Taurus Man and Leo Woman Love Compatibility

Key Takeaways

  • Taurus man and Leo woman can have a long-lasting relationship if they can compromise and show self-sacrifice.
  • Taurus man and Leo woman have great sexual chemistry and can satisfy each other's needs.
  • Leo woman can attract Taurus man by being generous, sophisticated, and confident.
Continue reading for our in-depth analysis on Taurus Man and Leo Woman Love Compatibility and get insights from 140 experience reports shared in the comments. Also take a look at our dating guide tailored for this astrological match. Your thumbs can unveil hidden aspects of your relationship dynamics, check them on our Thumb Compatibility page.

In a love association of Taurus and Leo, each one of them tends to hold on to the relationship strongly. Usually this relationship lasts longer than many others as both of them value loyalty and devotion, and both of them are very capable of giving it to one another.

A Taurus man is basically a calm and composed man who is always ready to take up responsibilities and fulfill his duties with determinations. The hardworking Taurus male believes in reality and is almost always sensible and the even-tempered. He can show brute force and aggression when angered, but this is rare. In a relationship, he needs constant loyalty and affection to assure him that he is being loved and appreciated. Taurus feels comfortable with stability and with that comes modesty and reservation in everything he does. But he is stubborn and his plans and ambitions cannot change for anyone including his lady love.

A Leo woman is a very generous and sophisticated woman with all the beauties of female in her aura. She is a born leader and usually walks smoothly in her surroundings if things are according to her will and needs. She always wants to be on top, in power and in control and also takes full credit on something she only had a minor part in. In a relationship, she feels love and admiration through the constant need of praise and compliments. She respects her Taurus man but at the same time expects same kind of respect from his side.

A Leo woman always makes a proud mate for a Taurus man who loves to admire and care for his lady fair. She upholds the traditional beliefs with determination and clings persistently and with extreme sincerity to these beliefs. She takes pleasure in protecting and showering him with gifts of affection. Since she has quite similar loyalty this makes for warm friendliness and interest causing him to feel content, secure and cared for. She always stands by his side and makes him feel proud of both his and her own progress. She is warm enough to always keep him happy in the relationship. But Leo woman, being the possessor and leader always tends to impose on Taurus man’s loyalty and patience. This can create tiffs and worries among them.

The Taurus man is slow and cautious, disciplined and practical. He has tremendous willpower and self-discipline and keeping it true to the old traditional methods and self reward from personal efforts rather than relying on others to reach his goals. He is one person who makes his Leo female feel great about both in personal and professional life. He fulfills all her financial needs and together with it showers her with a lot of love, praise and devotions woven with thick blankets of care and compassion that she deeply cherishes. She depends on the stable and calm Taurus male to deal with a situation in her life and usually surrenders herself completely in love, but that is just emotionally and not loosing her authority to anyone. However, this loving attitude of Taurus man comes together with his stubbornness and his own authoritative mind where he does not allow anyone to dictate him.

With the grace of love bestowed on the Taurus man and Leo woman, they start listening to each others’ silent and pleading hearts that makes him understand that she only needs love and undivided attention and she realizes that her man craves only for loyalty and devotion. As their relationship strengthens they both become enormously capable of giving and receiving love and making each other feel special in every possible way. As they both walk the path of love with sweet songs welcoming their charming personalities and angels admiring their love, they lose themselves in each other to feels complete in all forms of life and spirits. Their oneness is blessed by Nature and they are such unison of devotion and passion that they actually need no one else once they are together.

The sexual intimacy of Taurus man and Leo woman is one of a kind. He has a very deep and rich taste of sensuality while she has a very strong and passionate flavor of sexuality. He is deeply romantic with his passionate Leo female and is vulnerable to even her sound and scent which stimulates his deep physical desires and make their love making a very fulfilling and pleasurable experience. Both have high demands in the sexual relationship and though his love making is unimaginative but still it is intense and firm enough to make his damsel feel satisfied as a return of which he receives her most royal favors. They both achieve sexual harmony once they are sure of each others’ loyalty and devotion which they usually experience the most through their physical intimacy. There is always an excitement in their physical relationship and they both adore the ways in which they give physical tokens of love to each other making their relationship stronger and more intimate with each passing day. Deep down, Taurus craves all the physical and emotional attention and assurance in the world, yet he does not know how to express this to a lover out loud. The Leo woman is exactly the type to fulfill all of his unspoken desires. She is a wild lioness in bed and is happy to explore all of the physical aspects of sex with him without hesitation, making it a supremely sensual experience.

Being similar in certain areas causes frustration in the relationship of Taurus man and Leo woman. Both feel the need to accept, praise, affection and pats on the head to continuously feel treasured. He needs love and affection, but the self-centered Leo woman is not about to devote herself to such lunacy. She, in turn, craves the same thing but he is stubborn enough to not show any affection if he, himself in not satisfied in the relationship. The last and most important thing he wants is his personal glory and so he rebels against her authoritative attitude. Leo woman’s arrogance against — Taurus man’s stubborn , don’t care attitude — creates the biggest problem in this relationship, but if each is patient and shows a bit of self-sacrifice, their reward will be extreme and harmony will be bestowed.

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  1. Nikki October 1st, 2022

    This is soooooo spot on!!!

  2. Kyla July 10th, 2022


  3. joanna June 2nd, 2022


  4. Veena Kuragodi December 14th, 2021

    Many people misunderstand leo.. i m not sure why they think we are egoistic or rude … Its just that we choose the people we care about…we are not rude you’re just not worth the effort… Once leo make u as frnd they shower u with unconditional love and gifts… Many just take advantage of it… I really hope people should understand a person before judging them…

    • A R December 25th, 2021

      Are you in a relationship with a taurus guy rn

    • Jacquie January 26th, 2022

      I completely agree. I think we are the most misunderstood sign. We def have pride and ego, everyone does. But the erogance and selfish I think are the 2 negative qualities that sends to be inflated. We are also bold and honest and upfront. A lot of ppl can misinterpret that behavior.
      We are very loyal and passionate and loving, and if we get taken advantage of, we just have our own personal boundaries. I think that’s a strength.

      • Leo Woman April 18th, 2022

        Leo woman’s arrogance against — Taurus man’s stubborn , don’t care attitude — creates the biggest problem in this relationship, but if each is patient and shows a bit of self-sacrifice, their reward will be extreme and harmony will be bestowed. An example of arrogant is when a woman on a date brags about herself all night, acting like she is the best thing to ever happen to a man. A Taurus man is basically a calm and composed man who is always ready to take up responsibilities and fulfill his duties with determinations. YES HE IS JUST MORE CALM AND RELAXED THAN YOU THAT’S WHY YOU GET THE HORNS WHEN YOU MESS WITH THE BULL!.

    • Lakevia Stormer June 15th, 2022

      @veena I totally agree with you as far as misunderstanding the Leo woman.

    • Nikki October 1st, 2022

      This is soooooo spot on!!!

  5. Big Leo lady December 2nd, 2021

    It should be that way but obviously more people than real women searched it up because more people than Leo women are curious about Leo women and who likes them because there’s a lot of people in these comments that are not Leo women and have something to say about Leo women I find it very odd don’t you?

  6. Prisha Kaushik December 1st, 2021

    the fact that only leo women searched this up…

  7. Big Leo lady November 19th, 2021

    Lol yes everyone is always jealous of Leo’s but facts are just that

  8. Me October 2nd, 2021

    Lmfao why are folks ways jealous of leos

    • csbg06 October 2nd, 2021

      That sounds like a typical vain lioness comment. Nothing in my post said anyone was jealous of leo. Please, I got her # up & down like a book.

  9. Jayna Sills July 13th, 2021

    I’m starting to find these comments upsetting, because of makes other zodiacal seem insufficient or less than. Any zodiac since can fall in love and have a beautiful relationship together. Since we are speaking of Taurus men in particular, they seem to captivate with their earthy & strong solid nature. That doesn’t mean other signs are out of luck. And sex can also be great with any zodiac sign.

    • Ny August 6th, 2021

      Nobody said that. & nobody said u had to follow the rules of astrology. Lol u looked it up. It’s not a law.

  10. Earl Green July 12th, 2021

    I just want to say any relationship with any zodiac sign can be beautiful people. Its what you both determine to make it. Taurus men go well with practically all zodiac signs. And sex can also be great with any zodiac sign. Again, its what you both determine to make it.

  11. Lin May 16th, 2021

    Lion woman with a bull here. We’re in it so far for two years and it’s beautiful already. Looking forward for many many many more years.. fingers crossed 🙂

    • J July 12th, 2021

      Taurus man with a Leo woman. Married almost 8 years, but we’ve been together closer to 10 and have known each other almost 30. Sex has always been amazing and just gets better. Be ready for some friction that naturally comes with your natures. But if you’re also best friends, that friction is nothing compared to the life you could have together. Wish you lots of love and luck, Lin!

  12. Daniela April 27th, 2021

    can relate

  13. gaby February 18th, 2021

    I’ve been in a relationship with a Taurus man for 6 years now. He’s stubborn, and I’m too independent sometimes that it makes him think I didn’t need him.

