Leo Woman and Pisces Man Love Compatibility

The relationship of Leo and Pisces can be simultaneously fascinating and frustrating! Leo is direct and generous with affections while Pisces lover is probably just as generous, but the style, however, is different. Leo is personal, while Pisces’s loving nature is “universal” which makes the Leo feel insecure.

The typical Pisces male is often pulled in two different directions and as such may lack determination at times. He loves being in a cozy and secured environment. He is cool, calm, informal and caring. When he is cheerfully given all the freedom he needs, he is always a faithful lover and a loyal husband. But when his freedom is smothered, he feels nervous and restless, and begins to slip and slide. Most reliable way to insure loyalty is to have complete faith in his integrity, to let him know his love and his support is needed and appreciated.

A Leo woman is bright, cheery and most of the time, fun to be around. She loves challenges and takes them head-on. She is full of pride and elegance and doesn’t stand to any ridicule. She is compassionate and warm and has a forgiving heart for ones who really love her and sincerely ask for her forgiveness. The exception to this is when she goes through her times of self-interests and egoism. She melts to her lover’s poetic and romantic side and shows generosity and loyalty like no other if she has respect and admiration given by her man.

Leo woman craves being the center of attention whether it is in a social group or in the company of her lover. Show her Pisces man’s romantic side and he can win her heart. Show her his infidelity and she shows him a side of her that he just doesn’t want to experience. Leo woman turns her warmhearted and loving nature to a hardhearted evil woman that is not so easily distinguished if her Pisces man is not true to her. Loyalty is one of her finer virtues as long as her trust and faith is instilled into him. Little gifts for no reason at all, compliments to her, showing her that he desires and perhaps even needs her in his life, even a small hint of jealousy when she acquires the admiration of others can do miracles to their relationship and can show her that he is indeed the man for her.

A Pisces man with his charming nature, mild kindness and passive resistance has the ability to calm his Leo woman. He is an avid listener and doesn’t mind stepping back. Since she loves a good listener, this works out perfectly in this relationship. He is known to stay somewhat in the background of things — so as long as he is not intimidated by Leo woman and her noble approach, he does not mind dealing with her dominance. She can lecture her Pisces lover on the need for him to praise her. As long as she does it subtly and not too excessively, he listens with a close ear and open heart. Too much of this sort of conversation and bounding, however, turns him off as fast as his infidelity would turn her off. Although they both have some common qualities they share, it is not enough to keep this relationship strong. They’d be much better bonded as friends than as lovers.

The elegant oneness of Leo woman and Pisces man is one of a kind. They can always have something to keep them intact and value each other. All of this coupled with his quick wit, intellect, charisma and ability to change according to his Leo woman’s moods surely touches her heart. She also teaches him to assert him and fight back and to stand tall. Together they make a perfect duo of confidence and humbleness with so much to give to their partner and so much to treasure on their relationship. She knows how to tenderly calm her Pisces man’s inner fears and he knows how to soothe his Leo woman’s injured feelings. This is a couple which shares a compassion for each other’s weakness and enjoy a truly royal fairy-tale romance.

The sexual relationship of Leo woman and Pisces man is enhanced by his romantic nature, delicate touch and tenderness he shows to his Leo lady, as well as her warmth, loyalty and extreme passion she adds. They both are capable of treating love as a high spiritual exaltation. He needs complete emotional fusion and a sense of mystical unity in the sexual consummation of love while she seeks more tangible fulfillment of warmth, affection and passion. She needs sentimental verbal expression, both before and after love making while verbal expression of love is not such a good idea for him who believes it to be unison of emotions and souls. To make her satisfied, he has to be stronger and bolder in his expression of love both physically and verbally. If, however, he is too delicate, spiritual and elusive and she tries to be too dominant or overwhelming in her passions, it causes him to become disinterested and disconnected from her and this can make their sexual intimacy more a bitter experience then something to be treasured.

Leo woman being the extroverted and outgoing socialite and Pisces man being the withdrawn and mysterious one, the two don’t really have a lot of common ground to have a bond strong enough for love. He finds her extroversion sometimes sharp and unnecessary. She is extreme in her expression and needs the occasional fight with him to put the fire into their relationship by making up afterwards. His ability to match her fiery expression is not so easily attainable. He is more apt to withdraw himself to lick his wounds after she finishes putting down his spirit. Another problem is his inability to express his deepest thoughts and desires. Keeping them to himself makes his Leo woman think that she is not important enough to him to tell her what he feels. However, if they both compromise considerably for the other one, it is a possibility it can work.

  1. d November 4th, 2021

    I’m a leo woman. Currently in love with a pisces man (my boyfriend) & we’re going on 5 months. This is the healthiest relationship i’ve ever been in and i’m 110% sure he’s also my twinflame. We get eachother and understand how each others mind works. There is passion, fun, happiness, and genuine love. He’s the sweetest man i’ve ever encountered and he’s naturally generous. He does calm me and I love being around him. At first there were some bumps in the road w/ communication but as time progressed things are clearer and communication is improving which is how we’re able to grow and problem solve. He helps me and I enjoy being here for him…I like how i’m able to be apart of his support system. He is also a major part in mine. I always want him to be comfortable with talking to me. I love giving him his very own attention and affection…something no one else has access to, only him. I love his whole heart. His laugh is contagious and he smells so good. His skin is soft and I feel safe in his arms. I say we’re absolutely compatible. We’re two humans sharing the same feelings on the same page. We both want it to work so it is bc we put in that work, and we’re both doing our own things on the way (we’re not yet 20) while being together <3

    • Nautica January 14th, 2022

      I really love this like I’ve been with my Pisces man for a year and 7months going onto 8 we had a lot or bumps n trouble with communication other than that we are stronger together and I’ve never loved someone so much in my life if I was to describe him in one word t would be “perfect ”

  2. Em October 18th, 2021

    Leo female Pisces male . He’s my twinflame but right now he’s in the runner phase and yup I’m the chaser . This is the most frustrating thing ever! He is a wonderful man but he struggles a lot he doesn’t know who he is and he’s very influenced by his mother. I was blindsided when he left a week before our wedding this past September. I am still heartbroken beyond heartbroken actually. But I’m going to let him go and figure out what it is he needs to figure out. I have to stop chasing him.

    • Autumn October 18th, 2021

      Girl I’m a Leo woman. I was with a Pisces man and it was the most passionate, loving, incredible relationship I’ve ever had. He just ghosted me 2 weeks ago. I even met his children and best friends, he had a key to my home.
      And out of nowhere he said he wasn’t interested anymore. I think what this says is right….

      • Em October 18th, 2021

        I’m sorry I really a.m. You know, I believe that all of this zodiac an astrology stuff is real also. And I would say that it’s pretty accurate to each sign.But as a human ghosting someone? It’s just not OK it doesn’t matter what your zodiac sign is you know what I mean? That’s just a mean thing to do to somebody. It’s just not cool to do in general and it really does affect people’s self-esteem. I know how I feel right now and I feel so empty and so sad and confused and trying to keep the faith and hope and if you feel anything like me it’s just awful. But I am sorry for what you’re going through. I don’t know if you’re hoping to reconnect with this person? And if you are I will send some positive vibes your way that things work out for the two of you if you will send some my way ? 🙂 I really love my Pisces. we have the best conversations, we have an incredible intimate life. We’re best friends but it’s like so much more than that. And this is a love that I’ve never felt for anybody in my entire life .but, I know that he struggles with things. but I’ve never given him a reason to treat me the way that he has and I’m sure that you haven’t given your Pisces a reason to treat you that way either.

      • Danielle January 1st, 2022

        That’s crazy he stopped showing interest and ghosted you out of nowhere. Have you ever spoke to him again at this point?

  3. Karina May 8th, 2021

    Lmao I feel you. I have a Pisces now (ex)boyfriend. We’ve been dating for 2 years. And broke up last year.. we’ve still been talking since we’ve broken up. He’s really lovey dovey and I’m not😂 I think I just suck at relationships but he’s a fast pacing dude. I constantly get pissed at him because I swear he acts dumb as a doorknob 8 out of 10 times on purpose 😩. And he acts like someone he’s not. He tries to change his personality just so I can love him. Which is honestly sad and weak. he’s a good friend but we have nothing in common, He’s is a guy who is selfless but selfish at the same time. Which makes me fall out of love with him. The only thing that drew me in was his niceness and his curls LOL. And everyone around told me he’s like a rose in the thorn bushes, he’s freaking 6’2, has curls, a nice smile, a six pack, but a shit personality once u get to know him. . Recently he has been acting like a asswipe😂But I think my personality is worse tbh:/ I’m careless for no reason, like if we were dating and he said he gonna leave me I’d be like BYE😂 and pack his shit for him. but I still love him. But I don’t see us getting back together, I don’t think Mexican dudes are my type anymore😂, I love my brown skin but I sure do love melanin men. Like damnnnn

    • palomarodriguez1234 July 15th, 2021

      Girl what’s your man’s name? You dead ass explained my boyfriend to the mf T 🙃 like same height, curls, smiles, MEXICAN 💀 girl lmk ASAP once you see this, I really just made a whole account to comment on your comment 😂😂😂

  4. Rayy January 29th, 2021

    I’m a Leo ( July ) woman pregnant by a Pisces man We have been together a year but , I have known him for more than 10 years and I can feel us drifting apart . Mainly me .. I can’t take on all of his emotions especially while being pregnant or is it just me being selfish and trying so hard to protect this new found inner peace I recently have … I’m lost and don’t want to loose him but , I can’t take the constant emotional outburst .

    • Brittany October 15th, 2021

      THIS IS ME. However I legit told him the relationship won’t work. I don’t know what it is with Pisces men but they just don’t vibe well with us Leo’s. I don’t know the science behind it but they’re irritating with all their touchy feely shit & they seem to act like they listen & understand but DON’T. & the constant guilt trips like CMON y’all always the victim

  5. Lia January 25th, 2021

    My boyfriend is a Pisces and I’m a Leo and I think we are great with each other. I guess I’m a bit of a tamer Leo when I’ve got to be and I’m good with putting him first. I’m an August Leo I don’t know if that makes any difference. I am a bit crazy at times but I’ve gotten a bit better about it😂 I struggle a bit with getting jealous. I don’t stop him from being friends and hanging out with girls because I completely trust him. But i can’t help but be a bit jealous at times. I think Leo’s are really caring and protective over the ones they love.

