Leo Woman and Virgo Man Love Compatibility

Virgo and Leo are side-by-side sign and they have different elements as well as different modality. This can result in lack of understanding between them in the beginning. But with a healthy dose of tolerance, this relationship can be handled. With different needs but common goal to have a life time partner, these two can work well with each other.

A Virgo man is very clean, tidy and completely practical person with steadiness in everything he does. His life is always in order and to live in chaos makes this man physically ill. He is firm and conventional and does not waste his time on frivolous matters. He likes the calm and serene lifestyle. He is not one for making waves and when someone or something threatens such stability in his life he becomes introverted and highly sensitive. Relationships are very important for this man and he selects his mate with great care so that he can shower the deserving one with devotion and immense care.

A Leo woman is definitely the real lioness with all royal flavors and strong poise. She craves for admiration and certainly deserves it. If treated properly she carries gracious warmth and alluring sensuality in her persona but if misbehaved then she is one of the most cruel and hot-tempered woman of all Zodiac Signs. She is rather a very sentimental woman and when in love she desires consistent appreciation and praise to keep her spirit burning well. Though she always respects the dignity and superiority of her lover but she never considers herself anyways less then him. If any man wants to change her, he has to do it slowly through almost non-existing hints and ideas.

Though Leo woman is very different from the Virgo man, she feels a very strong attraction towards him. She has a very different expression of love for her Virgo man which is lavish and even showy. She is consumed with the romance of the relationship. For some out of this world reason, when a bond forms between these two zodiac signs, it is a love that fuses together in just the right combination. Leo woman’s arrogant and conceited ways somehow melt into a generous, loyal and affectionate lover who respects her Virgo man when he shows the right amount of admiration toward her. When she treats him good, she finds him friendlier and much more extrovert in behavior in which he portrays himself. She is one lady who is capable of bringing out the most creative and adventurous side of him.

Virgo man always finds Leo woman irresistibly gorgeous and independent woman. He is a man who is, by character, shy to a point where he finds it hard to show public affection for his Leo lady and even sometimes needles her about her terrible habits. She needs the attention and admiration to keep her insecurities from building up. She spends extravagantly and is quite the social butterfly. But he expresses love by laying solid groundwork for the partnership they both share. He also teaches her to be more stable and practical regarding life and love. All that these two have to do is think about the other person and try to fit the other’s qualities into their own life a little bit. With a bit of a change in their attitudes to fit each other will be beneficial to them both. They aren’t really so different if they stop and think about it.

When the burning passion of Leo woman and stable love of Virgo man blend together, they make a beautifully enticing relationship. Their differences make their relationship more exciting with lots to learn from each other. The sweetness of their relationship comes from the understanding that they develop with time towards each other’s approach to life. She brings spark and spirits to his life while he dissolves her arrogance to make her a warmer and caring woman. The dreams they build are colorful and more practical that gives both of them a reason to share even more smiles in their relationship. The fragrance of their love fills the air around them with glittery happiness of togetherness to be cherished for the lifetime.

The sexual relationship between Leo woman and Virgo man is one that cannot go on without good communication both mentally and emotionally. He tends to be too passive towards her, creating insecurity in her heart that makes her feel he doesn’t really want to be with her. Her anger and cold response to that causes him to be even more discouraged. This causes problems in their relationship. They both need to compromise and meet somewhere in the middle of the spectrum. He is on the passive and subdued side of this spectrum, whereas she is more aggressive and passionate in her lovemaking. She needs to calm herself a bit and come to realize that passion can be felt in a more serene state of mind also. On the other hand, he needs to realize that sex is not just a controlled meeting of two people who exchange a bit of affection and then go about their lives normally again rather it is the most beautiful form of expressing love to the spouse. He needs to be more free and more fervor in his actions to bring about the real essence of love making.

The relationship of Leo woman and Virgo man has to go through a lot of rough patches to actually make it work. Virgo man, although it is not easy for him, needs to be more complimenting and less critical of his Leo lady and she has to try to be more generous and less arrogant. If he loves her and is willing to work toward keeping her, he has to realize her hunger for attention. She needs to understand that he goes through life needing everything to be perfect and in order. To just go about her business, letting him worry about and work through all of the problems is a heavy burden on him. She should stop and try to get him to ease back and help him work out the problems with him. This will soothe his heavy tension and enhance his affectionate side for her.

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Dr.-Shakra (@Dr.-Shakra) : October 30th, 2012
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I would say call your man and get back together. Its hard to find true love and when you find it hold on to it especially if it is worth holding on to. 
Leo woman(man)+Virgo man(woman)=balance
Leo girl(boy)+Virgo man(woman)= chaos
Leo woman(man)+Virgo boy(girl)=chaos
Leo girl+Virgo boy=what the hell were we thinking
Leo woman(man)+Virgo woman(man)=balance
Leo girl + Virgo girl= highs/lows
Leo boy+Virgo boy=fire/ice

Leo_T (@Leo_T) : November 14th, 2012
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@Dr.-Shakra: Right now i feel as if he knows he wants to get back with me but he’s pacing himself and still is deciding. I feel the same too and i want to be with him too but we both have things going on. Its like we’re both single but know where we stand with each other….i think! 

Leo_T (@Leo_T) : November 14th, 2012
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@Dr.-Shakra: Oh yeah, i almost forgot…So when you said your Venus is in Cancer, is Venus pertaining to certain traits or qualities how you are like in relationships?

Leo_T (@Leo_T) : November 14th, 2012
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@Dr.-Shakra: Right now i feel as if he knows he wants to get back with me but he’s pacing himself and still is deciding. I feel the same too and i want to be with him too but we both have things going on. Its like we’re both single but know where we stand with each other….i think!  Oh yeah, i almost forgot…So when you said your Venus is in Cancer, is Venus pertaining to certain traits or qualities how you are like in relationships? 

