Cancer Man and Scorpio Woman Love Compatibility

Cancer Man and Scorpio Woman Compatibility in 2021

Family and home matter most in 2021 to you both. You are feeling increased urgency to reach out to your extended family network, especially elders. This could be due to a loss or near loss of a grandparents, prompting you to refocus on what matters most. The Scorpio woman in particular may be struggling with a religious quandary or absence of faith after a recent loss or setback. Put worries to bed by talking to the Cancer man about the questions that you bothering you. It could be that you are each thinking about the next step in your relationship, including future generations. Getting a break by stepping outside of your own problems would be helpful. As a couple, sign up to do some charity work. It would be rewarding and bonding for you.

Cancer Man and Scorpio Woman Relationship - Complete Guide

Since both the Cancer and Scorpio are Water signs, they blend well with each other and pair up easily. Both the Cancer and the Scorpio takes commitment seriously, and none of them is frivolous with their romantic feelings and expressions. They both create a strong bond of unlimited passion and compassion.

A Cancer man is very courteous and considerate man with sharp intellect and overwhelming sense of humor. He has the great ability to laugh at things that irk him and he can even laugh at himself showing the ease of his nature. Though his pessimism is depressing but usually he is alert enough to avoid such situations. He has a cautious nature and he tends to think rationally before doing anything. He always proves to be a lot of fun as a lover. He has a streaking sophistication that deeply impresses a Scorpio woman. He is definitely good at earning and saving money but hates wastefulness.

A Scorpio woman is a completely confident woman with magnetic attraction in her personality. She is all woman with seducing beauty and enough glamor to make the heads turn for her. The faith and passion for love comes naturally to her. When in a relationship with Cancer man, she provides a lot of affection both emotionally and physically to make him feel secure. She is a possessive lover and jealousy may arise when she finds other girls around her lover and may even get suspicious at small things.

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A Scorpio woman easily attracts a Cancer man with her dazzling personality and charming persona. She is a strong woman with a fragile heart that loves her Cancer male with complete devotion and loyalty. She is an intense lover who makes him feel secure as for the first time he gets a mate who is more devoted and possessive then he himself. She helps him to flourish a career and herself also stand as a woman of substance with a career to be envied. She wonderfully esteems the protective and witty nature of him but her sense of self-importance makes her to dislike jokes aimed towards her. At times she can be viciously suspicious and her fury can give some unforgettable bruises to the sensitive Cancer heart. However, she is generally a very warm lady with generous attitude and passionate display of love.

A Cancer man is one person who can protect the Scorpio woman without making her feel dominated. He has a sensitive nature and makes her a part of his own sensitivity with lots of pampering. He is a faithful lover who always backs his Scorpio female to support her in all ups and downs of life. He always makes his lady love smile and feel assured with his sophisticated sense of humor and dedicated love that he showers on her compassionately. He easily forgives her even when she behaves in a rude way but displays his anxiety if he gets to know that she is hiding something from him. As calm and lovable Cancer male is, he can be sometimes very moody and insecure giving hitches to the Scorpio woman who gets confused on such responses of her man.

As these two Water signs fall for each other, they make a perfect relationship. This couple is tremendously loyal to each other and with increasing confidence in the relationship; their secrecy element dissolves away making them closely attached emotionally, mentally and physically in a complete unison! Together they are likely to have a fabulous relationship along with a flourishing career. The Cancer man makes his charming lady smile with his sense of divine comedy while the Scorpio woman makes her gentleman feel more loved with her immense devotion. As the love between this couple intensifies, they plunge in a never ending stream of affection to be lost forever. Their love becomes warmer than sunshine and cooler than sprinkle to give them a blissful pleasure of oneness. With each passing day their differences melt away making them one soul dwelling in two bodies!

Both, the Cancer man and Scorpio woman enjoy an excellent physical relationship with a great amalgam of Water from cool to warm to hot! The chemistry shared by them can be attributed to the harmony that prevails in the relationship. Once he becomes confident in a relationship, he strongly displays his wildly fervent side. The Cancer man and Scorpio woman can infuse their emotional sides in the physical relationship, and it helps them to have a wholesome relationship where the partners do not compartmentalize sex and emotions separately. He provides strong compassion and she gives thrilling passion to their love- making. Since they are very emotionally attached to each other even during the process of lovemaking, they can experience the joys of a physical relationship with great emotional attachment and sentimental involvement that very few couples can experience. This explains the powerful initial attraction between the two lovers, their pain when separated and their abundant opportunities for reconciliation after a quarrel. At times the sizzling Scorpio woman can take the help of sex in order to manipulate her Cancer man. Sometimes he won’t mind it, but whenever he senses an attack at his basic rights, he would more fiercely repel the tricks played by her.

Though basically the relationship of the cancer man and Scorpio woman is full of love and passion but both of them find it difficult to follow the lead of the other partner and it causes some amount of problem. Both of them nurture secrets well but they both are uncomfortable if their partner hides something from them. He is not as intense as her and this can cause some fissure in the association. The willingness of the Scorpio female to take risks and enter into unknown situations is considered foolish by Cancer male while she finds him less courageous. He may also find her very suspicious while she may find her moody and cold at times. But these problems can be worked out once they both decide to be together because both are strongly determined people with a lot of respect for true love and sincere devotion.

  1. Lady-Scorp August 23rd, 2011

    Things have come a long way since my last post. But still not quite where they should be. It is ok though doing things the old fashioned way has made us closer.He has not directly said I love you but when told We love you meaning me and my son. The response was love yall back. It has been a struggle with this man to get him to open up. He even tried to push me away. Once by saying he keeps me at a distance so he wont hurt me. The next time was he didn’t want a relationship because he is not where he wants to be financially. After that last statement he all of a sudden changed. Then everything was babe this babe that. I am back home after my 2month visit with my family. He is still callling me babe something he never did before. He will be moving from where he lives and coming closer to where I live in a year. It has taken a year for us to get where we are. Which no we are not in my eyes a couple, but a friend of mine says even a blind man can see we are one step away from being one.

  2. hubbify77x August 22nd, 2011

    Constance I’m pleased to hear that you have discovered about the Almighty crab (haha). As with any sign any person etc. Etc. Don’t worry about how to deal with them if they like you or don’t like you that’s their problem not yours. Naturally changing who you are happens in that honey moon period but eventually everyone reverts back and then its hormones to the back reality to the front!

    So from my understanding you are taken by the wonders of this man but are concerned if you let him know about you and your interest in him that its going to leave you hurting? If that is the case I see one of two probabilities the first being he never knows and you keep pining ultimately making you suffer more long term and guess what you never allow him the opportunity to see how amazing you are. How is that fair to you or him?

    The second probability you tell him what is up… he responds great take it from there. He doesn’t then really so what it wasn’t meant to be…you tried. You will always have that fact. There are plenty of great men out there I think once the infatuation passes on the splendors of this mighty cancer man the fear will go away and logic will return. Personally I say talk to him… follow your heart it guides you for a reason but you don’t need me to tell you that! I wish you the best of luck and I hope you decide to make that decision to talk to him.

  3. PinkChampagneCake August 22nd, 2011


    Derek, I need some advice.

    I’m a female Scorpio, 40. Unfortunately, I’ve never crossed paths with a Crab male in a romantic way so I don’t know how to deal with them.

    I signed up to an online dating site months ago just to see who’s out there, not expecting anything. I came across a profile of a Crab male my age that has left me shaken. His profile is honest and very funny. He’s good-looking and seems to have strong family values.

    I don’t want to date him. He seems to prefer women of his own race which I’m not so I won’t fool myself there that he could/should change his mind, but my heart keeps telling me to message him just to show how much I appreciate that he seems like a wonderful guy. Should I do it or leave him alone? I’m a bit emotional right now so it’s hard to think straight.

  4. hubbify77x August 16th, 2011


    Oh man, I will be blunt I don’t envy your mind right now. When I felt like you have I went to a doctor they just threw xanax at me, which was a terrible idea because all that did for me was amplify the dark place I was in I was zoned out creepy calm though my thoughts still ran and they ran dark, so best advice I can give don’t turn to anything other than healthy alternatives like exercise and guided meditation etc. Keep yourself as busy as possible because idle thoughts are NOT your friend right now just make yourself as tired as possible too so you can get heavy sleep and not even wake up with the “oh yeah this is how things are” pangs. It’s great that you have new strength and that you are getting support especially from the people who are intimately aware of the situation.

    I imagine you are learning a lot of what not to do in giving your power away, seeing as reattaining it feels great but at the same time feels horrible because of the implication of others involved.

    You and I both know that it is over. You will probably always love her but know that being with her is not the best thing for either of you. I am pretty amazed though that as you have described this strong woman…seems petty. I hope for her that she learns that if she does this bending over backwards to please others thing is ultimately just going to make her miserable.

    Don’t put too much effort in her plea attempts I recognize it sounds callous but look at your history. I know you are aiming for happiness one way or another and if a break a clean break. You and she both deserve to be happy. I can tell you if you have almost split this many times it just won’t work. I did the exact and I do mean exact same thing. And I had the an almost verbatim plea and what happened to me was another fight happened and I told her look I don’t even think we can be friends. Which of course made me an asshole but it was the truth at the time. (Interestingly 6 years later now I am going to talk to her soon due to an amazing set of circumstances and she wants to talk to me to see how I have been. holy cow!)

    I’m happy for you, all of this confusion and pain is just a process you are resynching yourself of sorts. Just endure, stay strong, know no matter what you made the right decision and LEARN from it all.


  5. MetalShell August 16th, 2011

    I feel many emotions right now, such as anger, confusion, relief, sadness, impatience.. etc. Anger at letting it get to this point, and letting my self become this unhappy. Relief, everything is out and my deamnds have been put out there in a very serious manner. Sadness, I don’t want to hurt her and bring sadness to the entire family. Impatience, I just want to know when it will be better (together or not). More confusion than anything. I feel relieved, but feel like maybe nothing was acheived. I put all my feelings out there and stood very strong as she attacked me and as she was bewildered and then while she was balling her eyes out, but it got turned around on me after she collected her self, expressed her intense love for me, and expressed her willingness to do anything. So desparation turned it around and i’m giving her that chance to make this work another “last time”, she even expressed the idea of us still being together but living in different places as a regular thing if it makes me happy. SO, confusion is here. She said she doesn’t want to be walking on eggshells the rest of our lives, but unfortunately it’s reached that point to if the little things even come back it will drive me over the edge again.
    Essentially I feel it’s pointless to give her the chance to change the things that bother me (ex: too impatient, overly criticizing about almost everything, a weird obsessive-compulsive skin-picking, wanting to spend more than I like.) when I believe that will be too much to change for her. Do I give her the chance to prove we can work and to see if i’m still “in-love” or decide to move on, give up… Confusion.
    By allowing her this chance I feel like what I already have done is in vain and will have to happen again…
    But, in the meanwhile, i’m already feeling better as we have distanced a good amount and I have more strength than ever and feel more in control of my freedom.
    It’s good, it’s bad, it’s complicated and confusing (atleast in my head). Oh all most of my friends (some mutual friends of ours) completely understand the situation and actually support what i’m trying to do! 🙂 Either way, whatver happens, it’s not going to be the same again. I have renewed strength for myself to be happy, so I will do what I want for myself even at her expense now (not my daughter though ).

  6. hubbify77x August 15th, 2011

    Brent, I am curious how else you feel besides being an A-hole. Personally, I would not think a week was long enough I am basing this off of when I split from my similar relationship the first 3 days were awful it felt like 3 weeks. And even though it got progressively better it took me 3 weeks to adjust to the idea I was no longer with her and it was really over. That “reality” made the biggest difference to me in order to know I how I felt. The trial separation I have to admit I didn’t see coming but in my opinion I think will be detrimental because there is that mindset of “we’re together still” especially in those weaker need to run to someone moments. On the flip side of this complicated circumstance it should garner you much needed clarity.

    There are a few things I gleaned from what you said she said which made me curious about her belief systems I wanted to run by you. To you does it seem like she believed by simply going to the counselor would automatically fix the problems and you two automatically be together? I find it interesting that a strong woman is interdependent on the fact she needs someone to be SOMETHING, what do you think? The other being why won’t you love me etc etc. listen to the block the pain she is getting from it there is a belief there along the lines “I love you then you need to love me unconditionally” yet at the same time a part of her is not loving you unconditionally so it is unharmonious and brings pain. I think it’s good that you reassured her. The whole lying about love thing nothing be real you being selfish at this time I think it’s important that you have the reassurance to know that she is very obviously coming from a place of hurt when she says that and you have already bent over backwards so know that from my “onlooker” perspective it’s not true. Also know no matter what this is a LEARNING experience and a hard one no matter the outcome and as you probably instinctively know you are going to be crazy stronger because of it. Like I have been saying if she wants to make this work she has to work past her blocks and belief systems that are creating the disharmony like the one I previously mentioned. I am sure there are many blocks because that’s being human. She in my opinion needs to understand that she is perfectly capable with you or without you and you are the same. And both of you (I think in this her more her than you here) Need to understand and respect how the other person just “is” because without it there is a lack of that very important respect that helps people change in order to be together.

    Oh that craziness the whole “I love you but we aren’t together because being with you makes me unhappy.” Do your best to not micromanage the details of the events of the past approaching them in how to change or work with them. Each moment is a new one for change understanding and clarity. More than anything meditate find peace within yourself know it is NOT THE END OF THE WORLD especially during the dark moments. Again I can’t stress this enough go find that book I had suggested just read it at the store if you don’t have the money once you learn what it teaches you ask for help clarity and strength in the way it teaches you to meditate, I think you will find it very beneficial.

