Leo Woman and Aquarius Man Love Compatibility

Since opposite signs fascinate each other, it is actually easier to deal with Leo and Aquarius because they work under some similar characteristics and also complement each other. Leo is personal, involved, and intense in romantic dealings while Aquarius is impersonal and rather detached. But there is always a promise of balance that keeps them together.

Aquarius man is friendly, simple, youthful, and laid back. He tends to go with the flow of things whether it is a compliment or a critical remark. He merely nods in agreement with no offense taken by such remarks. But at the same time he is intellectual and can analyze any person or situation in fraction of seconds. Love for him is more a synonym of friendship and he treats his lady more like his best friend then lady love.

Leo woman is a very strong and proud woman. Grace, compassion and generosity are in her nature as she carries herself with an air of confidence that is to be seen by all. She is highly susceptible to compliment and cannot deal with criticism well. To compliment a Leo woman is to increase her self worth which, in turn, causes her to be a better person to others. She always have high expectations from her lover and needs his constant admiration and devotion. For her, love is more to take, then to give and she always considers herself superior to her mate.

Aquarius man is attracted to Leo woman and her self confidence causing him to question whether there is more to human contact than just the art of conversation. She is warm, loyal, confident and stable whereas he is not afraid to speak up even when he is wrong. Each could benefit from learning the qualities from the other, but neither admits this. Complimenting Leo woman wholeheartedly is the straight way to her heart because this is one thing she craves for. It strengthens the relation of Aquarius man and his Leo woman. Being direct and to the point is the best way to impress her because she does not like vagueness or subtlety. She has her taste and desires and once they are taken care of she turns to become a very loyal and generous companion.

The attraction that Leo woman has toward Aquarius man is a mystery. Perhaps because she envies him in his ability to freely express himself coupled with the ability to be isolated and inexpressive. Although he is not overly affectionate, he seems to be more so with Leo woman. To repeat himself is inadequate to him and a complete waste of time to him. His mind is always on what is coming in the future and he has to stop, turn around, and look back and possibly to notice the presence of his Leo lady. But over all he will prove to be a good mate who is never restricting and respects the authority of his Leo woman just like his own.

As the tangled stems of heart are blossomed with the flowers of love, Aquarius man and Leo woman look at it each other with more respect and love, understanding each other’s needs and standing for them. The rosy whispers and gentle touches make their romance a beautifully created gift from the angels of seven heavens. She generously trusts him and gives him the freedom and confidence he desires while he gives his lovely lady the authority she deserves and keeps her above everything in the world. Whether they are at home or far from each other their love blesses them both with eternal bliss and strong trust that deepens their relation through every passing day and makes it more special for both of them in every way.

Aquarius man and Leo woman are sexually compatible but to have a proper relationship they need to work on other fields of differences or else it can affect their sexual life. He may seem to be aloof in the beginning of the relationship but with time and warmth of Leo woman he finds the right way to express his love and satisfy his lady. She fills him with passion like never before and he makes her feel secure and cared in his own calm ways. She seems to be able to realize the art of not holding back when it comes to lovemaking with him. It is not that Leo woman would not in other cases, but the ridicule she obtains from appearing ‘undignified’ is more predominant than with the Aquarius man. He doesn’t judge her, nor does he look down on her as her honestly pours out during intimate moments. Their desire for each other is a wonderful healing medicine for quarrels and frustrations. The strong tie that binds them sexually pulls them close together each time their arguments push them apart

There are a few struggling moments in the relationship of Leo woman and Aquarius man. She always needs compliments and display of love and this is not easy for him to do, nor is it easy for him to tell her just how much he needs her. He has to get over his uneasy feelings of expressing his deepest emotions if he wants this relationship to continue forward. His odd behavior at times cannot be subdued. He must be able to pursue such peculiarities in peace. This relationship can work if there is some compromise on both parts. She has to realize that he is not the best with compliments she feels she needs. He is not good with expressing himself so he has to do his best to try harder. Otherwise, her passion and loyalty begins to cool down and become stagnant and he stops showing interest in her and her bright smile and warm nature.

  1. Shawn Williams July 29th, 2020

    Wow you may have just saved my life and it was nobody but God that I saw your comment when I meet someone I always ask them their sign and I Google about it and I just met a Aquarius but we’ve only said hello and that was in a message haven’t actually talked to him and I am a leo female and I just read the captibillity and it wasn’t good it even said in so many words that they have no emotions and don’t care about much so even tho he is handsome I think imma going to take your advice and save myself the trouble because it’s not worth it, so thank you!!

    • Bebe August 13th, 2020

      Don’t be so quick to give up on the Aquarian man.

    • Aquariusandlioness August 26th, 2020

      I’m a Leo woman and me and my Aquarian are bliss.

  2. ll July 22nd, 2020

    o well the dates now have to change bec of the 13 signs….

  3. Eri.baby June 22nd, 2020

    Ima leos and scorpios are absolutely horrible so are geminis.. Those are the ones with absolutely no hearts or emotions!

    • Aquariusandlioness August 26th, 2020


    • D January 3rd, 2023

      omg yes!!

  4. MissM January 21st, 2020

    Run!!! Aquarius men are up to no good.
    Massmurderer Anders Breivik, pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and his pedophile friend Prince Andrew and numerous other psychopaths and sociopaths are Aquarius men. These men are dangerous. they do not have any heart., therefore they don’t care if they behave with cruelty. Their consciousness is wack and they are closeted narcissists.

    Please Leo women, save your love for a Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, Libra, Gemini or another Leo. Aquarius men are absolutely the worse of the worse

    • L. January 29th, 2020

      Lots of amazing people were aquarians too. This is simply a match of detrimental ego with at home ego. As sun signs rule this part to us.

      Lots else influence the attraction. But i often see a difference in energy levels between those two. Leos have such stamina its insane. And while aquas are really stronger than they look and blessed with calm, they are always a bit dragging

      • James August 29th, 2020

        I’m an Aquarius man and I am currently talking with a Leo woman. Things seem to be going smoothly and taking it’s time.

    • Lilly February 12th, 2020

      Girl bye Just because you had a bad experience with a Aquarius doesn’t mean another Leo will and you talking about get you a Scorpio. Honey, Scorpios are worse than Aquarius girl go on somewhere with your life.

      • MissM February 12th, 2020

        Lilly, some of us aren’t pussy cats drooling over evil Aquarians. A real lioness knows how to handle a Scorpio man and stays away from psychopath Aquarians. Perhaps, you aren’t evolved enough because you’re into the Prince Andrews/Epstein type (wicked Uranus – LOOK IT UP)?
        So yeah “Girl Bye” right back at ya.

    • Danika February 21st, 2020

      Omg an Aquarius just left my Gemini friend but sadly I’ve liked the Aquarius but now he likes me too but he was a jerk to my best friend so idk what to do 😭😫

    • Glen D Fraser February 25th, 2020


    • Limblimo@aol.com March 16th, 2020

      Stay off smokin🚬 crack

    • Raven June 19th, 2020

      Not all aquarius men are assholes. By the way, Virgos are usually the ones that give issues. So are Scorpios, and a Gemini will become the worst ever if you cross them one time. Maybe the Aquarius you dealt with was just tired of your shit. Hope you find the one.

      • MissM June 19th, 2020

        Naa, it’s the Geminis, the Scorpios and Virgos who were “tired of your shit” – so jokes on you, triggered clown.

      • Aquariusandlioness August 26th, 2020

        You are correct ma’am forget MissM.

      • MissM August 26th, 2020

        Look who’s talking! maybe the Virgos, Scorpios and Geminis are tired of your shit?
        Aquarius men are better for superficial Libras or evil Pisces women.

    • Stev June 23rd, 2020

      no u. AquariusMasterRace

    • Aquariusandlioness August 26th, 2020

      I’m a Leo female. I’ve been with Scorpio the cheaters and liars. Same with libra as well quite the F’boys. Virgos are too passive and judgmental. My fellow Leo males-HA! Abusers. I’m41 and have never, ever met anyone like my Aquarius man. Maybe it’s your judgement, add to why you cannot keep one?

  5. Nova January 21st, 2020

    Currently experiencing an Aquarius male. Loving the passion & all of the soft kisses. I feel like I can tell him anything, even secrets & hes never critical, always easy going. He compliments me so much, but I can tell it’s just within his nature of being honest. It makes it so easy for me to reciprocate the love & showed him with compliments & gentle kisses ( :

    • Aquariusandlioness August 26th, 2020

      Right!?!? I’m on the same page as you sister. I love my Aquarian!

    • D January 3rd, 2023

      omg are you guys still going strong

  6. Blondie January 19th, 2020

    Leo female happily married to an Aquarius Male. He love my confidence and drive to succeed in all I do. I benefit from his silliness and have learned to let go with the best of them. The only potential problem is we are so in sync we can be too much for others to keep up with! I get tired of hearing Leo’s can’t take criticism and need constant praise. One heartfelt compliment lasts weeks for me and I’m fine with constructive feedback. Likewise, I’ve found my Aquarius will share his feelings…he just doesn’t broadcast them to everyone.

    • Aquariusandlioness August 26th, 2020

      Yes! It’s so refreshing to see fellow Leo woman who isn’t “self absorbed” as they say we’re not meant for Aquarian’s. Then who else,lol? Every relationship has their imperfections, It’s being evolved and growing together that makes a union like this so special. ❣️ Congrats and lots of love and light fellow lioness.

  7. Ethan December 9th, 2019

    Leos are like gold, shining brightly. But they might be better off learning to “let go” more.
    If it helps, here’s a free 2020 Forecast for LEO: https://youtu.be/3S5PqjeTBVE

    • Zelalez December 9th, 2019

      Yeah, when I “let go”, that’s when Aquarius becomes a psychopath and stalks the ish out of me.
      Thanks but no thanks. We have absolutely no problem letting go, it’s the ungrateful people around us who have a harder time seeing us Leo’s “let go.”

  8. Kilikina November 28th, 2019

    I’ve gone on two dates with an Aquarian man and I’m Leo and there was tons of chemistry but he jokes as his way of flirting and I’m okay with it it’s just constant and never ending and idk if I’ll every receive they admiration I desperately want

  9. Emma November 24th, 2019

    I love Aquarian men…highly intellectual and free spirited. The key is passionately playing a mental game of chess with them. And try not to get offended when they seem lost in thought. I got this free love reading and it was helpful: https://youtu.be/DMsWLwr-kvI
    I hope it helps xoxo

  10. Antonio July 27th, 2019

    I am an Aquarius Man in love with a Leo Woman. Long story short, we dated for 5 months and we were madly in love and crazy about each other then she lost that attraction. Did some digging on the internet and I found this page and comment section full of disappointed and angry Leo Woman. It was then that I realised everything that I did wrong. To us Aquarians that detachment is normal day to day living and we must take our heads out of ours and compromise to these Goddesses. Express!! Express!! Say and show what you feel for her when you feel it no matter what or when it is and communicate! That fixed it for me. Now I have one of the most beautiful experiences ever! If you’re an Aquarius Man reading this, get out of your head and give that Leo Woman the praise that she wants and both of you enjoy what comes in doing so. Peace!

    • MissM December 4th, 2019

      We are not angry (at least, I’m not angry). I just know for a fact now that Virgo men (another intellectual sign) or Capricorns are way better for Leos than flaky Aquarians. Sure the chemistry is there and you can cut it with a knife but it’s only sexual. There’s nothing deep. Aquarians are better off with Pisces or Sagittarians for relationships and we Leos are better with Cappies, Scorpios and Virgos.

      • Ksarah January 20th, 2020

        Are you sure about Virgo’s being right for Leo’s? From what I’ve heard people like the males can be kind of tricky to have a relationship with.

      • Aquariusandlioness August 26th, 2020

        You are massively the most inaccurate person on this board. Bye Felicia. You know squat.

    • Aquariusandlioness August 26th, 2020

      My hearts melting…thank you Antonio. Across tons of platforms very seldom do u find an Aquarian or otherwise giving a nice comment. Me and my Aquarian man have put aside our little quirks and we too have been going on about 7 months, it’s beyond amazing. Madly in love and we haven’t even pulled that card out. It says it in our day to day life, our connection, our friendship our PASSION. Aquarian’s rock! Thank you so much for your defense of your lioness! ♒️♌️💕

      • D January 3rd, 2023

        please tell me y’all are still together 😭❤️

    • D January 3rd, 2023

      amen antonio. amen!
      -leo woman

  11. Milly May 21st, 2019

    I am a Leo Woman and I dated an Aquarian Man. I was terribly attracted to him. I could kiss him forever. So damn chemistry. Unfortunately, he rejected me because he wants a girl a little more sexy and exciting. I am beautiful, funny and intelligent, but he wants much more and was not willing to persecute him or try to fulfill his ideal. He was not willing to chase me too. He also does not like the public affection that irritated me.

