Scorpio Man and Aquarius Woman Love Compatibility

This is one of the more challenging combinations as Scorpio and Aquarius are quite opposite to each other! With love, of course, it can work, but acceptance and understanding are especially vital. Both Scorpio and Aquarius are likely to be intrigued with their partner’s love nature and general characteristics.

A Scorpio man is intense in everything he does. He is stubborn and self controlled and dominates his life and cannot be lead anywhere he does not wish to go. He can sink into depression, or rise to intoxicating heights of ecstasy. His suspicions are a big part of him as are his expectations. Scorpio male is solid and gives his trust and loyalty to everyone who shows they deserve it. A woman has to be very sure if she wants a Scorpio man because once stepped into his world it is virtually impossible for her to back out.

An Aquarius woman is very friendly in nature with transparency in her attitude. She hates diplomacy and is never mean in her approach. Aquarius female is a stubborn creature. She is quite the independent one and to try to pin her down to one place is futile. She is very much her own person. She craves change and although she can make her man’s life more beautiful, she does not stick around long. If she once decides on her lover whom she considers admirable, she can prove to be a great mate given the respect and freedom she deserves.

The relationship between Scorpio man and Aquarius woman is nothing short of fascinating. Scorpio man’s attraction to Aquarius woman is because of her great independence and her individuality. She has a curious innocence about her that makes him fall head over heels for her, but her temper is nothing to be reckoned with. They are quite similar in these aspects. They don’t necessarily need to put each other as first priority. They are both secured enough in themselves in that they put career and security of home on top. Family matters also top that list of priority in their lives. Their own personal needs come along eventually as does the harmony in their relationship. As argument arises between them, it only proves to strengthen their relationship rather than hinder it. Especially when the Scorpio man is ready to take his Aquarius woman’s temper calmly and pacify her with his tenderness.

Scorpio man always amazes and excites Aquarius woman with his mysterious ways. He loves her, protects her and treats her like a princess. She can get everything she searches for in this man and that too with a passionate will. They have a wonderful tuning until life doesn’t tests them and Aquarius woman is ready to show her devotion towards her Scorpio man. But if she becomes carefree or he becomes domineering, they both can outrage highly. Although she is not easily angered like Scorpio man is, he does know how to keep his cool so much more than she can. She could use a few lessons in this department and he could be her teacher. If she does not learn from him, her outlandish fits could cause him to lose respect for her and this is turn can even lead to end of their relationship.

As the days of life keep drifting with love and ecstasy, the Scorpio man and the Aquarius woman truly accept the others’ way of thinking and functioning of their relationship becomes cozier. She teaches him to be a bit more easygoing and the Scorpio man teaches his Aquarius lady to be more expressive and attached to the near ones. Together they make a strong bond of empathy with the colors of both love and friendship sparkling elegantly with a euphonious tune to make them feel delightful. They attend to each other without over-shadowing the other one’s personality. Their home is a warmer place where rights and duties go lovingly together and rainbows of the fancy of Aquarius woman are painted beautifully by the real paints of her Scorpio man.

Within the realm of their sexual connection, there is either a constant inconsistency of desire or a mellow maturity that is created. Scorpio man tends to be powerfully emotional as Aquarius woman appears to be far too detached even if she enjoys and desires him. Another uncommon ground between them is the quick change in mindset that she has as he tries to gradually come back down to reality from his passions. To avoid conflict here, it is Aquarius woman who has to put forth a little extra effort in showing a bit more compassion and understanding towards him. It is well worth it as he is one man who knows all the synonyms of love and can make her feel special in unmistakable manner. Also, as long as her appeases her and lets her have her independence when she craves it, things go quite smoothly. Together they can actually make a wonderful couple with great sense of intimacy and lots to share on both physical and intellectual levels. If they can adjust to their little differences, their sexual intimacy can be very fulfilling and enjoyable.

Aquarius woman has a tendency to stay detached which can make the Scorpio man feel insecure but at the same time, from what may save the relationship is that she is able to forgive and forget quite easily. If she could teach these traits to him, he will be so much better off for it. He is highly outrageous but he knows how to maintain the surface calmness. This is easily felt by her and she gets irritated of his behavior. These two are very much like one another in that they are conflicting, moody and independent. Add a bit of mystery to Scorpio man and a bit of intuition to Aquarius woman. They can both stand to learn something good from the other one and if they utilize these newly learned traits toward this connection, it grows to become stronger.

  1. Foxxie May 31st, 2017

    Im a 25 year old Aquarius woman and my guy is a 30 year old Scorpio. We started off as friends doing projects together. I was spending like 3 months with him non stop. By the month we started being FWB but of course his sensuality kinda got to me. I mean his kisses were pleasant and the way he made me feekl whe i was down was like nothing i ever felt. it was like he was beginning to be my very own security guard. by the fourth month i told him what i wanted. as you know as an Aquarius woman we are no doubt go-gettas and when we see something we want there is no hesitation. Now i have 4 children and he is willing to take us and make us a family to call his own and with his genuine love i don’t doubt that it will last a long time cause i love the security i have with him. He makes me so happy and motivates me. Even when we argue i still find myself attracted to how strong he feels about things. We call ourselves shadow people because of how we are loners and move in our own way. So this alone is blossoming for the best and working on me first will benefit us both for the long run

  2. Sapna May 27th, 2017

    I am a Aqaurius girl and my bf is scorpio, we have been in a relationship for more than 6 years now. I got to admit we do have a lot of arguments and fights. I was the one who asked him out, i was always the confident one. I love him a lot and even though we have many arguments, i do forgive easily. Holding grudges and not forgiving easily is really true about scorpio men. He likes to boss around but i never let it happen. Scorpio men have a massive ego honestly.

  3. Jay May 25th, 2017

    I’m a 23 year old Scorpio male, and I met this 25 year old Aquarius woman about a couple months ago. The first day I saw her I was already shakened up. I don’t know why seeing her scared me but it did. I told myself I should avoid this woman at all cost, but her mind was on the opposite. She would come to say hi to me just about everyday we could see one another. The way she stared at me pulled me in her eyes are dangerous for me to look at, and she had her own natural scent Which is weird because I think I’m the only one that smells it. After a while our hi’s turned into conversations and then me flirting with her and doing silly things to make her smile and laughter. Boy I can’t get enough of that smile. Learned she was from another country overseas and so my nurturing side kicked in and me understanding how it feels to be alone I was always willing to help her anyway I can and still am. We exchanged numbers, and I would she her good morning texts often. I gave her the nickname gorgeous, I can tell she really likes it when I call her that. I would try to get her to hang out with me just grab a bite to eat, have some fun, you know young adult stuff, but she wouldn’t budge. I would doubt sometimes if it’s even worth the trouble with this girl because I knew from the get go we where different. One day I decided to open up just a bit to her and I told her I was atteacted to her and have been since we met. I then go on to say that I would like it if we could see if we can be more than just friends. She told me she thought I was a really sweet guy but she had a boyfriend. I was devastated when she told me that, but not for long because I knew in the back of my head by her actions something was holding her back. After that it became really hard for me to want to talk to her. I wish I didn’t know. I still care and like her even though I really don’t know a lot about her. I still have this mindset like she belongs with me. I have to restrain myself from saying things like that because I just don’t want her to get all weirded out. Funny thing is I I told myself a long time ago that an Aquarius is not the type I’m attracted to. Slap in the face by the universe. On top of it all I’ve never had a girlfriend before in my life. I guess I’m really picky.
    She’s running around in my mind all day everyday.
    I don’t know what to do I’m so lost but so happy I got to see this girl.

    • AJ May 25th, 2017

      I my first love was an Aquarion…she is departed…its 30 +yrs now…i stilll love her and look at some pictures…!!

  4. Carrie May 23rd, 2017

    When i first met my scorpio i truely loved him but i tried to hide it but he told me that he loves me IT WAS AMAZING

  5. waseem April 14th, 2017

    I am an Aquarius man and my wife is scorpion, we are in relation since 1992 and we had never faced any difficulty in our relation and our married life because we both respect each other’s opinion.

