Cancer Man and Capricorn Woman Love Compatibility

The Cancer and the Capricorn is a live example of opposites attract. This is a severe blend of Water and Earth where none is ready to mix with each other. But surely each one finds the other fascinating as they both have opposite qualities which also give them a chance to learn from each other.

A Cancer man is lovingly tender in nature. He is strongly imaginative and extremely determined person with high aims in life. As a man he possesses a traditional attitude towards women especially his woman. He is quite charming but has a very clever mind at the same time. In a relationship with Capricorn woman, he fulfills her with all the qualities she lacks making her feel complete and satisfied. He gives the warmth of love to cool surface of Capricorn woman and makes her feel more loved and secure. Though mood swings of Cancer man may sound odd to Capricorn woman at times.

A Capricorn woman is generally a very practical woman with wise opinions and generous heart that is always ready to help a needy. At one end she can be ultra-feminine and charming while at the other point she can be icy and aloof. The determination of a Capricorn woman is strong which is topped by her sensible manner. When a Capricorn woman falls for a Cancer man, she is more likely to be very serious regarding the relationship and is wholeheartedly ready to sacrifice her personal needs for her man. But sometimes her cold attitude or strong judgment makes the Cancer male sad.

The Capricorn woman can always prove to be a faithful partner with whom the Cancer man, who possesses a positive attitude can remain content in his life. She admires the qualities of her Cancer man and helps him in exhibiting them whenever needed. Though she cannot exude the amount of warmth that is required by him but she is very devoted and possessive enough to melt away all his insecurities. She can provide answers to all the questions put across by the Cancer guy. In fact she is one woman who helps him in making money and is herself not a supporter of extravagance which in turn gives him a strong financial security that is not experienced by him with any other woman. Since she is not sensitive in nature, she needs to be very careful in the presence of her Cancer man who has got delicate feelings and extreme mood swings.

The Cancer man makes a lovable and kind partner for the Capricorn woman. He has a lot of respect for his belongings and feels extremely happy to possess his Capricorn lady. He stimulates her romantic side with his lovable manner and warmth of security that he exclusively provides her with. He always respects the individuality of his Capricorn female and tries to help her in every possible way. He makes her feel loved and needed that is definitely a new experience for a practical lady like her. Though he is frequently hurt by her insensitivity but tends to forgive her as soon as she apologizes. But when he displays frequent and odd mood swings then she may get mad over these sudden changes.

True love is the royal road walking on which, the Cancer man and Capricorn woman realize that they are All and One! As the Earth of Capricorn woman gives space to the Water of her Cancer man, they enjoy the never ending blossoms of trust and oneness throughout their lives. With each passing day, the sensitivity of Capricorn female is enhanced by the tenderness of the Cancer male, while the reliability and wisdom of Capricorn woman makes Cancer man more stable and secure. They both help each other to brighten up their spirits and make life more charming with their different and sophisticated ways of concern. The differences of these Zodiac Signs support and compliment each other, helping them to discover the part they always lacked and wanted to experience in one or the other way. The proficiency they share in their togetherness is far more stable and practical with all the emotional values then compared to any other Sign duo.

Cancer man and Capricorn woman takes their physical closeness as seriously as they do everything else. Their intimacy is such an experience for them which makes everything around them look more beautiful. Their love making has though got different aspects, as for, the Cancer man physical intimacy is part of emotional involvement while for the Capricorn woman it is practically a mutual trust which takes a long time to build up before she completely surrenders herself in the arms of her Cancer man. But once they both are completely involved in the depth of their oneness the love making is unbelievably harmonious with rich and meaningful taste of love. He gives her such love that stimulates her unknown craving of wanting him more. The experience for both is extremely deep and fulfilling as being opposite in nature the attraction is certainly powerful and passionate one. In fact it is one of the most enriching physical relationships of all the zodiac signs where dreams are actually answered by reality.

There are always some of the problems prevailing in the relationship of the Cancer man and Capricorn woman as they are almost opposite of each other and it takes a long and patient process to understand each other properly. Though she always respects the cautious and determined attitude of her Cancer man and is completely flattered by his tenderness but still his moodiness and irritability makes her uncomfortable. On the other hand, he also loves the stability and wisdom of his Capricorn lady but her insensitivity and rigidity depresses him deeply. To have a better relationship, he should try to control the frequency of his mood swings and she should try to show her compassionate side more often.

