Scorpio Woman and Capricorn Man Love Compatibility

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Scorpio Woman and Capricorn Man Compatibility in 2020

You are both searching for a change of scenery. The Capricorn man may have the opportunity to explore a new professional venture in 2020. The Scorpio woman could offer needed support as this might require a major leap of faith. A short journey, maybe a romantic getaway that the Scorpio woman has been proposing for some time could be just the thing to reignite spark between you. You've been under a lot of stress, weighed down by carers of relatives in need, and the time reserved for intimacy may have slipped away. Make the time for it. Set some boundaries around your relationship and enforce them.

Scorpio Woman and Capricorn Man Relationship - Complete Guide

Scorpio and Capricorn easily mix with each other. Capricorn both fears and craves intimacy, and Scorpio is probably one of the few people to get close to them. Capricorn always finds Scorpio exciting and deeply intriguing, and Scorpio is sure to find Capricorn equally fascinating and even a challenge.

A Capricorn man is a very sovereign and committed person with inbuilt wisdom and persistence. Generally he leads an ambitious life and pursues all the ambitions fiercely. Capricorn man keeps himself pretty much buried within him. He doesn’t speak out much, but when he does one can see his wit and wisdom pour out with his words. He is also very close to his family and others that he adores. Though at times he appears to be cold and detached, but it’s just one of his characteristic, while deep inside he is a loyal lover.

A Scorpio woman is a woman who is very controlled in keeping her emotions to herself. She is a magnetic personality with a magical and attractive aura that stands out everywhere. She is quite the independent creature and has a thirst of success and prosperity. Scorpio woman feels she needs a man who is stronger than she is to make her happy. The lover she chooses should be prepared to deal with her intense gaze from beautiful eyes. It is known to cause a spiraling effect on just about any man and intensifies his confidence when realization hits that she is indeed interested.

Both Capricorn man and Scorpio woman understand each other more than they let the other one think they do. She possibly knows him better than he knows himself. He may seem cold and stubborn on the surface, but she knows that deep down there is an ache that hurts just as much as anyone else when he needs to be loved. Since he is stubborn, it should probably be Scorpio woman who steps forward and tries to help things along. Capricorn male becomes even more stubborn and draws back further within himself at first, but over a bit of time and some gentle persuasion by Scorpio woman, he starts to unclench his fists and ease himself out of the intensity he buries himself into. Her constant reassurance to him is the key to keep the harmony and smoothness in their relationship.

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Similarly, it is not easy to get into the heart of a Scorpio woman, but Capricorn man’s brilliant smile and sparkling eyes do it almost every time. When she is her normal and happy self again, a mere smile is all her Capricorn man needs to know that she is okay. His protection over her intensifies with time as is his heart. He likes his alone time and has to compromise on this aspect if he is indeed in love with his Scorpio woman who is suspicious and can’t stand avoidance. If Capricorn man is to exercise such freedoms he needs to show her that she is indeed the only one in his life. He also gives her the freedom she deserves but is particular about home and family. There can be a few clashes on their mutual stubbornness but altogether they need each other and understand the value of their relationship.

True love is the majestic path walking on which, the Scorpio woman and Capricorn man realize the miracles of love and magic of oneness! As the Earth of Capricorn man gives space to the Water of his Scorpio woman, they enjoy the never ending blossoms of faith and unity all the way through their lives. With each passing day, the sensitivity of Capricorn man is enhanced by the passion of the Scorpio woman, while the reliability and wisdom of Capricorn man makes her more stable and secure. They both help each other to brighten up their spirits and make life more charming with their different and sophisticated ways of concern. The proficiency they share in their togetherness is far more firm and realistic with all the emotional values then compared to any other zodiac sign couple.

The sexual bond of Scorpio woman and Capricorn man is beautiful with sensuality, passion and purity flowing through their love making. Her innate ability to love in the most emotional way in giving as well as receiving deepens his ability to love her back freely and fully. He actually feels the feelings he has only dreams of. The many aspects of his lovemaking are heightened and his overall aura is calmed and soothed which, in turn, comforts his Scorpio woman into a bond that is reassuring and cozy. They are both very good at hiding their true selves and with Capricorn man’s lack of expression through mere conversation or within their intimacy, it tends to cause her to crave more. His lack of imagination and expression hinders their lovemaking and at times he begins to think she expects so much more from him than he thinks he can give. Communication is the key here. It helps them open up to each other more and allow them to freely expose more of themselves also. Control is a good thing in life until it comes to strengthening a sexual bond between two lovers. But where deeper expressions and verbal romance is needed, it creates hindrance and cause problems.

Some problems always creep in their relationship due to either their differences or some odd similarities. They both have the similar trait of possessiveness in each other when it comes to love and this sometimes creates trouble by hindering other person’s freedom. Capricorn man needs to stay close to home and this drives his Scorpio woman a little crazy in that she is very much the independent person and needs to move out. He needs to give her some freedom and she has to constantly let him know that he is the only man in her life. Also, they both have to learn to communicate with each other, open up more toward each other and this increases their ability to love one another. When things tend to get too stale in their relationship, the best thing they can do is change something in their lives like going on a trip or changing interior of their home to keep the freshness in their love.

  1. scorpie girl March 23rd, 2018

    This relation can build only on trust and mutual admiration otherwise its going to be doomed.

    We both are so vindictive …everytime he does something I respond back with silence and when I do something wrong he responds with silent treatment …This game of love and hate is at initial stages but when we trust each other… we share even our underwears lol 🙂
    So it depends on situation I can’t see my guy been shared my so many girls plus I hate emotional infidelity … I must admit that I was unfaithful to him bcoz I was not getting enough from him but eventually I realized that this game can’t go forever and we have to move on ..
    as a scorpio women I don’t feel emotionally satisfied with any man who is talking to other girls … I feel envious and due to that I do things to hurt him which breaks our relation.. although I do miss him in my life … now he is not here but. I remember and never forget

  2. pisces gal March 13th, 2018

    sounds like a difficult pairing. Both are ambitious and work-driven.
    This might annoy the Capricorn man over time.

  3. Sherry February 23rd, 2018

    As a Capricorn physically this was the best relation I ever had she was a typical Scorpio extremely jealous and always accusing but once she feels that you are his men she will go an extra mile to prove her love …I caught her cheating twice but now after 1 year of break up she is still after me and sending me email to come back but as a Capricorn for me once trust is broken I cannot trust back no matter what bcoz I hv been very loyal to her and now time has gone and so as our relation … Scorpio will love you back several times but don’t trust them

  4. Jane Doe February 23rd, 2018

    I’m a Scorpio woman, I’m 20. I’ve dated a Capricorn man who’s just a year younger than me. At first, it was love in first sight. I was one of those girls who loves the feeling of love and just loves being in love. Like, being hopelessly in love, you know? So, I’ve dated him since March 8, 2012. I was like 14 at the time. I was just a young girl who fell in love with a Capricorn man because I felt safe and like I can express myself around him. I remember exactly for nearly an entire year of 2012 after we first started dating, we never got ourselves into fights, arguments, etc. When 2013 came, it was like the best year of my life because I started high school as a Freshman at the time, I made lots of news friend in High school and met lots of new people too. I had such a blast year during my Freshman year until June 24, 2013, me and my ex Capricorn boyfriend fought on that fateful day because I was very suspicious about him flirting and talking to some other girl. Back then, I didn’t know how to stand up for myself; I didn’t have any self-confidence. I was so mentally and emotionally weak that I was such a cry-baby. Until I made that one fateful choice: Approach to him about it and tell him about how I felt. I did that in the most kindest possible way ever but that made such a strain in our relationship. He got mad at me after I brought it up to him about it and then he didn’t want to speak to me again after that. The next day, he apologized to me afterwards and he won my heart back instantly. After that, I felt like I was never the same person after that fateful day. Several years ago, we’ve got here and there and that’s normal for every couple in the world. Though, what’s not normal is that one of them turns out to be a liar. My ex Capricorn boyfriend has lied to me numerous times and it has left a scar in my heart that can never fade away into nothingness. I’ve never told him any single lie but I kept that one secret from him. Around April or May of 2016, I told him that secret of mine that changed my relationship with him forever. Do I regret it? Nope because that secret was an everyday reminder to me that I couldn’t just bare so I had to just let it out to him. Plus, there’s no relationship if there’s no trusts, a lot of secrets, and such. After I told him that secret of mine, he ended up in a hospital from anxiety or heart attack. Or at least I thought he did (I told him this through text). I found out that was another lie just to scare me for scaring him about my secret until I told him that I wasn’t playing a prank on him; I was telling him the truth. All I’m gonna say about my secret to him is that I cannot get pregnant. The next thing that happened the minute after I told him my secret, he wants to break-up with me and I wasn’t about to let him go that easily. My mother raised me to be a smart independent woman. She took like 9 months to form my heart while she was conceiving me, I was not gonna let some guy not even him break it. As a Scorpio, we have poison in our tail we use to defend ourselves. That’s what I did to him. I stinged him with my poison by words and of course, he couldn’t take it. I didn’t realize what I was capable of until after that. He disappeared from my world after that, I guess he just couldn’t take anymore of my poison under his skin. His disappearance did hurt me though because I was so used to having him around in my everyday life even after we broke up but it was a new chapter of my life without him and of course, Scorpio women loves the mysteriousness in adventures.

    Overall, my relationship with that Capricorn man has certainly taught something. Do you know what it is? It’s nothing. My Capricorn ex boyfriend was just like the rest of the guys I’ve met throughout my life growing up. Immature, childish, irresponsible, and hideous. I mean not all Scorpio & Capricorn relationship are the same since we’re all different and we all have something about us that makes us so different and unique. A Scorpio & Capricorn relationship isn’t exactly the most perfect couple from my perspective as we’re all imperfect; we all have flaws. There are other Capricorn & Scorpio relationships out there in the world and even here that I see are both good and bad. I really wish my relationship with that Capricorn man could’ve turned out good but everyone’s stories are different and that’s totally fine! 🙂 Now, I already found a Taurus man and I feel so safe around him; he’s so much better than that Capricorn man because he’s honest and true to his words. Plus, he has a big dick ;p Right now, I’m separated from him because he’s away in the military contributing and sacrificing his time for creating the future for the U.S. He’s my hero and I’m very excited for him to return back to me, and carry me to the bedroom in his arms as we lustfully and lovingly strip off each other’s clothes.

  5. Tiziri January 17th, 2018

    I am a Scorpio woman and I met my lover, a Capricorn man, in August 2015, it was love at first sight from both sides. I did the first step and he followed. We have been 10000km apart from each other during more than two years but we have never cheated in the back of each other. My Capricorn man is however as described, I mean that he tends to be a little bit undemonstrative, secretive and aggressive when he feels that he loses control. He doesn’t say what he thinks nor how he feels, but I always see behind his erected walls and find out what he hides (what upsets him sometimes); I think that my understanding towards him is the reason why our love is lasting, I put all the efforts to reassure him and let him “command” since he is a tad authoritarian. It’s not always easy for me to accept his carelessness and passivity but he is sweet, gentle, hard working, loyal to me and is never away when I cry out for help. So, I think a relationship between a Scorpio woman and a Capricorn man can be really successful if both do their best to work things out because there’s no miracle in love that hands can’t draw. Thanks.