    • Cinn April 16th, 2017

      Article is about an Aquarius WOMAN and Scorpio man.

  6. Jacquline Chapman March 28th, 2017

    Dating a scorpio man and i like him a whole lot we just read this article together and its so us! Hopefully we can look back at this article together years from now…2gether

  7. Maranda March 16th, 2017

    I’m an Aquarius woman and my boyfriend is a Scorpio. This article is so accurate.. In the beginning of our relationship things were a bit rough due to lack of communication and understandings. My mind is constant and sometimes it wonders from time to time and he gets that. But in the beginning, he had no idea. I was a handful for him because of my inability to open up. He’s a very soft, cheesy, romantic, touchy feely man and in the beginning, I was a very detached, distant, unromantic lady. Though, getting closer to him I started understanding physical connections with people. I started learning how to show my love rather than cover it up.

  8. Profile photo of 21 may-dec.
    21 may-dec. October 20th, 2016

    21 yrs. Married to my scorpio man . He is the only man who truly knows me. He use to freak me out just smelling me i am not talking about perfume he says he knows my natural scent. To this day when he comes home from work he smells my neck. He tells me he loves me more than anything he do has all the attributes you speak of so do i as an aquarius women but we make it work.married 21yrs. And our passion for each other has not waivered.

    • Raasheema January 28th, 2017

      I love this I jus started dating an Scorpio man he makes me laugh quite often I can’t wait to get a hug from me!! And jus sees where this can go 21 years is a long time! I’m an AQUARIUS women and I love long relationships so we will see where this goes

    • Deborah Mitchell April 24th, 2017

      That is amazing I just started dating a Scorpio male and he is something else but I know we will make it last….

  9. Profile photo of AndrayaTheTerrible
    AndrayaTheTerrible January 14th, 2016

    @brownsuggababe I feel you on this completely the man I\’m dating now is a Scorpio and he can be quite scary at times

  10. Profile photo of AndrayaTheTerrible
    AndrayaTheTerrible January 14th, 2016

    @exceptional Think before you speak,

  11. Profile photo of AndrayaTheTerrible
    AndrayaTheTerrible January 14th, 2016

    I met my Scorpio man 2 years ago, when I met him I swear it was love at first sight even if I didn\’t know it and when I met him I was with my boyfriend at the time, although the 6-7 year age difference we never spoke about age we just communicated as intellectuals, when you speak to him he is so calm in nature but underneath is the only the ability to go south but this is what hooked me, when we spoke there was a great deal of understanding of one another, from the beginning he was eger to get to know me and to see me which at first frighten me, I\’ve never met anyone so eger in their approach. As time went on we disconnected and reconnected frequently I tried to have relationships outside of him and it was impossible, no body ever met up to the high regard I hold him at. We recently disconnected and reconnected and he expressed that he felt the same way about our relationship, although he is and can be nutty I\’ve never met anyone more driven in state of mind and excepting of me as he is.

  12. Profile photo of Aquagirl120
    Aquagirl120 October 19th, 2015

    I think that there are a lot of very true points to this. But i do think that what scorpios dont understand is that moodiness of us aquarius’ is our passion. We are stubborn because we believe is whatever it is we are arguing about. We aren’t air headed or oblivious to what we are doing, we understand completely our actions we are just willing to take risks. There is a method behind ll of our “out of this world” madness and its usually to make our loved ones happy. That is what makes us happy, we are humanitarians and deep lovers and that combination is riveting when paired with the deep thinking strong scorpio men. 

  13. Profile photo of aquaLuvsherScorpio
    aquaLuvsherScorpio February 26th, 2015

    It states that these two signs are opposite. But on contrare, where we are opposite both me and my Scorpio are the same. I love this “Reading”, on a Scorpio man and a Aquarius woman. It definitely describes our True love relationship. And the great of it all, we are not even titled as a couple.

  14. Profile photo of trish0018
    trish0018 September 14th, 2014

    @Dark lord Scorpio. You are so convinced you are right. If you made the effort to understand and appreciate your aqua woman, you would had a better outcome. 

  15. Profile photo of floral1
    floral1 April 8th, 2014

    It’s amazing how some people take out on each other ragther see the good part of people. I am Aqua and I had friend just friend and we had nice conversation I enjoyed very much..I wanted the friendship to last …he wanted more than that but I couldn’t because I have someone ..i shared everything with him…sometimes i get amazed how he get me to flirt with him when i have my rules …which are don’t flirt with your opposite sex/ even if it looks cute and you like the attention …i have rules don’t:) . anyways this guy he has his ways but all I see how he is good at heart…even at times I think he blames females for hurting him…and I always careful of what I say..I don’t say anything so he won’t blame me later…but boy he is bright matching with my ideas…we support each others work… both creative..and he is very smart man and very support of me to do more as i support him to do great. he endded our just friendship relationship because if not love partner he don’t want it and at first i said wait , what’s wrong being just friends but now I understand and he is right…even though i enjoyed talking to him still…if one wants more and can’t give best to leave each other alone, but still support them from far. I wish the best thing in life for him!!!  

  16. Profile photo of ladydi7
    ladydi7 March 26th, 2014

    So what do you do though, when they are all over the place?  If you r and aquarius woman and are with a Scorpio man, then you know of what I speak.  Sometimes, it is just so damn draining.  Constantly on the move, has to be here and there and it drives me crazy, I am to an extent the same, but what’s wrong with chillin at home every now and then, your not missin much or are you?

  17. Profile photo of ladydi7
    ladydi7 March 26th, 2014

    @MzAquarius  I feel the same way you do, I am engaged to my scorpio Man we have been together for two years and,  I keep pushing the date back further because I have been married twice before him and now I am so scared to do it again.  But I can’t help but think, if I do get married to him, he will definately be my last. I love him so much, we have our issues, and trust me when I say, like you, we respect each other enough not to go there, because we know what’s gonna happen if we do.  It is war when we fight, it’s really bad, so we try not to go there.  And we have been succesful at this, it’s gotten so much better. I feel he is my other half, and he knows me so well, he is one man I wouldn’t be able to get away with shit, because of his inquisitive nature.  But I enjoy his company, it’s never a dull moment, he is so fun to be around and very sweet, loyal, caring and very take charge, which totally turns me on.  Dominant, I THINK NOT.  He knows better.  Protective in every way a man should be, DEFINATELY.  Strong and sexy, VERY MUCH SO, these are the things that keep me drawn to him.  I couldn’t imagine my life without him, but the funny thing is, it wouldn’t cease me from living a happy fulfilled life.  I think the terms that most astrological groups use, can be interpreted different by different people, what they see as controlling, I see as Take Charge, what they say is possessive I see as protective, what they say is jealous, I see as someone who is afraid to lose me, that makes me feel wanted, and it works for me.   A little jealousy is not so bad, but when it is overboard, ok then I can see it, but it’s really not a deal breaker, it’s just a issue that can be worked on and changed.  I hope in the longrun we do get married, because I really don’t see any other man as compatible with me as him.  He is perfect for me!

