Cancer Man and Leo Woman Love Compatibility

Fire and Water make an astonishing amalgam of passion and calmness between a Leo and a Cancer. There is likely to be an enormous attraction between the two and warmth of expression which both the signs need to feel comfortable in a relationship. But sometimes Fire may horrify the Water, leading to devastation.

A Cancer man is basically a strongly focused and determined person with great sense of humor and pronounced leadership skills. He is quite enduring and shows a lot of compassion. Once he aims for something, he hardly looks back or regret on his decision. In love with a Leo woman, he can play the role of an ideal romantic lover effortlessly. He easily woos his Leo woman with his loving nature and perfect gentleman attitude. But his possessiveness can make her uncomfortable and his mood swings may also confuse her during their courtship.

A Leo woman is an extremely graceful woman with all the tantrums and delicacies possible. She loves challenges and takes them head-on. She is full of pride and elegance and doesn’t stand to any ridicule. Generally she is an exceptionally generous and warm lady with all the qualities of leadership. When in love with a Cancer man, she gives passion and strength to their relationship. She respects him but in return demands equal respect and some more devotion from him. She is fairly a lady of high dignity but if she doesn’t get enough attention, she goes around to other places to have it. This flirting nature of hers can make the Cancer man insecure at times.

A Leo woman is a magnificent mate for a Cancer man. She is very kind and active partner who brings cheers and fervor in the life of the Cancer male. The mood swings displayed by him can annoy her but being a generous person, she tends to forgive quite easily. She always stands by him to support him during all the thick and thin. She provides her man with the much needed emotional security through her warm and generous nature and her passionate way of loving him. The great sense of humor of Cancer man keeps the spirits of his Leo female high as a result of which she gives him complete devotion and dedication.

A Cancer man perfectly makes the man of a Leo woman’s dreams. Though at times she finds him strange due to his insecure nature but his sensitivity always impresses her. He provides a cocoon for the Leo girl to protect her from the people who are most likely to hurt her and make her feel very secure in his presence. He never dominates on his lady and let her make her own decisions. Most of the times she has an upper hand in making decisions, but when her thought process becomes too capricious, then he takes charge of things with all his power and wisdom. He expresses his displeasure towards his Leo love in a very subtle manner instead of losing his temper. His composed attitude helps her to become more loyal and take the relationship more seriously.

The compatibility between the Cancer man and Leo woman can be extremely good as lovers as they give up all the grudges and fall deeply and selflessly in love with each other. He who is totally in love with her supports her to take the leap in to a career which interests her and he also let her take the reigns of the house. At the same time, she respects him and follows his lead with complete devotion. She inspires him to become more experimental in life and fill warmth of love in his heart while he teaches her to be less aggressive and cools down her arrogant fury with his calm watery approach.

The Leo woman can gladly let the Cancer man take the lead as far as the physical aspect of the relationship is concerned. So it’s like that she rules in day time and he rules in bed time. They will have a great physical relationship as both of them have similar kind of desires. The emotions exuded by both of them will make their physical relationship a lot more interesting. She will sometimes display a cold exterior if her ego gets hurt in any way, and he can frequently adopt an indifferent attitude if he is rejected for certain reasons. Compassion serves as the foundation for the physical relationship between them. Lack of compassion may make their physical relationship lackluster. It would help him in bed if he, once in a while, gifts her some sexy jewelry or her favorite dress or something. She always feels so feminine, so girlish, so adored when she wears them. In turn she gives him a very good, unexpected show. She could feel the excitement coursing through her veins and her heart pounds as he looks at her with love and desire, equally.

A Cancer man loves his Leo woman graciously and with complete sincerity. He never tries to dominate her but definitely tries to manage her life in a better way. On the other hand she worships him for the immense security and support he provides in all aspects of life. She gives him the devotion he craves for and provides a very stimulating partner. But the mood swings of the Cancer man can confuse her and she may feel offended at times. Moreover his insecurities and possessive nature may make her feel restricted at times. What irritates him is generally her extravagance as she loves to live like a queen and her flirting nature which she enjoys to get attention from other men. This attitude of her turns him cold and there can be problems in their relationship. To get it back on the right track she just needs to give up some of her false pride and he needs to be more trusting.

  1. Fred April 19th, 2017

    Leo woman (whoooooo)
    She brought this crab 18 years and counting of pure passion. Yes, there are cons. But, the pros far out weigh them. She is my Queen and Sun. I am her King and Moon. It seems nature and gravity hold us together. She is my kitten, and purr if I give her the right touch. Yeah, it can be a match made in heaven, but you have to work at it. It’s so worth it.

  2. Nabi April 6th, 2017

    Leo woman (August 13) with a Cancer man ( July 5). We have been together for 2 years now. I have a lot of Virgo aspects so I’m not very flirty and he has a Sagittarius moon which makes him more passionate and very able to lose his temper. Nevertheless, it is true that he is very funny, sweet, loyal (at least he says so and I had no significant reason to doubt it yet) and brave. He would do anything to keep me and his family safe. We equally respect each other’s boundaries, but I do get jealous without a reason sometimes, which he actually enjoys. He isnt very controlling at least not to the point that I feel uncomfortable. I love how sincerely he seems to love me and care about me, it doesnt leave him cold when I cry. Cant imagine anyone else by my side.

    The two guys I dated longterm before were both Scorpios and I couldnt stand their attitude. I always kept saying swear words at them, cant even think of doing that to my Cancer man. Scorpio men from my experience can be so downright evil, manipulative and aggressive. Also ice cold cheaters. Never again.

  3. CRAB KING March 28th, 2017

    😍😍😍 man… is it real…. i have a leo girl august 19th and me the crab king july 1st. I thought these zodiac stuffs were fake but every thing seems real after reading the above compaitable …. i feel so lucky now… 😋😋😋😋

    • Nessy April 4th, 2017

      Wowww I Am August 12th And My Boyfriend Is July 3rd..

      • Nabi April 6th, 2017

        Leo woman (August 13) with a Cancer man ( July 5). Dont tell me your name is Vanessa as well ..xD I only use Nabi as a Korean name.

  4. jewnaids March 25th, 2017

    these leo females look like hoes

  5. asm February 17th, 2017

    I dated three guys in my life time who were cancers. one of them were very sweet for the most part. his birthday was 21 july. him and i didn’t work out because i moved away, and he didn’t want to handle a long distance relationship. the other two were very abusive, controlling and manipulative, made you feel like the most unwanted piece of trash on the planet. they liked playing mind games. when they see that certain things they have done to attempt to get under your skin didn’t work, they’ll try something. also they’re very disloyal people, portraying to be loyal people. stay away from them.

  6. Profile photo of Swaggerleo
    Swaggerleo August 21st, 2016

    I am a leo woman (23rd july) in love with this school time batchmate who is a cancerian (20th june). We met when I had completed my college. He had been greatly interested in me since times we have reunited in our lives that was through facebook. Even though he had been greatly busy in his life and career-building, he contacted me with all his consciousness invested in me. He is a great guy. I had never ever met such a great guy in my life. Since, I met him, everything, every feeling seems like falling in the right place. And yes, he is cold- shouldered or ignoring of me many a times, but there could be no better match than this for me because he is the sweetest and most caring guy I have ever met! I love him so much!! I would just give a green light to all the people who are pursuing this leo and cancerian love relations. We all are just so blessed!! <3 <3

    • Dine June 3rd, 2017

      20th of June is Gemini not cancer. The cancer starts on the 22nd of June.

