Aries Woman and Scorpio Man Love Compatibility

Aries Woman and Scorpio Man Compatibility in 2021

You feel pulled in two directions in the 2021. The Aries woman is ready to be with new people, to have new experiences, to see the world. However, sudden domestic problems complicate these plans. The Scorpio man sensibly realizes that a situation with a caregiver in need cannot be put off. It might be time to revisit a family home, to have a frank and complicated conversation about a real estate sale or a major repair. Taking care of those who took care of you in younger years will bring you peace of mind, as the Aries woman will soon find out. The two of you have more support than you realize.

Aries Woman and Scorpio Man Relationship - Complete Guide

The Aries and the Scorpio makes an unusually exciting pair with Aries to provide lots of enthusiasm and Scorpio to provide commitment in the relationship. Aries are direct while Scorpios are more circuitous in expressing love. Moreover Aries have fluctuations in their behavior, whereas, Scorpios are stable and steady.

A Scorpio man is a superhuman being with a blend of passion, intellect and a magnetic attraction that is challenging to avoid. His mind is sharp, critical, cautious and skeptical making him unique and interesting. He is a perfect picture of will power and stability. When in love with an Aries woman, he gives her love and care with all the passion of this world and the other world. He is one of a kind shielding lover and is always by the side of his lady to protect her from the cruel world. He is very tolerant and gives his Aries woman complete freedom to enjoy her individuality. But if he is pushed, he never backs off but waits for the right time and take revenge.

An Aries woman is defensive in behavior and tries to protect her sensitive nature from hurts and pains. She is a bit confused person who responds with fiery rage and is usually left not knowing how to extinguish the fire. She is quick minded and able to see through manipulation easily, this makes her admire her Scorpio man who is truly sincere. She appreciates his loyalty and provides him with equal passion in the relationship. At times Scorpio man may find her to be selfish and egotistical. But once this woman is committed she is extremely sentimental and loyal regarding the relationship.

An Aries woman makes a quick impression on the Scorpio man with her pleasant purity and strong courage and blind faith in his love. Emotionally she is on the same level of attraction and vigor as that of her Scorpio man. She is one of the few women, to whom the Scorpio is willing to reveal his unexposed side. In fact he is one of the few males, she allows to dominate her. She brings new enthusiasm and changes in his life to make him feel more regenerated. She deeply respects the loyalty of Scorpio male and feels secure around him which gives her new energy to try exciting things in her life. But to keep an Aries female committed, excitement has to be kept on its pace because an Aries lose interest quickly if relationship has lost its excitement.

The constancy of a Scorpio man attracts an Aries woman strongly as she herself lacks it. He is a perfect man for an Aries lady who wants her womanhood to be admired and her individuality to be accepted. He is one of a kind loyal person who does not show any interest in outer world once he is actually in a committed relationship and is satisfied with his lady. He is one person who accepts the aggressive attitude of her and is tolerant to her fiery temper. He always gives attention to all the interests of her and is always by her side to support her and make her feel protected. But the suspicious nature of the Scorpio man can put her on a trail with many questions pouring on. This can make her furious and can create differences in their love life.

There is a depth in the love between Aries woman and Scorpio man that is seldom equaled for sheer passionate, devotion and spiritual closeness. Mentally they may be two different worlds but their emotional closeness brings them in an ecstasy that lacks in most of the usual couples. As their love reaches deeper emotional levels, she smoothly manages to tolerate his superiority, infuriating silence and deep wells of secrecy and he also calmly overlooks her flows of jealousy, financial extravagance and frequent demands for attention in an immature emotional approach. As they both overcome their differences with their strong bond of trust and attachment, she receives enduring happiness with her Scorpio man and he becomes the man of her dreams for whom she gives up all her egos and selfishness. Their oneness create an angelic peace in their existence making them fall in love with each other more and more with each passing day.

A sexual relationship between the two is very fulfilling. He provides her with the feelings of eternal love she needs. Sexual attraction lasts for a very long time for them. The passion between them is extremely strong giving both of them divine physical and emotional satisfaction which brings them closer every time they make love. When she is in full submission to him, he feels her so much more pure this way, so much more vulnerable, exposed, and open. His intense desires in make her feel so full, so fleshy, so wet with arousal. Their physical intimacy becomes stronger with time developing more trust and faith in their relation. The only area where sex can cause problems between them is her tendency to exaggerate his strong appeal for women into accusations of unfaithfulness. The Scorpio can also cause problems by reading the Aries free and friendly manner as flirting with other men. It would be wise for him to realize that she’s too honest and full of ideals about love to commit adultery without extreme provocation, and even then, she confesses it almost before it happens.

When an Aries woman and a Scorpio man are attracted towards each other, the attraction is very mutual both emotionally and physically having long-lasting bond. The reliability and protectiveness of the Scorpio man always clicks her while her individuality and innocence makes him fall for her instantly. Both of them share the common emotion of passion which is raw in Aries and ripen in Scorpio but still they enjoy each others’ sides well. But the envious, selfish and controlling attitude of Aries is hard for the Scorpio to match up with while the Aries hate the mysterious and doubtful nature of the Scorpios. Both of them need to manipulate their personal tiffs and perceptual creations to maintain harmony and improve their relationship.

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  1. ariesgal1 December 17th, 2012

    You have no right to judge!
    Aries and scorpio are one of the most loyal signs. Some people from other signs are the worst. Malbec and his aries girl have something special. People have wrote their stories and experiences. They have come out and been honest. You have no right to pass comments like that. Nobody is perfect. Some things happen.  You can disagree like many others including myself but for you to just say things like that are just unacceptable!

  2. ariesgal1 December 16th, 2012

    Aries girls the scorpio guy is not your man!
    You will find your man in an aries, leo, sagittarius and pisces guy!
    Aries, leo and sagittarius are innocent, child-like, passionate and sexy!You will share a zest for life. Support, understand and respect each other. A grand life with happiness, peace and love. You will always inspire each other. A very content and fulfilling life with these guys. They will care for you deeply.You will never look back!
    Pisces are innocent, supportive, soulful and romantic! Aries and pisces will understand, inspire and respect each other. Again a very happy, content and fulfilling life with you pisces guy. A strong pisces guy can be your dream guy… very sexy! the right pisces guy can be all you need. Pisces can care and love so deeply that it will hurt him…. something you will reciprocate…. It will hurt to care and love him so deeply. He will always be there and take care of you no matter what it takes him.
    When you fall for these guys you will fall hard!
    So aries girls find someone who is worth your care, love and respect!
    Most likely these guys will be… you will find true happiness with each other!

    • tom July 15th, 2017

      Scorpio hating don’t listen ladies 😉

    • Mermaid July 21st, 2020

      Not all Pisces are innocent! I disagree with this comment completely. I was married to one and happily divorced. Now with a Scorpio and it is 1000 times better.

  3. 6076868 November 11th, 2012

    i have to say only one thing that we are curse and some of us get the love of their life and some try tooooo search for it the person they love like my self searching from last 4 years

  4. @dksharma October 27th, 2012

    scorpio man here. i need a serious advice from all aries ladies out it goes like this….
    there is an aries gal in my class whom i am craving for. we are arch rivals in our class regarding academics (that “1st place is mine” kinda thing). we always fight (coz there is no other way i can talk to her). 2 of her groupies (a saggi and a cancer gal) like me 2 bt i dont care! she is everything i want-cute, innocent, intelligent, childish and endless qualities. i am really craving for her but i am damn afraid to propose her coz we’re just 16. i even love the way she shouts at me. even her slight touch thrills me and makes me wanna do much more to her. just 2 mins fighting wid her make my day. i seek reasons to be around her. 1ce we talked nicely whn v wr teamed 4 the same science project . but i am really possesive about her. i hate it she talks to other guys. it kills me. i am handsome, intelligent and far better than all of her guy friends then why cant she be be mine ?? i can do anything for her. i always want to be around her. so please fellows advice me for how can i create feelings for me in her heart ??

    • tom July 15th, 2017

      she can’t be possessed dude. Feelings can’t be made like that. your a immature man in this scorpio’s opinion. Pansy. she wants to have fun with a real man not a manipulative moody little blank..