  18. Profile photo of ScorpQuarius
    ScorpQuarius January 25th, 2014

    Hey cyberspace, We are a Scorpio M (E) /Aquarius F (K) match made in heaven.  
    After reading this article and all the comments I have to say its all a little crazy. I am an aquarius lady, who at times, can be a little spacey but he understands that my mind goes in several places at once. In the article it puts the Scorpio in a demanding, dominating role which can actually help us non-directional aquarians in some way. I find I have all of these ideas and usually never put them into action. He seems to harness all my energy into one place and tells me to go for it. He is always supportive of any of my plans or ideas, no matter how crazy or unrealistic they can be. 
    I can appreciate the part of the article when it says Aquarians dissasociate or feel a little bit detatched from the emotional side of the relationship. I don’t have an exact explanation for it, but I can tell you the feelings never change. I have loved my scorpio from the first day I met him, his eagerness to get to know me, know my passions has been truly a gift. We are very open to eachother on every level of our relationship, whenever a conflict arises we communicate our feelings. It may take a while to get them out, but when they do it frees us of feeling like we are trapped inside ourselves. 
    I met K by asking if I could job shadow her for photography. The minute I met her I loved her smile, I loved how driven she was to get things done. I have never thought about her as “spacey” more like, deep in thought. I feel that we compliment eachother like no other relationship ever has in my life. They say when you know, you know. Well, this is the girl I want to marry. I want to grow old with her and experience the fullness of life together. 
    The thing about these signs is that, when people work, there is no stopping them, no matter what month they were born. I feel it in my bones how deep my love is for K. And I know she feels the same way. If I feel like I need attention (being the scorpio) I will just tell her and she provides. If she is “detatched” I will just wait for her to come back down. The key of why we work so well, is because we are OPEN with eachother, and PATIENT, and we know we have real LOVE. 
    I don’t see why this article puts this match in such a negative light. With K and I we are like puzzle pieces, if I am missing something, she fills the gap and vice versa, we keep eachother grounded and push eachother to keep being ourselves and being creative. I have been looking for somebody like K my entire life. 
    p.s. The sex is awesome! -E
    p.p.s. Yeah it is. #cyberhighfive -K

  19. Profile photo of
    AquariusWildChild November 25th, 2013

    I am an aquarius with pisces moon and rising, my boyfriend is a scorpio with cancer moon and scorpio rising.
    Well neither of us play head games, and we communicate pretty much the same way. Neither of us like talking about our feelings, we both resort to alcohol when things get messed up in our lives, which I am trying not to do.
    Me and him have known each other since we were really young, i was 13 and he was 15 or 16 when i first kissed him, he told me a month ago that ever since that kiss he knew i was the one for him.
    We have been together for 6 months now and I just noticed a few days ago that he likes to read my text when I am texting some one, I have never seen some one so interested in my conversations with others, I dont mind it, its just a little weird.
    I also caught him going through my phone while I was in the bathroom but he doesnt know I did because I was quiet when I walked back into the bedroom. I read his journal, he left it out on the inntable besides his bed and learned that he wants to marry me and he had my full name lined all around his journal pages.
    Hes very unique.
    I am very passive and dont mind those things, atleast I know he does it out of love for me, and I have absolutly nothing to hide so I deliberatly leave my fb page open on my laptop and leave him in there with it for long ammounts of time so he can go through my messages. I guess I just kinda want him to get it out of his system so he can see inside and out I am a loyal person and got nothing to hide from him.
    He takes care of me, he made a huge dinner for me while i was downstairs and i asked him how he knew i was hungry and he said “I heard my babies belly growling, so I made you dinner”
    He pays attention to me health wise, emotionally too.
    Like when my old landlord was being rude and called me names, I went downstairs and laid on the bed and covered my face and took a deep breath, and he sat on the couch and looked at me, I hate being hugged when I am upset and he gave me that space, he asked me if I was ok, and I told him what the landlord said and he asked me if he needed to beat them up for me. Little things like that make me feel loved, and yes I could live like this forever, I would love to marry him.
    Hes perfect in my eyes, even when hes got his nose in my cell phone 🙂

  20. Profile photo of
    Apexpredator2013 November 15th, 2013

    Well this certainly explain why I seem to attract myself to Aquarius women’s  
    I’m a Scorpio
    My girlfriend is an Aquarius she has those emotions but I understand them like no one else can  I treat her like a princess   sshe’s in my head 24/7  

  21. Profile photo of
    Leathfarguson October 12th, 2013

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  22. teresafritschi September 14th, 2013

    […] way of OKCupid. Really universe? You can’t possibly find a match for me that isn’t supposedly the very worst combination for an Aquarian woman? Sigh. The truth is thus, over the course of my eight months on this quest to find love (as has […]

  23. Profile photo of NataleenNeige
    NataleenNeige June 11th, 2013

    I’m an Aqua gal with a lot of water in my chart. Moon in scorpio venus in pisces and mars in pisces and north node cancer and saturn in scorpio. I can’t figure out astrology but I’ve dated Scorpio and Cancer with moon in scorpio and although they are intense and demanding I don’t mind. My rising is in Gemini I understand that Scorpios like that about me. Probably my good wording but…I do cry easily and I pray a lot or drink a lot but mostly I’m a downer. Scorpio and Cancer men are for me they empathize well, Taurus tried but anyway,  I might be an exception when it comes to watery love. Because I’m always crying, swimming, helping ppl or doing yoga because I am lazy or weak and I have never judged Scorpios for leaving me. Scorpio and Cancer and Pisces never laugh or are shocked by my emotions like Air signs and Fire…So yes better suites me a Scorpio who is powerful and harbors my emotions about being alone, or left out in the cold. I tried dating a scorpio rising in Aquarius and yes he was aloof. Cold.

  24. Profile photo of
    canadianaquarian April 30th, 2013

    I read all of this and found it fascinating. Its always something I kind of look at when there are profound connections with new people. Two years ago I met one of my brothers friends, and to say that the connection was intense is putting it mildly. We’ve never acted on any of it, but if we’re within 50 miles of each other, we need to be sitting beside each other. I’m not his usual type, nor is he mine. But we laugh like hell when we’re together, I’m probably the only person he tells a lot of things to, and he doesn’t try to hem me in. Someday we want more, much more that what we have with each other, but not right now. Try and resist those hot looks from a Scorpio male, honestly its damn near impossible. Well with this one it is anyway. But I’m still managing. I know with him it is all or nothing, so we wait, and until then, we see each other when we can, and miss each other like crazy. I have never ever in my 39 years felt the connection I do with that crazy scorpio, so whatever work it takes it will be well worth it.

  25. Profile photo of TrueMs.Aquarius
    TrueMs.Aquarius February 28th, 2013

    First off to Dark Lord Scorpio. This Aquarius woman isn’t disorganized, I can hold a long conversation and not change the subject and I KNOW I’m breathtakingly beautiful, but i’m not vain so I’ll be conservative in my actions in public. You make it seem like we’re just the “blondes” of the Zodiac, not true. If an Aquarius women was truely interested, she would leet you know instead of playing “dumb” (something we enjoy doing from time to time). Once you date the right Aquarian woman then you’ll be caught under her spell and worship the ground she walks on.
    Wow. Now for the article, I’ve been dating my Scorpio man for four years. Yes we have our ups and downs. When we get mad at each other we ignore each other until we want to make up with passionate sex. When we first met, I wasn’t interested in being serious, it was just something fun. But after a few months of being friends something blossomed. There was a entire month where I “retreated” but after that we’ve been going strong.
    As an Aquarius woman I have a focus in a career that can constantly change which satisfies my true nature and my scorpio man supports me in everything I do. Everything he dreams of I’m there supporting him asking what I can do to help him reach him dreams. And this isn’t some project I’ll half-ass do I put in 200% because he does the same for me.
    YES my Scorpio man is an asshole from time to time, but he’s MY asshole and i’ve learned that he doesn’t like for me to repeatedly do something before I actually realize he doesn’t like it. When we first got together I swore he was bi-polar especially since he’s the first Scorpio man I’ve dated and the last because we’re engaged.
    Saying that an Aquarius woman can’t be a good wife to the Scorpio man is an insult.
    It takes patience and compromise in this and ANY type of relationship. If an Aquarius woman is totally honest and loyal to her Scorpio man, there shouldn’t be any problems.
    And Jealousy. HA..My Scorpio man from time to time will get jealous of any male I’m around if he’s not family (and I work in a male dominated industry) But I assure him he has nothing to worry about. And if I get Jealous about the females that “want” him he thinks it’s funny and sometimes really gets a kick out of making me mad about his “other girlfriends”. I later found out that some of these girls are different names he’ll give me when I’m in different moods (I’ll be Mya at night or Jessica when I’m feeling bitchy).
    And yes it’s true what they say about the sex between an Aquarius and Scorpio….phenominal...since we’re not married yet, I do hold back about how open I am about the subject. But sex is like a bond between the two, like our unspoken language that’ll say things we don’t want to speak. As far as the mysterious side of my scorpio, I’ve come to accept he’ll probably never tell me the depth of his true feelings for me, but I accept the fact that he doesn’t want to always say things but express instead.
    Aquarius woman if you can’t settle with the thought that’ll you’ll never know eveyrthing about this man, RUN far away, you’ll just go crazy if you’re truly interested.  For all those Scorpio Men that were’nt fortunate enough to run into an Aquarian woman like me, Don’t let the one or ten you’ve had deter you from trying again maybe the Aquarian wasn’t mature enough to handle it. But when it comes to the Aquarius and Scorpio relationship if there’s a solid foundation between the two (trust this takes time!) these two can lift each other up and have the most rewarding relationship.
    -True Ms.Aquarius

