Virgo Man and Aquarius Woman Compatibility

The combination of Virgo and Aquarius is quite a typical one. Aquarius gets off on visions, possibilities, and opportunities while Virgo is most concerned with making a relationship work. Mentally, both might have much to share but their physical aspects and worldly needs are very different from one another.

A Virgo man’s life revolves around himself. He is very analytical and pessimistic and expects perfection from those who surrounds him. He spends a lot of time pointing out the flaws of the others instead of looking in the mirror and finding the flaws within him. He is a focused person and due to it he may often miss all of the other things that are going on around him, such as the emotions of his friends or lover. Surprisingly, Virgo man is able to excel at carrying out the duties of a husband but the problem is to get him committed.

Aquarius woman is generally very friendly and sweet lady who is not just intelligent, but often genius. She may seem detached from the rest of the world but actually she is extremely alert, never missing a fine detail. She is very intuitive and often scary psychic. She is born with a fine tool that many others seemed to lack. Innately an alarm goes off inside of her telling her instantaneously something is not right. Love is not a very good idea for an Aquarius female in the beginning as she confuses it with friendship. But gradually she learns to care and feel.

Aquarius woman is very bubbly and friendly lady with an impressive intelligence to make a Virgo man fall for her. She loves to dream and admire her dreams and her fancy dream world. Nothing can ever stop her, not even her stable Virgo man. She brings a new spunk and excitement to the life of her Virgo male and shows him the horizons he has never ever dreamed of. Though it is not her ability to pay attention to fine detail, it is her intuition telling her that awakes her when something goes wrong or when he needs her helping hand. When she finds love that is fulfilling emotional, mentally and physically which she receives from her Virgo man, she is ready to head to the altar to get properly engaged. But sometimes she can be very cold and detached which can make him insecure.

A Virgo man is sincerely devoted to his woman and this is what makes him a great match for Aquarius woman. Though, he needs a great amount of time to ponder before making life altering changes, even if he is completely madly in love but once he decides then he is the most dedicated and loyal partner. He and his Aquarius woman do not really bother each other with their natures, but they rarely have much to do with one another. The timing between a Virgo man and Aquarius woman is typically off. She has the ability to show many people how wrong they truly are, which does not suits well with to him. Once he smells his own stench of failure, usually pointed out by his Aquarius lady, he shuts down and no longer wants to communicate with her. Together they lack the communication needed to keep a relationship thriving.

As the twinkling eyed Aquarius woman solves the silent mystery of her Virgo man and brings in new dimensions of excitement in his life, they both enjoy the warmth and fun of life with unconditional love and stability that is a rare thing for Aquarius woman to experience. Their love has all the expressions of enthusiasm and romance and yet has a silent serenity. With her expressing face — having a flashing quicksilver exquisiteness for her Virgo man — and he having all the care and substance to give to his Aquarius woman — they make a perfect togetherness with blissful thoughts and deep intellect. Their achievements and accomplishments are so very delightful for them, that they always bring home the trophy of success when they work shoulder to shoulder supporting each other. Together they discover the inner beauty of hearts and relations and understand the oneness that keeps them close forever.

Sexual intimacy between Virgo man and Aquarius woman cannot be awarded as a very good experience. Virgo man has intense desires and way of expressing love while Aquarius woman takes love making for granted. She is one of the few women of the zodiac who is able to have a sexual relationship with a man while not being romantically involved. She can return to her own world of ideas and dreams with no strings attached. While the Virgo man has very different point of view regarding physical intimacy where it is both on emotional and physical level giving complete gratification to both the partners. If the two have any type of relationship it would be a friendship that from time to time involves meaningless sex. He requires a relationship to have some meaning. Therefore, the lack of empathy between the two may lead to an uninteresting love making where either one or the other feels unsatisfied. The one way to make it better is to understand each other’s need; Virgo man should be more creative in his physical expression while Aquarius woman should be more sincere towards their intimacy to make the relationship better.

As problems creep in the relationship of Aquarius woman and Virgo man, they get to move on in opposite directions more quickly then couple from other zodiac signs. When she finds that he has made a mistake that breaches their trust and loyalty she instantly becomes detached from the relationship. It is not that she is unable to forgive; it is that the purity of the relationship has been tainted with. She requires a pure clean connection with a man, so once the connection becomes fuzzy she disconnects and moves on to a new man who is able to provide her with purity. These two typically have a doomed stricken relationship. The only thing that can prevent destruction between the two would be true love. They may be able to find love in their intellectual worlds they both seem to live in. They both have to work very hard in order to keep a happy healthy relationship between the two.

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AndrayaTheTerrible (@AndrayaTheTerrible) : January 2nd, 2016
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The author of this is so spot on, I know I come off as disconnected in a relationship, and I recently reconnected with a friend who quickly pushed me into a relationship, he is a Virgo and he is soooo judgie and if I point it out he becomes very defensive is quick to call me out on my mistakes. Idk how much longer I can deal we don\’t tango well together at all. And the sex is horrible and idk how much longer I can deal with that

Reply ( : January 29th, 2016
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Wow this totally nailed my problem with the Virgo man I was dating. Everything was going great until he dropped a bomb on me out of nowhere. Which made me withdraw from him emotionally and he could not understand why. Reason why the importance of purity in the beginning and once it becomes tainted it\’s hard to go back.

AquaSarah (@AquaSarah) : February 21st, 2016
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comment’s even said what i was about to say. i guess i would never try to search this page. but what can i say i am going through a rough patch with a virgo male. he is too judgemental, he is picky.. he belittles me. he is pessimistic. he doesn’t care about my opnion. he complains about everything but doesn’t see the real prob. which is him being to0 negative and thus hurting other people for being an ass. i thought it was temporary but trust me it is not. couple of months passed. if i try to… explain or point out the problem or.. give opinion. he blames me and my problems. he have a huge anger issues too. it wasn’t like this before. i guess in time real personality comes out. now i dont know what to do. it has been more than 2 years. and if i want to break up. he is like i will die! i feel like shit.  

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