  6. Kitty September 1st, 2017

    I m Scorpio, and I m dating Capricorn man since 2015. I met him in house party and he seems very understanding and caring. We mutually started our relationships. It is long distance relationship but we plan and we meet within 2-6 month as we are comfortable because we are working in different states. In starting it was nice but from inside I didn’t fall in love but gradually time passed I started feeling little bit.
    We don’t have loyalty issue, we r having understanding issue.
    He doesn’t express love as generally what a girl wants.
    Like a boy he is always ask to have sexual activity. I do but every time on sex , I really get irritated. Some time I expressed my feeling but after some days he will repeat the same.
    I don’t know how to get resolve this problem. I wanted to be with him but how to make him understand my feelings.

  7. Kriti September 1st, 2017

    I m Scorpio, and I m dating Capricorn man since 2015. I met him in house party and he seems very understanding and caring. We mutually started our relationships. It is long distance relationship but we plan and we meet within 2-6 month as we are comfortable because we are working in different states. In starting it was nice but from inside I didn’t fall in love but gradually time passed I started feeling little bit.
    We don’t have loyalty issue, we r having understanding issue.
    He doesn’t express love as generally what a girl wants.
    Like a boy he is always ask to have sexual activity. I do but every time on sex , I really get irritated. Some time I expressed my feeling but after some days he will repeat the same.
    I don’t know how to get resolve this problem. I wanted to be with him but how to make him understand my feelings.

  8. lovebug August 22nd, 2017

    Iam a Scorpio Woman Dating a Capricorn Male and when I tell you it has been one hell of a ride we met Nov 2015 he was a complete gentleman but we both have trust issues and when I started to let my walls down he was treating me so nice but when things got deep at times he would act funny or say things to push me away. Now it is 8-22-2017 we are still at it and trying to figure out how to communicate better. I left him the last time because he treats me like he loves me and will get mad if I ask what are we doing? But when I tell you Ive never been In Love before But when he comes around I get shy my heart is beating I say stupid stuff lol but im scared to tell him how I feel I don’t want to run him away But I have a feeling in my Heart and it feels really funny we started off rocky but I Love this Man and everything about him I just cant see my self without him.

    • Scopriolady August 23rd, 2017

      Girl!!!!!! When I tell you, you are not alone… Believe me!! I’m a scorpio woman with a Capricorn man. We met in Dec 2016 and it’s been an emotional rollercoaster but I love it! You are right, they are very respectful and are gentlemen. They tend to be shy and steer away from showing us their true emotions. They like to be in control of their actions and be very sure when they get into a relationship;they want something that’s built to last. I’ve learned to be patient with him and let him open up on his own and let me in….Now that he sees that he can trust me, I’m here and that I care, he shares more with me(don’t get me wrong, sometimes it’s like pulling teeth to get him to talk bc he’s so quiet) our differences work for me and I appreciate that we are taking the time to get to know each other to build a strong foundation…I think he’s surely worth my time, energy and effort and I really care about him ( I even can see myself marrying and starting a family one day) I make sure that when we find it difficult to communicate that I explain to him how I really feel as they can come off cold but are really sweethearts who are cautious..I wish you good luck with your cappy love story! Hang in there, the good ones are harder to get close to but they are worth the wait 🙂

      • lovebug August 23rd, 2017

        It is truly like pulling teeth I’m just scared cause I don’t know how he feels and he wants to move slow I’m just scared I care about him so much but sometimes it seems like we battle over control

      • valeasha November 22nd, 2017

        How did you allow yourself to let him open up,

        Im a scorpio and i adore this capricorn man like nobodies business right from the first kiss, but im struggling a little

      • lovebug November 22nd, 2017

        We are over now I couldn’t take the pushing away the lack of time and lack of emotions …he broke my heart he was suppose to meet my kids and family on my birthday he never showed and he has become very mean when I try to bond with him I give him space he goes in and out of town without me if I ask about it he gets mad so I’m tired of the emotional abuse so I gave up

      • valeasha November 23rd, 2017

        Well that is sad, Damn….and i really like this guy

  9. Pedro August 8th, 2017

    Truthfully.. each Person has their own unique traits…

    I am a Capricorn Man, Married to a Scorpio Woman. and what i’ve learnt in my Married life.. is explained below.

    if you’re a Scorpio Woman:

    Give her your heart, and have Unconditionally Trust to your partner, if you didn’t love your partner before…as a couple.. and it was your families…(my case) Love will happen..eventually…the both of you Will not be able to break away from each other.

    A Capricorn Man are Slow at things.. give him time.. all the time he need to settle in with you..make small changes to his routines…..don’t push new Big things onto him..cause Life’s meaning is different for a Capricorn Man.. he don’t seek deliverance.. or the Ultimation of life.. he just seek a partner who is equal to him… in everyway… give him your Courage and support..the Capricorn Man will bind himself to you.

    If you’re a Capricorn Man:

    Be with her…stand next to her and ask for her advise in everymatter with her…Tell her, Everyday.. that you Love her.. make her feel Truly secure,.. make love to her… give her small presents.. daily…take her a date.. or for a long drive….. If you’re at a party.. find her through the crowd.. approch her and tell her.. You Miss her…and looking at her eases your heart…and make her feel happy…that she’s the light in your night. and she will be Yours forever cause she accepted you above everyone else.. Give her your hope n Kindness…and she will do the same…help her where she needs it.. but didn’t ask for it..

    Lastly..Always be grateful to her.. make her the Decision maker in your life…Never Argue with her.. or drive her mad..with your old habits… she knows you more than you know yourself..cause once she does..get mad at you.. it will be a long time before she forgives or forgets.

    • MiMi October 18th, 2018

      WOW! Thanks for sharing your insight from the male perspective! I’m dating a Capricorn man who is very successful in business, well respected, highly accomplished yet very aloof & standoffish in personal matters.

      As much as I would like to know everything in his heart and head, I am patiently waiting… he shares a little more every day. Small nuggets that let me see inside his world.

      I hope the reason he moves so slowly is that he knows he will love deeply and passionately, and does not want to be hurt or rejected. So his Capricorn pace (slow, slow, slow) protects him and helps him make good personal decisions.

      My Scorpio pace (of course) is fast, fast, fast. I make quick intuitive decisions about people and prefer to figure things out ASAP. I’m practicing self-control and patience. I believe he is worth the investment of time and energy.

  10. Maria July 31st, 2017

    We are loyal if we are inlove!! 😂 And if we get what we want from our partner. If not we look somewhere else.

  11. Gina Maree July 4th, 2017

    I’m a Scorpio woman, in love with a Capricorn man. This is strikingly accurate to conversations we’ve had. The love making is bonkers. #zodiac #scorpiolove #capricornsexybeast

  12. Won July 3rd, 2017

    I will never date Scorpio women again, my ex betray me. It was 4 years relationship.

    • Jennifer Hart July 6th, 2017

      Please don’t eliminate an entire species of women. We’re not all that way I assure you. Most Scorpio women I know, me included, are the most loyal and faithful women I know. My empathy over your loss. There’s something much better out there for you. Take Care.

  13. Elle May 27th, 2017

    Im a scorpio girl really in love with a capricorn guy he really love the things I do love like movies musics and gists he is really caring and loving really takes care of me many people think we are already dating but the truth is that he has never told me he loves me though I notice he is hiding something within his mind whenever we are discussing the truth is that I have a taurus boyfriend but I truly love this guy and I know he love me but he aint speaking up

  14. Mac April 25th, 2017

    I’m a Scorpio woman, I met this Capricorn dude yesterday…and after a day I’ve met him, I actually like him.

  15. Eva March 21st, 2017

    Am a scorpion woman who has been in love with a capricorn man for three years we have been fighting and making up but this year he went to another country for a year program we were still in love soo much with each other only when this Leo lady came in and when i keep asking who this lady is he keeps saying it’s his friend but this lady keep using his phone to do snapchat with him almost every weekend when they go out but on women’s day he sent me a romantic message professing his love for me and making me feel better but he still keep this lady around. He is a nice lover he buys me gifts take out for date do everything for me but this year i feel am losing him though but i believe all is well at some point but I just want to forget about him but it’s not really easy

  16. Caryn February 27th, 2017

    Grow a dick. Hope the best for you… but for reals… Get over it….

  17. Louise Lacourse February 11th, 2017

    I’m a Scorpio woman & have recently met a Capricorn man, we chatted for a few days then met up & spent a weekend together, he says he’d like to see me again as I’m definitely his type but he’ll be busy with work & possibly working some weekends, neither of us drive & live 27 miles apart, I think we could be really good together we have the sense of humour & both want the same from a relationship, we’ve agreed to take things slow & see how it goes.

  18. Siegfried February 8th, 2017

    I’m Reading all the Posts with big interest, because I’m a Capricorn male in love with a Scorpio woman( she doesn’t know it yet, or maybe she can sense it I don’t know) but the thing is in november 2016 I met this very sensual/beautiful woman just by looking at her she took my breath away but it wasn’t the right time and the right place to approche her, didn’t know her name accept for the fact that our sons playing Soccer in the same team. I just kept thinking about her and didn’t know what to do. January 4th the day before my birthday I put aside my shyness and contacted her (because the team has a Group app where parents and Players get information from their coach) of she would appreciate it if I could call her sometime, she replyed that she was surpised in a good way that I contacted her and didn’t mind if I called her, the next day I called or and we talked for 3 Hours straight on the phone. The next few days we texted like crazy and caught myself opening up to her we told each other about our past, our past relationships. She told me she wanted to get to know me better because the feeling she had about me felt good but told me in all honesty that she was seeing a man for a while but that there was no intimacy between them and realy wanted to see me in person and get to know me better as a person, so we went to a nice little restaurant we both were nervous (I think That’s normal) but it also felt very natural and good we had a good time. When the time came to say goodbye we didn’t kiss just hugged. Also she told me that for know she isn’t ready for a relationship because she wanted to Achieve the goals she has set for herself and take care of her 3 children because that was her first priority for this year and I respect that in her. I text her that same night that I had a good ltime with her and so did she, but here’s the thing I texted her the next day but the way she texted was different then before it was like very short answered almost as if she wanted to be left alone, it’s been 3 weeks since we heard from another also because she’s busey with work and study so I’m giving her her space to do so. The truth I miss our conversations and miss her voice I’m totally in love with this woman and the silence between us has made me take a good look at myself on the inside if I realy want to and am ready to commit and emotionaly connect with this Scorpio woman. The silence has given me the answers that I am. But out of respect for her disicion to focus on her goals I will keep it al inside for another day. It’s killing me because I know we could be a very strong couple and would be sexy as Hell together and the love and loyalty I would give her would be more then intense. Is there any Scorpio woman who would give this Capricorn man Some good advice? Thnx in advance and may caps and scorps both male and female find and keep their True Love

    • j j simons February 13th, 2017

      Leave her alone……let her come to you this time. You made your move, she knows where you stand, she’s just not ready. Believe me, she’s put you in her back pocket for you, but remembers you daily, and will take you out again and put you front and center when her life is ready. She’s told you she has other priorities now, respect that.

    • Jess February 19th, 2017

      From a Scorpio women who just started falling for a Capricorn man. Give it time and space I wasn’t sure about my Capricorn man either but with the days I slowly grew founder of his patience and just all around amazingness. Text her see how things are. Ask her if she wants to grab food. Just don’t make her feel pressured.

    • Lynn Greene February 23rd, 2017

      Dude, this was sweet… Scorpio women, like myself, are very romantic beings… i melted just ready the passion from you, lol. While we appreciate grand romantic unique gestures, we also like the challenge ourselves, so you have to walk a fine line in the pursuit to not come across as weak. I would suggest a big romantic gesture, but not through much contact,… no need to pour out your feelings in a text, social media, letter or on a call… that’s too mushy. Do something that says you’re thinking of her, but you’ll respect whatever distance or boundaries she started to put between yall… i would even say draw your idea from a personal place of something she’s mentioned to you before (for example, forget about sending flowers, unless she has said she loves flowers specifically). Long story short, show her romance & mystery, lol… she’ll eventually come back on her own once she sees it.