  26. Profile photo of
    LeciLove February 7th, 2013

    First & foremost, I would like to say that I think the Aquarius/Scorpio combination is a very bad idea. The only way I see any probable success is if the man is an Aquarius, & the woman is a Scorpio. I am an Aquarius & my “boyfriend/ex/lover” w.e. he is to me, is a Scorpio. Our relationship is as turbulent as a bad flight. Unfortunately he is not my first scorpio but hopefully my last because lord knows my heart mind & soul cannot take any more of these fatalistic assholes. I have no idea why I keep attracting Scorpio men because I really do detest them. My first love was a Scorpio & God did he turn my life upside down, I was nothing less than an exceptional girlfriend to him & he still treated me like I was his worst enemy. He broke my heart so bad that to this day I still wonder how I managed to get over it. I was never sure how he felt about me since it was so easy for him to completely shut me out & ignore me whenever he felt like it. 2 years after we broke up(or he just stopped talking to me), he sent me multiple text messages telling me how much he was still in love with me & how he was so sorry for the way he treated me & how he wanted me back. Thank God I was over him by then because lord knows what kind of disaster I would’ve put myself through to be with him again. It has been years since we broke up & I’m just finding out about some of the lies he had me believing. Some of them are soo dumb! Like who lies about that kind of crap? Anyway It seems to me that Scorpio men expect perfection from whoever they decide to seriously let into their lives. You have to be on your ps & qs with Scorpio men because once you mess up the relationship is pretty much doomed. Scorpio/Aquarius relationships are full of misunderstandings, mostly because Scorp men do not like to talk about their feelings & they think they are never wrong. Good luck getting them to apologize for anything. They appear soooo innocent to everyone else meanwhile you know they are terrorists at heart. They are VERY VENGEFUL & UNFORGIVING, their trust is easily lost, hence the perfection that is required of any poor woman they set their sights on. Scorps are stubborn are so are Aquarius, Aquarius aren’t as emotionally revealing as other signs. It is very hard for us to visibly show emotion & believe it or not it actually takes a lot of practice. For years It was literally impossible for me to cry. Even if I wanted to. I think a relationship with these two signs would have some hope if both signs were open to communication. Personally I would love to talk things out with my Scorp but he rarely ever gives me the chance & if he does, he is quick to end the conversation or get angry or he’ll accuse me of trying to start a fight or he just dismisses it completely by telling me I wouldn’t understand. Apparently he is psychic! His secrecy is very uncomfortable to me and I pretty much lose my mind when he stops talking to me for DAYS. How could you love someone & not talk to them for days, even weeks? When I first met him he was soooooo sweet, he was the epitome of a good man & even though I wasn’t really physically attracted to him, nor was I completely emotionally available, because I was somewhat involved with someone else (which he knew about) he was everything I needed and he was so persistent so I gave him a chance because I hate it when people say women never give good guys a chance. So many times I told him I didn’t think we should be together & I even broke up with him a couple of times in the beginning because I didn’t want to hurt him or ruin him for another woman (ha!) because I thought he was so perfect. We have had so many break ups its ridiculous. He always wants to “take a break”. I believe in working it out, talking it out, fixing the problem, & moving on. But to get him to do any of that would be a lifetime achievement for me & I dont have a lifetime of non progress in me. Scorpio men will make you question love in ways it should never be questioned. They are that twisted. I have always wanted to see a successfull Scorpio male relationship because I truly believe that they cannot possibly maintain one. Falling in love with a Scorpio is like going to war with yourself & evryone around you. They have the ability to make life so difficult you cant help but wonder how one person can be so powerfully destructive but appear to be so innocent and sweet. Being with a Scorpio man is emotionally & physically draining. I dont know how people keep from going crazy dealing with them. My advice to Aquarius women is to stay away from them. They are not what they seem & not worth the trouble or your sanity. If I had the chance to redo our relationship, I’d run for the hills. Whether or not it could be worth it in the long run, I’m not sure I’ll last long enough to find out. 

  27. Profile photo of Scorpio215
    Scorpio215 January 30th, 2013

    ONe reason we are so secretive is not so much that we have  secrets, it’s that we feel our thoughts are SO deep, most would not understand!

  28. Profile photo of
    lovethyself7 January 25th, 2013

    I am deeply, madly in love with a scorpio guy. He showed his love to me and made me the happiest gal in the world. He never really told me I’m the only one for him. It has been two years now. Recently, a pretty girl shows up in our lives. He took her out to the movies when I was out of town. He never told me and still would not admit to it. He got on the phone with her one night and went somewhere in the house to talk to her privately. It drove me crazy with jealousy. I confronted him and told him how I feel. Now, he’s more affectionate than before. My best friend told me scorpio guys hold grudges. I made him jealous before with his cousin who is also my god-brother. So now he is making me feel the same way. I want to know, how can I get him to open himself more to me and tell me how he truly feels?

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    Nissan240 December 8th, 2012

    I’m a scorpio and my ex is a aquarius, and we’ve been together for 6 years. She was a complete bitch, always wants to fight, never learns from anything and loves to lie. She would be lucky to find a guy desprate for that…

  30. Profile photo of
    exceptional November 26th, 2012

    i been with an scorpio man on and off for 5yrs on and off i love him so much we been through so many ups and downs im just dont always know how to express myself and be compassionate im willing to compromise i dont want him to leave me again i know i push him away being detached but im in it for keeps this time any advice

  31. Profile photo of
    brownsuggababe November 14th, 2012

    Scorpio man, the best thing i got from him was my two beautiful babies…to say he was/ is nuts is an understatement. I have never met anyone like him, he is sensitive, always promotes the underdog but Lord is he unpredictable, he is perceptive in the most scariest way but sometimes he can get things so wrong. A male chauvanist of the highest order and lives his life in a state of paranoia….My father is a Scorpio man and i would say no one can be as good as my daddy! even he cant find a good bone in my husband’s body…He is soooo my past could not live with the evil, past living nutter

  32. Profile photo of irondragon
    irondragon October 30th, 2012

    @Slytherin_Scorpio Howdy, you know what? I’m a scorpio man myself who has the hearts for an aquarius lady, I was browsing through the posts when I read yours I done nearly fell off my chair with laughter because, I could relate to what you were going through. I’ll confess on your behalf…she is infuriating because she wont give ‘it’ up bra. On the other hand aquarian ladies are the ‘typically evil’ ones because they play dangerous mind games with people..they are the masters of manipulation and to top it off with all this ‘detached’ nonsense they are so detached from fellow human beings and reality that they actually lack in empathy and sincerity, they exaggerate and stretch the limits in relationships and watch: most people cant stand them, they are just so grandiose at times its pitiful, not to mention their ‘outlandish’ episodes…but hey notice I have a lot to get off my chest as well, because…sadly us scorpios like to ‘fix things’ and thats what attracts us to these ‘soulless’ human beings and in the end we fall victim to their mental and emotional abuse tendencies. If she’s not on some outrageous spiritual trip she’s having a bad hairday if not that its a moodswing…if not that she has the nastiest surprise of them all, she’s having an affair with your worst enemy the guy from your hood who constantly disrespects you and she sees nothing wrong with that because she doesnt think other people have feelings like her. Some young guy from my hood was involved in a terrible accident and he died…I found myself wishing she could have died instead of this innocent young man who wouldnt harm a fly. Can someone tell me what it takes for these chicks to wake up and smell the coffee…maybe shove a few sticks of dynamite into her ears with the hope that will clear up her mind.

