Sagittarius Man and Aquarius Woman Love Compatibility

The match of Sagittarius and Aquarius is generally a smooth one with lots to share in common. Both of them value freedom, growth and independence in love relationship. Sagittarius’s approach to love, however, may be a little more impulsive and emotional than Aquarius who is calmer partner in the relationship.

Sagittarius man is a very honest and cheerful person who can blaze in fire of enthusiasm and make everyone around him excited. He knows his goals well and directions to achieve them as well. He is capable of an impressive quantity of love and affection, yet prefers to give it most when it is not expected or required from his lover. He embraces a live and let live philosophy and hates being tied down to commitments. When he feels that he is allowed the proper amount of independence and freedom, he proves to be a loyal and true companion.

An Aquarius woman is delicate and free. She tends to reach her goals with the greatest of ease, as long as everything flows easily around her. Face her with confrontation and she can turn things around as her rebellious side surfaces. She can be quite stubborn at times. Although she may seem inconsistent with what she does and quite confused in doing so, she is quite the socialite. Once a man has befriended this woman, he gets a friend for life time. Although she is a loyal confidant and lover, she seems otherwise at times, showing herself as more detached and unemotionally involved.

The relationship between Sagittarius man and Aquarius woman is long lasting and true blue. They both have an overabundance of friends that they like to include in their lives, they both love to experience life any way it is handed to them and they both enjoy each other in conversation, intellectual ideas and a mutual love that carries them through their many fights they have. Aquarius woman has a spirit that generates positive energy in Sagittarius man and inspires him to do some new and great things. There is a strong attraction as both of them have similar interests and can share a lot. She loves creativity whereas he is purely in love with adventures. She keeps on searching for new things in life and completely awes her man of her spontaneous nature as he himself is very free going in life.

The free flowing connection of Sagittarius man and Aquarius woman is full of explorations, enthusiasm and arguments. Their independence is a positive quality in this connection as it shows that they do not need each other as much as they inspire to have the other’s company. He gives her the independence she craves for and supports her to fly high in her imaginations. The jolly nature of Sagittarius man makes his Aquarius maiden feel spirited around him with the best of her sense of humor. She contains within her many dreams and though the Sagittarius man is not possessive, he is assuredly jealous and curious to know all about her. They always have a lot of arguments and disagreements. However, each argument ends just as fast as it started. Their relationship is best described as — really good friends who understand each other with a sexual connection — that fits together so well it was as if it was meant to be.

Love is a new and exciting game that the two play and both win. Sagittarius man and the Aquarius woman can make one of the divinest pair of all the zodiac signs. Their deep love is reflected in their every action and thought. Friendliness and affection comes to them naturally with all the long rosy talks and delightful smiles that call persistently in their lives. The delightful damsel can bring new flame to her Sagittarius man’s adventures giving him incredible energy to become a champion for all manner of goodness and glory. While this Sagittarius gentleman provides his charming Aquarius lady with the support, assurance and affection which is out of her measures, throughout her life. Their unconditional love provides ever lasting attar to all the airs crossing their sweet home and special warmth to the fire in their heart.

The levels of the sexual connection of Sagittarius man and Aquarius woman greatly vary from a heightened arousal of a kiss filled with love to an intimacy full of energy to merely something that is just in their minds. Each level they are on from day to day is quite unpredictable yet as they both look forward to the next day they both wonder if it is like a roaring fire burning out of control or a gentle rainfall deep in a forest. Regardless, the love making of Sagittarius man and Aquarius woman never grows tiresome. There is something about Aquarius female that just gets her Sagittarius male. Although they are not possessive of each other, they are quite jealous. This meaning they don’t mind the social aspects of their lives and the sharing of their ideas, whether it be sexual or not. They expect each other to keep the physical aspects of their relationship just for each other and no one else. Since both of them feel this way it is not be an issue whatsoever. They enjoy sharing their intellectual ideas with each other as their connection strengthens. They both respond instantaneously to each other and their affection and passion is constantly soaring with each night they pass in each other’s arms.

Generally the relationship of these two is as smooth as the flow of river but at the moments of not so wonderful of a connection, Sagittarius man may lash out with his blunt honesty and frank words or Aquarius woman may spin around and flair her hot tempered nostrils toward him throwing accusations at him left and right. They both need their freedom and anything including their mate can be considered a hindrance by them if he/she shows unnecessary streaks of jealousy. But their ability to forgive and forget rather quickly keeps their connection just as strong as it was before they both got so hot headed. They respect each other and value each other’s company. Aquarius woman’s gentle touch and airy words do wonders for her Sagittarius lover’s raging heart. This is definitely a relationship that is worth the connection when there is so much love and mutual understanding involved.