    • Shelli March 1st, 2017

      Hi Siegfried,

      I’m a Scorpio woman in a relationship with a Capricorn man. He and I are both recent widows; we each lost our spouses less than a year ago. I could go on about all that, but the point of my answering u has nothing to do with me.

      In all sincerity, I think u should give that Scorpio woman space. It’s been almost a month since u wrote your comment above, but if she was eager to be with u, she’d be texting more. It’s probably driving u crazy to leave her alone, but if u smother her with attention, you’ll only make it awkward and worse. Especially if u have to see her at your children’s soccer games.

      Say, “Hi!” and appear happy, but keep going! Don’t make it obvious what your true feelings are. Not yet. Scorpio women love a challenge. Meanwhile, try and occupy your thoughts and free time with something productive.

      I hope this helps.

    • Shelli March 1st, 2017

      Hi Siegfried,

      I’m a Scorpio woman in a relationship with a Capricorn man. He and I are both recent widows; we each lost our spouse less than a year ago. I could go on about all that, but the point of my answering u has nothing to do with me.

      In all sincerity, I think u should give that Scorpio woman space. It’s been almost a month since u wrote your comment above, but if she was eager to be with u, she’d be texting more. It’s probably driving u crazy to leave her alone, but if u smother her with attention, you’ll only make it awkward and worse. Especially if u have to see her at your children’s soccer games.

      Say, “Hi!” and appear happy, but keep going! Don’t make it obvious what your true feelings are. Not yet. Scorpio women love a challenge. Meanwhile, try and occupy your thoughts and free time with something productive.

      I hope this helps.

    • Scorpio31 March 6th, 2017

      I would suggest calling her. Don’t read too much into this text thing.

    • Sienna March 9th, 2017

      If she says she likes you she probably does bit feels she has more commitments. If you want this girl you’ll have to lay out the red carpet and sweep her off her feet X

    • Julie Perri March 16th, 2017

      Shes not interested

    • Stu March 19th, 2017

      Look up NPD. It’s probably not what you want to hear. I speak from experience.
      If she really wanted to be with you she would make it happen Scorpios don’t wait around if they want something.

    • mellll March 21st, 2017

      I’m a scorp and I like guys that are a little more assertive as compared to reserved emotionally. We enjoy honesty and can tell when someone is being genuine, If we’re interested it will be very obvious if you can read people well. Sounds like you need to communicate better to her and if she rejects you then she really is just trying to focus on herself or isn’t interested, at least for now. Scorpios get consumed in their goals and emotions easily and can forget other aspects of their lives. Just depends. Good luck!

    • crystal April 19th, 2017

      Hi Seigfried,
      I’m a Scorpio woman and I really loved your story. That was beautiful. Now, there’s no easy way to say this next part, so I’m just going to say it. People make time for what they want to make time for. In the beginning, you two were texting like crazy and conversing for hours. After the date, it all went away. If she wanted to persue a relationship of any sort with you, whether it be a friendship, getting to know you or going all the way, she would make time for you. You mentioned that she said something about another man…there’s your answer. There are other beautiful and very SINGLE Scorpio women out there. Be openminded and remember that everything that looks god is not always good for you. Good Luck.

    • Adeeba Aziza June 28th, 2017

      I’m a scorpio woman…and reading ur story… i think she maybe wants to know if u r really interested in her and if u really love her or not…maybe that’s y she is keeping some distance to see if u just forget abt her if she doesnt text u or call u..or u try to get to jer and show that u really do care for her. I think if u don’t text her or call her she might think that u forgot abt her… which is not a good think…at this moment i think u should try to text her again… or if u wanna do smth biggie which (in my opinion she might love) is to surprise her by going to her house or waiting for her putside wprk with some flowers …and maybe spend some time with her to show her that u care abt her and will not forget her. I hope my advice helps and u two have a beautiful life ahead of u ❤.

  19. Leeza February 8th, 2017

    All those are facts. I’ve got ♑ Capricorn men in my life and he is the best guy I’ve ever met. In my view Capricorn are the most caring person in this entire world. It’s not because my man cares alot but it’s the fact I’ve felt.

  20. vernon January 2nd, 2017

    i have been married to this wonderful woman for 57 yrs she is my inspiration in m life wife, mother, doctor, nurse, ans my best friend.
    her words are a melody of love that makes my so complete.

  21. honeei April 1st, 2016

    I dated a Capricorn guy for 3 years I still love him till this day we remain close

  22. cykosis October 18th, 2015

    @Kay-scorpio13 from a fellow Scorpio, It hurts to say that I think he\’s just not that into you 🙁

  23. Kay-scorpio13 October 18th, 2015

    Hi I’m a scorpio girl and i am  into a cap but he is very hard to read hes always busy working never calls me but he texts me he has me going crazy I feel he’s just playing games I seen him total three time
    An it’s always talking in his cars for two hours an drops me off 
    I don’t know what to do or think?

  24. Donna-J June 21st, 2015

    Hi scorpians & capricirnians 🙂
    I am a female Scorpio & I met this wonderful Capricorn male.  I must admit he is doing all the right things to get me ke fall for him! I don’t easily fall in love or fall truly in love at all.. It’s a trust thing but when I fall in love watch out!! My partner will be the happiest man alive, I am like that! If a man can do what seems the  imoossible and get me to fall for him! He truly can reap all thast is wonderful about us scorpians.
    Having said that I’m terrified & excited at the same time! I want to take my time but he knows what he wants & us certain I’m his destiny & his soul mate…which intruigs me & for how wonderful he is I already feel I can trust him with my heart.  It’s freaking me out that this man have done this to me!!
    By the way! I know he is hooked on me.. My eyes are killer & I pocess most atributes of all three, I know I’m a walking paradox & I know he is so intrigued by my depth & beauty.  I do now believe that a Scorpio & a Capricorn when they come together can uterly create an oasis of love for one anothert, something so powerful and profound as my dreams are becoming true…
    Wow…I hope I dont dare to walk away like I do with most males.

  25. MzScorpio June 10th, 2015

    I read your post and I litteraly felt like we are dating the same man. I met my Capicorn man 4 months ago and things took off immediatly. He asked me to be his “woman” on our 3rd date and I was so flattered that I said yes. The first month he made many efforts and attempts to see me and spend time. But his workacholic spirit and demanidng job has not been allowing for us to spend much time together. We too live about 30 minutes away from each other and we’ve only been able to see each other every other weekend or so (if hes not working). I am getting frustrated becuase even though we don’t see each other often I feel like I am falling more in love with him every day. I asked him how he felt about falling in love and he responded by telling me that falling in love means you start talking about marraige. And I was like huh? Hes so serious but hes also silly and fun to be around with an effervesent laugh and smile that I cant get enough of. But I dont know how our relationship is going to move forward if we cant see each other more. Hes very attentive starting most morings with a good morning message and calling me in the evenigns. I love the consistency he provides and when we are togehter he treats me like a queen. I completeley trust him with my heart and coming from me that is huge (I am a scorpio after all and we struggle with trust). I need and want more and I suck at patience. I wish there was a way for me to know if waiting around was going to work in our favor in the long term. 

  26. sportsgal48 April 20th, 2015

    I am a Scorpio gal and have been attractived to a Capricorn for months now and he seems to be attracted to me also, main problem he is a workaholic and it’s hard to get to see him, in 4 mos. I’ve seen him 3 times, we live about 30 minutes apart but we talk (text) every day, he has a company that does outside work so pretty days he is covered up with work….he keeps telling me he misses me and can’t wait to see me but I never know when that will be….everytime I think about walking away he comes around telling me how he misses me, wants to see me, etc. I care deeply for him but he has got to find time for me once in a while or I won’t stick around, if he can take off for a week to take his daughter somewhere why can’t he find some time off with me…..what can I do to show him He is on the verge of losing me? 

  27. sportsgal48 April 20th, 2015

    I am a Scorpio gal and have been attractived to a Capricorn for months now and he seems to be attracted to me also, main problem he is a workaholic and it’s hard to get to see him, in 4 mos. I’ve seen him 3 timed we live about 30 minutes apart but we talk (text) every day, he has a company that does outside work so pretty days he is covered up with work….he keeps telling me he misses me and can’t wait to see me but I never know when that will be….everytime I think about walking away he comes around telling me how he misses me, wants to see me, etc. I care deeply for him but he has got to find time for me once in a while or I won stick around, if he can take off for a week to take his daughter somewhere he can take a day off with me…..what kind I do to show him He is on the verge of losing me?

  28. YScorpio January 31st, 2015

    I’m a scorp that was married to a cap. At first it was awesome, strong attraction and sexual bond but after time with no emotion in return does make it harder for a scorp. So it was over for me. I needed to move on and find the spark I never wanted to lose. I had to be the bad guy and push him away to let me go. Plus had to be firm to not look back cuz of my guilt for doing so. Once a scorp is done, we are done! It sucks to say that I grew out of love with my cap because I really loved him and felt that we had a strong connection. But after being with him for so long it got boring and I got tired of being in the driver set. Regardless, I find myself drawn to another cap without even knowing. The best thing about him is that he is an old friend. This cap seems to be more aggressive and straight to the point but at the same time I can see the caps personality. He has his moods that bite but I can hold my own. We are distant friends and always find the time to contact each other. I really like him but know that I must give him time and be there for him if I want to keep him interested. Caps are awesome but I think they get better with age. I’m just curious to know if there are 2 different types of caps if born early or later within their horoscope dates (cap 1= jan, cap 2= dec)? It would be great if a cap could answer this questions for me!