  33. Profile photo of scorpiosj
    scorpiosj October 27th, 2012

    My sister is an Aquarius and her husband is a Scorpio. I can tell you it is a bad match. They have been together for 3 years. They have a 1 year old son. They are constantly fighting. The only thing that keeps them together is that they have the same sick sense of humor and love to blame others for their messed up relationship. My sister makes a great mom, but a horrible wife. They are so jealous of each other. The majority of the fights come from jealousy. They are constantly accusing each other of cheating. I doubt either of them are right now, but I can see it happening. They guilt trip each other. My sister treats him like a little boy and he retaliates. They are planning to have another child. When will the madness end. He can never make my sister happy. No matter what he does it’s wrong. They also have issues with sharing money. He likes to overspend. She wants to save and calculate. I’m a Scorpio female and I can tell you that she and I always butted head. She doesn’t like to listen. I can only imagine that is what is happening.

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    mmm7788 July 19th, 2012

    I think many people here mentioned the sun sign only, but in astrology the person’s complete chart is important.  The moon sign, venus, mars mercury and other planets and houses are relevant.  For example, I am an Aquarius Sun/ Scorpio Moon.  One of my close guy friends is Scorpio Sun/ Virgo Moon.  We both have mars in Cancer.  His rising sign is Aquarius and mine is Scorpio.  It is a little confusing but basically, we have many things in common.  We met in school and when I saw him i just instantly liked him.  He had a slight learning disability and i wanted to help him and we are still friends almost 15 years later.  We are definitely more like family – we care about each other.  We definitely love each other but its a different kind of love, i don’t know how to explain it.  He makes me feel peaceful and sometimes he makes me feel kind of intense.  I don’t like to argue and it’s hard for me to talk about feelings sometimes and i think for him its similar.  Also i take offense at people calling Aquarius woman air heads.  I am an engineer working on a PHD.  Our silliness consists mostly of letting the wrong people into our lives.  But Scorpio doesn’t necessarily have a bad relationship with Aquarius – just a little different.

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    Aquariebomb July 15th, 2012

    WellI’ve read majority of all these post and Aquarius women are the shit!!! Independent indeed, and our freedom is something we take seriously but that doesn’t mean we can’t settle down with the one guy who shows he’s worth giving up the one thing we love the most and that’s being able to be ourselves without anybodies 2cents! But as for me Iam a full blooded Aquarius and by the other signs I wouldn’t want to be anything else (I love my sign) our negatives become positive you just gotta know how to navigate an Aquarius woman point blank it’s as simple if she likes u, you will know if she doesn’t u will still know! Our freedom has nothing to do with being detached to someone we love because we can get our space for a few hours ormonths and still feel the same if ur the fortunate one! But yes Iam dating a scorpio man and wow!!!! He is very secretive and I won’t know that I did something to piss him off till a day or two later when he’s pissed me off! Lol but Our arguments are bearly weak and we get over it quick. He’s definitely everything I want in a man, he gives me all the attention I need but knows I need my space! We can talk on the phone for hours, he knows all my secrets and takes me for who Iam don’t get me wrongthough I can see where there can be some conflict though; we both want to control the situation at hand and Scorpio has a mold that I believe an Aquarius woman can change! My Scorpio man won’t give me my way right at that moment just because he knows that he can easily give it to me and for some reason he won’t allow me the satisfaction til he says so and I’m a little uncomfortable by that but I can’t complain because I get my way majority of the time and if I don’t he makes up for it. Oh yeah he’s also very persistent when I met him wouldn’t give him the time of day but now I can’t help but to want all his time 🙂 so maybe some of y’all are looking into a sign but at the end of the day a man is a man and a woman is a woman you will know when u found one 

  36. Profile photo of sikku
    sikku June 22nd, 2012


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    FullMoonAquarius May 8th, 2012

    Okay I too just haaaad to create an account to comment because this article is to the T my boyfriend and my self. I too am an Aquarius and he is a Scorpio. NOW. 

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    FullMoonAquarius May 8th, 2012

    Okay I too just haaaad to create an account to comment because this article is to the T my boyfriend and my self. I too am an Aquarius and he is a Scorpio. NOW. 

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    randaaporterr April 15th, 2012

    I’m an aquarian women. Yep been with a scorpio for almost 5yrs man ahs it been ruff always drama n cheating. Where I’m chill spiritual deep and emotional he is opposite of that. Really moody n the main of his thought too friendly with strangers a socially butterfly to every1 but when then he says we don’t talk enough a talk about nothing funny doesn’t matter he doesn’t pay attention we have a family but as much as I love the family we hav when he doesn’t participate he’s lazy video games n facebbok please help

  40. Profile photo of
    Angelic March 7th, 2012

    I’m an aquarius woman and I’m seeing a Scorpio man for a couple of months now. I’m so attracted to his mysterious side, his compassion, no one else can understand my deep thinking like he can. And he is swept off his feet by my intelligence, as he says all the time. We have the very same sense of humor, which is also a bit morbid and he can handle my challenging kind of ways. He doesn’t get offended with my sarcasm, he teases me back in ways that are worse, we keep playing each other and having so much fun. Our difference would be that he is more of a mind-body-sould kind of type, he really wants to touch it, experience it, own it etc. I’m more theoretical, the type of person who likes to look at things from a distance. He said it himself, I really have to learn that I can’t posses you. I make him feel insecure for a lot of times, I have to explain over and over again that I’m only trying to be honest with him when I say we don’t know what the future holds, it doesn’t mean that I don’t want to move on with him or whatever. I’d be lying if I say I do, it has to prove itself by letting it take its course. He can live with that, he appreciates my honesty. I told him, you can’t be possessed either, you’re secretive, you don’t show me the whole you, while I’m pretty much an open book. He knows he is. But I’m gaining his trust by being myself, by being open about myself. I have to say I’m a bit surprised by some of the comments here. I can appear to be light headed to in times, cold and distant. But that is only what I appear to be on the outside and nothing personal. Sometimes I just need time and space to myself, to overthink, live in my own head and I know sometimes life is way too much of an theoretical concept to me, which causes me to seem distant. It’s just how my brains work or something. I truly admire my Scorpio man, his depth, his intense emotions, the way he makes me feel like a woman, he is one of the very few men who can hold my attention long enough for something beautiful. He has to work on his  suspicious ways, although he did say he feels secure around me, more than he ever did. I have to work on how to show him how much I admire him, he needs it and I know he’d be surprised if he read this. We share a similar amount of intensity on some level, a shared wisdom which comes from life-experience, etc. And we’re both goofy. Whenever he starts lashing out if I’m going to break up with him, I  tell him, yes! yes I am! now shut up and give me a kiss! Just to point out he is overreacting. We have a lot to work on, we do and I’m ready for it, cause we share a deep connection that I wouldn’t trade for the world.

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    rosesinthezeft January 7th, 2012

    @Dark lord Scorpio i’m sorry i NEED to tell you how much i looveeee your comment- like literally whenever i see it i get really giddy- ik you were dead serious when you wrote it and you probably had some terrible experiences to hate us THAT much (which, to be very clear, i’m not happy or giddy about and don’t find funniest in the least, i can see how serious that all is and i really learnt a lot about myself from it) but aaaahh thank you so much i find it fucking hilarious…but seriously. i loved it a lot because it was all realy true, and i need to be told all this once in a while. seriously, thaaaank youuuu :*