  1. Profile photo of 26aquagirl
    26aquagirl 2 years ago

    I have been in a close friendship with a Sag for the last 14yrs. On and off, our pattern is we fall hard, but he never tells me how he feels, so I assume he isnt all in, then I go looking for “perfect love” find it, so i think, then we break up and I end up right back in my Sag’s arms…after all these years, I wish I could just get him to love me the way I’ve been begging for for all these years…I date others, mainly because he asks me to, then I fall for someone else and lose him…I love him so much, but I am afraid he doesnt feel the same, but then why is he here? for so long?

  2. Profile photo of futurefreak
    futurefreak 2 years ago

    Tanisha –
    You say you fall in this pattern where you see others, fall in love with them, then it falls apart. And then you go back to your Sag. I guess the question you should be asking yourself then is, why do you think you are not wholly invested in these others? Are you possibly self sabotaging yourself because you know, deep down, your Sag is the one for you? Or maybe unknowingly picking these guys who you deep down know won’t be good for the long haul because, you still want to keep that door open for your Sag? When your Sag tells you to date others, is he dating others as well? Does he get jealous if you were to reveal to him details about you and the others? It’s a rather long time to be hanging around, for sure. I found out with my own Sag that they like to guard their feelings, and they hate to be pushed or forced into things. I dated mine for a couple of years, we broke things off when we both got to a bad place…I was never happy and he was unhappy about making me unhappy…anyway, I ended up on off dating one guy in between (as well as a few assorted dinner dates with others here and there)…I could tell he minded but didn’t specifically tell me not to. But then, there was one day (about 6 months post breakup) when we both had clarity. He thought he had lost me. I was acting different and weird because the one I had been on off seeing during our break was a bad influence on my judgment. He thought he had lost his version of me for good. We talked a bit and from that grew mutual understanding, maturity, and so much more. And things are different and better than they were before. He is still hesitant to open up verbally to me, it has only been a month or so since we.really reached this “good” place of ours without others involved…but he makes me aware that it is there (He wasn’t dating anyone during our time apart, btw).
    I guess my point in all that was, would he be completely torn up if you had changed forever, and suddenly weren’t there to give him the support and affection that he may not fully grasp the importance and necessity of yet? Is he telling you to date others so as not to hurt you from his reluctance to open up with you, because he cares about you, or instead because he cares more about himself? If he’s anything like my Sag he won’t just come out and say it. I found having a lot of faith and trusting your heart does wonders in a relationship with a Sag (or at least mine). Also in case you were wondering, I’ve dated a few different signs but my Sag is the only one I have fallen madly in love with, to the point where I would have regretted never talking to him again post break up. I would say, make your Sag aware that you aren’t interesting in just dating any individual, that you are looking for something special, something true…and see how he takes that, whether he encourages you to follow your heart or tells you that you shouldn’t do that and you should keep dating out there (outside of him).

  3. Profile photo of futurefreak
    futurefreak 2 years ago

    I find this article to be 99.999% accurate. Like I said in my reply above, I have been with my Sag for three years now. We had been flirty friends a few years before that but the timing came right and when I found out he was newly single I pounced (after I too became recently single in response to his being single, lol). He has changed my life completely. Like the article says, there is a deep mutual understanding and trust between one another. Aquarius is creative and loves spontaneity, which entices her Sag. The chemistry between us…there are no words for it. Wherever I go in life, I want my Sag to be there right with me. <3

  4. Profile photo of Starlight91
    Starlight91 1 year ago

    I am an Aquarius woman and I’m currently in a relationship with a Virgo man. I have been in this relationship for a year now and I’m happy but…. something just doesn’t feel right to me. I’ve gone through my ups and downs before and have gotten over everything with ease until recently, when I started talking to my old ‘sag’ friend.
    We used to be really close when I first went to college. Our friendship was something everyone thought was a relationship because we acted that close but never kissed or dated. We just had a amazing connection.
    We never got together because it would have been wierd, I guess. He was a virgin and I was a huge party animal. I embarrassed him multiple times in front of his friends and co workers being ‘sexualy playful and loud’ but it was always just a game and we laughed everything off. 
    I’ve know him for 5 years now, always kept in touch on a regular basis, nothing too crazy just friends keeping up. But lately, I’ve started seeing him differently. I’m I’m a relationship and I’m thinking about this sag dude I’ve known for 5 years, never did anything with or even seriously thought about it. 
    I got drunk a week ago and txted him that I’ve always wanted to fuck him… before I passed out… 
    He was totally open with me the next day after I apologized for my stupid drunken behavior. He said he was happy I finally opened up to him about it because he wants me just as badly.. And I liked it!
    This article doesn’t really help me out in my current relationship but I don’t know if I should just lose everything I have, become single, and then I’m all alone again…