  29. friedsnake January 15th, 2015

    The girl I like is a scorpio woman and I am a capricorn male.
    I need to know if she likes me too. Will a scorpio woman give you their famous stares if she wasn’t interested?
    First of all, I want to say that I am in a loveless and unhappy marriage.
    My wife and I went to an office to sign papers. The person in charge was a beautiful woman who is 6 years older than me. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her all the time we were there (we stayed almost an hour). She noticed me staring at her when she came back from getting something. She looked at me for a few seconds, smiled and looked away. This happened every time she needed to step away from her desk.While we were signing we maintain lots of eye contact. She kept making funny and cute faces while explaining things to us. I thought she was really cute. I think she was flattered of the attention I was giving her.When we said good-bye, she walked us to the door and looked at my wife to say bye to her. Then she turned to me when my wife wasn’t looking and gave me the most sexy, loving look I have ever seen. I can’t quite describe it. It was as if she was flattered, or she liked me, or wanted me to contact her later.Later that day, I couldn’t get my mind off of her. I felt a knot in my chest. Later that day I shoot her an email about how it was nice meeting her but she didn’t reply. I was bummed.A week passed and I still couldn’t get this woman off my mind. I had feelings for her since the first day I met her. I asked her if she can do work for me on future projects and if we can go out for lunch or coffee sometime to get to know each other better. I complimented her on her skills, which I really believed to be outstanding. I also said that I will ask her to do work for me even if she later works for another company. She seemed to be touched by my emails.She said she could go to lunch next week. However, something always came up. Finally, we went to lunch right next to her office, a month after that first meeting. We spent 90 minutes in lunch talking mostly about personal things rather than work. She asked me if I had kids and I said no. I asked her if she was married and she said she’s never married and doesn’t have any kids. We talked about fitness and religion. She said she was old, and I said “you are not!” She made me look at her tummy area while saying that if she didn’t exercise she would be very fat. She said it was very nice talking to me, but that I was a little quiet.Originally we were going to go to a downtown restaurant but because she was busy, we settled on going nearby only. So, during lunch, she said she wanted to go to the downtown restaurant next time. She mentioned twice and one more time in an email later. I was pleasantly surprised she still wanted to go to downtown. I thought the meeting in the nearby restaurant was the only place we were going to go.After lunch, I shoot her an email saying I had a wonderful time with her and I gave her some links to fitness info and I asked her about an spirituality class. She replied saying she had a wonderful time too and that she would get back to me on the class info.A week passed with no reply. At this point I am completely in love with this woman and I couldn’t keep my feelings inside any longer. I wrote her an email about how I felt.A week passed and I decided to call at her office. She answered me coldly “yes? how can I help you?”. I asked if we can be friends. She said “no, I want to keep it professional. And you are married.” (She has a high position in the company). I said “I told you in the email that my marriage is complicated, loveless and unhappy.” She said she didn’t want to make it more complicated. She said she was surprised by my email where I said I liked her (I think this is a lie). She also said that she was going to invite my wife and I to downtown (also a lie). I told her: “I guess we are not going to downtown anymore huh?” She said “no.” I said, “ok, it’s good we cleared things out.” I asked if she will still do work for me. She answered “of course”. We said good-bye. She wished me merry xmas and so did I.Two days later I create an online dating account, and while browsing it, I find her! I sent her a message and she deleted it without reading it.Please give me your thoughts and advice. As I am writing this, I make my thoughts clearer. I really believe we have chemistry and that she likes me too, but she believes in doing the right thing at the expense of our own happiness. She is an spiritual person and we are of asian descent.I’ve known her for a little more than two months and I have seen her twice.I ask for help because I am very in love with this woman, and I don’t know what to do.Thank you.

  30. scorpzxox October 31st, 2014

    I am a Scorpio female and im Currently Ina relationship with a Capricorn male, I met him at work when I first started and was drawn to him ever since. At first it was an initial attraction which is normal. Then I really started to want him. And then what do ya know. We’ve been together since. On the mysterious level, he has one, he’s really testy though but we’ve gotten over that. Anyways. Scorpios are better expressing their true feelings over text or writing, we are very physical, but were never going to tell you all our feelings in front of your face, dont expect that, its never going to happen, I also feel that compatibility depends on where you are like me, I’m a double Scorpio, I got the best and the worst of a Scorpio., I’m very complex and flooded with everything onthe face of the planet deeper than what you think you know.. Anyways. I can read my man, its just figuring out where the pain lies or where exactly what happend, trying to connect the dots, but in its entirety I love him so much, the honestly, and loyalty is where its at, and if you can’t appreciate that and figure out how to keep the spark alive or appreciate your Capricorn.. I’m not going to lie, we’ve gotten into some heated arguements where you wouldn’t be suprised if things ended, but lets be honest scorps as much as we can see through the bullshit, we lie to ourselves, come up with our own idea of how things can be, but if you have a Capricorn fucking hold on to him, mine is the best thing that’s ever crossed my path. I’ve never truely been happy. Like I would propose to him, scares the shit out of me, but I would marry this guy and do anything to see it through and get through life, maybe I’m just lucky, its sad to hear these storys. I’ve been through some shiy, I believe I got some fucking issues or should atleast from what I’ve been through so for me to not doubt and have a clear mind and want to be with this man says something huge.

  31. chicanax310 October 4th, 2014

    I’ve been talking to a cap for a year now Im just about done with his bullshit lol

  32. scorpio11 August 10th, 2014

    Hey there Anthony,
    As a scorpio girl, let me tell you something about us ” we don’t know how to express our feelings with words and sentences .. it’s pretty much known that we are physical creatures .. not that we communicate with everyone in that way .. but we do so with the ones we love .. a hug or holding hands explains a looooot of what we feel .. and you will get it by time .. so if she likes you and you know that for sure I say you should show her that .. go see her don’t text her.
     They say scorpio girls are strong and independent women yes that’s true but with her man she just wants to feel ruled rather than ruling .. to give him the leadership and put her head on his shoulder feeling safe and secure. 
    I wish you the best in this issue and I hope things work out smoothly with you guys 🙂 

  33. Anthony-The-Goat May 27th, 2014

    Got a Scorpio girl Im texting we both in our early 20s, she is adorable in person, but very confusing on the text messages. she tends to disagree with me on almost everything I say and puts my compliments under such scrutiny they seem like insults, she is warm, friendly but not the best at conversation…I am quite sure she likes me especially after we met again at the Graduation event, she was very warm and kept looking at me throughout, especially cz I wasn’t busy for a change ( as the Capricorns have been known to be)…I want to get to know her well but she won’t let me, she made an appearance at my business shortly after the Graduation but I was so busy I only got to greet her and she was visibly dissappointed and so was I. We have been texting since, but its not going in the direction I was hoping, I feel like I’m dong something wrong, 

  34. @butterfly May 26th, 2014

    I’m a scorpio female who was engaged to a capricorn male, let’s just say I don’t agree with the whole “capricorns are myterious thing” infact one of the reasons I left my fiance was because he couldn’t keep me interested or on my feet.. he was incredibly boring, and I say that in the nicest way possible. Before anyone jumps to the conclusion that i’m just being shallow and mean I did genuinely care and love him, I just realised that that I wasn’t “inlove with him” it took me a while but I got to the point were I couldn’t see a future with him anymore. I knew for a while that I didn’t want to be with him, but I stuck with him for so long because I felt extremely guilty, he had spent so much money on the ring and coming back and forth as our relationship became a long distant one due to his work. I left him mainly because I didn’t want to spend the wrest of my life mourning and dwelling over something I will never be able to feel. I believe I did him a favor by leaving him, know person deserves to be in a loveless relationship. Love has to be reciprocated back, it’s not a one party man. I don’t believe I could have ever made him happy feeling the way that I did, it was really disheartening to let him go because he was so kind and loving person, I guess he deserves a much better person then me. The saddest part is that I had been telling him for a long time that i’m not in-love with him and that I will just make him miserable, yet he clinged on for so long in the hopes that he could change my mind. Now that I think back to when I accepted his proposal, I don’t think I ever really liked him just the idea of him is what I liked. Here was a guy who showered me with gifts and spoilt me with love and affection & such a hard working family man, I just thought it was impossible to say “no” plus my family adored him.
    Such a shame, moral of the story just because a person is nice, and you pitty them doesn’t mean you should stay with them only on those basis, you must whole heartedly love the and be at least partially attracted to them. Don’t be with some-one just because you’re afraid of being alone, been there done that and look were it got me.
    It got me to break the heart of the only man who ever loved me.

  35. nikki3000 January 19th, 2014

    I hate that you’re in so much pain and I too know this feeling but no one and I do mean no one is worth you taking your life for and especially when they won’t even allow you closure. It’s a long road a head but baby girl you’ll get through. For future references Capricorns  men can be real heartless when they no longer want you and to you got to look at your situation he probably was just using you as a get away from wifey and you became a nag too. Although I feel for you, you were wrong from the start what God puts together you don’t touch he was married that started wrong and was bond to fell he was never yours to have you were a get away

  36. rcalebskinner January 9th, 2014

    Hi. As a Capricorn male that has dealt with very clingy exes, I’m going to make a leap and be blunt here. The best thing for you to have done would’ve been to send him something originally saying you were around if he needed you. And then nothing else. Now that you’ve bugged him, I can say that every ex that’s done that is permanently ignored on every way she has to contact me. I changed my phone settings to send her to a voicemail that was never set up without ringing. Blocked her on Facebook. Clicked the ignore button on the game we used to play, et cetera. All pushing does to us is cause us to resist harder, and to retreat further into ourselves. We may or may not warn you first; it’s gone both ways with me in the past. The best thing for you to do is move on. Even if he does feel the same he won’t allow himself to even think about it again, much less act upon it. Also in the future, here’s a few pieces of advice on us. We don’t have patience for ultimatums. If you give us one we are most likely to do exactly what you don’t want us to just to prove that we can, and to prove to ourselves that we retain our free will. 

