Cancer Woman and Libra Man Love Compatibility

When the Libra and Cancer follow up a romantic relationship, they make a appealing but difficult combination of Air and Water. As the Cancer is very supportive and sensitive and Libra is very romantic and logical, they compliment each other well. Both of them love harmony and work hard to achieve it in their relationship.

A Libra man is a very logical man with practical solutions to almost all problems of the world. He is very enthusiastic and optimistic person with a charming smile. He cannot handle confusion and in order to maintain stability he aspires for harmony in all aspects of life. Libra invented romance so in a romantic relationship with a Cancer woman, he always proves to be a worthy mate with all the tricks of romance and love on his sleeves. Though he is very easy going and careless person which makes a Cancer woman worried regarding her Libra male but still with his warmth and charming smiles maintains the relation well.

A Cancer woman can display many characteristics within a short span of time like a glittering mermaid. She is basically very sensitive and emotional with long mood swings that bring waves of emotions in her. She has a strong determination and sense of career/money. She is usually very shy and hesitates to make the first move in a relationship due to her fear of rejection. In a relationship with Libra man, she becomes very caring and understanding companion. She has a lovely sense of humor that keeps her Libra man’s spirits high.

Cancer woman makes a stimulating partner for the Libra male with a different mindset about most things in life. She is a very devoted and compassionate mate for her Libra man who takes care of his every inch and corner. Though she is pessimistic but his optimism can balance out their lives well. She can make him smile in his gloominess and can even take wise decisions for him when he is unstable. But sometimes her indifferent attitude might hurt him immensely as he is very frank and she cannot respond positively to criticism. However, the splendid smile and the praising words of Libra man can cheer her up again making her the same jolly person who loves to make him smile. Libra man is one person who does not suffer from masculine ego problem and admires and respects her for every bit of what she is.

A Libra man becomes one of a kind, charming lover for the Cancer woman. He is deeply romantic and expresses his love with such grace that makes her feel secure and just like a princess. His attraction has purity with such openness that she can feel protected and free at the same time. She passionately adores the loving nature of him and respects him for his logical decisions and guidance. He harmonizes nicely with the fluctuating moods of his Cancer lady, making her feel emotionally secure, which in turn brings out all her sterling qualities of loyalty, patience and devotion. But with time he makes her realize that he does not enjoy being nagged continuously and wants his space. This can make her insecure and suspicious for sometime but with real cord of attachment and devotion given by him, she can be more confident soon.

With the splendid traits the Cancer woman and Libra man share, they can actually walk a long distance with each other. Both of them are beautifully imaginative and tenderly sentimentally to understand each others’ mood swings and hidden differences and work on those to bring an eternal harmony to their relationship. The optimism of him teaches her to be more free and experimental, while the pessimism of her shows him how to be cautious and escape undue troubles. He gives her the freedom with security that helps her to fly high and she gives him care with space that helps him to nurture beautifully. She has a sophisticated sense of humor and he has a charismatic smile, together they can laugh, balance each other out, make each others’ souls dance, and warm the other’s heart with love. They can sing and well verse poetry too as they both appreciate art and are heart-throb romantic.

Cancer woman and Libra man share a great sexual chemistry which might seem like a gift from the heavens, with their hearts feeling completely satisfied and blessed. Respecting each others’ feeling and understanding the depth of oneness, their physical love can be a beautiful experience of gentle pleasure, the kind of intimacy that makes them tremble just anticipating it in each other’s eyes, and brings them a new peace and contentment. He fills the air with romance and she cools their surroundings with her compassion, making their physical intimacy an experience full of passion and delight. But when she continues to be suspicious of the Libra man or he does not express his feelings frequently, they might get uninterested in their physical relationship. The moment they find the root cause of their problem, they find a solution as they both love harmony and so they can continue to have a peaceful relationship. She actually wants so much pleasure to give herself over to hum, but not allowing herself to do it until she trusts him deeply. She tries to keep still, remain quiet and passive, yet allow her sexual tension, her lustful arousal, slowly and continually builds.

