I have some expectations. What should I do?

  91. Tauro chica September 1st, 2010

    I agree with just about everyone. I’m a 24 yr old Taurus female who’s just recently split with my Capricorn male (26 yrs old). We’ve been on and off for 6 years. Our relationship has been complicated to say the least. In the begining it was like we had an instant connection everything was amazing. He was soo romantic, thoughtful, and sweet. Fast foward a year, once he knew he had me it all changed…He was still the same person but different. One problem was he had a lot of baggage (kids, plural I only knew about one, estranged wife, baby mama drama) that I wasn’t aware of until I was in love. He would always cover his tracks though and reassure me that everything was fine.One of my main issues was he was just way too secretive for me.The second problem was he grew cold on me, it was like I couldn’t reach him. The only time he shared his true feelings was when we were intimate (and boy were we intimate!lol fireworks!).It took me a loooooong time but eventually I cracked his shell and it was worth it…we had been great the past year.But s**t hit the fan and circumstances beyond our control forced us to seperate. But I have never felt so secure (emotionally and physically), loved, and special as I did with him. I will always love that man.

  92. La Le August 15th, 2010

    I am a 41 yr old Taurus female that has been head over heels in love with a capricorn guy that is also 10yrs younger than me for 8 yrs. This relationship has changed me more than any relationship. Ive learned so much from him he is passionate thoughful and so kind, i feel so safe with him and even after so many yrs my heart pounds out of my chest when I see him the only problem here is that he doesnt see himself the way i see in him. He doesnt see just how amazing he is to me. He has a “this is too good to be true” mentality which causes doubt and uncertainty in my mind also where there would never be any doubt normally. No matter how wonderful the relationship can be this will always cause problems.

  93. u already know July 25th, 2010

    I am a taurus woman (24) and my son’s father is a capricorn (26). When we met, it felt like it was meant to be, he makes me laugh and i’ve never felt this way with any guy this fast. But… I have the same issues as the ones already mentioned. He hardly ever expresses his emotions, yet he gets frustrated if i don’t express mine. When we do “get physical” its AMAZING!!! But i feel like its not enough. He’s definately goal-oriented, but i need a little more time. If anyone has advice, get @ me.

  94. Lola February 16th, 2010

    capricorn men are kind of annoying… I’m 22 and was seeing a 25 capricorn,he got a lil too romantic and slow. He asked me if he could kiss me, wtf? dont remember that question from anyone! Good chemestry but doesn’t fufill me enough to date him

  95. Schatzie February 3rd, 2010

    I am 42 and with a capricorn man who is 42 as well. He is very passionate fulfills all my desires, very kind and attentive. He took a while to really open up to me but since he’s been open it’s wonderful. Capricorn men need to have a sincere circle of friends. He may not be Mr. Popularity and he is ok with that. A few close true friends make him happy and me as well. He is devoted to his children which I adore and at the same time devoted to me. Could not ask for a better mate.

  96. me December 22nd, 2009

    I’m a 41 yr old woman dating a 35 yr old cap guy. We have been together for a 1 and month. It’ okay, he is a nice guy but he lacks much. I am very passionate woman and he lacks that. Maybe because he is currently unemployeed, as that’s his excuse, but trust me it don’t help matter in my mind. I am trying my best to be honest with him. I’ve tried many, many time to end the relationship, but he tells things that makes me stay. He is a great man, but i NEED more physical attention and emotional. He is like a robot when i speak to him on the phone, and complains so much about his personal problems. It’s quiet a turn off really. I am not sure how this relationship will end up. Cap guys are to much to be honest, they complain to much, very critical about everything. I have enough of my own issues that I have to deal with non-sense. But he is sweet.

  97. Naomi November 4th, 2009

    Hey im a Taurus Girl and at the moment i’m Dating an amazing capricorn guy, He is 15 and i’m 14, We are amazing together always strong and always loyel about eachother, the only thing im botherd about is that, He has a Step father and Mother who are sick twisted, he has a terrible Depresion deseece and his “family” are just putting him in his room doing F**k All, I want to help him to understand that i’m here and so are my parents, but he keeps saynig he’ll be fine, is that a capricorn thing or is it just him???? His parents won’t even bother helping him it’s like they want to loose there only son and it really P***es me off.

    Is it a capricorn or just him???

  98. Your name October 4th, 2009

    I’m the Cap guy and I thought I was supposed to date a Taurus gal according to what I’ve heard… Well it worked out beautifully for a while now it’s over. Should I keep seeking them out? The only real crush I’ve had since I was a kid is over a Taurus girl.. WTF?

  99. kitteh September 13th, 2009

    I have two friends who fit under this category, and they’re quite the couple. 🙂

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