  5. nanabe44 October 15th, 2012

    Well, I am currently seeing a Scorpio man and he is EVERYTHING! lol.  We have some of the most intense, passionate and most fun times together. We’ve known each other for years…since 2006 and we hit it off back then, but due to him lying to me about who he was seeing and who he was period at the time, i just walked away…but we recently rekindled our friendship beginning of the year around March 2012 and we have been in each others lives ever since…just recently i expressed to him how i feel about him..nothing major, but that I am digging him and really feeling him, and this was via text. Since that day, he never responded to what I said. So what do you guys think about this? Is it normal for the Scorpio man to not respond to things as such?

    • tom July 15th, 2017

      wrong delivery..normal to respond to something like your ‘text’ with nothing feel like you could have been brave and said it in person. Scorpios despise weakness. i know the sex was dynamite but maybe thats all it was or….

  6. Arieskitty October 1st, 2012

    I am an aries women.. and i am completely in love with a scorpio man. i’ve always been honest with him and told him everything i’ve ever felt and done. but it seems that a mutual friend of ours has told him i cheated on him with a sagittarius from my past. I have hung out with this sagittarius male but never would i cheat on my beloved scorpio. i have told my scorpio this and even the sagittarius has told him that we have done nothing, but for some reason my scorpio wont believe… i’m terrified of the thought of lose him and i have no idea what else i can do. from the very beging my scorpio were attached. and we we’ve been together since we met. i am completely in love and want to know what i can do to keep him. 

    • tom July 15th, 2017

      stop worrying. Worrying is like like praying for what you don’t want. If your loyal and he can’t get past his jealous mind then you just may deserve better, or…..

  7. Bighappymomma September 17th, 2012

    As long as we take turns in a discussion it doesn’t turn into a fight. *

  8. Bighappymomma September 17th, 2012

    That last comment was directed at Malbec. Now as for my Scorpiorelationship. 
    I have never met anyone like my Scorpio. I am a strong woman. I spend most of my day outside. My Scorpio man is the same way. We are both really hard workers. He stays cool headed when my incinerating temper flares and cooly helps me collect myself. I am the optimist while he’s a pessimist. I help bring him up, while he levels out my exaggerations. As long as logic overrides my emotions(which happens a lot) I’m able to think my way around his odd actions. When he thinks with his heart I can easily pick up his thought train. So long as we take turns in a didacussong it doesn’t turn into a fight. 
    I love my Scorpio and wouldn’t trade him for anything in the world. I have met many scorpio and have always gotten along with them pretty well. My ex-husband was a cancer. That was the biggest mistake of my life. 2 moody tempers should avoid each other at all cost. 

  9. Bighappymomma September 17th, 2012

    Um. In my opinion you are both a rediculous joke and cruelly mistreating a) your wife. B) her fiancé. You are both disgusting examples of human beings. 

  10. ariesgal1 August 26th, 2012

    I’m an aries girl and I have to say that pisces guys are the best lovers of the zodiac along with aries guys. The pisces man that I knew was everything that I could ever want in a mate. He knew just how to make me feel loved, protected and supported. He was very intelligent and great to be around. He was also very honest. I have never met a guy like him. He was the whale type of pisces but I think all pisces are sweet people. He left an impression and gained a special place in my heart. I will always love him. Pisces can truly feel your feelings and at times even mind read. They have powerful intuitions. My pisces always knew how I was feeling and what I would be thinking. He knew me and totally understood me. He is a great guy with a good heart and a wonderful soul. Pisces eyes are also very expressive. I have not seen such powerful emotions in anyone’s eyes as much as his. He has very soulful eyes. They are very beautiful. He is beautiful person in every single way. It is such a special feeling when he cares for you. The girl who will have him will be very lucky. Pisces make great lovers and friends. There is so much to say but I think aries and pisces make a great couple.

  11. lilaBADU July 20th, 2012

    After reading Malbec’s post I felt compelled to share my own. I(Aries 20 at the time) was intensely in love with a Scorpio Man(33 at the time), he was everything I could ask for or I thought: successful lawyer, professional player, physical, insightful, sexy, wise, mysterious. There was just this intense chemistry that I had not felt before. There was only one slight problem.. he was married. At first he lied to me, he said he had a girlfriend we continued anyway just being friends. When things started to get more serious or my feelings, I asked if he had left his girlfriend. Being a lawyer and a Scorpio, he sneakily avoided the answer. of course not long he got caught, I was furious. But at that point it was too late. I was completely stupefied in love with him. I believed him when he said he was separated but he couldn’t file for his divorce yet. Being understanding I believe him and thought the process would be long and hard. We continued.. But I could not disguise my jealousy. it killed me knowing that he could be lying to me.  I could not stand his lack of attention and searched it in other men. I was never faithful, how could I be faithful to someone who was married?
    the relationship went back and forth but the intensity would not leave. I would try to leave but and he would always find a way back to convince me. make up an excuse, lie more. Until “the blunder” (as malbec said) which ended anything there was.
    He was always very careful and private about his life. I am not huge on social networking so as time passed I guess he was confident that I would never check his facebook profile. Wrong! I went out of curiosity of course. & there it was Albums of his happily married life. His excuse was that his marriage was over but he was trying to get into a reality show. And that was the biggest betrayal for me: He would rather be on a reality show than with me. He lied the whole time: saying how unhappy he was, that his wife would not let him go, she was alone blah blah. That was the reality check for me and finally straw.
    I have no desire to be with him anymore at all. I acknowledge my error, paid my consequences(with a lot suffering). but that’s it, I want to move on and be with someone 100% that I can trust and will reciprocate my love. It’s taken me a long time to heal but I finally feel detached. Except there is one problem.
    AND my question is: how do i get rid of him? this has gone on for a year now. I’ve left him, told him off, told him to go away, stopped talking to him, disappeared, everything! and he persist. He will leave me alone for sometime but he always comes back. He is always there and willing, I just want him to leave me alone and let me live my own life. 

  12. ariesgal1 June 15th, 2012

    I think that pisces guy are the best match for an aries girl. After that the fire sign guys. I know a pisces and he is the most amazing person ever. I have not met anyone like him. I will always love him. Pisces men love aries women for who they are and totally accept them. I don’t think that scorpios are a good match for aries. Although I get attracted to scorpios and virgos alot… But after analysing everything I think an aries girl should not be with a scorpio guy. I don’t think scorpios love aries the way aries love them. I’v seen this alot. Aries love with all their heart and soul. Aries accepts scorpio completely with all their vices but scorpio somehow don’t do the same for aries. They also always think they are right, have to win an argument and can be vengeful. The funny thing is I know a lot of scorpios who think they are the best lovers of the zodiac which is totally not true. They can however enjoy their delusion while we stand back and laugh at it. Aries girls if your scorpio guy don’t treat you right then just simply walk away. You can do much better. Aries are innocent and child-like whereas scorpios are calculative and manipulative. Try a pisces, aries, leo and sagittarius. You’re better off!

  13. chirp March 25th, 2012

    hello guys am an aries girl in love with a scorpio man for past few months…i loved him truly we were very happy in our relationship(i presumed..) he broke up with me  saying that he loved a pisces girl for past 3 years and now he realised that he loves her sincerely and wats to go back to her..they had a break-up and inorder to forget her he came closer me..he cheated me very brutally but i dont know why i still love him and so desperately want him to come back into my life.. i want to know if he comes back to me or not??

    • tom July 15th, 2017

      He wasn’t lying wouldn’t hold my breath…….

  14. ScorpioScorpioScorpio March 7th, 2012

    I have read the description of the Aries Woman and Scorpio Man relationship and am amazed at how accurate it is.
    With that said, I need advise from the Aries ladies. I am a Scorpio man deeply attracted to and love an Aries woman. We have known each other for a little over a year and a half. I feel there is mutual attraction from her side too. The energy in the air when we are around each other is stronger than anything I have ever felt with anyone else. When we look into each other’s eyes, it is powerful and we can look into each other’s eyes for a long time without either one of us looking away. We have openly flirted in front of our friends . . . Initiated by me. We see each other about once per week as we are part of a sports team.
    The problem I have is she seems to always been involved with someone else. Either someone she is dating off our sports team or one male in particular who is on the team. When she knew I was involved with someone else, she did distance herself from the person on our team, as to lure my attention back, but is now back to him.
    I’m not sure how I should handle this. Should I tell her how I feel? Should I let them be and see if they stick together? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
    Love you Aries women.