Though the pair of Cancer woman and Libra man is not very easy to work on but there are very few broken Cancer-Libra relationships that can’t be mended. Once they are actually together, they cherish their relationship in one way or the other for rest of their lives. She can be a bit more possessive due to her insecurities and some more stingy too as she has a strong concern for money. But he needs to assure her of his loyalty and let her have a say in financial matters. Also she should give him the space he needs and be more positive towards his criticism as his only reason to point out the faults is to bring improvement and not to insult. Each of them should concentrate on the virtues of the other, even though those traits may be markedly different in each.

  1. Michelle Y May 30th, 2017

    So true on so many levels

  2. Cara Frantz May 21st, 2017

    Josh child
    I believe in fate. Because of that I believe if this is meant to be it will work out. Take slow steps and confort her. Cancers are generally very moody and emotional (in a cancer so I can relate) so be her rock along the way. I would ask her what she is trying to say and what she feels for you. Over time a couple/ kinda couple can be pulled away and you need to remember that love you two had if she feels the same way. If she doesn’t stay her friend because Ik you wouldn’t want to lose her. Again believe no matter what happens fate will bring her back if it’s meant to be.

  3. Jennifer May 17th, 2017

    My response up above was for Josh Child.

  4. Jim May 16th, 2017

    Cancer women are the best of them all. I love my cancer princess, she makes me feel loved in a way no other woman has come close to. The libra cancer match is a match made in heaven. Rocky at first but constantly improves over time. Boy, she can be touchy but so sweet and romantic , gosh I love it! Wouldn’t trade her for two worlds and the moon! We have our fights but never stay mad at each other for long, I can’t get enough of my cancer princess I love her deeply and with all my soul

  5. Josh Child April 27th, 2017

    I actually really need help. Im a libra and the person I’ve come to develop feelings for is a cancer, and we’ve been talking for almost 6 months. I was in a really dark place in my life when all of a sudden this amazing person just randomly walks up to me as I’m on the phone, and compliments me on my voice because of the fact that she likes guys with deep voices. As soon as I see her, I freeze, and my whole world flips upside down, and my heart immediately whispers that shes the one, and ever since then weve been talking nonstop. Now dont get me wrong it took a while for my feelings to really strengthen, but at the same time I’ve never felt the way I feel about her with anyone else… But heres the complications. When we ultimately admitted to eachother that we had feelings for one another, she also admitted that shes had a rough history with love, and that she doesn’t know what she really wants… which i understood, but she also admitted that she has feelings for others as well, which ties into her not knowing what she wants. As time goes by though, I ask her if she still had feelings, for me and the person she mentioned, and she said that she didnt know. Later on after that just recently, my friend John who’s a freshman, whom I introduced to her, had a seizure in class and had to go to the ER. She gets super worried to the where she said she was close to tears, and thus I naturaly comforted her and her to relax, but what bothers me is that shes only known him a couple weeks and she was all worked up over him. Now just recently she texts me saying “don’t take this the wrong way but I really miss you” (I’ve been out of school), how am I supposed to react to that? The way she texted that crushed me in all honesty, though I didn’t react that way in response to her and we just kept talking. I don’t know what to do…. my feelings for her are more than just a crush… I love her… but the circumstances haven’t exactly been helping. Can someone please help me and tell me what I’m supposed to do? I don’t want to lose her….

    • AznSensa May 6th, 2017

      I’m a cancer woman married to my libra man. He was head over heels for me and I (very similar situation as your story) was not ready for a serious relationship. However, his persistency and loyalty to me through some hard times, kept us together. His love for me and never giving up on “us” helped us through, along with God’s assistance. Cancer women are emotional creatures and we tend to care and love people. However, when it comes to romantic love (I can speak for my heart), there only room for ONE person.
      I think you should be in her life and let her know how you feel. If she’s not ready, be understanding and wait if she’s worth waiting for. I personally think, be honest and share your heart. If it works then it does, if it doesn’t then she’s not the one 🙂