  7. Profile photo of Clairetee
    Clairetee July 21st, 2016

    My cancer man is all that and a bag of chips. He is a middle child and I too am a middle child. I am older and feeling it at 47 and he is 51 and is my equal and not only equal but is able to mentor me through my retirement from the demanding job I have had for the last 18 years.
    The key for me was that I have learned from previous falling outs and walls that men through up after I launch harsh words. I really hope I have learned to listen, and I do make constant effort. I also have some medication that helps me, to control
    Are you ready? My mood swings. I feel that I first have to take inventory and look in the mirror and really see myself. Living with a kinder approach and calm is a daily desire. It may seem morbid but I also try to accept that tomorrow is not guarenteed.
    We are all humans and so I am excited because my cancer man said that he was a big baby when he gets sick. I can’t wait to play nurse maid. Not that I want him to get sick, I just really want to do right by him and take care of him before he feels sick.
    His openess made me willing to share that I am an attention seeker, but the way I admit that has been to be my own parent. When I do something negative or hurtful I sit down withmyself in the morning or evening and ask myself why and usuually it’s something not related. I also tell myself when I did something awesome and give myself the credit for it or a certain kind of pat on the back. OK, it might be an extravigant purse but I worked hard and have few vices.
    We are all works in progress and can balance things out when we admit that we can’t be good at all things. We aren’t meant to live out the journey alone so expecting to work hard means it will pay off.
    I think the unique situation we have is that we are both middle child

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  10. Profile photo of MissM
    MissM December 14th, 2015

    @haiderod well that’s why astrology uses an entire birthchart horoscope. If you are heavily Leo influenced, which means having at least 2 other aspects or planets in Leo, then you are least likely to be compatible with Cancer men. Leo and Cancer shouldn’t be compatible since Leo is a fixed fire sign and Cancer is a cardinal water sign. Astrologically speaking (since this is an astrology forum) Leo and Cancers are simply not compatible and I wouldn’t recommend this pairing. But of course that there are exceptions but just like I said, you need to view the entire chart. Perhaps the cancer you’ve been involved with had more Gemini influence in him or you have more Virgo or Cancer in you chart than Leo. In that case, you’re compatible because of OTHER aspects than the Sun sign. I hate to repeat myself but Sun sign Leo and Sun sign Cancer are just not compatible.

    • Carol April 5th, 2017

      Im a Leo born 1st August and my man Cancerian born 11th July..and yes our relationship is so true according to writer because we both are a typical of our sun signs glad and im happy. Another great things in this relationship is that we have a childlike friendship and its hard to let go once we understood each other as we grew older and wiser..we became stronger and envied by many..its like a ying and a yang of a coin. So much different yet so much love and amazement.

  11. Profile photo of haiderod
    haiderod December 14th, 2015

    @MissM: I’m sorry, but I have to disagree. I’m a Leo woman and the compatibility with my Cancer man was unlike anything I have ever known. For us, there were other factors that got in the way. None of which had anything to do with our horoscope.

  12. Profile photo of MissM
    MissM December 10th, 2015

    cancer men are NOT compatible with Leo women. Period. Point. Blank.

    (Cancer women and Leo men are a different story)

  13. Profile photo of Ask Oracle
    Ask Oracle December 10th, 2015

    Cancer man and leo woman have great compatibility.

  14. Profile photo of Honeybun
    Honeybun November 16th, 2015

    Heheh! i totally know what you mean by he’s challanging at EVERY T.U.R.N!!!! It madens me!!! but he’s so sweet that it’s increadibly hard to resist and come back!!!

  15. Profile photo of Lioness323
    Lioness323 November 1st, 2015

    I’m a leo lady, would love to give it a go with a Cancer gent. Where are you, my handsome cancerian man? 🙂

  16. Profile photo of MissM
    MissM May 19th, 2015

    @haiderod I’m glad it’s working for you. Perhaps you have other aspects in both of your charts that makes you compatible? 
    (I’m a Leo Sun, Leo mercury, Leo rising, Leo North Node)
    Generally, Cancers and Leos are not compatible

  17. Profile photo of haiderod
    haiderod May 17th, 2015

    @MissM: I am a Leo woman dating a Cancer man and I have never been happier.  He’s not always easy to deal with, but he is worth the effort. Somehow, we make it work. Somehow, we mesh very well.  Just depends how much work you both are willing to put into the relationship. Believe me, he challenges me at every turn and I love it.  Of course,  I also keep him on his toes.    😉

    • Carol April 5th, 2017

      Super agree…both must make it work and must love each other 1st to make it work

  18. Profile photo of MissM
    MissM May 17th, 2015

    @Cancerian87 I’ve never said Leo women are perfect. I simply said that Leo women and Cancer men don’t mesh. They are not compatible. I’ve have not dated Cancer men (i have enough Cancer men and women as family members). The traits of the Cancer men is not challenging enough for an adventurous and enthuisiastic sign as Leo. Period.

  19. Profile photo of Cancerian87
    Cancerian87 May 16th, 2015

    @MissM wow it sounds like you have had a bad experience or two with a Cancer man. if not, then youre comment is pretty negative. It’s unfair to think of all Cancer men as the way you describe us. Leo women aren’t perfect you know. In fact every zodiac sign has its negative people and positive people. No zodiac is perfect. There is also no proof that Cancer men drool over all Leo women while the Leo women don’t care  about us. Most women on these comments seem to adore us Cancer men. 😉   It’s the immature, insecure Cancer men that are always negative and depressed. But a mature Cancer (ascended Cancer) that’s a whole different ball game. Trust me. That said I will confess that I’m becoming interested in a Leo female and I know for a fact she finds me very attractive in different ways. shes told me plenty of times. We both get along very well. Anyways, I’m not trying to convince you to date Cancer guys or such. I’m just saying, please don’t label every member of any zodiac the same as a few negatives you’ve encountered of that same zodiac sign. Think about that and please at least consider it. Peace. 

    • Carol April 5th, 2017

      Cancerian87 im a Leo Woman and if said not all Cancerian male drools over every Leo woman, im glad..then i get to keep my Cancer man all to myself and he doesnt have to screw his head for all cancer men that might drools over that..chill out bro. Tq though. Cancer men are loyal although sometimes flirty but i know his limit and i can always accept it.

  20. Profile photo of MissM
    MissM November 18th, 2014

    Cancer men are literally drooling over Leo women while Leo women are completely uninterested. It’s not compatible, good folks!
    People often assume Cancer and Leo are compatible because Cancer is emotional and Leo sensitive, but they often tend to forget that Leo seek adventure, and is a playful light hearted optimist that thrives on spreading happiness and positivity. The Cancer, well, it’s the opposite. Cancers drain out energy from their environment and they are routine-driven and moody and they cannot stand a successful neighbor or associate or partner. Cancers are also connected to their homes and their mothers. Leos want to run away from their homes.  
    And why do people always assume that Cancers being some sort of “smothering devout servants” to Leos would be turning us Leos on? That’s a total misconception again. Leos don’t want a servant by their sides. Leos like challenges. They want an equal and unfortunately, Cancer man can never be equal to a Lioness. You can’t even put these two in the same sentence.  I’m a Leo rising, Leo sun, Leo mercury and I don’t find Cancers attractive at all. Even with my venus in Cancer, I don’t seem to find them appealing. And I am surrounded by Cancers. 

  21. Profile photo of faizan0009
    faizan0009 October 29th, 2014

    goohle testing

  22. Profile photo of snow455
    snow455 October 14th, 2014


    So, I am a leo woman currently dating a cancer man. I mean, he is amazing because he has captured my attention like no one has. I am there for him to comfort whenever he needs me and well, I just want to make him happy. I have broken up with him before because I was going through a tough moment where I was jobless. I needed him, he wasn’t there for me. Prior to that he just kept breaking up with me out of no where, his mood swings were servely confusing me and he kept saying he isnt good enough for me, but he really loves me. SO through that broken up stage, he keptt trying to comminicate me to get me back. I was angry at him because I felt like he wouldn’t consider my feelings at times. There was no one else and I often had to convince him that I wanted him in which I did. Then we got back together again because the feelinsg were there and its just so intense and passionate. AT times he would lie to me about things that he shouldn’t, and that concerns me because does that mean that later on will he cheat on me and lie about it? He has bought me so many expensive things and I appreciate him for that. I love him for who he is not on what he buys me. Yet, he still keeps saying that I deserve better. He blockes me out at times, but I don’t stray away. Im still there trying to get him to comminicate with me. Often I feel like I need to hold back because he will just run away. He tends to do that a lot, when things get tough, he runs away. Im there trying to talk to him about it because commincation is key. He always leaves but always comes back. I really don’t know what to think at times.

  23. Profile photo of haiderod
    haiderod September 24th, 2014

    @krabben, thank you for your words. They are greatly appreciated. I hope the best for you as well.

