Scorpio Man and Pisces Woman Love Compatibility

Scorpio and Pisces are different zodiac signs with same element, and that’s what bonds them so well. They have a great overall understanding of each other. They sense in each other a similar kind of depth in their approach to relationship, which is both intuitive and emotional.

A Scorpio man is strong willed, intense and justified with his convictions. He has magnetism in his personality which makes him different from everyone, wherever he goes. He is a man who is calm and serene, unruffled on the outside but hardly anyone knows about the passion beneath his surface. It is usually a burning passion to achieve his goals or to get something he desires desperately. Getting in a relationship with Scorpio is no less then a dream come true for any woman as he is one man who gives loyalty, admiration and tender love altogether making a woman to live her life to its fullest.

A Pisces woman is simply courteous, sincere and caring with sprinkle of empathy and astuteness as well. She knows how the human heart loves and would never think of separating herself from such a beautiful quality. Pisces woman can be naive and unrealistic about the world and other people, but it is simply because she is innocent and assumes the best of her surroundings. Love relationship brings out the best of Pisces woman as she always fits to the mold of her lover and has the highest respect for her man. She is not much on expressing herself but she always gives it her best shot.

Pisces woman can always make a great match for a strong and stern Scorpio man. She seems to get pulled in all directions often and needs to lean completely on her Scorpio lover for protection, stability and help in making such decisions. Scorpio man has her total confidence and has the ability to talk with her as she is a very patient listener. He is also able to share his inner most secrets and dreams with his Pisces woman and entrust that she keeps them with her and only her. His expectations are solid as is his trust and loyalty and his Pisces woman generally fulfills this need. She is quite optimistic and open-minded with her man’s career as well as with their private life. Although Pisces woman appears to be quite the absent minded creature, her thoughts and ideas are on a much higher level in regards to technical and spiritual ideals which are deeply admired by her Scorpio man.

The bond that is formed between Scorpio man and Pisces woman must be from the perfect mold. So many positive aspects make up this connection in love, business, personal and intellect. They just go hand in hand together, plain and simple. The bond formed between the Scorpio man and the Pisces woman is so strong and so amazingly deep on so many levels that it would take ages even for them to solve the mystery of their love. As long as communication is between them and there are no secrets or hidden issues, this relationship is one that will last forever. Since they are normally so in tune with each other; the less than honest approach causes a lack of attentiveness for each other resulting in suspicion and jealousy. As Scorpio man understands his Pisces woman well such situations are hard to arise and he does take care if such thing ever happens.

Scorpio man and the Pisces woman makes a lovely relationship with such intense devotion that they even start reading one another’s thoughts with due time. Both of them love harmony and stability and possess each other endearingly. In gardens full of blossoms, sunshine of love and sweetness of their hearts these two enjoy their watery passion and strong ways of loving. They both are generous to each other and have sureness in their togetherness with a romantic aura that prevails around them forever. Scorpio man understands how to be less suspicious and Pisces woman learns to be stronger. Their love is full of flowery expressions and tender touches that assure them of the togetherness they share, walking the rainbow paths through green meadows filled with pleasant fragrance of love and shimmering colors from sky to bless them with forever happiness.

The sexual compatibility between Scorpio man and Pisces woman is one that cannot be upstaged by any other. His natural ability and intensity to love her, intertwined by her innate willingness to completely trust him, as she surrenders herself wholly to him in mind, body and soul, causes a bond that is unprecedented. Their connection is so deep and so strong on so many different levels that it could be the only reason they should stay together. The passion Scorpio man shows during love making, gives sense of security and affection to the Pisces woman who in turn responses beautifully arousing the deeper passions of her Scorpio man. Their ability to give pleasure to each other and feel the purity of their love on both emotional and physical level makes their physical intimacy stronger. Scorpio man always feels glad to have such a delicate lady in his arms while Pisces woman deeply enjoys the relaxation she gets in the warmth of her man. If there are any weak spots in the bond between these two, their sexual intimacy quickly fixes and permanently welds these weak spots, making them stronger than they were initially when first created.

To touch on the negative aspects of this relationship, Pisces woman may tend to go beyond her inability to stabilize her thoughts or ambitions. Since this is easily read by Scorpio man, it may tend to irritate him causing argument between them. When Scorpio man loses his cool, he tends to be on the brutal side with his remarks and rants. If not stopped it can easily lead to the two lovers parting ways, however, the more they ‘part ways’ the more they can get back together and make up. This can, and will happen over and over again as long as one of them take the first steps in turning back around to run back in the direction they initially came from. Other than this downfall, which is not really a downfall if they consistently make up, this couple has the ability for a very strong and long lasting relationship.