    • Christina May 15th, 2017

      Cancer women we always have a rough love life bc we wear our heart too openly. Her caring for your friend may just be genuine empathy i wouldn’t freak out. What she is really saying is prove to me you’re worth my love and won’t break my heart like all the rest. Good luck

    • Jennifer May 17th, 2017

      You deserve better. Ask yourself why you are clinging to someone who is not recipricating the same deep feelings for you? Tell her point blank that you have deep feelings for her and it is not healthy for you to stay with her if she does not feel the same way. You must move on. If someday her feelings deepen, then she can look you up. You may or may not be taken. She is playing you right now and stringing you along. Don’t play that game. She will respect you more for having a spine and standing up to her nonsense. Right now you are a jellyfish. No woman is attracted
      to that.

    • Tamra May 19th, 2017

      I’m a cancer and my husband is a libra. When him and I first started off I was in a crazy place in my life and just needed a best friend. My best advice for dealing with cancer’s feelings are let them be honest with you without criticism and judgement. If she can tell you anything without fear and knows you won’t abandon her even if she shows you her truest self she will be the most loyal to you. My husband and I have an open marriage because I was able to tell him how I truly felt about him and others. We have been together for several years and everyday I chose him to be my best friend. I’ll never leave him and I know he won’t leave me and we let eachother live our truest and most complete versions of ourself.

  6. Sayed sophia April 22nd, 2017

    Hi it’s me cancer, about few week we fall in relation and I really love the balance of Libra, but sometimes I didn’t get him and turn him into negativity I know it’s my fault or I need more security, I just hate my insecurities, I’m prefect but insecurity made me imperfect haha

    • AznSensa May 6th, 2017

      Cancer women are EMOTIONAL creatures, but at the same time, we can LOVE! I’m a very lovey person by nature but my husband (libra man) brings out much more love & affection. I’ve also experienced staring into one another’s eyes for HOURS. We couldn’t explain this odd phenomenon because we just met for the 1st date. Our first encounter, we were a tad bit tipsy… and hung out with a group of friends then exchanged numbers and left. Honestly, we’ve been pretty much inseparable since then and that was almost 6 years ago. When he went to the war in Afghanistan, we were pretty much convinced by that point, we couldn’t be without one another. We have our ups and downs and there has been some ugly moments. But the many beautiful ones, over powers those. Truthfully, if there is love there, it’s unstoppable. All relationships take some work. I will say, laughter is a plus. 🙂

  7. Profile photo of oliviacopley15
    oliviacopley15 April 3rd, 2017

    Hey, im a Cancer that has a huge crush on a Libra boy. What are some tips i could use to talk to him?? Ive liked him for about 6 months now and i really get nervous trying to talk to him. What should i do???

    • Stavros April 8th, 2017

      Libra guy here.

      We love to ‘love’. Everything about it speaks to us, drives us. We wanna feel like we’re thr center of your attention, yet not in an overlu clingy but respectful way. We enjoy positive feedback, and really like to delve into romance. We need balance, and we need a willing partner who enjoys the rituals of courtship.

      And compliments will get you everywhere!

      • AznSensa May 6th, 2017

        Yes, I noticed this too. My libra guy can be very self centered and very selfish. As a cancer woman and humanitarian, this was by far one of my biggest challenges, how to show some unselflessness to a very self-full (of it) person to think of others. Over time, we were able to teach and help one another. I had to learn to be selfish in some areas, while he leanrned the opposite. It’s a gret balance. He still loves attention, Ive realized, it’s very similar to a child or puppy. 😀

    • danielle a buysse April 12th, 2017

      be straight up with him. be honest. i’m cancer woman and husband is libra. that’s how i won him. be kind, smart and straight up

      • Kristal April 17th, 2017

        Im a Cancer woman, who is into a Libra man. He is very machismo we met after 1 week, and I have been honest with him about what I have observed about him. And I am still intrigued. I feel lile hes holding back from me getting to know him but he equally communicates. I feel bad that maybe I went about things the wrong way. But he I think is hiding something. The cancer in me wants him to see how awesome I am. And Just want to get to know him…. but I dont know

      • AznSensa May 6th, 2017

        Amen to that! My libra guy does not like beating around the bush. You have to tell him how you’re feeling. They are not mind readers and mine can be very clueless. We can’t assume they understand. That’s all signs 🙂 He def does not like conflict or confrontation. Mine tends to run from that or need a cool off session. Communication is the key!