    • Alexis August 12th, 2019

      I want to date you I’m also Aquarius man but I will be more a loving partner to you.. follow me on IG scobey_305

  12. Chica February 1st, 2019

    I have read that Leos are self centered but I think there needs to be clarification there because we are some of the most giving persons on this planet especially when we love someone because we love seeing them happy. I’m a Leo woman that was dating an Aquarian man for 2 1/2 years before he came out recently to say that I’m “his” so we are officially official even tho he’s so secretive,aloft. This has changed our relationship in my eyes. While we do want to be around each other, I find him hard to compromise with. He wants things his way all the time and makes excuses as to why he can’t do as I do as far as the level of commitment that I bring to us. He says I come off as complaining and I don’t want to lose us before we get a chance to fully explore each other. Just last night we were on the phone all of 7 minutes and he got off the phone. I’m like “We just started the conversation and you’re ready to go already?”. I couldn’t finish my sentence before he hung up. I felt embarrassed and upset. I care for him and I know he cares for me, he just doesn’t like to show that he’s vulnerable when with me. He has told me he had trust issues, I told him he needs to speak with someone because that’s not going to fly with me (I can’t stand excuses). What can I do to not come off as “nagging” yet stay firm and true to myself? I don’t want to lose me in order to be with him, I’m already thinking of ways to sabotage the relationship because I’m not feeling his self centered behavior when I’ve been in his corner from the beginning.

  13. Christine December 13th, 2018

    Fuuuccckkkk !!! This is so crazy and it sucks !!! It’s exactly the same as my situation. And I never loved anyone like him … but I know deep in my soul that it is not healthy. It’s so hard to let it go … I’m a Leo and he’s an Aquarius hahaha … why am I always so fucked up when it comes to this shit? And to answer cj, never let anyone or anything make you want to hurt yourself or take your life. I hope you have left and know your worth.

    • Jay January 24th, 2019

      I fell your pain

  14. NegonsonicT November 9th, 2018

    Im a leo lady and im dating an aquarius. Im happy i read this because I was about to walk away. The detachment thing was bothering me. Its like. everything went great super fast. Then i noticed two things i found sneaky. We had agreed on using protection as Im not on borth control. He expressed his desire to have kids. When we had sex he didnt use a condom and pretended he forgot until i called him out. He also refused to pull out. He also told me about a time he slept with a co worker to prove she didnt hate black men. I dont know what to make of these things. I crave more attentionnand compliments but I guess I wont push. He scares me emotiknally because Im falling and he only thinks he is.

    Should i walk away now?

    • Kate November 9th, 2018

      I would be more concerned by what appears to be a lack of respect in both those scenarios. That to me has nothing to do with his sign and more to do with character. If you ask him to wear a condom or pull out that is exactly what he should do. Then sleeping with someone to prove a point especially a racial one is a sign of very low character. That is just my opinion.

    • Saj December 4th, 2018

      Hi there! Just know you are a strong vivacious leo women and all men despite their sign will be drawn into your light! Aquarius men are very honest (most of the time) so I would say love yourself first, gather your warmth and strength before anything. Just be yourself and he will come around. Be honest with yourself, is he what you want or is there something else better for you out there. All the best!!

    • Fadil Malik March 31st, 2020

      Get outta there quick. Im a male aquarius, your guy is playing a game his way. But that’s nothing to do with signs. You dont need to be in the middle of those games.

      To talk about sleeping with someone because you wanted to prove a point with a current partner is obscure…..

      Aquarius are aloft but if they care for about someone it’s a crazy bond for her.. even if you cant get your confirmation it’s there. Aquarius need to learn to express themselves and give their partners that love language they want and need

  15. Alissaleo February 26th, 2018

    My aqua man and I been together for 1 year then he had to move to Denmark (his visa expired) I’ve known him for 4 years he’s my bestfriend we talk about anything and everything. And unlike most Leo’s when I first met him I was defiantly not as confident as I am now. But he also did t open up right away but as soon as he did I got compliments a lot and he had to travel a lot for Gymnastics. And I’m afraid while he is out in Denmark he’s going g to find a better girl. Though he has assured me he doesn’t like those girls. I’m still afraid

    • Precious April 23rd, 2018

      I’m aslo in a long-distance relationship with an aqua man. We met in 2014 and became friends but started dating early 2015. We’ve been together for more than 3 years in total but he had to change provinces last year so, we’ve been in a long distance relationship for more than a year. He’s also my bestfriend.

      One thing I believe (I pray he won’t change) is that when he tells me he won’t cheat on me, he means it. For as long as we’ve been together, I’ve never found or even suspected him of cheating. He knows how I feel about it and I guess his relationship with me means that much to him that he doesn’t want to do something that will potentially harm it.

      Another thing I’ve learnt about him is that he is a very careless person (not sure if it’s an aquarius thing) but I think that if he did cheat, I’d know because he’s just so transparent (or maybe he’s learnt to open up to me).

      Point is, try not to think about him cheating on you. If you believe that he loves you (showing affection is hard for aqua men but if he has shown it towards you, then you prolly mean a lot to him) then believe that he won’t.

  16. Mikiki October 18th, 2017

    Am an Aqua man and sometimes its true I do need to compliment her more and when I started this year things are smooth. The hardest question comes when she says “Do I look fat in this?” All I have to say is, “It looks alright to me but if you feel bad we can be taking morning runs”…… then she says okay “when do we start” Phew.

    But all in all I love my Leo lady. Nothing in the world makes me feel at home like she does. We just click, We both did I.T and I help her around once in a while with projects. Planning to propose soon. Shhhhh Its a secret.

  17. Misunderstood September 21st, 2017

    I’ve been with my aqua man for 3 years. Hardest three years dealing with someone. I love him but I question why at this point. If I had to sum up my entire relationship, I would call it frustrating. I’ve helped this man in every aspect of his life to make him a better person. But all it is is one sided. I’m kept in a box. We live together and do a lot of things together but ppl I’ve met is limited. As close as I feel to him I feel like a stranger too. He makes no real commitment to our future. To make matters worse I have absolutely zero trust. The levels he uses to lie is remarkable. He has no integrity as a man and he’s a cheater. He jumps from one situation to the next. I put him the other day in a typical dramatic Leo way I might add and even though I had proof he was cheating he STILL looked me in my face and said I didn’t do anything. Smh he’s the victim and only can tell me how disrespectful I am. He also feel despite how he treated me when I caught him in anything I was suppose to have a level of respect for him. This I don’t understand. How can one expect respect when it’s not given in the first place. I’m in a weird place. As much as he has done me wrong, he still have been there during my worst times. I didn’t just lose a bf I lost my best friend too

    • Leogirl December 14th, 2017

      Woow i rrally felt this and i only had a promising summer fling with one. But once i peeled back some layers and he gave me an sti…i wondered what exactly would he be promising to do. I already know he’s detached, a cheater and a liar so would i be willing to let him do these things without me saying anything and i just do me? But as a leo i honestly just couldnt because when im into somebody im into them! But when he had a good time we had a great ass time. Siggghhhhh

      • Confused November 15th, 2018

        same here…wow…exact same story!

    • Luna Leo January 16th, 2018

      Leave him for another

    • Kate November 9th, 2018

      One Leo girl to another, why are you still there with a man who has not respect for you. Don’t you think you deserve better? only you can give yourself that by choosing to find someone who values you. We are by nature fueled by attention as Leo’s which is why you may want to stay with someone just to have someone. But is that rally giving yourself the best you can?

  18. Leonine July 16th, 2017

    Leo woman here n having an affair with aqua man! Shud I repeat wat u ppl r saying? Aloof n Insensitive! But I dunno…he would mess up n then look at me with that expression while I try to communicate n ask for explanation! He wud just keep quiet like I am talking to a statue. Last time, last week I blew up n left. Tired of his sometimes cold sometimes hot stunts He called twice after an hour! I didn’t pick. He disappeared for two days! Too offended I guess. When we met I am sure he expected me to b sulking or low like all Leos whose face reflect their feelings all the time! But I was just the opposite! I was my cheerful n bubbly self. I was looking damn sexy n hot n everybody was just complimenting me!
    Tadaaaaa! The man called at night the same day! The same man who wud not send a singie text for days…too busy!
    Talked here n there n before hanging up blurted- I love you… love you as I always do
    N he just asked in a small voice- do u still love me?
    I replied – yes I do! N like a child he asked again- is it true?
    I simply said yes it’s true! I never said I love u n he hanged up!
    It’s been a week. I am cucumber cool n not asking for anything! N believe me ladies…I can swear he is not sleeping at all these days…lol!
    Wat I want to say is I love that man! But it’s not easy when u r loving caring affectionate n warm to have an iceberg besides u all the time n u have the responsibility to warm him up all the time even u hurting n want comfort!
    I don’t know wats in store for us but one thing is sure! I learned a lot from
    This relationship! I am no longer impulsive n I try to go with the flow!
    I am just waiting to see wat he will do now! N to b honest! I just need one genuine step from him to show me he cares for us! I am ready to take 10 steps towards him… but this 1 step he will have to take it this time n I am waiting

    • Gynelle Headley July 16th, 2017

      Great advice. Thank you. I am an August Leo and the man I’m sort of, maybe going out with is a February Aquarius. All he has to say once in a while is I love you, and stop making my fire burn out.

  19. Saleem July 9th, 2017

    I am an aquarium and have hard time with my lioness. I stay more than weeks, after that we end up upsetting each other. Trying to to find ways to be not abrupt

  20. Augustbaby July 7th, 2017

    I am a lioness and I have a strong attraction to Aquarian men. I have been in love with one Aquarian man since I met him now going on 18 years. We have the greatest chemistry that no other has compared. We get along great, we share the same sense of humor, music, style and we can talk about and do anything together with no problem. We have had a lot of ups and downs over the years he even married/divorced someone else and we are still yet back at it. Our sexual chemistry is crazy intense ..can’t get enough, I truly love him but he for some reason has reservation with me. He will not give us a FAIR and pure chance at true unconditional love..it baffles me. It makes me sad and I feel like I can’t have the very love that I desire. I want all of him and I’m not sure if he wants all of me yet he shows it in other ways. It’s driving me crazy and I don’t ever want to love someone this way and not have it in return. I love him even after all of these years. I don’t know what to do..(I’m tearing just writing this) my heart only desires him no matter how much I try to move on..he’s always in the back of my mind..comparing what we had to everyone else that has come after. It’s not fair..I almost feel like he wants me to be in this position. Idk

    • Gynelle Headley July 16th, 2017

      Greetings from London, England. As a fellow lioness who is in love with an Aquarius man, I 100% know how you feel cause I’m living through it. I wish you strength, happiness and love- with or without him. Xxx

    • Angela December 17th, 2018

      Hang in there dear. LOVE NEVER DAILS! LOVR NEVER GIVES UP!. I MET the man I am about to marry when u was 8 years old visiting my grandparents across the country for the summer..we became friends instantly and where together many summers u till I moved there after graduating. We had a small fling bit the timing was wrong and we were to young for commitment or guaranteeing nor to break each other’s hearts. I moved back to my home state and has two kids. He marries and had 2 kids. He never let the back if my mind either. No matter who I was with. He was always in my thoughts. He says it was always the same for him too. Years later I hit him up on Facebook to see how he was doing and we havmt missed a day of talking yet. He moved to my home state and it’s the most amazing relationship i have ever had. We learn. We fight. We make up….we make up again…and most impirtantly we are best friends willing to put in the work to keep each other forever. If you love him as you say you do you’ll wait no matter what. When you truly love someone no-one else.matters. shut they don’t even exist.

  21. joel June 19th, 2017

    I have a lil lioness that has my full attentionbing like no woman ive ever met has. It was instant unconditional love for her since the second I met her and she is now the person I care the most about in the world. We have not been anything more then friends so far and thats ok because im not with her for just those reasons its so much more. She makes me want to be a better man every day,she makes all the pain in the word vanish with one hug,her smile lights the darkest places,and she is a muse to my art like no other. If I gain her trust there is NOTHING I wouldnt do for her. Theres no way I could not show her affection in fact id break the Aquarian stereotype with ease for her because she is worth it. Right now shes going through some rough times and has been keeping to herself n not letting me help her…this is killing me! I can only wait n be patient for her and hope she sees how much I hurt too for her suffering alone and lets me help her. I would do anything for her she is a goddess and her beauty is internal like no other as well as the most attractive woman ive ever seen…and I mean that she is a 10 in and out. Id still love her though even if she got fat and covered herself with tattoos of dicks…lmao! Any advice from other lionesses is welcome 🙂 I only want to understand her better so I can be the best person I can be to her…she deserves nothing less. Miranda you’re the best n i love you…always


    • Briyanna June 27th, 2017

      Joel, that was beautifully spoken. ( I’m a Leo woman dating an Aquarian man) Just be sure to share these feelings with her, she’d lovvvvvve to hear this 🙂

      best of luck

    • London December 6th, 2018

      Continue to be there she sees you , I know for myself being a leo woman is hard cause we go through so much emotions and sometimes trying to figure out how to control them. But she loves you and she knows your there so continue the love.