  24. Profile photo of krabben
    krabben September 24th, 2014

    @haiderod, loves horrible sometimes huh and I can’t really imagine why he is been like this, someone texts or emails me i’m straight back at them – from a cancer point of view thats building up security which is what we love, we’re in it for the long haul, not a few months, in all relationships – love or work.
    At the end of the day I guess you have to say to yourself  ‘ i’m worth more than this, I have tried my best’. You don’t suppose he can have found out thru inquiries anything he dosn’t like which you didn’t tell him ? In a new relationship I think cancer forgives anything in the partners past, but if there was something they hid, cancer man would maybe see that as deceit and feel afronted.  
    I didn’t think Cancer played games  – unless some other part of his life is troubling him, work or finance or a berevement. One thing cancer loves is the chase and attention of a beloved partner or would be partner, if he isn’t responding as you say he’s not, then give him the cold shoulder for a while – let him miss you, sooner or later I would think he will wonder what has happened, maybe when whatever else is troubling his mind has passed, and when he does contact you again (trust me we always do, we can’t help ourselves) he will wonder where you went or why you stopped writing, so then you must educate him – most important – tell him you wanted to be there, you were trying everything but he didn’t respond, and make him understand that he’s not the only one that needs to feel loved, and make him understand you are not happy at the way he treated you, shut you out – BUT that you appreciate him so much you want to try again, then if the same trait pops up again, tell him immediatly and in no uncertain terms exactly what he is doing – again.  I am only a mere cancer man lol, but that is what would work with me. Good luck, don’t waste too much time worrying about him if he is not responding, life goes on, find another, you’re worth more than an unresponsive crab 🙂  

  25. Profile photo of haiderod
    haiderod September 24th, 2014

    @krabben, I’m so glad you commented cause I’m at my wit’s end. We’ve been intimate many times. I don’t hold back my feelings either. I’ve tried talking to him, but he got called into work. By phone he came across as mean. When we’re together he’s amazing. When he’s gone, he won’t communicate. Ignores my text messages. Feels like he’s playing games. I honestly feel like I’m in a relationship by myself. Today I texted 4 times – no response. I don’t know what else to do, but I know I don’t wanna let go.

    • Carol April 5th, 2017

      Haiderod…you are an amazing Leo woman from how i read he treats you when he is around u..but stop looking for him when he is not around you and get busy with life at present that makes u happy..then he will always try to reach out for u to see what u are up to which wasnt him. Its also mens nature to keep still be busy and he keeps chasing you which is a better game plan for him so he will always keep falling in love with u during the distance..but i know u Leo girl you are loyal and you like to have that..conquer your end of the day, you have so much adventure to tell him that keeps him more in love with u..he is secure with your achievement. But doesnt mean he want to have it..he just want u to be the queen you are that most men wants..and he will feel like a hero if he owns you.

  26. Profile photo of krabben
    krabben September 24th, 2014

    Hi Haide, careful you don’t just turn into a best friend ! The way he is behaving sounds to me that he is not secure or not sure in the relationship, he will need to know you are devoted to him, then in my experience distance is irrelevant as you will always be in his thoughts, every minute of every day, and absence certainly makes the cancerian heart grow fonder.
    Cancer man is shy at saying what he wants till you’re intimate, my best friend and sadly probably the love of my life lives 1500km away, it could have worked if we had both wanted it to, there was a chance and I missed it, I have many close friends, and they just dont realise that with a little nudge in the right direction from them it could be so much more. See – us crabs are just misunderstood and why dont you all get the subliminal psychic messages we are sending out ??? !!! Good luck.

  27. Profile photo of krabben
    krabben September 24th, 2014
    HI Lioness ! I am a divorced 47 yr cancer man and from my experience I can say we do not really ever forgive infidellity, we will hang on in there and the relationship will be cold and nasty, but we never forget and we never forgive. I had an ex of 30 years ago come back on recently and say that was the happiest time of her life and any chance…don’t think so thanks, been there seen that.
    It seems we – cancer man – wait for the next ‘dream’ to come along before letting completly go of the last, but once in a new relationship then that is all that matters – we wont forget what has gone before but should they come knocking with they’re “im sorry i made a mistake”‘s it will be met with an ‘ah sorry, we had our chance’. If he’s not re-hooked up of course he could be tempted, as sometimes for cancer any company is better than no company.
    Cancer guy is shy, if he is trying to flirt with you he is interested, and if he is interested then he is – really interested – you have probably already replaced the previous one as who he thinks of when he closes his eyes at night, so go for it, let him know how you feel, unless you also betray him you will have his complete love.
    Just a point, the cancer who is serially betrayed – as I have – will be even harder to convince he needs your love, he knows he needs it, but he will be frightened that you will just be like all the others, and eventually play with his emotions, so be patient with him. Whats really funny is I am looking again now and I always just assumed that Cancer / Leo would be a terrible match because how strong and argumentative Leo is perceived to be – how wrong could I have been, I see all the traits people have writen here. Anyway good luck, love him and he will love you forever.

  28. Profile photo of haiderod
    haiderod August 28th, 2014

    I am a Leo woman so incredibly in love with my Cancer man. We’ve been dating since 10/2013 & it’s been quite a battle for me. He lives 6-8 hours away so we don’t get to see each other very often at all. What makes it hard is his lack of communication. It starts well, but he then retreats which makes me think he’s playing games. I can see here from the description and the comments that this is the norm for Cancer men. Even though he doesn’t respond, I still send inspirational pictures and quotes in hopes of keeping his spirits up. I sometimes let him know what’s going on with me because I like sharing my good news with him. I don’t wanna lose him. He fills my heart with a joy previously unknown to me. Am I doing the right thing in keeping in touch the way I am, or is it best to leave him alone?

  29. Profile photo of Lioness
    Lioness July 15th, 2014

    WOW!  I am loving everything yall are saying!  I have a deeper question though for the Cancer man.  I was married for 20 years to a Virgo, (which by the way Leo women, not a match no matter how hard you try), anyway, I have bean divorced for 4 years and because of my negitive relationship with my Virgo I have bean turned off by guys in general…untill, along came this amazing Cancer!  All of a sudden I am finding myself conecting again.  He is married, hang on dont judge me yet, his wife cheated on him and he caught her.  It is obviouse that he was madly in love with her and he is totally confused, but now he is courting me.  He is not divorced so I just linger in the background until he decides what he is doing.  My question is, how forgiving is a Cancer man?  If he is acting interested in me does this mean I remind him of his wife, Am I waisting my time building a friendship with him hoping deep down for something more?  So confused right now.  Trying to protect myself, while giving him marital advice.  I feel a heartach coming on lol

  30. Profile photo of theHermitCrab
    theHermitCrab June 27th, 2014

    Thanks for you reply. Last night we had a long chat in whatsapp. She told about her tough times she is going on now (I also gave her some suggestions), what she feels when facing any issue, how to accept them and informed me that I should move on from the girl I have loved in my college, when she heard that the girl has recently married some other guy, even though she knew I had got a job. And informed me I should learn to give space to others (since u might know that cancerians hold on to the woman they truly love which will annoy her a little .).
    She pointed out my shortcoming and told me that so that I can improve myself. No other girl has done that to me before no matter how much close we were. Now you might think that these are your general gestures to help your friends right? But who does that at 1:30AM after watching soccer world cup when you’ll be going to bed?? And that too to a guy you dont love? She is pretty open to me and so I dont think there’s rejection talking …… if she wanted she could have told me right there …….. I think she just want to see how much a MAN I can be.
    And coming to the relative thing …….. she is my grandfather’s (mother sided) maternal uncle’s grand-daughter. [Everything is Grand 😛 hehe] . I can tell my family right now that I love her and want to spend the rest of my life with her, only her. But involving our parents now would enrage her and I dont want to make her angry to me. So please say how can I go forward. Because I have realized that she is the reason I will be earning and saving my money.