  14. Keisha February 9th, 2021

    My taurus man captured my heart years ago and I havent been able to get it back
    Its not kike his really charming or anything. He is a gentleman and protector . He is very classy and mild mattered. As a leo woman he finds my agression attractive. He doesn’t say I love you all the time and that makes me a little shy and unsure but I feel his love for me and its so strong that heart weakens. When I lay next to him my heart literally beats out of my chest with a sense of happiness and security. And my Taurus man is stubborn and I find that attractive. He is determined and when he says something he means it. Im never leaving his side this is for life. Because he has to know a man that finds a wife finds a good thing

  15. Lauren azmi December 11th, 2020

    I am simping for this Taurus rn and he’s so hawt. But he leaves me on read and I’m sad. Everyone manifest that we work out 🙂 thanks baddies

    • Khalil December 14th, 2020

      Rooting for you! As a Taurus man, we usually take things slow. So he may just be trying to observe you for a while before he makes a move. But Know that after awhile, if we’re interested, we WILL charge and make our move. So don’t wait forever.

    • Justin March 28th, 2021

      I’m a Taurus. and I completely understand how he dosen’t say “I love you” very much. I can’t express love through three measly words. I find it degrading to the feeling. love is much deeper than that so don’t worry even if he doesn’t say it he will still feel it deeper then any one in the world!

  16. Deja B. November 19th, 2020

    My taurus man & I have been together for almost 4 years. This article describes us to the ” T “. It’s funny how he is soooo sensual in bed & I’m very sexual in bed. It’s very different sex styles but it’s also a GREAT balance. I love him so much & can’t wait to spend the rest of our lives together. Strong, stable, passionate love is what describes our relationship 💓.

    • Viva December 14th, 2020

      Awww. Rooting for this everlasting love to thrive.
      This article gave me butterflies, as it describes my love affair too. Like who wrote this? Are they between the sheets with us?!?! Or have a looking glass into our relationship?!?! Hahaha 🤣 #Taurus/Leo … great combination. I’m irrevocably in love with my Taurus man.

  17. Shriya Faye June 21st, 2020

    I was in relationship with my bestfriend he is Taurus .. and I’m leo .. for what reason I don’t know he broke up with me .. and I’m still in love with him so much I don’t know what to do I want him to love me back .. I want his love his care as well I want to love him without any restriction without any hesitation plzz tell me .. what should I do to get him back with me .. plzz tell me .. I really love him alot like never love anyone these much .. plzz plzz plzzzz solve my problem plzz . I’m genuinely makes a reply to u plzz help me .

    • PeaceJoy4 July 10th, 2020

      Its likely that you haven’t loved yourself thoroughly. Being in need of ones love can sometimes make them run and also, its very possible that he just couldn’t see the light you see. Love is tricky, but allow it to be felt throughout yourself first.

    • kumar July 23rd, 2020

      @Shriya Faye
      While your expression is clear, multiple aspects affect the relationship between two persons.

      Moon signs appear to have more influence, if moon signs Leo and Taurus are the ones in your scenario, from what is observed in general, Taureans are loyal, there may be some factor which put your Taurean friend away.

      With no assumption made, you may want to check whether you hurt your partner unknowingly , One of the quality of a Taurean is his strong will to hold on to an opinion,after he made up his mind, if he was hurt in the relationship and that caused him to stay away, it will be quite difficult to change it as he holds on to opinion with strong will.

      If you could find out the causes due to which your partner got offended:
      ->did you needily expecting love from him, Taurean’s are stable may have thought this is a burden to constantly reassure you,
      ->did you enforce/thrust some rule/opinion/change on him, Taurus digs heels into the ground when forced and isn’t easy to convince him to let go later

      While its tricky, there may be causes that can be found which has triggered the Taurus to stay away.
      While accurate reason cant be said without knowing the person’s traits, Moon signs give some view of the person and since you knew that Taurus friend for long, it may help you to find what offended him.

      Coming to the what to do next part:
      a) If it is not your fault and if unreasonably you are being put through this, Please think through it without urge or panic and decide if you really want such relationship which could hurt you (may be in the future too)? If you evaluated the reasons and still find it is not turing into an abusive relationship, then could you talk to your Taurean friend in a cool calm discussion and find his version of the story? You can then be in a better position answer him and if all is well you could get back to the relationship.
      b) if it is your fault (discussion with him would have provided his version of the story) and if this caused by your very nature, then you need to evaluate whether this is something vital to you, if it is your very nature (like being proud and less compromising just an example), nothing wrong in that, you need to decide if this can be changed, are you willing to let go of something which is so entrenched in you for the relationship?
      A clear understanding of the root cause which led to this and calm discussion with him will give a better view and helps you to maintain your dignity and decide on whether you want to patch up or let go of this.
      Stay safe

    • Valenica August 15th, 2020

      If a Taurus man leaves you he doesn’t have the same sentiments for you. Accept the fact its over and move on and find time to love yourself. We leo women are strong and trust me true Love will find you.

    • Lex August 28th, 2020

      As a fellow Leo woman, you have to back away and allow him to pursue you again. I would date around more to distract yourself from your feelings and have fun until he comes back around if it’s meant to be. P

      • Taurean July 21st, 2021

        It he comes to know about your “date around” plans,
        I think that’s the end.

    • Andrew hinsell September 13th, 2020

      Call him and tell him how much he means to you!!

    • Josh September 29th, 2020

      Be friends with him again, go to places you both used to. Listen to him more. When he tells you about what bothers him, show him care, less words, more touch

    • Steve S. November 14th, 2020

      I am a Taurus man in love with a Lioness. For me, to truly devote my love to someone I need to know their dreams and aspirations of a stable simple life. I like to see them do things in life that are not fun, but very necessary, like keeping the house clean and organized. I love doing chores with my Druidess. Makes me feel like we are on the same level and want the same.
      I also love being with her and just looking into eachother’s eyes without saying a thing for minutes at a time. This is where my Lioness falls short. She can’t stop talking, especially about her past, which I don’t care to hear about. I love her for who she is now and not who she was before.
      I’ve also noticed she is Not who she tries to portray. The real her is hidden deep inside and is not easy for her to show.
      The part that made me fall in love with her is when she’s truly happy and content, she emits a very amazing energy of love, happiness, beauty and excitement. The closest way I can describe her energy is… The best emotions Life itself has to offer. Pure happiness, pure love and somehow it feels like it’s the meaning of life.
      Anyhow… Taurus man is all about honesty, a stable life, affection (physical or otherwise), loyalty, wisdom and self sacrifice. And the weird thing is, my Leo has to learn all of those except self sacrifice. So patience, trust and to believe is key, hence why telling your Taurus man your near future aspirations can go a long way. It will tell him weather you are willing to better yourself.

  18. Ayeshah yousafzai April 25th, 2020

    Hi guys my name is Ayeshah I am married to my Taurus husband for 13 long years , we had many conflict in the pass years . We are very much inlove, but he drives me insane at times, and I annoy the held out of him. But we do kiss and make up.his pending habits is worsted than mine, he always wants me at his side and complaints in other words NAG about the pass. Everytime we had a fight he moves slower than a turtle to fix our marriage. He thinks he is always right and the world is wrong. He is a lazy husband you rather chill all day with friends . But in his pass jobs he actually is a extremely hard worker. He often consult his issues and difficulties with me before taken a further step in life. I do the same for him except he is more jealous ,possessive, bossy, and over protected. So most of the stuff in the article is somewhat truth. Taurus are shy, but they eye love to wonder, but if a leo wife indian muslim wonder they get lock away and
    the keys is unable reachable.Taurs husband has a major temper.

    • kumar July 23rd, 2020

      Taurus in general is leisure seeking (like a bull grazing in the fields for example), other aspects liek slow to fix marriage is also true because Taurus holds on to views longer.

      You mentioned he drives you insane and you do the same as well.
      In such circumstances the effect especially between Leo and Taurus together is easy to guess.

      If you could fix the the “annoy the hell out of him” part, and don’t expect Taurus to change his traits (like leisure seeking, if you live with the fact that he wont be super active for outdoor activities), that may address the “he drives you insane” part as well.

      While he is leisure seeking , if you didnt like this and you take the first step in the “annoy the hell out of him”, then with your addressing this aspect may totally solve the other part “he drives you crazy” part if it reaction from his side for the he got “annoyed like hell” issue as well.

      Certainly “annoy the hell out of him/her” is difficult thing to be handled by most other moon signs as well.

      If you realize what to expect from Taurus, then it may lead to happy relationship (hopefully he does too realize what to expect from leo and adjust)

  19. Lelibeth April 18th, 2020

    Yes I’m Leo and I’ve been I love secretly to my friend Taurus man..i don’t know f he likes me …because he is sweet ,and I’m became sweet also with him.. I’ve earned already his trust specially money matters …he let me keep his money for our business someday .I cooked for him and I gave him massage if he got sick..Im happy to care of him then suddenly he change he act different …he’s mood was change then last time he say sorry when we eat together because he can’t stay longer because he will do something ..its OK for me but he act different like became strangers and serious I don’t know why maybe he can feel my sweetness …now I’m giving space and time for himself maybe he realized that he just treat me like sister or nothing more …please advice me what to if I need to forget my feelings ?for the sake of our friendship? Please message to my email

  20. Lelibeth April 18th, 2020

    Yes I’m Leo and I’ve been I love secretly to my friend Taurus man..i don’t know f he likes me …because he is sweet ,and I’m became sweet also with him.. I’ve earned already his trust specially money matters …he let me keep his money for our business someday .I cooked for him and I gave him massage if he got sick..Im happy to care of him then suddenly he change he act different …he’s mood was change then last time he say sorry when we eat together because he can’t stay longer because he will do something ..its OK for me but he act different like became strangers and serious I don’t know why maybe he can feel my sweetness …now I’m giving space and time for himself maybe he realized that he just treat me like sister or nothing more …please advice me what to if I need to forget my feelings ?for the sake of our friendship? Please message me to my email address

    • Earl Greene April 19th, 2020

      Lelibeth you may have given all of yourself at once so there is no challenge. Man need challenge to stay interested. The sweet, caring trait is certainly good. But keep him on his toes, don’t let him think your a easy catch. Make him (or any man for that matter) pursue you. Love is different with men & women. For women- a good women, it’s as simple as finding you want in a man and you’ll stick with him. For men they need to feel that sense of being looked upon to provide for & protect that women. Not that you can’t do it yourself, just give him the chase. A man needs to be willing to step in front of his lady to die for you, to protect you, to provide for you & devote his life to you as his bride.

