Gemini Woman and Virgo Man Love Compatibility

The earthy Virgo and airy Gemini make an extraordinary match for each other. Gemini wants to discover every possible thing while Virgo loves to be around the tested areas. Once they actually are involved in a romantic relationship, they have to face many differences but their love has strength to stand tall in all walks of life.

A Virgo man is a perfectionist. He tends to move away from any possible conflict and is always confident on his road to what he believes in. He is never the dominating type and is often thought of as cold and selfish due to his quite nature. His business-like arrangements are quite flawless as far as the little comforts are concerned and one can rest assured to be around such an honest man. In a relationship, a Virgo man makes a wonderful partner for any lady. He provides her with pure love and a life which is well organized and well managed with nothing to actually worry about.

A Gemini woman is not a typical woman; in fact she is a beautiful butterfly with many colors. She is incorrigible. She is irrepressible and this makes her quite irresistible for most men. She changes her moods faster than anyone can. She goes from miss happy go lucky to a total wreck and then turn around and engage in intellectual conversation. Gemini woman always showers her loved ones with little yet interesting things. In a romantic relationship, her sentimental gestures and charm keeps the relationship alive. Her display of affection keeps fire in the romance.

Gemini woman supplies to her Virgo man’s much needed zest for excitement and stimulation. This initially attracts these two, while an outside stimulus such as family or some other type of tie is usually responsible for keeping them together. She has the need to wander, to seek out the company of others but that mustn’t be construed as infidelity as she is truly a very devoted lover deep inside. He should never try to pin her down as this can make their lives dull. She is the type that needs to fly and she will, with or without her Virgo man. A Gemini woman can make anything happen. She does not believe in “I can’t”. She always charms her Virgo lover with her qualities but never feels dependent on him. She never bores her man rather she delights and amuses him most of the time, keeping spark and brightness in their relationship.

Virgo man provides his Gemini woman with the stability she needs, even if she feels she doesn’t need it. Although she loves to spread her social wings and fly, she always appreciates and respects the stable partner she gets in her Virgo man. With the right combination and love provided, if he lets her go, she’ll more than likely to come back to him. He is often punctual, organized, is up early with the crack of dawn and prefers to stick around home. He truly loves her and never bounds her to do the same; in fact by doing all this he induces some structure in her life too. But deep down there are hidden secrets that he does not divulge to her, nor does he wants to.

As the blazing fire of love and passion enters the lives of gleaming Gemini woman and self-controlled Virgo man, it makes them experience many new and beautiful things in life. Their love has a lot to discover and appreciate in each other and also give the other what is lacking. With every new sunrise they make some lovely plans and at every sunset they have a sense of gratitude to have those plans come out beautifully. With never fading light of affection, they walk miles teaching one another new lessons of life and love and getting themselves involved in each other so much that nothing else in this world matters to them anymore. The love of Virgo man and Gemini woman is so radiant and colorful that each day brings something extraordinary to their relationship which they cherish for the life time.

A Gemini woman and a Virgo man are sexually quite compatible. They make their love making a playfully passionate experience by blending their individual essences wonderfully. He is not dominating in his quest, nor is he too affectionate. But he has a strong and stable passion for love. Together with it, his ability to keep love making light causes him to succeed with Gemini woman. This is a good match for his Gemini woman, who loves to keep things ethereal, delicate and likes to play games. She makes some of the most interesting and imaginatively romantic moves in the love making, giving their sexual intimacy some freshness. However, things are sometimes so light on the part the Gemini woman that Virgo man sometimes fails to arouse his initial passions but it rarely happens. She feels comfortable and emotionally safe with him, while he feel refresh and revived with his Gemini woman and this sense of security and spark forms a solid base for a profound passion between them.