  1. Kayla June 14th, 2017

    Hi, I’m an Aries (April 17th) but after NASA added another astrological sign I found that I was a Pisces by technically and so is my mom (which is why we have so much in common) and I just broke up with my boyfriend and he is a very strong willed Leo (August 7). I saw a very low compatibility rating but somehow we worked together for 9 months. I met someone in my art class a while back and we always caught each others gaze occasionally and I finally told him I liked him and we started talking recently. His birthday is November 17th and it seems like we are really getting along and I maybe bring out his positive side. This article has helped me understand his way of thinking more. And for that I thank you.

  2. Jess June 11th, 2017

    3/8 here and my bf is 11/06 he’s completely, without a doubt my soul mate. Everything rang true!!!

  3. Profile photo of piscesyungluv
    piscesyungluv April 25th, 2017

    hello there im a pisces my bday is on the 16th and his is on nov 18th i still love him dont matter what he did i can feel him sometimes and i know he do to i still dream about him from time to time i wish i never push him away but i just had to .So i can get him out my mind but that didnt help i loved him because he see trough me and understands me my mom is a sagittarius and its hard to have a connection that i want so when i meet him i feel happy and more like myslef and alive and balance i known him for four years from now i hope he loves me .

  4. Profile photo of piscesyungluv
    piscesyungluv April 20th, 2017

    Hello yall im a pisces girl mouth of march 16th and his is nov 18th
    and we meet from a friend of mine and from there things were good but i had liked him from the jump and the more we talked it was like we had the same mind and a few days I had to find out by looking at his instagram that he had a girl friend and from there i didn’t like him for playing with me i lost trust for him then about weeks or days ago he came to me saying he got cheated on and he wanted me we were talking again but i stopped but we were still in contact but he keep having girlfriend after girl and the relationship just didn’t work and he kept coming to me we were supposed to meet before but on that day i was meaning to have a girls night at the movies with my bestfriend but she had bring other people with her and he was there i was there but i was hiding in my sit and lord he was looking he was so close to finding me and my friend told me that he was mad but i did it because i was nevous oh what he will say and what he will do and will he even like me i was to out of my mind but last year he came back and i was tired of it i was thinking is he using me as a plan B but he was telling me that he love me and he want me to have his kids and when i texted him like im not your hoe he was like your not no hoe your my wife and yall i was like yaaah baby just to happy but i loved him so much that i will do anything to keep him in my life and make him feel good because he made me feel the same but he will always talk about sex and send pics you know and i just wanted to try to talk and do something other then that and i just hated that i never spent time with him in real life and i couldn’t stop thinking and dreaming so i told him that i don’t want him to be my daddy no more like you know my whatever type of love thing and i had missed him i had just wanted to here his voice so i had pranked called him and um i texted him and tried to tell him i was just playing but he called me a crazy b…. and other then blocked me and then he had a new girlfriend and she was a taurus ugh she blocked me for whatever reason and yeah we never talked sense 9 to 10 mouths we did not talk and he have a new girlfriend again And now im forgetting about lil by lil now and im hopeing he dont come back but if he do i want be mad just keep my distance can anybody help .

  5. Paris April 17th, 2017

    I being a Pisces female and was insanely in love with a Scorpio man I truly understand all of these comments.He was my first love,also love at first sight,lost my virginity to him and I was sprung on him for a very very long time.its was truly Romeo and Juliet like.

  6. Mo April 9th, 2017

    I’m a Pisces woman totally in love with a scorpio man and I know he loves me too. I can feel it. It started about two months ago where we met on line. We talked for a week and the very first night we met was like magic. He’s so intense. His stare seems like he can see right through me. I was mesmerized by him so much that I spent two days with him. A few days afterwards I realized I had fallen in love with a total stranger I stopped speaking to him for four days trying to undo the damage but it was too late. I had to beg him to forgive me. I cried for days because he seemed so unforgiving but then he give me another chance and I feel so grateful because I don’t know how I would have been able to live without him. He’s my everything.

    • Karen April 20th, 2017

      If his name is chuck…beware..things are not as they seem

    • Karen April 20th, 2017

      If his name is chuck beware..things are not as they seem

  7. aldo March 9th, 2017

    If been in love with pisces girl for more than 5 years now. Our relationship was always friendly, and on and off. because everytime she’d start dating other guys – I couldn’t take it so I would back off. But everytime she broke up with others, I would still resurface. this happened about 3 times.
    This is 4th time. And she’s still dating some other guy, but somehow we got closer. I wouldn’t say I’m in a friendzone, because I’ve been there, I know what it’s like. But our relationship is getting weird now. She just seems very lost and kind a silly – Alice in wonderland, has no idea what’s happening.
    I’m so crazy about her, I’m not planing to give up this time. This time it will be different. I don’t know what I’mma do, but I’ll do anything I can.