    • Jeaux January 27th, 2021

      My boyfriend is also a Pisces, I’m a August Leo as well, he’s a February Pisces.
      I love his energy.
      He is the only one who can calm me when I’m furious, and if I’m upset with him I immediately apologize afterwards bc it makes me feel really bad 🥺
      He’s such a sweetheart.
      And the sex?
      He is unmatched & that’s coming from someone who’s dated other Leo’s 🥴
      Needless to say, I love him 😭

      • Em October 18th, 2021

        I’m July 24 th Leo he’s a feb 21 Pisces.

  6. Alexandra Ramirez August 20th, 2020

    I was in love with a Pisces man and I feel like I lost him and wish to get him back 🙁 I did so much of what this says and I pushed him away for being the typical Leo and wish I read this before. I miss him I miss how we use to be everything was so perfect 4 months ago and now it’s hard to get back . What can I do how can I avoid my Leo tendencies and insecurities.

  7. Pamela Williamson July 1st, 2020

    Well I’m leo female and I have been introduced to a Pisces male. This is the first day, so I’m anxious to get to know him. I will be patient, understanding and a good listener. I’m excited and I pray he will be excited also.

  8. Hachi_Sama April 17th, 2020

    Hi Keisy & Joyce- I’m also a Leo woman with a Pisces man. We are in our 9th year together. This is the first time I’m reading about the signs and glad that I have always given my Pisces the love, loyalty, space & confidants he needs and show him that I truly trust him. Pisces men don’t change their love and affection for you over time. If you have found a Pisces that is loving and understanding and will listen, answer you needs, know that they will keep being that same person over time. This comes with everything I’ve just mention. We Leos after about 4 to 5 years end up changing them according to our needs because we are seeing the world in a different aspect. These changes will effect the balance that was there. Some changes are good for the relationship like success, likes in hobbies etc. but emotional changes hurt Pisces since they don’t change much.Talk it out and you’ll be fine. Always being there to help Pisces will make them become more confident & successful in themselves as well as the family they create. Please note that we really need to be there when they are down and see that sometimes they need more than they show.
    Also let me know if this happens to you-
    Since Pisces don’t argue back & they listen until the end – we lose all interest in the argument. After talking we Leos end up learning how to listen to everything and be more aware of their needs. This made me realize that I can always put myself in his shoes.

    Note that -Its hard sometimes to understand especially after 4 to 6 years being together and your mindset has changed. Take the time to talk and come to an agreement on some of those changes.

  9. Tamari March 27th, 2020

    Im 4 months in with my Pisces man and I’m so in love!!! He shows me the right way I’m supposed to be loved everyday!! The guys from my past never had my heart the way he does 🥰🥰

  10. Keisy December 12th, 2019

    I am a Leo lady and I have been dating a Pisces man for 2 years now. (He is the one) And I am the happiest girl ever, we have been through lots of things together, in such a short time and only grown stronger for each other. The secret to any relationship is – communication, trust and understanding. If you are honest and try to listen and understand each other than there is nothing that can stand in your way. I can tell you now, that there is not many people who will be in the same way as you are and only few will try and connect with you. And it really happened to me. We have connected in such a beautiful way that i honestly wish, any woman could experience this kind of a magic with the Pisces. But it only happened because I tried to feel his needs, when he needed a distance or when he needed closeness. Pisces man love their freedom, as they are ambitious and driven to be the greatest in this world, not by having things but by experiences of greatness in this world. try to be sensitive to their ideas or their needs, be patient when they need their time to themselves or when they feel lonely, lift their spirit. They are the most selfless, the kindest and the most loyal people. But you have to be kind in return as they know when you are genuine and when you are not. They are adventures wanderers and i like them very much. Good luck to you, Leo ladies. It is worth it 😉

    • Joyce January 29th, 2020

      Keisy, I’m a Leo woman wit a Pisces man. We’ve been together almost 8 months now. He has made me the happiest woman in the world. We’ve got communication skills, trust, n honesty. This has been the best relationship that I’ve ever had wit any man. We can talk abt anything n everything together without any arguments or fights. We r talkin abt gettin married. He’s also younger than me but I told him age is just numbers to me n also agreed wit me. Our relationship isn’t based on sex or anything like that either. I love him wit everything in me. He shows n tells me how much he loves me every single day. God has blessed me wit an amazin n wonderful man. I’m so very thankful for him.

  11. Emma November 24th, 2019

    Pisces men are too emotional for me. They make excellent friends though…they balance the fiery lionness within. I got this free love reading and it was helpful: https://youtu.be/DMsWLwr-kvI
    I hope it helps xoxo

  12. Keke November 18th, 2019

    I’m a leo woman and I’m in a relationship with a pisces man for 5 years we been through a lot together. I still don’t understand him he took forever to respond to my text. He got mad over my social media. Our communication suck.

  13. Chrissy November 6th, 2019

    I am a Leo lady and I had been friends with a Pisces guy for a little over 6 years. Amazing friendship, chatted on the daily and made sure to see each other weekly. Whenever he was going through something that he didn’t want me to see him as weak then he wouldn’t tell me. there would be times where we would stop talking because i was tired of him not being open and fully honest when he was going through things. 6 years into our friendship we became closer and more flirty. Then we started seeing each other. We has this connection i had never experienced in my life. Best friend turned boyfriend. Everything was going amazing until he started to become distant and not telling me how he was feeling. He had just moved away for a new job so we tried long distance. he began not telling me things and called me to break up with me with no explanation. Just that it was too hard for him. Come to find out he lost his job and had moved back in with his family. If he would’ve told me that instead of just breaking up then he would’ve known just how much i cared. So the biggest thing in a Leo/ Pisces relationship is communication. If you have that then you can make it work. You both just have to be on the same wavelength. I hope that helped

  14. mercycheng0727 October 31st, 2019

    I met a pisces guy over the summer. When we first met we hit it off so well. We would talk constantly when we would work (we worked next door from each other.) When I would go use the restroom (the restroom was shared) he would ALWAYS say a quick hi to me. Just a month ago he left his job and deactivated a
    his social media. Could he possibly reactivate his social media soon. I haven’t seen him till Monday (10/27). This again is happening when I went to the restroom. When I walked in he was eating food. But when I walked in he some how knew and got off his chair and gave me a HUGE hug. I have NEVER been hugged by any one like he hugged me. The hug was initiated by the guy. But my only concern is when all this was happening I saw a girl sitting across from the guy could that mean anything? If it did then the girl would have said something right? When the guy finished his food he left but the girl didn’t leave with him she was still there an hour later. Since Monday I haven’t stopped thinking about the guy. Please help. I really need answers.

  15. Jessica October 19th, 2019

    Hello, so I met a Pisces man Thursday evening. We had a great time.. laughed ate talked. And he even held my hand. I also went back to his place.. but then left afterwards. Yes we slept together, I wanted to and then I did because I actually thought I could see myself with this guy. But I DID. So he messaged me back the next morning responding to texts. Then just automatically stopped. For no reason, he hasn’t replied back. Like wtf did I do wrong?

    • Mark Blackburn October 22nd, 2019

      Jessica, I’m a Pisces man and You most likely didn’t do anything wrong. Just picture a fish coming up near the surface to check things out, then once the fish is startled he quickly retreats to deeper waters. There it is safe for the fish to process the situation.

      Then the fish feeling more secure will venture back to the surface for another look.

    • divinebish December 12th, 2019

      eh, thats how they all are im guessing. same thing happen with me slept with him we send each other good morning text but beyond that its really not much communication. but when we do talk its fantastic. being a leo we always want attention and to be needed so when its not happening and think something is wrong. try not to text him and see if he does it first

  16. Sarvesh September 11th, 2019

    My self pieses and her self leo we both loving each other but for past 3 weeks continusally problem .so the ask me break for some times .she will come back or not otherwise she has any affair with anyone.sre she wont

  17. Azara August 5th, 2019

    I’m a leo woman n I’m dating a Pisces man ..
    I just don’t understand what takes him so long to reply to my texts he should understand that i love him .He gets angry when i talk to other men n act strange afterwards
    He love me but can’t understand me
    Help me please….tell me should i stick with him????

    • Youssef August 16th, 2019

      Take a step back , don’t keep it that way
      Remind him with your best moments together, go with him for a late night walk and he will return to you as you want him to be

  18. Virginia July 19th, 2019

    My husband is a Pisces and I am a Leo. We are very much a like in many ways. We have lots of similar interests but we are also different enough to learn from one another. My husband is a very sensitive person but doesn’t show or express his emotions at all. However with me he does and when he doesn’t I’ve been intuitive enough to pick up on the settle movements or facial features he makes to know what’s going on in that amazing mind of his. I can be very black and white and he has taught me to step back and realize there is some grey as well. I have shown him it’s ok to ruffle a few feathers even if it means some confrontation in order to stand up for what’s right and he has taught me not to be so hard on everyone…even on myself. And he has also taught me that not everything needs to be done now but I’ve also shown him that the important stuff does. We are both home bodies and don’t like drama. Yes believe it of not I don’t like drama or being the center of attention even though I’m a Leo. We both have the ability to talk out differences and not take offense to advice or new ideas/prospective from one another. Must of all we respect each others strengths and weaknesses as we complement one another in all aspects. Our sex life is amazing and our loyalty for one another is unfathomable.