There will be a few arguments and differences of opinions in this relationship. When Gemini woman is ready to socialize out and about, Virgo man who is more home bound, verbally show his concern in letting her go, but more than likely, deep down, he sighs a little sigh of relief that he is able to spend some much needed time alone. Generally, he has too much to offer her and she does not have enough for him nor does she wants too much from him. He does not usually expect too much from her and with due course of time she also learns to adapt to his ways as much as she possibly can. But, her constant changing makes him crazy and this could pose a problem in their relationship. Although he is introverted and sometimes not the best company for her, she knows to spice things up with a bit of her enthusiasm and colorful nature.

  1. Mike June 13th, 2017

    I am a Virgo Man who is madly in love with a Gemini woman. I hear you and relate because while i never “left” we definitely strayed apart over the years. At the end after 15yrs i can say that we (virgo m) habe a tendency to lead others who love us on inadvertently all the while searching and verifying that we truly do want what we have. However once weve realized the answer we run full steam with no 2nd thoughts to making our partner happy forever. I would link up with him for a casual time (drinks, lunch, outdoor hike, walk) whatever it is you all enjoy together. Feel the energy emission you two have with each other. Then if you enjoyed your time do it again. You will see that if you 2 have what it takes to make it.

  2. Sandy June 12th, 2017


  3. @sxgem June 10th, 2017

    I think I am falling for a virgo guy.being a gemini,there is some kind of planned love life or just some sort of types for me.this guy was all about being confident in own self and also somewhat made me tell him a little over about everything happening in my life is not at the best of my days (teen problems haha and life).I want to be with him even though how much fickle I am and also over analyzing about taking cautions to not fall too deeply,I want to be with him.its crazy 😅

  4. RACHEL June 1st, 2017


  5. Jon May 12th, 2017

    I am curious because I am a virgo man, it is usually difficult to me approaching to someone, even if i am dying to say something simple as ”Hello” however, even after it took me a year to talk to her I think I am in love with a Gemini woman who showed me that not all the world is as bad as the responsibles for my behavior, but how can I start ?, I want her in my life but I am scared of her reaction if I confess I am actually more than just comfortable with her.

    • Audrey Weidemann May 14th, 2017

      I am a Gemini woman engaged to a Virgo man. We were friends for 5 years before I finally asked him to marry me. We weren’t even dating before that but we had talked lightly about it before. It’s the best decision I ever made. I say just tell her. Gemini are attracted to our men’s minds more than anything else. If you’re already intellectually connected, the rest will fall into place. Good luck! I hope it works out. I know my Virgo is the love of my life.

  6. NIque March 7th, 2017

    i have been with my baby for over 3 yrs now and we argue he hardly communicates but i like it that way…when we do it just burn out of us and we talk it out, i feel if you love them you will stay with them ….and i plan on keeping mine, hard to find a good man these days and i can truly say we been to hell and back and still say i love you to each other after each convo….take care and just flow with it

  7. Trust me February 21st, 2017

    Gemini women are nuts and is NO match for a Virgo.. Take my word for it, I just lived 4 years of hell with a Gemini.. Her multiple personally and consistent arguing was completely out of control. Virgo men stay clear of Gemini women.

    • Lady Gemini February 25th, 2017

      I am a Gemini woman. I am neither crazy nor do I have multiple personalities. I am calm, level headed, rational, logical, and analytical. I am also affectionate, caring, and selfless. I am also very straight forward, an open communicator, and I don’t play games. That was a very broad and general stereotype you put out there. Not all Gemini woman are the same, just as not all Virgo men are the same. Don’t be so quick to group us all together. Although I believe in a lot of this astrology, I do believe there are always exceptions and people should be judged individually, everyone is different. Get to know the woman for who she is as a person, not what her star sign means.