    • Cancer girl May 5th, 2017

      Trust me libra’s are good for nothing.

      P.s – I’ve been in a relationship with a libra for almost 3 years.

      • AznSensa May 6th, 2017

        Sad to hear, I ended up marrying mine and we are in love as the first day we met. There’s def chemistry between the two signs, which is prob why you were with one for three years. Not all libra men are hopeless, it may be one bad fish in the sea but there is plenty more to choose from! ❤️

    • AznSensa May 6th, 2017

      Honestly, a good sense of humor and be yourself. I noticed my libra man LOVES my flaws & imperfections. He’s very observant and on the quieter side. I’m more outgoing and social, goofball. He’s more serious, so laughter goes a long way. Showing attention and affection works on my guy, he loves it.

  8. Edwin Lopez March 1st, 2017

    This is sooo amazing!! Sure we have differences buttttt!!!! THATS WHAT MAKES A LIBRA MAN INTERESTED! 🙂 (btw I’m a libra man, dating a cancer woman) sometimes we dont agree but we go with it and laugh at each other for loving the other thing. But she is always with you and for some libras thats bad because we like our space tooo! But she makes up for th lonely space cause she is different and if she is always over you and talking to you, means she loves you and wants to stay with you. Its always funnnnn with her and you know she is the one when you laugh with her in the middle of sex all random XD I loveeeee her sooooo much!!! (I am 26).

    • Mariah April 7th, 2017

      I wish the Libra I’m in love with felt the same way. We always have a blast together sometimes even pillow fight for old times sake but then we have these moments where we just started into each other’s eyes not saying a word and as much as it makes me warm and fuzzy it makes it hard to lose my feelings for him.

  9. Profile photo of Jillrevolt
    Jillrevolt November 24th, 2015

    @SirenOfTheSea07 oh sigh, I know exactly how you feel- I did the exact same thing- its been 4 months and still nothing, He told me he loved me- and still nothing. At least you feel better about him wanting to be your friend? you at least have that.
    goodluck 🙂
    Im a cancer (7/21) who is in love with a libra (oct 4) in a love triangle by myself.

    • Chasityc1 February 9th, 2017

      Omg!!! I know I’m two years late for a comment. But I’m also a cancer 7/21 and my x lover bday was 10/5 I just thought this was super funny how close this was. But like u said I was in a love triangle by myself . Hope all is well tho

  10. Profile photo of LovelyTinka
    LovelyTinka October 12th, 2015

    @ruby_crab It’s quite ironic I read your comment first and smiled at the end realizing that we have the same first spelled the same way. I have a crush on Libra man my birthday is July 15 his is October 18. Thank you for the helpful comment.

  11. Profile photo of ruby_crab
    ruby_crab April 15th, 2015

    I’m a Cancer (July 12) in a relationship with a Libra man (October 13), and we are quite happy together. Despite my occasional mood swings and his occasional indecisiveness, we work everything out perfectly. He is the calming effect when I get moody or irritated, and I make him smile when he seems down. Us Crabs are very private and secretive about our insecurities, and he has made me so extremely comfortable that I have expressed my deepest fears and insecurities to him. He, in return, has accepted them and ensures that I am never uncomfortable and stressed. I nurture him, and I know when to let him be himself and socialize and have fun. 

  12. Profile photo of ruby_crab
    ruby_crab April 15th, 2015

    I’m a Cancer (July 12) in a relationship with a Libra man (October 13), and we are quite happy together. Despite my occasional mood swings and his occasional indecisiveness, we work everything out perfectly. He is the calming effect when I get moody or irritated, and I make him smile when he seems down. Us Crabs are very private and secretive about our insecurities, and he has made me so extremely comfortable that I have expressed my deepest fears and insecurities to him. He, in retyrn, has accepted them and ensures that I am never uncomfortable and stressed. I nurture him, and I know when to let him be himself and socialize and have fun. 

