Gemini Man and Cancer Woman Love Compatibility

In a relationship of Gemini and Cancer, Gemini always has a lot to learn from Cancer. Though it is usually a nice relationship, but when it comes to love, their needs are very different. The Cancer needs close bonds while Gemini needs air to breathe and space to keep moving.

A Gemini man has an insight that enables him to analyze people quickly. He can read any person and untangle all the knots. He is not one to hold on to the past, his belief is that time is to move on and leave the memories behind. He doesn’t belong to any one place or any one person and continues to feel this separation until he finds that one woman who can hold onto his heart and definitely, the sensitive Cancer woman is one such lady. Gemini man always proves to be an interesting mate with lots to give as well as take in the relationship.

A Cancer woman is alert and intensely aware of human nature. She may appear to be busy in life, but her mind is cautious and measured. She keeps to herself for she doesn’t like to share her inner self with others and feel safer that way. Cancer woman is a woman who is prepared for anything but past is one thing that keeps on haunting her. She is strongly attached to her family ties and is very emotional. In a relationship with Gemini man, Cancer woman is one lady who always admires his intellect and remains on his side to help him with his dreams.

A Cancer woman’s gift is the ability to hold on to her Gemini lover. Cancer woman’s quest, her dream, is to be able to completely satisfy her Gemini man and she always tries and strives toward just that. As their relationship deepens and she gets rid of her fears and undue possessiveness, she allows her Gemini man to roam around easily. With her strong sacrifices and successfully winning her inner battle, the Cancer woman hangs on to the love, and makes their relationship amazing thing even if it isn’t an everlasting one. When the Cancer woman is in love, she pours on the affection and loves to cherish her Gemini man. But she maybe an unsolved mystery for him especially her changing moods frustrate him sometimes. Her nature of holding on to the past is also something that a Gemini man finds irritating and her possessiveness can make him feel trapped time to time.

A Gemini man is a boy at heart and will always be, but still he loves his Cancer woman dearly. Even though Gemini man is clever at solving such mysteries but the deep dark secrets of his sensitive Cancer woman is something that keeps him always around her. In a heated discussion, when the Cancer woman refuses to talk, he always takes the first step and fixes the problems in their relationship. With his intellect and humbleness, he helps her to open up and become free from her fears. Gemini man is unsure of what he actually wants and this is one thing that makes Cancer woman very confused. Moreover he doesn’t show strong attachment which makes her feel insecure at time because together with this he is very outgoing and she lacks his presence.

With the close association of Cancer woman and Gemini man, each new place they both discover hand in hand becomes a garden filled with the fragrant flowers of traditions. Their sunrises and sunsets are more beautiful and lovingly mysterious for them to follow on. With the shadows of love from Cancer woman, Gemini man learns to hold and observe the prettier clouds and the moon peeping out of them, helping him to discover the hidden secrets of his lady love and Cancer woman learns to cheerfully spin and dive in the fascinating world of her Gemini man. Their souls rejoice their togetherness with the songs from heavens and blessings from angels exclusively for their happiness. The great universe and glittering galaxies lay graciously waiting for them to make a warm and welcoming oneness lasting forever with the coolest breezes soothing their lives.

When the Air of Gemini man and Water of Cancer woman mix, sexually, they form an aromatic cool breeze that keeps growing with growing nearness. The Gemini man and the Cancer woman have a strong intimate relationship in the mind and at emotional level over a physical relationship. She is tender, affectionate and highly imaginative while he is sexually sensitive and delicate with his touch. Together they form a sexual bond that works between them. The Cancer woman needs to know that Gemini man needs her. Since he isn’t really the embraceable type, this could hinder the relationship causing her to crave such a touch even more. The physical sense of the relationship would come in quite handy here. The greatest sexual recourse between the two is shared when Cancer woman steps up and reaches in toward her Gemini man, pulling him out of his dream land and into her. This could be the biggest and most rewarding fulfillment of all.

The relationship of Gemini man and Cancer woman is usually a puzzling one with many ups and downs and also with many good moments to cherish forever. Cancer woman should make it very clear that her Gemini man has an adventurous spirit. Let him use it and in fact help her out of her shell. While Gemini man can benefit her to enhance her emotional spectrum by showing her how to be happy and satisfied. This relationship can work if both are aware of their differences, and are willing to work them out. If Cancer woman can make Gemini man’s temporary stop a warm and happy one, it just may be the formula he needs to stick around and if the Gemini man can make her more assured and relaxed, he can get the secret key to her heart.