  19. Neo July 7th, 2019

    Well I’m a Leo woman and I’m in a relationship with a pisces man. I think leo and pisces are a perfect match. Relationships are not supposed to be smooth and boring. Challenges are always there but what is more important is that the two love each other and they compliment one another. Sex is just sex, and it is nice to be told that you are loved when someone really feels that he loves you. I believe that should always comes from the heart. Pisces man will only make love to you when he desires you and I think it’s great. Leo woman they also get they chance to be extravagant and spend money so its a far relationship. Both needs to compromise after all relationships are about that.

  20. Pisces Male June 1st, 2019

    I am in relationship with a Leo woman. Her desire to fight for no reason irritates me and I try to remain away from as much as I could

    • Alb August 12th, 2021

      Pisces man here. The same happened to me repeateadly with her so I retreated away from her for about 2 months. She then left me.

  21. Pisces male May 13th, 2019

    I’m a Pisces man, One word Leo women are heartless beings, All they care about is bloody revenge i loved a very young Leo girl soo truly that i even wanted to protect her from my self.in fact I even went away from her with a heavy heart to work so that I can be with her someday. Over a small social media like issue she made a big deal about ( Swear on every moment I spent with her i never cheated on her) and Also when we tried to talk after that she showed me her attitude and i responded in rage since i never cheated on her. It’s been 8 years now I haven’t moved on. But i guess these leon females are just too horney or need someone to do them all the time. It’s been a long time now Never thought of hurting her or taking advantage of her. I felt like the devil rules their mind!i find them very tricky and good at playing mind games and taking advantage of your loyalty and misuse our attention And that’s not the worst part, worst part is they are very good at wrongly judging you and coming up with their own stupid assumptions and I hated the bloody I know it all attitude. I also found them very mean and cruel. But what hurted me the most was even though she knew why i was upset and feeling low and she is the reason for it she didn’t hesitate to show her cruelty and cheap attitude toward me she practically wished I died. It kind of makes them happy and proud I guess.

    Well reading this article certainly made me feel like i indeed met a sad Leo girl who was just too unsure about herself or just to Bitchy* or craving for sex and attention. god and she would know what was she thinking or is thinking.

    Honestly i am a Pisces man born in March and i wouldn’t prefer a Leo girl ever! They are Just so immature, Impatient and so not the ones who would like to see the bigger picture with their partner. BORN Cheaters ! And very good at watching their partners suffer and make themself feel good and happy about it!

    • Leo life July 9th, 2019

      All leo girls are not the same. your birthday 7march?

    • Tatianna July 18th, 2022

      Leo females are NOT born cheaters! What fucking planet you on? What makes you speak so bad of one star sign?

      Leo woman will play the cards dealt with. If you cheat on a leo woman you will get screwed over.

      If you love a woman properly and treat her right so; not in a controlled environment but be easy and kind. Loving a Leo is rewarding! Leo woman can be submissive and deeply emotional natured.

      If anyone cannot treat a person right in any relationship, it’s not right to stay in that relationship in the first place.

      You need a lot of therapy, counselling and wellness treatments.
      Leo and sex drive – very high and obviously you cannot handle that.
      Affection and loving natured – again you cannot handle a good woman.

      Best for you to be single and please yourself!

    • Tatianna July 18th, 2022

      Leo females are NOT born cheaters! What fucking planet you on? What makes you speak so bad of one star sign?

      Leo woman will play the cards dealt with. If you cheat on a leo woman you will get screwed over.

      If you love a woman properly and treat her right so; not in a controlled environment but be easy and kind. Loving a Leo is rewarding! Leo woman can be submissive and deeply emotional natured.

      If anyone cannot treat a person right in any relationship, it’s not right to stay in that relationship in the first place.

      You need a lot of therapy, counselling and wellness treatments.
      Leo and sex drive – very high and obviously you cannot handle that.

      Best for you to be single and please yourself!

  22. Leo Woman May 10th, 2019

    Ours played out exactly as it stated here to a T. I am a Leo Female and dated a Pisces Man. There wasn’t enough fire whatsoever. Fights were picked to kick up fire and makeup was better than actual relationship. Constant power struggle and insecurities crept up on me tremendously.
    Don’t recommend this relationship whatsoever. Turned out awful and we were definitely better off friends. Now were not even that.

  23. Milly January 6th, 2019

    I have met this guy just over a month ago and we fell madly in love… we live about 22 1/2 hours apart and already has come to my place for 3 weeks. So far it’s great and we both believe this is forever.. After reading our compatibility, I can see both our personalities here, it’s flagrant, me being the Leo, he the Pisces. Can’t say it worries me, we both are older, 5 years apart, both widow/widower, I think we can make it thru all odds.. Call me an Optimist!

    • Leo Woman May 10th, 2019

      How is it going?

  24. KB September 22nd, 2018

    Pisces male here. Definitely see the truth in the pisces personality traits as well as the Leo female. I’ve met a Leo female recently who is a famous performer. Loves to be the center of attention. I absolutely love her. Feels like real-life magic. I know she feels it too, but she is in a relationship with a really great guy. We are friends but you could cut the sexual tension with a knife. Difficult situation but my heart truely belongs to her.

  25. tanya logan May 24th, 2018

    i just met a pisces man and it is literally like a fairy-tale.

  26. Missy November 24th, 2017

    Im a leo woman and Yeah thats true about whats written about us..leo woman loves to be a center of attraction…loves to be praise..and very compassionate…easy going..very loyal when we really fall in love but so hardhearted to those who fool us..and sometimes we are bossy too..haha..and most of the time shows attractive figure and careful to their image..😊

  27. lashay October 15th, 2017

    It means to me that he is a Good Guy but your Pisces has been with a lot of weaker women.And now that he has found a really strong- independent needy woman,It intrigues him because its very rare that we find strong and needy in people and we have to respect both of them(.But don’t forget it only takes us about 5 to 10 mins to figure someone personality out with only two things). Walking and Taking this can tells us a lot about a person and how they think. “This is why we listen so much and pay very close attention to how much swag is in your walk”.But when we meet the Sexy Strong Independent Needy lady lion.we get very confused and it can takes us”Pisces” a lot longer to fiqure out these confusing characteristics.So this is when we switch back to the walking and talking MODE. Goodluck 02-25

  28. seeme October 6th, 2017

    i just met a leo women belive me or not she just like the same as written in this web moreover again belive me or not the same thing is written about pices i am just like that, she is elegant dominant i admire her and she like to listen that i am admiring her. Lets see how things will go in future

  29. LeoSugar October 4th, 2017

    I am a leo woman dating a handsome Pisces. I have told him also to let me go and he ha refused and told me he loves me. Funny I also feel that I cannot make him happy.

    My piscean man is able to communicate his needs but I find that he struggles to hear me when I communicate my needs. That leads me to fear that the power struggle for wills will become too much in the future and that I will end up retaliating and I do not want to wait for that painful fall out.

    If you want her to feel safe in a relationship with you, you need to learn to reflect back to her things she has asked of you and reply with consideration to them. Not just to give her utter retaliation. Because that is how she listens to you also.

    Show her you heard her… you stand a very good chance

  30. Thorne July 4th, 2017

    I’m a leo woman currently dating a pisces man and it definitely is a challenge! Sometimes I just feel like I’m not there. We even talk everyday but we never really have any real conversations anymore.

    I understand that he’s a pieces and so he needs his space and freedom which I give plenty. We live in different cities whigh is frustrating because the only time when he’s affectionate is when I’m with him face to face and sometimes he won’t pay much attention and text on his phone when I try to spend time with him. And when we skype he just does his own thing and barely even looks at me half the time whilst I always drop everything I’m doing just to admire him.

    I really love and care for him so I’m going to just try my best to not scare him off with my constant need for attention and hope that as this relationship progresses he will be a little more attentive. He’s even had suggestions that we should move in together and get rings (unfortunately, not an engagement ring just matching couples rings). He also mentioned to me that he’s scared of falling for me too fast since we haven’t been together for very long and the relationship is still new. What on earth could this all mean?

  31. Mr. Confuse July 1st, 2017

    i’m a bit confuse about the trait of a pisces male or man, now i’m start wandering why? I guess my attitude is different from what it is said here. Btw i read all the Love compatibility of a pisces to all any other horoscope I find it interesting though..it was good but not actually me. Well i Hope you guys find you compatible girl/ man too.

  32. shehz June 21st, 2017

    Hi wz dating Leo girl from last 11 months n b4 nly v decide k will get married bt unfortunately she ditch me bt she realised tht she did wrong n Her frndz also told her abt her mistake she called n told me n told k it wz her mistake plz forgive me. I did n v strtnd agn bt Nw she is like she is still find her guilty abt wht she did.i did so many thing for Her to come out from dat guilt she came out also. But she is like k I dnt wnt to b vth u plz dnt spoil ur life n so many n dis all gng on from last 4 month…nw m helpless wht To do..i cnt give up I cnt lev Her she always tells me leave me ull b happy n Nw no talking…any suggestions

  33. LaDeja June 18th, 2017

    I am a Leo women and I was dating a Pisces male a year younger. We both had bad relationships previously. So we would just talk for hours and he was just good at listening. He we started dating. Everything was good we never had a fight! All the dates were amazing ideal but he just like disappeared. Is because he not that interested in me?? Or because he dated a Leo women with a similar name to mine that he scared I will hurt him too ? I’m not sure but I decided to show him that I don’t have time for that I cut everything off. And I guess he got sad but why should I Care he so mixed signals. Who just disappears like stand up communicate this is so different I really do care. But why is this happening?

  34. Andrea May 10th, 2017

    Well put yam…from one leo woman to another…couldnt have said it better!!!

  35. Micahvilli April 25th, 2017

    Im 18 year old pisces man in love with a 16 year old leo woman. We’re electric when we’re together and everyone can see that we have a strong connection. We have the same thoughts sometimes and always finish each other’s sentences. But because we are separated by distance, i only get to see her about every weekend. It’s hard because she doesn’t see my loyalty and commitment to the relationship. But i really wanna be with her the rest of my life. I know she feels the same way, but her friends tell her she’s blinded by love. She always wants reassurance and i try my best to give it to her but she wants much more. We’re doing everything right: we have had sex yet, we talk on the phone every day. She has the key to my heart but i feel like im gonna eventually loose her because of my inconsistency and nonchalantness.