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    Blueeyedbrat 5 years ago

    @SkyyBlue Im recently involved in a relationship with a cancer man and Im a Capricorn women, I see all the things in him that your saying your man is to you and all he does for you, thank you for sharing your story, Im realy liking this new guy I found and I think you should rethink leaving your guy, if you are so good together why leave. I always say dont fix it if its not broken. If you dont know what to do…do nothing. Good luck to you and your Cancer man, he sounds wonderful. Thanks again for sharing

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    rubimarquez 5 years ago

    As time went by, I came to realize that there’s something in me as a cappy woman that draws them cancer males and females to me which from the very start I would never be able to see it coming… They are emotional, yes, they are clingy people but I find them very very protective.. i think one of the downsides of the cancer zodiac is that they cannot hold big issues to themselves which i find very frustrating, most especially when they got caught of their wicked sins…… they cheat alot… i know i hurt them most of the time because of my harsh judgement but i feel so amused that they seem like they can’t evr forget me…

    Just recently i met this cancer guy who charms them all and i know my being mysterious caught his attention… it’s cute that he always asks what is goin on inside my mind.. and he knows how to play my game when i try to play his …. he tried everything to seduce me but i resist it hard cause he has a girlfriend… ugh…

    To all cancer men out there…


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    initro 5 years ago

    Wow! I have read all of the statements that were posted before this post and 1st of all I have to say hah, hah, hah lol!!!…… Aaah! now…if we took a little of somthing from some of the statements posted previously here and pieced them together, then we could have some truth. Where should I start. I am a Cancer man and I have family member’s that are Cancer men and some of them have cheated (but no sign is exempt from this) and they’re not very moody, some Cancer men and woman might get a little upset with me but I have to share a Cancer secret one that deals with the moodiness and this is somthing that no zodiac reading ever mention or might not be aware of and this is that the Cancerian male and female that can be moody have this trait just from merely being emotionally drained. Highs and lows of emotions that run deeper than any ocean, makes this particular sign at times tapped out emotionally and when this happens the crab becomes emotionally irritable and cranky until the Cancerian recharges and then you have your jolly Cancer back so just be a little patience and show some love and the reward will be great. Just imagine being a person that often worries, this is what some Cancer’s do (because some Cancer’s love things to be perfect) this is why reassurance is in order until the crab feels safe with you, then he’ll come out of his shell. After true trust is asstablished reassurance isn’t needed in such a repeticious way. Once you have captured the trust of a Cancerian, mood swings will dwindle away and your life with your Cancerian will become as normal with a Cancer as it would with any other zodiac sign (but if the Cancer never feels secure then things can be uneasy) but once real trust is felt, a little possesiveness might erupt because you are now part of a very small privledge’d group of people that this Cancer feel is trust-worthy, and we have already established that Cancerians do not let too many people in their inner circle because of the fear of being hurt because of being so sensitive and Cancers can be extra senstive because Cancers can be extra loving and expect the same in return or will feel jipped (in other words we believe in give and take) . You must remember crabs have hard shells to protect against harm but are soft on the inside, which means a loving and warm person is alive on thee inside…this is why the crab is the representative of the Cancerian sign, hard outside, soft inside. Furthermore Cancer’s can be touchy and emotional more so than any other zodiac sign so previous interactions in life that might not have went so well makes this person more fearful of people or unsure more than any other zodiac sign, more untrusting and more uneasy to make a commitment in a relationship all just from the fear of being hurt because of what we might of percieved as being troubleling from bad past experiences. Now! with that being said all Cancer’s do not share all the basic Cancer traits just as all Capricorn do not share all of the Capricorn traits, most of the time a person might incorporate a few strong traits from their zodiac sign that they belong to. I on the other hand had all of the traditional traits of a Cancer male so this is why I can speak so easily on this. I had to work on the moodiness trait in my teens but I have completely overcome this and if I feel irritated I just take a little time to myself and communicate this to people close to me (everyone needs a little alone time, sometime no matter what sign you belong to) but as far as male Cancers being cheaters this is not at all a Cancer’s trait. Cancer men by zodiac law are the very least likely sign in the zodiac to cheat! we are family orientated, family men that only want one woman to share our lives with but there are always exceptions to the rule of coarse all different zodiac sign members have our own personal experiences with other zodiac sign members but there just that! our own personal experiences so I would never ban out a complete zodiac sign especially a sign that I am supposed to be compatible with because of a few bad apples…I hope that my post might have answer’ed some questions that needed to be answer’ed because for the most part us Cancer men are loving, charming, warm, kind hearted, attentive, old fashion men and I appreciate you taking the time to read this, my short book πŸ™‚ Oh! and by the way I am not a cheater and I find cheating repulsive.

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    Rschneider7789 5 years ago