    Be strong man, remember this is all just a learning experience it doesn’t have anymore power than what you give it. It won’t kill you but only make you stronger from learning it. The end of something is always the birth of something new. Lastly, the pain that you feel is never permanent. Best of luck Brent I hope you find peace and clarity soon!


  7. MetalShell August 15th, 2011

    Young Crab,
    I remember the days of being a young crab back then. I’m 26 now. Everything was tough to “scuttle” over and any blows were harmful blows. I’ll tell you that there isn’t really an easy way to make your shell tougher. For me it was instinct and I naturally steered myself into difficult situations with people that challenged me. I dont think I was intending to, but naturally I wanted to be a stronger person since I was little. Things I did was: I dated powerful girls that were pushy, needy and/or difficult, that’s built up my shell immensely; Next was find a job that would toughen me as well, that ended up being construction. Construction was both the best and the worst for me. It toughened me up a lot! But the negative energy around that environment became too much for me alongside dealing with being married and having a toddler.
    My adivse is go out there and find ways to grow, to toughen, without losing the sense or your own well-being.

  8. MetalShell August 15th, 2011

    So yesterday I broke my news to her, and it was a long of various reactions and emotions. At first, she was calm and attentive and agreed to a trial separation (a trial seemed necessary to figure out whether I need to be bymyself and whether I’m still in love with her). After accepting it she went into sadness/depression and thought “What am I going to do without you, I am nothing..”. That was hard, but I reminded her of what she needs to do for herself and how she is worthy and loved and valued. After that we went to the park where I played with my little girl and she sat in the car, lost…
    Once we got home, then started the explosion that I was waiting/fearing this entire week. She started vicious attacking me, accusing me of lying about our love, about nothing we had ever being real, about me being selfish at the cost of her and our child. Then she combined that anger with fear and said, “why dont you love me, what’s wrong with me that you wont love me”
    Needless to say I held a lot stronger than expected, probably because I kept a strong perspective on the stages/emotions that she was going through, but this was definitely the hardest thing I’ve done, and felt like the biggest A-hole I ever have.
    Ultimately after the last explosion of anger and fear, she went outside for half an hour or so and talked to our current counselor about it. (Our counselor we only see once in a while when we want to see ourside ourselves and gain new perspective and goals.) Our counselor just kinda informed her that she was not surprised of this circumstance and that it’s reached a point where we have to keep working on it or move on, because we need to be happy.
    After that she came back in, kind of renewed, and told me and described to me how she doesn’t want to give up and that she will do whatever possible it takes to make this work. After that I shortened our trial separation down to a week from a month, and it’s still awkward and i think we’re both more confused than ever. I guess i’ll find out after I have my week. “whew” just craziness…

  9. hubbify77x August 14th, 2011


    Brent I am happy to help especially with anything that echoes something I have experience in! If you don’t do it, keep a dream notepad, and when you wake up, try to stay still reminisce for a few minutes about your dream, remember what happened, and write it down. I personally google dream interpretation after this and I think I get or something similar I think you will find their views fascinating.

    Okay now onto the Libra. My mother is a Libra and sounds like what you have described, so I believe I definitely know what I am talking about here. A strong personality like that…that recovers quickly etc. That is an air sign thing in my opinion they are all about talking and venting with their words it’s what they do. They really don’t take things as personal as say you and I do. How I work is when I hear something I measure it with my heart and it just stays there, thoroughly unpleasant and not COMPLETELY understandable by an air person. So here’s the lesson that was very hard for me maybe you will be to utilize it…Not everyone is the same, not everyone feels like I do, there are people who can handle situations I find tough easier than I can.

    For you specifically I can tell you what you are doing. You are giving your power away to her. You should in my opinion respect it but also remember you are not any less powerful than she is. For the sake of peace and harmony I know you are at the point of just wanting to avoid anything that is less than the ideal peacefulness that you have in your head and heart. Also, very important by staying with her do you make her unhappy? If by being together both people are really unhappy then what is the point? Just doing it to take care of the kid? How happy will that kid be seeing and learning that life is about being unhappy and fighting and digging at people? And in turn may follow in the same footsteps as her parents.

    I can tell you to those fights that hurt, they won’t always hurt eventually there comes bitterness and callousness and if you’re not careful a crutch: booze drugs and women etc. that stem out of unhealthy relationships.

    On a happier note, I am glad to see you meditate there are few things that allow such a good rebalancing and perspective than a meditative clear mind. I don’t know how good you are at it but if you can do a guided meditation via instructions. go to Barnes and Noble or any large book store and find Theta Healing by Vianna Stibal (read it or buy it) it’s about a 20 dollar book maybe less. There are instructions in there that I would like you to try. you will know the instructions well for the book repeats how to do it many times. Just see how it makes you feel. The important thing is just try.

    Yes, I am interested in hearing of your exploits, I mean you came here for help after all I hope I have supplied it. =)! I have decided to not be in a relationship right now I am finishing college first (Powers that be willing) I am working towards being a counselor haha. Maybe someday I will have a Scorpio I just want to make sure I have the means to make a great life to keep her!

  10. hubbify77x August 14th, 2011

    @The Young Crab

    Your post could have blasted me in the past. I was 17 when I had my first in depth Scorpio girl experience. We were odd, but it was such a unique way that it felt special. The intensity of that girl for me the only way I could describe it was almost like a born-again Christian Hallelujah experience if she told me I was healed then by gummit I felt the FORCE inside me. While I have had many relationships after that girl she was my only Scorpio experience and I can honestly say no other girl has given me that intensity and made me feel the way she did. But sadly she was visiting from Alaska (I’m in California) and the short time I had with her came to an end.

    Young Crab in my opinion the way to your goal is just live your life, 18 is young (You would have had a hard time convincing me of that when I was 18!, I was a high school survivor after all.)Also don’t worry on just getting a Scorpio the right girl will be the right girl for a reason. As a matter of fact the right girl may have a Scorpio moon so everything she does sub-conciously would be a Scorpio anyway so do NOT just focus on the sun signs (you will be confused as hell and badly disappointed when you have starkly contrasting experiences from one person to the next…I speak from experience here.)

    What I am about to inform you is a potentially powerful tool learn well from it: David DeAngelo Cocky Funny go look it up. And study it well. It teaches you to have confidence in yourself how not to be shattered after one relationship to the next etc. Also very important to obtain your goal always respect yourself believe in yourself and listen to your heart I understand it sounds very cliche~, but, I can tell you I did not do it and I (I am sure as many others have as well) paid dearly.

  11. MetalShell August 13th, 2011

    Thank you Derek for both, a quick response, and great feedback. I’ve been searching within myself and letting my dreams help guide me as well (since our dreams are really just our mind sorting everything out). Like you stated with your relationship with your Aquarius, that it was the hardest thing you have done in a relationship, only boasts my reasoning for staying in this relationship even longer than i should have. My Libra is very powerful and very strong and not afraid to use any of it. This is both what i love about her and dislike about her. Because she is so powerful, our fights are extreme and hurt, and while she gets over it after some sleep, im left still upset about it for a couple days. So i guess over time i started to avoid fights so that i wouldnt have to deal with that pain, but in turn deal with inner unhappiness leading to anger. I’ve reached my limit with holding so much in to help this relationship work. i’ve done meditation for a long time and it helps center me and gain some clarity. I realize now that I must go through the tornado or air that she is to get to the serenity of myself. I’ve known how hard this will be for years, but pushed on the thought that it would get better, but obviously has only gotten better a little and based off of mutual sacrifice that we both are unwilling to permanently change.
    I tell ya man, it’s been great to hear a fellow cancer again, as I haven’t had a cancerian friend since I was little. Thank you for your advise, personal stories, and overall caring. It’s much appreciated. If you like I will update you on the circumstances in the future. Also, I was curious, how is your relationships going right now? Are you with a scorpio?

  12. JamaicanCrab August 13th, 2011

    After reading all this. I feel intellectually and emotionally overwhelmed. But at the same time I feel enlightened. I just turned 18 this July. I always came here for inspiration hoping that I could win the heart of this resilient Scorpio girl. But I feel as if I completely failed. The story would sound completely ridiculous to you guys as well. Nothing happened at all but I felt chemistry like never before i have never shared a laugh with a girl like that in my whole life, I love cracking jokes and she cant help but hide her smile with her hands. Sad thing is, I’m moving away after tommorow and I felt as if ive failed by wasting all this time. I forgive myself for it tho and took it as a lesson. I still have feelings for her and probably will have them permanently as a friend. Even if shes not interested at all I would protect her with all my strength. I wish I could open up to her and tell her these things but it didn’t happen.

    Derek : How can I become an evolved king crab that protects with its impenetrable shield and loves so softly throughout its core. I know I need just general confidence, but also the control of my maternal clingy behavior and my very intense emotions.

    And for all these mature Scorpios. How can I win a Scorpio? Or as I think I saw up there let myself be caught by one? ( hehe :p ) I’m devoted to become this spicy crab you guys speak of. I’m already very humble, but my feelings are hurt easily

    I already have so much passion built up inside of me and I really just want to take care of someone with my life. Most of my friends in highschool are Aries but I do have a cancer buddy.


    I just wanna love!

  13. hubbify77x August 11th, 2011

    Hey Brent,
    Thanks for the compliment, that kind of thing means a lot to me.

    Now, as I am sure you’re feeling this immensely, this situation is endlessly complicated, and in my humble opinion there is nothing worse than a complicated relationship to hi-jack even the best of days.

    To start, I will say this I have had the extremely intoxicating relationship that is Air (Libra) *Mine was an Aquarius* and Water (Cancer) myself. The foray of words, the quick to say I love you’s because it just feels so good to have it be reciprocated. And then the nature of the base elements rear themselves Air being all about the mind and logical and Cancer feeling things out with emotions. Though this is the most basic of basic approaches to Sun signs and there are many things that have to be taken into account for example to me it sounds like your Mercury and her Mercury (the planet of communication) have conflicting signs. All of that astrology and there is the whole nurture thing as well how you and she were raised etc. etc. It is all one big mess.

    For me separating from my Air sign girl was the hardest thing I ever had to endure, as far as relationships go. I did not have a child with her but I wanted the relationship to succeed so badly I was willing to take on a religion to make peace, go to counseling to work out our issues, I hunted for activities that we could do together that (much to my bane) wouldn’t end up in ANOTHER argument.

    Now the best option for me ultimately was simple: no longer be together, though at the time you could have sworn you were ripping my heart out and shoving it in my face, when I actually had to go through it. But, I can honestly say I am SO so so so so so so much better off being out of that relationship and now I am aware of that possible disharmony I will never endure that again, plus I will have a much better chance at getting that relatively to mostly harmonious long term relationship.

    For you first and foremost, you have to think (Like you aren’t doing that enough already right?)”Can I see myself being happy with this woman over the course of 16 years to the rest of my life?” If that thought is unbearable then make a plan of action. Know you have obligations to your child etc. move in with friends family or what not get on your feet and this way you won’t have to worry about her spending. Look for a better job and just not be obligated to her.

    On the flip side of this however you might be thinking “IT WAS SO GOOD BEFORE IF WE CAN BE LIKE THAT AGAIN?!” Unfortunately, I believe you are trying to re-acquire the honey moon phase. I personally have not seen relationships go back into that phase. But there are steps you can take like counseling which you have already done, to more radical things.

    Seeing as this is an astrology site, you could get a full work up of the love relationship between you and her you would need both of your birthdate/place/time and then comb through the break down and be aware of the good and the bad and TRY very hard not to focus on one or the other! You can then be aware of some of those land mines and when you see them creep up probably be a bit more accepting.

    I realize this next thing I am going to tell you is VERY down the rabbit hole but hey it’s an astrology site and people who come here do defy convention at least a little bit. There is a modality called Theta healing in short it’s a guided meditation where you mentally connect to God (The creator of all that is) and change things around you as well as change yourself *NOTE I HATE PUSHING BELIEF SYSTEMS/RELIGIONS*. There is a lot to it. Anyway the reason I am telling you this is specific and the logic makes sense. When a person does something that upsets you and they don’t really understand that they are doing it, it is YOUR problem, it is your TRIGGER. There is a conflict in your belief system that is making the disharmony and generally what happens is you get annoyed person reacts and you trigger something in their belief system argument ensues etc. A headache and some ruffled feathers later all you can think about is how annoying that person is.

    This modality if you decide to learn it will teach you a great number things and is extremely beneficial. It could fix your perspective on the relationship or make it so you have all that you ever need to make the right decisions for you with the utmost confidence. Say like you split with the Libra it can teach you it’s all okay and then you can manifest a Scorpio I am not joking. Like I said: “rabbit hole.”

    In summation if you are already thinking about separation and you are already in counseling to fix it even though it is the best it has ever been post honey moon phase these feelings are in you. The advice that I have offered it is an opportunity to see where the disharmony lies and try to correct it beyond the advice an hour a week a counselor. One way or another you’re going to need to dedicate to working on yourself via counselor, astrology, or Theta or whatever. Because you can’t change others. In the end how you work on yourself will determine your relationship with this Libra girl and ultimately also the future of your child.

    I really do wish you the best of luck Brent. I know how tiring, painful, and just dreadful this can all be. I am confident it will all work out for you in the highest and best way.