    • Aquariusandlioness August 26th, 2020

      I don’t know if you and Miranda are still together but this made this Leo ball my eyes out cause I think my amazing Aquarian is on the brink of love too. Yes if you haven’t expressed…. EXPRESS! To soothe my Leo tendencies he even went as far as to giving me a James Avery necklace that the charm says “beautiful” I’ve not taken it off since my birthday. You guys are so special and i truly hope Miranda and you are doing well.

  22. Glennise June 18th, 2017

    I’m Leo and I’ve been attracted to an Aquarius guy since 5th grade however I only liked him for 3 months then my attraction went to an Aries guy. I haven’t heard of him years later till he was dating a Ms. Libra and I have fallen for a Cancer man.. When I reached in 9th grade my attraction went back to the Aquarius guy again and I feel a bit jealous over his steady relationship with his Libra but I don’t want to disturb him any longer. In fact that he liked me too years ago. I wish I could have made a move tho.. I miss seeing him so much 🙁

  23. Steve June 13th, 2017

    Aquarius man here and I have a Leo woman; the relationship has been suffering for some time. She sorely tested me and ridiculed my strength only for her to have an emotional breakdown. You are the lions but we are eagles. We can soar away anytime, right? Not really. I can crush anybody with my strength of will, purpose and quite frankly my body (I am physically stronger than most people). Yet! Guess what! Just when you think we could care less… So “cold” and “analytical”, you break down and it kills us inside! She is so strong, my Leo woman, yet so… So beautifully fragile at the same time. During a rocky portion of our relationship, I attempted to use my vast, cold, almost reptilian anger to literally destroy my love for her. I could not do it. It was so misguided. Yes, we do have trouble with emotions even the one emotion I understand: anger. Love will bring an Aquarian to their knees. I will do anything for her… My love for her is unbounded and as unconditional as a love can be… My two months in hell when I attempted to destroy my love for her, in order to walk away and be “free” ended in failure. Thank goodness! I will do anything for her. I will love her until the day I die. It has been a profound spiritual awakening and I am so thankful for it.

  24. Jae June 3rd, 2017

    I am.an aquarius man.
    I am in a complicated relationship with a leo woman.
    Im just going to say this leo women are honest but perhaps to honest even if it kills them.
    My leo woman says disrespectful things eben if its her truth such as your friend is a better man than you.
    She calls me ho and claims she doesnt trust me.
    My thing is this, if i am such a bad person why deal with me.
    I asked her why do she love me.
    She says my personality.
    I aaked her was it the sex?
    She said no even though we had sex on yhe first night chilling.
    She is starting to seem like a “narcissist”
    She degrades me while uplifting herself.
    I dont know if this is a leo woman thing or some other deep rooted shit going on.
    But i dont like it.
    Yeh she is loyal but what good is loyalty if there is no trust and respect.
    That makes no logic to me.
    Oh and by the way, they should have neva gave leo women Facebook..GOD..
    Im cutting sex off and see where this goes.
    My mind is already telling me its finished

    • mzfats June 5th, 2017

      I’m a Leo woman. Honestly u Aquarius men make us say degrading things (not the things ur girl says though, as u stated, she has deeper problems) the thing is, Aquarius men have a very sneaky sense to them and u guys don’t communicate well. Also, just as the reading stated, Aquarius men start acting strange and it throws Leo’s off. Which can push us a blurt out harsh things. I have two Aquarius guy friends and no matter how I try not to say it, I can’t help but to call them assholes.. Leave her, but work on things u did wrong too.. Or do u even know? Or man enough to own up to what u caused for her to call u evil names

      • shyam June 17th, 2017

        See the Aquarius is a air sign. And it’s Obvious for u to Undastand them that they like der freedom n need their space. When u try to hold them back/or dominate them, Just like a gas balloon when it reaches its saturation point it’s gonna burst/break away. Show love to them the way he(aquarian) shoes to u. And i can assure u he will love u like nobody does. He might seem to u like he is Cold n does care or bother. But that isn’t so. He care more than anybody. But doesn’t knoe how to express it. Once he shows his love n care. That’s it . You Leo lady will find ua self in 9th heaven. He is a thinker that his Sign nature. Support him n believe him in his endeavour.
        And then see what he brings u back in return. Stop complaining and start giving him.
        As the Karma says. What u give is what i get..!!

    • Leog November 8th, 2018

      It hurts when your love don’t trust you. But please remember not to trust her love will be equally or much more hurting to her. Because she would take pride in having a man who she could trust and feel proud of. She loves to be loyal because she would be happy to love you both loved by you. Just think once what are the reasons that she doesn’t trust you. May be you just don’t feel the need to tell why she has been kept waiting either on phone or in person.. remember times when she would have clearly given reason for not being available when you called. If she doesn’t tell you would ask too eagerly. How often you simply would have expressed your interest in other women and their qualities even if you have nothing to do with them. But at the same time you accuse her for having a naive interaction with any man.the reason for Her mis trust stems here. When you don’t trust her for her naive behaviour that makes her to disbelieve you as she thinks if you are naive you would not have found her guilty. By the way ..your past can also be a reason for her lack of trust and also your indifference when it suits you

  25. Queen Leo May 30th, 2017

    Yes I agree with a lot of my lion ladies I too dated an Aquarius man he was cool at first seem to be a good fit but after time went by the real person showed up he was tight with money tried to make it seem like he wasn’t he act wired at times which had me to smh..lol and he couldn’t respect I was out spoken and then he just stop calling and answering texts instead of being a real man and just saying this is not working but he did me a favor by ending it that way cuz a leo woman is way too strong for Aquarius man he was just a sucka in my book a cheap sucka which all my leo ladies know we don’t mix to well with cheap suckas so please do yourself a favor pass or just have fun when you done using him up get rid of him don’t try for a relationship.

  26. Victoria May 26th, 2017

    THIs is My entire relationship rite now idk what I’m so drawn to him why Ima completely in love he’s so damn cold he doesn’t hold me an kiss me as much as I like but I’ve learned that just being in his presence is enough for me yes we have fights because he says I’m too outspoken an I say he’s too distant but he’ll we’re both working on it this man makes me the happiest girl in the world I wouldn’t trade him for anything …. my fellow Leo ladies yu can get past him being distant trust me I know better we demand a lot of attention but your getting it that saying actions speak louder than words is totally true when it comes to a man like this

  27. Ashley May 25th, 2017

    He was all sweet and caring at first. Slowly became distant. I wanted the attention and he didnt want to give he also cheated on me so there loyalty is wrong i still stayed faithfull to him two years after till i found out he was telling people he didnt want me or like me told his side chick he considered himself single already

  28. Shade Gold May 22nd, 2017

    My lioness please don’t date an Aquarius man, just play with them, or best treat them the same way they treat you, if they act like they don’t care about you anymore, you act like they are dead to you. Lol I really dealt with mine, cause there is no excuse for bad behaviour with me. If you love and respect me, I will move mountains for you, but if you hurt me, I will drop the mountains on your head.

    • Sweet Lioness May 22nd, 2017

      Wow going through that now. It seemed like we were a good match and everything was perfect but found out that he’s a liar, cheater and don’t like to acknowledge when he’s wrong also runs from responsibility.
      All of that up top is true but it seems to be a darker side. He just cut it off and treated me like we never met. So I can appreciate when you say treat them like they treat you and how when they star to act like they don’t care to act like they are dead. It’s best!

    • Sweet Lioness Queen May 22nd, 2017

      Wow going through that now. It seemed like we were a good match and everything was perfect but found out that he’s a liar, cheater and don’t like to acknowledge when he’s wrong also runs from responsibility.
      All of that up top is true but it seems to be a darker side. He just cut it off and treated me like we never met. So I can appreciate when you say treat them like they treat you and how when they star to act like they don’t care to act like they are dead. It’s best!

    • MissM February 21st, 2018

      @Shade Gold
      YAs Leo sis! Preach! I agree with EVERYTHING you’ve written! You gotta treat Aquamen the SAME way as they treat you. Give them a taste of their own medicine and enjoy the sex. That’s all-
      Don’t you EVER open up to them. They won’t appreciate your sensitivity and will take your kindness for weakness because they are sneaky as hell.

      • peanut November 24th, 2019

        I’m leo girl and my partner is aquarius man.

        I need advice from Aquarius man.
        We know each other for 2 years in the beginning it was really nice seems goes well. In a few months he shows his vulnerable side like emotional detached and aloof.
        From the beginning I’ve accepted him for who he is and I do tell him about how i feel.

        I do ask him “ are we just friends or more than friends “ He said go with the flow. I do tell him that to have his freedom and I don’t like when people lied to me.

        We have similar hobbies and sex was great. He remember what I’ve said / honest and pay attention of my needs. To be honest he doesn’t know how to verbal but actions is a yes. His actions shows affection with me.

        Sometimes I ask myself is he worth ? Do i need to change him ? or should I move on with my life ?
        I’m not sure guys if he likes me or not when I’m sharing above here.

        I hope you can share with me and I will be very blessed to hear from you ♥️

  29. Leo girl May 19th, 2017

    I don’t think it’s a good match. I find the whole aqua mental approach boring & controlling in a way. Like I can’t be myself around them cause I am direct and forward with my feelings and actions. I feel like the analytical Aqua is judging me cause they seem to overthink every fucking thing. I personally like confident guys and i am not sure if aquas fit the category. Just cannot deal with these mental signs that are too cerebral, no action. Had a virgo ex too, he had laid out some game plan for me and I divorced his ass. We leo women are predators and it takes real men for us to respect them.

  30. Kitty Kat February 23rd, 2017

    I am a leo but all of my placements are in Virgo. So im emotionally alot like one Anyhow,

    ive been dealing with on and off an Aquaruius whom ive known since 2010. I saw him last when i visiited my home state, and he seemed ready to see me at first, but them became distant when we went to a party and he saw all my exes there. Anyway, were good on on picking up on eachothers change in mood but were both stubborn, so i told him i just wanted some *** and he cna go back to what hes dong. I was fed up and still harboring the anger form his many disapperaing acts of over the years. We had sex, and i got pregnant. I called him two months later, crying, and i asked him what to do.. he just asked “when are you coming back” i couldnt believe it, it sounded like he trapped me. I told him im not coming back and can he help me figure out what to do.. All i wanted was his support and reassuring words.After all we were best friends. We talked about everything. Instead , he told me to put on my big girl panties. And i told him i was getting an abortion and hung up. I did it. Fast forward two years later.. i accidently added hom to my whats app, so i guess he took that as a signal to call me. He seemed sadder, telling me his oldest son felt he didnt love him because hes listening to his mother’s negative comments about his fathering. We were on the 5 mins beofre he hung up because i asked him if the only reason he called me was because of the request. I tried calling back, he didnt answer. I let him go.. Its been 5 years.. and suddeny i get a call from him, saying he wanted to try again.. some part of me was happy but confused, hurt , angery.. the virgo in me, was skeptic and asked a million questions.. nothing felt right.. i only had a 10 min break so i told him i would call him when i get off.. i was so anxious that night i didnt call until the next morning.. i asked AGAIN why he called me, especially based on our last convo.. he only pointed out the positive parts of our last interaction.. i grew angry telling him so.. he was insukting my intelligence by not acknowledging the mistake…. He immediately got defensve repeating O youre mad? taunting me.. I laughed trying to seem less emotional and stated ” ITs funny how you have amnesia and choose to remember what you want to. You may not want to get in your feelings, amd you may not want me to get in mine, but we need to talk about it… He then asked what time i had to be at work.. i told him i had to go now, and he said he was taking his dog to the vet.. I knew he was copoing out, so i told him to have a good day and disconnected the call. Its been a week, and i feel every emotion. He hasnt called me… I still dont know why he called me…Is there an ulterior motive? If he did want to try.. why not apologize so we could move on? I wrote him on facebook to call me becuase i deleted his number, but hes ignoring me…What did i do wrong? Should i just leave him alone? im just confused, because most Aqua men walk away and never look back.. why did he call? and why did he disappear again?