  31. Profile photo of cuddlebun
    cuddlebun June 27th, 2014

    as a leo woman, men always mis interpret my being friendly and kind as falling in love/crush/or that I like them. Perhaps your leo girl is just being really nice and friendly to you. We are not so shy type. Maybe she really feels that somehow you are relatives. Try to read her body language. There are a lot of thing you have to take notice not just the things she say. if she really likes you she will send you some message verbally and in body language. Be kind and generous to her. its not that she is materialistic,( Im not so much into it. I just want my guy to prove that I am his priority and he is not stingy when it comes to me.) Treat her in fancy restaurant if you have a budget and give her gift with class. Be mannerly man with a little toughness, be gentle with her at the same time be a MAN! the one she will feel secure and safe. 

  32. Profile photo of theHermitCrab
    theHermitCrab June 25th, 2014

    I am a Cancerian and I need help. I am desperately in love with a Leo. She’s also a very distant relative of my family. We are great friends, have many things in common also (like music and movie taste, supporter of same football team, clothing style, interacting style and surprisingly when I get busy, I hear she was also busy at that same time. She exercises at gym whereas I exercise free handed. The catch is we stay far from each other and so when I miss her I call her and if she’s free she answers it with nice greeting.). Once I told her casually that I like her but she reverted that I am your aunt (she’s actually couple of years younger than me) and lets just stay that way. I know Leos don’t stand rejection and I suspect that she thinks our families wont approve this relation. And thats why to not to get her heart broken she is taking this defensive measure of posing herself as my aunt. She acknowledges I am a great guy but doesn’t seem to realize that she’s NOT my aunt. So please help how I can go forward? PS: I didnt know about her existence for about 25 years and once she came to know me, she helped me in a serious matter for which my life has now changed a lot. She was present during my failure and so I dont want to let her be absent during my success. I desperately need your help guys.

  33. Profile photo of Falling-in-Love-at-62
    Falling-in-Love-at-62 June 20th, 2014

    Wow I just read some of the post, so much on point!! I’m 63 yrs old so I thought this feeling that I’ve been feeling with this guy was over,  boy was I so wrong he make me feel so good he such a sweet, nice, kind guy!! he seen to be a little shy at first but when the relationship got to be intimate he’s more open with me more of a romantic person. I never in a million year inmage i could be this happy again. I always ask God to bless this relationship. Yes I see he dose have his mood swing sometime, but I do to. Over all I’m very happy!!!!

  34. Profile photo of cuddlebun
    cuddlebun June 17th, 2014

    Mature Cancer man is the best for Leo woman. 
    I can get very naughty with my cancer man  and he just enjoy my company so much. he is quite jealous with other guys and even gay friends around me though. He let me enjoy my time and accompany me in disco, parties and tolerate my friends for the sake of my happiness. he is also very supportive to me. He never even once ask me on how and where i spent his money. HE said over and over to me that “When i gave you the money its all yours to spend and i dont care how and where you spend it. its all yours.”.He brings me to beaches, and out of the country trips. we travel quite a lot. he gives so much time for me. Ohh!! How i miss him. He pampers me with so much love and attention.With Him I can just be me without any pretentions. Sex is also good.

  35. Profile photo of cuddlebun
    cuddlebun June 17th, 2014

    I, once had a CANCER Man born july 4. He brings out the best in me. With him I become a beautiful person. He showers me with gift, love and money. with him I am sweeter and always give him a naughty purr. He had his gazed in his eyes full of love for me. And respected me. When i made a mistake flirted with a Pisces guy while we were thousands of miles apart for six months I admitted to him in all honestly. he got furious initially over the phone and didnt contact me for three months. Then when finally he called me saying that it was his fault for leaving me alone and that he forgives me. He then showers me with expensive clothes, jewelries, chocolates with fine wine and huge  amount of money again. He even help out my family financially. We never had a closure. We remain good friends anyways and he had 2 girlfiends which he ended breaking up because He keeps on comparing them to me. And i stop criticizing his gf andany comments  i just keep it to myself. All i want for him is to be happy. I stop accepting gifts and money from him out of guilt. i cannot afford to hurt him anymore. He is such a beautiful person. He called me “perfection”. I am his cuddlebun, angel, honey and cheeky girl. He is my honey. he is always available for me. Never rejected any of my calls or emails. No matter how exhausted at work, he makes himself availble for me to chat even overnight.
    His gone anyway and I miss so much. 
    I am leo woman born aug. 15.

  36. Profile photo of
    @bogirl April 30th, 2014

    @astounding and @grumpycrystal
    You guys are so on point. I’m a Leo woman with a beautiful sensual Cancer man, I’m so head over heels for him, i can’t believe it myself. Like you’ll said, everything about him is “Aww, but them mood swings. His compassion and passion is beyond human beings, he is a protector a friend a LOVER. If you happen to fall under a Cancer man’s spell your in the right relationship, because they take very good care of their significant other!!! No others

  37. Profile photo of GrumpyCrystal
    GrumpyCrystal January 12th, 2014

    This is super accurate!! 🙂
    I’m a Leo woman in love with my Cancer man. I’m August 3rd and he is July 14th.
    He’s the sweetest, most caring, and loving person I know, and definitely most patient! What really attracted me to him is that I found him mysterious in many ways. I never knew why I thought he was so mysterious, maybe because he was so quiet and I’m so talkative full of questions lol. Him and I have a very good relationship. We can talk to each other, joke around, be serious, whatever. Not to mention the sex, wow, full of fire works everytime. I always have fun when I’m with him. He brings out the soft side of my leoness, which I absolutely love. He makes me feel really secure and warm when I with him. It’s such just an amazing feel I have when I’m with him. We balance each other out and know how to make each other feel better. Also i can’t forget all the fun I have when we go out. I had never had a dull moment from going to the movies or a fancy dinner, he’ll keep you happy and laughing the whole time.  I never would of that I would have found someone like him! He is so different from any other sign I’ve met. He has taught me patience and how to be more understsnding and not to burst when I’m angry. I could go on! <3
    The ‘bad’ side of our relationship is the arguments. I can’t be wrong. Than he stays quiet. He just hides in his shell and won’t come out, and when he does, he’s very cold. Sometimes it’s really hard to speak to him, but the one thing that never changes is that argument will be resolved. It just takes a while. Also,  not enough attention. I love attention from him, but sometimes it can be the last thing he wants to give me. I have never gone out to look for attention, I just try super hard to get it from him.
    My advice to anyone who has read this and you are leo woman: be nice with your words. That’s only thing that will make your cancer man hide in his shell. I know from experience. We all know, ladies. 
    Cancer men: give your leo woman all your attention. She’ll be purring in your arms right before you know it 😉
    Other than that, enjoy the relationship. It’s a great match! <3

  38. Profile photo of
    astounding November 27th, 2013

    I’m a Cancer man. With a Leo woman. And yes, as Cancer man, I tend to be inconsistent and moody. It doesn’t mean I don’t know what I want. Or that I’m unreliable or can’t be trusted as a stable provider. Just means that my consciousness is sensative to various energies and I have little conscious control of it. Hence the mood swings. But in background I always know what I want. My LEO woman… to be with her forever. So Leo woman, don’t have our inconsistincies/moods put you off.
    In addition, I can testify (from my experience), I’m caring, protective and it’s all about 1 person…. and that is my Leo woman. Cancer man have no interest in other partners. So don’t worry about your Cancer man cheating, or him finding someone else.
    Reason I love Leo is she’s interesting, fun and playful. And yes, she too has typical traits of dominance during the day. Which I’m fine with, however I dominate in bed. So it balances out.
    And yes, Leo woman are very stubborn and good luck getting them to see your point of view. So if you disagree about something, don’t even bother arguing. Your Leo woman will crush you. And will only walk about even more convinced of her point of view. So as a Cancer man, expect to swallow your ego, and compromise.
    What else? Cancer man are sensative. Criticism hurts them a lot. So Leo’s, tone down your feedback… don’t make it sound so critical. You’ll hurt your man. We are VERY sensative. It’s our nature.
    Should a Cancer man go for a Leo woman? You’ll likely find her irrisistable. And she’ll feel very intrigued by you. How it turns from then, is history for you to write. I love my Leo woman. 🙂