  21. Earl Greene March 27th, 2020

    There are Leo women who are just that vain and arrogant. It has to be their way or high way. But love & respect go both ways, how dare she demand affection but not yield it to her Taurus man? She thinks she’s better that’s why. And how dare she tread on his manhood trying to boss him around. Instead of letting him make his own decisions for himself. It’s because she has to belittle to feel superior-ha! Not that she isn’t a fiercely lovely lady full of admirable fire. She just oversteps all the time, but sexually it is igniting. And I actually realize the power over Leo woman is her insatiable need for adoration. And she will get that on a discretionary basis. When I feel like it (because I feel sorry for her) or am trying to compromise and when she stops putting herself over me.

  22. Emma November 24th, 2019

    Taurus are slow and stubborn…they can be judgmental too. I got this free love reading and it was helpful: https://youtu.be/DMsWLwr-kvI
    I hope it helps xoxo

  23. Shel October 15th, 2019

    Well this is the 1st Taurus 4 me ever in my life. I’m very impressed with his comfort of stability. & so far he’s not afraid of commitment. Very refreshing…

  24. Sabrina October 1st, 2019

    I just started seeing a Taurus male. I’m a Leo and I’ve got ten years on him. I’m 35 he’s 26! Which makes me nervous 😬 I was married for fifteen years and I’ve been single for two years now, so he’s the first guy I’ve let get close in a while. I’ve known him for a few years but I was either working shit out with my husband or he was with someone. We just recently reconnected when we bumped into each other in public. Being a women and a Leo at that, isn’t easy. I’m not good with my feelings and I hate not knowing how someone feels about me or second guessing myself. He’s a man of few words just like the article said but from what I’m gathering…I just need to be patient and let things play out. Fingers crossed I don’t end up in tears and he end up on my list of reasons I don’t date.

  25. Delisa August 25th, 2019

    So I’m just reading through all the comments and wow I’m so amaze how so many Leo’s and Taurus are in a relationship making it work. Will anyways what brought me to this page was because I’ve previously was dating/messing around with a Taurus. How i met him I’m from California moved to Mississippi with my Virgo best friend as roommates and almost a year in I seen him on her Facebook and I asked her do you know him? Cause she’s been back and forth to Mississippi due to her having family out there she said now I told her to inbox him for me and tell him you have a friend who is interested in him and is he single lol im a Leo woman obviously lol but she did and he inbox next thing we was friends on Facebook and met up. It’s been 5 years since I last seen this guy and it feels like yesterday when I first met him and instantly developed this strong crush on him it’s like my spirit knew what he wanted when I opened the door and seen him standing there looking so good. His not my first love but it was definitely not like my first love this was something different his smile the way he looked he just melted my heart I had to ask the lord what am I’m going to do with a man like this 😂😂😂😂. I’m good when it comes to connections and knowing when a connection is strong and that connection was very strong. He was very quit like most Leo’s mention Taurus being quiet but man did he know how to make a Leo girl feel so comfortable and so sexy and always give me all his attention eyes on me he always told me how sexy and beautiful I looked he always texted me made sure I was okay we was friends for a year until I decided to have sex with him he was always open to helping me took me to work plenty of times offer to help me and always checked in on me he got a little jealous when I told him I was with friends but this spirit connections we had was intense its like I knew he was the one but I knew he wasn’t ready for a relationship. He just had s baby the first year of me meeting him when we was just friends he was always quick to ask questions he asked me why I never mention his daughter that he knew I knew he just had a baby and I’m just like idk how to even bring this up cause we wasn’t talking on that level. But then it was times he brought up the whole relationship this marriage kids etc but I knew the timing wasn’t right he had recently got injured at his new job and was on bed rest he didn’t work he was in consistent pain so i knew timing was wrong to. Pressure anybody about a relationship will anyways you guys I feel madly in love with this guy and 5 years later here I am and haven’t gotten him off of my mind. Me and my roommate fell on bad terms and I decided to move back home to cali which. I regret everyday that I am here. I felt as if he could have been the one and I feel as if I’ll never find out if he was. I know it’s easy cause we have planes etc but see I’m in a relationship right now and I feel like I got myself in s sticky situation. My Taurus guy just texted me for my birthday this month and he said he wonders will he ever see me again and that he miss me his not big with expressing himself not his emotions and I know he has never had a woman love him the way a woman suppose to. I’m totally opposite I’m not a attention seeker but I do love attention from my man and I love when a guy can show and express his emotions physical mentally and verbally I’m quiet I love being in the house chilling but I do love to get out and have fun time to time. I’m just wondering will the universe bring us back together cause I miss him so much and trying to not think about him makes me think of him more. Even the sex hasn’t been the same since him the guy that I’m with very sweet nice kind caring guy the only this is his not the guy my heart truly desires to be with. I never felt so much ease calmness safe and relaxation until I met my Taurus st times I wonder if I’m obsessed with the memories but all of them was good we laughed we smiled we talked it was like we was in another world when we came together we had fun just being in each other presences. I just up and left out of nowhere it was unexpected me leaving but I felt the universe made it happen like that I knew he wasn’t ready for a relationship and I knew I wasn’t ready either but he supported me a lot while I was out there.

    • Samantha November 16th, 2019

      Yes I agree I’m a Leo and Taurus is not for me they are very stubborn

    • Wizard February 11th, 2020

      Why don’t you just contact him and arrange to meet? I’m a taurus guy and can tell you if he has come back to you texting you, then you are on his mind as much as he is on yours!! Why are you waiting on the universe? What do you think it will do, call him for you? Just ring him or text him and Say “hi, thinking of you, what you up to” and go from there. Connections like what you’re talking about are rare, and the time we have in this life is short so don’t waste it or have regrets. Seize the moment and just go for it! What is the worst that can happen and at least you know then what to do next instead of wondering what if and when will it happen. Think life requires us all to be brave to take action to achieve our own dreams otherwise they stay as dreams and we stay wondering and regretting. All the time wondering could be all the time you both could be having together feeling fulfilled as you did before! Make that call!!

  26. Milly May 27th, 2019

    Hi!! I’m a Leo woman who has been married to a Taurus man for 6 years, together for 12. Two sons from the relationship. He is so strong but sweet at the same time. He’s a great provider and spoils me and protect me like no one has done it before. The only thing that I would say I don’t like so much is that he doesn’t like me to work outside (professionally). He wants me to be at home all the time. So, I’ve figured out how to make things work, I do business from home. Another thing that I don’t like, is that he doesn’t like to go on date nights… he just love to be home all the time when he is not working. It’s not that I don’t love that, but sometimes you need to have a different environment with your love.
    He is an amazing man, he shows his love with actions and is always there when you need him. I adore him and give him all myself as well. Great food, beautiful home, lots of affection. Our connection in bed is spectacular! Lol
    Taurus and Leo is indeed a great match!

    • account9 July 23rd, 2020

      Its true that Taureans chill at home and gives them more pleasure than going out.

      If you knew and accept this and other traits of Taurus, then it seems all is good and it would be a happy long lasting relationship
      (considering you adjusted to some of Taurus expectations already if you are ok with it).

  27. Lisa May 17th, 2019

    I’m a Leo women and I meet a Taurus when I was 16 and he was 23… we started out as friends then friends (he took my v card) with benefits and as time went on I started to love him. When I was with him I felt so safe, loved, he laughed at everything I said, gave me his full attention, soooo romantic, and the sex was unbelievable. I would’ve done anything for him. As time went on he always had other women calling his phone and would lie about it so I couldn’t trust him anymore. I went off to college and came back and now he has a girlfriend, I actually saw them in public and he completely ignored me. I read this article frequently to figure out where I went wrong. Maybe if I was older and things were different it could’ve worked out. I think about him all the time. I’m a proud women and he broke me, unfortunately. I cry every time I think of what happened I don’t think he knew how I felt either….

  28. Lisa May 17th, 2019

    I’m a Leo women and I meet a Taurus when I was 17 and he was 23… we started out as friends then friends (he took my v card) with benefits and as time went on I started to love him. When I was with him I felt so safe, loved, he laughed at everything I said, gave me his full attention, soooo romantic, and the sex was unbelievable. I would’ve done anything for him. As time went on he always had other women calling his phone and would lie about it so I couldn’t trust him anymore. I went off to college and come back and now he has a girlfriend, I actually saw them in public and he completely ignored me. I read this article frequently to figure out where I went wrong. Maybe if I was older and things were different it could’ve worked out. I think about him all the time. I’m a proud women and he broke me, unfortunately. I cry every time I think of what happened I don’t think he knew how I felt either….