  37. November 24th, 2013

    i am a scorpion gal as well…

  38. November 24th, 2013

    Hi Admin,
      Thankz fr the beautiful post…so true….!!
    I like a capricon guy studyin wit me in colg…i wish to make my life wit him…
    Bt therz a problm in tat….
    In the beginning i joined the colg i was in love with a guy…which my whole class knew…nd tiz capricon guy was a gud frnd of mine….nd he does nt like me talkin on phone durin class hrs….tiz was durin my frst yr…One day tis guy pulled my phone nd teased my boyfrnd….fr which my boyfrnd got angry….nd at last the whole thing turned upside down….my friendz scolded the capricon guy…nd at last ther was a big fight in my class….my boyfrnd was studyin in anothr colg in anothr city…..i startd cryin at wat has happnd…coz my boyfrnd said to me itz ovr…break up…so the whole class wantd the capricon guy to call bak nd ask sorry to my boyfrnd….and at last it ended up like tis…..the capricon guy’s frnd askd sry to my boyfrnd….
    It was on tat day during my frst yr tat we stopped talkin to each othr…
    Meanwhile anothr thing also happnd…the relationship btween me nd my boyfrnd dint last for long…v ended up the relationship durin my frst yr itself…bcoz he was nt true nd was cheatin behind me…which my whole class knew…nd everyone wantd me to break up with tat guy…..even tat capricon guy came to kno tis…
    2 yrs passed, i was in my 3rd yr…nd tis capricon guy was the class leader nd very prestigious in our class…he is the most cold person as well…i don like him…neithr does he…v wer like tis…v avoided each othr during seminars nd during al the common times…
    One day during my 2nd yr last… frnd said to me tat she has a crush on tis capricon guy….nd nt only her…i jus came to realize tat many of my class girls hav crush on him….
    I really felt these girlz wer stupid….nd wat is ther in him to like him…i dunno wat happnd to me i startd watchin him….i startd to like him….bt i never wanted him to kno abt tis…everyday he came in my dreams…nd dayz passed…i came to my 3rd yr…i kept watchin….i noticed my heart beats wer high wenever i come across him under any situation….thes thingz hav never happnd in my life…
    v havent spoke aftr the fight…i came to a decision within myself….tat im nt going to tel tis to anyone in my class…nd im in love with him…i wil nly confess tis during the frst day of my fifth yr…until thn im gonna watch him…nd steal his tiny thingz…nd collect sum memories nd wil watch him more nd shall give him time to let go of his hatred towards me…this was wat i decided then…
    But, by the end of 3rd the capricon guy noticed me several times tat i am watching him…nd if any of my frndz r wit me…he too wud come nd take a seat…bt wudnt talk to me…he wud talk to my frndz nd wud tease me indirectly…nd wud laugh at me…
    I loved tis…dayz passed out like tis for few mnths…nd it came to an end…we are studyin architecture…so our fourth wil nt b in college fr the frst 6 mnths…everyone has to do our training induvidually on diffrnt places…v will only meet aftr 6 mnths…(i.e on jan 2014)….
    i wanted to let him kno tat i like him before we leav fr the 6 mnths break…so the last day of our colg finishd…nd i came to my hostl…rang up his numbr nd said i like yu nd everythin…i din wanna say i love yu…i also said dont speak…i dont want yu to speak r reply..jus listen wat i say…nd tat wud do…
    it was strange to hime…coz the girl who never spoke to him fr years nd whom he thought was hating him called up nd said i like yu…i also askd him nt to say tis to anyone…
    latr i got a fwd msg frm him…which he sent to al my classmates….i was shockd…!! few dayz latr i really felt like missin him…nd wantd to talk to him very badly….so i was searchin fr a reason…nd yes i got a reason…im doin my traing in anothr country…i was leavin tat day…so i thought i can tell him tat im leavin….i was in the airport nd i calld him…he pickd up nd did nt respond wel…i said i called to tel yu im leavin today…he said..oki..go do yur trainin well..gudbye nd he voluntarily has cut the call…he din wait fr my response….i really felt very bad…
    few mnths passed i gave him chat request in gmail…unexpectedly he accepted…nd v never chatted…our class has a common id…nd one day i was logged in to the common id…nd he online in his id…nd he askd who is on line..? i knew very well tat he knos tat i was only on line in the accnt…bt thn i replied im nt gonna say…nd it went like tat…nd at last he said…i will find out…itz jus one among 59..i wil find yu easily…
    the next moment i got chat msg in my id…askin me i kno it is yu…i said yes..nd i askd him to del the chat coz i dunno…he replied he too doesnt kno…nd i kno very well tat he knos to do it…i left it like tat…2 dayz later he mssgd tat he has deleted it…imidiately i replied tat i kno yu wud delt it….i duno if he got irritated with my postive behavior…the next msg he said he is gonna block me…nd he blockd me….
    tatz it…i really got angry nd sent a big mail to him…sayin tat im nt intrstd abt chattin or talkin to him on phone…bt i jus watch yur presenc nd tat is enof fr me…i told him almost few thingz tat itz been one yr tat i startd to like yu….bt nw i regret tat i cud hav been without lettin yu kno…i told him almost everythin…i sent a big mail…of wat i felt…nd at last i said itz nt easy to like someone nd to keep it personally within doin tat…don underestimate me…nd as ever don reply for tis….
    i mailed him tat and i dint come on line fr almost a mnth…aftr a mnth wen i logged in my accnt i found him online in my accnt…he has unblockd me…oh my God..! tis was confusing me…
    how shud i take tis…does he like me or nt….??? al my frndz kno tat v dont speak to each othr nd we hate each othr….if any of my frndz hav the photo v hav taken togethr….then he insists them to change the pro pic…saying he dint like that picture…itz wat is happening nw….i kno he hasnt said anyone wat i have said him so far…i hope so…..! 2 dayz bak it was my bday…i expected he wud wish me…i also knew tat he wudnt…he never comes online….i too dont oftn come online…bt i decided to be online the full day on my birthday…hoping tat atleast becoz im waitin for him to wish…he wud wish me….bt surprisingly he came online aftr a long time…on my bday…dint speak a wrd…he was thr fr more than 20mins nd went off….
    Wat do i do….i kno i hav to wait patiently…i hav lot of patience…i dont rush behind thingz…bt cudnt understand tis guy….y did he unblock me..??? nd Y is he askin ppl to  change their pro pics if they hav me in thier pic….???? nd y shud he come online exactly on my bday….???? nd Y dint he wish me….coz he knew it was my bday…as my frndz had their status wishin me…which he definitely wud hav seen…..
    In a month v r goin to get bak to colg…shud i voluntarily msg him nd ask y he has unblockd me…???
    nd shud let it pass..?? he is the most brave person in my class….he is a year youngr to me…..v are of diffrnt religions….everythin diffrnt….i kno he has an eye on me…but cudnt decide if it is liking or wat….?????
    I sorry for the lengthy post…i thank yu fr spendin yur time in readin tis…i wil be expectin yur reply…im bit relaxed tat i cud share sumthin to yu….

  39. ScorpF July 15th, 2013

    Hi everyone,
    I am hoping a male Cap could provide me some advise. I met a married Cap and we were friends initially, soon fell in love and moved in together after 2mths (yes i was the 3rd person). We had a wonderful 6mths r/s when he made his first ‘run’ unsure if he should div but eventually came back again.
    so we lived lovingly for 1year while he was hiding from his wife,but soon he ran again  he says he as given everything to me yet I still have my demands.. I was really apologetic and he eventually came back with flowers & with understanding that he wasn’t explicit when he had issues with us. 3 mths moving on, he once again ran, this time was after i said something unintentionally nasty to him ( sometimes I really wished i could think faster than i speak). He seems like he wants out but I cried v badly and persuaded him, telling him i would change my way.
    Along we were suppose to meet his family but not sure if its coincidence or on purpose, 3times appt didn’t come through and the last of it i flared.. (is this one of those Capri accessments).?
    In April, one of the Sat were suppose to see his family and all i got was a SMS to initiate a break up saying he is tired and stress and ask me not to contact him anymore. Its been 2.5mths since, everyday I cried and I texted him daily with no response and I have no idea whats going on, everything seems like a flash.
    Can a Cap male tell me how can I approach him to speak to me or meet me, I really hope to know what went wrong, get a closure or if we could give each other a chance. I am in great pain and I had thoughts of ending ending my life.. No matter what i texted, or times i try to call, he just won’t react…….. What can /should I do….

  40. anonymous7 June 14th, 2013

    hi everyone! im a scorpio woman, i have a crush on a capricorn and he is just dazzling. its been a lot since i first saw him (i cant write the exact time its embarrassing 🙁 ) and he has a magnetic field around him that i can barely hold myself. i cant talk to him, i cant reach him because his friends (sometimes my friends) block the way. i feel like im burning deep inside. i feel like he has some feelings for me too. he turns to my direction, stands or behaves as i do, stares a lot into my direction or directly to my eyes, i can easily catch his gaze. i feel like i will lose him if i take an action he is just too hard to reach. (i dont fear that i will be ashamed of myself if im wrong) we have some mutual friends but i hid my feelings and act cool when im near him with them. 
    I didnt officially meet him but i learned him from my friends that know him well. with each info i adore him more. ive never felt this way before. passionate, desperately in love. 
    Im looking for advice, what should i do??

  41. Converse93 April 30th, 2013

    i have believed horoscopes for a very long time as well as fate and destiny and everything happens for a reason. I have been looking at this website for quite some time and very intrigued about it… Coming from a Scorpio woman, I believe that the Capricorn man is definitely a match for her.. Both can be stubborn, both mysterious etc. I think Capricorn is one of the only signs who can play a Scorpio at her own games and both of them have fun while doing so. I had a short experience with a Capricorn man but I can never  forget about him for some strange reason.. Capticorns are usually unique which is what I think intrigues and amuses the scorpio since as a siquite, we are quite unique as well. A Capricorn can deffo handle a Scorpios fiestyness as well which is always a good thing lol.

    Anyway, my short experience with a Capricorn was a good one at start. but they are quite closed up and if a Scorpio has never been with a capricorn before hand, it’s quite alot to handle for them to be mysterious and quite closed off. Anyway, things went sour over trust issues (after another Scorpio ex cheated on me.. Ouch!)… Although, deep down I wanted to work at it and makes things brilliant again, I never could because of my pride and feeling like the Capricorn wouldn’t care anyway. I will admit I was wrong but for some reason, I guess never to them.. We sort of was close for a while after that at times but finally drifted properly after sharing a kiss… I dunno whether this is because the Capricorn man still had feelings or because he was finally moving on.. Anyway, it’s took ages to get over this man and then I accidentally see him around in my town (he lives around 30 mins away) , which just made everything flood back, with feelings etc. – even though aint properly spoke for ages.. I sent him a message about it but was quite blunt… I saw I a website some statuses he wrote which seems like something’s kicked off… Because a Capricorn is so private, makes you wonder what they are up to since, whether seeing someone else etc. which drives thee Scorpio up the wall :L!

    I would love to know from a Capricorn man how perhaps this one would feel at the time, whether perhaps still had feelings etc. will they ever forgive a Scorpio woman or will there ego & stubborness get the better of them??… Or have they moved on?? I guess also sending a five page drunken texts never hething songs on last few months saying missing them etc. making out clingy etc. we both was quite clingy Tbh. Both seemed to hate the other not texting back but okay if we do it ourselves and sent multiple messages to each other…before thee drunken texts happened, did text me merry Christmas.. And didnt reply but sent amother message about a week later saying ‘well texted you’   I never believed in ‘if meant to be,it’ll happen’ before met him but something tells me, I think I will be close and meet again with him in the future for some reason and I have no idea why. I definitely think a capricorn man makes a Scorpio woman feel something like no other zodiac sign does and nearest to it would be Pisces and  that’s just cause that sign understands Scorpiosemotionally…  
    Most people commented on here mentioned about took the Capricorn man to get over it but in my situation seems to be complete opposite And didn’t even have a thing with him for that long :L… Oh well, good luck to any Scorpio/Capricorn relationships out there!!! I wish you luck. 

  42. scorpiosj March 17th, 2013

    I’m a scorpio woman and I’ve fallen for a capricorn man. I told him I liked him, but he pushed me away saying that he already decided in his life that he wanted to be alone. Someone broke his heart before. I know he likes me too. He told me it didn’t matter that he liked me. He told me that he’s a bad person and that he didn’t want to see me when I found out that he was a bad person. We work together. As much as I want to stop thinking about him, I can’t. I can still work well with him at work, but I really do want to be with him. I don’t know if I should try again or if I should just let it go. It’s so weird that I like him. He’s this nerdy guy, he’s very practical and serious. He does make me laugh with his sarcasim. Any advice would help. 

  43. CapricornFeb13 February 7th, 2013

     Well I went ahead with your advice. I’d like to first say thank you for the words of wisdom cause it is better to know than to miss out on that special someone just because you have a fear of rejection. However, things didn’t work out as well for me. She basically just laughed in my face about it. Anyways, ji pa, thank you for encouraging me to go through with it. I guess it just wasn’t meant to be, but don’t feel bad about telling me to pursue her at all my friend. It was worth being rejected just to try and rekindle the lost spark. I’m glad that you were able to reunite with yours…I guess all that’s left for me to say is for you to cherish it, but don’t let her walk all over you, or go on a power trip, and for both of you to continue to compromise with and be open with one another. I sincerely hope that you guys make it and you probably will, peace.

  44. anonymous919191 February 7th, 2013

    Hey CapricornFeb13,I created an account just to reply to you so I hope you read this. I’m a Capricorn male as well. I was kind of struck by your comments because I went through the same thing with my Scorpio girl. We met a while ago and things started off great but then we got into a few disagreements/arguments and it ended soon after. I didn’t think much of it at first. I just kind of figured we weren’t right for each other and there was plenty of fish in the sea. And I’m pretty comfortable being single anyways so I wasn’t in a rush. But then after some time, I started thinking of her again. It was uncontrollable. We hadn’t been in touch or anything. And I wanted to just move on, in fact I thought I already had, but now I couldn’t stop thinking of her. I would lie awake in bed, haunted by the memory of her eyes and her smile. I started to really appreciate all the little things about her, most of all her passion, and I felt like an idiot for ever taking it for granted. I wanted nothing more than to be back with her again. But I wasn’t sure what to do. I had no idea how she felt or if she was with someone else and the thought of being rejected by her, especially after all this time, scared the hell out of me. So I waited and waited, hoping I’d run into her somewhere or that she’d get in touch with me so I wouldn’t have to make the first move and put myself out there. But after months of this, still nothing had happened. Then one night, my feelings for her were particularly intense. I couldn’t fall asleep and I was so frustrated and confused and that’s when it struck me: what if she was thinking about me and was waiting for me, but because I didn’t reach out to her, she gave up and moved on with someone else? I knew the chances of that were slim but to me, it was the worst possible scenario, much worse even than being rejected and having my pride hurt. So I decided that I was going to contact her and tell her how I felt. It was scary but I did so the very next day and it was the best decision I ever made in my entire life. It turns out she had been thinking of me that whole time and even though she was a little annoyed I made her wait so long, she gladly took me back. Things are absolutely amazing now. It’s even better than it was before. Having been apart, we appreciate the joy of being together and we try our best to treat each other well and make each other happy.
    Anyways, I told you that long story to offer you this advice: go for it. I know it’s cliche but tell her how you feel, as openly and honestly and as soon as you can. The last thing you want is to miss your window. I can’t guarantee things will work out for you but to get something great, you got to be willing to take some risk. If it doesn’t work out, then at least you’ll know you gave it your best shot and you didn’t let fear control your life. And if it does work out, then congratulations my man – you’re on top of the world. There’s nothing like reuniting/making up with a Scorpio girl. They somehow get even more passionate – it’s irresistable.
    Best of luck to you fellow Cap. Hope you come back and give us some good news. 