    @Noreen Are you done? Do you feel better? I hate ignorance. This goes out to everyone: never judge someone unless you have the mental competence to do so. Did your father not teach you to look before you leapt, Noreen? If you want to judge all Cancer men by the actions of a few, then by all means please do. That’ll help the good Cancer men like myself to steer clear of your train wreck. Cancer men prefer to deal with their mood swings alone. We go into our shell until it’s safe enough to come back out. If you try to pry that shell open and you get pinched, do you blame the animal for protecting itself? Common sense dictates you should leave said animal alone. There’s a reason we scuttle away and hide in our shell ladies. We don’t want to hurt you so we take our storm and go. If you chase a tornado and casualties result, do you blame the tornado? No, it’s your own damn fault.
    I’m a good Cancer man and I am ashamed of nothing! Cancer men look to their mothers a great deal. If he has a bad experience with mommy dearest he’ll see that in all women and hurt them before they hurt him. He’s scared to love! There’s a way to fix Cancer men, but it takes a long time and an intuitive and patient woman. That’s why Cancer men go good with water and earth signs. I was wicked and I’d cuss at my family and friends, abandon them like I just met them, I was a horrible person. Shattered and broken by my father who verbally and physically abused me and mistreated my mother and I became vile. I hurt my mother because my father would hiss in my ear. After a while I found out who was lying. I confronted my father offering forgiveness for his sins. He denied ever hurting me saying he had my best interests at heart. Bullshit! I threw his ass out the door and told him I was done with him. I have been healing with the help of my family. My mother is an awe-inspiring woman. After everything I said to her, all the years she has housed me and I’ve drained her financially, after all the times she has wanted to throw me out because I hurt her, she has never given up on me. My father has never apologized, has tried to buy my love, and hasn’t spent a dime on me. He has my mother fix his mess. So I give back. To the women who are truly good I lavish them with my love, honesty and respect. I protect them from cheaters and build them up emotionally. So no, not all Cancer men are horrible. I don’t cheat. I won’t so much as look at another woman even in the dating process. I’m sometimes dramatic, but I work on it. I love attention, but I hate feeling even remotely unfaithful. I am a Leo mars and venus and I NEED attention. But I’m a Cancer Sun, Virgo moon and Cancer Rising with Capricorn dominating my birth chart. So though I need attention I don’t seek it from the opposite sex too often. I get it from my guy friends or I shower those few special ladies in my life with some attention. I never let them get too close though. If they do I back off. I want to learn about the sensual arts, and even become an expert on massage for my future spouse. Nothing will mean more to me than her happiness. The reasons I will marry for are to solidify my bond with my lady love, let the world know our commitment, and let her know my commitment is forever. Yes everything I do has a motive as it pertains to my kindness. I LOVE to give and feel needed, but Cancers need constant reassurance. Is giving back too much to ask? Sorry, if I’d bust my ass to show you that nothing and no one on Earth means more to me. You’re too immature to handle a Cancer man, Noreen, other wise you’d know all this. To all you ladies bashing Cancer men, our scars run deeper than our skin. Wounds heal with time, but even faster with help and a little TLC. Don’t be lazy, if you want a great man you’re going to have to work for him. If you just want him to be perfect when you meet him then read closely: you’re looking for Mr. Right Now and not Mr. Right.

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    Lois-French 4 years ago

    I started talking to a Cancerian man about a year ago and weve gone from strength to strength. He’s charming, sensitive, intuitive and wise. When we talk I feel I can be open with him more than I’ve felt able to with anyone else.. Being a Capricorn talking about my feelings or weaknesses of mine is almost a taboo but with him it’s easy. He’s so positive all the time, I could be in the stormiest mood ever and he’d still make out that he is pleased to see me. I normally apologise after for my coolness and I think he’s glad I do. To be honest I havn’t seen many of his mood swings there have been some times where he’s down, but in these moment I take a leaf from his book and try and show him the positive side of things. I think he only considers us as friends and if he doesn’t I dont know whether he would say but honestly I think I have fallen for him. Now I am just stuck about whether I say anything or wait for him. Or do anything at all I value our friendship highly but I keep thinking about him as more than friends.

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    Will_Rogers 4 years ago

    I’m a Cancerian man … We’ll teenage boy – but anyway i’m 15 my birthday is july 20 , 1997 and after reading this i want a Capricorn women when i grow up or now .

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    SassyCap 4 years ago

    To Supernova
    Thank you so much for your comments on here.  I genuinely are grateful for what I have heard (breathed a big sigh of relief).
    I have been in a relationship with a Cancerian for just over 7 months and I am so blissfully happy.
    I find him to be extremely patient, gentle, considerate and kind.  Also very intelligent and thinks before he acts.  I have never seen him have a mood swing.  His ex wife says he sulks… I have never known this.
    He is the most patient and caring father to his son, and treats my son with respect and kindness.  We do not live together, and only see each other mainly at the weekends.   I used to get annoyed with him, because when we are together he is attentive and well… wonderful, but when we are apart, he seems to forget I exist.  Because of baggage from past relationships, this used to hurt me and make me suspect that he may be playing the field while we are apart.  But I no longer believe that to be the case.  I now see him as a independent and confident person.  I believe that he does need his own space and feels secure and confident enough in our relationship to have his alone time, without feeling like he has to keep shining his apples with small talk or that he needs constant contact because he wonders what I am up to.  So now, finally he has taught me to trust again and to give me enough space to be myself and to have other interests of my own.  When we are together we are constant companions and we enjoy our time together immensely.
    There are of course certain little things about him that aren’t quite what I would like, but as a whole he is so worth having in my life that I make allowances and also accept that there are undoubtedly things about me that annoy him too.
    As a capricorn woman, I tend to be a little reserved, it is always him that reaches for a kiss or takes my hand in his.  It is not that I am cool…  I would love to be the initiator, but there is something in my makeup that makes me fear rejection, so I come across as a little undemonstrative, and yet, I know when he kisses me, or takes my hand, he knows how much I welcome it and want it.  I need to overcome my “shyness” somehow, and I think my cancerian love is the one that will help me to do that.  I just hope he has the patience to help me work through it and that my aloofness does not leave him feeling like I don’t feel the same as he does.