  39. Profile photo of
    uniquecountrygirl222 October 16th, 2013

    OMG @ Joscelyn   my birthday is Aug 5th and my husbands is July 21st lmao!!!!!! WOW its nice to know another couple not only shares my bday but her bf/husband shares the same bday too!!!! Thats crazy! I agree 99% of this fits us both EXCEPT me being flirty I was in my younger yrs but Ive out grown it! As a matter of fact I do not like attention from any male EXCEPT my husband OF COURSE;) Ive NEVER met a man like him and Im finally for once in my life happy! He is very hard working to provide for us he puts his life on the line everyday! We r also a military family of 12 yrs and we r PROUD to b Americans;)

  40. Profile photo of
    leeuwin August 24th, 2013

    lol, omg, I better brace myself for this one. I can’t stand jealousy and this is the first time ever a Cancer man is courting me and oh my, is he ever! Cancer men should know that Leo women don’t cheat. Quite eye opening to read all the comments, not scary enough to keep me away from him, but then again, I am of course a Leo. I have this gut feeling that this could be the one for me. Totally against all ‘rules’ I am letting HIM do all the first moves, I don’t want to scare him lol. It is working so far. I am making sure that I do reciprocate everything he says and does with the same or just a little more intention. I totally adore him, fell in love with his spirit and his exterior at the same time, for once I don’t mind a man being shorter than I am. I have Scorpio rising, maybe that helps (or maybe not, who knows lol). We have an deep spiritual connection, both walking the Good Red Road. I love his intelligence, his infinite wisdom and boy, does he know how to woo me! My Cancer man is conquering my heart one giant step at a time.

  41. Profile photo of sumyatnaing
    sumyatnaing July 11th, 2013

    I love with cancer man. Most of facts same to my love. So I’ve smile on my face, when I’m reading. I can fell that he really love me so I’m pleasure about him. I’m so in love with my love. I’m really thanks.

  42. Profile photo of
    BrittSays12345 July 1st, 2013

    I am a leo women, my rising sign is Capricorn. I am head over heels in love with a cancer man. We were in a theater show together and for almost 3/4th’s of time I walked right past him and didn’t give him a second look. One time when we were sitting together he leaned his head on my shoulder and I looked down at him and for the first time I realized how beautiful his blue green eyes were. So we started flirting, it started out very innocent. At first I thought that it was going to be just a flirtation or a hookup. Then he started to pull away after we started to get to know each other. And he decided to go after my best friend. The problem is that he just wanted a hook up with her, not a relationship. I was hurt by the fact that she didn’t care about him or like him but yet she went along with it. But I realized he didn’t want it to be just a fling. He wanted to be with me, but wanted me to make the first move. And he even admitted to all my friends that he liked me. Anyway the chemistry is amazing, and we have so much in common.
    The only thing that bothers me about him is that he is moody, intense, secretive, and a tad insecure. But the greatest thing that helps me with everything is that…He has this speical look that he saves just for me. It’s because his pupils dialate when he looks at me. And that gets me through the day. Our birthdays are a day apart. His is July 22 and mines July 23. So Cancer man + Leo woman= amazing combo. 

  43. Profile photo of annon.
    annon. May 12th, 2013

    wow I should proof read my things before I submit I mean to say behing “closed” doors. HAHAHAHA good to be human.

  44. Profile photo of annon.
    annon. May 12th, 2013

    Oh and I guess its safe to say Im a Leo with a cancer Cusp and hes a Cancer with a Leo cusp. So were practically the same just in different areas.

  45. Profile photo of annon.
    annon. May 12th, 2013

    I will be the first to say as a Leo Lady, the attraction you have towards a Cancer in my experience wont be attraction first, because us Leo women usually are picky on who we give the title “Boyfriend” all though we fall in love fast. Weird, but anyways, when I met my cancer man he got my attention by us making sarcastic jokes (I was the first) we typically can blend well with guy humor because we are a good combination of woman and tomboy. My cancer man and I were making jokes constantly but I had a man at the time so I didnt pay any attention in that way, until I was single one day and as we did a joke we walked out of the elevator he at the time was 21 turned around and said “I apologize, I never introduced myself. I am XXXXXX” and he held his hand out like an old school gentleman. The second he did that I noticed his flawless beauty. Now I will tell you man we had our ups and downs, and we have now been together for a little over 4 years. Ive broken up multiple times with him and he still waits for me to come back. Now let me remind you we were both at the age where we could now drink and experience that life. Lucky I experienced it early but he didnt so you can imagine the taking care nights, moody nights ect. As a leo woman I like a challenge, as long as that challenge loves my challenge of a personality. A cancer man is the only one who will be able to handle your own mood swings (ladies we can be a big ass baby at times) but cancers have a father patience and we have a mother, which is why if you are smart youll realize that you are looking for the wrong things in a man if you cant handle someone so intune with emotions its going to be the closest to getting a man to understand ours. And you want that manly man to just take full controll so you can be lazy and do nothing. Then move on cancer aint for you. My cancer lets me do what ever I want, but if I get too spoiled and run crazy with wanting my way, he will check me and tell me no. But his way is so much settler then the past being just as much as a kid or cheating like I said. Cancer men see the potential in a woman just like leo are great observers to know if there husband material. Now granet I was guilty of the “Bad Manly man” but cancers are bad, and I do mean bad boys in bed. Ill say one word that explains this emotional sensitive man BDSM and I am not the master, lets just say that. I have no problem keeping it real, especially if it will help another loyal leo lady realize what the stubborn mind may erase. Cancer are the manly men in the bedroom because all they want to do is see you enjoy what they give. And love to experiment. At least thats mine, mine is the 1st decan cancer and I am a second decan leo lady. The compatibilty is perfect if you look more into everything. With Zodiacs, you have to look at “How they were raised” “What they have been through in life” “Look at his parents” they are huge family people, its what they breath. “Decans” “Zodiac” there are so much to read into that most dont realize. I did, I am a Leo woman with alot of cancer emotional trait according to this one site. So maybe thats why we work so well. Then again look at Kevin Bacon and his wife, hes a cancer man and shes a leo. The fact is Leo woman and Cancer man are not common yes, but if you go through the hell and annoyonce and even fall out and in of love, becaue you were programed differently then the love is blissful. Because it takes time but a cancer man will eventually learn from his mistakes and is the only sign I know not pridefully enough to change it and admit its to keep you happy. They live to see you happy which makes you want to make them happy, take him on trips, suprise him with candle lit dinners. At least thats how I treat my man, like a king. Because he treats me like a queen. We have old souls so we know with true love anyone can work as long as loyalty stays honesty can be a battle for leo women because we expect flawless robots of men. But reality is boys do alot of white lies so accept it, but not in the relationship. keep working at correcting it and the baby lies will dissappear. Patience ladies, and youll see why the wise always said Patience is a virtue. I promise if your dealing with a 1st decan cancer “the most sensitive” of all decans. Your lucky and you better work as a team. You both mold into each other so my man is as tough as me now. He started out as a kitten with being blunt to those who hurt him, to listening to my advise on protecting your rights and speaking up. Now everyone says hes changed for the better because man his back bone is so strong now. So leos if your afraid of the not manly enough as I was, as you grow into woman you will realize thats the love you need, and the bad boy on the outside of the room is usually a lazy ass behind clothes doors,and even the one that wasnt could never bring me on the level emotionally like a sensitive cancern. one word after you both communication about EVERYTHING even if its a little too much truth (just deliever it like a woman and not a girl) then you will get your 50 shades of grey. Hot kinky passion…If thats the kind of Leo girl you are. Again this is not for all leo and cancers, this is just my experience of being a second decan leo woman and him a 1st decan cancer man. Enjoy this novel, if anyone cares to read it.

