Taurus Woman and Libra Man Love Compatibility

As the Air of Libra and Earth of Taurus engage for a love association, it is a reliable relationship in most of the ways. With a natural inclination towards each other and a few adjustments, both are willing to compromise but at times Libra can find Taurus to be a bit more stubborn.

A Libra man is a person with strong intellect and perfect solution to most of the problems around. With a winning smile and a keen sense of style, he never has a shortage of admirers, especially women who are interested in him. He enjoys calm, peaceful surroundings and all the comforts that the world can provide him with. He is the true portrait of a gentleman, who is understanding, gentle, and puts his lover before himself. He feels most happy while in a relationship, though this still does not make him the most committed lover in the world.

The Taurus woman is warmhearted woman with gentle nature, who can display an impressive level of self-control and patience. She has noticeable sensuality and grace which makes her a deity of womanhood. While she almost always appears to be even-keeled and calm, she can explode into a state of fury when she is absolutely pushed beyond her limits. She enjoys a neat tidy environment which she will often decorate with exquisite artistic tastes. Her loyalty in a relationship is truly impressive, and is often unmatched by her lover topped with great care and lovable response.

The Taurus woman usually takes a long time to make up her mind about a lover, but in case of Libra man, she is quickly smitten by Libra’s charming ways. These two are quite compatible when it comes to their taste in aesthetics. The home of a Taurus female is always decorated with lush fabrics and soft colors and tasteful styles which are highly appreciated by her Libra male. She always provides him with a great companion and good adviser and he always adores her for that. The one thing that she has to keep in his mind while dealing with his Taurus damsel is that she is stubborn to very strong point and her anger is rough to deal with, once she is in a real bad mood. But with his charming smile and velvety voice he can always make the atmosphere pleasant and argument cease.

The charismatic Libra man is a great combination for an elegant Taurus woman who loves to appreciate his woman’s grace and softness. He treats her with all the respect and admiration that a lady deserves, and spoils her with flowers and gourmet dinners. He gives the utmost importance to his lady love and does not usually have any ego problems while dealing with any argument. She usually is made uncomfortable by blatant displays of outward affection, which he instantly pick up on, choosing to express him with romantic actions instead of flowery words. But generally he gradually starts liking his way of expression. The only setback is that he tends to be a bit too lazy to clean up after himself, so this responsibility is likely fall to his Taurus woman. If she truly cares for him, it is unlikely that she minds it.

As the Libra man brings out his most romantic feeling and Taurus woman gets sensually blended with his charm, their togetherness create a miracle of love and romance that is shared with such soothing passion that even angels envy. Within their home, their tastes match so perfectly that it appears they were always meant to be together. Patient Taurus woman is able to give with almost limitless bounds as long as her Libra lover shows his appreciation and respect. Libra man, who is gifted with an enormous amount of empathy, is well aware of this need and does everything in his power to demonstrate his gratitude for all that she does and loves and respects her with deep feelings. With the beautifully growing love, their issues fade away and their strengths enhance, making them an ideal match. They both love music and they both appreciate each others’ silky voice that is no less than a love melody for them.

As both the Taurus woman and Libra man are wild about physical expressions of love and are always ready to show each other how much they feel for the other, their physical intimacy is very strong. For both of them it can be a gentler time, an easier time. Libra man, who usually prefers to be shown as well as told, is empathetic enough to understand the way she expresses her love. He takes note of her gentle touch and caresses and is satisfied with that and she beautifully reciprocates to all his romantic gestures. While the Libra man, who prefers balance and equality, may not always be too eager to take the lead, which may sometimes frustrate the Taurus woman, who desires to take the more passive role. But these issues do not dissuade the two from enjoying the beautiful liaison they have found together. Their unison is quite satisfactory and their love making gives them immense pleasure that brings them even closer both emotionally and physically. While making love with him, her body is wracked by the waves of her climax coursing through her body.

Though the Libra man and Taurus woman makes a lovely match and they do fit to each others’ thoughts and needs but there are some unavoidable things that they have to get away with. She is neat and tidy to an obsessive degree, which conflicts with lazy Libra man’s hatred of cleaning. He simply does not believe that his place is in something as mundane as maintaining the space around him, yet still desire a well-kept home. Luckily, she loves him enough to provide this for him. In the career world, she is likely to be the breadwinner, and slaves away to save money for their future. Unfortunately, he likes to spend money a little more than she is comfortable with. This can always create issues between them and sometimes he has to the outrageous attitude of his lovely Taurus lady. She is always happy to take on responsibilities but deep down even she does enjoy being pampered and if he understands this soon, he is in a very lucky position.

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precious (@omemma) : June 7th, 2014
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I want to know if I can marry a Libra man is born 1979 October 13. 

Margarettmorgan64 (@Margarettmorgan64) : December 25th, 2015
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T want to know if a libra man is serious about marrying the Taurus woman

shivika@astro.in (@shivika@astro.in) : August 22nd, 2016
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im a mars in taurus woman and my crush has mars in libra

Sylvester (@SeptemberLibranm) : October 25th, 2016
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Looking at the marriages of notable people, this relationship is a bit of a downer
I have so far found 16 marraiges, 12 of which ended in divorce!
Some high profile Libra man Taurus woman divorces include Bruce Springsteen and his first wife, Buster Keaton and his first wife (he would later marry a Leo lady with whom he was with for 26 years, til his death), Bob Geldof and Paula Yates, Fourth wife of Timothy Leary, First wife od Richard Harris, and One of Ella Fitzgeralds ex husbands was a Libra.
The second wife of Aregntine President, Juan Peron, died, and the first wife of Composer, Verdi, died.
The other two happy marrieges involve people right on the cusp
Mario Puzo and Erika (cusp of Aries) and Tom C Clark (Born Sep 23) was married to Mary Ramsey for over 50 years.
It seems this relationship has very little chance of surviving in the long term. If you look at notable people, even a Capricorn or a Cancer woman has a much greater chance of a lasting marriage with a Libra man.

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