    • Endlessly universal love November 26th, 2018

      I’m also in love with 16 years old female Leo, I just met her on social media. We did share a lot of common, respecting each other and she even understood how delusional I am. We didn’t meet outside yet because she live in different city. Also I don’t have the gut to really ask her out but i’m Willing to sacrifice everything for her

  36. Ruan lapham March 20th, 2017

    I am priceless Pisces with crack head Leo ducking nightmare

  37. yamaytv March 3rd, 2017

    I’m a Leo woman. I value honest more than anything else. I don’t like game playing. A man who can be brave enough to be bold and direct telling me how he feels about me is the one will grab my attention. I hate mixed signal since I don’t have the time and energy trying to figure it out. Don’t be afraid of opening up to Leo woman. If you don’t open up, sometimes we think you either have something to hide, or didn’t trust us enough to open up. So be brave and take a chance.

    • Daniel September 12th, 2018

      Your comment is really helpful. Maybe the problem is not open up because I think I open up to her enough, but it helps me that I can tell her everything and no worrying about that, I always felt it but I expected something to confirm it and your comment was very helpful. Leo women are a wonderful lovers, I meet a Leo girl that drives me crazy and I know I provocate hard feelings on her too, our relationship will grow up thanks to this comment!

  38. Kalyaan hang limbu February 24th, 2017

    I am a pisces boy
    I have a girlfriend who is a leo she is just like
    I am what i am don’t try to change me
    Like i even in dream didn’t thought of it

  39. Sher February 20th, 2017

    I have tried to be in a relationship twice with a same Pisces male. It is true that they easily tend to slip away even we both felt strong bonded on friendship and in bed. The second part of relationship was serious, we even talked about marriage..but just after 8 months and living with him for 2 weeks, he felt very opposite and slipped away..eventually deciding that our relationship wouldn’t work out. He realised that he wasn’t fully ready for anything serious. I mean wtf? After all those serious talks and treating each other as best friend- how can anyone just throw a decision like that if it’s truly “best friend” definition. I hope I have read this article first and didn’t really push through the relationship- we could just have been plainly friends. I feel the entire relationship was a total joke in the end. Be warned feisty Leo… Pisces male are super tricky!

    • Donna May 27th, 2017

      Oh wow.. I am dating a Pisces man now and we are going strong, talk for hours , and the chemistry is off the charts! I pray that I’m not putting in this time to be tricked. please wish me luck.. I really care about him.

      • brianna June 16th, 2017

        what is your birth date? may have to do with the point in leo you are

  40. Eli February 18th, 2017

    Im a pisces guy. Im into this one leo woman and all i think about is making her laugh every chance i get, but i feel im kidding myself. I dont know wether she likes me or not, or rather what to do about it. She says she likes me and well the physical stuff is all there, but i want to be able to commit, just so i can feel comfortable to tend to all her needs and adore her. I dont know how to approach her without feeling im coming on too strong.

    • leo February 21st, 2017

      you won’t be coming on too strong! leo needs attention….she really wants it! just make her feel special. that’s all she needs. sadly i don’t think the pisces im into really feels the same way…he keeps disappearing. and as a leo woman, that’s not cool. ever.

      • Madison June 28th, 2017

        The same thing with my pisces man… but dont be to worried the need their space sometimes because they really get down on themselves and it can be too much negative space for a leo to be in sometimes. Allow to recharge alone… for a sec. I just told my pisces man if u ever need time to think and breath just let me know and ill see u when u get back from out of ur head. Its never about us. They r just always stuck in mindset of improving their reality and living in this spiritual fantasy world because they r creative peopl

  41. Amari Spellman January 24th, 2017

    Hi I go by mars and I’m in live with my pisces baby’s father and we’ve been on and off since 2012 our child will be 3 this year and we still trying to work it out.. he’s not a talker and when I ask him certain things I have to give him 24 hours to get an answer because I know putting him on the spot is not a good idea.. me bing a Leo i want everything right there when I said it, how I pictured you saying it.. yeah I know that’s bad .. I told myself I won’t push him or it. How can I get him to show his emotional side? Or even express them? I have my moments when I feel like I’m chasing him mind you he is 3 years older then me. But when it comes down to this relationship he moves like a sloth while I move like a lion on a hunt. How can me and him make this work and be better because I love him and I want him for all the flaws and silence he has ?

  42. hanan January 22nd, 2017

    im a leo woman married to a picces man for 10 years and we are getting a divorce.I feel im to happy and caring to have aman like i have gone through so much that i cant take anymore.
    he is over jelousy and insecurity kills me and makes me tired

    • Sthenah April 10th, 2017

      Im a Leo woman… just be honest and open about your feelings. That will win her over especially once you tell her give her space to soak it up! If she already likes you, it’s easier for you.

  43. Robin holland January 6th, 2017

    I am in love with a Pisces man. This Jan the 9th will be 5 months. I fell hard . I started feeling him pull away ? Not knowing why ? We have a lot in common and would catch ourselves having the same thought about something.
    I am at a loss for words for his distance.
    Damn the woman who used him and broke his heart. Maybe that is why he is afraid to commit?
    I told him I was not shutting the door on us but I was going to give him the time he needed.
    But did tell him I was going on with my life.
    And that maybe his heart would find its way back to me.

  44. anonymous girl December 21st, 2016

    Noah (the Pisces man), I read all your comment and thanks for that! It actually helped me. I’m a Leo woman (19 years old) and I’ve been totally in love with a Pisces guy (20 years old) for a year… And I love him so much, his tenderness and charming personality makes me melt for him. He’s perfect for me (inside and outside) and makes me sad the fact that I’ve read that a Pisces & Leo relationship can be very difficult. As a Leo woman, if we ever get into a relationship, I will try my best. I’ll try being patient, more calmed and less Leo… I will do whatever is necessary to keep each other together.

    • ca0820rs0228 December 28th, 2016

      It is difficult. But the key is to keep communication open at all times. I am a Leo woman in love with a Pisces man for almost 20 years now. We have to remember to use our strong sides to support each other… remind each other often, and look to each other for the comfort and love we need. But… it is absolutely worth all the effort. He is my world now, and I know I am his. He gets me, and I couldn’t be happier.

    • bri June 16th, 2017

      wow same situation same ages and everything! do you have any tips on getting the pisces to settle down or how to communicate effectively with him

  45. Fronae October 30th, 2015

    Love Queen Leo, 
    you had by far the best description of a Leo woman- Pisces man. I mean, at least for my relationship! I’m deeply in love with my Pisces and I believe he feels the same. Like Queen said, we spend ALL our time together. We would be the perfect match if he could forgive his past and stop being so flirty. I know it’s because of his dreamy personality but I’m such a loyal Leo it definitely hurts my ego. We’ve actually had multiple disagreements on this. And he feels as if I might not be that interested in him. It’s because my feelings are badly bruised when he has this fantasies with other ladies. Ive recently voiced my opinon and made it clear that I desire a extremely loyal relationship. He says he is apologetic and now he understand and he will give me what I want. :/ I hope he does because I know if he fix that, I could be way more passionate and loving with him. He brings out my emotionAl side well. Then we could really have a great relationship. I’m always rooting for Leo and Pisces to succeed. There are odds against but we always seem to prove them wrong!! I wish the best for all you leo queens & pisces kings . Kings remember to keep her happy you must know our ego bruises easily especially from someone we consider to be our partner/equal. No one should be put above the queen in our eyes. If you sneak around or even flirt we will began to think of you as a peasant if you mess with other peasants. We only deem special people royalty. 
    Love Little Leo

  46. Author
    Ask Oracle August 31st, 2015

    Submitted by email:

    I am a Pisces man, and I dates a Leo women for 3 years. She sent me your website link after we broke up just a week ago. She crushed me.

    As a Pisces man, I would like to post under the message board. Can you please post this? It would mean more than you could every imagine. It obviously is important for her to message me your website, and all I want is a forum to address a Pisces/Leo relationship. Here it goes..

    As a Pisces man, I dated a Leo women for 3+ years. She sent me this link re Leo/women and Pisces man to me after only 2 weeks we broke up. Since we broke up, she has essentially ignored me in every way. Barely any text, calls, etc, and we loved together for the past 14 months.

    My Leo woen recently left me (very soon, sudden, and cold) and simply cut me out in every way.

    I read this website link re our signs over and over (since she texted me the link), and I have the following to say:

    I agree; much of the relationship breakdown of Leo-woman/Pisces-man resounds to our relationship. My ex sent me this link, and I am hear to further explain this sign connection:

    A Leo is confident, but not necessary in relationships. A Leo always needs to feel sexy, confident, and number #1, at all times. If a Leo feels insecure, a Leo does not know how to react and communicate to a Pisces. A Leo cuts out anyone who they feel does not give oneself the attention a Leo wants/feel they deserve. A Leo, when feeling crossed, is more cruel and borderline evil than any sign you’ll meet.
    As a Pisces man, this is very very difficult. A Pisces believe that loves overcomes all, no matter what sign. A Pisces feels that a Leo is too quick to not work on love, because a Leo is often controlled by it’s own ego. But a Pisces is not, and a Pisces will take more heartache than all other signs, because a Pisces always believes, deep down, that relationships, when fueled by love, can be resolved. 

    Overall, I love my ex Leo because she BELIEVES in her confidence. But when in a relationship, a Leo seems to lack confident, and needs assurance that they are ALWAYS number 1. As a Pisces, it’s incredible exhausting, but in the end, a Leo has NOTHING to worry about. A Pisces man, when committed to a Leo, deep down loves a Leo and will be dedicated to treating a Leo the way Leo wants to be treated. 

    Sadly, I believe a Leo women is so caught up in one self, that they have a hard time finding real, honest, pure love. And they reject it when it’s in front of their face. 