      • Josh March 12th, 2017

        That was beautifully said and true. (Virgo male)

      • Anon May 2nd, 2017

        Thats what you think, but what do your exes think. Gemini’s are kind, loving and fun to be around. But if plans are not going their way, the temper tantrums kick in and you can cut the atmos with a knife. 😁

    • April Milan April 23rd, 2017

      I’m a Gemini and we aren’t all that way because baby I hate hate hate arguing

    • Chris April 24th, 2017

      i have been with my Gemini girl for 5 years and pretty much caught her cheating a few times. money always going missing, leaving early from work, has a 2nd cell phone she fwds her calls to, i am a virgo man, i cannot stand Gemini women, the relationship is 100% a waist of my life money and time… don’t do it guys you will thank me later!! these type of women never change.

      • Sherry May 9th, 2017

        Sounds like your gemini woman isn’t content in you all’s relationship. That happens she’s merely still with you because she feels obligated to you in some way. Seems like she’s looking for a way out instead of her being honest about it she’s acting out and pushing you away… let her go. (Gemini woman married to a virgo man 10yrs) Good luck!

  8. Profile photo of cj0617
    cj0617 July 11th, 2016

    @Msiazz I’m trying to be straight forward with my Virgo but he isnt being as direct as I want and is causing me to be wishy washy. After 2 1/2 months of dating and really enjoying each other, I felt compelled to ask him what he felt about us and what he wanted. Also bringing up the fact that I was worried that he still had feelings for his ex.  He was uncomfortable with the conversation and mostly just said he liked where things are and wants to take things slowly and doesnt still have feelings for his ex.  I told him that I was willing to go at his pace because I didn’t want to scare him off.
    But after reflecting I decided to email him and let him know that how I really felt was that I wanted someone who wanted me as his girlfriend and that based on what he had stated that we wanted different things so I was moving on. He replied with “I think we are good together and I am happy when we are together and I am sorry if I have ever hurt you….. Take Care.”  
    I want to be patient and be with him if he truly wants to keep seeing me but now Im worried that this last week of DTR and wishy washy-ness has caused things to be too difficult (complicated). I wish he was more direct and would just say what he feels and I didnt have to ask so many questions. I wouldnt be wishy washy if he was more clear. 
    But truly I just wish I had not even gotten to that DTR yet and let him have more time. Now how to salvage and regroup after all that ?

  9. Profile photo of
    Msiazz April 27th, 2016

    To all you Gemini women unsure about your Virgo man’s feelings, confront him. We Virgo men are very straightforward don’t hint or play around with anything serious because we won’t take it seriously. If you like him and are unsure if he likes you too all you have to do is ask. We are never afraid of telling the truth but we tend to avoid wishy-washy behavior. You must communicate your exact intentions to truly capture our attention. Best of luck to all of you with your lives and relationships.

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  11. Profile photo of cathyducusin
    cathyducusin October 11th, 2015

    OMG! So perfectly true. Im a typcal Gemini with the perfect description above and my Virgo man as well! We started out as friends and eventually ended up spending times together a lot. I always think that he’s the most insensitive man ive ever met so i never really showed him that im deeply in love with him! There are times i dont even hear a word from him in a couple of days or even a month and when im finally over thinking about him, he suddenly shows up as if we were just together yesterday! I am totally confused and i dont know if i should even try to invest my feelings for this man but i know deep inside that i love him but i dont want to push him so hard that i might end up losing him forever! What shoul i do?

  12. Profile photo of Virgo1969
    Virgo1969 April 19th, 2015

    I will never date another Gemini woman. She was the most superficial, flaky and unbalanced woman I have ever met. I tried to get away from her and she tried to overdose on her nephew’s allergy medicine in an attempt to make me care for her. Complete mental case, which was too bad because I thought she had potential as she was going to school made national honor society and trying to better herself after a couple of failed marriages. 