  29. Hector Zeroni May 11th, 2019

    My ex is a Leo woman. We had a great run but ultimately didn’t work out in the end. This was a really interesting read. There is a lot of truth to this zodiac stuff

  30. Hunain April 15th, 2019

    I’m a taurus guy. I’m going to tie knots with a leo girl and it’s an arranged marriage. I’m a little nervous, not after reading this article because of my leo girls of past. One thing was always missing in my past relationships (better struggling for a relationship) with Leo’s, and that was love. Yes. We do understand each other but I don’t know what’s that which is something off between us. I’m a 30th April and my wifey to be is 5th August. When I look on travis scott and Kylie Jenner relationship I sense that same off thing. I pray to God that everything works out well. I’ve a sea of love to give. Just need someone to take it.

  31. Romey April 10th, 2019

    Am a taurus guy and my bae is leo though we just start and am praying for happy Relationship

  32. Emily February 8th, 2019

    Can’t say that I don’t love my boyfriend! Although I can say I was disappointed when I read some articles that said leos and Tauruses are incompatible! I’m living proof that is that not true! luv u h.

    • Samantha November 16th, 2019

      Yes so true

  33. Maya January 22nd, 2019

    Hi I’m a Leo woman but I was also dating a Taurus man and everything that’s been said it so true and but we split up hopefully we can make it work again because I miss him and I love him so much…..

  34. Mia January 9th, 2019

    Great article! I’m a leo and how lucky i am being surrounded by taurus men (my dad and my husband)..well, i can say almost everything in this article is true..i’m married for 11 years and blessed with 2 kids. taurus male are men with little words and tend to be shy in nature. i hv no problem with that as it gives more space for me to shine and get attention from him (typical leo, lol) they are pretty easy to maintain (hahah)- cozy home, good food and makin’ looove..that is all they basically need. they are sensual lover, fatherly figure and willing to work hard in keep the relationship/ family together…arguements do happen and neither going to stand off (hahah typical bull and lion thingy in the jungle), this was when we just got married and starting to realise who we were married to…but when we start to learn and listen to each others’ needs, we made a good team, solid as rock and in love more than ever.. both of us likes stability in our lives.. i love taurus guy

    • Ellie April 23rd, 2019

      You are soo right!! I couldn’t stop blushing while reading ur article😃I think we re on dsame page hahahaha

  35. Lovely Andrea June 9th, 2018

    Hello, I am a Leo and my knight in shining armor is a Taurus. We met in February 2015. He practically swept me off my feet with a whirlwind romance. We both are die hard romantics and generous by nature, so we definitely enjoy each other’s company and being together. How we met was quite surprising for me. He was a new passenger on my bus and we quickly became friends. He is very intriguing and handsome. He asked me out and I definitely accepted with no hesitation. I told myself that I would never get involved with any man at work or on my bus. However, the universe had other plans and I knew he was special after our first date. We have been inseparable ever since and we got married on October 30, 2017. He is my dream man and husband and truly my gift and I am very grateful. He is the most wonderful man and companion I have ever met. I never really experienced true love in a relationship, until we met. He has taught me how to be even more generous and loving. Although, we have experienced challenges together that tested our relationship, we both realized that our love for each other is beautiful and undefeated. We are each other’s soulmate, no doubt. I also love it when he speaks Spanish to me. The article was good. Thank you.

    • Adam in TX July 2nd, 2018

      Andrea- I am a Taurus man in love with a Leo woman. This compatibility is so spot-on, it’s almost scary. She needs praise and I need affection and loyalty. But there is a problem: she holds her cards very close to her chest, and I can’t tell how she feels. She has been hurt before by other people, so is very cautious with who she will trust and love. This is driving me crazy because I have become so enamored with her.

      Did you have any of these issues?

      Adam in TX

      • Amy September 29th, 2018

        As a Leo woman myself, we tend to be pants at reading signals cos of all the times we got it wrong. You just gotta tell her dude. To the point,direct and honest and ask her how SHE feels. Leos are very proud and hate being embarrassed so she’s maybe just scared, Sugar. Take a chance. You got this. X

  36. Sam March 13th, 2018

    In a taurus man and very much in love with my lioness this artical is dead on for us.past relationships have made it hard not to mention life experiences,racial background, and I’m 5 years older than my lovely lady. We have fought to keep each other threw hiding important info from sexual infidelity threw lying addiction and hateful friends. Seems life dumped a 55 gallon drum of hate and misfortune on us right from go. I’ve recently made a hiccup with the law praying for a door to be opened to stay with my amazing family. My lovely lady and I are getting married today and I’ll probably sleep threw it because i’ve been so excited I can sleep. She’s my gift that I don’t feel I deserve…but she’s almost mine and I would die to make my lady happy. Please pray for us I need a job( or my unemployment to be approved) after being layed off from 2 years of hard work.no money for a wedding right now, but to us the vow and the promise made to each other is most important. God willing this will bring hope to other couples struggling to be happy & strong.not just taurus and leo but all who strive to have happy healthy partnerships. 5 B’S best friend/beloved/betroved/ bonded/Baby’s.

  37. Tanya December 16th, 2017

    I am a 28 yr old Leo female, i met my husband, a Taurus, 34 yr old male, 10 years ago… I was 18 him 25 with a 4 yr old boy n 10 mo old daughter, i met him at my sister’s one night as he went to school with her boygriend n grew up together, he stayed the night with me 1 night and he has literally never left since!! We got our own place shortly after and We had our 1st baby boy a few months later, jan 2009, surprise!!! We married about a year n a lil more later, Aug 2010, had our second boy 2 yrs later, June 2012, and here it is 2017 and we are still happily together!! We’ve had our share of ups n downs but we did it together n we r still here 10 yrs later so love is real and I am blessed to say I experience it everyday!!!

  38. Goddess Auset December 4th, 2017

    My tarus man and I met back in the 1970’s. He always introduced me to people as His Lady. We both went in different directions. We saw each other a few times, nothing physical. When we did see each other, he always said He love me, but I did not believe him. It is now 40 years later and we have reconnected and planning on living together. He presently lives in Florida and I live in Arizona. He will leave Florida to be with me, and all I can say is wowwwwwwwwww. We are loving each other sooooooooo mucccccccch. We reunited after 40 years. We have a story to tell for sure.

    • Goddess Auset December 4th, 2017

      I forgot to add that I am a Leo, Lioness.

    • Adam in TX July 2nd, 2018

      I am a Taurus man in love with a Leo woman I dated in college. Your story gives me hope that maybe, one day….

  39. Deb December 4th, 2017

    I once dated a Taurus for about 18 months. Everything in this article was true of us. I miss him horribly.

  40. Jennifer November 28th, 2017

    I am in love with my Taurus man he is everything to me there is no one like him! This Lioness will always have his back no matter what

  41. Beautifyl Diva November 21st, 2017

    I am a Leo women with a Taurus man and we have been in each others lives for 18 years and have not missed a beat- he is my soul mate and the true love of my life! we can’t imagine life without each other- we started as best friends and have been engaged for almost a year now- if you can compromise it will work- once your Taurus man loves you deeply he will make the compromises….. love my Taurus man

  42. Alexis Flanigan November 19th, 2017

    I’m a Leo woman. I’m with a Taurus guy at the moment who is a year and some months younger than me. He is going through a lot right now and my heart is just telling me to be there for him and hold him down until he comes out of this. He is so sweet to me. He compliments me all the time. I used to wear weave a lot because didn’t like my natural hair but now I wear it and he says he likes my natural hair better. I know I can trust him and he trusts me and he loves me for who I am. He gives me so much affection and that’s what I’ve always wanted.

    • A R October 24th, 2021

      so are you both in a relationship now

  43. Lola November 4th, 2017

    Taurus who is 6 years younger than me has made me so happy and fulfilled in such a short time. It feels like a lifetime, we have skipped so many steps in our relationship. It does feel like we have loved each other our whole lives. I am so grateful to have him in my life.

  44. Katherine September 3rd, 2017

    My Taurus man and I have been talking for about 10 months now but have been dating for only 4 months. Our relationship is exciting and loving but due to my emotional issues, and issues from past relationships. I’m constantly on my feet and I have insecurities. though I do love him deeply I’m scared that he could find someone better than I can be. I just want to make him happy and I would do anything for him even though I am a Leo woman. His determination is part of what makes me love him so much and my stubborn and strong will sometimes gets in the way. I love how he makes me feel though I wish he would communicate with me about how he feels as well.

  45. dominic July 26th, 2017

    i am a taurus man getting married to a leo woman we are just the best in the world

    • Atatiana Renee August 28th, 2017

      I am so happy for you. Congratulations! I just met a taurus male. I’m a leo woman and he scares me and excites me all at the same time…because all of this is so new. Any advice!?? I really see something happening with him. Something real, sincere, special, and long lasting.

  46. Saturday June 20th, 2017

    I met my Taurus man in 2014 and we talked on the phone until I saw him again in 2016. He wanted to take me to lunch but I was focused on getting my graduate degree. He waited patiently and calmly. I finally opened up to him in November 2016 and now here we are in 2017 sharing emotions both passionately, emotionally, yet we still manage our friendship. What we have is so important that we are unwilling to allow the Leo strength and the Taurus stubbornness get in the way. I love the way he loves me.