    I love you Jennifer. And I wish you broke down your Leo walls and understand that I want to spend my life with you. You said I was “the love of your life”. And when you left me so sudden, and use social mediums to get attentions, it extremely hurts my Pisces soul.

    As a proud Pisces man, I am still here, and in complete withdraw (like the website explains), and I still love and respect you, like I always did.


    -Pisces Man.

    • yamaytv March 3rd, 2017

      I’m a leo woman. I don’t know the reason she left you. If it’s due to infidelity, it’s pretty much over. If not, she may be back after she cools down and think it through. Leo woman is very confident if she believes you are faithful to her. If you give her any reason not to trust you, she will become very insecure and she will hold back her love in fear of getting hurt. If she feels you are not all there for her, she will pack up and leave. That’s how I dump men with hesitation. Just don’t flirt with other women and get caught.

  47. PiscesWoman1999 August 22nd, 2015


    Pisces are impressionable, we are emotional but normally quite about it. Regardless of the situation. I have no idea what Pisces you have been hanging around but it’s clearly the weak willed ones. As my mother is a Taurus and my lover a Leo I have  traits of each. Like the Leo I’m out going confident but like Taurus I’m extremely loyal and stubborn including my traits of being caring and emotional this does make me a confusing person but I’m one to identify with. Which I do love, I’m sure you will fine a real Pisces with amazing traits and you will love them 

  48. Lioness0985 August 2nd, 2015

    @AroyalLioness you are the exact type of female who gives all Leo women like myself a horrible rep. Are you in fantasy land and seriously believe you’re royal or maybe a real lion Lmao your comment literally just disgusted me. Get off your imaginary throne and humble yourself. You sound like a self centered selfish ego driven witch who lies and cheats and doesn’t care less about being unfaithful or disloyal which is nothing like a Leo woman. Does it make you feel powerful and fulfilled to crush a man’s spirit and ego ? You are not royalty or any kind of Leo I know and your karma will be a b**** way bigger than you. Oh, and do everyone a favor and quit representing yourself as a Leo ✌

  49. leodesigngirl June 11th, 2015

    Agreed! @AroyalLionness is just plain trashy. Leo’s love hard, passionately and want nothing more than to be loyal to their partner and adored. 

  50. Pisces-musician June 9th, 2015

    you honestly sound like the biggest cunt

  51. AroyalLioness January 1st, 2015

    #First and farmost, royalty of the finest degree has just entered this discussion and since I am new, I was trying to put the research and the faces on who the desperados were in this forum, and I don’t mean the cowboy…Anyway to make a long story short, because I am really busy, the pisces man that I have been dating from Carolina back to Cali for 3 and a half years is getting on my nerves. Yes, I have cheated on him, but it’s not what u know it’s what u can prove, yea,Training Day, and I’m always 25 steps ahead!!!! He is truly and deeply in love with me until I think it’s really weird, but that’s my boo, we are like best friends and brother and sister in a way too. The sex is GREAT, not in this way bro and sis, lol, and we have a beautiful son together, CONGRATS TO ME, but at times it seems as though all I want is a friendship and he wants more, in short, ImhisAir!!!

    • Daniel September 14th, 2018

      This comment made my fucking day, LOL! Congrats

  52. ccridah1 December 8th, 2014

    @Wildkitten  I relate with nikkibeee’s relationship. I am in a long-distance relationship. I met him online and he seems to be so insecure and not very attentive, when we message one another. He is overseas now, and busy, but i told him about not tellingme about when he is too busy to chat and not tellingme anything! He seems that he would be very faithful and romantic. I had a long-distance relationship before this,also a Pisces, but he is totally different than the first guy.  He seems to want to actually take it further,and doesn’t seem to be “dragging his heels” like the last guy, although the last guy was married (separated),but i just think it’s because the other guy was just all talk! This Pisces is alot more successful, financially,than the first, but both very charming, laid-back, cute and both have very sexy voices, really sexy! Anyway, he seems to be very wounded over a former unfaithful lover. It seems it was ages ago, but i haven’t asked. He openly tells me his past, if i ask, but i just hope we are compatible and we both seem reasonable enough to put up with each others’ quirks. We both seem very mature, and wanting marriage,and are serious about keeping our word, and knowing what we want from one another. He says he will be there for me if i am honest and faithful, and i say, if you got my back, i got yours,so I am very hopeful for this union to work, when we meet! LOL…Seems we have a strange connection to one another, but we will find that out, for sure, when we meet.

  53. Bosschic818 October 6th, 2014

    after readind this it’s mostly so true But if you understand this. Pisces and Leo can surely work. I recently been hanging out with a Pisces friend. And OMG he is great I love this guy and I feel so good around him And safe. There is this attraction thats unbelievable. WOW . I don’t see what can go wrong With a little understanding and compromise. We are not a couple But I can’t say I haven’t thought about it. 

  54. Karajackson June 18th, 2014

    I hate to say this but pisces love us (leos) for some reason.  I personally think that pisces are annoying and whiny.  I want to like them but they are just too emotional for me.  I normally flock to gemini’s unknowingly.  It’s sad because pisces like us so much. I just wish I could return the attraction. 

  55. Wildkitten June 16th, 2014

    I am leo woman married to a pisces man.I put up with him for ten years with his attitude of keeping me waiting and hurting my ego big time. We are still together until now But the fire in me is gone. I dont love him anymore nor respect him as before. He treated me like a peasant and he once acted like a king. he didnt give me respect due to me. And he didnt hid my warnings. So I had an affair with another guy But i told him beforehand that im gonna do it. He thought its just words and he said i do opposite of what i say. So i did it. He does the opposite of the things I ask him to do. I wanted a seperation and ask him to leave me alone but he keep on chasing me. So I gave him another chance. I hated myself when i had an affair because thats the last thing i ever wanna do but because of my anger i did it anyway, willing to face the consequences of my action. I am not happy with him anymore. i dont respond sexually now i become frigid. i just let him do it and i just sleep. Its been to years now since we agreed on forgiving each other. i told him i dont love him anymore but because of our son I beg him to make me love him again. But i think it can never happen. He totally lost my love and respect. i just want a quiet life so even if im not happy with him just for the sake of our son i stayed with him. If only he didnt pushed me to the edge I think our relationship would have work out best. 

  56. thelionandthefish May 12th, 2014

    My love is a pisces man, and this article is incredibly true. Hes very funny, but incredibly introverted, he is strong willed yet soft spoken. He’ll want to hold my hand but have an internal battle before he makes a move. I am a leo and I am very confident and authoritive, he loves me because I fill in his gaps and I love him because he fills in mine. I will act affectionatly toward him, yet he will treat me as if I am a friend, but when it is just the two of us, he acts protective and compassionate. I know him like the back of my hand yet at the same time I dont know him it all. I’m an open book and hes a closed encyclopedia on the top shelf, hes a mystery and I guess that is what drew me in.

  57. Htimsashines January 5th, 2014

    It is so right about both of us, 

  58. […] my site. One study of the Leo Pisces compatibility analysis that I highly recommend can be found on this site. I have read it in detail and I agree with the main points it raises so you can rest assured the […]

  59. LoveQueen_Leo January 28th, 2013

    okay.. i am a Leo woman and i have been dating a pisces man for almost 2 1/2 years and what i can say is we have been through ALOT. when we first met everything between us clicked we were inseperable to where we didnt want to leave each other. we til this day cannot go a day without speaking and i find that special. For a while things were good but when a pisces man is emotionally damaged from his past its hard for his to let that go because he is sensitive.. and he used to wonder why i was so strong and dynamic. in the beginning he was so amazed and i was so drawn to hisnature and poetic mind it was addicting. and the sex…. lets just say hes the first man to make me achieve an orgasm so yeah!!! the sex is great. the chemistry is soul bound. we sometimes speak and think the same things which is crazy to me. and then we share creativity i admire his mind and he admire my physique… kind of cute.. He is a dreamer and his fantasies are coolbecause only a pisces will think of abstract things no other sign will think of.. and then its me in need of an audience and he love to sit back and watch me show off my skills … only to him ,no one else of course. he supports my vision and i support his dreams we kinda have a seasaw balance relationship… okay now the bad part. sometimes he doesnt express himself to the point where i complete understand him and us leos hate to be lead on… and go for guessing games we are straight to the point people and pisces are very short with expression… i think its because we can be dramatic and pisces are not dramatic. lol the disagreements. piscese love their privacyand to invade is really stepping on their toes and i do that alot… Leos are very Loyal and devoted beings. pisces can be that as well but their fantasies tend to lead then astray where a flirt session with a hottie maybe act upon trust me a pisces can be faithful and these act are all signs of men… watch out. not the fights can get ugly and Leo women like the claws of a lion our words can cut em deep and as a fish they will bleed. so dont be too hard a little is enough trust alot will permanently damage them so keep the arguement PG13 lol.  . OVERALL he is the only man i ever loved in my life and we have been there for each other like no other. sometimes pisces dont like to face their problems upfront just throw them off leaving issues unsolved but a Leo Woman will help them conclude anything. In a sense Pisces gain their stregnth feom Leo and Leo gain their calm feom Pices… its perfext just every issue need to be handled with care…  
    thank you for reading .