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  2. […] Gemini Man and Cancer Woman Love Compatibility | Ask Oracle – There are currently 50 responses to “Gemini Man and Cancer Woman Love Compatibility” Why not let us know what you think by adding your own comment!… […]

  3. Profile photo of Aleelove
    Aleelove 2 years ago

    Hello again im back this is Desirae who was having trouble debating if I should get back together with my ex. Eventually I did and we worked everything out. We had a couple small hurtles since getting back together but were stronger now then weve ever been. We haven’t even made a year yet. He told me he loves me finally after all these months damn geminis. At least they wait for the right time n moment. I can actually say im in love with him finally. I guess now we kno what we both want. I always gave up too soon but I realized if u want something u have to put the work in and not jus expect things to be good on its own. Good luck to u all who are unsure it will get better jus know what u want n go after it. If the mans not good for u then let him go…doesn’t mean u wont get back with him n who knos it might be even better when u get back with them im talking from experience. 

  4. Profile photo of mv808
    mv808 2 years ago

    So right on this article,…ive had been with a gemini for almost 2 years. He is 43, i am 21…a lot of his friends say he has so much energy for his age, hes into fantasy world while im into reality and whats real, and most of all it was all “cookies and ice cream” at first when we started dating and being in the relationship but i soon found out he was a pervert in a way  or admire other womens beauty so he would comment sexual stuffs on fb and say its nothing cuz hes not asking for them…and  i told him first time how i felt, and how hurting it is for me AND HE STILL KEEPS DOING IT until it took him a whole year to stop only when another women had to tell him why its wrong.I still think he can always look at women online ,but not like or comment becuz he is still following the women there.He has a lot of women friends, and seems to like to be around women And ive noticed overall it makes me feel like hes like a child, and he tends to beat around the bush a lot until i blow up becuz i know in obvious ways hes lying , then he tells me the truth when i bring the facts and he knows he cannot prove otherwise. He also  irresponsible(What bothers me is He trusts people A LOT  and which is why he comes complaining to me when i try to teach him to not make the mistakes so he doesnt stress as much on himself at what he is doing financially and life and bussiness wise.  (makes me feel like im teaching a child cuz it takes him so much to understand and we argue becuz he doesnt want to do the obvious solutions i gave him) right what this article states>geminis are not that stable sometimes. Money wise he likes to spend, but i like to save money . The way he does financially wise is he doesnt plan budget good or save up especially if there is a bill coming up, or a dued one already o.o when if i was in his shoes i wouldve done it easier and faster or bills would be payed and gad enough to get by. Trust me,  u gonna be with a gemini man ,dont treat them like he is everything to u becuz they are very smart at looking at people and reading them like a book and know any womens weakness and use it to get you back into his life. WARNING: US CANCER WOMEN SHOULD NEVER TELL OUR INNER FEELINGS ABOUT THEM, TO ANY MAN BECUZ THEY COULD USE IT AGAINST YOU AND WONT LET U MOVE ON. All i say is he doesnt get me, and he doesnt get im trusting my inner gut feeling that hes not the one. 

  5. Profile photo of mv808
    mv808 2 years ago

    @alecia876 ur right, my ex bf he was a dj, but he really sucks to tell u the truth and doesnt understand rhythm and different notes and tones. So he doesnt have a ear…but in his bussiness i think he isnt trying his best when he is spinning he just spins the top played songs on the radio he doesnt even bother to look up other songs thats available it doesnt have to be mainstream popular music i could do better in his bussiness their mind is so simple lol

  6. Profile photo of susieev
    susieev 10 months ago

    When I first met the gemini man I thought he was cute. He had spiky hair. Definitely my type of guy. I don’t even remember how we got to talking.  But we became instant friends. I felt like he understood me on a different level. I would talk to him about things that I would never talk to with others. We had class together and he would walk with me to my next class. I never thought much about it until my friend revealed to me that he liked me. Then it all made sense. That’s so me though. Whenever someone likes me I never notice it. I’m oblivious to things like that. But I was so surpised to find out that he liked me. I never told him I knew though. Who would? I didn’t want things to get awkward because I liked how our relationship was at the time. But day after day he would pursue me. While I didn’t want him to keep pursuing me I also didn’t want him to stop, to be honest. It was selfish of me really. Even people around us thought that we were in a relationship. One time while we were in class doing a group project, a girl we were talking to asked so what are you guys? Asking if we were a couple. I was shocked to know that some people thought that about us. Apparently we looked like a couple. I kept my distance with him though. I didn’t want to get too close because of my fear of rejection. Maybe subconsciously I knew that the reason why I didn’t push our relationship any further than just friends was because I had a feeling that he wouldn’t be able to commit. I need that stability and assurance from a man before I take things any further. The tension was definitely there, but I didn’t want to give myself to him because one we were both too young and dumb for that kind of stuff and two I didn’t want our relationship to be just physical. I need a sound foundation before I give myself to another man and with him I didn’t see it. Unfortunately, things never went any further than friends but I am glad to have known him. Now, I am in college and he is off in another state working. We have our own lives now and we have both moved on with different people. I wish him nothing but the best. 

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  8. Profile photo of prinalram
    prinalram 6 months ago

    I was friends with gemini man, now he doesn’t want me in his life, I love & care for him but it looks like he’s not interested in me, how can we stay together forever 

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