  47. Bar_b007 May 17th, 2017

    I am a Leo woman with a moon sign in Taurus I think that is why I attract Taurus guys. I feel the friendship is more on point than a relationship because we share too many of the same bad qualities because Leo too can be stubborn and laid back to care. I feel the attraction to my Taurus friend but my instinct is telling me he’s not truthful and untrustworthy. He is very funny and makes me laugh everything we talk but in my heart I know we are better as just friends. #bummed

  48. natalie May 16th, 2017

    I’m a leo woman talking to a Taurus guy he is very stubborn and I’m not backing down to his needs. hes happy to sit in whilst I wanna go out yet his stubbornness almost makes me amused yet frustrated. and he has a laid back don’t care attitude. I just hope he can also have fun, it’s taking so long to actually get somewhere with him but it kinda makes me want him more.

  49. Neven May 12th, 2017

    I am a Taurus guy and I’m with the best girl I could ever imagine she wasent the most effectionet Leo when we meet but over time she shown more and more efection and love and it is very true that Leo’s like getting compliments but it’s also true that Tauruses love giving compliments and a lot of them

  50. Leotynne Brown May 11th, 2017

    I’m seeing a taurus man. Im a leo woman. He found me I was not in a relationship for years. I chose celebacy to.clear my mind. I refused to bring old baggage. This man is so warm and loving. He’s highly intelligent. He’s gentle with seductive and passionate kisses. I’d catch my.breath. He watches me when I walk. He tells me how sexy I walk. When I first noticed he.was watching me, I said OMG he’s watching me walk I hope.I.dont.twist my ankle. I love to.settle.with.this.taurus he.will make good husband and I a loving wife who will worship the ground he walks on.

  51. Cherann Zambrano May 10th, 2017

    I am currently talking to a Taurus man. I am a Leo woman. Reading this sounds just like how he would be and me too. To me will tell where our relationship goes.

  52. Victoria May 2nd, 2017

    I am a Leo woman. Who was Marie’s to a Taurus and then dates one after my divorce. Both beat me. Both were drug addicts. And both cheated on me.

    • Samantha May 6th, 2017

      Your star sign does not dictate a persons likelyhood of drug adiction nor physical violence.. maybe start choosing men based on their character rather than their star sign because your issue is choosing shitty men sweet heart

  53. Joeli March 29th, 2017

    im a leo lady enjoying to company of a taurus man the article is on point. its kinda fresh but i look forward to put my time in with someone who is good as him <3

  54. fierylioness123 March 14th, 2017

    Gosh! I thought that I would never live to see the day that I, a Leo girl would be so attracted with a Taurus guy. Yep, well we were both Seniors and a part of student council and that’s how we met. at first I have a boyfriend whom I really loved and consider my greatest love of all (he’s a virgo actually). But time came that when we are put in a test, he became very difficult for me and domineering which is a big no no for a leo girl like me. So back with taurus guy, he helped me all the way to move on and get on with life. Just like in the zodiac stereotypes I often read, he really is the epitome of taurus. he’s calm, collected, easy going but very independent and bullheaded (no pun intended there). And I, an egotistic and somehow self centered girl. But Despite of what they say that it is often the leo’s are having the largest circle of friends, I only had a handful. and thankfully, this taurus guy whom I finally liked is one great friend to me. but i don’t expect anything serious since, i still have feeling for virgo guy…..

    • Goddess Auset December 4th, 2017

      Dump that Virgo. Taurus is the one for you.

  55. Ruben A. January 22nd, 2017

    I am a Taurian man,dating a Leo woman, and this review was for the most part, spot on. With no reservations of women waiting in the wings, and wanting a common gold of each other, a healthier life mind, spirit, and body, commitment comes much faster. Only with having these in place first for yourself, it only then begans makes sense . However you must be ready for that strength of the Leo woman. She will come in standing, statuettes, confident, ready, looking to be led the right way ,By power if example. Affirming all the while your own confident, strength you simply become ok with her being on top . You will find out in time, standing proud with a strong Leo woman becomes easier with humility ,to let her be on top . The taurian man can still lead from where he stands.

  56. Meeks January 21st, 2017

    I’m a lei woman about to jump into an exciting relationship with a tAurus man and I look forward to seeing how the journey plays out. There’s definitely more theres a string sexual attraction between the 2 of us, we are both independent , hard working driven individuals. I’ll update once it’s been a longer connection

  57. CiMoM3 January 9th, 2017

    Well, I divorced a Taurus and am dating another for 10 years now.
    It’s gotten better but it definitely is a lot of work and consideration for one another’s feelings.
    My only concern is will we ever really get married…he has been saying we will for the last 2 years…but still no Emmy????

  58. Lady T December 21st, 2016

    I am a Leo woman dating a Taurus man. We have been in an on and off again relationship for 10 years and we also share a child together.

    MY EXPERIENCE: Let me be the first to say that this relationship is NOT an easy one! Us Leo woman are extremely independent, stubborn, have a “know it all” attitude and we do not hold our tongue. He also shares (some) of these qualities…which leads to head-bumping. We also NEED constant reassurance in a relationship. The Taurus man may not be able to give this to you as much as you need it-but he does show affection. They do have a bad temper…they are great providers and when in TRUE love they are loyal, otherwise you may have a bit of a problem.
    10 years later…I’ve learned that they need exactly what we need, treat them how we NEED to be treated. They are sensitive just like us, they need to be loved, told how much we love/like them, complimented…physical touch is important as well. Also know when to walk away, we don’t have to win every fight/argument ladies (although we would love to). This can work! But it will take two determined individuals that are ready to put their prides to the curbside 🙂

  59. MissM August 21st, 2016

    If I date a guy and find out he’s a Taurus, I run for the hills. I know for a fact Leos and Taurus are not compatible no matter how much you bend or shape it!!! It never works!

    • R December 17th, 2016

      I’m a Leo woman
      And all Taurus men I meet are a high NON compatibility.
      Arguments over if the sky is blue.
      NOT COMPATIBLE for sure
      Zodiacs are real. But the real information just doesn’t seem to be out there

  60. oyin@beedags July 17th, 2016

    Am a Leo, but my taurus is caring, buys the Best of quality things.. Buh,finds it difficult to appreciate his woman, he speaks more of himself, doesn’t give me more of him on bed…Am worried ‘cos we have a child now and I want more of him..He’s too outgoing and cares less..

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  62. Doents Women S Health January 7th, 2016

    […] Taurus Man and Leo Woman Love Compatibility | Ask Oracle – Love match compatibility between Taurus man and Leo woman. Read about the Taurus male love relationship with Leo female. […]

  63. 951slp92879 December 29th, 2015

    I have posted here before. I am a leo woman, and have a Taurus boyfriend. I have learned a lot about my Taurus man. In a few more months it will be a year for us. It has not been all peaches and cream either. I think I am pregnant, and that is ok with me. As for with him… I think he meant to.
    My Taurus man has an ex that lives in my neighborhood, just on the other side of neighborhood. His ex is an Aries woman, they have a nine year old, and had ten years together. When I met him the ex had just left him, so I seen all this man’s tears, and comforted him. I was the shoulder that he cried on. It was a good period of time, but finally he dried the tears up and started to appear happy and became playful. Once in a while he would be sad, but it was like he was slowly beginning to heal.
    One thing led to another and before I knew it him and I were sleeping together. The best I ever had too.
    My taurus man’s ex would not let him see the kid, go to her house, never called him, never answered his calls, and never returned his messages. Then the kid broke his leg and she contacted him to let him know his son had an accident.
    Well a few days passed and after my taurus man got to see his kid the ex told him not to come to her house. She got a boyfriend and did not want my man to cause problems. So he told she need not worry that he has a girlfriend too.
    To make the huge story a lot shorter: my taurus man, ever since has been going back and forth between his ex and myself. He stays with me until he pisses me off and I kick him out. Usually about a week. Then he goes and stays with her about a week.
    When this crap first began I thought nothing of it, but since it appeared to become a routine I started observing. Noticed that my taurus man knows just how to rub me the wrong way and he does it deliberate. If I do not let it get under my skin and do not kick him out, then the ex ends up calling with some big important reason as why he needs to go to her house. Then he stays there for a week or so.
    This really agitates me. I do not want to be with a guy going back and forth between two families. I keep telling myself that I am done with him and as soon as he is at that door I let him in all over again. I loose all control of myself. What to do???

    • Saturday June 20th, 2017

      My suggestion is to begin empowering and validating yourself. You must embrace yourself to believe that you deserve more than what you are receiving. Take a stand for who you are as a Lioness. Demand respect and he will give it.

  64. Alexis78 September 27th, 2015

    Hi! I don’t know how long it will be before I get a response, but I need advice. I have been seeing this Taurus man for some months now. I go over to his place to visit due to my schedule being so flexible and the fact that I have a roomate and he doesn’t. I didn’t know whether we would hit it off at first, but things have been amazing, even down to the bedroom magic. BUT he does not communicate very well. One day he even told me he forgot he was supposed to call me. in the beginning I would initiate all text and phone calls. He would send me sweet text msgs, but even that stopped. I always initiate date nights and getting some QT. I just feel like I’m pouring more into this thing then he is. I’m old school so I don’t like initiating everything. Technicall, he hasn’t even asked me to be his lady. I kind of feel foolish for getting physically and emotionally involved because I am in love with him, but I have no idea of how he feels. Am I crazy for this or what? What should I do? Do I break it off? Do I just go on about my life/day and wait for him to call?