  60. Dragonflylovely January 27th, 2013

    I am a Leo woman who was dating a Pisces man. We were dating for 4 yrs. We recently ended up going our own way. He said he needed a break and some time. Which at the time I was not understanding because I had asked to move out. He was having issues with my daughter who is 11. She was not doing what he was asking her to do right away like taking out the trash from the restroom. He would say can you take it out and she would answer can I finish getting ready first. So like I was saying he would move in and out 4 times within the 4 yrs. When he would move out I would ask him to stay at his own place for a while but that wouldn’t last. He would move back in after a few months because he said he missed us. One issue I had with him was that he kept in touch with ex-girlfriends. He would want to go to sports games with them when they invited him. He swore that they were just friends. They had been friends before we started dating. I expressed to him that I was not comfortable with that. I asked him if we could come up with a compromise. But the thing is he never saw it as a big deal. He wanted me to be okay with what he was saying and doing but then he never gave thought to what I was asking. He would say I understand and I guess he thought I was taking away his friends. He said he lost touch with the people he used to go see and spend time with before we started dating. Another thing is he did not like to have conversations. He did not like too talk about our relationship. He figured once we talked about it the subject was done. I understand when an issue comes up you talk about it and try not to bring it up again but then something just pops up into your mind where you need to say it or it just eats you up inside. I just would like to know where it went wrong?? When we lived together and seperately we were doing really well but this last time he just turned into someone that I did not recognize. I was always there for him to support him in anyhting that he tried to achieve. He would think that he could not advance in to things and I told him if he really wanted to do something to try it. If it wasn’t for him to try something else. I never told him he couldn’t do anything. His family was doing that. He told his dad that he wanted to go back to school to do a different career. His dad told him you have a job you should just stick with that. I would always encourage him and tell him do it and then show your family that you can do for yourself. I guess maybe I made him into a stronger person to where it turned back onto me?? He was a person that would help you out even if you didn’t treat him equally. I told him not to let people walk all over him. 🙁

  61. […] are not as hard to understand as most women think. The guy you love has a lot of pride and a big ego and you can use them to get him back. Now that you have him […]

  62. Tii December 16th, 2012

    I am a junior in highschool but ive been seeing this pisces guy for about four years and this article explains us completely in fact we just got out of an arguement. im very open but he isnt. then again he is ive got him to speak out of his comfort zone many times but he only does it when he sees im hurtin or when i ask and guess it. he can tell me little things like how beautiful i am and that he thinks about me, how he likes talkin and seeing me but it doesnt make since cause we arent together at all he just got out of a relationship so he dont want one at the moment and i see him with other girls. im tryna give him the choice to choose what he wants but its only been 2 weeks and im going insane because he wants to be free and still have me but it hurts. so what should i do to show him, he dont need anyone else but me? and how can i get him to stop being afraid of me..?

  63. Konrad November 5th, 2012

    @konradhk00wildly distressed*** hehe typo

  64. Konrad November 5th, 2012

    I’m a Pisces man in love with a Leo woman, but she doesn’t know it yet… We have had many long conversations and have become friends over the 7 months that I’ve known her, but I have recently initated the start of a possibly deeper relationship. I am reading about how it could be difficult to maintain a long-term romantic relationship, but there is one thing that I believe I truly am different from most Pisces men. Most Leo women claim their Pisces man is not expressive and holds his feelings inside and this is one thing I’ve never done. I have always felt I have the ability to fully convey how I feel in as elegant of a manner that any man could… maybe even better than most. I am one that is easily distracted by crowds, I am emotional, romantic and very spiritual, but I feel as if my expressiveness might be my saving grace.Obviously, it’s too early to tell.  I feel confident about who I am, but also widly distressed due to the fact I have never felt this much for a woman before and she is also seven years younger. We are both training to become martial arts instructors which is how we met so, regardless of how this turns out, I expect and hope to be part of her life for a long time. I value her friendship and enjoy her company so much that I know, no matter how this works out, I will still care for her and will always be there for her, even if the feelings aren’t reciprocated. Any one care to add insight?

  65. usha11611 September 21st, 2012

    I am Leo woman having trouble with pisces husband. I have a 2year child and because we both work child stays at my moms place. My husband spends one day with my child and 1 day with my in-laws in a month. when I question that he does not like me questioning back. tried to make him understand by talking to him and he denies that fact. always rushes to his parents place on some kind of work and leaves me back which he always denies. hence I visited only few times to my in-laws place so that he might undersand how i use to feel. but thid time as his parents were upset as i stayed only for one day he said all bad words to me. when i told him i want to depart from him he threaten to make my parents feel bad in front of all our relatives. after few minutes he apologises saying we both were wrong at times. but i know that he is not at all true to his heart. if someother issue pops up he will be the same arrogant man again with whom i don’t want to share my life at all. as he threaten to make my parents feel bad….i am just sticking to him. Plz suggest or help to get things better….i hate to stay with him after all the bad words he told to me. this is not the first time and it wont be the last.

  66. orcas288 June 20th, 2012

    I am a leo woman and i have been with my pices man for almost 3 years. We met while playing pool online and before we met I searched to see how our zodiac signs would clash. It had been three years since I read this and it still holds true today. A Pices man gets easily distracted when in crowds or during stressful times. As a leo woman you must warmly and supportingly nudge him along. Pices men do not like having long drawn out conversations and if like my guy will tell you so several times. However, if you take the time to observe your pices man you can tell real quick what the does and don’ts are. In stressful times a hug and a reassuring I love you can make the day better for him. Sometimes its just cooking dinner for him or reaching over and squeezing his hand while driving or sitting on the couch watching tv. You have to become intuitive and you can’t let wear you down or make you feel bad. Some times when pushed they can explode and make things hard to cope with. There are several times though where we finish each others sentences or say the same thing at the same time or say some thing and the other one looks up and says I was just about to say that. It is true though a pices man can and will cheat if they feel too constrained. He never has with me but has in the past with other relationships. Mostly because they need a deep connection and to be trusted and loved with little pressure. The love making with a pices is very close and passionate. The closer you can be while making love the better, the deeper the kisses and tender the touch can drive your pices man wild. He is the only one I have every really been with. My one and only true love. Another thing is…If you are unsure about your relationship with a pices man go on a weekend trip and barely talk to him for the days you are gone or visa versa if he is planning a trip stay home and take his charger out of the bag so he can’t charge his phone while a way. Thats what happened with us. We were at witts ends his family decided they didn’t like me and tried makin it look as if he was cheatin on me. He went with his father one weekend to Arkansas to visit family and we hardly spoke at all. To this day he says he will never do that again. All he did was think about me and miss me. He can’t sleep very well if I am not next to him. We grew so much closer after that, and his family backed off too. I can’t imagine my life without him and I look forward to being with him everyday. Anyway I hope this can help someone out there wanting to with a pices man. They are worth the trouble. You just have to be warm, loving, understanding, and supportive…oh yes and of course LOYAL. Good luck to all

  67. Misslaurenlioness March 6th, 2012

    I am a Leo woman who has been with my Pisces man for almost 3 years. Before I met him I was crazy, spontaneous, and always the center of attention. I was also extremely boy crazy and had never had a long term relationship. When I met my guy for the first time ever I wanted to settle down a little and knew we would be together for some reason. It was a truly challenging relationship the first year but after we learned to understand each other it was worth it. The connection Leo-Pisces share is truly one of romance and passion. However, lately it’s been hard because he makes me feel guilty when my free spirited, spontaneous lioness comes out. I have seriously done a 180 since met started dating but still am and will always be me. I know he loves me and never wants us to end, but he needs to remember out differences and allow me some slack. He drives mE nuts sometimes when I want his Ttention but he’s wrapped up in other things….. But I have learned to let him do his thing because when he’s ready to love me he just smothers me in love and kisses and nothing else matters in those moments.

  68. Leighbug18 January 5th, 2012

    I’m a leo women who is verrryy intrested in a pisces man. I’m diffrent in the situation, I don’t talk a lot. It’s weird, when i’m around him, my mind goes blank. He’s the one who talks the most. Although, the opening of the feelings, he’s not the best at. Although, he is a very passionate romantic guy. I like him very much, and he likes me. I want to be with him. He doesn’t want to date anyone. I respect his decison, although it hurts. Because I’m not the type of person who hurts the person i like or love. I’m very loyal. I just…I don’t know what to do. Any suggestions anyone?

  69. bghosh@hngfloat.com December 17th, 2011

    I m leo man . i know all u leo guys sometimes get upset by your partners specially in case of aquarius & pisces..stay cool & calm to all problems.. but be vigilent on them.. just wait & watch…try to understand the reason & slowly plan for solution..after all u r ROYAL…!!!!! MAGNETIC !!!!!!!! & ATTRACTIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. milly938 November 29th, 2011

    plz plz some1 answer ,me plz a pisces man i am a leo grl i was with a pisces man for 3 yea wee was like on annd offf and last time i saw him we made love and we had a great tim and next ting you knoe he told me it was over i dont know what i did to him,my fam try to talk to him he didnt seems to be interested in me he told me that he got a lot of things in his life right now and told me to move on with my life ,i am so hurt

  71. the-piman November 8th, 2011

    I will tell the Leo woman why Pisces males have a hard time opening up to you. We have a hard time because them is something about your personality that lead us to the feeling of being decieved. And many times when we do try to explain our feelings it’s not enough for you satisfaction. When we feel like we cannot fix something many of us just shut down and need our space to chill out and calm down. It can work but it’s very difficult if you are very demanding. We love you but it my not be shown they way you need it to be shown….

  72. net19 October 18th, 2011

    I am a leo woman dating a pisces man,
    i cannot believe the simiarlites you all have to my own relationship. I try so hard not to nag at my pisces boyfriend, but want nothing more than to spend every moment with him, but you are all very right they enjoy space and don’t express how they feel. this annoys me so much because i feel like he doesnt want to let me in, this makes me push him away and distrust him. I am so glad that their are other leo woman out there dealing with the same issues. I love him deeply and when we are together were amazing and i have so much fun with him, but my mind goes a 100miles a minute.. i find it so hard to trust him if he doesnt let me in..