  45. CapricornFeb13 January 25th, 2013

    Its almost as though, if you look deep into them, you can see the fiery passion deep within the Scorpio’s soul. It’s such a mesmerizing experience, there’s nothing that compares to it, or even comes close for that matter…

  46. CapricornFeb13 January 25th, 2013

    And the part about the Scorpios eyes is true as well. She has the most exotic, breathtaking eyes I’ve ever pierced with mine…just thinking about them takes me back to a warm, fuzzy place, and makes my heart skip a beat.

  47. CapricornFeb13 January 24th, 2013

    This reading strikes truth deep within my heart. I’m a Capricorn male and I had a short lived but undescribably wonderful relationship with a Scorpio last year. It’s funny how it says about the Scorpio making the Capricorn feel as though he were dreaming while awake. I actually wrote several love poems to her one speaking of that, and another speaking of the oneness that one feels when these two signs unite…I feel though that our relationship started having problems after a while because I became too smothering and relinquished too much control to her. It’s def true that Scorpios love power over you. However, they are also incredibly vibrant and passionate lovers, and while happy, one of the most wondrous and beautiful persons which you may ever have the pleasure of coming across. I also believe that things went awry due to the fact that Scorpios I believe at least in fact fear love, for they know how devastating the hurt is that can follow a break up with one they truly loved. Anyway, it’s funny, it’s true we are both very similar and very different, but I believe we compliment one another like no other pair in the zodiac. What I felt over our brief period of time together I have never felt before and firmly believe, I may never feel again. I have a feeling that she feels the same as well, but it’s also very true that the Scorpio woman stays shrouded within her mystery. Something we Capricorn no a bit about too, but not quite as much. We’ve both said our countless goodbyes to one another and at times I’ve felt it was really goin to be it…but we still talk to my surprise and chagrin, it’s as if it is a blessing and a curse though, for I don’t fully know if she still feels for me as I do for her. Also, it’s a difficult task to win over the heart of a Scorpio, but worth every bit of pain and suffering endured in the painstaking process. Ive tried many a time to get her out of my head. As sometimes I feel that is what would be best, but I can’t. Hardly a day goes by that I don’t think of or miss her more than any other person I’ve ever known. It’s kind of embarrassing to my pride to say so, but it’s true. Anyways, if it’s meant to be, then I’m sure it’ll find a way, I guess, until then or until I can meet a lady that can make me forget the indescribable feeling that she graced me with, I’ll have to wait and suffer…as she would put it best, forever alone.

  48. kelly.damian August 7th, 2012

    hey mani – u know what?? we’re dating now! 🙂

  49. mks July 10th, 2012

    youre crushing on him. theres a saying it goes “out of sight out of mind”  so the less you see of him the less you will think of him. i wouldnt think too much into it. if its meant to happen it will, if not then oh well.

  50. kelly.damian July 9th, 2012

    i’m crazy over this irresistable capricorn stranger i’ve seen several times in a bookstore. whenever we met we always exchange smiles.  he seems to have his eyes only on me whenever he can see me.  by good chance, i found out where he lives when i went to a friend’s house.  this friend told me that this guy’s been divorced, and he has a son who stays with him.  i found out his name, which led me to find his facebook profile too. so, i added him.
    but it’s been 2 months eversince – and he never accepted my friend request.  i notice his almost-zero online activity frm his fb..but days ago i saw him staring at me as i went out of my car and oh – that sweet sexy smile – almost tempted me to walk to him to ask for his number! the feeling is so strong..i almost felt like he’s mine – but i was too shy..and now i really regret what do i do? each morning i wake up missing him, the whole day smiling for no apparent reason thnking of him, daily horoscope reading tells me something good in when it come to romance..but i cant live on like this by missing a stranger even more than i’ve longed for anyone – not even my ex-husband when i was still married to him.  i never felt so strongly towards anyone. advice pls..

  51. Tawfiq March 29th, 2012

    Hi Jennifer:
    I am a capi man, I couldn’t pass your story without sharing my thoughts with you.
    I think you always can have a chance back with capi man, but you have to make sure of that is what you want first; Cause Scorpio as I c are very independent and gorgeous, and that’s the glamour which catch capi man, you have to stand for yourself, be back as the queen you were always been, for your own not for anyone else, and you will c the glimpses came back to his eyes, even if he tried to play tricks, remember you doing this for yourself, and it has to be your life style.
    Also you have to think of his financially matters before you go back, as capi man feels weak when he cant afford his family, the moment you see through each other will be appreciated by you both
    Remember, we capi man visualize and hunt, so get his attraction and don’t be hunted 
    I wish you good luck

  52. Blossom2012 March 6th, 2012

    I do agree im a scorpio and my ex for 8 years was a cap.he always said that my eyes were beautiful and that smile,he just would make me melt,We aways did feel the need to protect one another,and he was my bestfriend the person i saw myself with for the rest of my life.
    but we fought alot we did share alot and some things werent what we both wanted,from the begining of the relationship he was jeolus and we fought over that alot and finacial stress was alway their,I wasnt 100% percent to him and now i miss him so much but i know that it cant ever happen,he looks at me like if im garbage we have 2 kids together and thats the hardest because i feel like he alway uses them againts me and i hate that,i at least want to be able to get along for them but idk if we can anymore

  53. mizzlazslo February 21st, 2012

    I am a Scorpio woman.  I recently got back with an ex of mine…a Capricorn from Egypt lol…this past weekend was Valentines Day weekend and we went to Atlantic City for a few days.  I realized how much I love him, and I never been in love like this before…despite having been married and divorced at a young age.
    He doesn’t open up about himself much…but he does talk to me and we have conversations about many things…intellectual things we share on interest.  I feel comfortable around him, and for a scorpio, we must be ourselves in a relationship. 
    I realized a am in a relationship with not just a man, but a friend.  Our lovemaking is very sensual and comfortable…something that doesn’t come easily to me.

  54. CallMeBri January 30th, 2012

    I just want to start by saying, do not be so quick to judge someone based on the stories you read about their sign and get to know the person for yourself before passing judgment because the environment you grow up in is a major factor and can make someone more or less what you assume they are based on someone else’s experiences. 
    In other news, I am currently talking to a Capricorn male and we initially met over the internet which was crazy because I usually don’t allow myself to fall for someone who lives in another state because I am a very physical person and need to be able to hug and kiss my man when we miss each other. I like to have my space and give him his space but need to know that he his within reach if I need to talk to him face-to-face concerning more personal matters. He asked for my number and for some reason, I did not hesitate to give it to him; I just went with the flow and told myself I would feel the situation out and try to be open-minded. Our first conversation flowed so perfectly and I was able to open up to him immediately which I loved because the best relationships result from being honest from the beginning and being able to be totally transparent with the other person. He opened up immediately to me first which allowed me to let my guard down in turn. We talked every day for an entire week straight without a dry moment. He always compliments me on how beautiful, mature and intelligent I am, and in turn, I tell him the things I like about him. His smile is everything! Everything about our relationship just seems to flow. One night we did get into an argument that was so pointless now that I look back on it but I began to over-analyze (as it is in a woman’s nature) when things started seeming to good to be true and this really frustrated him so he told me to delete his number. I did not delete his number but I never texted back. He ended up sending me several text messages, voicemails and called a few times trying to apologize for making such a rash decision. I finally called him back after I had time to put things in perspective and we talked. He said some very mean things but I kept my cool and brushed them off because at the end of the day, words are words. I told him that he needs to start thinking before he speaks. He listened and admitted to all of his wrong doings. I forgave him, as I know that he is human and I took the blame for initiating the whole thing. The next day, we were both over it and continued on in our happy conversations. I stayed up last night until 3:30AM (knowing I had an 8AM class the next morning and had to be awake at 6:30). However, I have never felt such a strong connection with anyone, as I get very bored, very easily. It sucks that we are so far away but I have plans to visit him during Spring Break since mine is a week before his. Our chemistry is crazy but for now we are focusing on our education, as he is a 20-year-old student as well. For now, we are what we are and we are happy with that. I am allowing myself to have fun with this and let it flow naturally. Our thoughts are always in sync and he calls me his queen and tells me he has never felt like this with anyone else. We have a mutual understanding and so far, so good. We webchat at least 4 times per week and I love where we are although I get impatient sometimes and so does he. I purchased a book for him called Bereolaesque and had it shipped to him; it is a book about the contemporary gentleman and modern sophisticate. I was reading it and told him I thought it would be good for him to read as well. He is very charming and respectful but as he grows into his manhood, I thought this would be a good book for him to add to his collection. I am very confident and have no reason to ever be jealous about a man and his past relationships, especially when what we have is secure. He can be a bit insecure at times but it is nothing that I cannot fix, as I will make him feel like the handsome, talented, intelligent, driven, hard-working man that he is. Behind every strong man stands a good woman and all I am doing is assisting in helping bring him into his own without making him feel uncomfortable or forced. He’s amazing and this journey will be amazing whether or not we end up together.
    All the best, 

  55. Mark07 January 15th, 2012

    @scorp girl
    Hi scorp girl,
    I am a capricorn male and I have found the article so true. It is true that Capri guys seem very cool, but underneath that coolness and formal demeanour is a really funny and very sensitive person. Let me tell you something many articles will not tell you about capri men. They like to pursue their girls, but once they win….they want to be pursued. They want their women to be their girls and they will look after them eternally. The negative thing about some of us capri’s is our possesiveness. But if they are spurned…they never look back. As a capri, I find myself very ambitious (sometimes too much), very persevering…..but there is no other sign like a scorpio or perhaps a cancer or strangely enough a sagittarious who can show them the lighter side of life. Capricorns are great learners and love to learn. Once taught….they will always spread the knowledge and improvise even further. What they cannot stand is rude people and injustice. They always keep a commitment and will never rest till they do what they had resolved to do. One other dark side to them is that they give the impression that they are in a shell. But speak to them softly and show them the way and they will spring back to life. they need people around them in a nice way. They are just social being and love big families. What they love about the scorpio is their zest for live and their willingness to learn and their love of the outdoors. Ok just tooooo much about capri’s. Hope this was useful