  42. Profile photo of
    rosesinthezeft January 7th, 2012

    @moongoddessdivine19 k listen.aquarians can be pretty vain. it sounds a lot worse than it actually is- it’s not a bad thing realy, like in your case- you got stung by scorp #1, you want him to suffer a bit. You also want to test scorp #2 to see if he cares enough. I can see all that because i’m out of the situation and because we’re sun sisters (sounds so gay but yea)
    Trust me, please, TRUST ME: they will not be so sympathetic. scorp #1 will not be happy about if he finds out about another guy. scorps are known to be very double standarded. he left you for another woman and if he tries to get you back again it’ll either because he really, really means it or he really, really thinks you’re that stupid. It’s like the Katy Perry (scorpio) and Russel whatshisface (gemini) divorce thing: she looked down on him and thought she could boss him around because he was opening up so much to her (wanting her to stay at home and raise his kids, not cheating on her even though he was a womanizer before, so she overdid her power thing by throwing her wedding ring at him in the middle of a fight, thinking it’s Okayyy he won’t actually do anything…He’s an air sign (see how this relates to you now? 😀 )He waited a day to see if she was serious (she stuck by her own decision like a true fixed sign) and then filed for divorce.There’s no ‘right’ way to go when a scorpio thinks you’re not to be respected. If you think he really does care, be very, veryyy cautious, or else you WILL be with him but without his respect entirely…and respect is of the utmost importance to these people.Anyways…..if scorp #2 is really attached to you and sees what you’re doing (if you actually do let them fight over you, even if they don’t know about each other) he’ll call it all off. if he thinks he wants you he will NOT be pleased to know you’re weighing him up, not to mention that you’re comparing him to another guy you’re weighing up too. My warning is that if this goes wrong, the whole thing WILL blow up in your face and you’ll end up with neither. Please take my advice nicely, i mean all this in the best way possible. Remember to be modest about all this, don’t let it get to your head but at the same time know what you’re doing all the time. And again, be VERY cautious with #1……oh and with #2, i’m telling you this because i need somoene to tell me this while i’m in the middle of all that crap, THERE IS NO INDEPENDENCE IN LOVE esp. not with a scorp. please don’t get picky about how they express their love (unless it isn’t actually love!) because of your need for freedom- to them it’s like, you want freedom? then why aren’t you happy single? just enjoy the fact that he’s being so nice..

  43. Profile photo of
    aquav January 6th, 2012

    I have been married to a scorpio man for 18 years and we just separated.  We dated 5 years before we got married.  The first month of our separation was crazy.  He was super dooper nice to me after his ex girlfriend called.  Offered to take care of everything I needed financially.  After about a month we had a talk and he said he wanted to work this out because we have had far more good days than bad days.  He poured out his soul, the whole 9 yards.  Our biggest problem in marriage was we didn’t argue but we never really talked about serious matters until they were serious.  I could get some stuff out of him but I really had to pry.  Our sex life has been rocky too for the past year.  It has been about a week.  I see him everyday because we work in the same office.  Something we have done for several years.  He talks and laughs at work encourages me to go get my hair done etc. but he has not been over here since that conversation.  Started calling me by my pet name and we hug in the morning before work but no real intimacy.  I asked him about his weekend and he named a host of things he had to do, invited him for a movie he is busy.  He said I can come over anytime I want (I have keys) but I am not sure bcuz I am getting mixed signals from him.  He says he loves me and I can trust him on that but his actions are much different.  Apart of me wants to back off and give him his space and the other part of me wants to take him on every offer he gives.  I am confused at this moment.  

  44. Profile photo of moongoddessdivine19
    moongoddessdivine19 December 28th, 2011

    I really don’t know about Scorpio Male and Aqua Female Combo before as I was more situated with Aries and Libra guys during my High School to College Years. Because I found Scorpion Male very hard headed, and I am also hard headed. So its like battle of Gang Lords….heheheh. And yet, surprisingly  my best friend is a Scorpio Female…We hate and love each other like blood sisters for more than 15 years now.
    Anyway, Just when I had a rather harsh experience with my then ex-husband Virgo Man, here comes two headstrong Scorpio males. Scorpio Male #1 is 40 years old and Scorpio Male #2 is 21 years old. And I am Aqua Girl 32 (though many thinks I am just in my 25) heheheh….
     I am in-love with  Scorpio Man #1. He was very sweet, very loving to the point we had really great intimate times. He was very sharing of his affection but he was rather secretive. At one point I caught him messaging me with a different woman’s name, ‘Tessa’…so It could be true Scorpions are sexaholic people while Aquarians are also within a category but we prefer someone who doesn’t also capture our physical desires but also our intellectual desires as well…who wants to get laid with a Nimrod… Anyway, I was loving him…but his infidelity was catching up..and being intuitive, it was rather irritating. You see, as an Aquarian…I walk my talk, so I Loved him and yet, he started being distant with me, making excuses until one day,out of the blue like a bubble he was gone…no communication whatsoever…I tried contacting him, there was nothing…really nothing. To think we were already planning our future together. One thing I like about myself is being an inventor – Aquarians (if not subjected to psychotic childhood experiences) turns out to be strong independent individuals who are optimistic, with strong faith and hopeful endeavors…So, I got over my sadness, believing there is someone out there…and there is…wow…another Scorpion Man#2, younger and more sexaholic.What I like about Scorpion Man # 2 is that he is very honest. Brutally honest to his sexual activities. And even his sense of watching porn movies, though I find it sweet that he asks how I feel about it is rather obscurely disturbing. Anyway, I am also brutally honest with my Scorpion man#2 that because of past hurts with relationships, it will take a little time for me to totally accept him. Though he said yes, he keeps claiming in Facebook that My body and soul belongs to him…which is cute but for me who is a freedom lover a bit of an entanglement. Nonetheless, Scorpio Man #2 wont believe that I am 32…and it is okay with him if ever our relationship blossoms into more than just boyfriend and girlfriend material…Actually he wants us to have 5 children..Amazing! Though I am comfortable with my Scorpio Man#2…some of my friends say that Scorpio Man#1 made a mistake with his other woman and wants me back…humnn…so maybe I’ll be seeing two stingers fight for the water bearer…
    Honestly, though I am still inlove with Scorpio man#1, I am learning to let go…because No woman can stay with a man who cannot be loyal to her. No man is worth sharing one’s glory if he cannot stay duringa woman’s troubled times. Afterall, I am enjoying Scorpio Man #2… I really like honesty…even if let’s say the honesty is painful…I prefer to know the truth.

  45. Profile photo of
    kriskris26 December 26th, 2011

    im an aquarius woman im in love with my bestfriend who is scorpio. he can get very angry at times and im always doing for him. he doesnt trust me for god knows what reason. im so loyal by him and ive been the only real person in his life. we have the same humor and when im around him i feel like im on top of the world he is my bestfriend but we know the chemistry is there. idk if its cause hes a “nympho” but im so in love with my bestfriend and we have had sex before. it was amazing.

  46. Profile photo of
    rosesinthezeft December 24th, 2011

    @SeraphAlright, this is pretty bad but I’m answering you so mabe one day someone will answer me.last summer i chatted all summer with a distant friend of mine who i’d known for 4 years at the time. i (aqua sun, rising and mercury- triple whammy) wanted to see how far i could go by chatting only (we never met, or flirted, or anythingg) and long story short we returned to school and i found out he fell in love. and the whole time i didn’t even know i was doing anything to him, till i actually saw him (pisces… :/ )and when someone ikes me but i dont like THEM at all and they want something big like commitment from me? 1)Stomach compresses, feel like i’m about to implode2)Glacier outer coolness to mask the internal malfunction going on (literally, my mind goes crazy and i cant understand anything but the fact that i want NO MORE of this)3)Infamous Aquarian escape instincts.Then I made the quick, cold but accurate calculation that if i was utterly detestable, not only would he hate me (and back away) but he’d also be HAPPY in hating me and backing away….. now, i have to admit it’s a terrible, terrible thing to do but it goes two ways for me. One, yeah I break their heart, but at the time breaking their heart is inevitable, so i decide to do it well and make them mad so it’s not like i’m sickeningly perfect and they’re not good enough. I don’t want to be that prety girl who’s just like ‘Sorry, no, but i love youuu eheehee’ and is still so nice to whoever she’s just dumped- that’s just pure torture to me,  where the person you love is tangible, literally within your grasp, but you KNOW they won’t like you and you have to let yourself always love them from a distance. That’s why the devil mechanism comes out. to protect me and to protect the person I have to rject, so they won’t have to think it’s their fault, so they can have the idea of ‘She’s just a bitch. She plaed my heart. It’s her fault. I was the good guy. There was nothing I could do.’ to fall back on.So, noble? Not really, not at all. And I do hate myself for it. But at the moment I also HATED him for bringing out that side of me, which made playing the ice bitch all the more satisfying….So basically, that Aquarian may not have exactly what I had in mind, but the fact remains that she’s icing you out for trying to get too close…..because she didn’t surrender, get it? All that stuff about our independence and whatnot is only partially true- as you can see we HATE being jarred up, unless we’re the ones who offer ourselves first and idk flew into the proverbial jar or however you wanna think of it. It’s not your fault at all and my heart goes out to you, but next time wait for BIGGER signs of love before you try coming close…..flirting is a game, love has totally different ways of expressing itself. For your own sake, please don’t ever confuse the two again. Best wishes xxx