  46. Profile photo of
    leosweet@myhoroscopes April 20th, 2013

    very interesting relationship with the cancer man.sweet Leo Girl here.i can say that if u really love ur cancerman and want to long last relationship,u must have to get into his shell and stay beside him wherever the water flow its bring.very moody,sensitive and secretive person a cancerman.and this is the thing which is cannt bear sometime by any one.he want u to follow his rule!and if u won’t obey well,much better to keep away from him.he don’t pay u enough attention so never expect not ask him ‘WHY’ he hate this kind of word my God and this is the thing i been asking to God what kind of man he is i duno it’s so weird! he always have a reason if u need his time.not like a leo lover that no matter how busy day it is.i will always find a way to let him feel how much i love and care about him.but he is supportive and passionate.if u jst follw his own law yes,he will do his level best to make u a queen and as a leo lover that’s what really in our dream.Trust,Love and care is the most one need of a cancer lover far or near.that’s y now we already have our sweet angel daughter and she is so lucky to have a father as my cancer.and all i can say is I love him so much more than before and will love him along with our children till my last breath.Guys always remember,TRUE LOVE is always WIN!

  47. Profile photo of Nala
    Nala April 2nd, 2013

    I have some cancers in the circle (two females and two males).
    Based upon friendship experiences I think we have something in common and fit well together. Laughter and serious conversations, never far away! 🙂

  48. Profile photo of
    Annika1961 March 19th, 2013

    I just met a guy on the internet – he told me about the Cancer man Leo woman synergy. I can feel the draw – even on the phone. It is exciting to think of what it will be like when we meet. No man to date has really understood the lioness…

  49. Profile photo of shutterbird13
    shutterbird13 December 11th, 2012

    Reading this made me chuckle. I’m a Leo woman and my first love was a man born on the Gemini/Cancer cusp. This describes our interactions almost perfectly. We were the best of friends, had the greatest conversations, and understood each other so well. Looking back, he was quite adept at handling my rages and even being able to be angry with me in a calm manner that didn’t ruffle my feathers. The physical chemistry was astounding. It was a long distance relationship, and even over the phone, the attraction could be felt! Almost surreal. When we were around each other physically, it was like we were on fire. 
    That being said, the relationship ultimately failed because he just wasn’t willing to put the effort in that I needed from him. We were young and separated, and all you Leo ladies know how much contact/attention is needed (especially on our side of a relationship) for things to work. I began to resent him because he was possessive and started to become controlling, meanwhile I was putting up with his mood swings and jealousy all while he wasn’t even around to hold my hand.
    So yes, this relationship can be wondrous, but it can also be disastrous. I find myself missing my Cancer guy more and more, mostly because we were such great friends. I think that in order for the Leo/Cancer mix to work, both partners have to be dedicated to understanding one another, working on their friendship, and remembering why it was they fell for each other in the first place.

  50. […] more information on this love compatibility profile, this time we actually took interest in Ask Oracle’s page on the Cancer Male-Leo Female couple. They are not affiliated with us but they do shed light on a lot of misconceptions about Cancer male […]

  51. Profile photo of
    itsmeg June 25th, 2012

    When I read this compatibility review, I wanted to believe that it would work with my Cancer man. Not sure I would recommend this match after what I went through though and after what I saw a Cancer male friend of mine go through with his Leo woman… The romance between these two is otherworldly for the first few months, which is why I might recommend it. Everyone should experience the best in life, right? It sets the bar high for any subsequent relationship. But it just ends in devastation. Cancer is too sensitive and untrusting in the long term. Leo is up to the challenge and thinks she can soothe his fears with a flood of compliments, praise and affection, but this man’s negative outlook on life and love is too deeply ingrained. They’ll stick around because the good moments are so great, but, after the honeymoon phase is over, Cancer can never love a Leo the way she craves, and this relationship is more damaging (especially to a Leo’s radiant spirit and optimism) in the long term. Leo women, beware: once he starts retreating and his affection fades, get out. He’s already made up his mind. Get out before you get really hurt.  
    Now that we’re broken up, I don’t want to get back together with him because he so stubbornly wouldn’t give me the attention and affection I deserved and gently asked for (once he decided to close his heart to me.) I let him take his time. I didn’t push, but he wouldn’t give me an inch of what I asked for once the honeymoon period was over. But he will always have a special place in my heart for the love he gave me during those initial four months and I will always miss him. I’m not sure I will be able to find someone with whom I have such a profound connection. He’s in my circle of friends so I still see him and it makes me really sad…I can tell he still adores me, the way he looks at me…but he won’t dedicate himself to me. To know two people love each other and understand each other’s hearts, but can’t be together because Cancer man is too sensitive and untrusting- what could be sadder?

  52. Profile photo of
    mrsthompson June 20th, 2012

    Iam a Leo woman Aug 5th and my husband is a cancer/leo cusp born july 21st. This describes us so well. I agree he can be a little insecure sometimes, but I combat that with my passionate nature; ensuring him that no one else has my eye. At the beginning of our relationship, I was a little flirtatious and wasn’t taking the realtionship seriously. But he stayed my side and over time I realized that no other man can love me as hard as he does. He does act a little indifferent when he gets hurt, but I try to not get prideful and mad when he gets like that. Especially if I’m in the wrong. I had to humble myself a lot for him, but it’s working out great. He gives me a lot of attention and let’s me dominate for the most part. Oh, and the sex is fireworks 😉

  53. Profile photo of Mollycoddle
    Mollycoddle May 29th, 2012

    I saw this and knew i had to say something….i was suprised that Leo women and Cancer men make good matches….I just met and had a date with acancer man and he is extremely intruiging…there is something mysterious and a bit-otherwordly about this guy and it is so fascinating….I’m definitely drawn to him! I am a Leo woman in pretty much every way except i’m a bit of a loner…most leos are usually pretty social but i’m not…I fit the bill for other ‘trademark’ leo qualities though. Either way, the cancer gentleman is turning out to be exactly that….a gentleman. I just want someone who will respect me and be true and loving to me right now, as my last relationship was a disaster. My ex is a Leo as well….never again will I date another Leo. Talk about a match made in hell….we fought constantly over stupid things, it was a power struggle all day every day and towards the end he even tried to kill me(tried to stab me). It really is a shame because Leo’s are such handsome men….but the sex was the only thing keeping me there, I now realize. The cancer man seems very grounded and not drama-inclined. The only thing is I can already tell that he’s a bit sensitive…i’ll have to watch how I act around him and other men as i tend to flirt. Hopefully we’ll have a good relationship 😀

  54. Profile photo of meli123
    meli123 May 25th, 2012

    I absolutely loved reading this and all the comments.  In my eyes, it is sooo true.  I am a Leo Woman who feel deeply for a Cancer Man.  He was sweet, romantic, and his sense of humor won me over.  We shared great passion and I felt safe and secure in his arms.  But he was inconsistent, moody.  Sometimes he would be so cute and sweet to me and other times he would be cold and closed off.  I wanted to take our relationship to the next level but he didn’t want commitment at the time.  Eventually we broke it off, and not very long after I saw him with another girl, a Virgo, and now they are dating.  I know Cancers and Virgos are supposed to be a great match but I’m so hurt by it because its been almost a year and I still think about him and can’t move on, and the fact that he committed to someone else and not me definately hurt my leo ego.  Crazily enough, he contacted me today and told me he wanted to see me before he moves away for a job, but I happened to be out of town (so is his girlfriend!).  I really wonder if he misses me and if he ever did love me…I love Cancers so much but I’m afraid to get hurt again so I might just stick with my own kind and find another Leo!