  13. Profile photo of Sbowen411
    Sbowen411 February 3rd, 2015

    @Beej I agree Im an optomist too and same i am not materialistic at all and not stingy at all. I believe though that our moon sign may be affecting that as mine is a leo which my optomisn is due too, find out yours too and it makes so much more clearer as im also very dramatic and quite like the spotlight which arent typical traits of a cancer, but my inside is very much a cancer. Your moon sign is like the shell you show to others 🙂

  14. Profile photo of SirenOfTheSea07
    SirenOfTheSea07 October 29th, 2014

    @SirenOfTheSea07 “Doesn’t do the same for him.” I don’t know how “ANSI teehee” got there. Oops!!!

  15. Profile photo of SirenOfTheSea07
    SirenOfTheSea07 October 29th, 2014

    Reading these comments give me hope. Haha! I’m a Cancer woman and I had a crush on a Libra man for years now. 4 years ago I finally told him I had a crush on him for the longest and him and I became great friends. He moved away from the city I reside in and moved 4 hours away but him and I became extremely close. He would always ask to take me out when he’s in town and I always declined because he always caught me at the wrong time. So he gets in a relationship this year and ever since he got w/ her. He just seemed easily influenced and not so much into the same things that made me more attracted to him as use to before. His girlfriend is a Libra too. She seems self absorbed. He gets her a lot of stuff ANSI don’t teehee doing the same for him. and when I found out he got a gf and I just got jealous and deleted him of my Facebook because I didn’t want to see their photos together pop on my newsfeed.
    I’m not sure how their relationship is going now. I know. They use to tag each other is so much nonsense that it’s no longer the same way and last I heard they got in a fight and he posted something to her sayin “Even though I’m mad at you doesn’t mean I’ll stop loving you.” Well it’s been like 5 months and he finally notices him and I aren’t friends on FB. He throws me a message w/ a sad face saying “We’re not friends anymore?”. I was honest and told him how I felt. I deleted him to test if he does care about me at all and I told myself if he doesn’t care he won’t even message me or call me to see what going on.
    Well he passed but he told me he stop wants to still be my friend and said I’m an awesome person and of mad at me for doing that. I feel like a complete jerk doing that but I like him so much and I feel like it’s too late. Deep down in my heart I do see something good could happened but I’m just really hurt by it. He has told me many times he likes me as a gf and a couple of our friends thought we were together at one point. I guess my question is there still a slight chance?! I’m not sure of the chemistry oc Libra man and Libra woman but I habe read they’re the perfect match for one another. 🙁 

  16. Profile photo of Godblessu
    Godblessu October 20th, 2014

    Sorry I reread my post and I totally contradicted myself. What I meant is that I think each zodiac sign that says its not a good match is who we should be with. The reason I say this is because the signs that they say that Im most compatible with Im not as we dont balance out each others flaws. It says aquarius is the best match for me, I believe as friends yes but in a relationship no as Aquarius are more detached than libras and if we are both busy all the time and unemotional how does it work? A relationship is suppose to have its ups and downs so you can both grow together but the most important part is growth. I believe I will have ups and downs with this cancer woman but in the end I believe we are suppose to be with each other so forget zodiac when it comes to compatibility. I want a woman who will have me on my toes and makes me want to change not for me but for us. Good luck and God bless