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    ret2495 4 years ago

    Hi everyone!I was wondering if any Cancer males could give me (this Cappy in her 20’s) some friendly advice about a Cancer guy? I have recently met this fine and extremely handsome Cancer man (the attraction is out of this world!) and I can tell insitinctively that he is a very emotional kind of man (as indicated in the compatability article as well). However, this is the first time I’ve encoutered a Cancerian before and boy do I find them confusing, if not frustrating! I think it is because I am so traditional in the sense that I would like to be chased by him and have him make the first move. But he simply hovers near me (occasionally he has caught me by surprise in the library) and I sense this electricity between us, but he does not utter a word to me! I sense that he likes me – we flirt a lot in my lectures at uni and he has even broadly smiled at me! And I know the simple answer would be to just approach him and say something, but I am so afraid of exposing my vulnerability to him! I am scared of how he will react and whether he is just playing games with me – my last relationship with a Scorpio ended quite badly, with me having ended up quite hurt by the experience, so I am reluctant to make the first move anymore. He is clearly indicating interest in me, but I am so scared! :(Can someone please suggest a safe approach for this shy Cappy, in order to gain this Cancer man’s trust? He simply will not come out of his shell – we can’t get past the flirting stage! – and I am not usually scared (I’m quite extroverted and have a good circle of outgoing friends too) so I have no idea why I am finding it so difficult. I also keep blowing opportunities I have to talk to him, since I expect him to say something, but he never does! And I hate having the responsibility thrusted upon my shoulders! :(I would appreciate any kind words of advice!Laura

  9. Profile photo of keenlam
    keenlam 4 years ago

    Hi Laura.
    I am not a Cancer but my dad is and I like to think I inherited some Cancerian traits from him. Also, my mom is a Cap, so my advice will be mostly based how I see from their relationship (not my personal experience).
    Sounds like you and he both have insecurity issues. First of all, be optimistic whenever you and he have time together. This positive aura will bring some sense of security and help him open up to you. Secondly, be a planner. Cancerians are not famous for their ability to “leap without thinking” (that would be Aries or Sagittarius). Since you two are both studying, you may find it natural to talk about study plans, assignments, exams, etc. Again, this will help bring a sense of security to both party without revealing much of your intention towards relationship. 
    However, may I also suggest that you take time to figure out the level of commitment that you guys want into this relationship. As commonly agreed on in astrology, Cancerians are family-oriented, great nurturers. I find it very true, Cancerian men make great dads. So when it comes to long-term, committed relationship with the promise of children, you will be blessed to have a Cancer husband around.
    That’s pretty much all I can offer. Wish you all the best.

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    ret2495 4 years ago

    @keenlam Thankyou so much for your advice! And I am open to feedback on Cancerian-Capricorn relationships in general too. Yes, you are right. We are both quite scared and nervous around eachother, which makes it hard to break the ice. And I will definitely try to maintain a positive attitude when I am around him. I really feel as though I could open up to him emotionally, which is a rare thing for me, since I am often a very private person when it comes to personal matters. I am all up for commitment and am very loyal to both my friends and family, so if I work out that he feels the same, I will be very pleased! Yeah, I have thought about what I should talk about when I encounter him and uni is definitely a top one there, since I want to know how much time we can spend together by looking at our timetables. He is currently only in two of my classes (but I am grateful that I get to see him at all this semester!). Thanks again and if you ever have any queries/questions about Capricorns, I’d be happy to help! πŸ™‚

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    ret2495 4 years ago

    Ok, I was hoping to make some progress with my Cancer male today, but there was no such luck. πŸ™ I just want to know if he’s leading me on, because I don’t understand his behaviour at all. I need a fellow Cancer to explain his actions to me. He entered the lecture late and sat ‘right’ behind me (he has always sat near me in some way, as a way to create intimacy between us). Anyhow, I decided to say something (take the reins on this relationship), since he hasn’t been brave enough to talk to me yet and it has frustrated the hell out of me. And I said kindly, that he hadn’t missed much of the lecture, despite him arriving about 20mins late. It was true, since we hadn’t covered anything of real substance. And he was of course, a bit surprised with me talking to him. He appeared to blush a bit and was shocked. πŸ™‚ Then, he tells me that he had decided to come, since he had missed the last two lectures. I knew this, because I had searched for him every time, in the hopes of sitting next to him and striking a convo. But I have been peeved about the fact that he doesn’t seem to commit to his studies, since I apply myself completely (unless he has been sick or something), but he neglected to say and I didn’t want to seem rude by asking why. Anyways, what really got to me was the fact that after our lecture finished, he didn’t even bother to try to pursue our convo further!!! He simply saw a girl from class (a friend) and started talking to her on the way out. Is this guy interested or just playing mind games with me? For the whole semester we have done nothing but flirt and he has gave me every indication that he’s interested by sitting near me. But he doesn’t seem to want to talk to me, even when I made things easy for him by starting a convo today! Is he just too shy??? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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    rhia123 4 years ago