  13. Profile photo of Godlynico
    Godlynico January 22nd, 2015

    These are very accurate in lots of ways. But as a Virgo we are also shy. Are we not called the Virgin? I know I can be quite shy. It takes us awhile to be like, “Hi, I’m Nico” and conversate. Walk up. Smile. Be happy. Instant win over. Confidence and fun are so attractive not only to you women, but us men too. As a Virgo man, we want to step out of our bubble. We do. We’re not afraid. We over analyze and throw red flags all over. Again. Look at us, smile, be happy. That’s the way to win a Virgo man any day. We want to be there for you, comfort you. You doing that is just assurance. When it comes down to over thinking, which we do a lot, especially in our relationships, we start taking bricks down off that wall. We practically will kill our relationship without anything even happening. All we need everyday is that assurance. Look at us, smile, be happy. You being happy is key to the Virgo mans heart.

  14. Profile photo of dcflo
    dcflo September 19th, 2014

    I was married to a Virgo male 14 yrs. And while there was tons of freedom, support from every side, and tons of passion, I always longed to see the real him. I wanted so much more of a deeper spiritual connection he just didn’t know how to give. Imma Gemini woman, I study constantly, I’m extremely spontaneous, and I just love life. He supported me, but never went off to do anything that truely interested him. It broke my heart. I wanted to support him, be his cheerleader. I needed that. I always felt that would take us to our next level, but it never came. 
    Him talking about his problems, or childhood issues so we could work through them. That way he could be the best possible version of himself, to truely free himself and love me wholely, nope, wouldn’t do it. It hurt knowing we spent yrs working together and healing my issues. I love him so much for that, but when I wanted to return the gift, I was turned away. Brings tears even now. I couldn’t get through his walls. So support,  yup, freedom for me, wonderful, but who was he? I’ll never know. 

  15. Profile photo of jmm0585
    jmm0585 April 21st, 2014

    @Debi_Rava I just started dating a Virgo man, and he is a partier and more outgoing than me.  His moon is in Libra, so that might be why.  We can talk forever.  So far, its going well.  I’m excited to see how far we go.

  16. Profile photo of Debi_Rava
    Debi_Rava July 5th, 2013

    I found most of the things quite true. But my man is not introvert at all, he is more out going than i am. Few of the things about the Love, Spark & Attraction mentioned here is very true. My Virgo Man is a perfectionist, He can give me all stability. And i am those typical Gemini gal mentioned here. I believe if yu find a right person, yu make it a great relation, Doesnt matter he/she are of which so ever sign.

  17. Profile photo of Mishiss
    Mishiss June 16th, 2013

    am I the only one who found @inamo11‘s comments completely cringeworthy? I mean his ‘the Gem girl had better be good looking’ part??!! I detect bitterness which would be best replaced with a relationship lesson. Such as, having “great” things to talk about is never ever a bad thing for a relationship to revolve around, even if you air quote ‘great’, nor is an attraction based on mental stimulation and exchanging of ideas. Another lesson could be learning that all relationships will reach a stalemate of sorts at some point and will take “drastic measures” (ie. effort) to make it work. I do agree with the sentiment that this little write up seems a bit too optimistic considering the two signs involved. I think the more the Virgo has the personality you can detect from @inamo11‘s post, the less likely a healthy relationship with a Gem would occur, including a friendship. WTH is a platonic relationship with sexual undertones?! lmao! Ah, if “Tyrone” isn’t a Virgo, he sure plays a good one on tv, lol. 

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  19. Profile photo of inamo11
    inamo11 September 11th, 2012

    Any initial attraction between Gemini girls and Virgo guys pretty much revolves around their mutual mercurial quick-thinking tendencies. But as soon as they run out of ‘great’ things to talk about, the relationship tends to hit a stalemate unless drastic measures are taken. This relationship usually starts out with high optimism due to the realization that both parties share some fantastic ‘ideas’ and this may be enough to sustain the relationship for a while. I just don’t think Virgo guys are programmed in such a way to fully trust the typical Gemini girl. However this can be a great platonic relationship with some sexual undertones. But frankly, to think a typical Virgo guy would put up with any woman’s constant need to ‘look outside the box’?  You may have grossly under-estimated the Virgo ego and misread his personality. Virgo guys know exactly what they bring to any relationship. Furthermore the Gemini girl had better be above-average looking too!! I’ve found the most compatible relationships for Virgo guys are with Scorpios.

