Taurus Man and Aquarius Woman Love Compatibility

Both the Taurus and Aquarius are strong individuals with rather fervent ideas of what they want in a partnership, and those ideas clash in many ways! Taurus is somewhat more traditional in views of relationship while Aquarius takes a lighter and friendlier way for being in an association.

A Taurus man is an individual with a sensible head and a loving heart. It is of utmost importance for him to make a noticeable imprint upon the world around him, and can become demanding or too involved when he is not being successful at this. Being a bit more traditional, he is often less than comfortable dealing with the realities of modern society, which can result in some anxiety. Emotionally, he is in no rush to let his feelings unfold, so when he opens up it is a sure sign that he is serious about the relationship.

An Aquarius woman is a realistic person who believes in her own dreams and believes in her own path. She has air like qualities to her personality is something that makes it clear that even if one suspects to know her well, she is unpredictable. She floats around the mental sphere, dabbling in all sorts of thoughts and ideas but her personality is hard to peg down and her values are as consistent as can be. She is a truly unique individual and is not willing to play by anyone’s rules on love but her own. In a relationship she is very faithful to her mate but can be detached and low at emotions at the same time.

The Aquarius woman seems simultaneously bizarre and intriguing to the Taurus man, which is exactly what makes him so attracted to her. She pulls him out of his practical, sensible reality and forces him to look at things in a more abstract manner, opening up an entirely new world to him. She is strong; she is intelligent and has her different ways which make her personality so attractive and different. With due course of time, he finds her much more aware than she initially appears in the beginning. She makes a charming companion for him with all her heart given to him with true dedication. Her love is tender and inspiring for him which helps him to have a better result in both his personal and professional life. But he may sometimes find her airy and aloof with nothing much to express and this can be somewhat disturbing for a romantic man like Taurus.

A Taurus man is genuinely a gentleman who truly touches the heart of the Aquarius woman and finds his way to rule her deepest emotions. He is possessive but not jealous, which gives a better shape to the relation as he never bars her personal freedom and independence. But at the same time he is always there to take care and protect her from all the worldly complications, to make her feel secure and comfortable. He respects her and always appreciates her views unless they sound too hazy to him. She resents being underestimated about as much as she despises having her limited and this thing is well understood by the patient Taurus lover. He is happy with her to have her own world except for the part that she gets over involved in it and forgets her role towards him and home, as she has to always remember that he is a traditional person and it is better not to play with his temper.

As the days of life keep drifting with love and bliss, the Taurus man and the Aquarius woman truly accept the others’ way of thinking and functioning of their relationship becomes cozier. She teaches her Taurus male to be a bit more easygoing and he teaches his Aquarius lady to be more expressive and attached to the near ones. Together they make a strong bond of understanding with the colors of both love and friendship shimmering gracefully with a melodious tune to make them feel sweeter. They attend to each other without over-shadowing the other one’s personality. Their home is a warmer place where rights and duties go lovingly together and rainbows of the imagination of Aquarius woman and painted beautifully by the real paints of her Taurus man.

As the airy element of Aquarius woman and earthy element of Taurus man meet on a physical level, the experience in the beginning maybe fluttery, and inconsistent. This is because, the physicality of romance is not what Aquarius woman is most focused on, although she may find her curiosities aroused on a regular basis. This seriously contradicts the Taurus man’s approach to sexuality. Essentially, in a committed relationship, he desires a healthy dose of regular lovemaking, but doesn’t require a whole lot of variety from his partner. He cares about the tangible aspects of life, and bases his judgments on what he can feel with his own two hands. Meanwhile, she may begin to drift away, sensing that his needs are a little too simple to make them interesting enough to satisfy. Still, he brings out the sweet, affectionate side of the Aquarius woman that could almost crave attachment, and her respect for his straightforwardness inspires patience on her part making their sexual life smoother and warmer with time. Her approach towards intimacy is some with hurried excitement, some with nervous anticipation. He is often more absorbed with the sensation of his motions coursing through his body in explosive paroxysms.

There are a few fundamental clashes with the pairing of Taurus man and Aquarius woman as they differ in their outlook. He may view her abstract mentality as impractical and insufficient for evaluating to world around her. This results in protective instincts on the part of Taurus man. While she finds him more wrapped in his own thoughts and unprepared to accept the world. Other than this, she may be head over heels in love with the Taurus man, but she is likely to show same amount of affection and commitment to her friends. This makes him feel insecure. When issues reach the surface, both of them can display a powerful stubborn streak and make it difficult to come to terms. If Taurus learns to let go a little and be satisfied with what she has to offer, then this could work and if she contributes more expressively to their relationship things can be even better.

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Dawn (@Dawn) : August 14th, 2009

This is the best and the most descriptive and in fact, true version of taurus man and aquarius woman relationship….i have been researching on this topic since this is the best article i have come across till date wow!