  5. Profile photo of @YOLO
    @YOLO 10 months ago

    Aquarius woman.
    He was sagittarius man.
    All I can say he was blunt,rude,liar,mean-cheap,unimaginative,bad communicator,over-confident, haughty,arguementative,arrogant,insensitive,insecure,cruel,casual,irresponsible,careless,tactless,reckless,narrow minded,orthodox mentality,fake,hypocrite,narcissist(in a way that they treat you as an object or their assets),attention seeker,indulgent,lack of deep thinking,lack of sensuality,thinks love and sex are the same thing,very manipulative,sexually sadistic.
    They are honest but if honesty results in insensitivity and lack of empathy and compassion results in bluntness or rudeness.
    We aquarius do lie but sometimes not to hurt others,sometimes to make someone happy like mothers used to do to their children but we rarely lie about big things we are not secretive,we are extrovert so we do share our feelings with our partners.
    Sagittarius are liars-vicious liars sometimes they lie in order to hide their true feelings,they always think that they are right and each every people are wrong so to prove themselves that they are right they lie,sometimes they are like white liars(they will say you the truth right now partly but will say the whole truth later or never)
    Aquarius are humanitarian and open minded sagittarius are not they are narrow minded,selfish and materialistic.
    Sagittarius always seek adventure sometimes in sex too they easily get bored so they are always up to experiment something new even if it results having multiple sexual partners.Love to flirt with others.They belive in one night stand but if you do so or start out to think like them they will kill you.Fucking possesive and jealous.Will love you but never tell you and when they tell you will never show you.
    We want tons of space but they are very indulgent will ask you every now and then why you do so why you do that etc.Stinker and punctilious they are.
    They lack sensuality they direct evrything towards sex.Thinks love and sex are the same things.
    Very coward.Always blame others for their fault.Don’t know how to be humble,but will take credit of success from others help.You can never expect from them these words-sorry and thank you.
    Heart breakers if they find someone more interesting they will not give it a second thought before leaving you but if they see someone better you get they will be back to you or will atleast try.
    Main hobby-Laugh at people not laughing with people.And criticizing and demean others.Talk about their friends behind their back total hypocrite and fake friends.
    What I can say they are real narcissist-They are black holes of insecurities no matter how much time you have spent with them they will never be satisfied,They continue to change from one person to others as they feel deep internal shame of who they are never content,shine light on you shift focus elsewhere,treat waiters-drivers as second class citizens,drain your all energy-energy vampire,they make you believe that your friends and family are really terrible so that you can solely rely on them as they fear of being exposed or your family might interfere with their ability to manipulate you,Driven by greed,they want to reach to the top by letting down others(very weak people)
    Sagittarian males really don’t know what they want actually they pretend that they are really in love or they actually don’t know what is love.
    We aquarius do have class but sagittarius love to walk in home being naked.It freaked me out!Cheap.
    All aquarius women if you ever want to be in or want to have
    -Controlling relationship
    -A jealous,Narrow minded,selfish partner
    -‘Puts you down all the time’ partner
    -Cheating and lying partner
    -Abusive partner
    -Blaming lover
    -An extremely insecure partner
    -A demanding partner
    -A narcissistic partner(which will never be accept by a woman of self esteem)
    -An argumentative and Competitive partner.
    -The manipulative lover then date a sagittarius man.If you really want to be in a toxic relationship and kill yourself slowly then love and trust a sagittarius man because he will always let you down if not then often.In this relationship only sagittarius man will be benefited.

  6. Profile photo of @YOLO
    @YOLO 10 months ago

    Sagittarius and aquarius definetly are not compatible.
    Aquarius women he is not your sole mate.Soul mate is the one with whom you can find peace and calmness.But with sagittarius man you will always feel tensed,excited,anxiety,frustration,depression,fascination and so on.He ain’t a reliable partner for you.
    You both are very bad at domestic lives as both of you belong to mascular signs freedom lover.Bad at handling money,careers,children,old age management.Will lead a very bad and tough marital life.You will be friends or best friends or will find that how you get along with each other so smoothly.But if you believe that a friend in need is a friend indeed-Then you are definately not friends.You are just like scientist and philosopher who are exchanging their perspective on every matter with argument or debate.
    It will be a total emotional roller coaster because at the end of the day both of you will forget who you actually are and what you actually want especially aquarius woman.Sagittarius man will be with you for many reasons
    -As they cannot distinguish between sex and love and with you they are very much sexually compatible with you so they will think that they are actually in love and will be with you.
    -If they ever made commitment at the first stage of your relashionship they really hate to be told or think that they were ever wrong so they will stick to you.
    -They will find you total different from them an intellectual person you are they love to argue and you a debate so they will be with you.However they will never win but will never accept how intelligent you are.
    -They will find that somewhat they are upgraded because of you or use you as their lucky charm.
    For one thing they used to be together because they are having plenty of good sex.
    Sagittarius man ain’t suitable for you not as husband,partner or even as friends if you want to develop yourself.