  56. jellias January 6th, 2012

    Oh dear. 
    I’m a Scorpio. My birthday is on the cusp of Libra and Scorpio. I’m trying to figure out how I feel about a Capricorn friend of mine. I’ve known him for a little over two years now and he’s like a family member to me because he and I can talk about everything and anything either in all seriousness or in sarcasm. We just GET each other. I’ve always thought of him as a little brother since he’s three months younger than me. Oh. And he’s short. Like me, haha. We’ve known each other for only two years, but he and I have a strong friendship. We became the best of friends after two weeks. We know everything about each other. I tell him everything and he helps me sort out my feelings. He’s like a ROCK. I don’t know how to describe it. He even helped me get together with one of his friends even though he secretly liked me at that time before I asked for his help… (he told me after I broke up with his friend-10 months later) He told me he doesn’t feel that way anymore. Anyways, for all this time, I’ve just thought of him as a little brother, but recently, something about the way I feel has changed for some reason. It’s not friendship. It’s not love either. I’m not so sure what it is. We spent six hours together on Wednesday (unwillingly) because it was supposed o be a group meet-up thing, but everyone ditched and we were the only ones that could go… It was really comfortable being with him. I didn’t hold back or act like someone else (cause that’s what I usually do-reflect someone else’s personality and not by myself). It was refreshing. He also was chivalrious- he waited for me to get picked up before he left to go home. UGH WHAT AM I SAYING. IM JUST RAMBLING OR SOMETHING! I just don’t understand these new feelings. I like him, but I don’t want to date him. Or… At least before I didn’t. ARGH, I DON’T KNOW.
    But all this stuff about Scorpio/Capricorn relationships, I know it’s not accurate or like, fortune-telling. I figured out the hard way when I crashed and burned my relationship with a Cancer (dumb crab cheated on me. ME. A SCORPIO. HAH. moron) that these predictions aren’t really true. But yanno, I can dream…. BUT IT’S NOT LIKE I LIKE HIM THAT WAY. I THINK. UM. I DON’T KNOW ANYMORE. 
    He’s so sweet. And nice. And courteous. And respectful. And family-oriented. I know he’ll be a good husband. But the thing is, we’re still in high school and school is important and of love is love, it’ll come. Okay. I’m gonna drop this now. K. 

  57. angieb00 December 25th, 2011

    I’m a scorpio and my bf is a capricorn and this article couldn’t be more accurate. When I first met my bf, he literally fell out of the sky, LOL, but when we had our first conversation (because I met him online), I knew he was something special and we actually ended up meeting up that first day and ever since, we have been inseperable!! We’ve only been together for a couple of weeks and we already are so in love!! It’s crazy because I literally can tell what he’s feeling and how he’s feeling and he does the same for me and the sex is literally the best I ever had in life! LOL! So to all of the single scorps out there, get a cap!! It’s literally the best match in the world and I wouldn’t trade my Cap for any other sign!!

  58. ScorpDiva December 17th, 2011

    I’m involved with a Capricorn man and I must say I’m loving it. He balances me out and he completes me.

  59. vickyleeli11 October 16th, 2011

    @rishi oh no! you met one of THOSE scorpion women, i’ve met a few and yes they can be very selfish without realizing it and tactless and rude, but i’ve noticed it’s not intentional, it’s like they developed this pattern of behavior since childhood and no one ever told them it was bad. I’m a scorpio girl and i always try to be aware of the consequences of my actions on other people, but still, i know i’m not perfect in any way.

  60. 2blessed September 23rd, 2011

    WOW … loving this, his met a sexy cap a week ago…i c now with the comments on here,I got a long way to go…but so far I’m loving his style…he’s so my type….hoping we really get to know each other n Move forward together. I’m sensing more of a peaceful relationship with this Capri..also thanx to u all for the helpful comments….TTYL

  61. tabby.lady September 19th, 2011

    This is 100% true! I am a Scorpio woman and my amazing man is of course a Capricorn. Everybody says we are the cheesey couple that makes them want to puke lol I can’t help but smile even when all I hear is his voice over the phone, and he has says likewise to me. I have tried other relationships with other signs.. i.e another scorpio and a saggitaris and I have never felt so much love or more complete in all my life <3 <3 I love my Capricorn!!!

  62. Frances April 12th, 2011

    I think you are confused. Do u like this capi friend? what you’re doing is very dangerous. You might hurt both of them (esp if they both like you). If ur long distance bf loves you, he will definitely get hurt and jealous (and it’s not fair for him if you don’t tell him that you like another guy) You might want to be clear with ur feelings.. Is this capi friend really just a friend for you; or are you starting to have deep feelings for him? Long distance is hard enough, but if you have someone near you who could fill the space in, it’s gonna be a lot harder.

    I had a long distance relationship (with a leo).. and it didn’t work for me..

    Scorpio and Capricorn <3

  63. Frances April 12th, 2011

    i’m a 23 yr old scorpio girl and i have a 31 yr old capricorn boyfriend and i find this article really cute and accurate. I love my capi so much. he’s the best ever. i’ve been with other signs but i feel so much at home with my capi.. 🙂

    TO Mister Capricorn Male with a very long note..

    give her some time. if she likes you, she wouldn’t let you go. she most likely knows that you like her too.. she might just be testing the waters.. trying to see if you’re worth it.. or maybe getting to know u more.. remember that capricorns and scorpios usually start slow.. 🙂

  64. Capricorn Male April 2nd, 2011

    I’m a Capricorn male (22) who’s very interested in a Scorpio girl (20). Her smile is wonderful and the way she laughs is adorable. I’ve noticed her in my class for a couple of months now but was actively pursuing the attractive, sociable Taurus girl (21) who initially caught my attention sitting on my immediate left. When I realized that didn’t seem to be going anywhere I cut my losses and moved over next to my Scorpio girl. This entire semester I’ve joked my way into the hearts of several of my classmates and (most of the time) my teacher…well I’ve noticed that I’ve been able to make this Scorpio laugh which is true to this article and so when I sat next to her I focused much of my attention on her…I worked on making her smile, making her laugh and I gave her plenty of eye contact…she really is quite ravishing. Well, after class we walked out together and went to get a couple of smoothies together…then we walked to her next class…I got her number and texted her later that night…she responded and seemed legitimately interested in hearing from me…we talked for nearly an hour before I pulled out of the conversation to keep her wanting more!…I said I would text her some other time…but she texted me the next day…I thought this was a good sign but near the end of the conversation, she said was going to her friend’s 22nd party and wished me a good night…I texted her the next day asking how the party and received no text…I always jump to hasty conclusions and concluded that this was her way of saying she had no interest in me anymore…that she met someone at the party or that I disengaged her somehow…well, the next day a few of my friends convinced me I wouldn’t seem too eager to text her again, so I did…just a casual, “hey how are you” or something like that…and again, she did not respond…so here I am, three days detached from having talked to her and I could not feel more hopeless (I always jump to conclusions). We get along really well in person, she’s adorable, has a great sense of humor, is intelligent, and ambitious…all qualities I love. And I feel like I bring a great deal to the table. I’m told I have the most gorgeous blue eyes by most people who meet me and a lot of my closest friends and patients tell me I have a very nice smile. And though I have bouts where I strongly believe I am not attractive, everyone I ask says I am…but they could be biased so I never know when to take them seriously. So appearancewise I believe I could hold a candle to the beauty that has me enthralled. Personalitywise I like to think I’m comical, open-minded, intelligent, and fun to be around, so I more than believe I could hold my own in a personality competition. I know this is long but it’s because I’ve got so much on my mind and ever since I lost my Taurus girl (a relationship that spanned 2 years) three years ago I have had no success with women I’ve been attracted to. I’ve battled through shyness and insecurity most of this time and have gotten leaps and bounds better than from where I was three years ago but even though I’m getting closer each time, I can never seal the deal. I strongly believe this girl could be the girl I’ve been searching for all my life. She’s wonderful to be around, so ideal for my eyes to gaze at, and our horoscopes are amazingly compatible. Granted, I will see her Tuesday in class at the very latest so I do not expect any response, or help (advice) before then and look forward to hearing from her before then or even during class, but any help/advice would be greatly appreciated. All I want is to find the girl of my dreams to shower her with affection (but I will hold back because I understand Scorpio women are independent). I just really want to make the girl for me have an everlasting smile grace her face and if this girl is that girl, I would really like to be able to say weeks or months from now that this article was Completely 100% correct! Thanks for reading!

  65. Jessie March 26th, 2011

    The part about the Capricorn’s smile is 100% true! I fell on that..

  66. The Pirate Wench March 20th, 2011

    Well folks, im a sassy scorpio woman, green eyes and olive complexion.. I’ve been used and abused and loved and lost. Now however, I’m embarking on a romantic adventure with a capricorn man.. Fingers crossed… Dress Well check, Emphasise my eyes check, Relax check, lol ! Who knows it could be the wild forever ride I’ve been wishing for, or just another ego driven male ….

  67. Lynda March 18th, 2011

    But honestly I think scorp women and cap men are the absolute perfect match!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:-D

  68. Lynda March 18th, 2011

    I have very strong feelings for two capricorn guys one of them I met about 3months and a few days ago and I am already dating him and the other I have only known since august of last year but I felt an instant attraction to him the first day I met him just like I did with the one im dating but even though i’ve known the one im not with longer he is just now telling me how he feels and i’ve come to find that never really lost my feelings for him and I havent seen my boyfriend (the other cap) since my best friends birthday (he is her cousin) because he lives out of state and we’ve been trying the long distance thing but wre hardly have anything to talk about any more and im finding myself more and more attracted to the other cap (who is also a good friend of mine) but my feelings for my boyfriend have not decreased in the slightest I think the article apply’s to me and my friend more so than me and my boyfriend honestly I just need advice is there anyone who might know how to help?

  69. Hannah March 6th, 2011

    the worst match ever, at least for me, I’m a scorpio female who dated 2 capi guys!!! they first one was a psycho toooo jealous to the point of tryin’ to kill me! The second one used and abused me, cheated and lied to me..both broke my heart and I’m positive now that I will never date any capi man in the future!
    I also learnt my lesson; never believe astrology nonsense!

  70. Tall babe February 24th, 2011

    I’ve realy heard abt the ‘eye’ and hypnotic gaze. It really works for me. Am a scorpio for real, and my boyfriend is capri, we’ve been on for 11yrs now! He luvs me like no one else does. We sure had our diffrences in the begining but I’ve got used to his been around pple while am withdrawn. He does lifts my mood whenever am down. We’re both in love!

  71. clean babe February 16th, 2011

    am a scorp dating a cap. at first it seems he doesn;t want to commit,but as time goes on, u win his trust. he is so caring, luving, romantic and coperative. all he wants is a classy girl, intelligent, good looking.if u want to kip him pls dont flirt, cos he can read every single wink u make.u must also posess an impeccable manners especially wen he is wit friends, dnt be too sassy in ur dressing. he is a traditional man who get attracted to reserved girls.just be u..and u will see the cap man running into ur arms.its amazing he proposed after 2months of dating. i feel like am on top of the world.go for a cap gals………

  72. Crystal-Joy February 7th, 2011

    Go for it even if it breaks you bigger than life heart..go for it ..get the love you need even if it’s temporary it will be magical trust..just to even dream..nothing can really break down a powerful scorpian heart and her impulse anyway..just another life there to cherish the love and it’s soulfull magic even if it it for the experience and learn from it …I did ended don’t regret..