    • Saturday June 20th, 2017

      Take time and communicate your needs to him. The important key is the ability to manage the friendship. Relationships are a dance. When you step up he steps back, when you step back he will step up.

  65. NeverShoutApril August 10th, 2015

    I’m a Leo woman and my bf is a Taurus man. We have been together since ending of February and it’s been the best relationship I have ever had with anyone. The first day we met we clicked instantly. We literally hanged out the whole week together, getting to know each other more, it felt like an addiction and I just wanted to be around him the whole time. I’m very attracted to him and he is to me and he has the most beautiful soul I have ever met. We both are stubborn but we find balance to make each other happy and that’s what makes us work so great. We constantly praise one another and many peoole even tell us we make a great couple. I’m so in love with him and it’s just an amazing feeling. He just makes me the happiest women in the world. And on top of it his family is amazing as well. They make me feel so comfortable and happy. I literally scored the big win. We plan on getting married next year and I’m excited to spend my life with him. As for the Leo women that have hard time getting a Taurus man to open up, the secret is being yourself and honest. I didn’t even try hard to get the attention of my Taurus man. It was just meant to be. And it’s true that they are sensitive, but I find it cute. 

    • Saturday June 20th, 2017

      I am so very happy for you and your Taurus man. I am having the same experience as a Leo woman with my Taurus man and I am certain he is gift from God.

  66. 951slp92879 May 6th, 2015

    I am a Leo woman, and have fallen in love with a Taurus man.
    He is simply awesome, and the sex is better each time. I adore him, and wander where he has been all my life.
    We both have so much in common. One thing though… our languages are different. He is a foriegner from Mexico. So far, this has not been much of a problem, because I understand his language rather well. He gets confused with me a lot, but I am very patient with him.
    He is a hardworker, and very intelligent. The thing I like the most is that our emotions are very much in sync.
    He is very funny, and makes me very happy. Sometimes I wander how did I make it all this time without him. He does things for me that no other man has ever done.
    One thing is that I have to be very careful of, is his idea of me being loyal. I have crossed that line one time, and he has warned me not to again. I was one-hundred percent innocent, but he does not see it that way. He is a very jealous guy, and denies it. This man will not tolerate if it appears his lady is alone with another man, then she is cheating. I believe he is this way, because he has been cheated on so many times before. I just have to be careful, because proving my innocence will not be proven by the words of my mouth. This man is all about… action speaks louder than words.
    Also, someone mentioned a leo woman as a person to flirt with other ladies men. So not true. Leo women by nature are bubbly, out going, and flat out attractive in every way. This can often appear as being flirtatious. If a leo woman wants your man, she can have him. A leo woman does not want it if it is not her own. A leo woman will not share, unless she is so insecure, as her hard life may have formed her to be.

    • dominic July 26th, 2017

      thats true am a taurus man getting married to a leo woman everything is just the best in the world though its normal for differences but we are the best in the world

  67. Lily-harry August 6th, 2014

    OMG this is so accurate! Me and my lover could not get over how perfect this is. Thank you!

  68. ladyleo February 24th, 2014

    i’m a leo lady and i’m in love with a taurus man… i’ve been in love with him for 3 years now, he makes my heart race, my hands and legs shake… he’s so lovely in every way, he’s literally the man of my dreams… we’re good friends and we’ve even flirted but i have never told him about my feelings….

  69. fierce_lioness August 6th, 2013

    Ok i’ve been seeing a Taurus male for a month, and usually I can read people but not this one! I know he’s into me but like a Taurus he won’t express himself ! I’ve made mention that I like him but still nothing…he is frustrating! I just wanna know if I’m wasting my time on him…when we’re together the chemistry attraction is there. We have not been intimate yet, but we both have a feeling it will be crazy! Should I be patient and wait til he’s ready to express himself or am I setting myself up to hear something I’m not gonna hear ??

  70. kittycat June 25th, 2013

    Well, here it is two weeks later, and I KNOW for a fact that I have found my man, my soul mate, my future… he is the first man I have ever fallen completely for and instead of feeling scared and vulnerable, I am happier as each day goes by. His loyalty to our relationship astounded me even when I was not sure, and allowed me to feel the one thing I have never felt before.. the best sex I have ever had and true love, trust and devotion at the exact same time….I was right about one thing, he IS everything I have ever wanted…

  71. kittycat June 11th, 2013

    I am a 48 year old full grown Leo woman and I believe I have fallen hopelessy for a 52 year old good looking Taurus man… Two weeks of chatting, one nice day spent with each other and a good bye kiss that lasted 30 minutes ( if the sex is as hot, I know I am hooked and it is very hard to hook me! ) was all it took to keep me thinking about him non-stop. He has told me has has feelings for me and hopes that I feel the same for him and wasnt really sure then, but now after kissing him I just need him more and more every day…He is absolutely EVERYTHING I have ever wanted in a man and never thought I would ever find it, so I am believing this kittycat has finally found her mate…

  72. [email protected] April 7th, 2013

    Hello I’m leo women 18 liking a guy taurus 18
     but soon becoming 19 in April.    we were good network buddies but howevere we have never mate before we used to talk on phone and msn or hi5 social network and he used to liked me thought we were kids and i don’t like him but i used to like someone else and now when we becoming to get older he went his direction and i’m to and now i get to know him and i becoming to like him  everytime in social network when we are in or having converstaion i have to start the first move or in text and when i talked to him something like flirty coverstaion he will ohh yeaa really LOL i’ve told him let’s meet up and that’s my first move too and he be like yea very soon i don’t think he like me ;[ help Oracle.

  73. Mollycoddle March 19th, 2013

    I’m a Leo woman who has a huge crush on a Taurus man. I’m a bit of a loner Leo though, but I have all the other traits that females born under my signs possess! I think he knows that I have a crush on him, we see each other all the time at metal shows in our area (hahaha, go figure, what a place to meet up right) and a couple of times I’ve gone flying across the room and he’s grabbed me and held onto me during songs, and then after we go outside and have a cigarette we’ll just stand there looking at each other like idiots and smiling. I don’t think it’s to keep me from going flying again because normally when that happens at a show the guy grabs your shoulders but he grabs me around the chest and locks his hands in front. Not sure what that’s about but I think it’s a good sign 🙂  We’re both too damn shy to ever say/do anything else! The closest we’ve gotten to intimacy is the lucky night (Valentines night, nonetheless!) when we both were in the same house with friends drinking and we ended up cuddling and holding hands on the couch, but that was it.  I have a fascination with Earth signs, I like how steady and dependent they are, unlike my crazy, all over the place, rather insane sign. I often feel like a Roman Candle firework-all going off in a million different directions. For this reason I really like steady and dependable men who also are not afraid to be affectionate. And I don’t mind possessiveness. As a matter of fact, I welcome it. I like being shown that I’m adored and loved, even if it’s with a guy telling me “you’re mine.” I guess it comes from being used so many times by so many men, I just want to be loved deeply and truly. Anyways, I don’t know how things will go with this Taurus and I don’t want to say anything because when I do sh*! tends to fall apart. Either that or I drive guys away because I get too intense. Sick of that sh*! too, I live with my cancer mom and I know that her negative qualities have rubbed off on me-big time. I act like a Leo but I have the personality of a Cancer. Which is even more odd because I’m a Leo Sun, Leo Rising and a Saggitarius Moon. Just wish me luck! And here’s hoping that he likes me back and that eventually one of us gets the courage to actually take the 1st step-a kiss would be awesome!I’m not rushing anything though.

  74. Belinda092 August 10th, 2012

    Hey Wolf, that’s the best news I’ve heard all day!
    Good for you hon!  I wish you all the happiness in the world!!!! :o)

  75. wolfe August 10th, 2012

    hey belinda everythings good now i dont even think about her exept on the odd one or 2 days but thats because i see people around me and it gets me thinkin i had that i had everything and what have i got now, i lost everything and for this i hate the one person i once loved the most, but then i begin to think about my future and think is it all worth the heart break and why have troubles when you can be free, im what you call a free spirit maybe a little too free and because of this im happy im now spending most of my money on my bike ive already figured what i want to do wich is get my mountain bike done up and then save up to go abroad and tour the place. I would of liked a partner to do it with but what the hell why not 🙂 so yeah i think im doing just fine and i think this because last time i was around her she made me feel sad, not because of the break up but she makes me feel sad that the way she has turned out from a lovely girl and it saddens me because i watched her fall and theres nothing i could of done to help her because she wouldnt listen. Maybe one day il get my dream but if not, then thats fine by me 😀
    Good luck to you belinda i wish you the best
    signing out