  31. I'm not a robot I'm Zigz February 23rd, 2017

    Aquarius man here also,
    I see some women here shared their very negative experience I would say some of my exes might feel the same way but however we are still friends. We can seem aloof and detached and cold, but only when you expect from us to be warm and loving, one thing I don’t like is me being predictable because we do think everything through, I would like to tell these women pay attention to the details and actions. Really what that saying says because that is very typical of what an Aquarius does “Actions speaks louder than words” that magnetic feeling you feel for Aquarius that you can’t find with other men is because of these subtle details and actions we make without speaking but you feel it and you add it up , it feeds you mentally, it gives you something you look forward to, Just the fact that Aquarius don’t like to be predicted makes it even more interesting, because that makes him very surprising in a very good way, you get what you wanted but not when you expected, or would you rather to get it when you expected? Which is boring In my own opinon, and Aquarius nothing is boring about him, and expects you not to be boring with your typical movie drama, he knows this is where she expects me to say I love you toor, it’s too cheesy we can’t be normal, we can’t do it like everyone else we like to be different, that’s why you were attracted to us in the first place , do not kill who you were attracted to by fighting about it you are killing us and the relationship slowly, we do need our silence time to recharge our batteries to give more surprises and attention. If you fuck us mentally we will lose interest very quick, and get bored very fast. Be unpredictable like him he will be facinated, be loving when you he expects you to be angry , reject him when he expects you to come his way. As much as he is straight forward , he likes surprises too, and it isn’t candle light dinners, it’s just being different for a moment like you are a different person, it will give him a puzzle in his mind to work on, what is she doing? I don’t know but it’s frigging sexy!
    Hope that was helpful.

    • Oona March 27th, 2017

      I swear you just saved my relationship

    • hellokendra2 May 22nd, 2017

      Good read and your on point giving it to us from the male perspective. Which I would’ve read this earlier on. It could’ve helped.
      Thanks for your input.

    • Leog November 8th, 2018

      Hey Leo girls.. don’t expect anything from aquarian man when you actually need it..time, emotion, support whatever. That’s like demanding predictability. You just ignore when they want you..shower love when they were expecting anger. Wait for the time they want to give you. It’s something like you had pain yesterday and balm comes today. That’s it. How dare you expect predictability from aquarian…it’s just convenience ..you know it’s water…it just flows.

    • Leog November 8th, 2018

      Yep.. not all aquarians are same not all Leos are. The way all aquarians are for saving the world not all Leo women for show off or self-centred. Unfortunately people form prejudices based on Sun signs. The aquarian I know is the most vulnerable but at the same time absolutely revenge full. He can move on easily but can’t take it easy when other moves on. His insecurities stem from his own mis doings. Too eager to accuse others as which I see as proactive defence. Not that he is unpredictable..it just that what suits him at that point of time. Dont know how in general these aquarians are..but this man is destructive both with mind and mouth. I feel bad for both of us because I love him for no reason and love genuinely with nothing I could really like about him. Second..he can neither love not take it. He is just like flowing water that can get in to fresh water pond or a drainage. He is insecure and egoistic..but I love him. Yet I keep myself away for life with him will be a living hell..unless am blessed with a miracle. Nevertheless his talents are admirable…but iam not just his fan..I love him and all I expect from him is love ,respect loyalty and understanding.

  32. Neva Smith February 21st, 2017

    I am a Leo of everything it says & I’ve been dating a Aquarius…For 6 months now & We get along just great, in fact I am “In Love” with this man. He expresses himself just fine, tells me “I am beautiful EVERYDAY”.. or Sexy or Gorgeous. So he has my heart too. He sent me Flowers on Valentines. & I haven’t been in Love in YEARS or Married for 30. I haven’t had flowers from a man on Valentines for 15 years so… he knows how to get to my heart & soul. So its’ “ON SPOT” to me! Was happy to read it & pass it on to him! I a LEO hear me ROAR! lol

  33. leo girl February 10th, 2017

    OH MY GOD!! 😀
    Read everything and still was not convinced, because leo women are adventure seekers, they take the risk no matter what you tell them. If you are about to date an aquarius…please don’t do it!!! We are so confident and there is not one single guy on this planet is born yet to hurt us or not like us 😛 Please be smart and take revenge for all of us! play hard to get and don’t let them in your life right away make them kill themselves to get to you! they like that even if they told u otherwise! EVEN IF you found a mature one, he will still talk to multiple girls at the same time behind your back 😀 just be strong and act like an undefeatable strong but sweet woman that he’s losing every single minute he’s not talking to her! As soon as you make them feel safe they’re out.

  34. Latosha January 28th, 2017

    I just reconnected to an Aquarius man after 22 years. Im a leo. This is so on point. Lol

  35. Phia Q January 14th, 2017

    I’m a Leo woman and I am in a relationship with an Aquarius man.

    • MissM January 15th, 2017

      @Phia Q
      Good luck – Because you will honestly need it. And don’t forget to separate the awesome sex with the actual relationship. But trust me, you will come back here after a while and type novels starting with “I’m a Leo woman with an Aquarius boyfriend” – and ending with “somebody please help me!”

      So if I were you, I would either treat him like a robot or leave him before it’s too late.

  36. Shontae sims January 14th, 2017

    Um. Can someone or somebody help me please’s I’m Leo woman and my Aquarius man we are friends we never dated or nothing but he was arguing with me I did not do, nothing to him he’s was looking at me pointing his finger at the floor talking about (I DIDN’T DO SHIT he that to me 2x’s) and he had sex with me and attacked me in sleep sexually he was doing things and then he despair and he been gone for long few weeks of a month I have feeling he’s coming back sooner or later I don’t know when or whenever I know he’s not finish with me.

    • MissM January 15th, 2017

      Oh my God. How can you let this obvious psycho rapist back into your life?
      Where is your self respect, woman?

      See this is the perfect example of Aquarius male disrespecting women. These robots have no souls and shouldn’t be treated like humans. For real.

      A partner is supposed to make you feel good and lift you. Not treat you like garbage, rape you then leave you feeling like trash and a nobody!!!! That’s not how a relationship is supposed to be! Regardless of zodiac signs.

      My advice to you is to LEAVE him and NEVER let him back in your life again! Change your locks, change your number and email, block him from social media or move out!

      Then, you need to work on yourself a bit. Gain some self respect and self worth. Until then you will never find a good man. (Again regardless of Zodiac signs)

  37. J December 31st, 2016

    I’m a Leo woman and had a brief interlude with an Aquarian male. He has by far the most magnetic personality of any man I’ve met and I’d happily fall at his feet and submit my own self worth – believe me that’s quite a statement from a Leo woman.however… we fall out frequently because he has captured my sensitivity although I’m not in love with him. He just makes me feel good but can very easily make me feel wholly inadequate… he’s very detached, cold, yet soooo dam sexy!!

    • Leo Lady January 1st, 2017

      I know what you mean. I fall for them. But not in love. As a Leo, I highly dislike the detachment, the coldness of an Aqua male. I don’t a hell of a lot of attention, as I am independent, however, I still like the warmth and attention fr om any man, but to not go a week without speaking is too much. My emotions feeling as though it’s flip flopping from liking him to not want anything to do with him.

  38. Ecast8110 October 14th, 2016

    Aquarius man here I can help field some of these questions you have on your Aquarius men.. I feel we are being sorely misrepresented. And man sounds like some of y’all really have it out for your ex or current Aquarius man. One thing about Aquarius men.. I keep hearing is that we are distant and cold and calcating.. It may seem that way.. You have to understand we as men overall don’t like sharing our feelings to begin with and you will run into their problem even more so with an Aquarius man. Are we distant yes and a resounding no.. If we are distant it is more than likely that we have a lot on out mind a project, plans for the future, contemplating what life will be like with our Leo woman in 5,10,15 years from the present date… We obviously will not share this information with you because we ourselves don’t know what to make of the information and at times it will take us a long time to process this information because we are trying to think of every scenario possible.(calculating)  If you push us to open up that is where will seem (cold)  we are not ready to open up to you.. Much like some painters or authors do not like people seeing or reading their work until they are completely finished Aquarius men are the same way… We don’t like to share where our mind is at until we are completely sure that is the direction it is in the direction we really want to take. Take it as us being selfish if you want but our hearts are big and intentionally hurting a woman we love is the last thing we want to do so we want to be sure before we act and although this may not be the best practice for us Aquarius men esp with a Leo woman..do know that an Aquarian man that really loves you will be willing to work on this for you if asked to.. Criticism has to be constructive if you meet with us about a problem we or at least I hope that you are also coming with a solution or at least with some ideas for a solution that we can work on together. 

    • Aby February 16th, 2017

      Aquarius man here, I agree with you cent per cent. We are compassionate, always in thoughts, analytic and radical. But this doesn’t mean that we are “cold”. Maybe we just don’t want to show our indecisive (for the moment) feelings or expressions. But we certainly love and respect our partners.

      What I analyzed about myself is that I am good at complementing and making my partner realize their true value. My partners have always been happy with what I do and how I do. But yes, I need my space. And to be honest, loyalty is something that is all about your interest in me, your passion, intimacy and respect for me. If you value me, I’ll be truly with you only, if not, then yes, I don’t lack communication at all. And yes, we are awesome with words.

      I just started dating a Leo and that’s what brought me here, isn’t it an example of how much we value our partners that we wish to know what makes it work and how will it go forward? Does it make up look like unattached, indifferent or insensitive? I don’t think so.

    • anthony March 22nd, 2017

      The only person on the comments that makes any damn sense.

  39. Soldier of Love October 12th, 2016

    So you mean to tell me that all Aquarian men are the same?  I think not.  I am an Aqua man and I have never been mean spirited, flaky or someone that plays games.  I have been single for almost 3 years and what Aquarian men want is simply…RECIPROCITY.  We are way too giving and often times our love and compassion is not given back to us.  We want to be nutured and cared for and we have no problem doing so as long as we feel our needs are being met.  Let’s have some constructive dialogue.  I’m open. 

    • MissM December 17th, 2016

      Soldier of love, your longing to be nurtured and cared for are not typical Aquarius traits. Maybe you have other aspects in your natal chart that triggers those warm and humane traits.

      We Leos are passionate people (passionate, not emotional) so we like indulging ourselves and the people around us with expressions of our passion and subsequently give “life”, with sex, food, fun and love. We rule the heart so we have no problems with giving either.

      But Aquarius can take more than give. It’s far from being the sign of generosity when Saturn is the co ruler of the sign… that being said, Aquarius are free to be cold, calculating, manipulative or flaky. It’s just very sad that as a Lioness, I read so many stories of unrequited love between Aquarius man and Leo woman, in which Leo is the giver, so I feel naturally compelled to warn and also point it out.

      Traditional astrology claims that the Aquarius man will find his soul mate in a Leo woman but reality seems to differ and according to what most people write + observations irl lead me to conclude that Leos are losing their self respect when dealing with Aquarius and that is a big no-no.

      So once again, to all my fellow Lioness, I suggest you to keep all your warm and fuzzy feelings to yourself and never let an Aquarius man in your life unless he is mature enough to deal with his own warmth and fuzziness (very rare). Do not talk relationship and don’t expect too much. It’s easy to be blinded by the intensity of the sexual encounters between Leo and Aquarius, but in reality he isn’t our best match, fellow Lioness! Keep him as a sexual boytoy and keep searching elsewhere if he isn’t responding to your relationship needs.

      If you want passion and loyalty, go for a Scorpio. Otherwise, i hear Capricorn and Libra are great matches too + they adore our leonine traits. Even Virgo men are good for Leo women!

  40. jazzythagreat September 18th, 2016

    Omg this mayb a start of something I should very much about the sex with that aqua man was so good I want more. He’s pretty busy as am I but, I still can make time but, I’m going to back off I don’t have any more room in my Leo heart for guys to break … But I thought our chem was cool I wanted sex so bad because he was so calm I had too see but, Jesus that was the wrong move because man was it good. Not sure how to play this but, I can tell he likes me but, prob not like dat. I’m going to back off.

    • AE_ December 17th, 2016

      Just made this same move with my Aqua man tonight. Not on bad terms, the door is still very much open, but time will show… update on your situation???

  41. inviol8 July 8th, 2016

    I am an Aquarius man and I would like to point out something. Not all Aquarius are mean, however most are. There is no middle ground for an Aquarius they are either supper mean and cold or very warm and caring as they are very sensitive with deal deap emotions. The difference is how they learn to handle emotional pain. The thing I’m always concerned with is other people’s feelings, and well being. I love deadly and would go to the ends of the earth for the ones I love. However the thing I had to learn the hard way was criticism hurts people and what I think is going to make things better by trying to improve people only hurts them. I hope this will shed on the subject. 