    I have been married to a Cancer man for 7 years. What I love most about him is he tries hard to please me. Also, he has been nothing but encouraging as I’ve moved up in my career. Every career woman should be married to Cancer, who will love you through your long work hours, and spend lots of time with the children. This is a generalization of course, there has to be a lot in place for a marriage to work, but over all, you have to be married to the right person, and for me, he has been perfect for me. PS- he admires me a lot. A lot of men would be too prideful to be married to a woman who gets paid twice more than he, but not him. Good luck to everyone in finding your perfect sun sighn partner!!!

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    rhia123 4 years ago

    Some advice for anyone interested: The biggest thing I’ve learned about my husband (he’s a cancer, I’m a Cap), which has helped my marriage a lot is, when he gets defensive its not because he’s being prideful, but because he is truly trying to do his best. I’ve learned to spell out for him, in very clear English -without fluff or excess feelings but just matter of fact- “here’s what I want you to start doing.” This might sound bossy, but once he understands exactly what you want, he (if he’s worth keeping) will oblige.
    Really, I think good relationships have more to do with self-respect and boundaries more than it does zodiac signs. I’m 29 ,and have noticed most 20 and 30 year olds get involved in all this drama. Its crazy. At work I have to tell these men I work with, albeit apologetically, that I do not have adiquet patients to listen to their personal relationship dramas. Healthy relationships is first respecting yourself and second, only settle for a good man, and a real man. Real men are rare, and this is an American woman’s perspective. ***By the way, self-respect includes being the kind of woman a good, real man would want to marry, –it starts there!!!!

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    lockbox30 4 years ago

    im a cancer man and im in a relationship like this we love each other but its not easy to break the ice im not even sure we did yet but it always seems like shes made at me an i go home and feel sad and i ask my self what  happen and how can i fix this because i love very much i just wish there was a way to feel more confident 

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    ret2495 4 years ago

    Hi Trey,I feel exactly the same way about me and my Cancer guy. He is very shy and very emotional. But because he won’t speak to me, I become afraid of stepping out of my shell too! Sometimes, I feel that he doesn’t care at all for me. :(I’m sorry to hear that you feel as though she’s mad at you. Do you think that maybe she’s upset at you because she wants to be approached by you? From my perspective as a Capricorn, I get frustrated with the fact that my Cancer man will not approach me, but rather make eye contact with me instead. The most he has done is sit near me and even when I have started the convo, he doesn’t say much. Do you think she loves you? Because you should go for it, you’ve got nothing to lose if you know that other person shares the same feelings. I know it’s difficult to be brave and bold and take the first step, but you’ll never know unless you try right? I think as Capricorn’s we love your sweet and kind nature, but we also want some confidence at times too! I know it is hard to ask for someone to be completely different from the way they are, but if you talk to her and ask what’s troubling her, you’ll find out what’s really going on. It may be that she isn’t upset at you at all, but rather something else. Let us know how it goes and all the best!Laura. 

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    trippleddd 4 years ago

    I been with a cancer man for over 16 years.I am a capricorn women.I loved this man,bore his 2 children and all he ever did was give me hell.It was and still is a love/hate relationship.It would take 4ever 2 go through the details of all went on in this abusive traumitizing fearful relationship.I will say..through it all..I stoock by his side,believing if we both gave our 100,we can actually deal with this.But he was a manwhore,he made me carry his demons.Like the reading says..Yes I had my part in calling him names,after he would leave me emotionally ,physically drained.But I still never gave up all the way.Its still hard 4 me 2 start a new relationship,cause I am use 2 his agression and control.And I hate it…I love this man with every inch of my being.And I know he has graveyard love 4 me as well,but he doesnt shile how it until we are intimate and that hurts.He had abusive issues,went 2 prison paid his debt 2 society.I waited on him faithfully,he gets out ,and becomes a manwhore.And threatends 2 kill me if I ever left.When I did leave he was scorned ..declared war on me and did the unthinkable.I dont have time in a day 2 describe the horror and torture and terror he did.I will say I turned 2 God.And God taught me 2 forgive and still love now..he is using my faith 2 still use me and use tacticts 2 keep me near.I WANT MY LIFE BACK FROM THIS CANCER Man.HE WAS 35 AND I WAS 22 when we met back in 97.he is over obsessive,he cheats and lies,he uses ppl 2 harm me.I JUST DONT KNOW WHAT 2 DO OTHER THAN FORGIVE AND KEEP THIS THORN IN MY FLESH FOR THIS CANCER SOUL.HE says if I leave him he will kill himself.I TRY 2 GET HIM 2 talk 2 my pastor and he refuses…so he vents out his demons online.Well Im glad I have some awareness as 2 why our journey was so opposite and yet we still remain close lovers.ITS LIKE A STOCKHOLM SYNDROME I CANT EXPLAIN…AM I FOOLISH 4 LOVING STILL GOING THROUGH WITH THIS..OR DO I HAVE  NO CHOICE..HE WILL DO EVERYTHING IN HIS PATH 2 make it his benefit that I never leave him,Im serious.B/4 anybody critisizes u must hear the full story. This relationship had alot of phycological, mental, physical traumitizing abuse.Now its back 2 mental.Dear God I hope we can just be parents…its still not working out.Yet we still see each other nomatter how much we fight.Cancer men r pussywhooped over Capricorn women…PLAIN AND SIMPLE..I DONT SAY THIS WITH ARROGANCY..I SAY IT WITH CONCERN AND HUMILITY.