    • tom July 15th, 2017

      sorry dude scorpio male here stop being a bitch thats not gonna get the girl

      • RobbieScorpio May 2nd, 2019

        Tom you give us real scorpio men a bad name with your asinine comments which shows us nothing but your immaturity and deceitful manners which you have no manners and you never will.

  15. Sexingmeright84 February 28th, 2012

    Greetings malbec,
        Im so sorry to hear this,  as an Aries woman betrayal is of the upmost deliberate way of hurting someone. She told you not to confront this person,  but you did anyway so in her eyes you are reckless and you are a threat to her livelihood. You need to ask yourself why hasnt she left her boyfriend for you? if this love is so true. As an aries woman myself when we feel that we have meet the right one we move almost instantly to be with the one who has our heart. Let me be very clear you are married so this is why she has moved on she feels no chance of having the life she deserves with you a shamless one she cant bring you home and show you off like us aries women love to do because you belong to someone else. That alone made her push you away basically if you want to prove anything to her and im going to be brutally honest leave your wife then and only then will she take you back and take you seriously. Because lets face you are much older than her and why should she waste her time screwing a married man when she could have someone elses total commitment and have 100% of that person verses 50% of you Aries crave alot of attention which is why she kept her boyfriend for those mean time in between times you should be more careful in your affairs especially as a married man and plus she is an aries and naturally want to do the right thing and honestly the right thing would be to leave you..especially since you confronted her c o-worker i mean wow that was stupid sorry Im not trying to hurt you I just want you to see the error of your ways
                                                   Bye now and Good luck with this…

  16. Skorpioux January 29th, 2012

    I met a wonderful Aries girl, the love of my life (LOML) she then 25 and me 42 in the summer of 2010, both in relationships, she had a boyfriend and I in a marriage. We met several times during the first couple of weeks, going to eat ice cream, drink coffee and pastries, and having dinners at beautiful cozy romantic restaurants. Needless to say, we hit it off. She told me I was funny and very smart plus she loved the way I dressed, very Wall St-type. I loved the way she looked at me. The relationship developed as we became very comfortable with one another. I asked her to experience something that very few people experience, the thrill of flying a private plane. She logged 33 minutes of actual flying time, and was thrilled at her accomplishment.
    I made a promise to LOML I would always be truthful to her, even if the truth hurt and she agreed to be the same. I had initially told her I just wanted a “companionship” based relationship, not an intimate one. She agreed. After several more clandestine meetings, I told her that I would like to pursue an intimate but discreet relationship. She told me that to do so will create feelings that in the future will probably end up being painful. Being faithfully married for more than ten years, I did not think much about her comment but took a mental note of it and we agreed that we would break up amicably if either my wife or her bf suspected something.
    The relationship soared as we made love over and over again, going away on weekends and meeting at least twice weekly for dinner and sizzling sex. We were in total bliss and she confessed to me that I was the most intense and passionate person she ever met; and she was beautiful from head to toe and I always told her I loved her; I treated her with total love and respect, unlike anyone else in my life. We kept this intense relationship until I made the biggest blunder of my life and I dont know if she still loves me or despises.
    Although this may seem like a paradox and a farce to some, I value integrity in a person; I dont like to lie or be lied to. The LOML informed me she heard a rumor that I was a flirt from a close personal friend of hers; instintively I asked who. She declined to tell me, afraid I would confront the person. But I was burning with rage at this person, and I knew someone who lived in the same building as her who was employed by one of my affiliated companies: and I told her I suspected who she was. The LOML told me she wouldnt tell me; but within minutes she verified it was the one I suspected. But the LOML insisted I give her my word that I would not confront her. Without thinking, I did. I could not sleep for the next few nights as I was pissed as to why this person told the LOML that I was a flirt, when I only had met her once or twice and only said hello in passing.
    I had a dilemna: if I confronted her, I would find out why she said what she said, but it would ruin her relationship with the LOML and the LOML would be pissed at me from going back on my word. On the other hand, if I stood shut, the LOML would assume the rumors were true. I let me pride and ego get the best of it; and I confronted the girl and she DENIED IT until I told her the LOML had told me in a very specific way. She the admitted it, and I told the LOML and she was furious with me. To cut the story short and to avoid anyone looking at this post from knowing who we are, she broke it off with me. I tried to tell her the reasons, but she would not listen. This was November 2011.
    I love the LOML with all love of the world; I know that I want to be with her, that it hurts me when I see her and I know that she still loves me but that she is hurt I betrayed her trust by confronting the other girl.
    Although I am calm and emotionless, inside I feel this volcano full of sadness. I know her fiance does not give her the love or affection I have given her during the past 18 months and at times I feel like teeling her to runaway with me to start a new life- thats how much I love her…
    SO I ASK
    Is the pain caused by my betrayal greater than the love I have given her? If so, I need to know so I can go on with my life knowing that she no longers feels anything for me. I know she feels scared that if she tells me to go away, I will destroy her her by telling her fiance about us, but I would never do such a thing-had I wanted, I would have destroyed her when she broke it off with me.
    So my love, if you are reading this, tell me truth as to how you feel about me, even if it hurts me.

    • Pretty 5 days ago

      Could we please get an update on this matter? Did you leave your wife for the aries woman? Did the LOYL take you back? It’s been some time but we all would like to know how this ends plz and thanks

  17. jason30 January 28th, 2012

    hELLO EverYonE!!
    I’m a scorpion guy who has a Aires girl mate! We are good friends at the moment but truth be told i would love to be more!! she has said she does’nt want a boyfriend right now! but i just dont understand why? when we are very close! Always doing fun things together relaxing and hugging each other sitting close together ect romance (NO SEX THO) !! Is it a case of being patient??? and carry being her friend then her hard shell will open up to me or am i fighting a lose cause???
    P.S I did one tell her i liked her alot but that never went down too well! we never talked for abit and when we did it wasnt the same!! So I disappeared like us scorpions can do! But somehow we found each other again and it feels like the 1st time 🙂 again, i still catch her smiling at something i said !! I never forgive but i have with her!! i must be mad lol!! soo my question once again!
    Does friends turn into lovers?
    Will i know when she ready to want more then friends and how?
    Do i have to be patient?
    Or is she just using my kindness?
    Has anyone been threw the same drama??
    Reply would be great thanks J xx

    • Jasielle July 7th, 2017

      Friends do turn into lovers. You must know if she likes you or not. Is she intimidated by you. For sure, I as an Aries woman knows that I am. I love my Scorpio man, I respects him and his intelligence. I find it hard to believe that we were actually friends for 3 years before becoming lovers.

  18. theram January 25th, 2012

    Tears came to my eyes as well! This entry, and everyone’s responses, were the best I’ve read on a website in a long time. My heart was racing. It made me so excited to be alongside my Scorpio again, and enjoy the proactive characteristics of his sign!

  19. theram January 25th, 2012

    Hi everyone!
    I am very into astrology, and haven’t found a compatibility site that really impacted me in a long time. (But this one made the cut!) I am an Aries woman that is currently falling hard for a Scorpio man (and it’s mutual). Our story is complicated but passionate and rare (yet understandable because of the combined passionate signs). He is my best friend’s brother, and they are both currently studying abroad in Asia. They come home to visit for weeks at a time only a couple of times a year. Last October, they visited and my Scorpio and I made huge progress, to the point where, since he left in Nov, we are committed, dedicated, and send very pure love messages to each other. We already show such a deep connection of care and love for each other. Like this site says, I genuinely feel like I can truly trust him, and even though he is so far, I know he would never betray me. Plus, my moon sign is Scorpio, so I’ve got that committed streak as well.
    I’ve never dated someone who has the same competitive “winner” energy as I, so I am beyond ecstatic to find that in a man. Finally, someone that gets that energy and POWER!
    The part that truly hit me about this site is when it said “In fact he is one of the few males, she allows to dominate her.” It’s because the dominance of a Scorpio male is pure, real, and BELIEVABLE! Aries cannot feel dominated over someone unless they truly feel it. I have never dated a man that I felt truly dominated me, and for the first time, I feel it with this Scorpio! And now, I’m never going back!
    So, although I haven’t spent a lot of quality in person time with my Scorpio yet, I know a lot about him and we keep in touch as often as we can. Just found out he’s visiting for a month in March, and it’s going to be the most incredible experience. Everything is going to be so passionate and pure – two things I live for. I can’t believe that I’ve finally found these ideals in a man. I feel that its so difficult to find in someone at my age (22), so I won’t ever let him go. Plus, he has an adventurous Gemini moon, and I love that about him. We both want to see the world together, and I hope that one day we can.
    Reading everyone’s comments and input was heartwarming and felt great. I teared up while reading the analysis, and even while reading some of your comments. It’s so supportive and my heart started racing, just knowing the type of man I will be with in person again in a matter of weeks.