  14. MetalShell August 11th, 2011

    Hey Mr./dr. Crab,
    You seem to be the leading cancer in this section and I was wondering if you could offer a fellow crab some advice. I realize this is in the scorpio thread, but I’m in need of some serious advice and liked your previous threads.
    I am married to a Libra, coming up to 2 years. (like most of these relationships, we rushed love quickly and got married just after a year and pregnant shortly after.) We currently have a 22 month old little girl.
    We definitely had love very quickly, but it didn’t last long before we started sorting out problems. We seem to constantly go through ups and downs in the relationship, in terms of dealing with our conflicts. Financially, she still hates my conservative attitude, while her spending leaves me concerned (especially since we can barely make bills and food with a baby.) She still dislikes my wanting to take time to think about things, while I hate being rushed to make decisions. I still feel her drive to be intellectually superior leaves me being criticized too often.
    Now those are our main problems, but we have taken counseling many times throughout the years and we are probably the closest to the best we’ve been, but I still have difficulty dealing with these issues (which haven’t been resolved, but get pushed away until they rise up again.) My question is “shouldn’t this be much easier? because I’m thinking of a separation..”

  15. scorpiotodeathandbeyond July 29th, 2011

    Omg guys!! After reading this I have to share this with you, I have a cancer guy friend for about 6 years now and he has been supportive and amazing to me during the hardest and most trying times in my life.
    Now that I am away from home we send e-mails to each other everyday, always supporting each other. Yeah when we are together we have the most weird conversations ever, stuff you’d never tell anyone about.
    Just recently he e-mailed me something to read, something he wrote four years ago! It was the most beautiful writing I have ever read, and the most beautiful song to listen to . . . Both were truly heartfelt and moving. The strange thing is, during our friendship he never dated, I did. Now I realize why!! I truly believe I found my soulmate. Most people think Scorpio women are calculating, stubborn, shrewd, sexual! But we are so full of emotions, just putting up a wall not letting anyone in, who does not earn the right to. This for me is truly a dream come true, I know what you gals are going on about and I feel glad to say it has happened to me too!!

  16. SexyScorpio June 23rd, 2011


  17. Author
    Ask Oracle June 1st, 2011

    @toocareful81 (Tina)

    he treats me like a princess

    what else one could ask for?

    Instead of criticizing him you must appreciate whatever he’s contributing towards your happiness, well-being and family.

    Seriously, if he talks to other women that’s completely his problem. If you love him you’ll let him do whatever that pleases him. The way to do that is to ignore and forgive endlessly. Just keep your focus on other important things and relax.

    The fears are baseless and will do no good to you and your relationship.

  18. toocareful81 May 31st, 2011

    hi ladies i need help im a scorpio female and i have been married to a cancer male for five years. we got married fairly young and didnt know each other well…but we learned to love each other as time went on. he treats me like a princess and spoils are two kids rotten but a few years into marriage a found out that he has been keeping in touch with old gfs so i called him out on it and he changed his number and i guess stopped doing it…now present day i learn that he has been keeping in touch another ex…i cant believe this and he again kept it from me until she called…what should i do because im really not trusting him right now could cancer men live two lives as tho nothing ever happened??? help please

  19. blondeofthedead May 31st, 2011

    Wow I loved reading all of these comments! I wanted to comment myself because I’m a scorpio who recently met a younger cancer man (I’m 27 and he’s 23). We met at a party and had this weird instant connection. He lives in another state and was only in town for the week so neither of tried to persue anything other than flirting (which we did a lot of). We both commented that the connection was there and later I was told my mutual friends that they noticed it too. He’s back home but we’ve been emailing eachother. I can’t get him off my mind and I feel like a silly school girl but no one has ever come into my life and shook things up the way he did. He’s coming back here in a couple of months and part of me wants to hide away and not see him and the other part wants to declare my life for him.

    You crabs are something else. 🙂

  20. hubbify77x May 26th, 2011

    Congrats Christina many women and men will be jealous of your find!

  21. hubbify77x May 26th, 2011

    Augh Casey you’re cancer boy/man is approaching you with the heart of a wee lass. I think you need to pull away from him make him want you. Remember there are plenty of cancer men luv. I think your man would not know what to do if you weren’t available. Cancers like security they like creating it but they like seeing it in others as well by you being strong and pulling away showing how strong you are should make him feel safe with you so that you can have him. Aye tricky buggers we are. I speak from the heart to you luv because I myself am 28 and a cancer. I wish you the best of luck and I can tell you if you did what I said I dunnae what I’d do but realize what a good thing I had in ya’. Be strong!

    With love,

    Mr. Crab

  22. match-made-in-heaven May 24th, 2011

    I read every bit of this article and it describes me(scorpio woman) and my Man a cancerian to a T . We are so in love and even when we had troubled times it only took a look in to each others eyes for us to know it would be ok. We have not seen each other in more than 2 months and we are to the point of it hurting . I will go back home in the next week and we are so excited to see each other that we can hardly hide it. My cancer man is unbeleivable he is kind and so protective of me its hard to put in to words the amount of love we have for each other . Love my cancer man oh my soon to be my hubby. match made in heaven.

  23. CpepperB May 23rd, 2011

    Oh yeah he never stops talking he ways has something to say about people about government and religionabout his plans. I nod and agreeordissagree it’s been kind of tough he has told me sever times how stupid my thoughts are so I have found it best to keep them to my self besides from the beginning I have cared very little about his topics I seem to forceout those stupid opnions he hates so conclusivley simy to let him know I’m listening and trying to give it thought. Somehow I think I may be better suited for reason than he might be simply because I find all his ideas incomprable and foolish. I am simple. I don’t have a philosophy and I never find the phrasing to tell him his ideas are tarnished and need revising. Once I said to him all that glittered is not gold! It was all I had!

    Oooh alas I love his passion and that is all I see. I think I am intentionally blind. Maybe it is life that I love and the aging body and mind of a beautiful woman I wish to grow up to become and not him.

    No I do not love him I love the old woman I might become with or without him. He is 28. Maybe he just doesn’t want to raise a child that’s not his (clichay and against evolution and natural human instinct) and maybe it is my financial pit he wishes to not raise me out of. We both live off the same money out situations can prove most desireable to young lovers it might not be glam and extravagant but it is enough. Maybe I am not smart enough or physically attractive enough.

    Maybe I’m coming at him to hard. Maybe it’s to late to pull back.

    I just don’t know. I am a Scorpio girl my bcc is a cancer and my 3 year “friend with bennafits” is a Cancer. These my children and there father are the only people I contact regularly. I am great in a crowd and am not impared socially. My experiences with Cancer’s have proven to be monumentous in comparison with other zodiac’s the friend I unfriended is a pices and the father is a saggitarius. All findings equal out to exactness.

    I’m desperat to settle

  24. CpepperB May 23rd, 2011

    I just hate thinking that I might care more than he does and that I am imagining the entire contents of my own mind and the love is simply passionate obsession with my longing to give and grow old.

    I am sure I must come on entirely to strong. I have a 4 year old daughter with the same man as my 6 year old son, our children have been split by gender and this crab has been here since she was only 10 months. He is intense and passionate about life and about silly evil conspiracy and dirty government as well as religion. I met him once as a child I can’t especially recall the moment but I have this memory of being encased inside a bubble and falling asleep in hay. In reality I had to leave before my turn in the bubble but I know he was there. He had to be. And the boy in the hay was different and I may not have even happened the point is I feel a connection for lost love iv had it my whole life. If this cancer does nit wish to make me his partner for the remainder of his time here I think I’ll have a fit cry and cry and cry until he returnes!!!

    The sad truth in this is I think the father of my children feels the same for me as I do for this cancer and I think the ugly truth is this cancer feels for me what I feel for the father of y children… A deep love and no.. Hardly… A slight conditional chance for unification. The father gets to angry to quicklyand I am not sexually attracted any longer it wod take a great deal of work to get my self in a state of mind allowing for him to penetrate my body one more time if ever at all forever. The crab and I have exceptional sexual interaction… We can not talk to eachother for the life of us. There seems to be nothing in all the world to speak about. This intense obstacle brings about the amazing oppertunity for me to express my thoughts in a deeply poetic manner. It seems like the only way to communicate anything I think or feel to him. It is rare I come up with more than three or four words to say when he is around but when I have it feelslime it comes right from the pit of my gut.

    I love how I feel when I am with him. There can never be another man/boy in my life to present me with this challenge who might grow to apreciate the intensaty of conversation more so than the fire of our sex.

    Maybe there will. I seem determined enough to grow into a woman and I seem to know enough of how this woman might become to this life that it seems likely I would track down a mate even if only for one night.


  25. CpepperB May 23rd, 2011

    Augh I have been after thus cancer boy for three years THREE YEARS. We’ve been on and off not like a usual on and off but more of an I am absolutley smothered I. You’re desperation to hear a marriage praposal I half to escape you/this before I say more aweful things to hurt you unintentionally again. I love him and have torn apart my own family to be with him moved twice to be easily accessae to his needs… Augh *sigh* I think he fears my financial situation for years since my first child I have been in debt and have had the worst time paying people like direct tv hospitals and the dreadded cell phone companies.

    There is no dought he cares for me and is intreagued by my uneik experiences. I wonder deeply if I am just lame in some sort of way keeping his heart on lock down. I worry because my heart is disilled and kept from the father of my children… We had been seperated a hundred times Ieft the state with our children came home togive it one more shot and I could not bear his imbicilic mannerism any longer and left him one final time 3 months later I meet Jeff it was instant under current hintinting utility finally I contacted him and his cock could not have made it more obvious in front of his high school buds that he was charging for me directly. I was flattered but desperat to keep it a secreat you see one of his best friends is also a good friend of the father of my children. I love all three of these men with a dying heart.

    Any way he won’t commit he ne’er will I have unfriended the mutual friend out of pure frustrated rage. Why are these guys so incapable of doing what is acceptable? My life is an interestig mess and wether or not I find my self in union with this crab pfffft oooh who am I kiddig I might die alone. I just want to settle and beguin to dedicate every ounce of my passion to someone… Most deffanetly preferrably the crab. He is a rare challenge I am actually Pershing physical goals to ensure inthe future if I do end up alone without this man I will be in my best physical and mental vivatar to catch this man whomever he should be and this time I do hope he chooses to make me his wife… Or at least partner for life. I am extreamley diverse and capable of acomplishing most any arrangement involving the two of us growing up together. I am 24. Life is a wretched miserable thing to mount alone! Wish I didn’t half to love him like this. I wish he would open up and say what I Allready see.

  26. Doll-Doll May 11th, 2011

    @Tiger Scorp – I could not disagree with you any further.

    My brothers used to tell me that it is easy to fall in love with a woman but it’s easier to forget and dump them. For me, to love someone is easy but to fall in love takes years to happen, and most of the time, it never happened. Too many men expectations are on the surface but women need something deeply meaningful. ;))

  27. Phoenix May 10th, 2011

    I was reminded recently by a family friend “Men do what they want”. If they want you they will make themselves available and their presence known. The reason being is they don’t want anyone else to get you. So if they don’t bother why should you. That’s coming from a man.

    A man no matter what his sign has a heart that feels love. If that love is strong enough he will find his way to your heart.

  28. Scorpio-Dragon May 8th, 2011

    @Mr Crab – “The Dark Night of the Soul”. Miraculously, though at that time I was at the lowest point of my life experiencing sadness to the extreme, I did not feel that I lost everything but I needed a lot of love. My soul was searching for guidance. On prayer’s mat while I humbly talking to God, unstoppable painful & sincere tears flowing out spontaneously. The feelings were amazingly indescribable. Of course, I acquired something positive from it i.e. inner peace. I would love to know your part of stories & what you went thru’, if you don’t mind sharing.

    Perhaps, with the level of maturity and painful experiences I had and witnessed it happening to my loved ones including friends, the lesson I learnt is not to expect love to be reciprocated because it always leads to hurtful disappointments. Therefore, I have always been generous to feel love for someone without expecting something out of it. This does not mean I get involve romantically with them easily. Astrologers said Scorpios are possessive and jealous creatures but I don’t see that in me. But, I will speak my mind openly & directly if I am feeling unhappy about something.

    Your suggestion about imagining positive thoughts may come true is worth doing. My personal experience of desiring & imagining to owning something did really happen. This also reminded me of a book I read two years ago titled The Secret written my Rhonda Byrne, who suggested doing the same too. I should think about being already happy with a soul mate, eh. Oh well…

    Strangely, I must say that I was drawn to & influenced by my crab about reading astrology which I’ve never bothered reading before knowing him. Indeed, to my surprise, astrologers predicted Capricorn is a good match for Scorpio which I totally disagree. Seeing the qualities in my soon-to-be-ex and a Capricorn friend I met, I did not see anything compatible and appealing about them. So, generally, one’s maturity and mentality must align with mine to make a superb match.

    Dragon Scorpio

  29. Scorpio-Dragon May 8th, 2011

    Oh mannnn…I forgot my log-on again. The same awesome person – ME – Dragon Scorpio. Hahahaha…

    @ Tiger Scorpio – Ehmmmmm…glad to know the shift is favourable. Niceeeeee….your fresh water is so refreshing while your crab starts feeling the strong current of Niagara fall. You know, I can’t help linking your crab & Sebastian, the crab in Waltz Disney “The Little Mermaid”. His funny looking jaws were almost fall apart whenever he was flustered and confused.

    As composed and controlled a human crab can be, but the turbulence of hurricane in his heart one cannot deny. Continue to be nice & responsive to him and don’t pamper him with all the attentions you have been giving him. When you are busy with your own life, he will definitely find ways to walk straight. As you described, he wouldn’t know he was captured until he cannot stop thinking about you. Viola !!!!

    Dragon Scorpio

  30. Phoenix May 6th, 2011

    Very true I do know what I want.

    “Personally I think it’s all too much to process so I take a hands off attitude and believe whomever comes in my life is there for a reason supposedly incompatible sign or not”!

    I agree!!!