  17. Profile photo of Godblessu
    Godblessu October 20th, 2014

    Im a libra who’s in love with a cancer woman. She is very sexy and at 1st she was withdrawn and I couldn’t tell if she liked me so I figured what the hay and worst case we can just be friends but now Im very happy. The only downfall to any relationship is if you think zodiac determines who you go with then you will never find true love. The only thing about her is that she is very emotional but I think any mans objective with a woman is to show her you are there for her so any mature individual libra or not will understand that this will come in any relationship. I think sexual chemistry between libras and cancers is off the charts and also we hate to fight so if she gets mad I quickly calm her down. I believe Im somewhat of a mystery to her as Ive only showed her a quarter of me and Im just trying to figure out if I really want her in my life for a long period of time. I love her and I think if one of us were to leave the other we’d both be sick. Ive dated Aquarius = way too detached and act like nothing matters which gets boring, Scorpios are crazy as hell and I think Im done with them, Pisces cool at first but too into the very distant fairy tale land they live in, capicorn business wise yes but I will never date a Capricorn, I love Leo’s, aries, Gemini but by far this cancer is the best. It says we are the opposite but I believe the opposite is what you need in a relationship to x out any flaws as 2 of the same things gets boring after awhile. Cancer and Libra is one of the best relationships

  18. Profile photo of
    NEAROX September 14th, 2014

    I la la la looooooooooove this!!!!!! my husband is a libra I myself am a cancer omg this is soooooooooooooo true about us especially the sex topic and criticism!!!!! yessssssss!!!!! I believe 

  19. Profile photo of
    Bradly August 23rd, 2014

    As a Libra man if you have an opportunity to be in a relationship with a cancer lady do not pass it up. I’ve found the Cancer lady to be warm, sweet , mystical, witty, and very savvy! Since all Libra’s need there ego stroked, a Cancer can ruffle your feathers just the right way! Cancer’s may be moody but it will pass so just keep a cool head and there sweetness shall return. Cancer’s seek security. If you don’t value that then problem’s are sure to arise. The big “S” isn’t sex it is security! Once boundries are in place you can get on the MAGIC carpet ride. Be sure to value Cancer’s thoughts and opinions. Listen closely to there needs and wants. God gave us two ears and one mouth for a reason. Libra’s you may have to zip it up now and again. Since were all about balance it should be easy. Cancer’s tend to be a bit more organized and reign supreme in a domestic setting. Since were both very romantic one won’t end up sexually frustrated. No need to look anywhere but home! I think you compliment each other beautifully. Cancer’s make  REMARKABLE mothers if you have a family with one. My experience has been very positive. For me a Cancer is all I need. Very loyal these crabs are but be sure to proceed with caution. You may have 100 good times-3 bad times, and a Cancer will surely remember those 3. Just a thought to keep in the back of your head. Only lash out with kindness as Cancer’s are very sensitive. When there needs are met as well as yours, you may be blessed with the most loving, blissfully, magical union that gives one goosebumps!!

  20. Profile photo of CHF
    CHF August 22nd, 2014

    I am a libra man married to a gemini-cancer cusp woman for 10 years now.  We have been together for 12 years.  I think gemini-cancer is very compatible with libra, but not too sure about cancer and libra.  My wife got the best of both gemini and cancer.  She is very charismatic, intelligent, witty, outgoing, loyal and family oriented.  She is an awesome mother.  However, some of the negative traits she got from Cancer can drive me crazy.  She can be bossy, moody, obstinate, and very naggy for days on end sometimes.   If I was the same person I was in my early 20s I am not sure my wife and I would last.  I had all the traits of Libra back then.  I loved to party  all the time and socialize.  I was up for anything and easily impressionable.  No way the cancer part of my wife would have dealt with that.  I think now that I am older, I have more of the traits of a Virgo than Libra so that helps our relationship.  I am a workaholic.  I rarely like to drink or socialize.  I am a homebody and I am completely happy just being at home and around my family.  My wife and I both hate drama and would be perfectly content if we had no friends at all bringing drama into our secure little world that we share with our 2 children..Not everything is perfect; we have arguments but 99% of the time it is just bantering with each other and not anything really serious.  When there is something serious we always find a way to work through it.  I do feel like Cancer and Libra can last through any hardship if they love each other enough and communicate well, bug not perfectly compatible with each other.  They both have to make some pretty big changes to there personalities/ lifestyles and put some good effort into the relationship for it to work well…

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    drcobol2000 September 3rd, 2013


    Dump this jackass. He’s probably a Scorpio cusp and is willing to spew forth superficial comments like that. And at worse, in public, in front of your friends and family. Do yourself a favor and cut the chain on that anchor before he makes both of you a spectacle.