  20. aries33 January 8th, 2012

    I’m an aries woman in love with a scorpio man..
    i first relised i was in love with him a couple years ago as i sat next to him in school lessons. he’s very mistirious and very shy, i only hear him talking to his friends when no body else is around him. Ive asked him out many times but he always says no, as he has never had a girlfriend, or he doesn’t like me, he know i love him.. as sometimes i mouth ‘i love you’ to him.. i don’t know whether he likes me or not… I’m getting realy annoyed and impatiant with him as he won’t say anything.. i think he’s the one for me.. i’m so in love with him!! if anyone can help me in this situation.. reply.. i will be very greatful x

    • RobbieScorpio May 2nd, 2019

      In high school I locked eyes with a girl and seen directly into her soul and fell head over heels in love with her and to this day I have no ideal what sign she is but she is very beautiful and very popular. I was in 9 th grade when this happened and I basically stalked her and found out her name Starr Martinez and where she lived and who her friends were and her best friend was friends big sister and I was 1 grade older than she and everyday we would see each other at school I would stare at her and she would smile at me. And one day I was standing in front of the wood shop entrance and a guy in my class John Hadley and his little sister Patricia Hadley were standing beside each other John’s sister pointed at me and asked John who I was and John said why who wants to know a his sister said to him starr does and I turned my right and start was standing right beside me and I looked at her and froze and never said a word to her and snuck away from her and went to my class. Starr tried to talk to me at school and when I was walking home from school for the next 3 years at least 20 times and I never said a word to her and I went to a friends party and she was there as someone else date and she 1 foot away from me and started into my eyes and.we stood and locked our eyes together and I froze and was scared to death and walked away and got in my car and left and did not say a word to her. And we lived in a small town and she tried everything she could to get me to talk to her and she married a guy named gunner that looked like me but it did not work and she divorced him and she was 19 then and remarried and moved to Africa and got another divorce and remarried and moved to London and she was only 21 then and I lost track of her. I did not one time ever talk to her in my life over the 6 years leading up to that time even though I told everyone but her that I loved her and it was common knowledge in my high school the way she chased me and I was too shy to talk to her and the truth is I was raised as a only child and I had no ideal what to say to any girl and girls have always tried to talk to me and I never talked to them cuz I did not know what to say and I froze and said nothing and walked away everytime until I was 22 and making money like a machine and that is when I started gaining confidence to talk to girls and I thought that I had to buy people to acquire friends. I was a popular person but I was scared to death to talk to a girl and it took me many years to overcome my fear of women. Thank God I did.

  21. Lind09 November 24th, 2011

    scorpio guys are so annoying


  22. PinkyOohLaLa November 13th, 2011

    I love all of your stories!! Like it gives me hope! Tears are coming to my eyes because I have a lot of the same feelings! Confusion but pretty sure of this thing. I just hope all is well.

  23. PinkyOohLaLa November 13th, 2011

    Hi all,
    I am an Aries woman and I am falling in love with a Scorpio man. He is a comedian and he travels a lot. We met on Twitter, mid September and we finally met November 5, 2011. Prior to us meeting, it was instant attraction. Like I could tell he was a bit reserved. But the more we get to know each other, he was opening up. And I just don’t see Scorpio men just opening up. He makes me feel secure, he seems so sincere. I just LOVE everything about him. He makes me feel like a REAL woman! I am thinking about moving to Missouri where my family is just so we can make this thing work. Wish me luck! Well…wish the two of us luck! Reading your stories, I am hopeful & optimistic.

  24. ScorpioJru October 10th, 2011

    I am the end of the month Scorpio male(Nov21st), I just recently broke up with a scorpio female… after three years of constant battling I am happy to have regained my power. I think she may have had a stronger Sting, but I got the last blow. Anyways, back several years ago in high school I was secretly interested in this Aries, and during my recent relationship my mind had been puzzled and puzzled about her. We had spoken before and I felt an instant bond or connection towards her, but was too secretive to say anything about my emotions or passion. Now it seems the second I break off this relationship, or while the fires got bigger, this Aries has come back into my life, but not physically close yet, she lives 6-7 hrs from me. What perplexes me, is she has told me how much she wants to be with me, but my Scorpio self actually coming out from under the rock I feel it’s a test to see how far I will go to get her. I feel she is playing a game with me. But I can’t get this Aries out of my mind, it’s making me crazy! She’s interested in all the manly stuff I like to do… is that part of the Aries to be adventurous… I feel like I’ve known her for such a long time, but have barely spoken with her. But now she’s giving me the run-around, I will text her and try to call her, but I get no response. help me out Aries ladies… I know she’s secretly had a thing for me, she even told me so… but do you gals play games like these on your Scorpion guys? My stinger is sore from fights and I want the pain to be over, someone help me understand the Aries and why I can’t get her out of my passionate mind!

    • Aprilaries July 7th, 2017

      One thing for sure, an Aries woman is impatient as hell, for some reason she will always try to be the one to make the first move and be aggressive in relationships. I can vouch for that. Or, you might just need to step up your game and confront her.

      Then, about the texting thing. I’m actually an Aries woman who doesn’t text as much. We are the type of people who prefer physical approach rather than lovey-dovey texts. I almost never respond properly to my Scorpio boyfriend, in which he would be always be paranoid about, but I can assure you that we mean no ill will. Sometimes, we’re just lazy to express things in texts, or even to respond. We feel like if you’re there, then it’s more than enough. We also tend to have too much pride to really express what we want to say because we are afraid of being used and hurt.

  25. Hansoge September 9th, 2011

    I have been in a relationship with an aries girl for over 6 months now, and it’s been a crazy ride. Before we started dating, we were the best of friends and it took some time before we realized and made sure that we can date each other. I found her inexpressive in the beginning but now it’s getting better. You do not want to mess around with an aries girl I guess in general. She’s too humble and charming and there is a blissful chemistry and the ever-escalating closeness with her. Trust me, do not give an aries girl a chance to lose trust on you, cuz it’s hard getting it back. She is my best friend forever and the best thing that’s ever happened to me and someone I would always wanna care for and protect and love, unconditionally.

  26. leerak August 25th, 2011

    I am an aries woman and i totally agree with all of you who love scorpio men. I love my scorpio man. He is my man and my best friend. I feel loved,cared for and protected.

  27. BrzzyB August 17th, 2011

    I’m an aries woman and I completely relate to all of you who Love Scorpio much as he brings out the worst in me,he brings out the best in me too.. #HugeSmileOnMyFace we’ve only been dating for 2months and we still learning to adapt to each others personalities,other than that besides the ups and downs I’m really happy!Feels like my better half

  28. MsSmith August 16th, 2011


    Lol you sound sooo Jealous. Did your “Fat & Ugly” Aries Enemy take your Scorpio man? Because this Forum is about the Love & compatibility between a Aries Female and a Scorpio Male. Do your venting on Facebook. Lol

    I am a Aries Female IN LOVE with a Scorpio Man.
    and He’s a beautiful person. This writing about Aries women and Scorpio men is so on track. I am gonna save it and read it over and over again. It really encourages my heart.

    He told me he was in love with me & that scared me. But I cant run away from him nor do I want to. I haven’t told him I am in Love with him yet. I just tell him with fervent sincerity that: I DO LOVE HIM. And I believe he know this. He knows I am afraid also to give in completely to him. But very much in Love with him Without a doubt! I am His and He is Mine. Forever!!!
    It’s nice to see some of the Comments too. It’s encouraging.