  55. Profile photo of smar19
    smar19 May 13th, 2012

    I’m a cancer/leo cusp woman (born on the cusp, July 23). However, I like to identify myself as a leo because my friends and family tell me that I tend to give off a very leonian presence. I am like a cancer sometimes emotionally. I have mood swings from time to time. But I manage to keep my mood swings at bay with lots exercise and cooking healthy food. Because doing those things makes me very happy. I have just recently met a Cancer man. I have a cousin that’s a Cancer and she and I are so close that it feels like we’re sisters rather than cousins. Because of her, I know all about Cancers’ mood swings, sensitivity, and insecurities. Sometimes I don’t understand why they underestimate themselves sometimes. I think that Cancers are some of the strongest people out there because they always have an ongoing battle with controlling their emotions. Anyway, this guy and I definitely had instant sparks fly between us when we met and the days that followed. I couldn’t help myself looking at him constantly from across the room. Something about the way that he carries himself made me extremely attracted to him, sexually. Soon enough, I started to catch his eyes on me from afar. Surprisingly, he made the first move and asked me out. When I’m with him, he makes me feel very calm and at ease. I also really love that he has an amazing sense of humor. But I’m so guarded from being hurt in a previous relationship that I haven’t been able to really let him in. His persistance to get me to let him in on an emotional level is impressive. I can tell that he’s very cautious and sensitive but he continues to court me. Although, I don’t think he’s quite figured out yet that I’m a girl that prefers a life of luxury. I’ve also noticed that we’re just two very different people. I’m black, he’s white. He’s into death metal and rock and I’m into show tunes, jazz, and classical music. Also, he tends to have a negative outlook on life and I can tell that has made him even more of an introvert while I’m very optimistic and outgoing. I really really like this guy though. And I don’t mind being a kind of motivational coach to him when he underestimates himself. As a leo, I’m all about helping people when they’re down. Whether they ask for help or not. He respects my emotions (the ones that I reveal to him) and he also respects the fact that I want to be a career woman. Finding a man that won’t be intimidated by me is very difficult. I always do my best to be dressed the best and I present myself with an elegant grace. He seems to be attracted to the fact that I’m a strong, independent woman. And I’m a very sexual person. I enjoy frequent sexual encounters. I can sense that he has a deep sexual nature too and that he’s just waiting for me to make the first move to tap into it. I wouldn’t mind giving everything I had in the bedroom to this guy but he’s got to show me that this is genuine and that this negative outlook of his can change. I don’t wish to change him, I just wish his perception of things would change. I want him more than any other man that I’ve ever met. I can see that at the core of our hearts, we’d be perfect for one another. But it just seems like so many differences are keeping us apart. 

  56. Profile photo of
    mloyaj May 5th, 2012

    Cancer male here. In my past I had 2 girlfriends who were Leo’s, and both were great matches  and I ended up marrying the last one.  On paper Cancer and Leo don’t seem to be a good match, as they are pretty different, but the one thing I noticed in both those relationships with Leo women was that they loved attention and affection, and as a Cancer man I love to give all of that.  Brought us very, very emotionally close.  I’ve never met a woman of any other sign who loves that closeness like a Leo woman.  Conversation and laughing came more easily between me and these Leo women as compared to women of other signs. At the time I didn’t know anything about astrology, but now I do and looking back I can see why my two best relationships were with Leo women.  Another thing is Leo women are very, very passionate in an animalistic way, not a feminine way, which is great.  The only thing I don’t like about them is they can be stubborn and not see your side of things, and materialistic.  But no sign is perfect, and for any male Cancers reading this I highly recommend a Leo woman.  I’ve heard Cancer male best connection is with a Scorpio woman, and while I agree the strongest initial attraction I’ve ever had for a woman was a Scorpio, long-term there are too many problems. Taurus women are great too, but lacking the excitement a Leo can give.  Leo women are the best!  I should know because I’m married to one.     

  57. Profile photo of
    greepapplegirl April 2nd, 2012

    I came here & wow kaitlyn’s comment sums up my life! Very stange that the same thing happened to me.

  58. Profile photo of mikemartin
    mikemartin December 7th, 2011

    (Sex is not allowed, and yet MAKING LOVE IS ONLY ALLOWED with ORAL SEX)
    @Joan Where do i sign up?

  59. Profile photo of Ask Oracle Author
    Ask Oracle July 2nd, 2011

    @emilyyy (Emily Riello)
    Ego and pride are worst enemies of Love. You cannot experience best possible Love in presence of Ego and Pride.

    I would suggest just be friends and share a good share of fun and laughter with him, build trust and easiness.

  60. Profile photo of
    Emilyyy July 2nd, 2011

    I’m a Leo with Sagittarius rising and Cancer moon. I’ve known this Cancer for a while. He’s my sister’s friend. I never really thought about him until yesterday though. I’m only 17 and not yet comfortable with sex, but it seems that nowadays everyone else is. Every guy that I’m usually interested in (mostly Aries guys) are wild, sexual, outgoing etc. but I’m realizing that that isn’t what I want right now. I’m also strangely attracted to Pisces men as well. But as for this Cancer, he seems so… innocent. Not in a bad way though. I think it’s very cute. My sister told me he had one girlfriend before who broke his heart and hasn’t even shown interest in anyone ever since. I’m not sure if I’m looking for something serious, but something meaningful instead of a hookup with a sex crazed Aries man sounds wonderful. My only fear is that he’s not interested, and going directly to him to be rejected would kill my pride and my ego, which I’m sure all Leos can understand. Also, his birthday is the 20th of July, so he may be a cusp. Any tips on how to approach this man?

  61. Profile photo of
    nncnd June 26th, 2011

    hi all. great reading. i’m a leo woman just recently met a cancer guy that almost turns me upside down! i was never been with a cancer before n was thinking whether is this the man since being closw to him now is the only thing i want day n night. i feel most attracted with his reserved n shutting attitude. just love the excitement of digging him deeper n deeper!!

  62. Mandy March 18th, 2011

    I have known my cancer male (ex since last week)for about 5 years, he has always worked away from our home area but when he has been at the local, our eyes have always met from afar. During last December we finally got together and shared the most amazing times ever. He had told me he liked me for ages. His work grew hard to deal with as he’s following a massive dream and then he lost a family member. He then was moody around me and started pushing me away after being completely obsessed with me. I couldn’t understand how he could love me like crazy then just finish with me for his work. We connected on so many levels and I really believed he was the one for me, I still do. So here’s hoping!

  63. Joan March 16th, 2011

    Hi! My name is JOY, I’m a LEO, and a traveling Registered Nurse. I’ve met this guy who works in environmental department. He’s a CANCER( born July 9th). When I’ve first seen him, it was instant ATTRACTION. He would stare at me and I’ll look at him under eyed to hide my feelings due to I’ve moved from North Carolina to Florida and dating a Psychiatrist doctor. I’m trying to be faithful, but the psychiatrist is boring, anticipates very little sex, doesn’t date, lack of communication, harsh, and shows no attention to the ROARING LION (e.g. LEO JOY). This CANCER guy seems so attractive to me and he’s interested in him and I going out to the movies, traveling, and just hang out on the weekend (e.g. partying or just having fun). I love a lot of sex with 1 partner, and hopefully in 30 – 45 days after getting to know each other, get tested for sexual transmitted diseases, and etc. We can make A LOT love making(Sex is not allowed, and yet MAKING LOVE IS ONLY ALLOWED with ORAL SEX). I love having fun and just been me and CANCERS just themselves. I do prefer ONLY LEOS AND CANCERS…..”ha..ha..ha!!!!!”

  64. Matt March 16th, 2011

    As a cancer man i have to say, leo women are the most attractive to me. Probably because they are so outgoing and im more reserved. The two women iv loved the most in my life have been leos. The one im after at the moment is dating a taurus, and they fight all time. I know she likes me, but shes just so obsessed with him she cant let it go. Im hoping in time she realizes who truly loves her

  65. terri February 20th, 2011

    i love this star sign me and my man gt together about three months ago and its bloomin marvelous i could nt wish for better relationship to be honest i am incidently a leo woman and it works so well!!!!! i highly reccomend the leo lady and cancer man x

  66. Nina February 1st, 2011

    Thanks so much for sharing. Im a Leo woman in a newer realtionship with my Cancer man. I absolutely love him. its intersting to hear the dynamics shared, that the Cancer man is introverted, reserved, respectful, moody, reliable, trustowrthy, and faithful. these are very endearing qualities to me. I want our relationship to last and believe he does too. Principally, we share the same ideals and want the same things for the future and family. Im not the traditional Leo in that i like to stay home as well. Im really big on making home life everything it needs to be, safe, beautiful, stable, happy, and enriching. I think we’ll be fine in the long run. It definitely takes some wisdom and thickening of the skin to be with the Cancer man. But these are food for the spirit and life anyway. so I see him as being one of my teachers and inspirations to be better as a person.

  67. Paycellka January 19th, 2011

    It was great reading comments and personal stories of different people, thanks for sharing! I am also a leo woman and like a lot a cancer man,although we have more fights than romance. He is adapting to someone very slowly, he is afraid to trust and he is very principal and pride. However, when he gets used to you he starts to trust u little by little and show you that he cares. But, i do not like that I am the one who always make first steps towards him, and unfortunately not always he appreciate it, more often he just behaves even more pride. Also i should mention that he has great sense of humour and he is the one you can rely on.