Your name (@Your name) : September 3rd, 2009

I can not believe I’ve found a reading that truly matches me and my boyfriend. It’s almost scary. I’m taking notes to learn how to deal with petty arguments which will make for a happier union.

Irshad (@Irshad) : January 18th, 2010

The information which i read today was really good, but she is no more in my life….

Lauren (@Lauren) : February 28th, 2010

This article is genuinely helpful and the closest assessment of the astrological pairing I have come across on the web to date.

Sally (@Sally) : March 26th, 2010

I am looking to begin dating a Taurus Man. I am an Aquarius Woman. I have never dated a Taurus Man. Do any of you believe it will last?

Dave Challa (@Dave Challa) : May 1st, 2010

What ever you say, Aquarius women are of evasive tendency in company of a taurus man and the relation can never last but endup in mess.TAURUS MAN BEWARE OF AQUARIUS WOMEN.SOME OTHER SIGNS FOR AQUARIUS WOMEN ARE VERY GOOD MATCHES,EXCEPT TAURUS MAN.

Amanda (@Amanda) : May 5th, 2010

I am an Aquarius women dating a Taurus man for 2.5 years and going. It may have more bumpy memories in the beginning than memorable ones. This article is true on some levels. I am now finding, we are different and we are both trying to accept each others way of thinking. It has been brought up many times we think differently. Now I am afraid I am going to lose him, because I may be “unconventional” for him, sex is amazing but I bet I am lacking. I don’t wanna lose him, but I can’t tell what the future holds…

Monique (@Monique) : July 31st, 2010

Scary. This is truly my husband and I. We had to laugh about it

Tamika (@Tamika) : September 24th, 2010

I am an Aquarius on the cusp of a Capricorn, my birthday is Jan 21st I am dating a man who is on the cusp of a Tuarus in some cases and a Gemini in another. His birthday is May 21 We have been dating for 2 years now and I have to say I have experienced the compatability the oracle has stated to be true on the aspect of both signs. I am shocked because it is as if there talking about the two of us. This is the best relationship I have ever been in and I totally agree with the oracle. I always went to ask oracle before I went on a date and I can truly say I am done now marriage will be soon I found my soul mate.

conniee (@conniee) : November 11th, 2010

I am an aquarius woman dating a taurus man and it can be very difficult at times to understand him but when we are loving each other it is great. i find him possesive of which i donot have a probelm hoping it does not becomes over bearing. He is very kind loving , and honest. I broke up with him once for 4 months and now we are back together again and going strong. He supports me with everything that i do and is a strong tower of strength for me and I love him dearly. I will not give him up for anyone else.

Britney Monroe (@Britney Monroe) : January 11th, 2011

Im an aquarius woman dating an aquarius man and wow um good job! Hahaha he is hecka possesive and its annoying but evn then i cant let him go! I think the biggest prob with taurus and aquarian relationships is their so diffrnt that it takes time to get to kno eachothrs personalities and PATIENCE IS DEFINATELY KEY…and alotta prayer! I dnt really beleive n this stuff but uh….right on the money honey! Hahaha!

Damaris (@Damaris) : February 5th, 2011

I am an Aquarius woman and my boyfriend is a Taurus but on the cusp of an Aries because his birthday is April 23. We have only been in a relationship for about 2 months now but we were friends for a while before we even started dating. Things between us are absolutely amazing, he is sweet and understanding and always aims to make me smile . . . we are very different but very alike at the same time . . .our strengths balance out because we both take the lead in different situations . . . i think it helps that we were both in long relationships before this that didn’t end too well because we exercise a lot of patience with one another and appreciate each others company . . . btw SEX is AMAZING!! . . . tried a relationship with a taurus male previously and it was horrible, he was so concerned with himself, jealous and over emotional but the sex was still great. Aquarius women exercise patience with a good Taurus man and you’ll find yourself happier than ever :)

Tim (@Tim) : February 9th, 2011

This is exactly true!!! its scary. I just had relationship with an aquarius woman and at the beginning it was amazing on all aspects. We fell in love fairly quickly. The problem with our relationship was that she felt like she could do whatever, whenever she wanted and also have a serious relationship with me on the side. She thought it was ok to hang out 1 on 1 with other single males and that may have been her outgoing ways but she had too much of a problem compromising to do away with those certain things to obstain a healthy relationship. This is a very, very difficult combination but it could work ONLY if they both can compromise. But that is a very slim chance. Im living proof!!!

natt12 (@natt12) : February 10th, 2011

I am an aquarius woman (taurus rising, moon in capricorn,venus in pisces) and my boyfriend of a year is a taurus (cancer rising, moon in aquarius, venus in gemini) and I am having the same issues. At times this relationship is very difficult and when arguments start they get bad, is there hope for this match?