  29. miss_elise09 July 1st, 2011

    Wow, this reminds me of myself and Jer to a T!

  30. Scorpman May 22nd, 2011

    I’m a scorp guy and I met an aries women when I came to rent a room where she lived. We clicked straight away, like crazy and I knew from that day that I wanted her to be mine. The first month the connection was something crazy, like I’ve never had before and I finally confessed my feelings after a month. She seemed taken aback and scared even though I know she felt the connection. I backed off for 2 weeks and kept my distance. This caused me some stress, but I was shocked to discover how much stress it caused her. We connected again on this last weekend and it’s a crazy connection again. I know she feels it and is happy with it. I told her I still have teh feelings, but will wait. I’ve been in relationships before, but this one is like no other. I feel I want have her in my life forever. Now I just be patient, spend time with her and wait to see if her feelings will build.

    Her independence and randomness is just so attractive, but even though she seems scared as hell, she doesn’t want to not spend time with me. At least I have that for now…

  31. Sonysone May 8th, 2011

    I am an Aries women and I am completely smitten over my Scorpio.  I have never been confronted with the urge to bypass my better judgment but I’ve allowed us to move too naturally and swiftly in such a short period of time.  I have no regrets, for we have made the best out of what this economy forced to be a premature encounter, and I am today coping with my loss.  He’s a great miles away from me now but I am just as enthralled by the thought of him as I was in his presence.  The description above describes perfectly what this was and gives me great assurance as to why our separation is so daunting for me.  It didn’t take long after we met for me to realize that I never want to be without him, yet now here I am missing a mere smidgen of the best love I never realy had!              

  32. LittleMissBoss May 2nd, 2011

    Ugh, there’s this Scorpio, and we hadn’t even talked that long, but I found that I Can’t even get him out of my mind! Most boys I’ve dated, which was Virgos and Taurus, I grew bored with them. But this one, he’s driving me insane in a good way? The bad thing is, I can never figure out what he’s thinking, and he just stops talking to me for no reason. I just can’t get my mind to stay off of him though…

  33. lovemarrie April 25th, 2011

    After reading so much about Scorpio personality, I found that their behavior pattern are quite similar to each other.Wow! I am not the only one experiencing this kind of confusion towards a scorpio. I have my fair share of experience with Scorpio sting which I related in my site ( But instead of confusing yourself and putting yourself down when you get stung by a Scorpio. Just look into the positive side of it and move on….

  34. Naynay March 30th, 2011

    K.. I am an Aries women and have been with my Scorpio for almost 6 hrs. I though I knew myself before he came into my life we started of as sex and friends not really knowing where we were going I felt drawn to him like a moth to a flame feeling scared of uncertainty but wanting to know more I’ve read plenty of comparability sites and learned I must be
    patient which is extreeeemly hard but I looked at the trill instead it’s been
    a long road and we do fight but I see his loyalty and love he will never
    let me go and I realize that’s what I’ve always wanted so I give in love is
    the most powerful thing I try to actully listen to him instead of always
    arguing to defend myself and he takes my hot temper and meaness and
    gives me passion I need him like I need air and he is the same we are
    destined to be together when Aries and Scorpio come together they can reach the highest montains past the mountains to the stars and the star sing yes we have a two year old daughter and I think I’ve final may get a ring Aries have patience and trust it is worth it let him be your king.. And you will be queen

  35. Ariesfemme March 21st, 2011

    I wrote on here about 6 weeks ago professing my love for my Scorpion friend. I thought everything was going well and one day he said he would call back and has not for over a month. I was sad but I realized only time can heal a broken heart. For Jackie, don’t wait for him to come back. Continue living your life because it is too short waiting for someone who doesn’t want you. I am tired of making excuses for men. It is time to grow up. Scorpio or not.

  36. Jackie March 17th, 2011

    I am an Aries woman. I fell madly for a Scorpio man. We recently just broke up and I am miserable to the point of no eating. I am lost. I have never loved another as much and as deeply as I loved/still love him.
    My question is for the Scorpio man. Once a break up occurs…is there any chance to get back together?

  37. pj2790 March 13th, 2011

    I am an Aries woman and I just recently connected with a Scorpio man. The connection is unbelievable! We have so many things in common and we enjoy doing some of the same things. We will be going on our first date in a couple of weeks, so I’m hoping we are as compatible as this says. I really dont think there will be any problems. So far, he is really understanding and he doesn’t judge. Plus he’s handsome ;)Wish us luck!

  38. johnny March 9th, 2011

    Hello there people… Ok here we go lol I am a Scorpio male and my “friend” is an Aries female the 1st time i met her i said to myself “she the one” we get on so well together she live about 3 hours away from me and any time she is in my town where together, But the thing is my feelings for her is getting deep. I am very romantic to her which she say she don’t like 🙁 but i have the funny feeling she does but just don’t let on. She has even said you know me to well and loves the fact i’m always there! Also she has said why am i the ONLY guy she let to get away with my cheesy lines and romance without getting a slap (haha) i respect her alot and have never tried it on (jump on her or kissed her)which is a 1st for me lol. But i really want this girl but she say she not looking for a boyfriend right now! She a busy proactive girl which i support 100% but i want to do this as her MAN!! HELPPPPPP should i just tell her how i feel and risk losing her or should i just hate her and turn my back like us Scorpion can do??

  39. Jeremiah March 4th, 2011

    It’s amazing how ecstasies comes free with an Aries
    I love you ysk

  40. Tony Black February 28th, 2011

    I never realized Aries females loved us Scorpios so deeply. But after checking out this site, I have now changed my opinion. I hope you girls have good luck with your Scorpio boys because we love you guys so so much.

  41. boo :] February 28th, 2011

    :] i have been dateing a scorpio for 3 weeks now and its been the most wonderfull thing i have ever felt. he is soo sweet and careing im already so head over heels for him we are both in love already and he makes me smile and fall in love more and more every time i talk to him.He is vary loyal and dose not show any interest in outer world when hes with me it seems he would do anything for me and i put my hole trust in that if i dont like something he dose he tells me to tell him so he could stop and i love that about him he make me feel so good and protected from the world. its so true that he is always by my side.he calls him self a weirdo but i dont think he is hes unique and interesting.they say aries dont like it when scorpios are mysterious but i love every part of him and he talks about being with me forever and i have to say i feel the same way about him.if you ever find a scorpio DO NOT LOSE HIM.he is your light to your dark.and the word l o v e will not be the same to you. it may sound funny but the word love will not cut it for you too because you will be so deeply in love that it has no word to discribe it,… if that makes since X] i think about him all day. i thought i would never be so lucky to find him.i just have to say he is my life .. and means the most to me out of everything in my life.he cares so deeply about me that he dosent push me to do anything i dont whant to but the thing is with that i dont mind him i whant to do anything and everything with him. he said the only one persone he sees him self with and geting marred with and start a family is me and only me,im so tied to the fact that hes my solemate. ;]

  42. Sarah February 21st, 2011

    Im an aries woman, in love with a scorpio man, we fell madly in love and hit it off right away. We were in a relationship for 6 months then we had a huge fight which normaly doesnt happen and ever since we havent gotten back together, but still see each other, love each other, get gifts, have sex etc, its like were in a relationship with NO TITLE. I constantly feel hes testing me, to see if im worth it or not, cause he will say things like “ive changed” “im not the guy you fell in love with” then says things like “I need you in my life” “I wish I could marry you” “you are the perfect woman for me”, and it really confuses me, i have been patient for almost a year now because I love him like no other, any scorpio men out there that can help me? is he confused? testing me? or just afraid of marriage?