  22. Profile photo of
    drcobol2000 September 3rd, 2013


    You shouldn’t be so judgmental about us Libra males. I would imagine, your relationships were with those scales that were, perhaps, not tolerant of others. In my life experience (both personally and professionally), there are those who are against everything that oppose their personal values and those who are willing to try to understand others’ view of the world and, perhaps, the reasons why they feel that way. Not all of us put up a ‘front’ for others, it’s just a precious waste of time. To me, I have nothing to hide and it’s a case of WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get). In the end, everything is about communication. If you feel intimidated about asking why someone feels the way they do, you probably will be unwilling to express your concerns about why that person feels the way they do. The best way to establish good communications between people is to ask (non-judgmental) questions and have a good dialogue between both of you. There’s nothing to lose but time, but everything to gain by enriching your life by simply talking to people.

  23. Profile photo of
    drcobol2000 September 3rd, 2013


    You only regret the things you don’t try. We Libras don’t always see the forest through the trees so some motivation from ‘over the wall’ might be necessary. Granted, your Libra interest might find this aggressiveness a little off-putting, he will probably find it, albeit secretive, to be somewhat (rockets red glare, maybe?) stimulating to his ego.


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    Letsdoit August 11th, 2013

    Libra Man here, 
    I have a son, she has a son, our sons are from previous relationships.
    We are in our late 30’s
    I’ve been in a relationship with a cancerian woman for a year and a bit, she is a stunner! As a Libran man though, attraction is very important but it would seem as though she spends more time loving herself than me. She’s a bit vein. And I tell her so, it’s one thing to look after your appearance, it’s another thing to spend one’s time in the mirror. I go for inner Beauty. I myself spend little time in the mirror. I think she likes it. We are not a natural match, our relationship takes a lot of communication.
    She is intelligent, conversation is amazing and interesting, we learn off of eachother. She is calm most of time, unless pushed which is normal. Her work ethic is strong, the way she nurtures her son is respectful, caring loving and disciplined. Sexually we light one another’s fire. She is a positive person and fun to be around.
    I’m a lucky man to be with her and she is a lucky lady to be with me.
    We have both been hurt in the past, we both have barriers, it takes time to heal from past experiences. Both of ‘us’ are not perfect. We are not a perfect match. We work at our relationship, it takes a lot of honesty on both parts, I would agree strongly, that libran men appear to insult our cancerian women but that is not our intention, our intention is to make for a better relationship, I want to have a great relationship not just an average one, I want to say to people and to one another, that “I Love ‘us'”. To get to this takes a lot of communication. Cancerian woman are strong intelligent woman, I hurt my partner unintentionally when trying to explain my anger at things. But we always find a way forward eventually. I communicate more than her, she is a ‘crab’, she hides, she plays it safe, I don’t, I have to push her to bring her out of herself it irritates me sometimes that I do initiate communication about ‘us’. But it’s worth it.
    Somehow ‘we’ work. We have a lot of laughs. We function well together. Most of the time we are a good ‘team’ together. She finds a way forward when I cannot see a way forward sometimes. Its an interesting combination the two of ‘us’
    This is all randomly put together and ‘off the cuff’
    I agree with other people on here who write about some of the cancerian women comments ( that they are pessimists ) I don’t agree with it, I think it may be geared to younger cancerians. Older cancerian women can ‘negative spiral’ but can’t we all? Generally they are very positive strong women. 
    I agree with a lot of the stuff said about our zodiac match though.
    Bla Bla Bla 

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    Beej July 21st, 2013
    i have 4 questions and some advice ., just my opinion as a cancer woman to a libra male (I don’t know the entire situation but just felt compelled to answer :)..) 

