Leo Woman and Pisces Man Love Compatibility

The relationship of Leo and Pisces can be simultaneously fascinating and frustrating! Leo is direct and generous with affections while Pisces lover is probably just as generous, but the style, however, is different. Leo is personal, while Pisces’s loving nature is “universal” which makes the Leo feel insecure.

The typical Pisces male is often pulled in two different directions and as such may lack determination at times. He loves being in a cozy and secured environment. He is cool, calm, informal and caring. When he is cheerfully given all the freedom he needs, he is always a faithful lover and a loyal husband. But when his freedom is smothered, he feels nervous and restless, and begins to slip and slide. Most reliable way to insure loyalty is to have complete faith in his integrity, to let him know his love and his support is needed and appreciated.

A Leo woman is bright, cheery and most of the time, fun to be around. She loves challenges and takes them head-on. She is full of pride and elegance and doesn’t stand to any ridicule. She is compassionate and warm and has a forgiving heart for ones who really love her and sincerely ask for her forgiveness. The exception to this is when she goes through her times of self-interests and egoism. She melts to her lover’s poetic and romantic side and shows generosity and loyalty like no other if she has respect and admiration given by her man.

Leo woman craves being the center of attention whether it is in a social group or in the company of her lover. Show her Pisces man’s romantic side and he can win her heart. Show her his infidelity and she shows him a side of her that he just doesn’t want to experience. Leo woman turns her warmhearted and loving nature to a hardhearted evil woman that is not so easily distinguished if her Pisces man is not true to her. Loyalty is one of her finer virtues as long as her trust and faith is instilled into him. Little gifts for no reason at all, compliments to her, showing her that he desires and perhaps even needs her in his life, even a small hint of jealousy when she acquires the admiration of others can do miracles to their relationship and can show her that he is indeed the man for her.

A Pisces man with his charming nature, mild kindness and passive resistance has the ability to calm his Leo woman. He is an avid listener and doesn’t mind stepping back. Since she loves a good listener, this works out perfectly in this relationship. He is known to stay somewhat in the background of things — so as long as he is not intimidated by Leo woman and her noble approach, he does not mind dealing with her dominance. She can lecture her Pisces lover on the need for him to praise her. As long as she does it subtly and not too excessively, he listens with a close ear and open heart. Too much of this sort of conversation and bounding, however, turns him off as fast as his infidelity would turn her off. Although they both have some common qualities they share, it is not enough to keep this relationship strong. They’d be much better bonded as friends than as lovers.

The elegant oneness of Leo woman and Pisces man is one of a kind. They can always have something to keep them intact and value each other. All of this coupled with his quick wit, intellect, charisma and ability to change according to his Leo woman’s moods surely touches her heart. She also teaches him to assert him and fight back and to stand tall. Together they make a perfect duo of confidence and humbleness with so much to give to their partner and so much to treasure on their relationship. She knows how to tenderly calm her Pisces man’s inner fears and he knows how to soothe his Leo woman’s injured feelings. This is a couple which shares a compassion for each other’s weakness and enjoy a truly royal fairy-tale romance.

The sexual relationship of Leo woman and Pisces man is enhanced by his romantic nature, delicate touch and tenderness he shows to his Leo lady, as well as her warmth, loyalty and extreme passion she adds. They both are capable of treating love as a high spiritual exaltation. He needs complete emotional fusion and a sense of mystical unity in the sexual consummation of love while she seeks more tangible fulfillment of warmth, affection and passion. She needs sentimental verbal expression, both before and after love making while verbal expression of love is not such a good idea for him who believes it to be unison of emotions and souls. To make her satisfied, he has to be stronger and bolder in his expression of love both physically and verbally. If, however, he is too delicate, spiritual and elusive and she tries to be too dominant or overwhelming in her passions, it causes him to become disinterested and disconnected from her and this can make their sexual intimacy more a bitter experience then something to be treasured.

Leo woman being the extroverted and outgoing socialite and Pisces man being the withdrawn and mysterious one, the two don’t really have a lot of common ground to have a bond strong enough for love. He finds her extroversion sometimes sharp and unnecessary. She is extreme in her expression and needs the occasional fight with him to put the fire into their relationship by making up afterwards. His ability to match her fiery expression is not so easily attainable. He is more apt to withdraw himself to lick his wounds after she finishes putting down his spirit. Another problem is his inability to express his deepest thoughts and desires. Keeping them to himself makes his Leo woman think that she is not important enough to him to tell her what he feels. However, if they both compromise considerably for the other one, it is a possibility it can work.