  73. estropeado September 10th, 2011

    b? @Justin

  74. rachanasilpurohit August 16th, 2011

    @michael ..make love to her..wiht your eyes n silence..poetry of closeness

  75. rachanasilpurohit August 16th, 2011

    @Fisher ..time, give him time.. n he’l be back to u

  76. Author
    Ask Oracle May 24th, 2011

    @loyal-loveer (loyal lover)
    It will take some time, a few suggestions for you:
    a) Experience your emotions fully. Like if anger arises, take a pillow and hit the pillow like it’s the person/thing you are angry at. Hit it harder and harder. Yell and cuss at it as well if that helps to release that tension. Keep doing till you start feeling better. We’re trying to release anger/hate here so that unwanted emotions are taken care of.

    b) Take up a daily body exercise routine, again this will make you feel better and healthy. You can try 12 rounds of Surya Namaskars – http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=Sun+Salutation&aq=f

    c) Can you control your own breath? Can you control time? Think about it for a while and you’ll realize that most things are beyond human control. This should help you be more forgiving and care free.

    d) Love only cultivates in presence of truth, honesty, forgiveness, diligence, laughter etc. See this – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8LfUvi1bof8&feature=related

    All the best 🙂

  77. loyal-loveer May 23rd, 2011

    i am a leo women who dated a pisces man.. we were talking to eachother for a year ..and dated him for 7 months .. i fell madly in love with him . i never felt this way before … but our problem was he cheated on me .. ( i truly believed he loved me ) now im here alone … sad, becauase i gave this man my all . my 100% love .. now that were broken up .. i feel like our pride and ego has gotten in the way .. we havent talked in months… and my leo side wont let me let go …. what should i do??

  78. kathy April 11th, 2011

    so far its been 2 yrs and its been a rollercoaster dont qet me wronq i love thi man to death. the first day w met he stood out like a liqht in pure darkness. the chemistry is still unbearinq. i dont think il ever b able to let this man qo. but over time i realized hes very selfish with money he thinks everyones out to get him he hurts my feelinqs to make his self esteem better and hes a cumpolsive liar. left alone that hes a cheater . i think he lies so much because he doent want to lose me. but i feel why should i qive up so much if im constantly beinq lie to. th sex is qreat the communication sucks he never wants to talk about feelings but when h does it melts my heart a simple text sayinq i love u kills me. i feel trapped by love by chemistry i dont think i could ever leave him despit all the bad thinqs h does to me. i constantly need attention i want to know he thinks about me when im not there an i want him for myself alwys . i know its wronq but i cant help it

  79. cela April 10th, 2011

    my pisces man wont express his feeling for me to me. i know he loves me but i wanna hear how much. plus im also a virgin, i dont really know how long he will hold out. but if he loves me as much as he say he do then it shouldnt matter right?? i mean he is a man and men have their needs to but golly g!!

  80. Tiffany March 3rd, 2011

    I wish the best of luck to you leo women out there who are involved with a pisces man! My experience: Boring, quiet, a dreamer not a doer, lies, unfaithful and throws a never ending pitty party for himself. One good note: He is a great father! We separated a few years ago and I have been in a relationship with a Capricorn for 2 years now. For the 1st time I know what its like to be in love with my best friend… Amazing! No doubt we have our issues but he has my heart and def keeps me on my toes to say the least!
    Note to pisces men: If you love her, TELL HER! If you think shes beautiful, TELL HER! If you disagree with her, TELL HER! She needs to hear it and if she doesnt you could very well lose her.

  81. Chi-lion February 6th, 2011

    Being a woman who has only dated and have been close friends with other aggressive fire signs, I find the fish quite interesting. After 16 years of a compatible relationship with a Sag, we grew apart and mostly, I wanted to try something different. Totally different. I just wasn’t sure what I wanted and I don’t like the whole dating process. So, a pisces guy found me. He was gorgeous from head to toe. He had the most dreamiest eyes. I’m quite intuitive also, and I was able to feel his energy. He only spoke just enuff to get my attention. But Im aggressive when my instincts are in overdrive and I made the first move. We talked for hours and had alot in common, and I learned he was 9 yrs younger. Im 36. I hesitated, but I wanted something new and he was very mature financially and he loved family. And he was fine!!!! So, I decided to try being a cougar. What was s’posd to be a one night stand, turned into a really good friendship and that’s where it should’ve stayed. After two years of adventures and mindblowing sex, most of which were initiated by me, we both expressed our love for one another [initiated by me also. He said he wanted to say it first but didn’t know how]. I’m a doer with little patience. He’s a dreamer and has too much patience. I Was often confused as to what to blame his non aggressive ways on. His age or his sign? I had no problem getting him to do things, but I would have loved for him to initiate something. It would have assured me that he really was in love with me. Recently, out of nowhere, I called it off via a letter. I expressed my true feelings and concerns because I truly loved him, but I felt I would never feel truly appreciated. My standards are high because I give freely. He gave also, but I had to roar first. PROUD LEOS hate to beg. Especially when we feel we’re deserving. Anyway, he called to talk about the letter and how he felt, but I wouldn’t hear his side out of fear that he would suck me back in. Im such a softy, and Pisces has a way of making you feel sorry for them. IT HAPPENED BEFORE. After failed attempts of reaching me, he said he wouldn’t bother me again. I felt bad and had to stop myself from calling or texting, but I have no idea how to keep this lion in love with the fish without feeling unappreciated. I miss him.

  82. Justin February 3rd, 2011

    I thought u might think this is interesting…

  83. Fire Lover February 1st, 2011

    I am a Leo woman married to a Pisces man and boy is this a journey for the masses. My husband is 48 and I am 32 but we met when I was just 24. He is the most compassionate and sound man that I have ever met. However, he doesn’t understand that marriage takes work. Yes, I am a true Leo in every sense of the word. I am fiery, quick witted and not to toot my own horn, but a sexy woman too. When we married 4 years ago , we were perfectly aligned in spite of our age difference. Now it seems that he has a case of amnesia and can’t seem to remember what the goals of our union are. He won’t move/budge unless I do. At first it was cute and made me feel wanted, but now it’s just not cute anymore and becoming annoying. Anyone else have this issue with their Pisces mate?

  84. East Coast Lovers January 30th, 2011

    I met a Pisces man online about 10 months ago and we finally decided to meet in NY for the first time few months ago. We didnt have the good fortune of communicating so much since he has a very demanding job and i have a busy NYC lifestyle and a child.
    However when we finally met there were no real sparks but there was a lot of substance in our conversation and we explored each other background.
    After that meeting weeks later he text me and it seemed as of early December he had more time to engage in phone conversations and non stop text messaging. I’m a leo and i love talking but i am NOT into talking to men on the phone over the last 2 years since my break up with my ex over the phone etc.
    However texting for 2 straight months we spoke on many levels and we both discovered that we were hurt from past relationships hence we had wounds that needed healing. We both arent the most expressive people right now but i know i can be when the time comes.
    He however made it clear that he would need directions from me when the time came about how serious i was about him. I’m not quite there yet we really dont know each other but both of us have really taken the time and effort to communicate.
    So we finally meet at the end of january 2011 for the second time and we spend time as planned at his home. All i can say is i have never been so calm around anyone like i was when i was with him. there was no pretence on my part and he was genuine as can be. I have to admit if i dont fight this i just might fall for him!
    Based on what everyones sayinf it seems there’s a 50-50 chance so im staying optimistic!

  85. Leo-Love January 29th, 2011

    I’m a Leo woman who has been I guess you could call it entertaining a Pisces male for over a yr now. We went to the same college & I didn’t give him the time of day b.c like most Leo’s I’m pretty focused. 4yrs later after I leave the school we get in contact & realize that we’ve never really stopped thinking about each other. I’m approaching graduation so a relationship isn’t really an option for us, but I’m soooo supportive of everything he does, he picks me up when I’m in my moods & everytime I think about him I smile. Even though we only see each other onve every 4-6months I know when the time is right our connection will blossom into something beautiful. Most astrology says we don’t work but we balance each other, what sense does that make? I kno I need balance cuz I’m a wild one! Yes it’s like pulling teeth to get my pisces man to express himself but once he does it flows out like gold to my ears…my prayer is that God has placed him in my life to grow with me because he’s already my bestfriend now we gotta take it to the next level once I find a job in this crap economy & put him through grad school. I have a dream for us & astrology is one of those things in my life I want to prove wrong!

  86. Angel January 24th, 2011

    I am a leo woman deeply in love with my pisces boyfriend. We met when i was in a relationship and he was married, needless to say i ended that relationship and he ended his marriage. I adore him and love to look after him and in turn he looks after me in his way too! Yes he likes his space and doesn’t like to talk feelings and i can be a hormonal witch once a month and give him hell but we have both grown to understand each other, i give him his space and he ignores my hormonal outburst. He has only once ever told me he loves me but his actions sure prove he loves me. We have the most amazing sex life too and we just connect to well. He is my best friend, soulmate and love of my life. I used to think i’d bee in love in the past but nothing ever prepared me for the depth of feelings i share with my beautiful pisces man.

  87. LeoLady January 24th, 2011

    I’m a leo woman, in love with a pisces man, I say ‘in love’ he does not know this yet, it hasn’t been said. I met him online 3 years ago and we’ve talked ever since. He lives in America and I live in England, which makes it hard obviously. I know he’s infatuated with me, he tells me his feelings all the time (which is confusing having read the above) I think being a Pisces man he may like the romantic nature of the fact we live on different continents. We have been talking on Skype alot recently and he says he’s never been able to talk to anyone like me, we sit and talk for hours at a time, 5 on Saturday night. I’m going to visit him in March and then he’s coming over here, he’s talking of moving here already and we haven’t even met yet, it’s like we both just know we’re meant to be together. What started off as a sexual attraction has now developed into a really deep connection. My question is, can this last once I go out there? He seems very committed at the moment, but I feel its because he still has me on a pedestal as his fantasy women and maybe in reality I won’t live up to his image of me?

  88. p January 12th, 2011

    I’m a leo woman in total love with a pisces man. He is witty, smart and romantic. I thought I was in love before but I now know I wasn’t. Just hearing his voice makes me crazy. We are old flames and the years melted as soon as I heard him.
    We haven’t seen each other in years but our emails are smoking.