  42. Leofemaquaman April 5th, 2016

    My husband of 4 years is an aqua man and I am a Leo woman.  I have also come here for similar reasons.  Our communication can be terrible otherwise I would talk to him.  I recognize that the other posters are highlighting the least desirable and most misunderstood traights in aquarians –  aloof attitude,  distant and cold,  calculated.. Etc- these are traits that come about when aqua man is coping- or so I believe-.  
    As a Leo woman I need more from my partner than I sometimes realize.  I am very independent and strong willed, However,  I like to feel protected and wanted.  I don’t need to hear compliments about my appearance but I do need to be praised for the work that I do (for him or my family). 
    He has recently been misunderstanding my moods or attitudes and I am feeling helpless.  I don’t know how to express my feelings to him without him taking it as a personal attack.  When we fight,  I don’t want to have sex and I realize this only drives us further apart.  I just can’t give myself to someone when there are grievances to air.  But we are not communicating well right now so it’s a vicious cycle.  I’m feeling lost.. Any advice? 
    How does one prideful,  emotional lioness meet with a cold,  and self deprecating aqua man for some heart to heart communication… Without it blowing up in their faces? 

  43. justpassingby January 19th, 2016

    @MissM Hi there. I’m an aquarius man and I feel sorry for the way other aquarius men have treated you. I’m in no way like that. As a matter of fact, I’m in love with a leo woman. I’m here just to research and learn how to understand her more, because she means the world to me and I KNOW she deserves the best, because she IS the best. And that’s exactly what I want, to be the best I can be for her. May you girls explain to me the way you think so I can explain to you the way we think so we can mutually help each other?

    • MissM January 15th, 2017

      Let me just clear something out here before you confuse my experience with a wounded or jilted woman. I have never been in a serious relationship with an Aquarius (thank God!). I find them vile and disgusting towards leo women (just read the comments here) and you don’t need to feel sorry or apologize on their behalfs… Aquarius men are just being what they are : Aquarius men.
      I personally believe that they should stick to a weak minded slave type of woman and not a Leo woman. We love too hard and Aquarius are simply not worth that much affection.
      I want fellow Leo women to wake the F up and slap the shit out of those douche bag Aquarius men who are making Leos feel miserable! I mean, how much shit are these ladies suppose to take? We are Lionesses dammit, it’s time to grow out of the pussy cat stage and show them who we truly are. Unfortunately, Aquarius will never appreciate us anyways.

      The only Zodiac signs that seem to appreciate a Leo woman’s strength, love and passion are Scorpio and Capricorn males. The other signs are okay. But Aquarius and Taurus men are probably the absolute worst match for a Leo woman because they destroy our spirit.

      • John doe January 27th, 2017

        Sounds like you are jilted….slightly.. Leo women lie to themselves to cope I am an aquarius man who has dealt with one Leo woman we laugh we had great sex but it was all shallow in my experience with my Lioness she cared alot about how things appeared rather than what things were communication sucked she couldn’t be accountable without feeling inadequate and she felt as if everyone should rally around her but displayed zero gratitude for it AQUAMEN beware once you decide to step away from a relationship with a Leo woman be prepared for her to be devastated(she’ll pretend she’s not) and petty dont feel guilty for not subscribing to her drama or manipulative nature(atleast mines is im sure not all) just keep it truckin.

      • MissM January 29th, 2017

        @John doe: When Aquamen believe that others are more dramatic or shallow than them is seriously hilarious considering the fact that they are the biggest drama Queens after Cancers of both gender. And shallowness, don’t even get me started… lol Aquarius (mostly men) like shiny stuff more than Leos do and to prove it, how come they are attracted to Leos that much? How come they won’t get off of our backs if they are “so smart”?

        That’s precisely because we Leos have something on the outside that attracts Aquarius!!! Same goes with Libras BTW. Libras are reputated for being superficial (and trust me they are) yet Aquarians don’t whine about their shallowness and they are attracted to each other like glue. See the pattern here? AQUARIUS MEN DO LIKE SUPERFICIAL/SHALLOW WOMEN. just deal with it!

        Leo women piss Aquamen off because we won’t bow down to your royal macho robotic coldness. Ha!
        I was never a big fan of Leo men because they are machos, but at least the Leo man will be warm and humane towards people around him and he’s more courageous in social situations whereas the Aquarius man will turn ice cold.

        And the reason why you can’t communicate with the Leo lady is probably because her intuition tells her you are up to no good or that your intentions are sketchy so she’s not even bothering to initiate communicating. I’m not applauding her behavior but maybe you should look at yourself in the mirror instead of pointing your finger at her. Of course a woman will be hurt if you break up with her. What did you expect? That everyone behaves like a cold robot with no feelings after a break up? At one point she invested her heart and time for you so of course she will be hurt. That’s called being a normal human being! Only sociopaths or psychopaths won’t show any feelings after the end of a relationship. Leos might be proud and not show how affected they are but in reality they suffer. They will never show you how much you’ve hurt them because they don’t want you to take advantage of their vulnerability.

        Aquarius (men) seem to dislike traits in others that they secretly see in themselves hence why their emotional awkwardness.

    • LEO Queen November 15th, 2018

      Just tell here what u just told us! Period. We are not complicated when it comes to communication…especially of the heart. I say go for it..tell her you feelings. It will only benefit you in the long haul

  44. willacar December 31st, 2015

    Okay Elyjah

    Here’s my situation: Im a leo. Me and my aquarius has been online friends for 5 years. The last six months we have been conversating everyday but the for 3 months we has been having telephone conversations. We finaly hung out and watch movies, in which, I fell asleep because I worked that day. About the 5th movie night we had sex but it was terrible. YES. being a LEO I told him. He was shock. BUt I explain to him that we wasn’t ready and we both agree and how can we make the next better. He was alittle distant. Why are aquarius so distant? Finally the next time was amazing. Later he told me “I was a distraction.” I was lost like really, Disappearing act again. I cus him out. He started texting me again. He text me every morning “Good Morning sweety. This past Couple week was his sister bday and he fell on some hard time. No he didn’t ask I offer to purchase his sister gift card not much just 50 dollars. No pay back out the kindness of my heart. I got he ” appreciate me” and kept thanking me. I hate being over thank. Yes not a typical Leo. Became distant again. I let him have his space. I found out he been under weather so I cuss him again for not telling me. He came around and had another movie night sex and talked. Got him some soup and orange juice. Check up next day watch him play mortal combat and he let me fall asleep. Nice night. Now I gets “Hey baby” and my texts get answered. It like I’m back how we was at the beginning. Its Feels good. I told im crazy about him and i wish we can spend more time together but we cant do to your schedule. He works 2 jobs. I’m totally in love with him and want to tell him but I scared.

  45. the truth teller December 5th, 2015

    Just to let you know….fuck you and all this bullshit you said about aquarius…….it aint true.trust,just talk to me and ill tell you how i called you out on your bullshit.(Aquarius)

  46. […] Leo Woman and Aquarius Man Love Compatibility | Ask Oracle – There are currently 56 responses to “Leo Woman and Aquarius Man Love Compatibility” Why not let us know what you think by adding your own comment! […]

  47. […] Leo Woman and Aquarius Man Love Compatibility | Ask Oracle – There are currently 56 responses to “Leo Woman and Aquarius Man Love Compatibility” Why not let us know what you think by adding your own comment! […]

  48. Nannette October 19th, 2015

    So the sad thing about this , really sucks!! So in other words , Aqua men are just like Gemini Men?? I can’t Handel another Hateful man.. But I’m getting ready for a meet and greet I will fly into Atlanta,, then head out toHilton Head, and Savannah, mind you I’ve know him. But at the time he was .married.. We have had our battles and have been resolved quickly.. I’m crossing my fingers.. But the only thing that makes me go hummmmm..He tells me he is not experience in the bedroom?? And I’m a sex slave!! So I’m wondering how this will be..but all the blogs I read are so negative?????  Getting worried, after divorcing a gemmi, I was hoping this go round with a aqua man would be different.. Looks like they are the same..feeling sad!! But still going on my Trip.

  49. MissM October 8th, 2015

    @Carliewarliee  I think Capricorn is a better and more improved version of flaky Aquarians. At least you can count on a Capricorn. Whereas the Aquarius is as accountable as a feral cat. 
    I wish I could attract Capricorn as much as I attract Aquarius.  

  50. MissM October 8th, 2015

    @Leodiva Aquarius males are generally extremely flaky towards projects and people, but yet tremendously possessive towards Leo females.  They are stalkers to a T and the thought of you with another man will kill them because water bearers have bigger egos than lions and they hate to see their mates doing the same thing as them. And they are psychopaths most of the time. Like one day they disappear, and the next day they lick your butthole and won’t leave unless some other chick (usually an easy target, like a Libra or Cancer girl) come in their paths. Then, they try it for a while only to realize it’s fierce Leo they want. And so they come back to the Lioness but then it’s fckin too late because you’ve grieved enough to be completely over him. Aquarius males are bastards.
    But dayyum the sex is so good between Leo and Aquarius, binding you forever like glue. 

  51. Giftegualeona@yahoo.com October 8th, 2015

    @MissM you are right. Especially with the word malfunctioning brain. Lol. I love my Aquarius man, but I think he is sometimes crazy. I treat my Aquarius man same way he treats me, so he is careful with me.

  52. Leodiva August 28th, 2015

    I met this aqua man a year ago online…pof to bexact.  He was great the in the beginning of our friendship. Would talk on the phone for hours. Thing I liked about him was that he was funny and his mouth had no fliter like mine. We finally met in person 8 months of us talking on the phone. We had a great time I felt myself falling for him tge first time I layed eyes on him in person. We hung out 3 to four more times after that. I told him I wanted a relationship n he said he wasnt ready for one. Which crushed me…… so I started speaking to another guy, we dated. I told the Aquarius guy about it…. u can tell he wasnt happy about it. We stopped talking for about two weeks when he decides to call and tell me he wants a relationship. At this point I was with the other guy so I told him no… months went by, me and the sag guy broke up. Aquarius guy and I started talking again we hung and had great sex….I mean wuuuuu great wonderful sex lol.  We hung out acouple more  times after that….I wanted a relationship again but he said hes not ready for one.  So im crushed again , plus on top of all these thing he has become disrespectful…  also says he doesnt care about my feelings. Then the next day says he cares for me and wants a relationship but not now. Like wtf is going on, I cant figure him out. I just cut him off because he said something disrespectful, but it sucks I miss him so much!!!!! :-

  53. Charles June 2nd, 2015

    Yeah, no.
    Some guy years ago had a crush on me and he was an Aquarius. I’m eccentric as are they, but this guy stalked me relentlessly so no.
    I’d much rather a Capricorn (I’m with the most sweetest Capricorn mind you and I like them loads) or a Sag (My old on and off crush)!
    Well, I’d just much rather had someone who respects me as a strong and fierce leo lady :3 never mind so much the zodiac stuff, but I have a particularly bad reaction with the Aquarius person and Scorpio (My ex, ironically).

  54. MissM May 17th, 2015

    Years have passed, I have matured and I have completely changed my mind on Aquarius men. So please discard my previous posts.
    So fellow lionesses, i am warning you, do not spend 1 single second thinking about an Aquarius man! They are consciously mean (everything they do is on purpose, even the bad stuff), they have no respect for other people’s feelings and they are huge liars and cowards!
    I find it also odd that in this section, most of the comments start with “I am a Leo woman in love with my aqua man…” and NOT the other way around, which is anomalous and one-sided. Why is it that only Leo women are expressing adoration for these piss bearers (pardon my language)?! Self-respect, my dear Lionesses! If you have self-respect, you’d dump the Aquaman before he snatches your heart and pees on it. They are ruthless, soulless creatures with no hearts and a malfunctioning brain. They are not that smart and have terrible karmas. Terrible karma!
    Stay away from Aquarius men! Stay away!