    :/ …just shared my feelings

    • Ro April 17th, 2017

      Hi Aldo, you have to tell her how you feel about her dude!!

  8. Surabhi January 27th, 2017

    Im Pisces girl, i loved a scorpion guy, he was ma friend from last 2 years r so, we used to like each other as friends, than i had an break up with ma ex, than he only helped to get me out, later we had gone to Tirupathi, there we both realised that we have fallen for each other, than we both confessed our love to each other, he loved me so much to the core, he used to come to Bangalore just to surprise me, i was so overwhelmed with the love.. we used to kiss each other for hours and hours, our first kiss went for 39 min.. we used to love each other so much.. he left to hyderabad next day, he stays there, he used to be busy all the time, his office work was hectic, with so much pressure and all, an his mother health was not so good. he had to take care of his mom as well, he was unable to give me time coz of this both the issues, likewise he started to loose interest in me, i used to cry a lot what is ma mistake in this? than he stopped calling messaging everything because he was stressed, and one day he mesaged we are not meant for each other, we have lot of differences in us, i dont want any one of us to comprise there lifestyle for other, especially i dont want you to cry because of me.. so lets get part away, and blocked me everywhere.. I really have no idea what to do.. but im not able to move on, its been 8 months that he broke and went , he never turned back, but i still love him damn so much.. i dont wanna loose him, im waiting ill be waiting..
    But i just want to know wat would be reason to leave me? is that i loved him too much?

    • Friendly Dude February 8th, 2017

      Dear Surabhi…..You should move on …Scorpions can be a good match for Pisces but some Scorpions are very critical about themselves & also others….Once they truly love sumon they are very loyal…..but if He has blocked you everywhere there is absolutely no chance he will come back…… Even though Scorpio is a water sign they are not as dreamy as Pisces….Some Scorpions are very practical & he must have found you impractical & over emotional….So take my advice….I m studying Astrology since 12 years ….Just move on…love yourself bcoz Pisces is Beautiful….Cheers to Life….

    • Dee March 20th, 2017

      No Ma. Just wait. He will return but YOU will probably have moved on. Trust. Same situation Pisces woman loving a Scottdale Scorpion

  9. vaishnavi January 17th, 2017

    hi i am a piscean girl and my guy is a scorpion , his love for me is so deep that he will do anything for me he is extreemly passionate , but also there are many times we fought and i feel he is hard rock at heart never understand my feelings ,but after that fight when we meet , we get bound together more strongly than before what i feel is that scorpions are like that you cant understand them so easily but one thing they shower true feelings they hurt us but when we are not with them they get feel of left alone , AND also we pisceans are too sensitive so that is way we get too easily hurted by dare strong scorpion , but never doubt their love , once they say i love you i need you in my life thats it no one can change it even though they might have many girl friends but they cant share that love , passion , intimacy with anyother girl , thankyou

    • Profile photo of isham_amaco
      isham_amaco February 22nd, 2017

      Vaishnavi we humans when ever we go through a breakup the first thing we think is ‘did I love him too much’ but we loving someone too much is never a mistake it’s just the way we are n if someone has to feel bad or cry then it’s the person who lost u. U don’t deserve to be sad. As a scorpion I know wt made him do this but trust me u have a really beautiful life ahead and sure u will meet even better person in your life for now just think things which are meant to be will never be yours and time will be the solution for all your problems.

      may god bless u

  10. David January 6th, 2017

    I believe that once a Scorpio man truly falls for a Pisces woman and they bond with each other in their unique way, the bond is everlasting. Try as he might to break away, he will always always want to come back to her, even though it may be “complicated” by their relationships with others. He will kid himself that it is finished and that he has moved on and that he is over her, but he is not and will never be. The bond for me is like some form of unbreakable spell which consists of a subtle addiction, an attraction formed by the water bond. I am addicted to every Pisces woman I have ever bonded with and if they would all have me, I would gladly join with them all in a glorious polygamous mess. To analyse the essence of the bond, its strength lies in his need for her surrender and her need for his constant emotional dependency. They have wave after wave of power over each other; harmonious waves with the power to calm and monstrous waves with the power to destroy.