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    jan1111980 4 years ago

    I am a Capricorn woman and I have fallen fallen fallen so in love with a Cancer man! He makes me feel so secure and his manliness makes me feel even more like a woman….He swept me off my feet and I find myself able to tell him things that I wouldnt normally tell anyone! At least through text but even lately, I have been opening up more and more. We just had a family outing with my daughters and his daughter which he PLANNED and suggested….I have no problem letting him be the captain of our relationship because he handles everything so smoothly and I can RELAX and not worry….I see him everyday and we cant get enough of each other…Cancer men ROCK!

  18. Profile photo of @sami
    @sami 4 years ago

    I am dating this cancerian man for off and on 6 years. We are in a serious committed relationship. The first time we broke up, it was because I found messages of him trying to rekindle his relationship with an ex. This hurt me so much. Recently I found him stil subscribed on a dating site. I asked him to delete it n he did so and accepted that it was wrong,but are cancerian men not trustworthy? How do i know this will not happen again! I’m a Capricorn, I have literally left my booming career in another city to come to his city and be with him. I feel like even though we know each other for so long he holds back from me. He is not emotionally connected to me. I sometimes feel like he does not care for me at all Because he gets so defensive n arrogant when I try to explain my feelings that its like he isn’t even listening to how I feel. He says its cos I nag and that pushes him away…n I’m like if you just emotionally connect and give some of ur time n attention I won’t nag! He gets so moody and condescending when we fight N that hurts me so much. He does not know how to make me a priority that’s the worst! How do I get him to stand up to people, especially his parents and say no! This time is for plans I have with my gf? he can also be controlling, is this something i need to get used to? i know he loves me I absolutely know that and I really want to learn how to understand him, I’m so loyal and committed to him I love him completely I want to save my relationship I want to know how to have a more harmonious relationship with him. How can i take charge of my needs without seeming to dominate him? i can’t handle a man who makes no time for me…how do I save us?

  19. Profile photo of CancermanYO
    CancermanYO 3 years ago

    I’m a cancer man here, and I completely understand why people find it hard to put up with us. Lets face it cancer males and stop denying it. We are difficult. We mess with the people we love.we Are always hot and cold always sending mixed signals. We confuse and hurt so many people by are ways. Are moodiness is unacceptable yet we can’t help it. It’s terrible side to our wonderful amazing side. Once we can realize we aronion the wrong and stop telling are selfs we are right becuase we are not. We nah be to stop lying and owing up to doing the things we do. Once we can do this it will make our relationships a lot easier. I had a thing with a Capricorn girl, I think I really liked her to but I was so back and forth I couldnt make up my mind and I knew that if wet started a serious relationship my indesiciveness and moodiness was going to ruin it. I didnt want to let her down becuase she didn’t deserve it. I needed time to work on my self before I was ready for this relationship becuase.I know I don’t want to let her down and hurt her

  20. Profile photo of marco911
    marco911 3 years ago

    Im a Cancer…i feel like a cancer to any relationship im in. I try to learn from past relationships, but it feels like theres no point in doing anything romantic now a days. I jst recently meet a Cappy women, and shes amazing, I feel like i could be myslef. But im so confused, IDK what she wants from me. I try to be honest and not to moody but it seems like i push people away. Dnt have the many friends cause everyone thinks im weird cause Im not into whats new or cool. Im all about my self and my work. I barely got time to go out and enjoy life. The people i meet are all into the same lame things. But she is different, i want to connect with her more but idk if she does anymore. We been talking for a month now, and idk if to keep talking to her or if she wants to keep talking. I try to spend some time to know her but she always busy. I try to takes things slow but i dont wanto waste my time. So i stop trying. but i still want to try something. can someone please advice :/

  21. Profile photo of Elegant-eyes
    Elegant-eyes 3 years ago

    Im a capricorn woman in a relationship with a cancer man and its got to the point where i want to jus let it go..i understand that traditionally men lead but in our case i have to and he def doesnt want that domination is a big thing with us and yes he is very moody i find it very weird to see a male this way and yes its  kind of annoyin to me its like cmon man up! i try not to let my emotions get the best of me never was the type who argued but with this cancer man i find myself doing these things often hes insecure highly emotionally and it cold emotionally withdrawn but i tell it like it is..he was sweet in the beginning and now everything has willing to let it go but he is not..we have tried to work it out to many times but there is no change to much fighting..our ways and views on things are totally different

  22. Profile photo of Leland
    Leland 3 years ago

    Wow as a Cancer male, reading all of these Cancer male comments are depressing. Even worse is, knowing they are true. I am no Angel and have did things that I haven’t needed to do because I felt wronged or slighted. Yes a Cap woman can be aloof and sneaky in her ways similar to what the Cancer does. She is naturally mysterious and cautious in the information she releases. Yes she will keep things from you and probably even lie, especially if she knows you’re lying. She hits the Cancer male exactly where it hurts, in our fear of being alone or second fiddle. The attraction that exists between the two signs is amazing, but it MUST be maintained or it can/will hurt bad. 