  55. ismana90 March 19th, 2015

    I am a leo woman in a relationship with a …we have been together 7years and have been married for 3yrs now…and everything I’ve read i can totally relate to…when i meet my aquaman i we hung out at least once a week..we didnt speak much or text on the phone..the 2nd time we hung out he asked me to be his girlfriend i said yes…then he satrted being distant didn’t call or text nothing for about a 2months  he never contacted me again…so i gave up and started seeing somebody else..then out of the blue he calls me. To see how i was doing and wanted to hang out so we did and he wanted to start fresh again…even though i was seeing someone who i was starting to be interested in and thought i can start a relationship with he was well educated,great job,settled,caring loving very warm hearted just an all around good man …but i choose my aquaman over him i fell in love with…we kept seeing each other and everything was amazing…until 2yrs into the relationship he started to be very distant..would always put work before me..wont call or text me for a couple of days..but when we would see each other there’s sooooo much love in the air..trust me i cherished every second of it because i know its not long befores its gone…then he’s distant again…this went on for a while and i was tired of it..the no communication,very distant,mood wings,always tiried,no signs of emotion or at least say I LOVE YOU!..to me i felt that he just didnt care about US anymore…so if he didnt care then i dont either…i just didn’t contact him at all..gave him nothing..but as the days went by i was miserable he didnt call…nothing…i kept thinking..how can he just be so cool about everything there were to many times o wanted to just give in and call him(but i always put in my mind that if he didnt care i should to)i coyld stand it..i love him so much.1wk 2ks and nothing from him…1mnth and half passed and i knew it was over…so i changed my number that day..so heart broken i couldnt fucntion normally…until later that day he shows up to the house..i was so shocked..but so happy and excited yet mad at the sametime..i didnt care he gave me the most warmest and tight hug ever..and his kissed me with so much passion it was amazing…but i wasnt going to let him off thay easy so we went to the lake and we sat there for hours talking..i thought he had a problem with commitment…until that night aked me to marrt him…i said yes…the 1st year of our marriage was rocky..from lack of communication..geez i would be if i got some 2 a month..he rather work all the time..but on his days off sundays we spent it together…i was always alone at home…he would just come home eat shower and sleep…no else and i was at a point of breaking down and giving up…it seemed like everything i did would annoy him or i irritate him..when we would fight it was bad…even if i was to show some affection he would get pissed…and when he shows me love im just so pissed at him that i dont even want him to touch me….it was just negative energy at home…i wasn’t going to give up..so i would just study him…aquamen love there space and freedom…leos are energetic,warm loving,want attention all the time..thats how i am..and all of those things can be just to much for a aquaman all the time..you can still be all those things..but just bring it down a bit..aquamen are just not so worked up like us 
    They dont show affection when you want..but when they do..its beautiful..the thing about us leo we want that all the time..but thats just in there nature..they just don’t know how to show it…but trust me deep inside they do love,care and would do anything for you..they just have a odd way of showing it….or the way they behave is normal…so if you leos love your aquaman the relationship can last…aslong as your are committed to do alot of compromising and understanding..and lots of patience your all GOOD..aquamen only compromise if they feel that its right for them…in my case it will never work because our mind sets and egos are just to big..he will never agree..but im loyal so i don’t mind changing my fiesty bossy attitude….is leos tend to have really strong attitudes..&like being powerful in all that we do..crazy,sociable,greats presence everywhere we go,and strong all around..aquamen are simple quiet,chill,always in the clouds,dont like attention,very trustworthy&&great listeners..but the physical and love,passion will always be there…we have been married 3yrs now…and out marriage is going smooth of course we argue but the best thing to do is give him space…cause they can hold a grudge for while..but let them cool down and everything will be ok..if your just always around…nagging they will just get up and leave…who knows a couple hours,days,weeks….just let them cool off and they will cool…before we didnt have as much sex as we did before..he was always tired…but the truth is aquamen work&work very hard because theyre always thinking about future and always want to be financially stable..so they give 1000%at work…just let them get some sleep…but tust me ladys they do want to have sex..they just dont know how to approach you so they just leave it alone…my trick is i let him get his rest…and i will always make the first move….i dont care what time it is..if he has slept for at least 5hrs theyre good to go…we have hot fiery great sex…aquamen aren’t really freaks like us leos..they’re more like love makers in bed…but yeah with all the compromising..and alot of attitude changes our relationship has bloomed into something beautiful….A leo woman and a aquaman can make it…but us leo woman have to change our attitudes(because i know how we can be tooo much at times) theyre has to be alot of changes we must sacrifice to make it work..aquamen wont change..i admit i tend to be bossy,always do and think im the best at everything where an aquaman looks at everyone equally..he will wont judge or pick out your flaws..but he will tell you staight forward and will keep you on check if your out of line abouts something..just in a positive way or his…or he will stay quiet and just express himself by his body language and mood towards you…i try to see things in his perspective and usually he makes me think twice and he’s right most of the time…He is a grrat and amazing father to my daughter..which i think has made out relationship stronger. Plus 7yrs of being together and knowing how to put up with our differences aside..we work well together…he is my best friend,my love,my everything and wont take anything back..this is life..no matter who you choose to be with..they’re will always be something wrong..nobody is perfect &&they’re is no such thing of a perfect relationship,marriage..we all have to go through some bullshit…but its up to tou ro do something about it…communication is key in all relationships..with your parents,kids,husband,family,work etc..you just have to be strong enough to fight or stand down and move on…its up to you….im thankful dor my husband and so blessed for him and  my daughter…he has changed my outlook on so many things and has made me look at things in a more positive way…i could be so one. Sided at times..he isnt as emotional as i am..or outspoken but his actions show he cares…we have to accept that they aren’t as verbal as us but deep down inside he loves&&appreciates you..just cant express it…hang in there..it will workout but we have to accept somethings and work on somethings…in the long run at the end of the day you have someone that does love you and is your best friend who wont judge you..but will listen and encourage you..lack of sex effects the relationship..but when your old and grey…all that doent matter..your friendship will be faithful and deep&&full of wonderful memories…let go of all negative and focus on the. Positive of things about your aquaman…its all worth it to me..i love my man and i truly wish nothing but the best for all of you men and woman in your relationships ❤

  56. […] Leo Woman and Aquarius Man Love Compatibility | Ask Oracle – ive been a relationship with an aquarius man for years now and everyhting the blog says is absolutely true. its like a love hate relationship. i care for him so much …… […]

  57. LeoBabe June 27th, 2014


  58. Aqua-man-72 June 9th, 2014

    Aquarius man is getting a bad rap here…  He is fiercely independent, a free thinker,  most importantly the friendship aspect of romantic relationships is paramount over anything else.  Leo female is exactly the opposite: affection rules her sign and if she doesn’t have balance in her emotional internal life her dominating ways and her penchant for not accepting criticism can make her unbearable.  It makes her unbearable because her unbalanced thirst for affection comes across as “selfish” to the Aquarian man who views the relationship (as the horoscope accurately pointed out) as a friendship first then lovers second.  If the aquarian man feels done wrong by the Leo woman he feels less inclined to be romantic or even stay with her if the Leo woman’s thirst for affection isn’t tempered by some self awareness on the Leo woman’s part. 
    My last relationship was with a Leo woman and her thirst for affection and control were all at the expense of my life’s balance.  The horoscope was pretty accurate in saying that the Leo woman feels she’s superior.  She felt this way so strongly that she felt bothered to have to respect any of my boundaries this is what led to our demise.  Since my over all outlook is always friendship being an aquarian this was completely unacceptable.  
    I think what both sides have to consider is that everyone is at different levels of self awareness.  It’s better to understand that and move on whatever way seems intelligent with or without that person. Kudos to a previous commenter who was a Leo female.  She figured out her Aquarian man needed space to do things important to him and to allowed him to dictate that to her.  This a huge hurdle for these two sign and nice that she figured it out.  As much as it seemed backward to her initially I’m sure the aquarian felt loved that she allowed him that freedom.
    While no relationship is perfect its these kinds of insights of self awareness that allow for growth in maturity…

  59. sweetpease April 12th, 2014

    I have been with my aqua for two years. It is constantly challenging, but it keeps us on our toes. There is an inate ability an aqua has to get a leo to truly open up and let her walls down. There is nothing that pleases him more than when a leo shows vulnerability and discovers themselves. Very distant aqua hurts Leo. She will look for compliments attention elsewhere, even if very in love. They are musts for the insecure leo. They need to be told they’re good enough and Aqua hates feeling pressured into complimenting someone just to make them feel better. Remember the compliments you recieve from him, there wont be many, but the ones he gives will be very deep and meaningful. Leo’s need to give Aqua space to be alone and think. She also needs to be his biggest support and truly believe in him and his dreams. 

  60. Loyalty April 11th, 2014

    It is possible that I’ve previously read that I, a Leo woman, am compatible to the Aquarius. I never took it seriously especially after working with two jerks of Aquarius…one was so disrespectful to me. Anywho, I recently met an Aquarius gent as a love interest & it’s interesting b/c I never even considered it. We’ve spoken/communicated every day but once since I gave him my #. And he’s very affectionate towards me, he actually initiates it. Well he is the man! AND he’s always complimenting me. I did find a lot of the things in the post to be true. Despite him being touchy feely I can tell he’s sometimes distant & likes to handles his problems privately, but, he has been out of town a lot too (truck driver & not originally from here). Anywho, I’m super excited to see where this leads. I’m already bracing myself for any intimate moments b/c our chemistry is bananas. He’s also the best kisser I’ve encountered in quite some time & he told me the same!

  61. ebk February 13th, 2014

    They’re assholes, liars, cheaters = jerk

  62. ebk February 13th, 2014

    Nina, he (this aquarious guy) is obviously playing you. How can you seriously fall for his game. Its plain and clear that he only saw you as a friends with benefits from the beginnning (remember men and women don’t operate the same), why do you expect him for more ? He already had some, so theirs no chase here. He probably is acting like a victim -this “He told me that his biggest fear is being left, and that’s why he doesn’t want to get too attached to me because it already happened”  is to keep you as a friend with benefits and probably dump you after he finds a woman he can respect. Its possible, he was the one who dumped his ex’s. Aquarious men always act like victims. Come on girl, as a leo woman, you need to get smarter. The longer they wait for sex, the longer they chase, that’s when their true colors show. If they leave and don’t wait, you should know they’re were just looking for sex. I wouldn’t trust any of these aquarius men, go with the cancer male, he probably would be more caring towards your feelings than the aquarious. Aquarius men are assholes, its a game for them. That’s why most end up alone. 

  63. Hearxmexroar February 5th, 2014

    Im a Leo woman and I’ve been seeing an Aquarius man for a year and a half. At first when I was 19 and he was 26, we agreed that we would just be friends with benefits. Neither of us wanted to be in a relationship, we would meet up occasionally and hook up. We would text every so often, but we never talked constantly. although we were never in a committed relationship, we never saw any other people. (Or so he says. He’s always flirting with other girls) once I turned 21 I decided that I didn’t want to have this kind of casual relationship anymore. I was sick of him only talking to me when it was convenient for him, and only seeing me when he wanted to hook up. whenever I would bring it up to him, he would always bring up his past two long term relationships that didn’t work out and use them as an excuse as to why he doesnt want to be in a relationship again. He told me that his biggest fear is being left, and that’s why he doesn’t want to get too attached to me because it already happened. 
    Recently, there was a cancer male who showed a lot of interest in me and wanted to be with me. I never pursued it because of my feelings toward the Aquarius man. So i asked the Aqua man if he even wanted to be with me, and he said yes but again brought up his fear of commitment and relationships and being left. So I thought he made it pretty clear that he was never going to be with me and I decided to leave for the cancer man. 
    When I told him about the cancer man, he was devastated. He told me how he knew he was going to get left, and how he loved me and I meant so much to him, etc etc. and the truth is, I am heartbroken. I am completely in love with him, but I feel like I’m waiting on something that will never happen. I keep thinking I should fight for him but God knows how patient I’ve been with this man. I don’t know what to do. I’m in a rrelationship, but I cry myself to sleep every night because I love him and I never wanted to lose him. 
    Is he ever going to come back? Realize that he does want to be with me? Or should I just move on? Did I give up too quickly? Sorry for the story, but I am so miserable I need someone’s advice. 

  64. Jennkat29 January 14th, 2014

    @Alexandra1589.      Hey Im a leo woman in love with a male aquarious im 29 years of age we were friends for 6 months and then I asked him out. Im sure you know why.  We been seperated now 5 months holidays came and went we were still kinda seeing one another then after Thanksgiving he stopped talking to me. I lost weight and I lost myself cuz us leod are soooo giving. Well before New Years we got into y his huge fight he saw me with someone else. It made him so angry he fb me called me every name in the book and I went to his house New Years eve day with a letter pouring my soul to himbut I was angry he barely said two words to me but yet he gets mad im trying to move on. I was shaking he was shaking. We made up and we brought in the new year together. What I need to know is how do us Leos who like warmth and hugs and affection how do I get my aqua man mine again. Im at my last move and am about to give up but no one cares for mr like he has when he cares his actions are so strong ive had cancer 3 times and he wont smoke in my car wonr smoke around me’ he took care of me and made sure I had everything I needed when we were together! I spoil him even though w err re not together because what hes done for mr and my family is priceless im just lost and can use some encouragement maybe some advice. Hes told me he cares and theres alot of love there. SO WE SPEND 3 days together I shut off my phone and we had a awesome time together and now hes distant again please help me understand or enlighten me. As I read everyones posts I feel not alone in this battle for my love something I pray and wish for every night to come true! Love Jennkat

  65. keisham_mike October 15th, 2013

    I am an Aqua men and there is this Leo Girl whom i like. She is 6 years younger to me.But the problem is She has a boyfriend and i dont know much about their relationship..Whenever we see each other for some occassion or by chance,i can feel the spark and chemistry. I get attracted to her and she to me,its almost irresistable. I want her to be my partner in Crime if you know what i mean 🙂 and i feel she also wants to be..well let’s see how it work out guys.