  68. Mary January 11th, 2011

    I have no idea why but 97% of the relationships I have ever been in were with Cancer men. I am a Leo woman and without really knowing the men that always latch on to me are Cancer men. My current relationship is with one. An although I feel we are in a gray area, I am completely devoted to him. We give to each other what the other one needs. ♥

  69. Zoe January 4th, 2011

    I can say that your right a little bit there, there are so much to mention, apart from sign. But If you do your own search you will realize a lot of truth in the astrology. I have done mine, and I do agree most of the time, as long as it states the truth.

    Anyway, yes, the cancer man is the medicine for a Leo woman. I have done some search, except on the shell part of the cancer. Leo woman is very open. Easily for a cancer man to fall in love. I am a Leo and I am in love with cancer man. He is a homebody, extroverted but that does not bother me,fun loving, sensual and well mannered, who would be attracted to a Leo woman if not well mannered. Yeah, that’s it.

  70. Jai January 2nd, 2011

    I meant that Person is that Person, not the whole sign.
    Sorry guys =/

  71. Jai January 2nd, 2011

    Now I really have to say this.

    This is just your own experiences so people don’t say stay away or go ahead with a relationship with one sign or another based on your own experience as that PERSON is that SIGN, not the WHOLE SIGN.

    And yes I am a Cancer man and I have to say that Leo women are very attractive to us

  72. lucy December 27th, 2010

    i am a leo dating a cancer man…and boy is our relationship crazy!!! We have been literally inseperable since the day we met. He is my best friend even though its hard to talk at times because of his jealousy…I love him and crazy about him, we just recently had a child together so I know that we will know each other for a long time. I feel so secure with him, he’s perfect for me because I don’t think anyone else would put up with me and live up to my expectations. the only thing I HATE about him is his mood swings and his temper. he needs to work on that…and i’m on him hard about that. but leo and cancer make a good match. very passionate love union. leo needs attention, adoration, and love. cancer gives it.

  73. uklucian December 26th, 2010

    im a cancer man and damn!! Sex with this leo f**k buddy woman is amazing 🙂

  74. paula November 29th, 2010

    im kinda shocked,..and have a few Goosebumps,..yea im getting all of this energy from a Cancer male gentleman at the moment he,s soo intriguing, i am a leo woman,..and did so not know cancer and leo could be very compatable lover,yes i do find him strange too but in a nice way,..he is moody but not in a way that deeply hurt,s mmm,..nice x

  75. Eva October 25th, 2010

    I am a leo woman who was with a cancer man and omg was that a roller coaster….. We were friends for eight years and in and out of a relationship with him for five of those years. We finally broke up forever when he asked me to not have our second child. It got really ugly….and i know that now that shes here he adores her but nothing can take back everything that was said and done from both sides and i know that we both care deeply for each other but we both have so much pride and we are both seeing someone else now….. But we have to children in common it makes it sooo hard but i couldnt go back to dealing with his moods i love him dearly cuz he is a wonderful person in many ways but couldnt deal with his moody/ bipolar attitude just couldnt do it….. Lol

  76. soulmate seeker October 21st, 2010

    Well arent you all quite lucky lol!!!!
    It saddens me because i know my cancer is out there:~(
    I just wish i knew where he was..We we’re together before and now i cant fimd him….Please pray for me:)

  77. david October 12th, 2010

    i’m with a leo woman for the first time in a relationship and omg she is the most beautyful and caring woman i’ve been with….the only problem is… she is too distant from me and i really love to be close to her so i do the same thing in order for me not to get hurt…i go out wit my buddiez and have a good time but….no need for cheating cause i love her so much

  78. Antionette October 1st, 2010

    Well…. I’m a Leo woman who was married to a cancer man….. For a disgustingly short while. This was the first and only cancer I had ever been with and it was an awful experience. The only thing was, he was or still is bipolar. The mood swings were AWFUL. The jealousy, OMG! Our sex life was also awful…. He was WAY insecure. I mean, I like a sensitive man, but dang. So basically, ever since then I’ve stayed away. But now, several years later, I have a Cancer gent TRYING to court me. Lol he’s SO CUTE! And VERY sincere. I cam definitely tell he’s sensitive. But he has this confidence too. Enough confidence to be able to tell me the things he’s telling me. Being a Leo woman I tend to intimidate men. So I can tell that he’s really putting himself out there. I think as long as this one’s not bipolar…. I just may have found my man. Or I think in this case… He’s found me. =)

  79. Darren Walton September 15th, 2010

    i love women with power lol

  80. Darren Walton September 15th, 2010

    & ellen

    cancer can be weaker than a turtle or stronger than a GIANT it all depends on what mood he is in!!!we are weak/strong gentleman who have alot of moodswings…cancers are also the most “misunderstood” and “underrated” thank you very much =)

  81. darius September 15th, 2010

    Well thts so wrong I love a strong women I’m cancer man I. Have the upmost respect for the woman I’m. With but I hate sneakiness and being ignored and being accused of things I didn’t do I would love to give it a try with a leo women scorpio women are something else

  82. ellen September 10th, 2010

    ellen to weewees happend to me also, cancer or cames or dont you have to act as you are over him dont look dont flirt. cancer men is like that they likethe game but imature once he is vrry imature he is just a boy. he knows you want him that is why he acts like that. just forget about him move on he ll came. and Cancer dont like strong women they are verry week men and they can sense your power. just move on. let him do the running but never act up on it. H e has to do the first step as sex he has to be the one camming to you.

  83. ellen September 10th, 2010

    I ma a leo sunrising in libra moon and venus in cancer i love cancer men verry difficult to be with they dont like as leo that much they run away but i love che game in sex love te sex better then aries, friendship best friends love it i dont think they are week i just think they are romantic men love them

  84. weewees September 3rd, 2010

    My male Cancer friend broke up with a girl and about a month later, started flirting with me. I wasn’t really ready for a relationship (recently widowed) but did not want to lose him, so I indicated my interest and kicked a ball in the field. (I knew with Cancer, I’d HAVE to make the first move) He just stood there and looked at it. Can you imagine my humiliation? Now, he keeps waffling back and forth with his ex-girlfriend. We’re back to being just friends without the flirting, but now, my feelings are really hurt. He doesn’t realize this, of course, but does anyone have any advice as to what course of action I should take now? I really, really like this guy and it’s hard for me to find someone I like THIS much. It’s hard to just keep acting like his friend when I’m dying to have sex with him. What’s even more embarrassing, is all his friends are aware that I’m attracted to him ~ I didn’t bother hiding my feelings when he was flirting. Where’s that hole in the ground when you need it??

  85. caren July 10th, 2010

    In few minutes, he loves me and we are dream of each other..then in the next he is very jelousy when i mention about other guys liking me, so he decided we will remain friends he does not want to let me go. He’s eveything I ever dreamt of I just love him, ohh my Cancer man. He is like you can’t control me, like you always do to other man, also you canot want to change me…well, I said I don’t want to change you, you just give me my attention!!!!lol

  86. kaitlyn June 1st, 2010

    I was with a Cancer Man in the past.. We were best friends and lovers, and boy was he a good lover! Not to mention the sexual part of the relationship was on fire! Im a very sexual person and his sex drive seemed to match mine just fine. Although he preferred when I’d be in charge in bed. 😛 Well it was a very easy-going, relaxed reltioship and he did a very good job at showing that he cared. The one problem was: Sometimes he would not give me enough attention, and because of my constant crave for attention I’d go elsewhere to find it, and he’d get jealous/upset over it. I think in the end he just thought of me as a big attention whore. But I really couldnt help it.

  87. Buttah April 7th, 2010

    I love my cancer man …..We are the best of friends and the best lovers to one another. He is so patient even when I am throwing my temper tantrums. He loves me and I am the light of his life and he is mine. We are so compatible its so unreal its like a never ending fantasy <3 I love Him

  88. angel July 24th, 2009


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