  20. Profile photo of
    ap08 August 19th, 2012

    Yes! I’m so excited to read this, because I’ve been hanging out with a Virgo since the middle of May, and I quickly realized that… Not only is he my best friend… I’m in love with him. I’m not the kind of person that gives my heart away easily, so when I realized after a month of hanging out with him non-stop that I actually had any form of feelings for him, I freaked myself out.
    He’s the kind of guy that is so set in his ways, that it makes you want to vomit. He has his routine. His routine cannot get interupted. He likes to stay at home, work around the house, and hang out with close friends. He has to have things done his way; If you try to do it your way, he’ll redo it, I swear. Haha. He’s absolutely comical, and severely attractive. He isn’t clingy, needy, or too affectionate. He likes his space.
    I’m SUPER sociable. I like going out and having a good  time, but I also like to stay home and do work around the house, or help him with anything I possibly can. I’m eager to please him. We’re not completely on the same page intellectually (I don’t get some of his jokes, he doesn’t get some of mine. he has a DRY sense of humor, I have more of an all around sense of humor.) I’m always willing to drop what I’m doing for him. I’d have to say, I may be more out going, but I’m definitely the affectionate/lovey one… that’s slightly contradicting.
    ANYWAY. We recently ended up together. After we made the decision, a lot changed. Before we were together, he was self loathing, distant, and not into talking about his feelings, where I was pushing him to do it. Once I stopped pushing him, he ended up wanting to be with me. Once he made the statement “You’re with me” He decided I needed a towel for the bathroom, I needed to bring my make up over, I needed to get shower supplies, and I needed to help him finish decorating his house. I can’t help but to laugh, because NOW he’s everything a virgo is, but I’m 100 percent in love with him, and tend to devote every waking moment I can to him. I think we’re gonna make it for the long haul.
    THANKS! haha.

  21. Profile photo of
    GeminiLady July 20th, 2012

    Im a gemini woman married to a Virgo man, this all seemed true and we are actually getting a divorce because of the inability to give him the time needed/wants. Although…I gave him lots. 

  22. Profile photo of Tbabyjane
    Tbabyjane June 10th, 2012

    I am a Gemini woman whom dated a virgo man(38) ended Jan and have an attraction to another virgo man(27) for last 18mths! Both men very similar in ways; cleaning, presentation etc. 38 was into drugs hence end of relationship, but also found i couldnt help within his home nor have opinion on anything or i was shown the door? Very aggressive then! 27 I could almost say ive fallen in love with… He is amazing yet anoying? I cannot read him! He always makes effort to flirt and chat when im around, yet he knows i like him and he gives nothing away? No reactions what so ever? Guessing he’s not really interested? Built up courage (making myself sick in process) to give him my no over yr ago, nothing has been said since! Then found out week ago he has GF! Surely he should have said something when i gave my no? Why keep that hush? Yet Gemini’s are slated for being flighty? At least we are honest- whether truth hurts or not? Now i feel a fool for even attempting to let my feelings known!! I dont understand why people hide the fact they are in relationships? Yes im flighty, always craving new attention but not in a sexual way… I love mixing with people! Good job really since ive always been unlucky in love! I have recently believed you can love more than 1 person at a time but if i am with someone they have my heart completely until relationship fully ended!! Why does matters of the heart have to be sooo hard??

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  24. Profile photo of
    breya4 April 22nd, 2012

    See this does not help me one bit. “Once they actually are involved in a romantic relationship” I need help getting through the battle and then focus on the war. I’m a gemini woman and I am seriously head over heels for a virgo male. Long story short I was being typical gemini while he was being the virgos we all know and love. If not careful, a virgo and gemini can do some serious damange towards each other. Is there anyway to fix it?