  7. Profile photo of @YOLO
    @YOLO 10 months ago

    Sagittarius men are just immature and mischievous babies.
    They will never grow up.And they never want to as they think they are the best.Really they rarely change themselves when they change its obviously for bad.It really gives them a kind of pleasure to see the people around them are suffering if not they will just not give a fuck.They break rules of society but only for bad purposes.
    However they are very weak and coward so always they choose the path which is easier for them the wrong path.They are not even hardworkers.So they always try to find a person with whom they can lean on.But will never accept it that you have done good for them!Sagittarius men and women(one was my best friend for 4 long years after which she asked me one day if we were ever best friends! I ended.) give me genuinely headache.Aquarius women are seriously horrible homemaker.Their will never be peace in home.They often forget their duty even if they are not a working mother.Very bad with friends,relatives,neighbours.Want to lead an isolate life.
    In one hand they like to break the rules of society and in other hand they are quiet aware about their status and self image.They are awkward and vague.Superficial.In most of the cases sags are real assholes.
    They will never understand you as they never understand them.They will switch from one place,profession,people to another.Either they like everybody or they hate everybody.
    They are very good and generous but only when people are with them.A real hypocrite my uncle is a politician what I can say he is a real hypocrite.
    They are really bad with socialisation and when it comes to aquarius women they become very much possesive.Soon you will find total isolation from world.As if your whole world just revolves around them.However they will maintain plenty of socialisation when you are not around.
    Aquarius used to duel on past not emotionally but mentality as we try to find out what actually happened what should and what shouldn’t.But they are real jerk.After breaking up with them you will soon find out they are licking buthole of another women and in a cherry merry relationship they will try to show how you good they are right now in present relationship so they will even send you some stupid pictures of them together!
    They are not loyal at all.All you can hear from them-‘YES I HAVE DONE’in an arrogant way or ‘Yeah I DID IT.SO WHAT?’
    Like they will spent night with other women will complain to you it was bad.In a way that it ain’t a big deal.But will leave the place in a moment if they find out you did the same.
    They are mentally retarted seriously.

  8. Profile photo of @YOLO
    @YOLO 10 months ago

    Well that will be sagittarius women are seriously horrible homemaker in my previous comment.
    I don’t know why there ain’t any edit option.

  9. Profile photo of @YOLO
    @YOLO 10 months ago

    All aquarius women please don’t be confused by sagittarius man.
    I know he is cofusing you and you are still thinking he is a nice person or you like/love him.
    But the truth is that you are thinking of him just because you have a good memory!You tend to think of the person you love more than feel about them.
    You are just with him because you think he needs you no he needs your body.That’s it.
    It’s true that there is nothing but some hot,erotic,passionate,deep intense,steamy,great,wonderful and amazing sex.And make up sex.But I can guarantee you they will soon get bored with you and will manipulate you in every possible way for having sex.
    You cannot just keep him by having sex. That’s it.
    Just keep it in your mind they are not only bad at you but they are bad as a person.You are who you are and they are who they are.
    You are like angel and god and they belong to evil and satan.
    You cannot be with them.Respect yourself and move on.
    Better person waiting for you.

  10. Profile photo of Mystic18
    Mystic18 6 months ago

    My sag man is one of a kind. He is rude and arrogant, but for others and not me. He loves me a lot and cares for me like anything. He denies but also cries from inside at times. I get irritated when I cant spend time with him which makes me say something that triggers him making us fight for a while. But everything comes to an end making us come much closer. I love my Sag man. And cant imagine skipping a day without talking to him.

  11. Profile photo of blynneh
    blynneh 4 months ago

    Priya….you and I must have been involved with same Sag man!   You have hit every nail on the head.  There is nothing more I can add!  I’ve been trying to date others to get him out of my system but even though he lied, manipulated, and played me for a fool, I still can’t get him out of my system even though it has been several months. I guess it will just take time; I know I can be strong to resist him though if we ever cross paths again because I do not want to go through this emotional roller coaster ever again!

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