  89. aquarius pisces cusp December 14th, 2010

    I am a Pisces man who lived with a Leo women for 8 mths. I met her in a mutual friends birthday party in nyc. She was the most beautiful women I have ever seen, long brown mane like hair, big expressive eyes, and a style that no one in the room came close to mathcing. I spoke to her within minutes of seeing her, only for her libra homegirl to cock block and scoop her away to never be seen again. Fast forward two months, at a 5 de mayo party,there she is randomly on a date. Again within minutes we are locked in conversation, as the night progressed she has been hanging with me instead of her date. We go on our own first date weeks later, dinner and billards, And end up having sex in the pool hall staircase instead of playing pool… We were interupted by patrons of the billards and we left. An hour later we end up going at it again underneath the stairs of a brownstone on the west side of uptown manhattan. I was so impressed with this animal like attraction we had even on this first of many public acts of intamcy. I can still see her expression before the brownstone when I said, “Hey look at those stairs, they go down there, you know what I’m thinking?” Before I could say anything else we were already there and she was fully nude, barefoot even. She was crazy…

  90. A Piscean Man in a big world December 4th, 2010

    I am a Pisces man, quite young in my age but quite aged and ragged in my experiences…I find that astrological signs have part-truths and part-fiction on the grasp of a human being’s entire life. I do however believe the facts when I see how astrological signs somewhat have their part-truths dominating atleast 60 percent of the actual build of of a human person…Which is why I am here.

    I may be once a giddy and very passionate dreamer of other worldly things, fantasy beyond imaginings, poetry that flowed out like wine from some immortal cup that never empties…but this was all in my youth, I was but at the brink of being 18 then…I’ve grown so far and different from then, Being more cautious and careful, meticulous and always first to move without hesitation, always working…This is me, now.

    Just recently I had met a Leo Woman, she seemed beautiful and gorgeous as all Leo women are in their own ways, She carried herself with finesse and poise. I was first taken, not by her looks but the ability of her mind; she was intelligent and well-spoken – near perfect. I was scared…tongue-tied, didn’t know how to approach the situation, I had a few failed relationships that never leave the friend zone…Some deem me too mature, too old in the mind for my own good. With her, however, it was like she was my exact replica only female…I had grown to learn how to dominate and stand up, how to be more assertive, initiative with what I want to say and do…Life does that to you. We went out on a date, I watched her laugh at my jokes, play a mocking game with me as we bowled to beat eachother’s score…some shots I intentionally missed for her sake without her notice, I couldn’t shut my mouth on compliments…I felt possessed when I knew I wanted to shut-up and just look at her. She’s in my heart, in my mind daily…I bought her a gift once without her notice and told her to give me her hand as I slipped it on her wrist…she was shocked and ofcourse trying to give it back but my assertive side took over, I merely said: “Don’t speak, its on your hands, its yours.” I smiled after and she smiled. I miss her smiles now.

    When we text however, it’s quite…Hard. I try not to bother her with texts nonstop so I occupy myself with things…the school of Martial Arts I head here in my place, gym, my brother…writing…I just text her maybe morning, lunch, random times, night for good nights…only getting tiny words in reply…I’m content though with her simply replying, it kinda shows me I am relevant enough to text back to…

    I am secretly planning to visit her state soon and ask her on a date where she takes me to all the places I’ve never seen in her hometown as I did with my place when she stayed over with a friend…it’s how we met.

    I’m not interested in any physical bonds as most men my age, I am just beyond happy knowing she exists, stepped into my life and for some reason…I’m pursuing her because I want her to be part of my life, I want to be part of hers…no matter how slow it takes. I want to take my time courting her, showing her piece by piece that I am inlove with her and maybe get to say it one day.

    When she left, I wrote her a letter telling her how I liked her “She said it was so high-school but she liked it.”…how could a grown ass (young) man like me be acting so…Young again?

    She gave me something too, she wears the bracelet I gave her and I wear the bracelet she gave me…I don’t take it off unless I have to. I feel it’s become part of me already…

    My only question is: Can a Pisces like me with the initiative, poetic whatever and other odd pisces traits…get this Leo Woman…As many Pisces will say, I don’t mind the competition…but just cause we’re fish don’t mean we can’t be strong and dominating…Sharks are fish too.

    Thank you for your time…er sorry bout the whole “novel” of a story.

  91. CLcusp November 22nd, 2010

    i am a cancer-leo cusp woman and i have been dating (but not in an official “relationship” with) a pisces man for 3 months. in this short time i have completely fallen for him. i dont even want to see anyone else because i really have zero interest in them but i dont want to put all of my eggs into one basket. i have never had such strong feelings for someone this quickly. i feel like he feels the same way but he is ALWAYS talking to other girls. i try not to get upset because technically we are not in a relationship but to me that is simply a title and it’s unnecessary when we have feelings like this.and to make things worse, he lies about it! i think i am pretty easy going and dont really pressure him about anything, so i dont why he feels the need to lie to me. when we discuss other people we are seeing i’m always straight forward with him because i think he deserves the truth. i know that pisces need their space and hate to be nagged so i just let him do what he needs to do, even if it means sacrificing my own peace of mind. BUT as soon as i back off, he comes calling and texting me nonstop! it can be soo confusing. i keep telling myself that he isn’t the one for me and i need to just give it up but we have such an unworldly connection! he’s also younger than me so i dont know if this is a “boys will be boys” type of thing or if he really is just a player who wants to have his cake and eat it too. either way, i’ve tried being patient, but pretty soon he’s going to be sewing his wild oats without me along for the ride…does anyone have any useful advice for me???

  92. Leo forever November 20th, 2010

    @Marcus Dog.. Your married. For 20 plus years emotionaly cheating with this libra chick that probably doesn’t even care about you. And I hope she doesnt know your married if so. . Red flag! What real women would have any kind of relations with a married man with kids. Not cool. I know libra women. To them your mr. right now.

  93. Angel Pisces November 18th, 2010

    lioness-snake – WoW good Advice !

  94. lioness-snake November 9th, 2010

    i’m a Leo with a Pisces husband, this is a powerful and magnetic combination. soulmates..the secret to keeping your Pisces bf, lover or husband is not to nag them at all, make them feel so safe that they never wanna leave, who cares if they don’t talk a lot..they really truly deeply loved you, keep that in mind…no nagging and make being with you the safest place he could have

  95. Lioness October 12th, 2010

    @Marcus Beware of a Libra being a Pisces. This is the catch of this combination for Pisces. Libra women have manipulative ways, you wont even realise. If you decide to go for her, just make a clean end and your Leo wife will understand. Too bad though after 21 years and three kids… Doesn’t that hold anything. Anyway, if it doesnt work any more why hang on to it?

  96. marcus August 17th, 2010

    I have been married to a Leo female for 21.5 years and have three children, I am a Pisces cusp Mar19th but still feel mostly pisces, my agrresive side is more aries. Any ways I have met a Libra female recently that has completely floored me. I thought we all just find a mate and have kids and rough it out..But my Leo wife is a bore! I literally have to drag her everywhere i want to go unless its anywhere she wants to go then i get dragged. yes we do have our good times together, but there has never been any passion, just sex and food and bills etc. This new Libra is fantastic! very open and i find myself thinking about her all day and night, and we text each other till midnight most nights. our conversations never die off they last fore ever, not with the Leo, its hows your day, fine, yours, ok, well ok i’ll let you go..I mean NOTHING. it sucks too cuz divorce really sucks, but im really thinking about it, she just seems so cold and distant, always has been, probably always will be.

  97. Leo-The Lioness July 15th, 2010

    I am a Leo woman, dating and pregnant by a Pisces man. Everything about our relationship was so world wind. We met a year ago and lost contact because I was seeing another guy (Capricorn) which didn’t last very long. When that guy and I broke it off, I started dating this Pisces man and he was such a breath of fresh air. We started dating this January and I’m already 14 weeks pregnant by him! I fell in love with him so quickly. I couldn’t even comprehend what was happening. He was so different from anyone else I’ve ever met in my whole life. He was accommodating, compassionate, reliable, he had integrity, and the list goes on. Our problems in the relationship began when I found out that he was seeing other females. This happened very early on in my pregnancy and it shattered my faith in him as well as my ego and as the article above reads, my warm heart turned ice cold to him. It shattered my confidence and made me feel foolish for falling in love with him so quickly. I began to treat him like a pile of cow dung and I really mean it. I did what I thought would drive him away from me anyway since I felt that that’s where he wanted to be. We even got very physically & verbally abusive with each other at one point nut he’s always the one to apologize and try to patch things up, which I’ve never experienced with anyone before. I know that he loves me but the feelings that he once had for me are evanescent. I feel it every time we touch or kiss or just look into each others’ eyes which he can’t seem to do at all anymore. I’m in distress about it because I don;t want to be a single parent and I don’t want anyone else and most of all, I don’t want to force anyone to love me or stay with me. I’m soooo very confused. 🙁

  98. picsis_at_heart July 8th, 2010

    For all you leo girls out there trust me, it can work out, the connetion between these two signs is incredible….i just dnt think is to hard to give some one a little space, because if you do that, your pisces will not only respect you, but also mabye even love youu more for it because of your understanding and love for his privacy

  99. Angela July 6th, 2010

    I am a young leo women and I… well I don’t know what to call it but I have relations with a Pisces. Since we are both busy people we hardly get to see each other but when we do……… The connection we share is out of this world. Now I have dated one other Pisces and the only thing tha was good about it was the sexual connection. So in my opinion or based on my experience I think that age plays a major role or maybe it could just that Pisces and Leos make good sexual partners.

  100. Deb January 5th, 2010

    I am a Leo woman very much in love to a Piscis man. We met 10 months ago and instantly fell in love. He is not very expressive. This I know. But we have grown to understand eachother. We married 6 months after we met and we could not be happier. We are eachother’s soulmates. It is amazing the love that we feel. We are now expecting our first child. My Piscis man is generous, understanding, a great listener, compassionate, a hopeless romantic, but all of this he does without words. They do have issues with communication but you can work through this with patience and love. Leo women tend to be too dominant and this clashes with the Piscis personality, but we need to learn to be cautious and gentle with our approaches when it comes to our Piscis men. They are too sensitive and their hearts and interest can shut down very easily at the slighest misunderstanding. I do believe we are a good match as far as zodiac signs go. Water tends to calm Fire when or of control and Fire can bring that spark into a calming sea when necessary.

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