  66. […] Leo Woman and Aquarius Man […]

  67. waterbarer1990 March 13th, 2013

              So… here is a little of my back story. I have autism and I have a very hard time dealing with change. Growing up as a kid I was riddled with nightmares and it was a very hard adjustment for me from being picked on as the outcast or the weirdo. When ever there was change I hated it. I would get a massive headache and my right thigh would pulsate with a pain so unimaginable that I would nearly pass out. I thought, as a kid, adults were suppose to help me… to take away the pain. I would snap at anyone when change happened. I’d swear up a storm , hit my head, and break things. Naturally other kids stayed away from me. Going into second grade was the worst for me because of changing to a new school. I had an (IEP) Individual Education Program meeting early in the first day of school, before any other kids were there. I pretty much  freaked the moment I walked in the door. Kicking, screaming, hitting my head against the ground… trying to make the pain in my leg less painful. This outburst lasted the duration of my meeting and then some. I hadn’t left the front entryway since I got there. The doors opened, as I screamed a loud profanity at the principle, kids snickered as they walked as fast as there feet could carry them past me. Tears in my eyes… the pain still throbbing immensely. I could barley see past three feet… I was about to pass out.As I started to close my eyes a girl with long brown curly hair and green eyes came up and asked if she could help. The pain stopped immediately… I was so shocked and my parents were appalled at this sudden change, it was almost at an instant. Naturally I grew up with the girl, where ever she went I followed soon after. Every lunch I would sit by her, every friend she made they were my friend also. Growing up, I had a very bad fever upwards of 103 degrees about the same time each year. In second grade was one of the worst ones I’ve had. It was at 106 degrees… I went to the hospital an was in an ice bath for 8 hours. I didn’t even remember what happened that week. All I remember is waking up in a hospital bed with my mother and father by my side… they were overjoyed. I’m pretty sure if that girl wasn’t in my life I would have not made it through… I would have let death take me because there would be nothing for me on this earth. At the end of my 6th grade year I had to move for complicated reasons. I haven’t seen this girl or I should say young woman since then. All I can say is I went through hell… her memory is what brought me through. Still to this day I remember the day I met her, I remember her quirky smile, green eyes, and loving caring attitude. I found her online five years ago and have been talking to her sporadically since then. She’s moved on with her life and the last I knew she was going to collage… fittingly to become a Psychologist. I am very awkward when I talk to her, I just can’t find the right things to say. It’s not that I’m socially awkward around anyone… it’s just around her. I act like I’m fucking five around her. Over these last few years I’ve been trying to move on because she has, but I just can’t. I have made it my life goal to be with only her. I am a virgin… it’s not that I haven’t had girlfriends, when they would get too intimate I’d get a nauseous feeling and I’d push away. So they have all left me because of that. It’s not that I don’t care about them because I really do. I am saving my v-card to put it bluntly… for only her. If she eventually finds this post and wants to be with me I will be waiting here ultimately until my death. With out her I am nothing and I am willing to stay here in this hell without her, or be with her for the rest of my life. She has the nickname Anesthesia and it is very, very fitting. She takes my pain away, she helps me sleep and I hope to God that she can truly see just how much she means to me. I am slowly fading as time goes on. I hope something can turn for the better soon because I don’t think I can hold on much longer. </3

  68. jesse143 February 13th, 2013

                hi i am aqua and i have a special feelings to my classmate n college she is leo i really like her specially when shes smilling she became a good friend of mine and she is so sweet, she loves to hold me,and puts her head on my shoulder till i fell inloved w/ her…all i really want is to know her how gorgeous she is…
                 i love her ,,hey leos there, how can i use the words ‘i love u’
    towards my leo ? what ways to show what i feel inside? pls help me i swear she will be my queen….

  69. sugarbron84 January 10th, 2013

    omg,where do u i start i am a leo woman i am used to men praising me and begging me to be with them i havent been ready for a rekationship in 2 years i shoot every dude down that begs and craves for my attention then i meet the aqau man andd man he is a challange i love him so much he is not ready for a relationship right now and i had been basically forcin it on him i know he really likes me may even love me but he wont tell me all he says close to that is i can really fall in love wit u but its alot u have to change lol but i he they speak with their eyes and thier touch the only time he really expresses hisself to me is if he drinkks which rare but i love him and i want him all to my self {the leo in me}but im goin to give him his space and respect his ways i never never have loved a guy im a heart breaker but i told my aqau i love him and i dont regret it one bit ughhhh those aqua make me crazy and crazy in love lol 🙂

  70. Red_robyn14 January 3rd, 2013

    *i look forward to bumping into mr Aquarius sporting the classic Leo pride and confinfence and being even more beautiful and confident with myself!

  71. Red_robyn14 January 3rd, 2013

    I’m a leo woman and my ex is an aqurius male. We had a passionate 3yr relationship but in its final months he expressed uncertainty in relationship. He said he started to find joy in being alone, working alone and thinking of being alone. As a Leo and a female I took this to heart and fired up which only made things worse. I craved that attention and affection from him whereas he craved time apart. He said his time away from me made him want me more yet when he was with me, his mind was elsewhere ie. on the next solo project he had planned. The sex was amazing till the last week of the relationship. It was intimate and for a moment in time, we both were 1 person connected by something greater than the act itself. 
    Ultimately he hurt me very much so by saying he deserves better than me as my cravings for attention (I would’ve simply been happy with a text msg or a hug) became too much for him. He broke up with me on the stop and I haven’t spoken to him for 2 months. 
    He has admitted to mutual friends that what he has done is wrong but that he had to do it. I do hope he comes to his senses soon and realises that this Leo woman was the most loyal and loving woman he will ever have. 
    As for myself, it’s been a time to lick my wounds and become a self indulgent Leo. Us Leo woman give, give,give! Sometimes so much so, we forget that we need a little love and attention to keep us going otherwise we are left with none! It’s been a steady road to recovery with yoga, gym sessions and weekly hair, manni and shopping trips. 
    I look forward to bumping into m

  72. Red_robyn14 January 3rd, 2013

    I’m a leo woman and my ex is an aqurius male. We had a passionate 3yr relationship but in its final months he expressed uncertainty in relationship. He said he started to find joy in being alone, working alone and thinking of being alone. As a Leo and a female I took this to heart and fired up which only made things worse. I craved that attention and affection from him whereas he craved time apart. He said his time away from me made him want me more yet when he was with me, his mind was elsewhere ie. on the next solo project he had planned. The sex was amazing till the last week of the relationship. It was intimate and for a moment in time, we both were 1 person connected by something greater than the act itself. 
    Ultimately he hurt me very much so by saying he deserves better than me as my cravings for attention (I would’ve simply been happy with a text msg or a hug) became too much for him. He broke up with me on the stop and I haven’t spoken to him for 2 months. 
    He has admitted to mutual friends that what he has done is wrong but that he had to do it. I do hope he comes to his senses soon and realises that this Leo woman was the most loyal and loving woman he will ever have. 
    As for myself, it’s been a time to lick my wounds and become a self indulgent Leo. Us Leo woman give, give,give! Sometimes so much so, we forget that we need a little love and attention to keep us going otherwise we are left with none! It’s been a steady road to recovery with yoga, gym sessions and weekly hair, manni and shopping trips. 
    I look forward to bumping into mr

  73. 1gunsnroses December 15th, 2012

    ” I’ma leo man..been dating an aquarius woman for about 6 months, ofcourse we knew eachother since college days that’s almost 5years ago.
    Perhaps, just an half year of relationship with’er..i’m so tired of being superman who flys without any reason to be done on earth. In other words, she’s the hardest women to ever have into my rules. Being a leo man i do what i know best but that is not enough, i stalk’er not like a beast but a way gentleman always..n yes she likes me that’s it not more than that.
    I even told’er to be more attentive to me or cut me off..but she’s the same no more no less,we r so on and off. Nevertheless, by’er soft nature and womenly personality she really melts me on n on that m so into’er upto my key word ‘i will’ lol.! I love’er…n i’ve a date with’er this weekend after months..hope she’ll like my best sunday cloth and hiden flavour latex o yea .! All the best guys..keep learning !

  74. tplanb December 2nd, 2012

    Iam a leo woman too, in love with an aquaman. Sometimes I wonder why I stay too, he doesn’t express words of love either, but i can feel all the love he has for me in his touch. He can be gone for days at a time pursuing one of his hobbies, and I am right here waiting with open arms when hes ready to come home. The horoscope was soo right about everything its scary!!! its all about compromise> I always joke that we have all the benefits of a relationship without actually being in one or calling it that. we’ve been friends 5years, and lovers for 11months, and he is a complete mystery to me! I love it, and all his particular ways of doing things and his views on the world fascinate me!! I wouldn’t trade him for the world. He has definitely made some of my sexual fantasies come true< and i’m looking forward to more. Whats love without a challenge every now and then!!!!

  75. nes December 1st, 2012

    i hate him out of xtreme love n he is reason for it!i have no idea wt it is was about him that made me fall for him neither do i knw wts keeping me loving him that much,just lookin at him makes me forget every horrible thing he made me go through,may b m obsessed with this creature….cnt say why or how this leo woman aqua man relation can be of any worth cause in my case he worsened my insecurities,cut me off from the world,made me a loner,totally dependant on him,lowered my self esteem,kept tellin me i wasnt pretty,never told me if anything suited me,other people would tell me i lookd the best n would be disgustd when he kept praisin other girls right infront of me(to gain their admiration most probably),n God knows wt(s) n wt not(s),he alwys made me feel so UNWANTED,i just m a totally changed person now,n in a bad way(not to mention),i soooo miss myself when i had friends was outgoin confident din care bot my insecurities went on confidently with them……to be honest,USED them!whn it would b once in a month (not once every 12 hrs)that i’d cry…i sooooooo miss myslf now,it ws the most terrible mistake losing my heart to him…..i think he’s is the most narrowminded person one can ever encounter,i have somehow managed to get rid of him “practically” now but i think it’ll take me a lifetime to actually get over him,cause i miss him terribly now n its the kinda missin tht just wont stop ever,m aware of that! 
    my advice to any leo girl,be his friend in the beginning n judge him before loisng ur heart to him,and judge him very critically n make him realize that ur “self” is your posession n that u don give a damn if someboy likes it or not,u’ll always be the way u naturally are,cz my aqua man tried to make me what he’d lyk me to be,n u knw the transformation is impossible,it turns u into something pathetic!believe me,u dont wanna end up lyk me,so judge him before moving further
    P.S:risky match!