  31. hubbify77x May 5th, 2011

    Dragon/Scorp you are hilarious! If you did comedy the world would be a much better place. When I had read all of your posts, something became abundantly clear to me with your situation perhaps you may get something from it!

    There is a term called “The dark night of the soul” The premise is you feel as though you lost everything, literally everything. After it is all said in done…All you have left is your faith and that has been tested to the extreme. I am seeing a lot of people enduring this sort of thing. I have gone through it myself it was, as you so eloquently used the word, horrendous.

    If you were not meant to be with a person married or not you would no longer be with them….If you were not on the right career path (this one was me) you would have to endure monetary hard ships or some other hard ship.

    You know I do not think you are crazy at all for signing up to meet someone that has a year/month match. I think it is a great way to go about doing things! I kind of wish I thought of it first! Though there is something more important that you may want to try like writing down and affirmation and believing it has already happened. For example “I am in a relationship with the right guy that makes me feel complete and happy in the highest and best way”

    I wish I had a way of proving this sort of thing works but I don’t. But I can say adamantly that I sincerely hope you try it to see what happens. Just do it for 30 days or something why not?

    I wouldn’t be too concerned with Tiger/Scorp taking and using information and being confused by it. I think she knows what she wants…Despite the crap she had to put up with that cancer.

    I applaud you for your massive amount of strength naturally I did not realize what you had gone through! I am confident what you want it will work out for you in spades!

    Now for something akin to a more advanced lesson yes we have chinese zodiacs but part of who we are also depends on the time we are born. For me I am a cancer born year of the dog (a water dog due to the year so we have elements playing a role also!) in the time of the boar. Consequently my luckiest times of day are from 7 pm until 12am because of this. The secondary zodiac is figured out by finding what 2 hour block you were born in I was born at 10 at night pacific standard time. Just like the chinese zodiac it goes in order if I was born between 7-9 pm I would have been a double dog! go figure! Also I believe this “time” thing can impact your relationships.

    Personally I think it’s all too much to process so I take a hands off attitude and believe whomever comes in my life is there for a reason supposedly incompatible sign or not!

    Mr. Crab

  32. Phoenix May 4th, 2011

    @Dragon/Scorp “HOT & SPICY CHAMPION CRAB” Hmmm Hmmm sounds good to me. An Alpha male yet is humble and can show vunerabilty when needed.

    I got a response form an email I sent him almost 2 wks ago. It was nothing major. I also didn’t have a major response. I think he can sense the tide has shifted, and is flowing down stream towards another source. A source of fresh flowing water not stagnant

    I guess maybe it was a way to see if I would respond. It was about my son so I wasn’t rude. My ex does not do what he should and spend time with my son. So he was crying one day because he saw his friends with their dad and he called him daddy too. I had to explain to my 3yr old the difference.

    I think a crab would be a good fit for me. If THE HOT& SPICY CHAMPION hunts for me I may let him capture me.Wouldn’t that be fun! LOL!!

    Only he wouldn’t know that he is the one who was really captured. I wouldn’t have the last laugh I would just smile. For one Karma is not a joke when it hits it hurts. For two I will be so busy With the Champ I wouldn’t have time to think about it. Nor even care because life would just be too HOT & SPICY Yet RICH AND SWEET. Now that is what would be wonderful!!!!

  33. Doll-Doll May 4th, 2011

    Yes !! Finally, Tiger Scorp. I love what I read. Your irresistible beauty has emerged. You see.. it’s his total lost for losing awesome woman like you.

    When we care, we care that we never want to hurt him. When we give love, we give it whole heartedly. When we give sex, we give to the max that he can never wriggle his toes for life. Ooooppss, we might have chopped it btw. LOL ! And, when we fight, we dare to go to war.

    Frankly, I am always proud being a Scorpio woman. Our magnetic physical beauty with the air of arrogance camouflages our amazing inner beauty. It is not a MAN who can see it. Only, a CHAMPION has that capacity because SWEET, LOVELY & WARM HEARTED SCORPIO WOMEN DESERVE A BIG CHAMPION ! And, that CHAMPION is not a CRAPPY CRAB but a HOT & SPICY CHAMPION CRAB (well…if she is looking for a crab. Otherwise, monkey also can. LOL !)

    This reminds me of an article I read sometime last year. It revealed about men who dumped their awesome girlfriends secretly regretted for losing her to another men when he knows she has moved on. I saw this link to your statement “Men in general to me seem to say they want a certain thing. But when it is right there they don’t want it.’’ So…what they actually want ??? They are, in fact, a complicated creature yet dare turning the table around.

    Obviously, your crab is asking for trouble if he’s returning back to his ex. Good luck to him. He might return & asks for your love when he bleeds seriously. While you have your last laugh. Isn’t it wonderful ??? ;)))

  34. Phoenix May 3rd, 2011

    I’m past the feelings of the divorce. I lived alone for almost 2yrs before I filed. I have always kinda known that his ex was busy working her way back. Although she cheated on him he will still help with whatever he can. I am fine though I wrote those poems back in like Febuary.

    I look at it like this his disappearing act is a good thing. I don’t have to be bothered with trying to figure anything out. Hopefully if he does take his ex back she can love him the way she is supposed to. I mean she has had 5 yrs to catch a hint.She plays on his So that is his dumbness he will have his shell cracked once again.

    I will not be the fool to pick up the pieces. I told the person who introduced us to please never call themselves helping again.

    I didn’t ask to met this man. Yes I also know I helped inflate his ego. That’s ok because Karma will come break his ass down like a fraction. Lol!

    I’m back to normal claws up stinger ready. Yet sweet as I want to be.

  35. Doll-Doll May 3rd, 2011

    @Mr Crab. I bet, your sincere, down-to-earth & sharing posts attract more readers to this site. Well…should we start renaming you as Dr Love Crab or Dr Love Crap fits best ???? hahahaa.. ;)))

    I’ve decided taking different approach for my post so that our views refrain from creating further confusions to Tiger/Scorp. While you tap on deeper analysis for good understanding from men’s perspective, I focus on the other part just to avoid cats & dogs fights between you & me. ‘)))

    Interesting statement you made about me being in a perfect position. On the contrary, I handled & tackled my problems differently. I went grounded for 7 months to sort my thoughts before deciding to file a divorce leaving my 22 years of marriage. Obviously, the emotional turmoil I went thru’ was truly horrendous. No one including my family could ever imagine that a strong, fierce & confident woman such as me was so broken fallen into too many tiny pieces. Somehow, I managed to bring myself back by seeking guidance & strengths through spiritual mean. The inner peace I acquired guided me thru’ that I was able to compartmentalize my thoughts & I started tackling issues one at a time. This includes changing of my mundane lifestyle to an active one. I literally spent almost every day at the stadium, parks or by the seaside pumping out endorphins. Evidently, this makes me feel really good that I started seeing major issues as minor.

    At that time, I did not want to seek solace thru’ finding a new love & relationship because I was not ready and knew it will add more burden to my problems. It’s been two years now, I am far more than ready to kick his ass out of my life. The time is right for me to throw the bomb as I’ve turned him into my weakest enemy, in the process. This is the best strategy I came up with by sorting out my emotions before proceeding with my divorce.

    About this crab of mine, we were so emotionally attracted to each other; the chemistry was phew !!! I must say he was an awesome man. Truth to be told, the problem did not lie in him but it was in me. I did not want to pursue our relationship deeper simply because he is a married man even though there are many valid reasons to his intentions. One good reason I gave him my lovingly venomous stings to keep him out of my life. For me, I am contented to love someone by not to allowing him to mess with his own life. If he chooses doing with someone else, I am out of this mess.

    Three weeks ago, something happened that it brought us back together. He started calling me all the loving names he used to call me, and asked about my life specifically wanted to know whether I was seeing someone else. I cooked up romantic stories about non-existed man in my life. He was so quiet & truly hurt but respected my decision. So, this was it. Mr Crab, I use my vengeful side whenever it is needed and not for bad reasons. For the level of purely good friends, he deserves a surprise birthday dinner treat this July. I plan to do it and it will be the first time we see each other as I have been rejecting him many times for this first date. This was the main reason he got so annoyed and turned moody with me.

    I befriended with Virgo, Capricorn, Pieces, Gemini, Aries, and Libra. I fall for none of these men, though Aries has never gave up chasing me until today. It’s still the crab that I am attracted to, unfortunately.

    Let me tell you a secret that will be a public secret from now onwards. My daughters think that I am out of my mind to even consider signing up at the professional dating agency for a Snake/Crab, Monkey/Crab, or a Rat/Crab !!! I don’t see any issue in doing that. Actually, I am quite excited about the whole idea and might give it a shot. Life is too short to limit myself from doing too many wonderful things. Don’t you think so ? ;)))

    Dragon Scorpio

  36. Doll-Doll May 3rd, 2011

    We will be having an election day this Saturday here in Singapore, so I was at the rally for several nights; hence delay in my respond. I thought of killing two birds with one stone would be a brilliant idea. Apparently, instead of meeting new male crabs, I met hundreds of wolves there. Thus, running back to this site makes a Dragon Scorpio feels safer, happier and tickled by the return of the “scuttle…scuttle….pinch…pinch”. Good progress from a typical crab I know. I’m not complaining but loving anything about CRAB…CRAB…CRAB…CRAB especially when it cracks me up ! ;)))

    @Tiger/Scorpio – Your beautifully composed poetry pierced through my heart but I doubt it did to your crab. I am confident he was more than flattered flying in the air feeling so great about himself, allowing his swelled head grow larger than it should have been, and yet still refusing to accept your love. I could not believe myself having this strong urge of kick-boxing his ass hard. Glad he is out of sight, or else, I would have said “YOU MAKE ME SO ANGRY YOU S.O.B. I WILL BREAK YOU, THEN CRUSH YOU INTO TINY CUBES, UNCUBE, BREAK YOU AGAIN THEN BURY YOU AND DANCE ON YOUR GRAVE”. I say this much I like the fact having this vivid imagination holding an iron hammer hammering a swelled headed crab to death !

    He has not moved on from his past relationship; hence not opening his heart to you. Despite whatever issues he has, I do hope, you start seeing it is not your problem to be overly concern. Furthermore, he has never fully thought of yours, anyways! I am sorry for being brutally direct & honest because my intention is for you to quickly bring yourself back; the beautiful you, confident, happy, fiery Scorpio woman you were once before. You cannot afford to lose yourself deeper.

    You have not emotionally healed from your divorce while this crab adds further to your pain, loneliness, emptiness & confusions. It’s never easy for anyone to face it. I know, it requires a lot of emotional & mental strengths to pull yourself thru’ to lead a singlehood life after 13 years of being married. Frankly, I was in the worst situation than you are. So, I truly understand.

    While you allowed your mind occupied with unreciprocated love, evidently, it is not doing anything good to you at all. Before you bleed further and got seriously injured, if I may suggest you start compartmentalise your thoughts and focus on getting your emotions healed. At this stage, it is important to be reminded not to let your heart and emotions over rule your mind. True love will naturally come to you as much as you deserve with someone who will cherish you to the maximum. When you are ready to leave behind all the bad memories, it will be replaced by good and wonderful ones in no time. Wipe away that painful tears and show the world your lovely smiles coming deep from your heart.

  37. hubbify77x May 1st, 2011

    Tiger/Scorp: Normally I have a large distaste for poetry I find it mostly impractical, I am normally not touched by it, I do not know why I am like this I just have always been like this.

    With that being said yours, was impressive,insightful, and honestly painful for its insightfulness. I sincerely believe you should try to get published.

    SO! He says he doesn’t trust love does he?! This is so hardcore up my alley you have no idea I said the same ship (replace the P with a T) on a different day. I am here to tell you that is in fact an inaccurate statement he doesn’t trust being in an INTIMATE RELATIONSHIP.

    The parallels between this man and myself are proving to be amazing. I too have a Libra in my life (a friend because I force it to be that way) though I have never been with her intimately I am viewed in high regard by her and she does want a relationship however I am wise enough to avoid this situation. I know Libras extremely well my mother is one and I know it wouldn’t work…That and they are an inordinate amount of drama! Drama and myself simply don’t mix!

    Back to the intimate relationship and the not wanting it. Okay having an ex from what it sounds like is NEVER going to allow him to heal he is energetically still stuck on her IE he spends energy sometimes thinking about the past and trying to rectify it in his mind and that Cancerian loyalty is based on this energy like once it is given it is VERY hard to get back because the cancer has given a piece of his heart. Much in the same way you have given a piece of yours. Though yours sounds like a really really big chunk =).

    In your situation perhaps with the insight I have given showing that you understand him may give you peace of mind. Or it may shake him up so he no longer hides from you, which was in fact my goal.

    There are ways to speed up the healing process… If you want to talk about this more in depth so I know WHEN you respond you can E-mail me at hubbify77x at hotmail.

  38. Phoenix May 1st, 2011

    @ Mr.Crab I have explained to him but he says he doesn’t trust love nor does he want it. I am more hurt than bitter. Because when I love I love hard but never like this. I’t will be alright though i just have to stop trying because I honestly think his ex is trying to get him back.(a Libra) That is the same one who hurt him and yet he is her best friend.