  23. Profile photo of Deesbaby09
    Deesbaby09 3 years ago

    I met my Cancer man in 1999. After being Devoriced for 4 years and not ready for a serious relationship, he confessed his interest in me which took me by surprise cause he was 24 and I was 38 at the time. I was afraide to enter into a relationship because of our age difference. And only offered friendship, which he accepted. We talked often and really got to know each other. In April of 2000 he asked if we could try dating I said okay and we took it very slow I wanted to be sure that this was good for the both of us. In August of 2008 he asked me to marry him and on October 22nd 2009 we were Married. It was the best decision I have ever made. I have someone who truly makes me happy. And after reading our compatability it all makes sense why we are together and will stay together. Thanks so much Oracle πŸ™‚

  24. Profile photo of CancerGman
    CancerGman 2 years ago

    I’m a Cancerian Man with Sagittarius rising (fire- water) but on the inside I’m all Cancer… Who just turned 40. I have been reading all these posts… And I think there is a lot of immaturity at play with some of these posters… In the context that people can and do change with age… Like a fine wine. As a young Cancerian I went through the gauntlet of unbridled emotion… It is true, Cancers feel deep… Deeper than any other sign in the zodiac, we are naturally intuitive, sensitive, and empathic… But with time and age most of us learn discipline, we discover power over ourselves… We pick up everyone else’s garbage… And then must sift down to get to our own.
    I think… Looking back I can say… Due to the insensitivity displayed in the rest of the zodiac… Most true Cancerians have experienced the depths of heartache that only few can imagine. We are a unique Creature with a capacity to love like no other. We may have a hard exterior, or at least we may appear this way… But inside that’s just not the case. Just a fair warning to those interested in a relationship with a Cancer man… Don’t insult us, belittle us, or pick senseless fights with us… All you will plant is resentment and possible/probable defensive retaliation… You have no idea how deep your words or actions can cut… especially if we’ve let you in our heart. Remember, we are emotionally driven… And the power in our emotion is like no other sign… Most of the time when we are cranky or down… It has nothing to do with you, and if it did, say your apologies… But give us space to calm our own waters and recoup our energies. We are well aware of our moods… And the mature Cancerian will have the ability to communicate to you what he feels and needs as well as listen to and discern yours as well… But you have to have the capacity to listen… And then just back off for a minute, even if you don’t understand. Don’t ask us to look in merky waters to clarify something for you we are trying to clarify for ourselves… until we have clarified it for ourselves, our process is much different than yours… just ignore us… Its not hard… Don’t get butt hurt… It will pass, just give us reassurance of your love and then walk away, we will respond to that a lot better than if you’d kept stirring up our Waters infusing your emotion into ours. To my younger fellow brother Cancerians… You know your s*** stinks like everyone else’s… Be aware of your self and your actions.. Nothing is onesided… You cannot control others, at best you can learn to control and work with yourself and your emotional element… Don’t play the victim… Life is all about choices… While we can relate to most other signs in the Zodiac… Not many signs can relate to us… They can barely scratch the surface of your depth. With the extrasensory perception you possess… You cannot expect to be understood the same way as you are capable of understanding… If you want to be understood on deeper levels… Stick within your own sign or element… Water. If your looking for some “strange” lol… That can be fun and exciting… For awhile, until your heart becomes involved. Good luck!

  25. Profile photo of switch071489
    switch071489 2 years ago

    wlive gotta sa caps are so hard to read and im at the point where im grabing my hair and ripping it out she made the first move cause i wouldent have done anythig. now its a month and a half later were not official but does she want that i know i do but she covers it up so well what am i suppost to do quit toying with me. give me something so im not so damn confused.i try to be nothing but supportive in a relaxinging enviorment we work together she comes over after a shift sits in the recliner so i sit on the floor take her shoes of and rub her feet ask her how her day went. buy her coffee when shes sleepy at work. tickled he the other day apparently she didnt like it refused to give me a goodbye kiss smiling saying that i needed to learn my lesson asked her to forgive me she said id have to find a way so i buy roses that have a card written on it forgive me. gonna try it later but ive no idea if shes as into me as much as when she first tryed to get my number i thought she was kiding she got it after three weeks. now im completely lost and im going crazy wtf do i do i go for it even though i have no idea if she wants a relationship or not whys this crap gotta be so hard to understand what exactly am i doing wrong at this point it feels like im losing it