    this cancer female that has proclaimed her love to you .. Is she a friend of both you and your current partner?  If so you should really consider the ramifications of ANY decision you come to decide to do .. As it could backfire and become a messy situation if you aren’t completely honest with all parties involved ..! 
    You stated that you do not share the same proclaimed love expressed by this woman ~> As cancer female myself ., I will tell you how I would want to be clued in on the fact that you do not share the same feelings.. ~ but first im thinking you need to sit down and think ~ is it possible you have sent unintentionally mixed vibes her way.? Resulting in her falling for you..?
    Have you been flirting or have you actually had an affair with this woman.?! Because then you will have an entirely different ball game going on .. We cancer woman tend to get attached when we give ourselves completely to a man .. I’m not talking fatal attraction but its going to be harder to dismiss her .. 
    is your current relationship is one that you plan on sticking with and are in love with this Capricorn? If so than I suggest you be honest with this Caprocorn and come clean with situation at hand ~ suggesting you do not keep secrets , if she hears about this months from now it will only cause much more drama for you ~ and who needs drama ?!? 

    Now on to my suggestion on letting this cancer woman down gently .. First tell her you are flattered and that if your situation were different (not in a relationship) you would possibly be more receptive to her .. Tell her this (but in a better way or way you would sound like yourself) “ there is a  single guy out there that is gonna be one lucky guy .., But hypothetically speaking if that guy were to me and we were together ~> you wouldnt be to happy with me if acted on someone that had feelings for me..” Tell her you have feelings for Capricorn and you could never be that guy that goes astray .. She SHOULD understand that and it will play on her conscious that she is going after an unavailable guy..! 
    Good luck , I hope it all works out for you !! 

  26. Profile photo of
    Beej July 21st, 2013

    I have to disagree on just a couple of descriptions made .. where it states that the cancer women are pessimists that can also be a bit possessive due to her insecurities and also can be stingy ~> having a strong concern for money.
    I as a cancer woman (39) i can tell you i am the optimist / glass half full 95% of the time..!! can honestly say that i am the complete opposite of stingy.. I would give my last 5$ to a homeless man on the corner , or to a stranger at a checkout line that came up $5 short ..! That is my nature .. Possessive I am NOT … I do not demand undivided  attention nor an unwillingness to share anything I already have..  if I have something you want its yours , material things hold zero presidents in my life ~ money is the root of all evil and as long as I have everything I need i.e. necessities  .., I don’t WANT anything but my family, love, music  and to be able to throw my arms around the libra man that has ahold of my heart and has me enamored and in awe of his beautiful and talented soul..!!
    it is possible these horoscope readings are more directed toward the younger cancer woman , as my daughter is also a cancer and she has shown to be a pessimist , forever doubting herself and those around her .. causing her to feel insecure.. also proven to be stingy and possessive with material things due to a strong concern with money..! But like myself I believe that she will grow out of that mind frame .. 
    in my experience i have noticed that cancer women learn quickly , taking things to heart, and really absorbing the knowledge of which is provided.. When someone talks we listen intently.!  growth comes with having an open mind and ability to think outside ourselves and realizing that this world is much bigger than us .. Taking under consideration that each individual thinks & reacts differently than the next but that doesn’t mean one person is better, smarter or more correct than the other …accepting that its just different ..! 
    being the sensitive sign , those of us who share this sign will agree we have a huge heart and conscious making it impossible to forget if we ourselves have unintentionally hurt someone .. And just the same when someone hurts us ..! In hindsight its important to remember to take under consideration the possibility that when we feel hurt by someone ., they could have also “unintentionally” meant to … 
    the rest of what i read was spot on .. and to this day fascinates me as to how accurate astrological readings are with describing an individual accociated with their sign..! I do believe these should be redone and more defined with the notion of age in mind 😉 

  27. Profile photo of June 5th, 2013

    Need help, plzzz! i’m a Libra man! i already in relationship with a Capricorn woman, till now a Cancer woman came along and told me that she loves me! that’s realy confusing me eventhought i don’t love her! what would i do???

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