    Scorpios don’t give up but I am letting this go because I can’t make him see me for the person I am. I also wrote this too its called My Kiss

    I wish I could take back my kiss so I wouldn’t miss him/ Give me my heart back cause I can’t handle feeling like this/ I close my eyes an see you in the distance/ So hard to reach yet I still feel the urge to open you up and teach/ I could never be like them because my heart is genuine/Heart ache is a crazy thing you can’t escape/you can put it out your mind but your heart still remembers it/ falling is the easy part/ getting up is the worst/ I crave you like an unquenchable thirst/ I want to drown myself in the essence of your soul/How did this happen I can’t explain it I don’t even know/ All I can do now is cry tears on my pillow/ my heart bleeds an you don’t even know/

  39. Phoenix May 1st, 2011

    I am actually writing poetry because of him. I wrote this it is called True Love

    I once was like you guarded and distant/yet on the inside soft and confused/ I know what it is like to be in a crowded room/ Yet feeling so alone and sad no one has a clue/So many people wanting and longing to have you as their prize/ They never notice the pain in your eyes/They are just out to prove a point /I win I got you I had what it took to possess you/You’ve been alone so long you give in/Although not truly in love you think it will come in time it will grow/You go through the motions yet your partner never knows/I have been in those shoes twice in my life/ My soul gnawing at me trying to show me this situation just isn’t right/I just didn’t want to be alone anymore/ I’m not trying to start over/

    Then one day luck in love changed/ I found my four leaf clover/It was a love like I have never known/I had the feeling of being born again with the death of a lost soul/The cold darkness had been removed/ I felt like a rose kissed in the morning by sparkling dew/What is it about me that holds your interest/ I’m not some young college graduate/ Or an entrepreneur rich and have my own business/ I don’t want to compete with all the rest/ You have won my heart I love you like no other/But in the end of it all you didn’t feel the same way/ There was an unspeakable pain when you walked away/Overwhelmed with grief asking my self why/ I dropped to my knees and began to cry/I don’t want to feel this pain anymore/So I took my heart into my hands and gave it wings/Looking to the sky I set it free/Goodbye true love I hope sometimes you think of me/ In that very moment I closed the door and threw away the key/ The last tear drop has fallen the pain slowly fades away/Goodbye true love I hope we meet again one day/ Goodbye true love I hope we meet again someday/

  40. hubbify77x May 1st, 2011

    Dragon/Scorp…Dragon/Scorp…Dragon/Scorp…Oh my goodness. All I can think about right now is what kind of insights you gleaned from my previous posts haha! I should submit this info to a metaphysical degree or something as a dissertation. You will know when that happens because I will be posting as “Dr. Crab”. I will say I appreciate your view about accepting flaws or as I like to say person to person disharmonies, Because you are in fact perfect for the moment you are in.

    Hahaha being deprived of your awesomeness too! Cancers when they are hurting are martyrs. They let the pain of the separation sink in. They feel it too but think its super bad for the other person. It’s a sickening circle of misery.

    Seeing the vengeful side of Scorpio…THE LEGENDS WERE TRUE!!! honestly it is not as terrifying as I was expecting then again I am not on the receiving end =)! I interpret it like this ” YOU HURT ME YOU S.O.B. I WILL BREAK YOU, THEN CRUSH YOU INTO A TINY CUBE, UNCUBE, BREAK YOU AGAIN THEN BURY YOU AND DANCE ON YOUR GRAVE” I will say this much I like the fact you take action for being hurt!

    It took me a couple of minutes to process your first response post to me. And here is why, I am finding that I don’t want to hide, I want to be happy and love to the capacity I KNOW I am capable. And I really want to teach others who are like me and have suffered the way I have “by their own design” to let go and become the men that you lovely Scorpio women know that they are able to be. I really believe the world would become a better place if a cancer man led by example so others who don’t feel as strongly as the cancer does learn to be the same way.

    I was with an Aquarius once who told me” I love it when you’re happy but I hate it when you’re sad” Which with her the sad was WAY more often. in that relationship I could feel the massive disharmony almost always (I did in fact sleep). I in fact gave my love to her and I have felt a lot of regret and resentment how that entire relationship went.

    But now literally 6 years later I had somewhat of an epiphany and I forced myself to think about all my exes (not a lot of them for I am conservative) and perhaps everyone could learn from this, I had pictured my time and events with each of them and any time I felt resentment/regret towards any memory I had I literally said I forgive you and I forgive myself.

    Initially the memories felt powerful…Every bit as when the events first happened. But then something started happening I was releasing the emotions (I had streams tears for a good hour) and I was reasoning how I came to the point of being in that situation with that girl and then out of nowhere I had started to VALUE my exes! Each one had taken the time to teach me something about myself each one had a “mission” (I imagine I had done something similar for them) for my growth I could see it I learned something hugely significant from each one! I have noticed the “retreating to the shell” thing that I do is not as enticing as it was before.

    I really believe this mental exercise has helped me in leaps and bounds and I would highly, highly, highly recommend it to anyone (especially for those cancer men who have TRUST issues.) I would even dare to venture to say I have become more openly loving. Granted not as much as I want to be but massively improved!

    Interestingly Dragon/Scorp your analysis into the human condition is something I have noticed myself. Old fashion marriages work too because it was a different time with different circumstances and hardships that kept the union strong because there was a base need. So because of that little nuance I am not convinced returning to old ways will work unless you want to attract the rare man that is old fashion in this way. And if you did you may not enjoy it!

    One of the key things that I was taught from my last serious relationship was loving myself. It wasn’t conventional by any means. The idea hovered around the food choices that I make and in fact what I put in my body= how I take care of myself= loving myself enough to sacrifice good taste for something that tastes good to the body.

    I see you have a healthy attitude towards life and genuinely understand what most men want and go after. Maybe releasing that crippling vengeance towards crab pains (think about it…Is it really hurting him? Or is it just making you feel good which ultimately does not help you because it is stopping you from pursuing a new, healthy, happy, relationship to the fullest extent?)

    Oh Tiger/Scorp perhaps telling your july 5 guy to do what I did with the release of resent/regret to help him process whatever garbage he has looming may help your cause.

    Best of luck

    -Mr. Soon to be Dr. Crab-

  41. hubbify77x May 1st, 2011

    I AM DROWNING IN A SEA OF SCORPIO EMOTION! I went on a little hiatus and I come back I find a novel worth of reading, I’m not complaining, I LOVE IT!

    Okay Tiger/Scorp…As I take a deep breath to process all of this information… Does he know that you are not bitter? Is he aware of the depth of love you have for him? Do you let emotion flow from you like poetry around him? Also you should look into a sidereel astrology reading just google “vedic astrology” and click the first thing that comes up the interpretations are astounding! Lastly, I saw at the end of one of your posts a detailed chart I know quite a bit about astrology lay outs and possible compatibility. Yours matched with my own (his should be very close to mine) Looks really good but not for reasons I was expecting. Keep in mind astrology is not everything full chart included because life has a way of nurturing how a persons nature is (which was a tough lesson for me to learn) To answer your question “why didn’t you just have sex then?” That one is easy sex=love=commitment. I am sure he IS very attracted to you as in my experience, I have cancer buddies also who can confirm this, if we didn’t feel the attraction and wanting of sex we wouldn’t be there in the first place. However ultimately fear of commitment and rationalization stops that cold. Here is the thing too, I personally HATE this about my personality. I would love nothing more than just to be open, and loving, and care free to my hearts content. But…Being hurt that heart-wrenching pain of careless negativity is just too much I truly wish (as I imagine with all cancers) we could just shrug it off or see deeper instead of being overwhelmed by a crappy reality. I also imagine your guy is the same. Oh and Translation “he wanted it to mean more than just sex” This guy really wants to love…but again the expectations are ridiculous. What I mean by expectations is doing NOTHING at all that would cause the least bit of insecurity and to be coddled. Because in a cancers mind perfection is the only way to trusting enough to love. In my opinion it is ridiculous, and the only thing I can think of is pointing this flaw out GENTLY and let them do their own self discovery, however you CAN encourage them to think about it.

    Admittedly, I would love the fact that I knew where my girlfriend was. Also you can’t make him sick from loving him haha! Again, I am touched by the depth of emotion you have for this man…honestly a bit jealous…Because I don’t think I have ever had anyone pine for me, well, to that caliber at least.

    I will say your way of dating, feeling people out, that playing it safe thing, is very cancer-esque and something that I think every cancer would appreciate. You have taught me too how a scorpio works when they feel deeply about someone. I have never been with a scorpio but I do see why there is a capacity for much love.

  42. Scorpian-G May 1st, 2011

    this is crazy

  43. Phoenix April 28th, 2011

    I’m good, I too since my divorce have been doing a little more for myself. I don’t really go out much. Plus these guys around here Ewwww. lol But yeah I see what you mean.I was a bit too soft with him. I also know people do what they want.

    So it is what it is. He had trust issues before I got to him. I can’t fix that only he can. I know also his life is not where he wants it too be. (although alot of people are struggling)No one should have to suffer for what someone else did.I feel like that is the case here. Maybe one day like his said he will want to be loved.

    I’m glad we didn’t have sex, and I will continue to keep myself to myself. Until I find the one that feels I’m the one for him.( I’m not looking he will find me) No matter what his sign. I’m just going to do like you suggested. Leave him alone no need in driving myself crazy about it.

    Plus like I said I usually don’t go after anyone anyway. I just wanted to show him everybody is not out to hurt him. But I got hurt which is not cool at all. But like a Phoenix rising from the ashes. I’m better than what I was when this first got started. Summer is almost here and for the first time in 13 yrs I’m single.

    It’s funny I went into the store the other day to get some wine. I left my Id at home. The guy at the register asked for my birthdate. After he typed it in the expression on his face was priceless. He said no way!! I’m standing there like wth is wrong? He said your 36. I’m like yeahhhh Why? He was like I thought you was in your!!!

    Tiger/Scorpio Swaggg is on watch out!!!! lol!!!

    I looked at my chart and all I can say is wow!
    Scorp/sun Pisces/rising Virgo/moon Scorp/Venus

  44. Doll-Doll April 28th, 2011

    @ Tiger Scorp – We are of the same species, aren’t we ? That description of yourself is a mirror of mine and all women Scorp readers here. Naturally, I do fully emphatise your situation, your wants, your efforts, your frustrations and all. If I have known that crab of yours, I would have told him to wake up without any delay, to immediately open up his heart & accept you, stop that indecisive mind, and turn those myopic eyes to microscopic vision seeing your sincere soul deeply. When Scorp women are ready to give their love, it’s beyond one’s imagination. But, in reality, can anyone change how your crab feels about the whole thing? Even if my words turned into mesmerizing rhythm, generally, men don’t see the way we women did.

    No matter how much we wanted that person, we cannot force love when he continues pushing us away. You made a good statement on your first post “Men in general to me seem to say they want a certain thing. But when it is right there they don’t want it.’’ Yes…they are weird. When we play hard to get, they complained. When we bend a little, they think we are not irresistible because there are no more challenges. So, they take us lightly and played with our feelings. Seriously, I pondered and started agreeing with the practices of our parents’ generations; strictly no sex before marriage. Evidently, their marriage lasts, and high percentage enjoyed meaningful marriages. With our liberal minds and practices nowadays, many of our relationships are going nowhere. In worst situation, women are not highly regarded and not being respected as much as we deserved.

    I wrapped up a bad marriage recently and started loving myself. Being a career woman with two grown up kids who are still attending schools, I have a lot of personal time in my hands. I focus on loving myself and do a lot of things that I love but I never did when my kids were young. Now…I started doing it and have been enjoying a fulfilling life since. I make a lot of friends and acquaintances. And, keep dating active but this does not mean that I flirt around and go to bed with any men I met. I was literally going around window shopping. And, yes, when I felt the correct vibes with some men, we got closed and started to know & understand each other. But, I am wary about going to the next level until I am convinced about my own feelings and his. When I have many men on my list, I am not trapped in my own bitterness should they started to withdraw. When that happens, we both have got nothing to lose but at least we became purely good friends (without the benefits, of course). So, to me, keeping dating active is healthy and does not hurt if you know how and when to control it. I am having a lot of fun and can be mischievous too like a small kid. But, heck, who cares, what is important to me is having a lot of fun. That’s all. In the process, if I met the right person, well it’s great. Otherwise, life is too short to keep on brooding about finding true love. If it happens, it happens. If it doesn’t, there are a lot of other things that can make me happy.

    Men are getting more sophisticated with their preference. It is not so much on physical beauty eventhough it’s an integral criteria at first impression. If we love ourselves, not needy & desperate, have great self-confidence, high self-esteem, knows what we want, these are some important attributes they are drawn to. We don’t have to be super smart or intelligent. But, blending some of it with our feminine side is sexy to them too. When they see this in us, they will chase for our love not the other way round. Let them do the chasing and desire for us women. To me, it’s not beautiful if we chase them and being pushed away like unwanted beauty despite whatever valid reasons they might have.

    I do hope you see positive insights that work for you. ;))

    Dragon Scorpio

  45. RedScorpian April 27th, 2011

    As far as activley dating I am funny about that. I don’t like a bunch of different men in my face. I pick that one and then watch him. I feel his vibe out before I give in. This is the first time I went after someone like this. Well the first time was in high school.The darn boy liked me the whole time I was after him.But sadly I moved away. Before I came back he was in a car accident and died.

    I don’t usually go after a man they always seem drawn to me. I have only had three serious relationships. The first was a Gemini but he was older and although I liked the settled life he was not it. So I walked away. The next was another Gemini we both were too young and he was very simple minded he wanted to follow his friends.

    The last was my recent ex husband a Scorpio. The only problem we had was him being a whore!!!. He never wanted to let me go but he could’nt keep his A** out of the streets. He liked having the wife to come home to but he loved his freedom more.

    To this day He is begging me back. Hell all of them would love to have me back. But I do not do return trips in relationships.I will stay as long as I have feelings. Once they are gone that’s it.Oh and all of them were shorter than me.

    I think they had that nepoleon syndrome.(small man big ego) I’m 5’11 and a Amazon with 5 inch heels lol!! This is the first time dealing with a cancer. Although there is more to a man than his sign, it does play apart in who he is.