  26. Profile photo of Annli
    Annli 2 years ago

    Not all cancer men r same I guess.  They r moody n hard to understand sometimes.  I met this guy through a friend. It was like love at first sight.  Everything seemed perfect and beautiful Felt so complete with him. It was like all the dreams have come true. He even purposed me. N I said yes. He goes back home for vacation. Ignores me. Didn’t call me.  Didn’t tell me when he’s coming back. I was like maybe he is stressed or something. But den he blocks me on fb. But finally came to know he got married to someone.  Lol. It felt like a nightmare.  Still feels like one. I mean cappy women cant be this insensitive.  I do tell ppl. How I feel. But what this idiot did is out of my understanding. At least be a real man n tell me what happened. My boss is a cancer n we get along jus fine. Been working together for like 10 years now. N another cancer friend, all cool with him. So its hard to say. But I blv every cancer is different.  Not all r moody or cheaters.  They jus play hard jus like there shell. 

  27. Profile photo of Annli
    Annli 2 years ago

    @switch071489. Hmmm she is feeling the same. Jus sit and talk to her. Its the best way. But dont be so direct that can make things worse. 

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  34. Profile photo of rauleague
    rauleague 2 years ago

    I need advice FROM A CAPRICORN WOMAN!
    I fell in love or obsessed with a capricorn women at my work, but she is married. I think she always tried hinting me to look at her and tried getting my attention, but i never really noticed her or thought of her that way until after working with her for about 4 months. Then i began actually feeling butterflies in my stomach when i would see her and when i would be around her. When we speak to each other i somehow cant stop smiling at her and she would do the same. As though we had a connection. She is very private about her life, so slowly with time i began making small talk to find more about her and she has opened up more, but i still feel that i know so little about her. Her mysteriousness attracts me even more to her. Now its been about 8 months working with her. At about 5 months another male coworker of mine kept hinting me that she would say to him that she really appreciated me working with her and told him to not allow me to leave the company. Eventually i had a conversation with her and she strait out asked me if i was planing on staying or leaving the company, so i replied that if other opportunities came about elsewhere i would probably leave and she spoke under her breath sarcastically that she would hope i did not find some other position. I then began making it obvious to her that i was completely interested in her by trying to talk to her when possible without compromising her job or mine and being professional. I went far as to giving her a nice valentine card that was not out of line and i placed a hidden message using math telling her she was sexy. I dont know if she figured it out to this day. Message was very clever using trigonometry because i knew she was a math major and I am an engineering major. She even began dressing up to work very sexy, but professional . Not the her typical clothing from when i began working with her. I had that urge to dress up for her too more so than usual. I even cooked for all of my coworkers as an excuse to really do it just for her. So i told her i would cook some food for all staff which she knew it was for her. I was surprised when she told me she would bake some cookies for me too as an even exchange for my food. She only made a small bag of cookies and it was part of her lunch and offered me some. I am a cancer man and really want more with her . Something serious, but I dont know if I should continue after her because she is very mysterious in the sense that she leads me on at times more so that other times. Then when i act uninterested in her she begins signalling me again to look at her and flirt and get my attention. I need some capricorn women to give me some advice and see if she might be playing with me or she finds me attractive and just like my attention, but she is scared of an affair happening which i dont want to happen. I also feel that she is so private at times that i feel that she could be separated, but wont reveal her private life for some reason. She has me very confused. At times i have been on the verge of telling her how I feel, but i am scared of rejection and feeling awkward around her afterwards. by the way she is 27 i am 28 and none of us have kids.

  35. Profile photo of jonah tiemann
    jonah tiemann 11 months ago

    What this article says is atleast 99.9% true. I\’m a cancer man and ever since I started dating my Capricorn woman, I have experienced depression, mood swings, irritability, and sadness. My girlfriend didn\’t understand my emotional breakdowns until the third month and she finally started to break out of her shell. Rn were 6 months in and me and my Capricorn woman are experiencing one of the best mutual relationships ever and we\’re both only freshmens in high schoolπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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  38. Profile photo of TammimB
    TammimB 8 months ago

    @rauleague Dude she’s married, don’t let her commit adultery. Cheating is wrong on both ends so find someone who is single. JUST NOT HER.

  39. Profile photo of sammy888
    sammy888 4 months ago

    I’m a Cap Woman who is in a relationship with a Cancer man We met in high school in our freshman year (14 years old) and before hand I wasn’t ready for him he did nice things for me like walking me to bus stop and giving me his generosity and I felt like we had a connection but I second guessed it and that made it much harder Now we are both 21 and I’m very happy that we are togther it wasn’t easy in the beginning because we wasn’t prepared for our challenges that we faced they are not kidding when they say that cancer man and Capricorn woman have differences Sometimes it is hard and I will admit that I can be stubborn or I feel like I’m not getting enough but the truth Is that he gives me everything he has, can give me, and more and still wants to give me more we definately try to work together as a team to help each other be better people so we can grow together I just wish that he was more assertive and just told me that he was In love with me years ago but he held back bc he was scared

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