  43. Ariesfemme February 8th, 2011

    I am glad i read this! I have known my Scopian guy for 6 years. We went to school together and when I first met him I was instantly attracted to him but he had a gf and I was involved. Throughout school I felt like I was his confidante and I never expressed how I felt because he wasn’t showing interest so I was not about to put myself out there. Two years after we met he would profess his love for me and how I was to be his wife but we were never intimate just talked all the time. My ex friend came to visit (who is also an aries) and immediately took a liking to him; they had sex and I was infuriated. I did not speak to either of them for almost one year. It never lasted between them. I eventually spoke to him again because he would always initiate contact. One day out of the blue he said he wanted to see me and eventhough I am involved with another man I saw him. When I did he kept on staring at me like I was new to him and then he pounced! We kissed for hours like we were teenagers and the sex was incredible! After we snuggled and I felt like I was home and I never wanted him to let me go. We had the perfect weekend! Unfortunately, we do not live in the same city and now that I am back home I have not heard from him (its has been a day) and I have not called. I am so confused because before seeing him I had zero expectations and now I feel like I want to marry this guy tomorrow. I know it sounds crazy! I will heed the advice above and not become jealous an over think this and I will see where it goes. But I am glad we waited so long because I got the more mature man! The only thing is that I don’t know how he feels. We did not talk about it and it is upsetting but I have to do what I find difficult and that is to exercise patience.

  44. @ anitra February 5th, 2011


  45. anitrasoflawlezz February 4th, 2011

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  46. ladybuggy January 19th, 2011

    Omg! This is so accurate I had to read it twice! I am so in love my Scorpio! He loves my openess and freedom and our intimacy is always spectacular! I am one happy camper, and yes he is very committed! I am the one who took her time but now I am right there with him!! Madly in love!

  47. Shana January 12th, 2011

    I am dating this scorpio.. i love him and also get jealous 4 nothing.. its only been wot 2 weeks..jesus christ

  48. mz.naelovesstylez January 9th, 2011

    me and my scorpio man,now my hubby to be wrote on here on sep 4, and thats when we had just recently met. Im telling you that im am truly truly in love. Its a ride of a lifetime,he makes me feel this certain kind of way, i cant explain it but i feel it whenever i think about him.Every thing between us is passionate and we have a connection that know one understands but us. He’s my best friend,my lover,my “ace boon koon” to those of you who know the term.I love my king and he makes it worth being with him thru the good and the bad..

  49. scorpio oct January 4th, 2011

    I’m a scorpio male and I am easy to tlk 2. I mean u can say anything to me. I’ve overheard an aries woman tlking abt that she likes me but she doesn’t know how to approach and I luv h

  50. Catalina December 27th, 2010

    I’m an aries deeply in love with a scorpio male and we get along famously. He agrees to everything I say…Pretty much.

  51. zeina December 23rd, 2010

    I am an aries girl, in deep love with a scorpio man who is a year older (25 years). He keeps telling me that we are just friends.. we have been very close and intimate friends for a year now but he feels nothing towards me more than a mere friendship. He told me couple of days ago that he likes a cancerian girl, this was like a bullet to my brain, and because we r very close friends he keeps telling me all about her and he also said if i dont like her he will never think about her! I am so freakin jealous!

    My pride is preventing me from revealing any of my feelings, but sometimes i am think may be a cancerian girl is a better match with scorpios.. but i have this strong feeling that he doesnt love her..

    i dont know how to make him love me without showing what i feel for him. do i tease him with other guys or even lie to him saying i have a crash on someone?

    He is really a perfect friend, we have this chemistry and we share all the talks and everything together. He calls me couple of times every day! He is very strong, ambitious and has a very strong personality.. he is a real fighter and this is what was lacking in my ex’s personality! he is just amazing 🙂
    Can anyone help me plz with this and tell me how to make him love me anything more than a sister!!

    Thank you!

  52. Gauri December 11th, 2010

    @Skitz – Scorpion Man — OMG, this can’t be happening! I am an Aries woman who fell in love with this AMAZING Scorpion guy about 5 months ago, and we too fought in the month of October and since then, we never spoke about “US”.. we have had normal conversations.

    I can still say that he cares for me, and I am still in love with him, like crazy.. but, IDK how to talk to him 🙁

    I just wish he knew how much I love him..

  53. Skitz - Scorpio man December 9th, 2010

    Wow , why did i not ever find this site before? Damn … I am a 29 yr old Scorpio man and have been with an aries woman for almost 3 years. As soon as I got to know her i just knew in my heart she was the one for me… I still love the hell out of her.

    To the point I uprooted myself and moved across country to be with her. We lived together in close quarters and travelled alot together just about anywhere. We also turned pretty adversarial and pointed blame at each other alot.
    In october of 2010 we had a pointless fight about a bunch of petty stuff ,that neither her nor i could come to terms to and the fight escalated quite a bit. She told me to leave her alone andn ever speak to her again. I was so heart broke that i did everything i could to try to talk to her about how ridiculous this whole scenario is….. But she wouldn’t listen, as i’m learning this isn’t as far fetched as i thought.

    On december 2, I had to come back into her town to have some medical work done , and couldn’t get her off of my mind , to the point i pretty much waltzed to her house , and went in to talk nicely to her. We didn’t talk about the relationship , but it was easy to feel that we both still loved each other and both still miss each other, she cried and so did i, but they were just soft tears and no one asked why.

    She called me a day later saying how nice it was to see me , and began to confuse my emotions all over again. Then she went as far as offering to give me a ride in her car in a blizzard to where i was staying. WE still didn’t talk about the relationship but it was there for sure… she askled me if we were friends on facebook now and i said i hadn’t confirmed her , she grinned and said ” take your time” since then we’ve talked on facebook and i think we both ended up confused as to what to do.

    I told her the other day i would liek to talk to her but i would like to talk to her about us when she wasn’t doing final exams at college… since then she has been seeming more distant. I love that woman more then any other creature on the face of this planet , and somewhere i believe that this is a fight worth fighting for … just to be with her…. i don’t necessary want to live with her again , but i am very much willing to live close , so we both have the options of saying ” hey im pissed , go home and talk to me tomorrow” ….. What do i do , to get this woman back into my life , for i know she still loves me and she herself told me she really in truly wants to see me happy more then anything….. When i would really be the most happiest with her. Help me out !!!

  54. Aries November 30th, 2010

    I was with scorpio man for many years. Loved him and sexually it was great. They are very moody and hard sometimes to figure them out. One thing I learned from them, don’t get them mad, cuz that will be the excuse of what he/she did wrong. When aries women and scorpio man dont come to realization of the problem and work it out, everything will go down hill. And they can be great cheaters, good to cover and make a women feel they were the problem. Not together no more , but now im dating another one. Since he falls at a different date, he seems a bit different yet still falls under the same description above. I love who he is and we have come to an understanding so far that we need to communicate, respect each other and always trust each other…

  55. Scorpion November 28th, 2010

    Hey,We’re cautious for a reason and im sure alot of people understand this.You know that my Aries woman got me to completely open up by telling me she was going to get married to someone about chasing hard!Aries love requires you to just open up at the right moment..I might have took it a little slower than most maybe but..she opened my eyes..Be sincere and true and maybe only then..will she hold your hand.Or so I would think.Good luck fellow scorp.

  56. ChristinaMuktar November 28th, 2010

    🙂 Just look on all these comments…95% of the comments have come from the impatient Aries women… and only a few from Scorpions… They will never open up before others…
    But I am ready to tear open my heart for an Aries woman whom I have met here in Tokyo…if she will ever hold my hand !

  57. Scorpion November 27th, 2010

    The only things I see as an obstacle is my need to connect with her…I took forever to jump into this relationship between us,because I needed to be sure about her..I kept her as my best friend for years before we went out..My overwhelming need to open my world up to her seems to be too much for her to take..and she seems to back if scared of it..I know she loves me,and we have fun alot of the time,and the sex is great..sometimes I feel turned down by her nonchalant nature to my romantic advances and make jokes…lol its kinda funny but…I hold off awhile to rethink my strategy in sweeping her off her feet all over again..

  58. Scorpion November 27th, 2010

    Its so amazing,the connection you get from the begining between our signs…Its like I truly ran into the only woman I been looking for my whole life…we challenge each other my Aries woman and I,we argue,we laugh,we have shared very intimate,passionate feelings for one another.The best of friends it seems..the one and a scorpio male..I see my aries woman and I see a perfect woman,the unconventional one,so sexy,so alive and so wild and free.It kind of scares me and at the same time keeps me paralyzed in place at the beauty of it..this feeling I have of it..of her.I cant see myself giving up on us..patience is a virtue I hold onto very strongly and I feel its more than worth the fighting over.