  25. Profile photo of
    MissHeff November 30th, 2011

    I am a young Gemini woman extreamly keen on a virgo man, I want to know if I have to do all the work, initiate everything? How do I know if a virgo guy even likes me? Because I have been to only one really trying, but as soon as I kind of gave up he askes If he has done something wrong for me to stop talking to him, and yes, he hasnt told me how he feels what so ever.

  26. Profile photo of
    VirgoLogic October 7th, 2011

    Well there isn’t just one sign to every person, for this is a discription of a full Virgo man and a full Gemini woman. I’m a Virgo with a Leo moon and there are somethings here that I disagree on comparing them with me. But a Gemini woman sounds like a lot of fun.

  27. randy March 13th, 2011

    I’m now dating a virgin man, and basically80% of the information about the Virgo men are so on point. I couldn’t believe the information I retain. It now help me understand mg boyfriend ways in a different way, I thought he was just selfish and narrow minded.

  28. mothernaturetucotta March 4th, 2011

    any sign is compatible, depends on the couples compatible heart & beliefs and sacrifices bring best rewards through it all to remain strong.

  29. Gemini woman February 3rd, 2011

    I’m a woman Gemini who has found her soulmate to be a Virgo male. Not everything is spot on relationship wise, but 60% is mostly accurate for my Virgo. As for me…I only want one lover for the rest of my life…I’ve lived by that my whole life…Being witty lol… I wasn’t witty until I met my Virgo! I admit when I wrong as well.. That’s hard to find in a Gemini, let alone WOMEN as well! All in all… it depends on the person, how they grew up, wher ethey grew up, family style, school surroundings, and total outlook on life. If 2 people want to be together knowing they’re opposites… they’ll make it work somehow, regardless of Zodic.

  30. anonymous virgo January 8th, 2011

    Unfortunately for the virgo males out there who have found themselves seduced by the gemini woman there is little hope of you ever feeling trully loved by your gemini partner. There is always just enough gemini attraction to keep you hanging on for a hint of sincerity from her only to find her longing for something else. this will be very hard for you to understand as I have found. it seems more like a make or break scenerio in fact where as you the virgo who is constantly aware of the inter connections of all things will get to caught up in it all and finally break. after which time when you don,t care about trying to “control her desire to be with you”. will she be attracted to you again.
    My advise to you will be to avoid trying to over complicate things this way. Let her come to you rather than you trying to Make her do it.
    You can control all things physical in this world and many of you know what I mean when I say tuning a instrument is to the likeness of a perfect mathematical equation. A gemini is not logical in this sense and although you can accurately predict her moods you will never predict her thoughts.
    When you focus on her you loose you,re allure.
    I don,t have the answer to whether or not you should engage with a gemini but it is amazing and painfull both at the same time, never boring or predictable.

    • Profile photo of tinasavalon
      tinasavalon April 4th, 2017

      I’m sorry your relationship with Gemini wasn’t all you hoped it would be. I always read to stay away from Virgo because astrology said in most cases that we are not compatible.

      The traits you describe certainly are Gemini…but until the Gemini matures or feels like she is truly in love, it may not be a perfect match. It could just be a case of bad timing. Not all Gemini are the same of course!

      I met an amazing Virgo man quite by accident. I was not looking for anyone and he is everything I have been searching for my whole life!! A dream come true. He has my heart, mind and soul for as long as I shall live and if God allows….forever. I will find creative ways and do anything to make him happy. I never knew what it was like to fall in love until I met him.

  31. Gemini November 7th, 2010

    BANG ON! I have been in a relationship with a Virgo man for 18 years and I must say This article pretty Accurate!!

  32. Hey Mami January 31st, 2010

    read this..

  33. ritz December 3rd, 2009

    I think whatever written here is very much true. I also think, if being too much social or the term used here “Social wings & fly” doesn’t make the Gemini woman disloyal to her Virgo man, then its pretty much OK for the Virgo man.

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