  47. Profile photo of
    Seraph November 8th, 2011

    I’m a scorpio man who went head over heels for an aquarius woman a few years back. It never amounted to much, we never even dated, but she touched my heart in a way nobody else ever has. We had plenty of fun conversations and were flirty on occasion. I would look forward to seeing her smile everyday. It was peaceful, but I ended up breaking that peace by trying to turn our friendship into something more. I asked her out several times, always turned me down, except once, and even then she kept me at a safe distance, even brought a wing-man. after that she started being very dismissive of me, and for the next few weeks she just outright ignored me. eventually it became too much for me and I had an outburst that offended her. she basically told me she didn’t want to be my friend anymore because I was too pushy and creepy. I was devastated. I tried to apologize on several occasions, and I have tried time and again to repair the breach in our friendship and restore communication, to no avail. Now, she’s in a relationship with someone else, and I have to give up on my feelings, a nearly impossible task, even a few brief relationships with other girls has not made me forget that one aquarius girl. It has been nearly two years since our falling out, and not a day goes by that I don’t feel that guilt. I guess we scorpio’s tend to internalize our pain instead of showing it on the surface. I doubt she knows the weight of the guilt that I’ve carried, but I suspect she doesn’t care. My friendship was just one of a million to her, and hers was one in a million to me. I still see her occasionally, as we work together, but she won’t even look my direction now. and every time I see her now just makes my heart sink. I would eventually come to understand why it went sour. If I had maybe taken the whole thing a little less seriously, maybe we could have found some common ground. despite all of it though, I still love her.

  48. Profile photo of Slytherin_Scorpio
    Slytherin_Scorpio November 6th, 2011

    I had to create an Account just to comment on this, especially this article. The biggest irony in my life is that both the best and the worst woman in it are both Aquarius. My mother, who is an Aquarius, embodies everything, and I mean everything that is positive about Aquarians. She is independent as she has been raising me for all these years single-handedly with no help from others. That woman is an inspiration. She is optimistic, strong and well badass.. But now here is where i start ranting, and please don’t get offended if i use any bad word, I won’t stereotype Aquarian women.. My ex-girlfriend who also happens to be an Aquarian embodies the dictionary meaning of a loser or failure. She is beyond pessimistic. And also she was my biggest mistake I ever made. The reason I got attracted to her was for her “I don’t give a shit” attitude, which I really liked ,as the typical damsel in distress kinda ladies really really don’t work for me, I prefer strong women. But this girl I must say made me hate Aquarian Ladies for sometime, even though recently I made a very nice new friend, who also is an Aquarian, but nothing like that bitch. I mean she made my life hell.. Her constant pessimism irritated me so much. The constant “I know you don’t love me” or “Tell I’m being a menace in your life”, when clearly I did not say a thing, it just made me wanna kill her to be honest. Being in a relationship with her, I had many misunderstandings with my friends and family. At one point of time I just absolutely had it. I had to get rid of her, or she’d have turned my life into a living nightmare. I’m still single, and skeptical about love because of that hag. Yes at one point of time I realized that the reason I still stuck to her was because I wanted to get laid, but trust me hat reason also failed. To be honest I would have been successful, but her whole approach to everything was simply pathetic. I have never met such a negative person in my life. I absolutely hate negativity. She was not my type at all..The last time I called her just outta sympathy, she started ranting about how “I had destroyed her life” when clearly I did not say a word about how she disturbed me in my studies and tried to cut me off from my friends. Bloody bitch that one. She never attempted to understand me, yes I admit that sometimes I was just lurking for sex, but I tried my level best to make the relationship happen. I tried to be the good listener, the patient boyfriend, the one that most girls want as a boyfriend. But with her I failed. Always reckless and negative, paranoid of what people thought of her, picking up a cold war with other girls. She left college, got another (most probably) boyfriend and currently not a college graduate and unemployed. She was what I call “My Harbinger of Misfortune”, as after she entered into my life all the worst things have been happening. I just couldn’t tolerate failure, as it was my biggest fear, oh well life taught me a huge lesson on that topic, I lost two of my most loved ones, got almost insane because I couldn’t progress in life, was suicidal for 6 months, diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and absolutely lost my happiness and will to live(momentarily ofcourse).. But look at me, if I were anything like her, I mean anything, i wouldn’t be typing this rather than I would have been a Whiny bitch. Yes I agree Scorpions can be horny, manipulative, power-hungry in short typically evil(According to some people), but with that Scorpio also has something that I don’t think any other zodiac has, that is, the ability to literally rise from the dead. this year is my Phoenix year, as I m realizing a whole lots of things about me. Its the power to rejuvenate that makes Scorpio unique in its own right. I know I used a lot of foul words, but thats how it is. That one Aquarian was a disgrace in the name of Humanity and also the very very amazing Aquarians out there. Sorry if i had offended anyone, but Scorpio-Aquarius relationship is major failure according to me. Peace. 😀

  49. Profile photo of golden_goddess
    golden_goddess October 1st, 2011

    HA! Strange compatability for sure. My Scorpio is a musician and has had MANY, MANY, MANY women in his life…still does! He is the MOST secretive person I have EVER met, non communitive unless it is about him/his life etc. Does not really wish to engage in anything “intimate” in nature as far as talking. I know he is communitating with other women behind my back….they could be just ‘friends” however I have my suspicions. He does make me feel “loved” and like I am the only woman however at times I feel like he is just putting on the charm and blowing smoke. It has been 9 months but we have “known” each other for about 15-20 years….we’ll see! I simply don’t really trust him…sad but true!!!!

  50. Profile photo of AQUADIVA
    AQUADIVA September 26th, 2011

    I told myself I was going to leave this horoscope mess alone, but im so studied in it, and still amazed at it’s first hand glance into an individual’s personality. I enjoyed this article it gave me a positive outlook on a possible relationship with this Scorpio man and yes I am an Aquarius. I’ve been taken slightly aback by his aggressiveness (in a good way) but his honesty is like none other. He has observed me from afar for a long time and that excites me. He always seems to be reading my mind. And his patience for as many times as I turned him down excites me more, im very attracted to persistence.
    I dont know what the future may hold, but i’ve never wanted to speak out on these forums before. What’s funny is I always thought I was incompatible with a Scorpio, but for some reason I seem to always get a long with my incompatitble sign anyways and having a very brief connection with those im compatible with. So @NattyCatty I feel you, I just ended a brief relationship with a ram and I was sure it was fireworks wow was I wrong!! lol
    Here’s to looking forward to the future. Peace.