  59. Natalia Reeves November 27th, 2010

    I am an aries women, seeing “a” scorpio man, its only been a few weeks, but the spark and the sex is amazing. I hope i do fall in love.

  60. richiibabii November 23rd, 2010

    im a aries woman with an scorpio male and dis has been a AMAZING relationship so far. he really kan cheer me up at my low point and keep me at my highs. everyday is like gaining new love for him and it NEVER gets boring. aries and scorpios fit hand in hand

  61. Kikihubbi November 23rd, 2010


  62. Kameelah November 19th, 2010

    I’m an Aries woman with a great scorpio man.. Our relationship is starting off with a bang..we only been together for a month but its like we known each other for ever.. He’s so caring and so attentive.. He’s always getting pulled n a thousand directions from friends family work.. But he make sure he I’m a priority.. but that’s because I told him how I felt.. What I love is his self-lessness that he has if he makes a mistake he corrects it..when I think the worst he always reassures me that its not that way.. The sex is incredible.. He’s really connected like I’ve never had before..hhmmmm yay.. Thanks for this oracle now I can put the doubt out my mind and fully trust my scorpio man..

  63. Vixen November 18th, 2010

    I’m an Aries girl together with my Scoprio hothead. Our first year he was very hardout with me and I wasn’t faithful due to a bad breakup. But now our 3rd year I am very hardout and over the playing up phase. I am also over 3months pregnant with our first child and he is starting to be the guy that i first met in the first year again. I do take him for granted, because I do agree with alot of you, it takes alot for someone to try and tame us Aries especially the females. I am very highly jealous and my partner gets abit annoyed at how immature sometimes I deal with issues we come across. All in all, I love him very much and hope we do have a good future.

    And to Sunny, gap her. She doesn’t know what she’s taking for granted til they’re gone =)

  64. sunny November 4th, 2010

    Hi all the ariean girls ..hw u doin ..i hop allz gud…im a scropio guy dated an aries gal…we had been on talkin terms since past 3 yrs bt we did gt in an affair bt it ws quite shrt …she wsnt able to overcome her past bf .. bt she did like me and felt for me…im the only next guy whom she felt for bt suddenly one day she cld me and told everythng tht her ex is goin on her mind agn..and her ex started talkin to her agn …and she js cld off…itz been 2 mnths we nvr spoke on she used to tel me everytime …tht u hv changed the meanin of Love…she used to say tht nobdy has ever loved me the way u did…if ths ws the thing…thn y aint she able to come out of tht guy…whn tht guy even dumped her…she knws all…bt she acts kiddish …i dont knw whtz in her mind ,, does she ever think of me…any suggestions…i wld be greatful to u ppl

  65. Nikkole November 3rd, 2010

    I am an aries woman and i’ve been with my scorpio for 6 yrs. let me just say… he’s the only person i’ve ever been with who can deal with my temper, and you aries women know how we can be. He brings out the best and worst in me, but though everything, we love each other unconditionally… We understand each other on a level that most people can’t comprehend. Ill give you girls some advice who just started dating a scorpio… do not hurt your scorpio, because there sting is vicious. They have a hard time letting things go…so be cxareful, and if you are, you bond with a scorpio man will be everlasting and strong 🙂

  66. nita October 30th, 2010

    I am a aries female with a scorpio male me and him get along great. The only difference is my scorpio man talks he’s not quiet at all. Im loving it though because he opens up to me. Which makes me love him more. We do click. He let’s me be me and it works.

  67. Gauri October 20th, 2010

    I have been in a relationship with a Scorpio man for 3 months, and I am soo worried if the relationship’s gonna end soon..

    It’s like he cares about me, but at the same time, he’s been ignoring me big time since a week or something. I am soo confused, angry and sad.. I love him soo much, and when he’s being soo cold, I’m hurt.. very badly hurt.

  68. PJ October 14th, 2010

    I am a aries woman who has been married to her scropio man for 13 years. To begin with our relationship was turbulent, however we were helplessly drawn to one anther. We share the kind of love that we can not resist, and that is what kept us together during the difficult times. Although we still have problems now and then, we have learned how to “dance”, alternating dominate roles. We tend to compliment one another, my strengths are his weaknesses and vice versa. I could not imagine a life without him.

  69. Lainey October 2nd, 2010

    this is bs
    astrology is bs
    horoscope is bs
    you’re all nuts!

  70. bola October 2nd, 2010

    Well I ws datin a scropio guy fr 9 n half yrs n d 1st 7yrs ws gud n ok,I fink he ws d best fr m n later we were always fightin lik neva b4 which mk moi hate him in as much I luv him bt he took m 4 granted. N he ws my 1st bf last cos he betray m

  71. Riss September 30th, 2010

    I’ve been with an Scorpio man for 15months now and it has been rocky at best-He is wonderful and I initially thought he just wanted frienship -so thats what I did-I was his friend-I listened and was there for him when he asked-I didnt mind-then one day we accidentally Kissed-reading this though -I dont think it was an accident lol-he wanted it like that. Truthis I really love the guy and my heart is breaking when he takes his time away to “work ” as he says–should I believe him or should i just move on with my Life? -I would prefer a scorpio males advice on this..but anyone with a extensive knowledge on them is fine.

  72. Judith Lucas September 24th, 2010

    WOW talk about being on the money this stuff is right on I met my scorpio man and tried to not get involved we both have alot going on but i actually made a date to spend the weekend it was really just for fun but i gotta tell you almost three month later i still havent left… Ive never felt a connection like this ive been his since the first kiss my guy tries to pull the shy guy route we all know better lol he is wonderful like others the other sites say beware stay away well that sounds like a challenge to me lets getem aires women scorpio guys are the ones for sure they will keep us guessing with those long silent stares but i bet they are thinking about the next best way to knock us off our feet… I love my scorpio and wouldnt change a thing…well maybe the jelous thing…hoping one day he will see he is def the only one for me ….love ,hugs and kisses Robin loves Bill

  73. gihay September 17th, 2010

    gud…u should never sacrifice ur pride…& very fair on other person that helped with ur emotions…gud luck…:)n please clarify ur doubts don’t assume…he might be genuinely busy…:)

  74. Nivi September 15th, 2010

    after being with fire signs all my life ( saggitarius) mostly, i finally met a scorpio man. though my ex boyfriend had badly broken my heart and I wasnt yet ready to start dating anyone , this guy seeped right into me and had control over all my emotions. It was the most amazing feeling ever. I have always heard of the scorpion ‘sting’ and have had a few male and female scorpion friends even before he entered my life. So i tried to be careful to salvage this new and wonderful reltionship in my life. Unfortunately being an arien woman not known for her patience, i abruptly called it off one night after he was a bit busy and dint have time fr me all day. I regretted it instantly from the way he went loving to stone cold in a matter of seconds. I have repeatedly apologised to him and tried to get back together but am starting to lose hope, feels like theres nothing tto gain now, and only my pride to lose. He wont ans calls nothing. He msgs saying hes busy with work all the time, im worried that he has found some else and moved on. Ive never sacrificed my pride for any man before, and really want this to work. Hoping that destiny brings us back togethr as friends an lovers again one day.

  75. mz. nae September 4th, 2010

    Im an aries woman n has spent plenty of time with this mature sexy scorpio man in just a few days. Instant connection he makes me feel different from the rest. . . excited cant wait to see ehat the future awaits

  76. stylez September 4th, 2010

    so far so good but life will show us the way and im a male scrp.

  77. butterfly August 28th, 2010

    I’am an Aries gurl…. madly in love with my scorpio…. madly in love!!!!! his eyes… -whooo- i love them! we been together fr a year…. aaaaand it seems like a week! as you guys can tell i l000ve him!!! :} yeaaaaaah. my shexxi scorpio!
    well, i just wanted tew let you know…..;DD

  78. TMac August 20th, 2010

    I have a cruse on an aries girl with a virgo bf. I have fallen for her after a summer of working with her and getting to know her a lot more. How do I steal her heart. She is on a break from her bf but im a virtuous person and will not persue further until I know she is free and clear

    Whats next?

  79. His Aries Butterfly August 9th, 2010

    I am an Aries female falling in love with a Scorpio male. Its not the easiest task but its so worth every day and every emotion. He is the one for me !