  76. Belinda092 August 9th, 2012

    Hey Wolfe, it’s me Belinda0925 .. (I had to reregister as I’d forgotten my original login info, hence I’m now Belinda092).
    Ok, I’m just going to cut to the chase here – she sounds like a real piece of work, a complete & utter selfish b!#ch.  Wow, I didn’t realize that she was capable of all of the crap she’s put you through as in your original post you made it sound like the brake-up was all your fault (due to lack of communication etc) .. when in fact, it seems the true reason you broke up is because of her just being a b!#ch.
    Wolf, please do not make excuses for her!  You have done everything she has asked of you – given her space, communicated with her, etc .. and what do you know; according to her it’s still not good enough!  Well you know what, as they say in my home country of England … SOD HER!!!!
    You turn around and tell her that she is NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU!  Because she isn’t!  Based upon what you’ve told me she is an immature, hurtful, spiteful and selfish brat who obviously does not have enough common sense to realize when she has something truly good and beautiful in her life.  This is HER LOSS not yours Wolf!!!!  You are far too good for her, you hear me!?!?
    Seriously hon, you deserve so, so much more that her!  I know it hurts, and I know that you are feeling like everything in your past makes you falter at every corner, but the truth is, it doesn’t!  Yes life has knocked you on your ass in the past, but do you know what, you got up .. you got up, brushed yourself off and tried again, and that Wolf is the mark of TRUE strength, a quality that not many posses!
    I know you care for her, but she is just NOT worth it!  You deserve someone who will love you for you, love you for all of your strengths and weaknesses alike .. and definitely NOT be running off with your friends not matter what they whisper in her ear!  No hon, that’s all on her!  She is so stupid for doing that to you, and your friend, well he obviously does not know the meaning of friendship as a true friend would never do this to you!
    Seriously, please just walk away from them, they are not worth it!!  You have soooo much to give and so much goodness in you no matter what has happened in the past!  You deserve better!!!
    Spend this time working on you!  Try to focus on the things you want to do with your life by put all of your efforts into this rather than relationships at the moment.  Focus on yourself and give yourself a good sold 6-12 months of working on just you & your life and trust me, in the long run you will be better for it!  That’s what I did and it helped me to realize that I am worth something no matter what has happened in my past!
    Could you perhaps remove yourself from hanging out with this group of people?  Do you have another crowd you can hang with in your down time so to speak?  If so, I would do that as it’s easier to move on from something when you don’t see the past hurts so to speak.  It’s just a thought! ;o)
    Either way, I wish you the best of luck!  I know that you can have a good life; you just have to realize that you deserve a better life with people who truly care about you!  Don’t settle for second best .. and if you ever took her back, you would definitely be settling for second best, trust me!
    Talk to you soon,

  77. wolfe July 30th, 2012

    Hey belinda i have read all of your comment and i must thank you for your tips, she already knows how i feel about her and that will stay true till my death, we have had a few goes to get things back on track but its like shes to scared, shes always changing her mind and now she wont even talk to me, i messeged her the other day to say i wont be able to do her a favour she asked of me a week or so ago because i didnt think it was fair that she wont talk to me and then to ask me to do her a favour. she still doents understand me and as for your writting letters i have already done this ive told her this and ive shown her how much i care for her but as usuall i just get a kick in the teeth. most of the arguments were caused by my own stupid past because she couldnt understand me and still cant. i dont know what to do anymore, i have given her what she asked for wich was never for me to talk to her again but alls she does now is go to her friends house and drinks. i am at a loss with her, i thought i loved before i met her but that was when i was young and foolish as every boy is but no one has ever made me feel like she did, the day she finished me was the day i was going to ask her to marry me, and she even got with my best friend within a few weeks of seperation but that wasnt her fault it was his because i saw the jealousy in his eyes when we were around his and he got in her head when she was at her lowest and that very nearly killed me i was so close to just doing myself over. she wouldnt even talk to me about the reasons why she left me and as ive grown up i realised its better to talk about the problems so they can be worked on, i tried to get her to talk to me but she saw it as i was forcing her to talk, i really dont know what to do anymore, i want to cry but ive had to revert back to how i used to be so i can be strong again but when ever i watch a film and it has a moment of connection i start to cry, its horrible i want her back but at the same time i dont. Since this break up i have learnt that love and hate maybe the same thing and i can use this as a form of proof (i love her so much and would like to have her back in my life but at the same time i really hate her for the things shes put me through and still doing).
    P.s this probably makes no sense but thats just me i never make sense thanks to my bad childhood
    hope to hear from you soon

  78. Belinda0925 July 29th, 2012

    Dear wolfe,
    I’m a Leo woman who unfortunately had a similar childhood like yourself and have spent many years putting up my defenses in order to prevent heartbreak, etc, along with striving to better myself and forging a good life.
    I know a few months have passed since you originally posted, and I truly hope and pray that your lady did listen to you eventually & that everything worked out.
    However if it didn’t, please, please do not give up hope!  I can read between the lines of your post that you try to stay strong and show the world how tough you are but underneath you are just crying out to be loved …  Hold on you sweet brave man, there IS someone out there for you, your very own someone who will love and cherish you for all that you are & everything you have gone through!
    I’m not one to usually say stuff like this so please bear with me ..  For every heartache you have had to endure, for the loneliness you have experienced & for the shear daily struggle of it all, there is NO way that there is not someone out there for you!!!
    Please don’t laugh as I know it’s easy to do so when you’ve been knocked down so many times .. but God knows of your struggles, and when you least expect it, someone wonderful will come into your life, you just have to hold on and keep your eyes open for them .. don’t give up, please don’t ever give up!
    Now onto the whole Leo woman issue .. yes we are a stubborn lot and if we feel as though you are withholding your emotions & not communicating we tend to blow up, stomp off, and act like we don’t care .. but here’s the thing, WE DO CARE!  We just have that stupid thing called pride, and boy does it lead us to overreact sometimes! lol
    Unfortunately when these blow up’s occur, we usually realize very quickly that we’ve made a mistake by stomping off, but our pride prevents us from turning around and coming back.  And one would think by you calling or knocking on our door would make us throw our pride out the window, open our arms & say all is forgiven .. but alas, that’s not the case at times.
    So the solution to making a Leo woman drop her pride act (providing you’ve not done something really stupid i.e. cheated, etc) .. Well firstly you have to ask yourself: do I truly love her & is she worth the groveling .. because depending upon how big of an argument you’ve had will depend on the amount of placating you need to do.
    Now from what I hear Taurus men hate doing this, but I assure you guys, Leo ladies ARE worth it!!  We have sooooo much love to give, we just need to know that we are appreciated & truly loved … that’s the key to all of this ;o)
    Show her how you feel, and if you cannot say it in words handwrite a letter (not an e-mail!) and personally go around and mail it to her .. on the envelope where the stamp should go, draw a big red love heart .. that will draw her eye, make her curios and potently open the door to further communication between yourselves.  However, you must be truthful in that letter!  I know you guys hate feeling vulnerable, we Leo’s hate it too … but by showing your vulnerable side to a Leo it melts out hearts quickly and all we want to do is swoop in and hug you!  So again, let every truth out.  We don’t need poetry we just need truth & the proof that our feelings are reciprocated and that it’s ok for us to lower the pride act and let you back in.
    Meaningful gifts are also usually a good follow up action (i.e. after the letter or phone call).  Now when I say gifts, they do not need to be expensive!  …
    Flowers are great and if you don’t have the money for them pick wildflowers and tie them with some nice fancy ribbon. 
    We Leo’s also like grand gestures so get some post-it notes and cut them into love hearts, then write I love you on them or each of the things you love about her.  Then pop them on her car windscreen or front door (somewhere that others can see your declaration of love for her is also a good idea).  Now she may grumble about having to clean them off her car or door, etc, but trust me, she’s lying because NO Leo woman cannot succumb to a melted heart when true declarations of love like this are done for her .. trust me, it works like a charm! ;o)
    Just try to do something personal for her, but remember communication is key!  And in the unlikely event that none of these things work, well she was not worth your time & effort in the first place .. but at least you know that you tried your best, and chances are if you did the post-it thing and one of her friends saw .. well you may just snag yourself another lovely lady who sees your potential ;o)
    Wishing you all the very best and sending you some hugs!

  79. TruthSeeker45 April 3rd, 2012

    Hello @ 
    I never write blogs but I was completely consumed and emotionally invested in OUR story. I stress OUR because I feel we are living the same nightmare. Too many sleepless nights visUalizing some gemini sk@nk living with my true tarus love.  I hope ur man has made his way back to ur loving arms. If so, I need your advice as you seemclime a very wise true Leo. I will anxiously await your truth.

  80. wolfe March 29th, 2012

    hi nora, im a taurus man and lost my leo woman 4 days ago after 10 months of being together, i love her so much im having nightmares, because shes there when i close my eyes and i have to stop myself from reaching out to her. in that 10 months we have had a lot of arguments and some have come close to breaking point but i never wanted this, we didnt have much sexlife but when we did it was amazing, my problem is i have had to bring myself up from a very young age and had to live on the streets and getting kicked out all the time. all my life i have always felt alone and i had to realise alot of things a child should not of learned yet. so as i grew up i had to build up automatic defenses in my mind wich was to hide who i am and to show emotions so i didnt get hurt and i became quite strong in myself, i then became very lonley and depressed to the point of giving up for over a year then on the 8th of may 2011 my leo woman came into mylife and i never felt so happy in my entire life, she was who i was lookin for she was the one that was missing, i was going somewhere. but as time went on we arued pretty much all the time but it upset me all the time because i dont like arguing and it hurt me to argue with her. but for a very long time i was dreaming of a girl with no face every night, and now i realise that that girls face is my loved leo. its really hard to talk about my feelings and when i try to i always mess up because i dont know how to and its really painful for me, i dont know what to do without her. im nothin cant even face the flat on my own, its too wierd. it hurts me more that shes left me and acting like she doesnt care and wont even talk to me about it not even try to sort things out. its really hurting. i just wish she would talk to me and lets me explain my true feelings and give me a second chance. i read your comment and its what weve been going through so i thought id give it to you from a taurean point of view

  81. xoxoxo June 28th, 2011

    Thanks Oracle for your message. What I don’t understand is that – how come he told me that he was not ready for a relationship and that the reason we didn’t go out was that he was broke? But then he is now in a relationship and is living with his new gf? It hurts so much that I trusted him. Also, he told me that he can’t handle my ways because I wanted him to meet my parents but then he doesn’t want to because he said he don’t want to give my parents any false hopes. Do you think there is a chance that he will come back to me? At least explain to me why he hurted me? If we were really good friends how come he treated me this way? Do you think I should remain friends with him?