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nikkibeee (@LoveQueen_Leo) : January 28th, 2013
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okay.. i am a Leo woman and i have been dating a pisces man for almost 2 1/2 years and what i can say is we have been through ALOT. when we first met everything between us clicked we were inseperable to where we didnt want to leave each other. we til this day cannot go a day without speaking and i find that special. For a while things were good but when a pisces man is emotionally damaged from his past its hard for his to let that go because he is sensitive.. and he used to wonder why i was so strong and dynamic. in the beginning he was so amazed and i was so drawn to hisnature and poetic mind it was addicting. and the sex…. lets just say hes the first man to make me achieve an orgasm so yeah!!! the sex is great. the chemistry is soul bound. we sometimes speak and think the same things which is crazy to me. and then we share creativity i admire his mind and he admire my physique… kind of cute.. He is a dreamer and his fantasies are coolbecause only a pisces will think of abstract things no other sign will think of.. and then its me in need of an audience and he love to sit back and watch me show off my skills … only to him ,no one else of course. he supports my vision and i support his dreams we kinda have a seasaw balance relationship… okay now the bad part. sometimes he doesnt express himself to the point where i complete understand him and us leos hate to be lead on… and go for guessing games we are straight to the point people and pisces are very short with expression… i think its because we can be dramatic and pisces are not dramatic. lol the disagreements. piscese love their privacyand to invade is really stepping on their toes and i do that alot… Leos are very Loyal and devoted beings. pisces can be that as well but their fantasies tend to lead then astray where a flirt session with a hottie maybe act upon trust me a pisces can be faithful and these act are all signs of men… watch out. not the fights can get ugly and Leo women like the claws of a lion our words can cut em deep and as a fish they will bleed. so dont be too hard a little is enough trust alot will permanently damage them so keep the arguement PG13 lol.  . OVERALL he is the only man i ever loved in my life and we have been there for each other like no other. sometimes pisces dont like to face their problems upfront just throw them off leaving issues unsolved but a Leo Woman will help them conclude anything. In a sense Pisces gain their stregnth feom Leo and Leo gain their calm feom Pices… its perfext just every issue need to be handled with care…  
thank you for reading .

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Andrea (@Htimsashines) : January 5th, 2014
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It is so right about both of us, 

Madeleine (@thelionandthefish) : May 12th, 2014
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My love is a pisces man, and this article is incredibly true. Hes very funny, but incredibly introverted, he is strong willed yet soft spoken. He’ll want to hold my hand but have an internal battle before he makes a move. I am a leo and I am very confident and authoritive, he loves me because I fill in his gaps and I love him because he fills in mine. I will act affectionatly toward him, yet he will treat me as if I am a friend, but when it is just the two of us, he acts protective and compassionate. I know him like the back of my hand yet at the same time I dont know him it all. I’m an open book and hes a closed encyclopedia on the top shelf, hes a mystery and I guess that is what drew me in.

Alma (@Wildkitten) : June 16th, 2014
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I am leo woman married to a pisces man.I put up with him for ten years with his attitude of keeping me waiting and hurting my ego big time. We are still together until now But the fire in me is gone. I dont love him anymore nor respect him as before. He treated me like a peasant and he once acted like a king. he didnt give me respect due to me. And he didnt hid my warnings. So I had an affair with another guy But i told him beforehand that im gonna do it. He thought its just words and he said i do opposite of what i say. So i did it. He does the opposite of the things I ask him to do. I wanted a seperation and ask him to leave me alone but he keep on chasing me. So I gave him another chance. I hated myself when i had an affair because thats the last thing i ever wanna do but because of my anger i did it anyway, willing to face the consequences of my action. I am not happy with him anymore. i dont respond sexually now i become frigid. i just let him do it and i just sleep. Its been to years now since we agreed on forgiving each other. i told him i dont love him anymore but because of our son I beg him to make me love him again. But i think it can never happen. He totally lost my love and respect. i just want a quiet life so even if im not happy with him just for the sake of our son i stayed with him. If only he didnt pushed me to the edge I think our relationship would have work out best. 

Kara (@Karajackson) : June 18th, 2014
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I hate to say this but pisces love us (leos) for some reason.  I personally think that pisces are annoying and whiny.  I want to like them but they are just too emotional for me.  I normally flock to gemini’s unknowingly.  It’s sad because pisces like us so much. I just wish I could return the attraction. 

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