    I want my next man to be my best friend someone I can be silly with and sit on the couch eating captain crunch laughing at cartoons.( yes I am a big kid at times)Yet we can throw a couple Long island ice tea’s back or some wine, when we on our grown folks status!!!he can deal with my intense emotions.

    I don’t see a cancers emotions as weak I find it to draw me in. I am protective but the flip side of that is I want to be protected. But I think Cancers sometimes are too careful and don’t realize we are right here for them. They don’t have to push us away. We are to busy trying to love and protect them.( I would sting whatever, whoever touches what’s mine).

    I’m not wanting a man that is perfect. He just needs to be just right for me. His faults make him who he is and I want the whole package. All I ask is love me,Be loyal, adore me, respect me,love food because I love to cook. That is just a sample of what this Scorpio woman longs for.I don’t take love lightly, if you want it you have as much as you could stand. Oh but if you hurt me be prepared to feel the wrath straight out of the lowest level of Hell. lol!!! I wont cheat but you will know you have pissed me off. Then I will ignore you until I feel like dealing with you.Very stubborn when I get ready!!!. But the right man will know his way around that.

  46. Doll-Doll April 27th, 2011

    Oh mannn…I forgot my log-on info. This is Dragon/Scorpio.

    Hahahahaha….You spot on, Mr Crab! You put a lot of thoughts to contemplate two insightful posts. I got many hints from there, thus sensing something. Hmmmmmmm…

    Being a Dragon Scorp, naturally, I have the generous tendency to spitting out my “kiss of fire” when wrong button is being pressed. Similarly, to crab, when he starts trusting someone, he will comfortably shows his crabby side. These two traits are in my definition as “liking or to the level of loving someone” because one has no hesitations & is comfortable to showing one’s flaws to someone whom can be trusted. One has to start appreciating one’s flaws before appreciating the positive sides. Confused ? Ambiguous ? Simply, too many relationship failed because one only appreciates the positives but not the negatives. Hence, disappointments when they start to emerge. Personally, if a man finds my flaws interesting & challenging, he gets all my attentions. Otherwise, I would not bother to waste a second.

    Oh yes…am sure you were absolutely & positively right about apologizing & laying my feelings. Well…well… I have to bow to the maharaja so that he will not deprive his awesomeness to me, eh. Hallooooooo, he’s being deprived of my awesomeness too, ok. LOL! Crab…Crab…Crab…yeah…yeah…I got to do it because he goes sideways. I’ll be nice to him first, and then…pay back time …sting again until he is seriously bleed. ;))) Hoooorayyyyyyy !!!

    Good quote you have here:


    “It’s a farce though…I am able to do that kind of thing by focusing on something unpleasant and then magnifying it to keep the emotions in check so that I become rational…like well she is far away anyway and if it didn’t work I would be miserable and feel like I did with this girl or this girl and then finally put myself through the wringer by thinking it’s not worth it to get close to anyone, and it is KINDER this way.”


    While crab holds their past close to heart, my mischievous mind is thinking about making him more miserable. Hahahahahahaha….The game has just started. I am loving this, Mr Crab. I am not going to make things easy for him. Let him continue in “silent misery and live in agony” for a couple of months more until my angel mind tells me to be nice. My next adventure is to wait patiently for a sore looking bald crab. Hahahahaha…Don’t hide like any other crab, Mr Crab. Am waiting for you to “scuttle…scuttle….pinch…..pinch” for more posts.

    Btw,Tiger/Scorp. I know how it feels to be treated like that. I was in worst situation before. But, hey… a happy woman is beautiful. Try making dating active and open yourself up to other options.

    By loving him means you need to leave that crab alone for the time being and let him feel you are missing in his life. Trust me….that crab of yours will scuttle back and start pouring you with love. Otherwise, heck, you have many others on your dating list. Mr Crab ??? It never hurt trying either. You may be surprised he might turn a million better than the existing crab. Smile, as always ok. ;))))

    As for the rest, I’ll leave to Mr Crab – the men’s best advice.

  47. RedScorpian April 27th, 2011

    @Dragon/Scorpio yes the name is cute love it!!! @Mr.Crab Now I am just damn confused for real.( Oh and I love this man too much to ever be bitter with him. For some reason I can’t stay mad) Well he said he doesn’t see this going any further. He as you have said also has a thing with trust. So me being the Scorpian investigator that I am. I’m like so why didn’t we just have sex then? He has respect for me and he said if we did he would want it to mean more than sex.So I’m scratching my head like, ok what does he feel for me really. I didn’t ask him though. I get that some people especially after being hurt have a hard time with trust. That was the whole point of when and if I did go out, He knows where I was and when I got home. Plus when I went to bed. I have been divorced almost a year in september. I didn’t even feel like this about my ex. I grew to love my ex (which I could seriously careless about now)This Cancer, I loved him the second I heard his voice.I know I am not where he is right now.But if he only knew how much respect he has from me. This man is such a beautiful person on the inside. I wish he wanted my love. I probably would make him sick from loving him so much. He is the only one who I ever let challenge me and win. It was like I had no words what so ever. I love that Alpha male thing about him. He is soft when needed and strong at the same time. No one else can read me like him either. I want his love the physical can come later. I have been saving myself just for him. June 4th will make it a year I have been knowing and loving him. If I ever became his woman he would be spoiled rotten with love,understanding and enough breathing room. I like my private time too. Oh and as far as intimacy goes. Hmm all he would have to do is look like he needs some. I’d be on him Come on!!! lol If he can’t sleep I would put him to sleep, and wake him up in the Am!!! I’d have him waking up with a smile on his face!!. Oh and Mr. crab your Bday and age had me saying OMG wth. But then I was like well it is what it is. I love that man!!! An I’m not backing down this time!!But I see your not him.~sigh~

  48. hubbify77x April 22nd, 2011

    I apologize to all who read through my last post I didn’t realize there was no spacing in the typing!

    Dragon/Scorp: Your post is hilarious! Showing love through venomous stings hahahaha! You know I do not know what it is but everything seems magnified to us cancers…There are slights…those things that are like OW, you hurt my feelings I hate you forever! (the lesser of the two) and then the other ones which are in cancers mind: “YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DID AND YOU KNOW WHY I AM NOT IN YOUR LIFE MY SILENCE IS YOUR PUNISHMENT BECAUSE I AM DEPRIVING YOU OF THE AWESOMENESS THAT IS ME!” Completely unreasonable? Sure. Is there a way around it? You betcha!

    Even if it means nothing to you apologizing and laying feelings out on the line Always, always, always, always, always (get the hint?) gets to a crab.

    Better be kind of sincere though the B.S. meter is military grade! Just talk about whatever made you two go your separate ways (I know, I know, the crab scuttled sideways and blended in with some rocks-just saving face) if you have to communicate through email…send a lot of them some cancers (like myself) will delete the first few emails remembering the sting. Eventually though curiosity will be like “OH MY JEEZ IT MUST BE SERIOUS (scuttle scuttle pinch pinch)” Remember tell him that you love him for real heck make a link to this website showing what you said…The effort that you made in showing that you think about him and talk about him to strangers just might be too endearing to resist!

    Mr. Crab

  49. hubbify77x April 22nd, 2011

    Ugh! I forgot my log-on info… I am Mr. Crab. I got so excited when I read the two April posts, I couldn’t believe my beady black eyes! Tiger/Scorpio I almost thought it was me you were talking about! That and I was so touched by your attitude after that unpleasant experience I felt compelled to say something. Okay, so I MAY have some insight as my Birthday is in fact July 5th and year of the Dog. Let me start by saying my mouth dropped as Tiger and Dog are supposed to be extremely compatible and on top of that a Scorpio and a cancer good lord! I am honestly kind of upset that your dude was not…well…available. It turns me lil’ crabby stomach it does. So cancers are cardinal signs (one of the 4 hunters of the zodiac)and in fact cancers way of hunting is not unlike fishing with the exception cancer itself is the bait and it wants to see what it can reel in so to speak. Now there is an initial thrill of dating and meeting people and it’s especially hard for the cancer that has the 5 (July 5th and all that) aspect (dynamic, charming etc.) Because there is this inner guidance system that measures the people that they are with to an “ideal” that I personally believe no one could measure up to, (I.E. Extremely Pretty, Extremely Smart…But oh no if she is like that then she is out of my league!) Trust me your guy was feeling some strong feelings big time you can be assured of that…He probably played that cool as a cucumber act to shake you off his tail because you made him feel things strongly and strong feelings can HURT. It’s a farce though…I am able to do that kind of thing by focusing on something unpleasant and then magnifying it to keep the emotions in check so that I become rational…like well she is far away anyway and if it didn’t work I would be miserable and feel like I did with this girl or this girl and then finally put myself through the wringer by thinking it’s not worth it to get close to anyone, and it is KINDER this way. That is to say that I have no feelings and make them believe it. Or the other one is I will just hold out until someone better comes along or the “right” person that makes me feel amazing to match that impossible ideal. But guess what!? When that guy goes on those social sites and states he wants to get married he is not just lonely but insecure. He believes somewhere in himself that marriage will make him complete. He won’t really be happy with anyone until he understands that a relationship is two wholes that add to each other to make a greater whole. I know this because I used to be like this. I never announced anything on a social site but I did do something of a chronic relationship jumping from one girl to the next an Aquarius to an Aries to a Capricorn all within a 2 year span. Each one I was quick to say I loved them and each one quick to say I wanted to marry them…mind you never getting any real plans in motion because that would be far far too real! Keep in mind too astrologically speaking they were difficult for me to be with due to major incompatibility save for the Capricorn but she wasn’t the right one for me. As you may have guessed when your guy said he’s not affectionate that’s more than likely B.S.. In my relationships I said “I love you” and “I miss you” so many times those words lost their meaning to me, in this way I became unfortunately non-affectionate and most of the time I am emotionally cool. But given the right circumstance/person or whatever I guarantee there is a wealth of bubbly gooey affection waiting and WANTING to be devoured-as far as I can tell only in a way a Scorpio female really can-. It sounds to me as if you made a move and then he responded negatively, (something I am in fact guilty of). That cutting off and disappearing garbage (again guilty) is done because he does not feel in control of circumstances or his life really so he does that to re-balance himself no matter what the heavy emotional toll is on the other person…Honestly it’s extremely selfish…And for me the only way past it is to have 100% ability to confide in someone without being judged or yelled at…merely just a wanting to be understood. It’s very unfair and the guy has to be willing to let you into his circle and he has to KNOW you can be trusted without consequence. However once you get to this point it’s all good. Real emotions, real thoughts, and true affection without the early relationship honey moon buzz (that is sacred and protected too and can make a crabby disappear faster than Houdini and Copperfield) and of course the ever patent-pending Cancer legendary lovemaking! Or he may simply outgrow this. I am 28 myself and I do these kinds of things, have for years, as far as I can tell I believe I am moving out of this need to hide and recoup to feel in control because “life” is temporarily too hard. Cancers are goal oriented folk…I sure as heck am… and I have made it my goal to figure out why I am not in a long-term (preferably at this juncture with a Scorpio) relationship already! So I am attempting to repent for my sins against love and take it more seriously and work on being more REAL with my emotions and take others emotions seriously. Of course all of this with a heavily needed dose of caution and practicality (is there any other way?!?) I hope you find some solace and let go of any potential bitterness and I really sincerely hope Love works out for you.


  50. Dragon/Scorpio April 12th, 2011

    Hahahahaha…I can’t stopped laughing reading your post Tiger/Scorpio. You inspired me creating my Dragon/Scorpio nickname. Kind of cool, eh.

    Your case is just like mine. I met this “melting pot” Cancer man online last Nov. We chatted almost everyday and began liking each other. He was so clingy that we glued like twins. I loved it. While he loved giving it. His disappearing part was killing me because I realized that I love him. And, I really do. The only thing I’ve forgotten to show him my love was to flex my muscles onto him. But, I showed my intensed love for him by spitting out my venomous Scorpion stings when he was so damn crabby. He never emerged from his protective shell for more than three months since. Ha..ha..ha..ha.. I’ll let him remain there as long as he wants, and shall let him realize one day the world filled with beautiful and wonderful Scorpio woman i.e. ME. It will be his total lost letting this Scorp slip away….

    Getting to know a Crab man is the most wonderful thing that ever happened in my entire life. I just simply love everything crabby about this man; crabby heart, crabby mood, crabby emotions, crabby games, crabby mind, crab…crab…crab…!!!! Chilli Crab, Black Pepper Crab, Sweet & Sour Crab, Hot & Spicy Crab, Clingy & Glueiiii Crab, Pampered Crab, Lemak Chilli Padi Crab.. Just loving anything about CRAB !!!

    Btw, Mr Crab…Welcome to the Scorpion Women Club. Read more of our post and try figuring out to achieve your goal.

  51. Tiger/Scorpio April 11th, 2011

    Well I guess my post can be disregarded because basically I was lead to think one thing and turns out it was never anything. All I can say is that I hope no one breaks his heart and leads him like he did me. That is crazy he can admit he is lonley to the world. Yet can’t man up and say I know you have feelings for me but I don’t have them for you. Just cuts me off and disappears this is some crazy ****! yet I sent an email and he answered. Even asked me some questions And poof gone. Lol! lesson learned tho lesson learned! Men in general to me seem to say they want a certain thing. But when it is right there they don’t want it. Cancer or not male/or female people need to stop playing games with others emotions.