  82. Author
    Ask Oracle June 28th, 2011

    @xoxoxo The way out of this situation is to learn more about this greatest thing called Love. This will also help your romantic dreams come true. I will give a few hints.
    a) Despite his carelessness, naiveté, rudeness, coldness and all other things you dislike about him, you should be HAPPY that you were able to serve him best to your abilities and you should be at peace and satisfied that he’s happy with his career and love life. That’s what Love is, it should always give you happiness no matter what. Forgive yourself for whatever happened.
    b) A Love relationship is always balanced and it can only reach to greater heights when both the persons involved are ready for it. In your case, this man wasn’t ready for it and jealousy, arguments, fear, anger etc. didn’t help either.
    c) Two years is a significant time and things didn’t work out. That simply means you can let him go and focus on other important things in life including your health and wellness. You don’t have to think much about your past or state of your relationship with this man. Just move on and try new things. Its that simple 🙂
    d) He did this to you because you deserve a much better person and he had to leave so that a new better person could get a chance to win your heart 🙂

    All the best 😀

  83. xoxoxo June 26th, 2011

    Hello Oracle, I don’t know how to reach you but please give me an advise. I dated this Taurus guy two years ago. We had arguments most of the time because he didn’t like my jealousy and that he was not ready for a relationship when we were dating. Last September of last year we got into an ultimatum of our arguments – too many hurtful words were said. He dumped me totally and told me that he only want to be friends with me because i asked him to choose what does he want between us – being more than friends or nothing. And he chose being friends. I didn’t believe him when he told me that he wanted us to be friends because he doesn’t even share with me what’s going on with him just like how normal friends are. Also, we kissed when we were dating that’s why I don’t believe him that we were friends. So last September of last year we stopped all our contact. I distanced myself since he didn’t reply to all my e-mails, texts, calls. Last February of this year, I decided to contact him and see how he is doing. To my surprise, he relocated to a different city and is now living together with his gf. I know he wanted to pursue a career in that city but I never thought he will be in a relationship that soon. I was so crushed because when he was in my same city – we never really went out because he told me he was broke and not ready for a relationship but now he is living with his gf. I still love this guy and how he try so hard to better himself – career, personal well being, financial, etc. I am so hurt until now that he didn’t even care about how i felt. I think he thought we were done last September of last year but it wasn’t done with me since we never really became exclusive and committed because he told me we were not in a relationship. I feel like he played with my feelings and lead me on. He knew that I have feelings for him but didn’t reciprocate but then to someone else he did. What should I do? Do you think I still have a chance on him to get back to me? Or is this hopeless? I am so hurt because I feel like he cheated on me because I didn’t play around with him and didn’t date other guys. What will I do? Should I stay friends with him or just leave him alone? I am really hurt so bad. I thought he was someone I should trust but then again he lied to me 🙁 I hope someone can help me here. Even taurus people please help me. Why did he to this to me? I am thinking perhaps he was unstable financially, career wise, and have other responsibilities. Or does it mean that he doesn’t really love me that’s why he did this to me? Please help me…….Thank you.

  84. kittykat74 May 28th, 2011

    I’m a true Leo married for 15 years to a Taurus. Most of this is true however my dh is not terribly romantic and had a wandering eye early on in our relationship. He never fooled around but he liked the ladies!
    We have really grown together and he is an amazing husband and father! What I love most about him is how stable he is unlike me who is up and down a lot! The sex is hot hot hot! Could do with more compliments he isn’t great on those and I am definitely more spontaneous but together we are really good!

  85. b.gal March 16th, 2011

    m a leo lady and in love with taurus man, we luv each ada.he sumtyms be stubborn and i bcum agressive to him, its a nice relationship.capricorn guys are cheaters, hei!

  86. LeoGiRLy March 9th, 2011

    I am a leo lady and just was looking around google and found this.. I just got outta of a messed up relationship with a scorpio man. He wasn’t a bad person but just a big CHEATER!! I am very sad but i had it coming to me since i knew he would such things. I was once with a Taurus man way back in high school and it was a very great relationship just moved far away and couldn’t make it work. I hope to find someone some lets see if it is a Taurus man.. but for know i feel like i should be alone for sometime this scorpio creep took alot of my energy and time that i am all worn out. 🙁 well good luck everyone!

  87. Zenumufs March 6th, 2011

    I love ma man..vry mch

  88. leo lady February 11th, 2011

    hi.iam a leo lady dated a taures gay.i loved him so much and w talk very much and he fall madly in love with me and he wanted to do sex with me but nw w plane to married soon

  89. cieryra January 31st, 2011

    read this!

  90. Jamie January 17th, 2011

    Hi I am a leo women and I currently Dating a Taurus man. I never dated one before but everytime I see him my heart skips a beat. We had sex for the first time two nights ago and it was amazing, best i ever had. I would really like to take it futher to actually being in a relationship with him…but as ur’ll said before he never expresses his feelings. I openingly express mine but I am always confused as to how he feels about me. He calls and messages me but most times I have to prompt a date in order to see him. But he is always making me laugh and is always very gentle with me and always compliments me and make me feel so special, I just wish he would open up to me!!!!!

  91. Jenna January 13th, 2011

    Im a Leo woman and I socialize all day at work being a hairstylist. So i really do like staying home and and relaxing.

  92. Taurus Man January 11th, 2011

    Well I gotta say …. its real close to the mark on me and my leo woman. Both are loyal and both are stubborn as they come … as for the indoors type , it’s real true about us taurus men , we love to be resting at home and stuff .. one problem with us taurus guys , is that we work wayyyy too much on everything , career , home renovations and soo on , we get soooo tired we always want to skip going out in the world , either see family or friends … I lost one partner for that very reason , but I did not see it at the time, now I am alot older and wizer , I take the time but I also talk it out with the leo woman and she tries to balance it out … it is a true fact that the leo woman truly listens to her partners feelings and tries to do better … I know it and I have often missed out on that in previous relationships !!

  93. Carroll January 5th, 2011

    I am a Leo woman and have been married for 12 years we were high school sweethearts and it has been great. You have to find the balance! When you do..WOW !

  94. norah December 24th, 2010

    I’m a leo woman and in a relationship with a taurus.
    I think what we have is amazing although this description is very close to ours.
    we recently had a discussion about the social activities, hes always indoors and I’m definitely not like that.
    now he came to the conclusion that I find him boring but thats definitely not true.
    I just think he’s sometimes a little passive about everything..and doesnt give the right amount of attention..
    I just hope this doesn’t ruin us.. because, although he is the opposite of me, hes exactly what I crave for. smart, sensitive and loyal and one sweet passionate romanticus..

  95. Mahoganii Essence December 13th, 2010

    I am preparing to date a Taurus and im up for the calm stuff in life, the “us” time. I want to travel with my man n continue to get to know him… but I know bedroom stuff is always great but what about him just having fun with me outside? Do they enjoy going out at all? I love summer and warm places and dont really ever look forward of being in the house.. i love to celebrate the sun!! What is the best approach to Taurus men, i have never dated 1 before!!

  96. Goddess Lioness October 9th, 2010

    I am a Leo and I’m not sure about my new budding Taurus as I’ve never been attracted to nor dated one..so I’m a cat without a canary on this one..he does make me swoon but I’m fearful it will waiver as a few of my girlfriends are dating Taurus’ and they say they do NOT communicate well if at all about their feelings…I do have someone that I consider my little brother and he is a Taurus but I can say about him is he is very VERY emotional and he speaks his mind…and he’s kinda tight on money but he buys quality…

  97. stayla September 30th, 2010

    I am a leo ladie and i notice that i love to social alot but i would rather match a men half way then all the way his way . I would feel more confortable with a good men who adores me n who knows what i need to.I DONT HALF STEP WHEN I WANT TO PLEASE MY MEN.Im dating a taurus and he makes my heart jump.For the scorpio please yall r dogs sum of yall r dogs……….

  98. lioness September 28th, 2010

    Not all leo women are traitors. I’m a quiet leo woman who doesn’t care to socialize much. It depends what part of the month they we’re born in.

  99. taurusxscorpio August 5th, 2010

    ^- that’s why you should date a scorpio.
    ahehehe i have a leo woman “friend”… and she’s a traitor… she flirts with everyone’s man.

  100. Kwerk July 14th, 2010

    This hits very close to the mark. I’m a Taurus man, and my last long-termer was with a Leo woman. My diary was never as full of parties, weddings & social engagements as when I was with this woman. The constant schmoozing, “keeping up with the Joneses” & gift purchases for her friends wore me out. Never a lot of “us time” was to be had. Sex was red hot and always available (providing I worshipped her hard enough), but she already had my whole life scheduled for me and I refused to be dominated that much. All said and done it was the right combination but of the wrong people. Our life plans were too far apart.

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