  11. Profile photo of Imaginativefish
    Imaginativefish September 29th, 2016

    I’m Pisces woman, I was on vacation to relax my mind cause I was stressed at work, then by chance I met a a Scorpio man the moment i saw him i liked him he asked me out but with some ego vibe I relaxed him asked his number masged him we met he was surprised how independent I am and funny and natural he was drown to me like a magnet then he toke me to his place tried to get intimate he said you are different and he have many girlfriends and he is afraid to fall in love with me that was the first day!! It was strange and I didn’t trust any word, Second day we met it was so fun we spend all the day togather he forced me for sex it was ok cause I didn’t want it, he asked me next day how did I find it I said my feeling was not that connected to him so I enjoyed but needed my feeling to get stronger, next day he was a bit more interested in me we spent amazing day, the day after he was cold and so confident that he got my heart, cause i was tender with him, kinda trusted him, then when I didn’t feel comfortbLe with his way of acting cold, I disappeared suddenly and traveled my country he massaged me didn’t reply he masged again, slowly slowly I started to warm again, we had strange telepathy, we were thinkibg about each other at the same time, we are so similar we think the same way we both have the same taste of music ppl live food everything, then he asked when I’m coming many times.. I booked a ticket was so expensive and surprised him infront of him he was so happy and loving, we didn’t spend much time , next day evening we spend it all night togather talking he didn’t want to have sex but minute he hug me with passion and kiss me minute he say no, he asked me what do I feel for him I said a person I trust and always miss he smiled but didn’t feel comfortable then he said he don’t know maybe he love me and it scare him how comfortable he is with me and he can’t have a gray or relation or no and he is afraid to break my heart he told  not to come close when we talk bcause it turn him on, then he hugged again and kissed like a crazy then stopped before we sleep he said I think it’s our last day i didn’t like it and we argued for a minute i told him I think I’m traveling tomorrow he said why can’t depend your trip on one person it hurted me completely next day morning he said congratulatio for the control he mean about the sex i smiled then he was so relaxed then he asked whats my plan for tonight I told him I’m invited for a date with another man his face went blue I was acting cool he was depressed then i kissed him he kissed me so much I left and disappeared for 3 days then I massged him again saying I’m enjoying beach and he is in my mind and heart he said thank u, again hurted me, I disappearEd another 2 days suddenly I went to where he work and acted cool like I miss him in sweet funny way he was cold I became cold too i treated him like a friend and shut down I left to my country didn’t msg him at all and him too I didn’t cause he didn’t Appreciate my exist and didn’t do any effort zero effort and he got a big ego when he have me he play mind games when I disappear he gets hurt.. We are not talking but I feel strongly he is thinking about me a lot., I won’t msg him impossible I’m wondering would he come back.. how should I deal with him a friend or blam him for the careless way.. I’m now very busy at my work I think about him some times but I’m so hurt he wasted my time and put me in good feeling before I visit and acted strange., at the same time im afraid i hurted him but i feel he deserve it, he told me I’m too clever and that’s the key of his heart.. any scorpii man can solve this puzzle 

    • princess rose December 29th, 2016

      i am really sorry for u cause i love a scorpio man and he does the same with him i have double feeling s sometimes he is so cold and othertimes i feel high whrpen i meet and speak to him and i decided to completely disappear cause i am the one who is getting hurt 😑

  12. Profile photo of
    Piscean_raine August 27th, 2016

    So the summer was already over and i forgot about him and expect to find someone better. But now i dont know what to do because he gives me mixed signals, he stares at me, and always look at me and the other day he called my name but i didnt turn around i just continued to walk and we always go pass each other so i continued to avoid him because i dont want to hope for something again and yesterday there was an event i always catch him looking at me even his friends so i just pretend that i didnt know so please i need some advise is it good for me to fall for him again , is it possible that he might like me back or am i just assuming things? Pls help me it confuses me

  13. Profile photo of
    Piscean_raine August 27th, 2016

    Hi pisces girl here and i need an advice if this scorpio guy like me back or if its possible for us to be together. 
    I met him last year in the school assembly and i was already attracted to him i really like him and he was a transfer and for the first time in my life i was serious and wanted him but heres the thing hes already in love with someone else . so after that i decided to know him more and all we chatted but we didn’t talk in personal we just stare at each other smile thats all. But everytime we chat he always talk about his crush so i just listened and there comes this one time whent he asked me if i like him so i said im not sure, so we didnt chat for a few days and then i chatted him and said that if he wants im willing to be just friends, because after all hoping that he will like me back i gave up and it was all good because it was almost summer vacation so i will surely forget him.

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