  52. Tiger/Scorpio April 11th, 2011

    I’m in love with a cancer male I met almost a year ago. One minute he seems like he wants me to come after his heart.The next he disappears I have not flexed my Scorpio muscle on him. But I am tempted to I understand he has been through somethings. (even though he has done dirt himself)I don’t live in the same area, but I will be moving soon. We met face to face once, and I know darn well he felt what I was feeling. He claims he is not affectionate, he don’t believe when people tell him their feelings. He even said he wouldn’t believe me. All lies because how come he is so hard like cracking military codes. But then he gets lonley and talks about marriage. Mind you he doesn’t say this to me he says this stuff on a social website. I have never gone after anyone before.I’m am a very patient person. But I need something to go on. I feel like I’m chasing my own tail instead of chasing him lol! 11/08-07/05 Chinese zodiac Tiger/Dog I don’t want to give up because I love this man with all my heart. But damn cut a sister a break geeze!

  53. Mr.Crab April 10th, 2011

    Hello to all of you lovely Scorpio women out there! I have to say reading so many encouraging posts about successful, amazing, relationships makes my little crabby heart feel all warm and fuzzy inside! I have to admit I have read a boat load of astrology and I have always been somewhat weary of the possible intensity of a scorpio female (scorps really really get a bad rap). So much so that I have at points disregarded the fact that a scorpio-cancer connection can be insanely rewarding. Anyway to get to my point these posts have changed my cautious mind! I honestly think there is no sign I want to TRY to be with more. Now the question is how to find and win over said Scorpio hmmm any help would be greatly appreciated =)!

  54. scorpiocutey April 3rd, 2011


  55. Tiffany March 31st, 2011

    I am Scorpio women married to a cancer man i been married for five year and even with are ups and down i love that I am having it with him, i find myself falling in love every day more and more , he is my best friend and always making me happy and trying to give me the best whatever i want he try his hardest to get it for me, we are totally different but we click like no tomorrow when i get angry he lets me explode and yell until i get tried and then waits till I am done and talks to me and a gentle voice, i can really said that he is my first love and if i can be with him a lifetime i would but i will go as far as are love takes us. He loves me for all my flaws as i do him ..this is a perfect match one of a kind weather its short lived are long there no love like this ..

  56. Cortney March 27th, 2011

    October 30, 1997 (me) July 3, 1998 (him). He’s my best friend and I’m falling hard for him. Theres a strange connection with us. I love it, its warm. We’re both in the 7th grade but we’ve known eachother since the forth and have bonded more since then. We know most secret but are still opening up to each other. We both have had rough lifes so we relate on that. When I’m mad, he calms me. When he’s mad, I calm him. With eachother…there are no stereo types. We can just be our selves and not give a crap what people think. I was wanting to know how a full on relationship would be? I’ve read some of the comments and want to try it out but I’m to scared. Plus, I’d rather not ruin our friendship over a stupid middle school relationship but I just don’t want to wait any longer. I need to tell him my feelings but I’m too scared. Are we compatible? How do I tell him I like him? Ugh, I hate life sometimes.

  57. Scorpiodoc March 22nd, 2011

    Okay, a friend of mine is trying to hook me up with her Cancerian cousin. We’ve met once and I must say there was some undercurrent of chemistry there. I’m wondering if I can grow to love him. It’s definitely worth a try going by all the comments… 🙂

  58. ScorpioWoman34 March 10th, 2011

    I had a cancer man…he dumped me twice. The last time he said “hes meant to be an old bachelor”…wtf is that…he was very cold this last dumping. I had to chase him down just to dump me. Very odd especially since back in sept of 2010 he told me he made a mistake and wanted to try again. So we meet up (long distance relationship)and after i leave tell me it isnt working out…so lost…i want to give up but i keep thinking about him and if he did call i may do it all over again…why cant i forget about this cancer man!

  59. ibrahim March 3rd, 2011

    m a cancerian male, i read everythng about the compatibility about a cancer man n a scorpio woman and nw i am desparately waiting for a scorpio girl to come in my life…
    Btw, my best friend (buddy) is a scorpion n we are truest friends.. With hm i now know the real feelin of a true friendship.. 🙂

  60. Eagles February 7th, 2011

    Wow! This is so so so true. Im a scorpio girl madly in love with this cancerian man who unfortunately is married. We started out as friends but in a very short time got very attracted to each other. When we are together it feels like we are in a world of our own, we have tried leaving each other a couple of times since he is married and i just get a guilt concious at times, but it never works, we just find ourselves back together within no time and the bond gets stronger and stronger by the day. I have dated other men before, but none of the previour relationships felt like this one. I love him so so so much and he means the world to me. At times its hard, but we both just hang in there, coz its worth it.

  61. fatale February 5th, 2011

    i’m a 21 year old scorpio. me and my cancer man had a beautiful and flourishing relationship. then, one day he just broke up with me. i’m trying to get over him but it’s impossible. i miss him so much.

  62. In love January 14th, 2011

    I am in a relationship with a cancer man and it is magical! We are both so in love with each other, and totally balance each other out. Never knew I could be so happy! Crazy when reading this how much I related to it!

  63. Author
    Ask Oracle January 11th, 2011

    @above, this is not what you call Love. Its plain desire, disabling your ability to see through the situation and find out what would be best for you.

    There is more awareness and lesser craving when one is really in Love. This helps in making choices which would be best for both lovers.

    This person’s past would come up often and disturb your relationship with him. It would be best for you to cut off contact with this person if possible.

  64. Scorp chick December 14th, 2010

    I’m a scorp girl, and met a cancer guy last month, We had an awesome connection… the kisses Oh My!
    We live far away =(, but there’s no a single day that goes by without a text message from Him, I’m sooo happy, I wanna see how this relationship developes =)

  65. cancerian714 December 11th, 2010

    This is a great pairing as it involves two water signs that have a capacity to feel deeply towards each other. Between Pieces, Cancer and Scorpio love is seldom expressed into words, rather it’s a deep, and intense feeling. In my experience this is a concept that the spontaneous fire, the grounded earth and the detached air people can’t grasp very well. Behind the strong, hard and often aloof exterior of Cancer lies a man with a deep yearning for security and true love. Behind the intense and alluring exterior of a Scorpio woman lies an intensely deep, unexplicable pain; often derived from a yearning for true love and eternal happiness.

    When a Cancer man and a Scorpio woman come together, it’s pure magic. Surrounding the initial attraction, invisible vibes are sent all across. The two are lured and eventually reeled into each other; Cancer from the intense and alluring gaze of the scorpion whilst Scorpio from the hardened apperance, yet serene, intoxicating lunar energy emitted from the crab. As the two fall in love, the waters begin to run deep. Cancer finds peace holding Scorpio in his strong arms, protecting her from the dangerous world filled with liars, cheaters and backstabbers. Scorpio gets his 100% undivided attention and she becomes the primary woman in his life, she need not worry about his faithfulness. The truest of Cancer men are extremely faithful to their women and look down upon extra-marital activities, which consouls the jealous scorpion. The Cancer man carries her constantly within his thoughts and Scorpio loves him ten times more deep within her pure heart. The extreme, intense passion of Scorpio lights up the life of Cancer, while reserved on the exterior, loves excitement. The intense Scorpio sexual energy fuels and enriches the Cancer Man, luring him even further out of his shell. The ectasy shared between Cancer and Scorpio during intercouse is divine – as this article states, all emotions are infused in lovemaking making for an almost religious experience.

    As a Cancer man, I can vouch for this relationship being the best when both parties are mature. Otherwise the quirks of both signs arise and it can briefly get very, very ugly. And when this relationship burns, it can be extremely painful on both sides. Both signs will appear to have moved on, however inside they hurt deeply inside. This is common with all of the three water signs paired with a Scorpio woman. And all the above is how I feel about the relationship I shared with my ex Scorpion. If I could, I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.

  66. diamondlass November 9th, 2010

    Hi, first of all to oldfasionscorpio, please leave the aquarian alone, he will drain you dry, and it will be a waste of time for you, he doesn’t feel as deeply as you do and YOU know what you need. Now my cancer and I met over 20 years ago and it was love at first sight. He was my brothers friend, and the girls in the family, we never cross the line with dating our brothers friends, but this guy, i always wanted to see him or be around when he visited my brother or other guys in the neighborhood. We started to see each other in the 90’s off and on, he didn’t know where I was coming from and I didn’t know where he was either! but after all of this time, just last year we admitted how we felt about each other, and he said he always wanted me, but didn’t now how to tell me because he always saw me with someone else. He sais if he knew he could have had me, he would have been more vocal, and he knows im the one for him. I agree with that! I love this man, he is in my soul, it’s like his blood is pumping through my vains, my heart, my whole being, and he feels the same way! I want to melt into him, and like some of you said, when we kiss, oh boy, we go to another planet. When we see each other, i run to him and put my arms around his waist (he’s 6’4, im 5’3)I’ll ask if I have to let go, he says NO! He has said to me that he can’t describe the feelings he has for me, but I know what they are, i feel the same way. When we hug, it’s like nothing I have ever felt. If he had asked me to marry him when we were first introduced, I would have! The karma, spirtual something, was there, and it still is. I am so sorry I wasted so much time with the aquarius, who refuses to let me go, but I “left” him (aquarian) a long time ago, he just hasn’t connected the dots yet, my heart belongs the my cancer man. People when you have found “the one” and you know when you have, charish it, take care of it, play no games, live hard and love hard, enjoy this short life together.

  67. inlove October 16th, 2010

    hey… this is totally true. i am in love with a cancerian man and me being a scorpio woman…..

  68. WisH October 15th, 2010

    But sometimes I feel like it’s all in vain.

  69. WisH October 15th, 2010

    You damn right it’s troubling. Smh but I can’t and don’t want to let go of my cancer man. <3

  70. captain October 6th, 2010

    im a scorpio girl an i have finally found my soulmate, my cancer male. weve only been going out for 2 and a half months but im completely in love, ive never fallen for anyone this fast but now i dont even think i could live without him. we are both possesive and jealous which lets me know hes as scared of losing me as i am of losing him, yeah we get into fights and arguments but it usually only takes a few minutes to get over it. i hate him living 40 minutes away from me and i feel like crying everytime he leaves. im sure other scorps feel the same.

  71. LadyScorpio October 4th, 2010

    I’ve been dating a cancer man for 6 months now and already in love.! It’s Like he’s my soulmate. He completes me. Our love for each other is so strong that no one could ever get between it. I am currently pregnant wit our first child.! And yes the sex is very great.!

  72. OfashionScorpio September 23rd, 2010

    Well well, I think I am surely going for the Cancerian. It is definitely good to read from different people about the compatibility. I was debating whether I should go with the Aquarius or the Cancerian, I have harness enough information to make my decision better! Thank you everyone!

  73. scorpio08 September 20th, 2010

    hi i am an 18, soon to be 19 year old scorpio and i’m dating a cancer man who is 21. it was my 17th birthday and i met him at a party. he was sitting on the couch all by himself so perfectly content petting the dog in solitude. i couldn’t keep my eyes off him and i was constantly asking my friends about him. after that we hit it off IMMEDIATELY and stayed up all night talking about our childhood and stuff. we have been together for two years now, and i must say, if anyones put anyone through hell as far as mood swings and being ready to argue, its me. yet he still loves me unconditionally and he is just so kind, gentle and patient. reassuring is an understatement. he really loves me and tells me all the time weather im convinced otherwise. i feel its too good to to be true. sometimes i try to pretend like i dont need him, but the truth is i do. deep down, i am a child at soul and i am very loving ang gentle… just NOT when i’m mad, i’m worse than the devil as he would say lol. he is my everything. when we make love, sometimes is so powerful i start to cry and i look at him in the eyes and i know he feels it too. its wonderful. i love him so much. we’ve had our ups and downs, but its truely made us that much stronger. we always talk about having babies one day. it’s gonna happen. fack, i’m so gitty just thinking about it.

    anyone who wants to hit off a cancer/scorpio relationship.. my suggestion would be go for it! (unless your natal chart is completely off otherwise)

  74. master piece September 2nd, 2010

    oh i’ve forgotten the sex part jajajaj is just crazy, wild but spiritual, rough but full of love too.. dude.. a very intense thing, its our paramount as a couple, we just become one entity, just crazy jejejej kama sutra got too short for our immagination in those mommentes

  75. master piece September 2nd, 2010

    hi, i’m a cancer man deeply in love with this amazing scorpio creature, i think i just wanted to put my comment agreeing with all of you guys.

    She is just perfect for me, and im perfect for her, but dont even needed to say it, we just said it to our eyes, when i was going to tell her that, she was going too, so it was like one of those momments when u want to say something to the other, but knowing she has something to tell too, so i let her speak first and it was exactly the same comment right back to me at the same time, it was kinda creepy though, but in a good way of course ;).