Yvonne & Devon (@Yvonne & Devon) : February 17th, 2011

Wow!!! Best article I’ve come across on line!! This is so true! I’m an aquarius woman dating a taurus man, and it’s already started rocky. He does try to please me, especially if I have some concerns about the relationship, and I have to be very patient with him. I suppose as long as both of you try to work at it, the relationship will improve. No relationship is a perfect forever after!

Barbara Butler (@Barbara Butler) : March 9th, 2011

This was a true description of both signs.I’m a aquarius who was dating a taurus male.Although I loved him with all my heart and I know he loved me. Our relationship did not work out. These were all the problems we faced.

Shelley (@Shelley) : March 17th, 2011

I’m finding this site and these comments very positive!
I’m an Aquarius woman who met a Taurus man online. We’ve exchanged hundreds of emails and are going to meet for the first time this coming Sunday!
He’s already pulling out all the stops to wine and dine me and I know we’re going to end up making love!
I am so excited about meeting him as, although we haven’t met in person yet, I’m falling for him already!

greg (@greg) : March 19th, 2011

i am a taurus man dating an aquarius women for about 7 months now. we sufferred 4 breakups during that time but always got back together.we are deeply in love with each other and are soulmates we both agree. it definitley takes alot of patience and compromise for an aquarius and taurus relationship to work.but all relationships can be difficult at times.but love conquers all. if you truly love one another then do whatever it takes to make it work.best of luck and god bless

joe (@whitey333) : August 30th, 2011
Avatar Image

I start this off by saying I’m a complete novice with astrology because I don’t believe it’s viable (or maybe the other way around), but most of this article seems pretty on par. One thing to add, if you EVER wrong an aquarian woman, by wrong I mean neglect/ take for granted, she will NEVER forgive/forget. And it is likely she will find the mental stimulation she needs elsewhere, and depending on that person “revenge” ensues. This revenge will be dependant on what you regard in the relationship and since taurus is more for stability, she will destabilize your life. Completely. At least that’s my experience with my soon to be ex wife. This is after being together for 6.5 years, married for 3. She may be able to stay as a friend, but with what she has done, it’ll be much harder for me, the taurian. They can be ruthless : /. Just a heads up, don’t piss them off heh..

Genaveve (@PurebloodSagittarius) : March 30th, 2013
Avatar Image

My father is a Taurus and my mother is Aquarius, they have been together for almost 30 years and this is what I suggest that your watch out for if you really want it to work: My mother (Aquarius) was VERY possessive of my father.. She always freaked out if he ever looked at any other woman, even women that were in the family. She also always believed that she knew when something was wrong even if it had been going normal all day, she knew by the “look” in his eye, and she always thought that he was mad at her when he wasn’t. This was the one thing that really annoyed him. So if you want it to work, control yourself. A warning about my father, he really was always quiet, not really “manly”.. If my sisters were fighting and my mom needed his help to control them he would just stay where he was sitting. My mom usually freaked out when he did that. My parents relationship was really an innocent one, really almost closer to being a good friendship. They both would always joke with each other and confide in each other for the truth. 

hamburgerdear_18@yahoo.co.in (@hamburgerdear_18@yahoo.co.in) : April 29th, 2013
Avatar Image

i am an aquarius female…and use to be a stern feminist..then i met a taurus guy…oh he was obonoxius ….he  told me he loved me one day…and somehow i believed him…but watever he did irritated me to the very core….since den…eight yrs have passed and he still irritates me…but today i seriously cant live without him either…we meet everyday and theres nothing non amazing bout our relationship…as time passes he is becoming irresistably sexy…and handsome…his unadultered dedication…love and passion for me has kept me hooked on to him for so long..and i thank god each day when day  watch him after office seating on his bike waiting for me..for giving me such a gorgeos life partner…..

Eulalahpink (@Eulalahpink) : May 6th, 2013
Avatar Image

Chris Brown and Rihanna nuff said!

Jennifer (@jennfellows) : November 17th, 2013
Avatar Image

I am an Aquarius woman dating a taurus man.   He is so hard to read.  He tends to be over dedicated to his traveling job and it is hard for me.  I,  like many woman, have been in some tough relationships where it makes it so difficult to trust.  No matter how often my taurus boyfriend tells me he loves me, misses me or says he is going to put more effort into our relationship I still have this horrible feeling that I am going to lose him.   We don’t do much together because he works a lot.   He lives 4 miles away from me and is getting ready to move to his next job 60 miles away.   Do I go forward with this and trust that he  DOES love me or should I let him go?  It wouldn’t be so hard if he actually followed through with what he says he’s going to do.   Advise appreciated.   

Aquarius Nikki (@Aphroditee) : December 13th, 2013
Avatar Image

@jennfellows I am in the same situation right now, with my Taurus guy, but I want to say something, and take my own advice. He loves you, love him back, and follow him to the ends of the earth and back again. Compromise, pray, and have faith. And remember, you can’t pray and worry. You’ll laugh about it 30 years from now, when you are married and old. My biggest fear is, losing my independence and freedom. I am a bird and need to fly.

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