Grace (@grace456) : December 1st, 2012
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about 3 to 4 years ago, i caught up with a fellow Virgo classmate online, he asked a lot of questions, whether I am single or not.
He was from a better (elite) class.
I caught him once for chatting to a (libran) girl on facebook. (She wrote a post on his wall, she was the top student. 
When I cannot go to the university (I went to a university that I liked), he began to criticise me. However that changed when I went back to school.
I went to confide with my friends about it, they told me to ignore him.
I feel that he is trying to play games with me.
The last time I chatted with him, I caught all his lies about he not being able to find a girlfriend when I happened to chance upon his friendster ( a woman, also a Leo, happened to left a comment saying that “he is mysterious and all do not want to say who”).
Recently, I saw his name in another classmate’s blog (she is a Gemini).
I hoped to get some advice here. Is he trying to play into my insecurity? Or just merely trying to play games with me?

Foua (@guiltymanners) : February 26th, 2013
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So I’m Leo with moon in saggitarius, while my Husband is Virgo, moon in libra.Note to everyone, if you want to know about compatibility, look up your moon sign.
Sagittarius Moon and Libra Moon have a very good chance at a long, loving relationship. Both partners are friendly, tolerant, outgoing, idealistic and think the best of people. Where they differ is in their needs.
Libra Moon needs more time with their partner than Sagittarius Moon may be willing to give. Sagittarius Moon has a strong independent streak, and they may find Libra a bit clingy. Together, they have a great time out with friends or having adventures. Libra may get hurt occasionally by Sagittarius’ complete obliviousness to the feelings of others. Libra Moon won’t ever say anything, however, in the interest of keeping everything conflict-free.
Libra Moon’s diplomacy will keep the peace more often than not with Sagittarius Moon. When Sagittarius Moon goes off on one of their solitary adventures, Libra Moon may find themselves feeling abandoned and insecure. With these conflicts, both partners will need to make some concessions to be truly happy. If they are really attached to each other, they will make it work out to both their advantages. Their good times will far outweigh the bad, and Libra Moon will tolerate quite a bit in the name of diplomacy and tact.

cj villanueva (@hrtbrkn23) : June 26th, 2013
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So I have this close friend, we went on a trip together and ended up sharing a room. We were play fighting before bed and next thing I knew he had slipped his fingers in to my vagina and was fingering me so hard. Everything happened so fast, we were naked but we didnt have sex, I felt the tip of his penis touched but he stopped and said he cant do it. So he basically just tease me. He said he dont do casual sex and neither do I. It wasnt awkward tho, we just laugh about it and talked. Im usually very conscious about myself but for some reason I felt really comfortable with him. He said he’s not rejecting me that he really likes me as a friend and he doesnt wanna complicate things. I asked him why me if he sees me as a good friend and he said he wanted to see how far he can go and silly me allowed it to happen. To be honest I felt disappointed with myself as I know im not that kind of girl and also I felt stupid for letting him. I asked him why he ddnt do it with this girl that likes him and he said its coz she’ll fall in love with him, I said what if i was in love with him or if i fall for him after that, he just basically threw the question back at me and asked if i’d ever fall for him, i told him no because i just see him as a really good friend.. the next morning he hugged me from behind and apologised to me for what happened and said that we cant let it happen again and he promised not to ever tease me. everyone that knows us says that me and him should just go out coz we basically are like boyfriend & girlfriend apart from we dont kiss and do any physical things bf & gf do. I must admit we do have moments but I always fight it back as he is my friend and doesn’t want to make things weird between us and he’s always saying he just sees me as a friend. I told my bestfriend about it coz I was confused and my bstfriend says he took me for a D***head and that he doesnt see me as a friend coz if he did he wouldnt have done what he did. Things is a bit awkward but at the same time not really. He still acts like usual, however I not feel a bit conscious with the way I act with him because I dont want him to get the wrong idea as the other night when he went to bed early, and after a few minutes i did too and I think he thought that I was expecting something to happen again. Now Im really confused, I know for a fact we are not the type to have casual or random hook ups so I don’t know how we even ended up in that situation. People say we do like each other and that we just don’t wanna admit it but I am not sure. I am actually starting to question myself, what should I do? What does he want? Does he really consider me as a good friend? Why did he do it and what was his intentions? :(
He’s a virgo and im a Leo.

Grace (@grace456) : September 19th, 2013
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in recent times i had observed around. Whenever i made a comment on my facebook. He seems to be “behind me.” Still observing around though, but I will not be forgiving that easily.

Anonymousguy (@Anonymousguy) : January 1st, 2014
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I’m a Virgo male, and I don’t really find myself shy at all (unless I’m near my crush, then I’ll blush while I attempt to talk to her :O). I think in the end it really depends on not just his horoscope, but his personality in the first place. I’m pretty outgoing among my friends and can talk to other females generally fine. 
The article is pretty accurate though, if I have a girlfriend I’d care deeply and love for her, and Leo females seem to be somewhat intimidating because of their immense beauty we melt under haha :P

Andrea (@Haiki) : January 26th, 2014
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Hello; I’m a Leo female and the person I’m talking to is a Virgo male.
We’ve been talking for about a month and ten days now; and we’re going to meet each other pretty soon. So far, the only problems we had was communication on my end. But, we’ve always made up some how; though he’s sometimes upset, and he still likes me.
He shows me admiration, and gives me all sorts of praise that I enjoy from him; as well I show the same. We also have a lot in common, though… I don’t know how well it would work out between us yet.
Any advice to help us lead towards a longing relationship between us?

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