    Well just wanted to share that expirience, the rest i think its pretty much said in the article and the other’s comments. She is just all what i’ve been looking for all my life, and when im with her i just feel that i dont need ANYTHING ELSE just she, like she was my sourse of energy you know? i suppose i just love her passion and commitment to things, the way she always listens to me, my concerns and the spiritual connection we have, we never get bored! we are just bonded its the best experience i’ve ever had with another human been.
    Well i suppose i got a little intense here but needed to share that right now 😉 i just feel happy letting the world know im with her, how could i cheat on her? it makes no sense to me (thats for the girl who said that sometimes we cancer guys are cheaters, dont know with another sign but with a scorp girl i think is just impossible) jejeje grettings from venezuela! 😛

  76. honey August 27th, 2010

    ima 18 year old scorpian women and he’s a 21 year old cancerian men nd its about to be 2 years but ever since we met we been unseperable been with each other through thick and thin everybody tells him im tha one for him and i fell tha same about him but i dont think itz true cause he’s wayyyy more dominate than me but only when we argue when we argue its so intense cause both of us got fire but after we clm down we joke about tha arguin and talk about why we was mad and understand each other me and him and everybody around us see us together for a long time

  77. Samantha August 21st, 2010

    I just met a cancerian man (8/16) via facebook…he asked me out for coffee, rather than dinner on 8/19(he said he wanted to be proper…lol. Very refreshing, though it does make me wonder why not dinner. lol) Anyways, I can’t tell if he really likes me…or if I really like him. But, what I can say is that when I 1st saw his picture on FB, I felt like I knew him immediately and now that we have a date set…I feel like big things are to come between us. His actions, so far have confused me…but, I do know that there is a definite attraction between us to build upon. I suppose only time will tell. Either way, I feel fortunate to have met him…he seems like a rather nice man. 🙂

  78. Samantha August 21st, 2010

    I just met a cancerian man

  79. Scorpioblonde August 21st, 2010

    It’s not folly that all the astrology books and websites will tell water signs to stick together – they really do have the best relationships.
    All of my long term partners have been Cancerians and things turn to love very quickly.
    If you want the traditional things in life – marriage, children, white picket fence then a Cancerian is for you.
    Equally, they become your best friend because us Scorpios find it hard to trust people and their ernestness and genuine nature totally flaws us.
    There is tonnes in common and a real feel of symbiosis.

    Unfortunately for me, I found that every time the balance became too much in S+C r’ships – his placid nature and my dominating nature meant I often (unintentionally) took advantage and I find that Cancer’s passive-aggressive tendencies can grate on us rough and ready Scorpios.
    I also found each time that the friendship side began to outweigh the relationship side and my eye would start to rove.

    However, I wholeheartedly stand by the fact that Cancer+Scorpio is a match made in heaven on the surface and I think is only just pipped by Scorpio+Pisces in terms of connection.

    Cancerians are a rare breed who can put up with our crazy mood swings and temper and we in turn take their husks and fill them with passion and excitement. Scorpios help give Cancer the drive and confidence they need to succeed and they in turn give us the emotional support we need so much of.
    Always worth giving this relationship a go 🙂

  80. hakeeemovic August 16th, 2010

    okay am agree with all words u wrote…. but could any one tell me what can i do with a scorpio woman that agree with all words also but sayin that she not luv me !!! :S

  81. B681 August 16th, 2010

    What can i say.I have just met this scorpio woman and all i can say is WOW…… she has totally knocked me for six, and what amazes me is how she done it. Being a typical cancerian male, i was trying to be a bit aloof…… what a waste of time that was, she just walked through all my defences and i now find myself acting like a love struck teenager! When we kissed for the first time it was electric…… and i mean it! the sparks were flying….. i am totally utterly smitten by her…… how did she do that? Being a true romantic, i have always held out this idealistic view of my perfect partner, but have been disappointed with each passing relationship until now. I cant believe that in such a short space of time that she has made me a quivering mess lol…… dont get me wrong…. i’m loving every minute of it, i just never thought it was possible!….. May need some help with this peeps as i have never experienced this kind of feeling before lol

    All hail the scorpio woman!!!!!

  82. lala bobo August 5th, 2010

    I love a cancer man and he loves another girl but I guess he’s playing with her feelings cz he treats me better than her, We only met 3 times but I really feel that we’ll get along with each other

  83. KITTY August 4th, 2010

    I have a cancer man in my life, actually hes my bestfriend..that whole separation stuff is really horrible as a scorpio it leads to a very depressing place but he loves me.. I love him, right now things are kind of rocky (long story) but we will always feel that Love for one another, he said even if years pass by he will always love me unconditionally I believe it! I put him through alot but its just something about us 2 the way we click I Cant let go I guess his claws got a tight grip on me 🙁

  84. Andy May 29th, 2010

    I am a cancerian…..And met the Girl of my dream the scorpian queen of my heart the moment I entered in to my new office I saw here and have fallen for her but couldnt say any thing..So far we are just co workers but how do I convey my feeling to her as a typical cancerian I am scared of rejection..

  85. scorpio middle schooler May 1st, 2010

    i love him .. but is it true that cancer can say he does not love me so i stop bugging him cause i feel like im jusst annoying him i really love him i try to fix things but his attitude just makes things worse it jhurts soo much just doing all this can can i do for him to forgive me?

  86. Suleman April 27th, 2010

    LoL lOL 😛

  87. Asra April 23rd, 2010

    U wrote on wrong section haha i m cancer nt u silly .. But never mind i love u 🙂

  88. Asra April 23rd, 2010

    Haha suleman i love u too 😀 mwaaah back !!! And i feel blessed !!! Love u alot :’)

  89. Suleman April 23rd, 2010

    Ahhh watever I love u Asra Alotttttttttttttttt…… Mwwahhhhhhhhhhhhh

  90. Anon April 18th, 2010

    This is so true. I can’t keep my hands of my cancer man. He always seems to find a way to make me smile, and I find myself thinking about him constantly. We haven’t been together long but whenever we say goodbye after being together I start missing him already. He gives me butterflies everytime we kiss, and when we really get into the moment, things are amazing and passionate. I really think I’m falling for this guy, I’ve never felt like this about anyone before. I’m so comfortable around him and I feel like I can tell him anything. Were so different but everything just seems to click. I get jealous when other girls talk to him which is typical for a scorpio girl lol, but he always makes me feel special. I never thought I would like him after meeting him for the first time, but the attraction grew so strong and like I said before, I just can’t keep my hands off him anymore! I’m just so overwhelmingly happy at the moment, I can’t stop smiling 🙂

  91. aznaz April 13th, 2010

    not sure how to write a comment here but certainly sounds interesting to make it my first ..
    being cancerian was not something i cherished much before i met this scorpian girl just half a year back and who is the axis of my life now ..
    her love makes me feel so blessed ..her passion, the way she tries to possess me every single moment .. its like my soul always wanted this wanton love ..unbridled .. and i just cant keep myself away from her … its like she knows everything what i wanted in life .. i wanted to have someone who could never get tired of loving me coz it gives me more energy to love her back ..i love to do anything that could bring a smile on her face
    our love life is unbelievably awesome .. the way we make love every opportunity we get is so sensual ..we long for each other the very next moment we collapse in each other’s arms ..
    our love making is amazingly awesome.. her romantic flair adds to the aura of our special moments ..she thinks she is suffocative but in reality its just what i ever wanted be loved like she does
    there is so much i want to say but right now she is actually waiting to see what i have written so will complete my fairy tale some other time

  92. alexish April 2nd, 2010

    I met this Cancer man and I realy can’t believe how happy I am. He is so caring and kind. It’s early but I love him already. He has so many important qualities…like manners, respect, and concern for others. I can’t wait to see what happens…if nothing else, I now know that there are some really good guys out there. And yes we go on real “bootie calls” and crap like that. A man who is a man. Thank God!!!!

  93. cancer guy March 28th, 2010

    Haha that post(mysteriously not saying) made me smile. It’s exactly what I’m going through right now. I’ve known this Scorpio woman for about 10 yrs now… There was always an attraction but, neither of us ever said anything(out of fear of losing a friendship) and we just had fun times at get togethers and what not. About a month ago we really started talking to each other. We started to really get to know each other and finding out stuff we never knew about each other. Those conversations turned into up until 5a.m. talks where we were telling everything about each other. Stuff that we didn’t tell anyone about. We are having an unbelievably good time with each other now. It almost seems like we’re cheating the system or something lol. It’s absolutely amazing. I broke up with my Aries girlfriend(don’t get me started) almost immediately after i found this out. You’re definitely right about it seeming like it’s all an act or that it seems too good to be true. She’s very sincere and honest about the entire thing which is extremely refreshing. Every time I’m in her presence all my worries and troubles are gone. Well, now I’m rambling. I’m just too excited about the whole thing. Thanks for reading.

  94. mysteriously not saying March 25th, 2010

    I usually check horoscopes of future partners, before delving deeper to see if the match is going to work (and usually the star sign compatibility is somehow correct) and I never ever comment on these things, but after reading this and everything I am feeling, I thought to finally put my first ever comment 😀

  95. mysteriously not saying March 25th, 2010

    I am a Scorpio woman. About a month and a half ago going on two months now, I met my first ever Cancer man. He for four or five dates before finally “sleeping” with each other, is the first guy to even take me out on dates, a REAL DATE where we actually went to museums, movies, wax museums etc. In today’s modern world that just doesn’t happen, all my life I have wanted to meet a guy like this, but thought they don’t exist, I am so wrong! And to be so kind, respectful, caring to me. At first it got me very suspicious, coz I have never been treated this way before, never met someone so nice to me, at one point I freaked out on him and almost left him because I couldn’t deal with meeting such a nice guy, and having my dream be so real that I came close to ending any chance we could have had together just because he seemed like “Prince Charming” from that Cinderella fairytale I have always dream’t about having in my life (I know I am weird but so is every human being really)! And I was waiting for him to act like a jerk or do one of those behaviors that makes me think he just wants to get into my pants or “hang out” like most guys. I’ve never ever had problems getting a guy, everywhere I go is one guy or several wanting my number all at once not to be just a friend, or to network with, which sometimes makes me sick coz at times I just want normal male friends, but to get into my pants that seems to be almost every guy I meet, not all but most. But he is different, I felt he was interested in sharing his world with me, involving me in it, and being a friend and getting to know and he really, really took great care with finding the perfect location or thing to do every time we met up. When we finally “made love” omg it was the BEST!!! He and I cannot get our hands of each other, every time we see each other even for a few minutes we feel like jumping in bed again. And we even spent 24 hours in bed at one point. He truly is the first man I have actually felt love with. Have never been so happy in my entire whole life! I can’t even bear to be apart from him for a few minutes, a day or a night, he also feels the same and were in constant communication every day. I know it has only been a month and a half going on two months of being together, but I seriously feel he is my soul mate, he also feels the same, its as if we were totally meant to be. His lovely dad even added me on facebook, we had a small facebook conversation which was so cool and he says so many nice things to his family about me (am yet to meet them, but they seem sooo lovely). We have sooo much in common from liking hockey (though his team the Avalanche, am not a great fan of…), prosciutto, tea (he loves tea and tea is what I drink a lot of more than coffee), and a million other similarities. Our careers are both in the same industry and I feel he understands me and what I do for a living (were both in showbiz). I feel I have met my Mr Right, not Right Now. He is so much more mature than any guy I have ever met and I am very particular in who I have relationships with (which is why I have only had two real live-in relationships, and am not a typical Scorpion for some reason its always the guy getting jealous of me and wanting me to end my career, life, change who I am etc but my Cancer man doesn’t seem to be like this he is sooo supportive and giving and caring towards me and he actually wants me to succeed). I feel like I can tell him anything and everything and he won’t judge me instead he supports me. Bout two weeks ago he proposed, and I cannot wait to be his wife! Just today we even planned our future goal in 9 years time, first comes being successful in our fields. I highly recommend, all Scorpios find a Cancer man! I’m never ever letting mine go! Love is a very hard thing to find. And for some reason, this has never ever ever felt so right. Have never ever felt such a huge huge connection with anyone quiet like this. I love my cancer man with all my heart! I finally understand what Love is. And the saying “You will know when you have met THE ONE”, I thought I had once, but it is nothing in comparison to this! I usually have some sort of doubt, that sick feeling in my stomach that says something isn’t right, my intuition seems to always always be correct. For some reason, I have never ever had that this time. The only thing my gut is telling me is that, if I let him go right now, and leave him, and do my usual “run from commitment” thing (yes I have a major, major fear of commitment), I would be a major, major, major lonely idiot! My gut tells me he is THE ONE I will spent the rest of my life with, the man I will somehow grow old with. For some reason I feel something weird, like some sort of futuristic “flashbacks” (if there is such a thing, if this makes sense) of seeing him age and our lovely boy and girl grown up and us still being mega happy. Ill update again on this website in another five years, and tell you if what I am thinking has been real and the progress. Enjoy that Cancer man and DO NOT let him go, EVER!

  96. yogi March 7th, 2010

    Wow! i m so overwhelmed by all this especially the part they say our relationship is a perfect match.I am a scorpio woman and he is a cancerian. He is the other piece of my puzzle and i am his . My weaknesses are his strenghts and his weaknesses are my stenghts which makes our love so remarkable, I sometimes feel that this man was designed by God for me.We are together 19 years now. i fall more and more inlove with him by the day and we are best friends.We can go anywhere with friends but would find ourselves drifting away somewhere together,excluding the people we are with talking about anything and nothing, laughing at the jokes we each make, forgeting completly about the people we are with and the reason we are at that particular place. what amazes me is that i make good friends with cancer men too. One is my closest friend is a cancer man.

  97. Heather February 13th, 2010

    I’m a scorpio female and i found this very helpful. I’m totally into a cancer man and he seems so distant i didn’t hink he could feel the same way too. But now i know it’s worth the possible pain and embarrasment of rejection to make my move for him 🙂

  98. Stephanie January 8th, 2010

    I am a Scorpio woman and my husband is a Cancer man…it is true to say that when he and I are separated for a period of time…the emotional and physical pain that I feel or he feels is unreal. We bond so easily and he is the one who seems to want resolve any conflicts that the two of us have with each other…He moto concerning that is to never go to bed or leave the house angry. If I am angry he tries to put humor I the situation but as a Scorpio woman I am serious in nature and he always finds a way to make me smile. Being with him is not stressful and he doesn’t drawn me emotionally. But I have one problem…with most compatible signs of the scorpio….there really not all that “poetically” written like most of the others….why do scorpios get a bad rap? This is coming from a true scorpio.

  99. fonda December 12th, 2009

    This is my boyfriend and I to the tee. I love him so much! My cancer… 🙂

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