  51. Profile photo of
    AriaAir-headAquarian September 6th, 2011

    I am everything you have ever read about a Aquarian rolled up into one little girl, and I am absolutly head over heels interested in this Scorpio man. I’m not sure if its just inital “puppy love” or what, but everything he does and everything he says I find incredably interesting and facinating and I find myself lost in hour long conversations and the first fight we had was HORRIBLE and I just couldn’t bring myself to back down and he sure wasn’t cuddling me with tenderness and patience haha. But we came back with very apologetic attitudes and everything has been wonderful since. I don’t know what it is but there is just something dark and mysterious and intelligent and wonderful about the Scorpio man that no other sign has. And with my curious warm-hearted (sometimes) light and happy attitude towards everything and everyone I can not WAIT to see where this relationship ends up. And from what I hear… I can’t wait for the *Ahem* craziness from my “Nypho” Scorpio man 🙂

  52. Profile photo of
    NattyCatty September 5th, 2011

    wow talk about a conversation forum. I know aquarius talk or think or shop a LOT and what I mean is it’s very obvious, it’s a lifestyle for me anyway im aquarian, u could see it in my clothes, ok so scorpio guys are horny, I like that. Scorpio guys are stubborn like hell and aquarius too. I have Aries friends bffs forever, the love of my life ex was an Aries. Team Aries I just stick to these folks but damn I just met a scorpio man that’s foreign btw and we do it and I like his sexuality I’m just always turned on, I throw fit and he just really care. I’m liking this Aquarius Scorpio duo I think we are getting somewhere here, I’m really happy fighting and having sex, he agrees, I’m not going back to an aries, I rather be mistreated than deal with a stuckup ram, just sayin

  53. Profile photo of
    MzAquarius August 7th, 2011

    I am an Aquarius Woman and I have been with my husband (Scorpio) since we were teenagers. We was together for 10yrs before we got married. And have been married for 6yrs as of May….so total of 16yrs and counting. At the beginning it was hard trying to understand each other..well you can call it puppy love since we were very young hahaha. But as we grew older we fell more in-love than ever before. Communication is the number one key cause you both can get lost so fast if not paying attention to each other. Scorpios are so hard-headed and stubborn, their mood swings are off the charts (happy one moment then upset the next and so on) …but remind you, if we have any issues, we sit down and talk about it…no yelling, no temper tantrums…just get things resolved and move on forward. But we know how to get underneath each others skin if we want to. We just choose not to, that’s the best way to keep things afloat. But overall.. my husband (Scorpio) have a great sense of humor, a soft heart, very intelligent, very creative, strong thinker, and a great lover and that’s what STILL catches my attention today. So I never understood why they say Aquarius and Scorpios are NOT compatible when we have been together so long and still deeply in-love. But then again, everyone’s relationships are different. But I am happy that I had found this site that tells differ.

  54. Profile photo of
    foxynurd July 22nd, 2011

    I’m not sure if I agree with dark lord scorpio’s assessment of Aquarian Women. My Scorpio friend says that I am too deep and philosophize too much. In fact, he stated that usually when he walks in a crowded room, he can fool everyone- but he must be careful when he speaks to me because I can see through anything. So, the airheaded comment is quite interesting. I wish I was because he bores me with his myopic way of viewing things (i.e.) his way.

  55. lily March 14th, 2011

    i totally agree with u dark lord scorpio actually i’m not an aquarius lady i’m a pisces but my brother is scorpio & his girl friend is an aquarius frankly they always quarrel he like to control but she like to remain independent .
    he is so sensitive & she ignores that i’ve been telling him that she’s not the opportune girl for him she’s not the girl he can live with her his dreams , he maybe was attracted to her character at first vut now he’s suffering because she ignores the most wonderful feelings human could feel 🙁

  56. Aquarianlove March 9th, 2011

    I am an aquarius who is interested in a scorpion male, so far he is open to talk abt anything. I bed to differ from these scorpio males that Aquarian women have no depth and are air headed. If you pay any attention to astrology or a real aquarius woman you know that you have to have enough patients to really want to go deep with her because aquarian women want to know everything about you but will take a lot of time to go deep about themselves.
    We are also always thinking n with that will not always hear or remember what you say…not personal…but true. If you really wanna know us realize it takes time…hopefully this scorpio man does just that because I know and have plenty to say but I will not just come out and tell it all it will take a while.

  57. scorpio February 23rd, 2011

    You now, I read the articles and from my experiences there are a lot of similarities of what is being said, however, I have to take exception to two things: anger and the inference that Scorpio males are, at all, jealous or controlling. For me, a Scorpio male, I am neither of two, although I don’t like being, for example, not invited out (no one does), I don’t even give my Aquarius g/f any problems about going places without me (vice versa), even though she is how these articles describe (air headed, light hearted etc) – and its so true about Aquarius women forgetting and being this way, all the time. But you’d be surprised – they have a “selective” memory. Anyway, if anything, I found it strange at the beginning that she didn’t really care where I went or ask too many questions, but now a couple years later, she is starting to become a little more interested (curious). I think we are together still because we see each other less due to life circumstances and family. The reason I say this is because if we were living together, in all likelyhood, the intrigue would wear out more quickly…for me I require a woman who keeps me interested in intellect and in other ways. An Aquarius women’s appeal may be not what a Scorpio male needs.

  58. sara aquarian beauty February 6th, 2011

    my manis scorpio…we have a gr8 relationship but hell hath no fury as him..i kno he loves me alot…i love him alot too..but im alwways so light headed and he tortures himself with dark suspicions…im completlty loyal to him,,,and wud do anything absolutely anything to please him….i hat egetting him angry..*(its not usually a pretty scene) but i believe in love..and i believe we can make it…im at fault at times for our fights..and i admit unlike him he never says sorry………this article means so much and is exactly how we both are

    • Sapna May 27th, 2017

      Omg thats so true they hardly like to say sorry and i think scorpio men have a massive ego problem. Hehehe

  59. Anonymous January 20th, 2011

    I’m currently dating a Scorpio male and wow, so controlling! Don’t get me wrong, I love him loads and I know that he’s extremely loyal and loving to me. He has a fiery temper and when I want my freedom (being an Aquarius).. I get a hell of a guilt trip. He’s my best friend and has taught me so much, he’s a man with a level and wise head. I can relate so much to this article.

  60. Dark lord Scorpio January 8th, 2011

    Aquarius women make me laugh as they come across as disorganised and innocent souls with a lack of control over their emotions. Some Aquarius ladies are breathtakingly beautiful but don’t they know it? Ha! For a Scorpio male they are like a special curio object. They love to be vague and change conversation whenever the mood takes them. Unfortunately their thoughts and feelings never convince that they have any depth or resonance that could convince anyone with half a brain.

    For a Scorpio although the sex might be entertaining for a while the Aquarius woman is not exactly the most compatible person for them. It goes both ways of course but the Aquarius woman will only ever see it from their perspective because self matters more to them than anything else.

    The Scorpio male will become annoyed at constantly having to change conversation and be light hearted all of the time. We need the whole variety of life’s experiences and not just light and happy all the time.

    Scorpio’s also do not always know whether or not the Aquarius even likes them and so withdraws. An Aquarius woman’s actions are often contradictory and so for the Scorpio male they may appear to be totally indifferent towards them just at the time they like the Scorpio most. I have had this experience so many times with Aquarius women who irritated me with their total lack of affection and just before I was about to break up with them they asked to go to the next level of the relationship. It is as if they have no idea that what they do has any consequences. Once you learn that then a Scorpio male cannot take them seriously and cannot plan any kind of long term relationship with them.

    They are ok as friends if you see them now and again. Fun as a one night stand as an Aquarius woman is surprisingly open to sex. But hopeless as wives for a Scorpio male.

  61. Samantha November 28th, 2010

    I have dated a scorpio man, I am an aquarius woman, and he was very closed off when talking about his past. He had no problem telling me how beautiful I was but then it came to serious conversations about feelings it was hard to get him to open up. He was also addicted to sex and had a high sex drive. The reason the relationship ended was because he slept with anyone he found sexually appealing. Scorpios are nymphos. keep that in mind.

  62. Adrianna November 24th, 2010

    Woww im sad that some people experienced scorpio men like that, I use to be crazy in love with my scorpio man! He understood me like nobody else could, kept me level headed and everything. The only differences I could say was that he always we wanted things to go HIS way and he was kind of stubborn in his decisions of keeping things from me. But ive learned how to get some things out of him, I think its like a process with a scorpio just like a precious heart that has been broken many times. Their just suspicious of the people they want to share their true self with; I think. And im a Aquarius woman=)

  63. simone August 10th, 2010

    I’ve loved a scorpio man for 6 years and don’t really know exzactly how he feels about me we have broken up moore than I can remember but he always the one to come back I am an aquariaus woman

  64. stlrapper May 17th, 2010

    i am an aquarius woman and seem to always attract scorpio men. it is always a disastrous relationship. scorpio men harbor bad feelings and wont disclose them to you until months later.

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