  73. Lover February 2nd, 2011

    im am currently talking to a Capricorn. he amazing , sweet , sexy, funny, and charming.. but sometime i feel as if this is all to good to be true.. he seems a little to perfect if you ask me. he seems to match me to a T. when where together you can feel the chemistry that we have going on between us. when we are one the phone we never run out of things to say to each other. i love the fact that he motivates himself as so do i. we seem to go together like ppnj.. but as i stated before its all to feel to good to be true .. i think that im just scared of giving him the chance to enter my heart .. some one give me some advice

  74. LoveHealsAllThings January 26th, 2011

    Well, it is very interesting to read everyone’s comments. And I myself am having the very same interesting experience. I am a scorpio woman, pregnant by a Capricorn Man, and he has for sure taken me by surprise. You know us Scorpios can be uncomfortable with expressing our enter emotion. We much rather keep it to ourselves until we are comfortable. He has no problem calling out that he can tell how I feel. Which of course I don’t like that he can see right through me. But at the same time it feels good. Naturally, I put up a defense to try throwing him off. He does need reassurance a whole lot of the time though. I can say that I truly respect the man that he is on so many levels. He spoils me beyond anything any other has done for me. And he understands my uncomfortableness with relationships after being deeply hurt. I was in a relationship with a Pisces for 10 years, and did not want to do relationships. My Capricorn decided he wanted me and does what he needs to in order to have me. And he did so very smooth like….. I am enjoying him fully. The sex is good…. I would not say amazing but we do have plenty of it. We stay 45 mins to an hour away from each other. Whenever he gets a chance he is with me. He makes underlying coments to express his love, cause he does not just want to be foward about it.

  75. rishi January 23rd, 2011

    Wrong, I was in love with a scorpian women for 8 years and got treated badly by her, inspite of being 100% loyal found her very selfish ,,,humilated and battered ,I feel Scorpian women run after ur wallet not heart

  76. Karen January 22nd, 2011

    I have dated and married a cap that I thought was wonderful. The relationship ended badly but thank goodness it ended.
    I started seeing someone…turns out he is a capricorn so I was hesitant. I did some research with scorp and cap…the man I’m seeing now is much like the cap we all just read about…the other one I married was lost. Of course it was hard getting into another relationship with a cap man but he amazed me on all levels…so I gave it a try (had to remind myself to let go). The cap I know now doesn’t seem to need reassurance on the outside but on the inside…I have learned…he does.

    For me to give reassurance feels like I am yanking something out of me…just to tell him you are my number one guy is hard. Why?…bcs he should already know that. I guess not everyone can read my thoughts so I better be more

    I have never had a problem with stating how I feel when I’m in the mood. I have realized I can seem cold at times but that doesn’t mean I dont care. After reading this I have decided to give it my best shot for this cap I love. Capricorns usually do not give things away so when they do it is a big thing…it must have meant you earned it.

    For the next few weeks I will experiment. Not bcs there is an issue within our relationship but to better our bond and communication. Whenever I go off to have my alone time i will reassure him. When he gives me something he thinks I need I will be grateful in a new way…I won’t just say thank you…I will look into his beautiful eyes and truly appreciate him.

    To the readers, thank you for all of the comments and reminding me that it is okay to step out of my scorpio world from time to time.

  77. Jenessa January 21st, 2011

    I am dating a capricorn i havent dated him long but i feel like i love him alot already i havent felt that in a while . He does always need me to reasure that i love him and he is the best in EVERYTHING. He does have an attitude alot and we argue a good argue but we make up good too. im not sure if its gunna last but i will be sad if it dont. but we are good for now and im glad

  78. scorp girl January 11th, 2011

    well this sounds really good, im a scorp girl although ive never dated a capricorn, i dont no why they seem so cool. Ive had many bad previous relationships. my first was a aries and wow that was a massive headache, i also dated a pisces and wow didnt get very far, i dated a leo at one stage and wow controll freak and last but not least i dated a aquerious wow massive waste of time. Now im considering of dating a cap maybe ill have better luck with one loll!!! Well this article seems very acurate to me so was interesting tp read….

  79. scorp January 11th, 2011

    this article sounds very good, im a female scorpio and this is very acurate. I have not yet dated a capricorn but now im considering it after all i have had plenty of bad previous realtionships. Ive dated an aries wow that was a massive headache, i also dated a leo wow controll freak, ive dated a pisces wow never really got very far and last but least a aquerius wow that was a massive waste of time loll. Sp yeah ,maybe i should seriously go find myself a hansom cap!!!!

  80. Julise December 5th, 2010

    hi my name is julise and this is my first time ever looking into astrology and compatibility. and i have to say this is amazing. i am 19 reading this makes me feel like i have experienced true love at such a young age. i can just imagine how old you all are.

    but i felt the need to comment because i read every single one of your comments. and i am truely jus in ow at all the amazing stories,they really give me hope.

    when i was 15 i fell head over heels for a capricorn male.he literally sweeped me off my feet with his smile. and capture my heart with his words. we are not together today because he is incarated. shocking i know ten years. for a chain of armed robbers. he refuses to tell me the story. he does say he did it for us the money was fast and easy. we communicate like nothing ever changed. the article is our exact relationship we were the ideal couple still our . ppl looked up to us. the bond and chemistry we have is amazing his letters have never been more convincing to me. i believe when he does get out we could make it. this article is where we left off i hope we can continue it.

  81. Jennifer December 5th, 2010

    I looked this match up because I met a Capricorn online tonight and I have to say… I am blown away by him. I mean, I had goosebumps the whole time we chatted because we just connected so perfectly. And attractive… I thought he was the most handsome man I have ever seen. I really didn’t expect him to also be so intelligent and persceptive and intuitive. WOW… I am just floored! I don’t know enough about the match to say how accurate this article is, but I hope to find out. I will say that I am a Scorpio and this article describes me in full. As for my eyes… men fall in love with me all of the time and they always remark about my eyes captivating them. I have green eyes which apparently exude sex or something… LOL. Scorpios are known to draw men in, but we are not the easiest women to deal with. Especially since we are so independent and we are jealous, don’t like to share and WON’T. Anyway, great article and I am saving it to my favorites to find out just how accurate it is for me and the Cap.

  82. Sohini November 25th, 2010

    This is really true… my Capri boyfriend is honest, inteligent and understands me so much. He often gives me the opportunity to dominate in situations.Being a scorpio I really feel lucky, because none other guy has kept friendship with me more than 2 yr.Now after 10 yrs of reln, I am happyly married to him.

  83. LB November 18th, 2010

    This so true us make me feel like you all talking about my wife and I It’s so true about us i’m cap and my wife is scorpio she is wonderfull like i am she is real understood me very well.

  84. Zara November 9th, 2010

    i am a scorpio female who has been dating a capricorn male on and off for over 3 years .. he is always the one i come back to, makes me laugh and lifts my mood up. we can read each other like a book, this article explains us well. he always kept his feelings inside, although i know exactly how he feels, as his actions speak louder than his words. He has a hard exterior, but deep down inside i know all he wants and needs is someone to love him and i have been assuring him for the last 3 years i am that person for him. the sex is amazing, so much passion and love containe within it nobody pleases me like him.

  85. Allison October 17th, 2010

    This is my boyfriend and I. This article is so true. I am a Scorpio and he is a Capricorn and we are extremely happy and in love. I have dated other signs (Scorpio, Cancer, Aquarius, Aries) and none made me feel as amazing as a Capricorn has. The statement about him needing constant reassurance is very true, he always fishes for comments that he is my #1, which he is. This has been the most comfortable and easy relationship I have ever been in, it is indeed ‘cozy’. The point about both signs keeping mystery in the relationship is true, his quiet controlled visage draws me in and keeps me interested. If you are considering this match, I say go for it! I am glad I did.

  86. Roxsie October 16th, 2010

    I have always been told that I have beautiful eyes. My Cap, told me he was scared to look in my eyes 🙂 We are not dating anymore, because I wanted it to be exclusive, I guess he did not feel the same way. The sex was AMAZING!! I miss him so much, and every other day I want to call him, but my pride will not let that happen. All the time we spent together was so much fun, but he would never tell me how he felt about me, which drove me crazy. If I met another Cap, I would handle him much differently since I am now much wiser from this experience.

  87. T-lady September 23rd, 2010

    This is so true… As a female scorpio, I am told all the time about my eyes. My cap is faithful, honest, and kind. He has made me open up in ways that i never thought possible because i am truly a private person. With him its all smiles all the time…

  88. Meli September 21st, 2010

    @sunshineT I was wondering the same about the eyes.. But i do recall my fiance saaying its the first thing he noticed about me so i guess there maybe some truth..

    I Love this I’m a Scorpio and my fiance is a Capri he’s adorable and i agree with most of the ladies on here … the love of him is like no other.. he loves to be around friends/loved ones but i love to be around ‘me’ lol.. We courted for years actualy because niether wanted to make the first real leap.. But as this says I was the one that just made my move.. 🙂 now we’re over that phase and life with him is lovely..

  89. SunshineT September 14th, 2010

    So true! I’m a Scropion woman and my bf is a Capri and this is a faily accurate depiction of the nature of our relationship.
    Just a question for other Scorpio’s out there. Be honest. I’ve read in many of these horscope site taht Scorpio’s eyes are supposed to be beautiful and it;s what draws men to them. Was wonderign if the women can honestly say that this is true for them. It is for me!

  90. Danae July 16th, 2010

    Hello, I too, am a Scorpio female married to a Capricorn male. The article is on point! I totally LOVE alone time & prefer not to visit. My husband is just the opposite, he loves being around people, especially his family. It’s a nice balance though – I help him appreciate “me” time & in return, he helps me appreciate “visitations”…lol

  91. Jerilyn April 26th, 2010

    This is sooo my husband and me, we have been married 32 yrs and we keep things fresh by mostly moving– I mean literally!! Great stuff!!

  92. theresa March 10th, 2010

    I agree with most of what is said about a capricorn man,however be very certain to find one without previous scars or the results are quite devistating.I am just getting out of a 9 year relationship with a cap.I fell deeply in love with him and though the sex was awesome thats all it ever was.The only way a cap is really into it if it is they’re idea and they fall IN-LOVE !!!,otherwise you will fall into the catagory of OPPORTUNITY.They see no reason to be faithful,honest or kind.Always remember they’re phrase is I USE.I’ve always read that once a cap is inlove they are very loyal,however if they are’nt they will use and abuse you until you can’t take anymore and decide to end it and when you do be certain to have a restaining order in place.REMEMBER”EVERYTHING THAT GLITTERS IS NOT GOLD”

  93. Sharaine Long February 25th, 2010

    He’s the only man that can take my breath away with just one blink. My heart skips a beat everytime he speaks. I can believe in love with him.

  94. Sharaine Long February 25th, 2010

    Hi. My name is Sharaine and I’m a Scorpio. This article is truely accurate. At the time, my focus is on a Capricorn who I am very much interested in. I think he and I would be inseperable after getting involved with each other. I know he’s “the one” I’ve been looking all over for. I see marriage in the future with him.

  95. Brittney lewis February 2nd, 2010

    haaa! I believe it im a scorpio and my boyfriend is a capricorn. We go togather like peanut butter and jelly. I want to tell him i love him but im shy but i know he would say it back.

  96. fiona douglas January 31st, 2010

    i’m in a relationship with a capricorn man and i’m a scorpio girl and i think what the statement saying is true cause my man is such a sweetheart there’s nothing i can’t complain about i’m happy

  97. Cameran January 13th, 2010

    This is true, I see alot of traits in the scorpio i’m indeed interested in! I think if i just take my time and let her open up more, maybe even try to see her again soon that things will be looking up! GAH This shit is so cool.

  98. Your name November 18th, 2009

    this is so true i am a Capricorn man and that is so me

  99. Your name October 12th, 2009

    THIS IS 100% TRUE

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