  80. Parish July 27th, 2010

    I am a Aries woman && I have been dating my Scorpio man for about three month’s now && this has opened my eyes about our relationship. It has been so far so good. He makes me feel like no other man has ever done in the past && I’m looking forward to a strong && healthy relationship between me && him.

  81. arieschick July 19th, 2010

    I’m an Aries woman and it seems that I am constantly drawn to the Scorpio man. My first love was a Scorpio man and I messed things up but our connection was so deep. It was almost scary! I wish I would’ve read this before things got bad but I guess u live and you learn. This site was very accurate. When I was in love, I was extremely jealous. In any other situation, I am totally the opposite. Without knowing it, I recently went out on a first date with this great guy and found out that he’s a Scorpio man. Our connection was off the charts and the physical chemistry was out of this world!! So, now I know what I’m dealing with and what to look out for.

  82. moi June 24th, 2010

    What can I say, reading all dis comments almost seems like a reflection of mine! I’m an aries girl been dating dis scorpio for two years now and its been a rollercoaster ride. In d beginning it was perfect! He also didn’t ve a job and I literally nutured him from scratch all d way to d top an d I mean d top! U knw wht an aries is capable of. But then we used to break up to make up all d time, I love him so much and he totally adores me. Right now we’re on a break, he calls me at his lowest state and confides in me
    and we stil ve amazing fuffilin sex but I dnt knw wht he’s long term prospects are, I told him straight up dat I want to ve his baby but he says we’ve got to fix ourselves b4 bringin a child into our chaos! I never seem to understand him and I dnt think he gets me..he’s too deep and secretive I can’t stand it. We ve good jobs but I earn more than him and dnt knw wht dat really does to him. I can’t think straight anymore and I’m takin up a job in d middle east, leavin everythn behind and I’m not goin to tell him I’m leavin, I just want to move on, wit him deres so much uncertainty in d future. If only I knew if he’s d one for me, but right now I’m so confused. I just want to go. What is so confusing is, if he popped d question 2mrw I’d be willing to giv up evrythn to b wit him but witout him, I dnt even want to be around family, I just want to go somewhere where nobody knws my name, start afresh and plunge into my career deeper dan ever!

  83. millionaire June 22nd, 2010



  84. Gerri June 15th, 2010

    My scorpio man seems to distance himself at times but he says he will Never leave me … it is very confusing but im trying to hang in there with him i have never felt anything like this before and he says the same … but i hope it gets to an even keel soon cuz im always trying to figure him out.

  85. lovergyrl June 14th, 2010


    Just allow her the time to correct herself. Try not to overreact. When Aries women are really in love, they are very jealous. Just let her know you are loyal and there for her. You’ve got to communicate your feelings.

  86. paul June 13th, 2010

    yes this is very true….im a scorpio dude. i just got into a huge fight with my aries girlfriend/ex girlfriend last night when I dj’d her friends birthday party. I always have females approach me to request songs and flirt, which occured in front of her. She had mistaken my smile from afar as return flirtation and had ANOTHER huge fit! I’m an EXTREMELY ambitious man, very busy dj, and I work as a construction technician 40+ hours a week. Its hard to come home after a long hard day of work to have to give her all the attention she needs… Truth is she is the most beautiful female i have ever met and I knew from the second I laid eyes on her that I wanted to have her and keep her. What do i do, quit djing?? Help me out ladies, thanks 🙂

  87. Elsa June 10th, 2010

    I am an 18 year old girl pregnant of 8 months with mine and my 18 year old scorpio boyfriend’s first baby!! We have been together for 2 years now, and man it’s been a CRAZY rollercoaster ride for both of us! But in the end it is ALL worth it!! There is no other man in the world for me out there, and I know for a FACT that there is no other woman for him out there in the world! I am blessed to have our first child next month, and blessed that he is the perfect man for me to he in my life! Aries woman and Scorpio men are THE best compatible match there can be!! It seems almost as if GOD purposely made these two people just right for each other! D+E=2 the Omega!!!!

  88. Margo June 1st, 2010

    I am an Aries woman in LOVE with a Scorpio man..since 1971. We are not together now but have recently reconnected after 30+ years. We are both married to other people, (me to another Scorpio) and live far from each other. I love talking to him and hearing his sexy voice; we can talk for hours and it feels like seconds. I don’t know what will happen but I am gonna hold on.. I recently separated from my husband, in major part because of the other man..I want him so bad but am trying to be cool and patient about it…which is hard for my personality!

  89. Gerri May 30th, 2010

    My scorpio man is driving me crazy i have never had such a connection with anyone in such a short ime… 3 months… he says hes in love with me and cant stop thinking about me but will go for days without any contact with me … i just am a ball of nerves and cant concentrate on anything anu\ymore .. he is breaking my heart … but yet i know he loves me … im sooo confused

  90. Yoli May 7th, 2010

    This is so true!!I’,m an aries woman… I’ve been with my scorpio man now for almost 10 years, we dated for 6 of those years and have been married for 3 years now. He is my first love, and I cant get enough of him. We have this love-hate relationship that just never ends.

  91. Ashleigh May 4th, 2010

    I have been talking to a scorpio male for nearly a year now, when I first got talking we clicked instantly and at the time I was with someone, but 3 months after I split with my ex he asked me out 4 weeks ago, hes also a musician, but I must say to be fair he is driving me mad, hes so moody and he lives quite far away, so the only time I see him is when I go to meet him, one minute he can be lovely and full of conversation and we can talk for ages the next he can be all off and my head is done in, does it get better? I don’t know whether to give it a chance or just forget him and move on, I want it to work but hey patience for an aries woman doesn’t come easily :/

  92. alohna April 30th, 2010

    i am the aries female and its just so funni to see our problems on paper but im so in love who cares

  93. lola March 30th, 2010

    I am a ARIES woman in love with a Scorpio its just a year an seven months an I am having his first baby!!! I am serious when I say that it takes a lot to impress a ARIES woman but my Scorpio man is a strong deep intense an mature lover to me so its easy for me to interact with him I believe we can make it last cause with out a aries woman they have no morals an calmness until we bring that side out of them … I hope we staay together like that woman that said she is married to him for 10 years wow so happy for yall

  94. Yana March 20th, 2010

    Im an Aries, and my Scorpio man is awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    We are much different, and stil yet ALIKE! First, things were guiding along, and then we felt sidewards. our friendship is last longing, but I JUST CAN’T FIND THE WORDS to tell confirm that I like him, even though he already knows. I loved my Scorpio sice day one. its been 3+yrs now. 🙂

  95. Rumor March 4th, 2010

    I’m an Aries woman and my first love was a scorpio. Things went well at first, but then we faught all the time. We different yet, so much alike. When we would fight it was bad! He thought he was somthing else and realy did underestimate my firey reaction…lol. Now that we’re alot older were realy good friends. He just got divorced and i really identified with ” The Aries woman is one of the few people the Scorpio is willing to reveal a side to himself his he has never exposed before.” He will call me and cry to me about his x wife. I honesly never knew he even had a heart under all that, but he All though we are good friends, I know now that we really never could be more than that.

  96. Shakti March 4th, 2010

    I’m a Scorpio man Love to an Aries woman for 3+ years. It’s still as great now as it was on day one.

  97. ariesgyal February 11th, 2010

    Wow… I am an Aries Female and I’m involved with a beautiful Scorpio man who is an artist and musician like me. The above description is amazingly accurate. Fire & Water makes STEAM!!! The connection is just HOT! I will say to my Aries sisters and this is hard for us, trust your Scorpio. They do have a lot of female friends, just like Aries tend to have a lot of male friends. That doesn’t mean that those friends are after the Scorpio or there is some trickery going on that indicates that flings are going on. Scorpios are very picky when it comes to choosing their mate, and if the Scorpio chose you, it’s just you that they want. They will be charming to everyone, but remember they can only be passionate to one. Trust and heed the temper and it will be okay. It’s a beautiful match and both signs truly understand another. So far, this male is the only male that has the patience to want to tame the ram woman… and oh, let him, it’s worth it!

  98. Sari January 29th, 2010

    I have dated a Scorpio guy and did work out for all the reasons above, scorpio men think way to much and are too jeolous for this Arien..time to try again hey!

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