  76. artisticlion November 1st, 2012

    I am a leo and I am addicted to my aqua man!! I love him so much and  I can’t believe that we’re still together sometimes. He can make me soo mad  at times but after we have time to cool down we are back to being lovebirds again. He is my bestfriend and a great listener. In the beginning it was really confusing trying to find eachother on the same page because we seemed so different but as time went on our bond has become stronger and we’ve realized that we are way more alike than we thought. It’s weird!! He has his flaws and I have mine. Oh let me not forget to mention the games!! We played them and almost lost what we had because of foolishness and pride. It all made our love stronger though and we had to learn to compromise. For love it is always worth it and for him I will always try. I hope this inspires you to keep going and follow your hearts!! Later Lovebirds

  77. TeamMayo September 14th, 2012

    I am a Leo Woman Dating a Aquarius Man. We started off as friends 2years ago an recently became a couple, The very first time I seen him it was Fate, jus seeing him I knew I’ve never met a person of his kind before. He is a self person an needs his space often he doesn’t like being aroundpeople for long periods of time, he doesnt show his feelings much but he always tell me I’m beautiful. He puts me first before everything an also over himself a lot of times an that is what made me fall head over hills for him, an I don’t mind giving him a lot of space because I know he needs me . He is very weird I can say but I honestly think thats one thing I like the most about him. We complete one another an when we get to struggle I will fight until the wheels fall off for his LOVE because hefought for mine an he deserves it❕❕❕❕❕

  78. Alexandra1589 August 27th, 2012

    If you’re a male aquarius — us Leo females like originality. We’re very creative ourselves so others that aren’t the “cookie cutter” type fit well with us. Just be fun to be around, and make her laugh/feel special 🙂 

  79. Alexandra1589 August 21st, 2012

    I’m a Leo female, and my ex is an Aqua male. When we first got together, I was a tad aloof on our first date, but his spontaneous, original personality soon got the better of me. Once he kissed me for the first time, I felt the room melt away and it seemed as if we were the only people around — even at a billiards pool hall. From the first night, we had engaging conversations ranging from psychology, to theories on conspiricies, to just goofing around and singing old songs lol. We seemed like complete opposites, but we meshed well together. If I was upset, he would be able to calm me down just by holding my hand. The only MAIN problem we did have is that he hates phone communication, and we could go days without speaking. He rarely ever texted first. 
    Well, we broke up back in March 2012, and I called him a few days later to see how he was doing. He told me he’s never have an ex do that before and was quite surprised. So, after 2 weeks of not seeing each other, we hung out. At first, we were unsure of how to act around each other, but then on the dance floor, we shared that intense “look”, and I started to walk away because I figured even with our strong attraction to each other still, we wouldn’t kiss. Well, to a huge surprise of mine, he pulled me back and kissed me fiercly as if claiming me for his own. 
    We began to hang out every 2 weeks or so, and spend the nights together, talking to the wee hours of the morning. I finally started talking to this other guy, and told my ex we should stop hanging out. He’s always been the calm, collected, level-headed and overly practical sort of guy that has no problem being blunt, so I asked him if there was ever a chance of us getting back together, and he said he’s not sure of the future, but he wouldn’t be against it. After a few days, we talked again for 5 hours over the phone which was impressive. It took 5 months after we stopped dating for him to realize just how much he cared about me, and at the end of the conversation, he said he wanted me to make a choice by the end of August of whether or not I wanted him or the other guy. He told me he’s never been this comfortable with someone before, and the only other person he can talk to for hours without becoming bored is his little sister. 
    The point is, although things WILL become strained, there is still an underlying attraction to each other that will never die. Opposites attract, and it’s your choice whether or not to fight for love. I’m still not sure what my choice will be because he is going on deployment next year for 13 months and I’m scared of that. Otherwise, you can count on the aqua man being your best friend. They may not always show affection as deeply as us Leo’s, but do not forget they still have strong feelings of their own. Don’t expect them to write you love letters, or call every day just to hear your voice. Just know that when you are together, there will be no one better to protect you, be your best friend, and make you feel more like a woman than ever before. 

  80. MichaelBear91 July 3rd, 2012

    Sorry to hear about your situation, and this might be stupid to ask, but how did you get her in the first place? How did you get a leo girl?

  81. water-berear July 2nd, 2012

    Im a male aquaman and for the most part everything I read is somewhat true until i got to the point of it being a great match I’ve been married twice and both my ex and my wife now are Leo’s and I know I should’ve learned my lesson the first time but what ever I’m prbbly going to get another divorce the problem with Leo’s is they take everything to serious and can’t handle critisizm well everything has to be an arguement they cant simply discuss a matter and they cant reason when there mad its like that part of the brain shuts off everything is there way or the highway and for some reason theydon’t like getting along with your side of the family I still can’t believe that this would be a great match I would hate to see what the worst match woud be for an aquarius i think the only thing keeping us together is the sexual attraction 

  82. LadyLeo74 May 11th, 2012

    Wow, so much of what I read about the compatability between leo woman & aquarius male describes my marriage.  We have been together over 20yrs and it has been a struggle to say the least.  We are so opposite from each other, I am very social & passionate and he is introverted & aloof.  I really think the only reason we have stayed together is because I am extremely loyal, almost to a fault.  However, I am burned out at this point.  He obviously will not change, it is his personality.

  83. MichaelBear91 May 7th, 2012

    I saw your comments to watterbearer, and you seem like a fantastic lady! Im an aquarius man, and i really dig this leo girl at work but i get too nervous when i get around her. There are moments when i feel like i compell her interest in me and i can feel it sometimes too. I just dont know how to get her on a date, or what to talk about? Should i just let it flow, be myself? Whenever i dont try to figure out a conversation it always seems to go way better. Plus she also has a kid as a side note, were both 21, i dont mind the kid in fact i love kids! I just know shes a wonderful gal, i want to get to know her beautiful personality. Any advice? It would really help 🙂

  84. waterbarer1990 November 27th, 2011

    @MissM Thank you, that helps a lot. 🙂

  85. MissM November 27th, 2011

    @MissM CORRECTION: But underneath our warm character, lies a Dormant beast. (not formant lol)

  86. MissM November 27th, 2011

    @waterbarer1990 Your story sounds adorable and I am sure that she feels something for you too because Aquarius and Leos are rarely unaffected by each other. However, 21 years old is still young… But if you have known her for 13 years, chances are she feels exactly the same for you too.
    Just be honest and tell her accurately what you want and how you feel.
    Usually “love” is felt during a separation or when the person you love is not there anymore.

    There is no greater feeling than Love and us Leos are ruler of the heart. But underneath our warm character, lies a formant beast. Remember that! If you care for her and want her, do not provoke or awaken the beast because that might blow your chances for ever.
    The best way to understand a Leo psyche is to watch Nature programs and how Lionesses interact in the Savannah. Leo women in a nutshell, I tell ya: strong, intelligent, independent, affectionate, fearless, and caring.

    Anyways, I wish you the best of lucks!

  87. MissM November 27th, 2011

    @lovyleo exactly! PATIENCE is the key to find love with Aquamales and I totally agree with you that the Passion and Love between Leo female and Aquarius male is long lasting. No wonder Gunther Sachs said that the best marriage match for an Aquarius Man is a Leo woman. SPOT ON!

    @aquarius pisces cusp , your story reminds me of one I had with this Aquaman that had lots of Pisces in him. The moment we met we got instantly attracted to each other, but he chased me more and I rejected him until I finally gave up and we had the wildest sex affair of my entire life! We have sex in public quite a lot and I just loved how daring he was. Every time we meet, we can’t keep our mouth and hands off of each other. We kiss all the time!

  88. waterbarer1990 October 26th, 2011

    I find it weird when my Leo friend, gets sick and I feel well and then just the opposite happens when I feel bad. We are never really on the same page. But there is something about her that I long for every day. I haven’t ever told her how I truly feel and care about her until today. I finally said what’s the worst that could happen and went for it. I hope she feels the same and writes me back. A lot, well all of the things said about Aquarius are very true to me. It’s really really hard for me to get the words out, but their there in my head.. their practically put on a platter. I get so nervous when I try to talk to her about how I feel but I’ve known her for 13 years; btw I’m 21 now. She is so gorgeous inside and out. Her eyes are big and bright; her hair is somewhat mane like, which I think ironic… but none the less beautiful. She will probably never fully understand how much I love and care for her. I hope anyone can help me with my predicament that I’m in, or even some of the lovely Leos can give me some reinsurance. Thanks for reading.

  89. lovyleo September 12th, 2011

    So true! Been married to my aqua man for 2 decades. We had our ups and downs. Seperated and we are back after a few months apart, I know he loves me because of the changes he has made. Our sex life..so right on! Lots of fire especially after make up sex. Intense and full of passion. He told me himself he is not good on communicating and sharing his feelings, he is learning to share more his feelings. I LOVE IT! We are crazy in love with each other and now I know how far he is willing to go for our love. He turned out to be his new sensitive guy. Ladies, be patience if what you two is REAL LOVE. Patience my lioness, patience is virtue. It will not be easy, but you be sure there will be lots of FIRE and PASSION that will keep both of you coming for more.

  90. toolz August 16th, 2011

    I have been in a relationshp wth an aquarius guy 4 over a year nw… and am only 17. It hasnt been a smooth drive, but I am stl holdin on. I always get the feeling that he doesnt care about me n that am nt so important in hs life. plus i go 2 a boardin skul. 3 months without seeing each other truly makes me thnk a lot of thngs dat cud possibly be happening. But then the moment we are together, I love evry bit of it. He convinces me in such a way that I thnk 2 myself that why did I stress myself¿ And 1 thing I have realised is that its the people around us that tend 2 push us apart. On top of that it affects me badly hearing what people say. Although now I am at a stage whereby I listen to what these people have to say, but then I no longer let it affect me as much. I have , and still learning to be a skeptical listener and critical thinker¡¡

  91. secret February 28th, 2011

    i too am deeply in love with my aquarius man. true he does not express his emotions completely. however if you listen closely to his heart. you can hear it beating, then his soul is revealed. i’ve learned to feel his emotions with thought. for me its so amazing to feel what he feels at any silent given moment. we both enjoy poetry, so it helps him to open his heart to me in the smallest ways.

  92. Nene February 12th, 2011

    Let me say…I love an aquarius man its something about them that i just cant resist.Though i hate that he doesnt always show his feelings..i learned to just go off of the fact that he still talks to me like he does.I cant stand being away from him for along period of time its like torcher.I hate being afraid to ask him things that have feelings in them because i know it wont be enough to satisfy my mind so i just try my hardest to let it go.When we get next to each other for a little while after not seeing each other for a long time its an automatic sexual attraction that is hard to stop..we never have time to fully take all our energy out behind close doors but…i know if we did there would be no stopping us.I know he has some type of feeling i wanna know SO BAD!!!!!should i come out and ask him or should i wait for him to tell me.Also, i wanna be in a real realtionship with i know he wont ask me because ive known him for a while and he waits for the girl to ask him.What should i do??

  93. tc December 17th, 2010

    Well my Aquarius seems to be into himself there doesnt seem to have much interest with me but when i say he’s like what …i love you so much ..they are weird..must say a relationship that isan’t a relationship ..

  94. Chee December 16th, 2010

    @ Aquarius~Pisces Cusp: Yeah,us Leo Ladies rock! I am not a bit suprised, I have a son with an Aquarian man & that son is an Aquarian as well..I am deeply in love with them both, I can’t stand the grown 1 sometimes, but even after a year of not sleeping 2 gether there is still so much sexual tension between us u could slice it with a knife. I quit the relationship because I had 2 respect his freedom. I don’t think he expected me 2 cut him off & sometimes he gets cranky outta nowhere, but he’s dealing with it the best he can. Being so emotional made it absolutely necessary for me 2 step away from him 2 keep from being repeatedly hurt. Oh well, maybe when we r 70 or so, we’ll get it 2 gether….

  95. aquarius pisces cusp December 14th, 2010

    I am a Aquarius Pisces man who lived with a Leo women for 8 mths. I met her in a mutual friends birthday party in nyc. She was the most beautiful women I have ever seen, long brown mane like hair, big expressive eyes, and a style that no one in the room came close to mathcing. I spoke to her within minutes of seeing her, only for her libra homegirl to cock block and scoop her away to never be seen again. Fast forward two months, at a 5 de mayo party,there she is randomly on a date. Again within minutes we are locked in conversation, as the night progressed she has been hanging with me instead of her date. We go on our own first date weeks later, dinner and billards, And end up having sex in the pool hall staircase instead of playing pool… We were interupted by patrons of the billards and we left. An hour later we end up going at it again underneath the stairs of a brownstone on the west side of uptown manhattan. I was so impressed with this animal like attraction we had even on this first of many public acts of intamcy. I can still see her expression before the brownstone when I said, “Hey look at those stairs, they go down there, you know what I’m thinking?” Before I could say anything else we were already there and she was fully nude, barefoot even. She was crazy…

  96. Gracee October 23rd, 2010

    Everything said here was true. I call my aquarius Mr. Pain. 🙂 He’s so cool and calm all the time…i love that. Because I feel like such a dramatic freak sometimes. I need answers now type attitude. I do like more compliments but I take it that he adores me because he has been with me over a year. He can be very, very sweet. I stopped complaining about him and just go with the flow with him and it makes our relationship so much better. Clingy was not working well so I step back and let him be and then he’s more attentive. Weird how that goes sometimes. I’m extremely happy…one of the easiest relationships ever besides those with an Aries.

  97. ayesha September 17th, 2010

    Leo and Aquarius is compatible and everything was said is true. I’ve been with a aquarius man for 8 months everything is good, everything is doing well. We are both happy. Well,I don’t depend on what zodiac signs tells … it’s still up to the people what they’re gonna do when it comes to relationship on how to handle everything. But still I’m happy to have someone who appreciates and loves me for who and what i am.

  98. Akanksha August 21st, 2010

    Aq.man r soo damn practical…bt dey care…they just don’t show..! And what if we hav some difrenc,we can overcome this if we start feeling wotz there in their heart..not minding their words..

  99. A Man August 6th, 2010

    Come on people!! Sort it out! Sunflower and Snowbird you are seeking perfection, it doesn’t exist!!!!! be happy that you love someone who loves you, that is all you can ask for in this life.

  100. dada December 23rd, 2009

    Sorry, its only my opinion and based on my experienced. Its really sad to met an Aquarious man.So dettached and pretending to be ok when he is not.Kainis….talaga

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